A school must change its disciplinary procedures to meet demand

By Paul S

The UK had left the European Union and the trade deals agreed several years previously. It was 2024 and the former EU legislation had now ceased to have effect. A question was raised in Parliament about restoring corporal punishment, and a heated debate followed as polls showed strong support by voters for its restoration, despite trendy feminist and other movements against.

In a free vote, several motions were passed allowing limited light to moderate corporal punishment in private schools and academies, but not state schools or colleges.

The ‘Queens Chase’ was an exclusive private school just outside London and received the new guidance on school discipline in an urgent government circular to all private secondary schools and academies.

The ‘Queens Chase’ headmistress immediately declared the school needed to consult all their parents and students on this, as it affected their current policy and attractiveness to foreign students and their parents.

Letters were sent to all parents and sixth form students seeking their views on the restoration of corporal punishment in the school. The school decided, in a break with tradition though, that sixth formers should have the final say on how they should be disciplined in future.
The school had a substantial number of foreign students aged from 11 to 18, and totalled 400 in total, 50% boarders and 50% day-students.

The foreign students’ parents, now being mostly Indian or Malaysian in origin, strongly favoured adding corporal punishment to the school curriculum, whereas the UK and European students were less keen. Overall though, there was a slight margin in favour for 11 to 16-year-olds.

The sixth formers were asked about corporal punishment and it was explained to them it would be light to moderate, and used as an option to long detentions or suspension, which were not at all popular. On balance, the sixth formers voted 52% in favour, despite it being politically incorrect.

The school therefore announced it would be revising its disciplinary policy with a traffic light warning system, starting with a written warning and lines, to after-school and Saturday detentions, and ultimately suspension or corporal punishment.

The problem was that the school had no current staff member who was familiar with administering corporal punishment, nor could anyone remember the procedures for punishments when it was previously allowed.

Also, punishments such as caning were now excluded, so new light to moderate punishments would need to be implemented.

The headmistress remembered one of her younger form mistresses, Amelia, was single but very into punishment and discipline, so tasked her with researching this new normal. Amelia contacted one of the leatherware clothing suppliers who also did BDSM paraphernalia for help.

Mike was the owner, and semi-retired, but very knowledgeable. He suggested she consider a single-ply strap for disciplining lower-school girls’ bottoms over knickers with, say, up to 10 strokes, and a heavier two-ply strap for sixth formers.

Amelia confessed the school had little idea about this New Normal for corporal punishment and would appreciate any help he could give. The headmistress had told her she was too young to remember the last days of corporal punishment, so would have to rely on Amelia setting up a new system to keep parents and sixth formers happy, as the school relied heavily on overseas school fees.

Amelia researched the New Normal, but was really struggling to find much help. In desperation she asked Mike if he could assist in perhaps giving her a personal demonstration of what the girls could expect.

She also asked if he could help administer the New Normal on a part-time basis, perhaps once a week on Friday afternoons after school, when girls on their third warning would queue outside the assistant head teacher’s study to be disciplined in turn. Amelia, though, needed to have some idea of corporal punishment herself before the school brought it in. If necessary, she would have to act as a guinea pig.

Mike turned up at the school the following Friday afternoon when his leather shop closed for its half day. He was greeted enthusiastically by Amelia, and they went into the assistant headteacher’s study and had tea.

Mike had brought along several leather straps for the demonstration, and they discussed the school’s dilemma. Amelia asked Mike if he could give her a personal demonstration, telling him that she had to report back to the headmistress.

Amelia was wearing a cream-coloured pleated skirt with a pale blue top, and Mike suggested it would be better if she could change into something more like school uniform to be authentic, so Amelia had to hurriedly source a school uniform skirt that fitted from the lost property cupboard.

She returned and said: “How is this?”

Mike said: “Not bad, but the skirt is a bit tight. Shall we run through the new punishment procedures for both lower school and sixth formers?”

Amelia said: “OK, what do we have to do?”

Mike said: “I’d assume any girls waiting to be punished would be queueing outside the door, so first you’d have to invite one of them in.”

“If there were several, how would I choose?”

“Perhaps youngest first?”

Amelia thought for a moment and then replied: “OK. Then what?”
I presume the girl would have some sort of note to say what her punishment was?”

“Yes, of course.”

“So, you’d read the note and let’s say the note said the punishment was to be three strokes with the strap. You’d tell the girl to bend over the desk while you filled in the punishment record book.”

“That’s something we haven’t got.”

“It just needs to be an exercise book, or something similar, maybe even a computer record.”

Amelia thought for a moment, then said: “Yes, a computer record seems best. I’ll organise that.”

“Good. So, when you’re ready, Amelia?”


“If you want a demonstration, I’m afraid you’ll need to bend over the desk.”

“Oh. Yes, of course. Sorry.”

Amelia bent over the desk, just as Mike asked, then Mike asked: “Are we going to lift your skirt as, presumably, you would do with a girl.”

“Would we? Yes, I suppose we would.”

“It just depends how realistic you want this demonstration to be.”

“Very realistic, of course,” Amelia replied, her face now very close to the top of the desk.

“So, I may lift your skirt?”


Mike came over, lifted Amelia’s skirt with some difficulty due to it being a little tight, and tucked it in.

Mike said: “Right, if you can look at the bookcase and put your bottom up, please.”

After Amelia complied, Mike gave her three firm strokes with a single ply leather strap over her panties, before saying: “You can get up and lower your skirt. Obviously, with a real girl she would then be allowed to leave.”

Amelia gave her bottom a light rub and said: “Wow! That tingles!”

Mike said: “Perhaps for the next demonstration we should assume you’re a sixth form girl. Shall we do that?”

Amelia said, a little more hesitantly: “Yes, OK.”

Mike said: “Let’s assume you’ve been warned three times in accordance with the discipline policy and face possible suspension, but you have opted to take a spanking instead. How about that?”

Amelia said: “Yes, OK.”

Mike said: “Back across the desk then, Amelia.”

Amelia did as he said, and Mike again came over and lifted her skirt.

“Look at the bookcase and put your bottom up, young lady.”

Amelia again did as she was asked, and Mike then applied another three firm strokes with a heavier two-ply strap with its end split into two tails. This had Amelia squirming uncomfortably, gasping and complaining about how much it stung.

When she got up, rubbing her now sore bottom, she said: ‘Wow, the sixth form girls are in for a short, sharp shock.”

“That’s very much the idea, of course,” Mike replied.

Amelia thanked Mike and they agreed the future arrangements. She showed Mike out before reporting back to the headmistress that the trial run had been a success. Mike thoroughly enjoyed watching

Amelia walk awkwardly while dressed in that tight school uniform.
Mike now arrives mid-afternoon at the school every Friday, and goes to the assistant headmistress’s office passing a short queue of perhaps one lower schoolgirl and several sixth formers waiting to be punished. Those girls are called in one by one, and then those remaining outside hear a short conversation followed by the sound of smacking. That girl then leaves, and the next one goes in to repeat the sequence.

The only difference is that the girls walk slowly away, tossing their long hair and clutching their backsides, shell-shocked. Amelia smiles knowingly before bringing Mike a cup of tea.

The End

© Paul S 2020