A girl finds herself in serious trouble during her first day at her new school

By Brian Melville

When Mr and Mrs O’Rayen decided to relocate from Ireland to England, they had to find the perfect school for their eighteen year old daughter, Kelly, to finish her final year of school, as they did not want their daughter to go to a boarding school which might be far from home.

The O’Rayens decided on the exclusive St Mary’s Secondary School for girls, which was a private school in their new neighbourhood in the south of England.  St Mary’s had a rich tradition of producing well educated, well disciplined young ladies, due to the high standard of education and extreme scrutiny of all new students.

Any girl who wanted to join the school had to score at least eighty-five per cent in the entry exam to be accepted into the school. Kelly O’Rayen scored ninety-five percent in her entry exam, which gave her a place in upper sixth form at the exclusive school.

St Mary’s uniform consisted of a green and white check tartan skirt, yellow long sleeve blouse, white knee socks, green tie, green blazer and black school shoes for all girls from first to fifth form. Sixth form girls were allowed to wear green trousers and green ankle socks instead of the skirt.

As the school still made use of corporal punishment, Mr and Mrs O’Rayen had a long discussion with their daughter, who had a mischievous streak, as St Mary’s still used the cane. At Kelly’s previous school in Ireland, the wooden ruler was often used on the palms of the girls’ hands, and the slipper was the preferred implement of the headmaster, with Kelly being no stranger to being on the receiving end of either implement.

Kelly’s story starts on the first day of her final school year at her new school, as she tore a page out of her English essay book and tried to throw it into the dustbin, but the ball of paper hit the English teacher, Miss Woods, on the arm instead. The poor girl was quite shocked when the young teacher took her by the ear and marched her straight to the deputy headmaster’s study. Being dragged by the ear was a rather painful experience for the pretty blonde girl who was much taller than her petite teacher.

Kelly O’Rayen could hardly believe her luck as she stood facing the wall outside the deputy headmaster’s study of her new school. A rather nervous Kelly waited patiently while Miss Woods discussed the girl’s behaviour with the deputy headmaster, behind the closed oak door of his study.

Kelly stood with her hands on her head, facing the cream wall as instructed. After five minutes, her arms began to tire, but then the door opened and Miss Woods stepped out of the study, looking at the waiting girl before snapping: “Mr Haynes is ready for you now, girl! Go inside and close the door behind you!”

“Yes miss!” Kelly replied, feeling rather relieved as she lowered her hands to her sides and made her way into the study.

The deputy headmaster’s study was a rather small room with only one window overlooking the sports fields, right behind his desk. The furniture consisted of an oak desk, comfortable red leather chair for him, two black arm chairs for visitors and a few shelves and two wooden cabinets, with various lockable doors and drawers. There were also five filing cabinets along the wall next to the door. The study’s wooden floor was spotlessly clean and shining. Kelly positioned herself just behind the two arm chairs, facing the deputy headmaster with her hands behind her back.

Mr Hayens looked at the pretty, tall, slender girl, with her long blonde hair neatly tied in a pony tail behind her head with a green hair band, and big blue eyes for a few seconds before addressing her sternly.

“Name and form, girl?”

“Kelly O’Rayen, upper six A, Sir!” The girl replied nervously as her eyes kept searching for the cane, which was nowhere to be seen.

“Well, Kelly O’Rayen! As far as my knowledge goes, it is your first day here, and already you find yourself before me, girl?” Mr Hayens snapped.

“Yes sir! The blonde teenager replied meekly.

“Miss Woods already informed me what you have done in class and normally that would result in a minimum of three strokes with the cane across your bottom, girl!” The deputy headmaster snapped and then paused for a full minute to let his words sink in.

“But, seeing that it is your first day and your first time in front of me, I will be lenient and only award you one stroke of the cane across your bottom, girl!”

Kelly, now stunned at the prospect of getting her very first taste of the cane within the first two hours at her new school, just looked at the deputy headmaster. After a few seconds, the deputy headmaster continued.

“Anything you want to say, girl?”

“N-n-n-no, sir!” Kelly replied nervously.

Mr Hayens then opened the left bottom drawer of his desk and took out a book, opening it at the last two entries, which the poor Miss O’Rayen could clearly read from where she was standing.

Patricia Patterson, 6B, Skipping class, six of the best over trousers, with cane

Wendy Brentwood, 6B, Skipping class, six of the best over trousers with cane.

These were entries from the previous year, so the deputy headmaster drew a double red line underneath the entries before continuing.


He wrote the new year before entering the new girl’s name in the punishment book.

Kelly O’Rayen, 6A, Disruptive behaviour in class, 1 stroke over trousers, with cane.

The deputy headmaster then got up from his chair and made his way towards one of the cabinets. He unlocked the bottom drawer, opened it and took out a rather thin and very whippy, two foot long, crooked handle cane, turning towards the girl while swishing the cane through the air a few times as he addressed her again.

“Blazer off! Place it neatly over the back of the chair, O’Rayen!”

The poor girl did as she was told without any hesitation, then she waited patiently for further instructions.

“Turn around so you face the drawer and take two steps towards it, then I want you to bend over and touch your toes without bending your knees!” Mr Hayens continued.

Kelly took a deep breath as she turned and assumed the position, noticing the longer, thicker, more vicious looking cane still in the drawer, as she firmly pressed her fingers on the tips of her shining black shoes. This was a familiar position to Kelly, but it still made her feel rather self-conscious about having her tight, round, little bottom thrust up into the air for its first taste of the cane. Her father and brother had both warned her the cane hurts much more than the slipper, on numerous occasions before.

Mr Hayens placed the cane firmly against the girl’s bottom, covered by her tightly stretched green school trousers, and could not help but notice just what a wonderful bottom the girl had.  He tapped the cane a few times against Kelly’s bottom and then with a single movement he swung the cane through the air with a swish, and a firm thwack, as it fell across the centre of the girl’s bottom. For a few seconds Kelly felt nothing and then an intense stinging pain suddenly developed, causing the poor girl to yelp: “Ow, Ow, Ouch! It stings!”

As she began to straighten herself, Mr Hayens snapped:  “Stay in position, girl!”

Kelly pushed her finger tips back down on her shoes as she swayed her hips in an effort to deal with the sting across her bottom. Mr Hayens placed the cane back in the drawer and locked it, before turning his attention back to the still bent over girl.

“Get up and put your blazer back on, girl!”

Kelly leaped up as she gave her stinging bottom a quick rub, before quickly putting her blazer back on.

“Let that serve as a warning to you, Kelly O’Rayen! Next time you will not be so fortunate!’ The deputy headmaster snapped.

“Yes sir!” Kelly replied meekly while massaging her still stinging bottom.

“Now get back to class, girl!” Mr. Hayens snapped, as he sat back in his chair.

Kelly made her way out of the study and closed the door behind her, then she gave her bottom a good final rub before heading back to her class. Reaching her class, she knocked on the door and Miss Woods looked up from her desk.

“Back to your desk, girl, and continue with exercise one on page three of your textbook!” The teacher snapped.

Kelly made her way to her desk and carefully lowered herself onto the hard wooden seat so as to not draw attention from the other twenty-five girls who were now all looking at her. The bell rang for first break and Kelly made her way to the bathroom to see what her bum looked like. To her surprise, there was only a faint red line across the centre of her bum cheeks. One of her classmates, Belinda Lawson, saw Kelly checking out her bottom in the mirror and explained that the reason her bottom was not more severely welted was because of the thin cane used by the deputy headmaster. The thin, shorter cane was just a way to try and scare Kelly from getting in trouble again as it causes a severe sting, in comparison to the other longer, thicker cane in the drawer which causes a more intense throbbing, longer lasting pain and severe welts which may be visible for more than two weeks.

Kelly’s day went without incident until halfway through the last period of the day, when Kelly decided to write a letter to her twenty year old boyfriend at Havard University, instead of summarising the first chapter of her history textbook. Mr Ford paced up and down between the rows of desks and, as he came to Kelly, he saw what the naughty girl was doing.

He immediately snapped: “What are you doing, girl?”

Kelly jumped in shock as she looked into the eyes of her teacher.

“Uh, uh, uhm,” Kelly stuttered as she could not think of an answer.

The teacher took the girl’s book and read the letter silently, before snapping: “Take your book and go explain to the deputy headmaster why you are wasting school time to write love letters!”

“Please sir! Don’t send me to the deputy headmaster, please sir!” Kelly begged.

The history teacher shoved the exercise book into the girl’s hands and snapped: “Get yourself to Mr. Hayens’ study, right away, girl!”

The poor blonde took her book and made her way towards the door as she blushed bright red. After closing the door behind her, Kelly made her way to the deputy headmaster’s study again. This time, Kelly had butterflies in her stomach as she knew that she was in for a severe punishment. As she reached the door, the girl took a deep breaths before knocking on the door.

After a few awkward seconds the reply came from inside: “ENTER!”

Kelly gave a sigh as she opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind her.  She stood in the same spot she had a few hours earlier, in front of the desk facing Mr Hayens.

“You again, girl? Put that book on my desk and get your hands on your head, O’Rayen!” Mr Hayens snapped.

The tall teenager complied and, after a few minutes, the deputy headmaster sat back in his chair and just looked at the sixth former for a few seconds in absolute disbelief.

“So here you are again! Why do I have the honour of having you stand in front of me for the second time today, girl?” Mr, Hayens snapped.

“Uh, uh, oh, I wrote my boyfriend a letter in my exercise book, instead of doing my summaries, sir! But I will never do it again, sir!” Kelly nervously replied.

Mr Hayens looked at the girl as he reached for the book to take a closer look at the so-called, incomplete letter, reading it out loud.

Dear Benjamin love Baby, I miss you so much as I am sitting here in the most boring history class ever! You will not believe me, I got my bum caned on my first day! Well, I only got one stroke but hell, it stings! The old goat of a deputy headmaster made me touch my toes for it and used the thinnest cane he had. Fortunately, there will be no marks by Saturday, so I will be able to wear my pink bikini when we go to the beach.

The deputy headmaster smiled as he looked at the naughty new girl. He snapped: “I doubt that you will want to wear your bikini on Saturday by the time you leave my study, as I intend to cane your bottom properly this time, seeing that the warning stroke had no effect on you, young lady!”

Kelly’s stomach flipped at the clear intention of the deputy headmaster. Mr Hayens  opened the punishment book again, which was still on his desk, and made the entry:

Kelly O’Rayen, 6A, Not following instructions, Referring to member of staff in a rude manner, Second offence for the day, 4 strokes of the cane, across trousers.

Kelly was shocked when she saw her punishment, but before she could even think about protesting or pleading Mr Hayens snapped: “It will be two strokes for not doing your summaries in class as instructed by Mr Ford, and one stroke for referring to me as an ‘old goat’ in your letter, plus another stroke as it is your second time here today!”

Kelly blushed and just bowed her head in shame, staring at the floor.

“Are we clear, O’Rayen?” The deputy headmaster snapped.

“Y-y-y-yes, sir!” Kelly replied as she sniffed back some tears.

“Stop being silly, girl! I will give you plenty of reason to cry shortly! Now, blazer off!” Mr Hayens sternly snapped.

The poor blonde girl removed her blazer and placed it neatly over the back of the chair in front of her, as she watched the deputy headmaster unlocking and opening the drawer where the canes were kept. This  time  he took the longer, thicker cane and swished it through the air a few times, causing the cane to make a fierce hissing sound as it sliced through the air. The cane measured three feet long and half an inch thick, with a crooked handle.

“Right Kelly, turn around facing the cabinets and take two steps towards them!”  The deputy headmaster said, pausing as he waited for the girl to comply with his orders, while flexing the supple rod between his hands.

“Bend over! Touch your toes!  Legs straight, girl!” He  continued, barking the orders like a drill sergeant in the military.

The naughty girl complied without hesitation. As Kelly’s fingers touched her shoes, she closed her eyes in fear of what was to come, knowing it would be much worse than that first stroke of that thin, whippy cane earlier. Kelly flinched as Mr Hayens placed the business end of the cane firmly against her up turned bottom and held it there for a few seconds. Then two light taps and swish, thwack, the first stroke fell just below the centre of the girl’s bottom, causing an instant stinging pain, which was met with a rather loud: “Ouch!” from Kelly.

Ten seconds went by before the cane touched its target as Mr Hayens tapped her bottom again, just below the first, now throbbing stroke. A split second later, swwishh, tthwack, the second stroke found its resting place. This was met by a grunt followed by a loud: “Oh my gosh it hurts so bad!” As the tears rolled down the poor girl’s cheeks.

Twenty seconds slowly passed before the cane made its brief contact with the tightly stretched green trousers covering the target area, followed by the familiar   swwisshh, thhwwack! The third and hardest stroke yet ripped across the girl’s up-turned bottom, with Kelly yelling in a high pitched voice: “Ow, ow, ouch! Her head jerked back and she half rose, but immediately forced herself back into position.

“Stay in position, O’Rayen! Unless you want me to add two penalty strokes!” The deputy headmaster snapped.

“N-n-noo, please sir! It’s just that my bottom now hurts very badly, but I will stay in  position, sir!” Kelly replied.

“Good! Now keep still!” Came the sarcastic reply from Mr Hayens.

He waited  a full thirty seconds before placing the cane just below the third stroke, which was virtually just above the crease where bum meets thigh. Holding the cane there, he addressed the girl again. A sniffling Kelly closed her eyes tightly while biting her lip in an attempt to deal with the mixture of stinging, throbbing pain now covering her entire bottom. She just prayed that the deputy headmaster would get it over with, so she could soothe her very sore behind.

Three firm taps of the cane followed by that awful ssswwisshh, as the cane ripped through the air with a resounding tthhwacckk. The final stroke landed right on target and caused Kelly O’Rayen to howl in pain.

“Oowwww! Owww! Owwwy!” As her head jerked back, she kicked with first her left then right leg.

The deputy headmaster gave the girl a few seconds to compose herself and regain her position, then he addressed her again as he locked the cane away in the drawer.

“Back in you position, girl!”

Kelly forced herself back into the prescribed position and, once the deputy headmaster was satisfied, he snapped: “You may get up and put your blazer back on, O’Rayen!”

Kelly straightened immediately as her hands protectively covered her very sore bottom. She could actually feel the ridges of the four welts that the cane left across her bottom. After a quick but very soothing rub, once her blazer was back on, her hands and attention returned to her severely throbbing bottom which she carefully massaged with both hands.  Mr Hayens sat back in his seat and just observed the sixth former for a few minutes. Then the bell rang to announce the end of the school day.

“Did that get your attention, girl?” The deputy headmaster snapped.

“Y-y-y-yess, sir!” A sniffling Kelly replied.

Mr Hayens just smiled at the girl before he snapped: “Let that be a lesson to you, young lady! Next time it will be six of the best for you! You may go get your bag and make your way home, Kelly!”

Kelly turned and made her way out of the study with her tear-stained face, but thankful the corridors were empty as she made her way back to the history classroom. As Kelly came to the door, she saw her bag standing to the left of the door in the corridor. She grabbed it and made her way to the bathroom. Kelly immediately pulled her green trousers down and yelped: “OH my God!” In absolute horror as she saw the angry red welts covering her bottom. She pulled her pants up and made her way home.

That evening before dinner  when her father questioned his daughter’s first day at her new school, Kelly decided to come clean and tell the truth. Her brother just smiled at her, but her parents were not too happy about her behaviour and although Kelly were punished at school Mr and Mrs O’Rayen decided  to punish their mischievous daughter even more by grounding her for a week with no television.

Kelly decided that she would never do anything again to give any teacher a reason to send her for the cane, but little did she know that she would be visiting Mr Hayens, the deputy headmaster, a further time during that year for a sore, welted bottom.

The End

© Brian Melville 2018