Two girls who might be in trouble, or will they get away with it?

By Jane Fairweather

There was a knock at the classroom door. Then after a brief pause it opened to admit Susan Wilkinson. The Upper Sixth History set had been more or less listening to Mr Brown droning on about the abolition of the Monasteries, but when she entered all eyes turned to Susan. She muttered in her rather sonorous voice, which was deep for a girl, something about a trip to the dentist. She headed towards her usual seat at the back of the classroom, beside her friend Julia Franklin.

Susan was a tall elegant girl with black hair that was carefully washed and cut and reached down to her shoulders. And she looked so well in the grey pleated skirt and black blazer with red school badge. Even the black and gold stripes of the rather ridiculous school tie suited her more than most.

Ron Briggs, who had enjoyed a distant worship of her since the first year, noted the clear shape of her neat small buttocks through the skirt above her long and somehow very inviting legs, and he noticed the interesting scent she had on. Not, he supposed, things that a boy should notice, but he found them alluring in spite of himself. He wondered, not for the first time, if he dared ask her out, but despite his considerable reputation for naughtiness lower down the school and a number of very painful visits to the Headmaster and Deputy Heads he was a shy boy and getting more so as he got older.

Susan herself was in a considerably more agitated state than her appearance suggested.

“Do you think we got away with it?” She whispered anxiously to Julia, hoping no one else was listening.

“Not sure. Maybe we did get away with it. Maybe Mickey did not see us, or chose not to. Anyway nobody has said anything yet.”

“It will be the Head’s study if he does say something.”

“They won’t cane us, we’re girls.”

“I am not sure I fancy a lecture from the Head. It would be so humiliating at nearly nineteen. Besides I am probably going to have to see the Head about something else.”

“Whatever have you been up to?” Julia enquired with genuine anxiety in her voice.

“If you two girls have quite finished discussing the time of day,” came Mr Brown’s voice.“Perhaps we can get on with the lesson.”

“We’ll talk about it at break.” Susan whispered.

* * *

“I am not quite sure if Mickey saw us or not. We got out of the pub pretty quick.” Said Julia trying to sound reassuring as the two girls paced restlessly up and down a corner of the Senior Girl’s playground.

“I am pretty sure he saw us, even though we were at the rear of the pub and got out through the back door. And it is absolutely against school rules. They caned a couple of boys for it only a few weeks ago. You heard it in Assembly as well as I did.”

“Mickey is nice. He may ignore it even if he saw us; he is always nice to girls.”

“And then again he may just have not had a chance to see the Head.”

“True, but lets hope. But anyway, my girl, what have you been up to?”

Julia looked up sardonically into the eyes of her much taller friend, not expecting to hear anything very significant. She was well aware that Susan was liable to get worried over very small things.

“I know I should not have done it.” Said Susan awkwardly.

“Should not have done what?”

“I was in the newsagent by the dentists’ killing some time before the bus came, and I got fed up with the horrible taste from the dentist cleaning my teeth. And I had not had an injection or a filling, so I did not see why I should not have some chocolate to take the taste away.”

“That sounds ok, what are you going on about Susan?”

“Well it would have been alright if I had had some money, but I didn’t, so I nicked it. I know I shouldn’t have.”

“Oh Susan, you idiot, but I don’t suppose you got caught. You are just worrying about nothing as usual.”

“But I did get caught. The shop keeper saw me slip it in my bag and asked me what I was doing, so I confessed. It seemed the easy way out. I thought he would just let me go and tell me not to do it again, but he started on about calling the Police. Anyway I got quite tearful and in the end he said he could see which school I was from by my uniform and he would call my Headmaster instead.”

“You surely didn’t give him your real name?”

“No, I just said Elizabeth Smith, but there is no Elizabeth Smith in the Sixth Form and they will work it out because I am the tallest girl. They are bound to cane me.”

“Did he actually call the school?”

“I don’t know. He had to go to the phone box to do it, which was half a mile away and he could not leave the shop. In the end he said I could go, but I would certainly hear about it later.”

“I should think there is a fair chance he has cooled off. With luck you won’t hear any more about it.”

“I think he meant it.”

“Well, we will have to wait and see won’t we? Oh dear what a day for waiting to see if something happens. Cheer up! There is a better than even chance we won’t get done for either the pub or the chocolate.”

* * *

It was lunch time and Ron Briggs was engaged in a game of shove half penny on the teacher’s desk at the front of the Upper Sixth Arts form room, which he was rather good at. It always pleased him that this was one game he could compete with the established games players at.

He was wondering vaguely what was the matter with Susan. He had been sitting near enough to her and Julia during their brief whispering in History to know she was worried about something, but not close enough to hear what the problem was. And she had been vaguely tearful in Geography as well.

He was however much more worried about his own visit to Mr Baldwin, the Headmaster, after lunch. He was actually going to discuss which Teacher Training College he should apply to, but he was always a little nervous of Mr Baldwin. The fact that on one memorable occasion he had received a quite excruciating six of the best for what seemed, to Ron at least, a minor offence scarcely helped. At least he was too old for anything like that, he thought.

Then he wondered what would happen to Susan and Julia if they had done something really bad. They had oddly contrasting bottoms. Julia’s was quite big and Susan’s ridiculously small. However the likelihood of their receiving the full weight of Mr Baldwin’s cane seemed remote. There was just a chance he would hear them being told off though. They were girls and they would probably come out of Mr Baldwin’s office looking as tearful as if they had been caned. He wondered if he could work out the difference between a telling off and a caning if he was standing there listening while the girls were being interviewed.

The rather fat School Secretary, Miss Rudd, came bustling in, demanding to know where Susan and Julia were. Somebody said they had gone for a walk. Miss Rudd was saying that they were to go to Mr Baldwin immediately if they came back and strode off again. Obviously whatever it was it must be urgent.

“Susan must be the next head girl,” Someone was saying. “I know she is staying on till the Scholarship Sixth.”

Ron doubted if anyone would believe him if he told them what he had half heard.

* * *

“I just cannot take this waiting,” said Susan. “I would not mind knowing I was going to be punished, even if it was really severe, but this waiting and not knowing what is going to happen is horrible.”

“On the other hand if we get through to the end of the day we are almost certainly in the clear and that will be a relief, won’t it?”

Julia felt cross that her friend had not grasped that it was already lunchtime and if they were going to visit the Head because Mr Merryweather had seen them in the pub, it would surely have happened by now; and while it was quite possible Susan’s trial for theft would happen later, nevertheless the longer the delay the more likely the shop keeper had relented and not rung the school.

“How do you find your panty-girdle now you’ve got it?” Julia enquired, trying to change the subject.

“It’s a bit tight, but it really keeps you firm. You should try it; it would stop your bum looking so big.”

“Oh gee thanks!” Said Julia laughing. “But I don’t like feeling constricted. And I hope tights don’t really catch on. They just close you in too much.”

“I like them! They are much better than fiddling with suspenders.”

They got talking so vigorously about this female topic that they did not realize Miss Rudd was approaching till she was on top of them and telling them Mr Baldwin wanted to see them at once. Susan felt herself go very shaky and started crying and Julia’s mouth went dry, though she was more in control of herself.

“I have no idea what the Head wants to see you for, but judging by your reaction you do!” Said Miss Rudd very dryly. “Anyway girls, you had better come along with me. We had better not keep the Headmaster waiting.”

It seemed to Susan to be a very long walk, not least because she was suddenly dying to go to the loo. They came to the dreaded door that said HEADMASTER and Miss Rudd knocked. When there was no reply she knocked again and then opened the door.

“Oh bother!” She said. “He must have gone off somewhere. Susan, do you want to take the chance to go to the loo. I can see you are desperate.”

“Can I go too?” Asked Julia.

“Yes, if you must. But no gossiping you two. Get back as quickly as you can.”

They went and returned with unwonted haste and barely a word, but the Headmaster was still missing. Miss Rudd went off and left them. They stood there in embarrassed silence, trying to look the other way when other pupils passed them. They got some very odd looks.

“It would help,” said Julia after a while. “If you would stop crying, Susan. It makes people look at us.”

“Sorry, I will try!”

The dinner bell went and, to Susan’s distinct embarrassment, Ron came sauntering along. She always thought of him as the rough and uninteresting boy who was always causing trouble in class lower down the school and thought him decidedly beneath her. However, he ignored her damp eyes and made polite small talk about his wanting to be a primary school teacher. Perhaps she thought there was a little bit more to him than she had thought, though not a lot. She wondered if he was working up to asking her for a date. If so he was going to be disappointed. However, as she chatted her tears started to disappear, which was a great relief.

Julia during this was unusually subdued and quiet. Having convinced herself they were not going to end up in the Head’s study it shook her considerably to realize it really was happening. And there was the awful possibility Susan would get the cane. It was very rare for girls, but Susan was guilty of two quite serious offences and it could really happen. She would just get a lecture, she was quite sure of that.

Mr Baldwin finally arrived with a very cross looking man in a black suit. Susan gave a whimper and looked at her toes as she realized it was the man from the shop. He now had a jacket on instead of his shop overall, but there was no doubt who it was.

“Right you two girls, you can come straight into the office with us.” Announced Mr Baldwin. “I have issues to discuss with both of you. Briggs, you can wait if you like, but if you run out of time and have to go, then make another appointment with Miss Rudd. I am afraid we may be a little while.”

Ron realized there was little chance he was going to get his chat about Teacher Training colleges. Still he might as well wait, for the Head might be quicker than he was saying and anyway Ron was more than a little curious about what was going on and also quite genuinely worried about Susan. He should have asked her for that date, but somehow he had failed to do it. He wondered if there would be a next time.

* * *

“I am almost sure one of these girls is the one you are talking about, Mr Butterworth. If you can identify her for sure I will deal with her as you request. I totally agree with you that stealing is unacceptable and I am very grateful to you for not going to the Police.”

A ray of hope crossed Susan’s mind. There was just a chance Mr Butterworth might not be sure it was her. He had not seen her for very long.

Mr Butterworth sidled up to the two girls.

“It’s not her.” He said, casting his eyes up and down Julia.

Then he looked up and down Susan, which she found both embarrassing and frightening.

It was clear Mr Butterworth was not absolutely sure, but he nevertheless said rather quietly that the girl had been exceptionally tall for a girl and this girl was the right height.

“Well no other girl in the Sixth Form is as tall as this.” Said the Head rather resignedly. “If you are absolutely sure about the height I shall have to punish her.”

“As long as she gets the cane, I will forget about it.” Observed Mr Butterworth with an air of magnanimity.

“Very kind of you.” Said the Head, with a curl of the lip that suggested he thought the opposite. “But perhaps you would like to go now and I will deal with it, Mr Butterworth.”

“Oh no, I want to witness it. Otherwise I go to the Police after all.”

“Oh very well!” Said Mr Baldwin, barely concealing his exasperation.

Susan felt herself going into an odd state. She was strangely detached. She was almost relieved that the waiting was over.

“Can I go Sir?” Said Julia, who was feeling she very much did not want to witness what was coming.

“No Julia, you’d better stay. There is something I need to talk to you both about after this.”

It sounded horribly as if the Head knew about the Pub and Julia’s heart sank. But why on earth was he proposing to cane Susan now? She would not be in a fit state to talk about anything after the cane. She had seen even quite brave boys in a state after a session with Mr Baldwin.

However, the Head was briskly getting on with the caning. He had produced a very whippy cane with a handle and Susan was being ordered to remove her blazer and hold both her hands out for two strokes on each hand. Julia watched in horrified fascination. You could see that Susan was biting her lip. The Head brought the cane down on her left hand. Susan’s face contorted and she was crying. The cane swished down again and Susan moaned slightly. There was another swish and another louder moan from Susan as the right hand became the target. Finally a fourth stroke and Susan was clutching her hands and crying quite a lot.

“Should have been her arse. Still that will do, I suppose.” Said Mr Butterworth grumpily.

“I am glad you are satisfied Mr Butterworth. I will regard the matter as closed then.” Replied the Head, extending his hand, which Mr Butterworth rather dubiously shook, before going out of the door, muttering to himself: “It should have been her arse.”

The door shut and there was a pause, broken only by the sound of Susan’s sobbing.

“You can go into my washroom and run your hands under the cold tap, if you wish, but I want you back in a few minutes for the second part of our little discussion.” Announced the Head. “We do have quite a lot more to discuss.”

Susan took herself gratefully into the Head’s washroom, shut the door and ran her hands under the tap which, while it did not take all the pain away, was a definite help. She thought for a while she could hear odd thumping noises in the study, but concluded it must be the water pipes. Then Mr Baldwin was knocking on the door and asking if she was ready yet.

“Ready for what?” She wondered rather grimly to herself, but there did not seem to be any point in delaying, so she reluctantly turned off the tap, dried her still smarting hands and came back into the study. She realized Julia was red eyed and sobbing, her hands were lightly touching the seat of her skirt and she had no blazer on; and Mr Baldwin had a large gym shoe in his hand.

“Now,” observed Mr Baldwin. “As you can no doubt work out, Susan Wilkinson, your friend, has just been finding out how much a well applied gym shoe hurts. I put it to her what Mr Merryweather, with some reluctance but with his usual firm sense of duty, has informed me of. To wit, that he saw the pair of you last night drinking in the Golden Hind. Have you anything to say?”

“Please Sir, I really am sorry. Please don’t punish me again.” Susan’s tears were turning back to a flood.

“You have no choice in the matter. Bend over and take a firm grip on your ankles.”

Susan felt furious resentment that for the second time Julia was going to watch her being punished and even more because she felt the caning she had already gone through was more than enough punishment. Nevertheless she did not dare to argue. She felt extraordinarily ridiculous as she bent over and tried and failed to reach her ankles, which seemed a very long way away. Her hands were hurting, but as she bent over she glanced at Julia and tried to give what she hoped was a nonchalant grin. She realized her slip was tight across her buttocks. Her skirt was slightly looser but resting on top of her undergarments without a gap. She felt her skirt being pulled out of the way. Oh God, he was not going bare her bottom, was he?

“What have you got on Miss Wilkinson? That’s not an ordinary pair of knickers sticking through your slip.”

“I am afraid it is my panty girdle, Sir.”

“Well get into the washroom and take it off. I cannot make much impact with that on, now can I?”

Susan rose rather shakily and went quickly into the washroom. She shut the door and divested herself of her tights and girdle, then put her tights back on, laddering them to her annoyance. She was not sure what to do with the girdle, but in the end walked back into the study with it in her hand, feeling embarrassed and ridiculous.

“So that bit of rubber is the latest female fashion!” Observed the Head a touch ironically. “Right, bend over again.”

Susan bent. Again it seemed a long way down to her toes, but she felt almost glad of the rehearsal. She felt her pants and slip tighten and the skirt being lifted onto her back. Then four fairly hard spanks, which could have been worse she decided, though they stung quite a lot and the “ows” she let out after each whack got longer and louder each time. She held her bottom with some feeling before pulling her skirt down with her still sore hands, which she realized had got quite swollen despite the water and were troubling her a lot.

Mr Baldwin was saying they could go and he did not want to see them again. Susan stuck her girdle on again over her tights, even though it meant asking Mr Baldwin if she could use his washroom yet again because she was not going to let him see her knickers. They had to walk out past Ron and she was not going to do it with her girdle in her hand. She immediately wished that she had not put the girdle back on, for it made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

When they got out into the corridor Ron smiled at them nicely and said he hoped it had not been too bad. Susan, for one, was devoutly hoping he had not heard enough to realize what was going on. It was so shameful for a girl, let alone a Sixth Form girl, to get corporal punishment and she did not want anyone to know. With luck he thought it was just a severe lecture. She devoutly hoped so. After all she had barely heard Julia’s punishment with the washroom door shut, though of course she had been running the water. She wondered how many Julia had got. Judging by her friend’s very tearful present state she must have got it a lot worse than she had.

They went by unspoken consent to the Library and cried for the rest of the afternoon from discomfort and shame. Everyone of course saw them, but everyone assumed Julia and Susan had been severely lectured and that corporal punishment had not entered in to the proceedings.

The only exception to this was Ron, but even he was not quite sure what had happened and he was much too keen on Susan to mention his suspicions to anyone else. However, this did not stop him speculating for the rest of his life about those few minutes while he was standing outside the Head’s study and those two very pretty girls were in dire trouble inside it. In fact he always got it very slightly wrong. He usually pictured a large cane slicing through the girls’ skirts for six of the very best, or (which was closer to the truth) those two very different bare female behinds getting redder and redder from vigorous application of the slipper. Nevertheless it was an imagination that gave him a lot of pleasure, so who are we to quarrel with any historical inaccuracy. And many years later he married a girl who looked quite like Susan, but was actually a lot nicer person and was called Julia.

The End

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