News of a new headmistress is discussed

By Lisamum

Laura was sitting at the dinner table with her Mum, Dad and Brother. They had just finished their meal when mum spoke.

“Have you heard anything about your new headmistress yet?” She asked Laura.

“No I haven’t. A lot of people think Mrs Walsh will get it,” replied Laura.

“What do you think?” Asked Mum.

“Dunno,” replied Laura.

“It’s ‘I don’t know’, Laura. How many times have I told you to speak properly,” said Mum. “You should know better at your age. You’re eighteen, not eight!”

“Sorry. I don’t know,” said Laura. ‘She’s always on at me about the way I talk,’ thought Laura.

“Shall I tell you who it’s going to be?” Said Mum.

“You don’t know, do you?” Asked Laura, taking a mouthful of tea.

“Yes dear, it’s me.” Said Mum, rather smugly.

Laura nearly spat out her mouthful of tea.

“What!!!” She gasped. “You’re not serious.”

“Your mother is always serious about these things,” said her Dad.

“I don’t know what to say,” remarked Laura.

“You could try offering her congratulations,” said her Dad. “And that goes for you as well, Peter.”

Both Laura and her brother, Peter, offered their mum their congratulations, Laura’s being less than wholehearted.

“Crumbs, I suppose I’ll have to behave myself now,” said Laura.

“What do you mean, now?” Asked her Mum suspiciously.

“Nothing mum,” replied Laura, who had suddenly realised that her mum would have access to the punishment book and see her name in it. Laura had never told her Mum or Dad about the times she had been slippered at school.

“One step out of line and she’ll have you in the office for the cane across your bu…, I mean bottom,” laughed Peter, stopping just short of saying a word not allowed in the Barry household.

“Nearly got yourself a slippering there,” grinned Laura, looking at her brother.

“Now then, you two. Stop being silly,” said Dad.

“When do you start then, mum?” Asked Laura.

“At the beginning of next month. I’ve been very lucky that my present school have been willing to let me go before the end of term.”

“Have you met any of the staff yet?” Asked Laura.

“No, not yet. I understand Mrs Walsh is doing a good job holding the fort,” said Mum.

“Karen might not agree with you,” chuckled Laura.

“Why not?” Asked Mum.

“Mrs Walsh gave her the slipper the other day,” said Laura.

“What for?” asked Peter.

“Writing naughty things in her French book. Same day as…” Laura broke off, suddenly realising that she was about to admit to a caning in the chemistry lab.

“Same day as what?” Asked her brother.

“Oh nothing,” replied Laura.

“Come on, sis, you were about to tell us something,” insisted her brother.

“Leave me alone,” snapped Laura.

“Alright, you two, stop arguing,” said Dad firmly.

Silence reigned for a few moments and then Laura plucked up courage to ask a question. “You going to use the cane when you start?”

“Oh Laura, stop being so silly,” replied Mum.

“When do we get the announcement at school?” Asked Laura.

“Mrs Walsh is going to announce it at morning assembly tomorrow, so I want you to keep quiet about it until then,” said Mum.

“Can’t I even tell Karen about it?” Pleaded Laura.

“No you can’t,” replied Mum.

“Oh go on, please. We won’t tell anybody else.”

Mum thought for a minute.

“Go on, Mary, let her do it. It can’t do any harm,” said her Dad.

“Oh alright, but just Karen and nobody else,” emphasised Mum. “But it’s against my better judgement.

“Thanks mum, can I go and phone her now?”

“Yes, alright,” said Mum in a resigned voice.

Laura rushed off from the table to tell Karen the good, or was it bad, news.

Next morning the announcement was made in assembly but of course, very few knew of the connection between Laura and the new Head. However, as the day progressed word soon got round and Laura came in for plenty of stick. During afternoon break, Margaret and Janet were walking in the corridor and got involved in an argument with two girls from another class about the new Headmistress. This argument got very heated and eventually ended up in a full scale fight, which was eventually broken up by a prefect who said she would report all four of them. Sure enough, during the next lesson the prefect came into class and gave a message to Mrs Wrigley.

“Margaret Jenkins and Janet Miller, will you report to Miss Woods after school please.”

As instructed, the pair reported to Miss Woods.

“So, what’s all this about you two getting involved in a fight?” Asked Miss Woods.

“It wasn’t entirely our fault,” said Margaret.

“And what exactly does that mean?” Queried Miss Woods.

“We got into an argument with those two and it just sort of went from there,” said Margaret.

“May I inquire as to what the argument was about?”

“They were slagging off Laura and her Mum, so we told them to stop and the argument started,” said Janet.

“We didn’t think that was fair,” added Margaret.

“I see,” said Miss Woods thoughtfully, before adding gravely: “You do realise that anyone caught fighting is automatically sent to the head for the cane?”

“Yes Miss, but we couldn’t just stand by and say nothing could we? After all, Laura is our friend and she’d be very upset to hear things said about her mum,” said Margaret.

“I do understand that, Margaret. But I cannot condone fighting, whatever the reason. I will say that I admire your loyalty, but that isn’t any excuse for fighting,” explained Miss Woods.

Both girls hearts started to sink as they expected to hear that were to go to the Head.

“However, on this occasion I’m going to be lenient; I shall not be sending you to the Head. I shall give you the slipper instead.”

“Oh, thank you, Miss,” said a relieved Margaret.

“Yes, thank you,” agreed Janet.

“Don’t be too quick to thank me. You know what I have to do,” said Miss Woods, as she took a plimsoll out of her desk drawer. “Margaret, go and stand over there and face the wall,” she added, pointing with her plimsoll and standing up. “Janet, bend over the desk.”

Janet took a step forward and leaned over the desk. Miss Woods came round to her side and gently pushed her down further. She then stepped back and…



Janet gripped the edge of the desk.


“Ooooch,” gasped Janet.


“Oooowww,” yelped Janet, feeling the sting.

“You may get up now,” announced Miss Woods.

Janet stood up and felt a feeling of relief as the slipper was starting to do its work.

“You can go now, and don’t get into any more fights, is that clear?”

“Yes, thank you Miss,” replied Janet. She then headed for the door.

“Margaret, come here and bend over the desk,” ordered Miss Woods, standing with slipper at the ready.

Margaret turned and made her way to the desk and bent over it.

‘At least it’s only four,’ she thought to herself.

Before she could think of anything else: Whaapp!


Margaret bit her lip.


She then let out a gasp.


“Get up now, Margaret,” instructed Miss Woods.

“Now go, and I don’t want to see you here for fighting again.”

“Yes, Miss,” said Margaret, and made a speedy exit.

Outside Janet was waiting.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” Said Margaret.

“Could have been worse. At least we didn’t go to Mrs Walsh for the cane.” Replied Janet.

The End

© Lisamum 2015