A college trip goes wrong for two girls.

By Lorna Brand

Conny and Kitty were not the sharpest tools in the box and surprised even themselves when they where accepted into the small local college. They put rather more emphasis on partying and extracurricular pursuits than studies. Conny was the more ‘take charge’ type and could easily lead her friend astray, despite having less common sense than her. This was partly because she was prettier and acted quite bossily, which chipped away at Kitty’s confidence despite their close bond.

Conny had striking green eyes that she knew how to flutter when she wanted something and if that didn’t work she just flicked her long, wavy, shiny locks, which is exactly how they ended up touching their toes with their skimpy panties around their knees in the middle of a museum.

It started when the girls heard about an organised trip through the college to see an exhibition being displayed in one of the Glasgow museums. It wasn’t so much the exhibit as its location that excited the girls. They had no interest in what ever the trip was for. In fact they didn’t even look to see what it was for. They were going to be in the centre of Glasgow, a stone throw from some of the best night clubs around, and that is what inspired them. They had never been to Glasgow before because the cost of getting there outweighed the thrill of going, especially as neither of them had a job, but an all expenses paid trip was more than they could pass up.

The plan, like them, was quite simple. They decided to go along with the class. Stow away in the bathroom at closing time then, after they had got ready for their big night out in the secluded comfort of the wash room, slip out through a fire exit.  Now you and I can see the many flaws in this plan, but despite Kitty’s reservations Conny had convinced her it was foolproof and so it proved!

The misguided duo packed their carefully selected skimpy outfits into their purses and set off on the bus. During the long journey the girls talked about nothing else other than all the club’s they were going to visit and boys they would meet. Not a thought was given as to how they where getting home.

At the museum they stuck with the group for a while, trailing at the back, until Conny saw the opportunity to sneak off taking Kitty with her. It was a vast place spread over many levels, giving the girls plenty of space to evade the rest of the class. As they didn’t contribute to the discussions they were not actually missed so they were indeed playing a grown up version of hide and seek with no one.

The voice came over the tannoy letting the visitors know that it was time to leave and the girls put their ill-conceived plan into action. The building started to close and security guards started to go around hurrying everyone out. The girls waited until they saw the guard check the bathrooms, then they sneaked back in. There were hours to go before the clubs opened, giving them plenty of time to preen themselves.

Conny pulled out a tight blue dress and shiny black patent high heels from her bag and set about changing. Kitty was a bit more nervous, listening at the bathroom door for a while to be sure no one was outside. By the time she was comfortable enough to think about changing, Conny was already putting the finishing touches to her makeup.

“Come on, Kit, I don’t want to be stuck here waiting for you to get dressed!”

Kitty rushed to catch up with Conny, throwing on her own dress and putting up her long, chestnut hair into a messy bun.

“You can’t wear that lipstick, it just doesn’t suit your colouring!” Conny commented as Kitty started to put her face on. “I could though,” she said, snatching the bright red lipstick from her friend and putting it on. “You better just stick to the lip balm instead.”

Kitty didn’t complain at Conny’s rude behaviour but quietly went along with her suggestion and finished getting ready.

“Right, ready to go?”

“Yes! But Conny, I didn’t see where the fire exits were. I was just trying to avoid the class. Did you see any?”

“Well we can just go around the exhibits again until we find one.” Conny said definitely.

“But won’t they find us?”

“Don’t be so stupid, Kitty. They have already checked out here. They will be sitting eating biscuits somewhere.”

Kitty didn’t question her friend although she should have done and it might have spared her the embarrassment of what was to come.

The girls moved around the museum in no particular hurry looking for a discreet way out, which was laughable considering they were being anything but careful. They wandered around the displays nonchalantly, even stopping to play on the touch screens at the children’s area. They seemed unaware that most of their movements were being monitored by security cameras as they enjoyed their escapade and tried to avoid the two security guards over the different floors. The girls little game only lasted so long because many of the cameras were not working, making the guards annoyed and frustrated at chasing them up and down.

Finally the two guards caught up with the wayward girls.

“Oi, you two! That’s enough!  What on earth do you think you are playing at?”

The guards were both older, one in his forties and the other around his late fifties. It was not normal to find dressed up girls wandering around the museum even when they were open, so to find them getting up to mischief after closing was confusing.

The girls froze in the long corridor, momentarily glancing around to see if there was a way past the guards approaching them.

“Don’t even think about it, young lady! There is nowhere to run.” A stern voice commanded. “So who is going to tell me what’s going on?”

“Answer him, or you will end up in even more trouble than you already are.” The younger of the guards added.

“Sorry, its just… We were…” Kitty began.

“Look, we are just looking for a way out, so if you can point us in the right way so we can get out of here.”

“I don’t think so. You are in a lot of trouble! You broke in and have been playing with the displays.”

“We didn’t break in. We have been here all day, so it’s your fault for not doing your job properly in the first place!”

If Conny thought this was somehow going to make the guards ashamed enough to let them go, she was mistaken. Her stupid comment just infuriated them more.

“Well Sean, I think this young lady has a point. We clearly didn’t do our job properly so we better make sure we do everything by the book, starting with a call to the police then to your guardians to let them know what police station you can be picked up from.”

“I think that’s a great idea, Bill. OK girls, follow us.” The guards mocked.

“Oh please, don’t, we are really sorry. We just wanted to go on a night out.”

“Kitty, stop rambling on. Look, I am sure we can come to some understanding, can’t we? Bill, was it?” Conny said, fluttering her eyes at the older of the guards. “I think that you are just going to let us go on our way, aren’t you?”  She said, getting as close as possible to him and twirling his tie around her hand. “I do like a man in uniform, and navy suits your eyes so well.”

“That’s quite enough of that!” He said, brushing her hand away. “You should be ashamed of your behaviour!. Do you really think I would just let you go because you flirted with me? For goodness sakes, I am old enough to be your father! Well, you have blown it now.”

“I know if my daughter behaved like that she would get the hiding of her life!” Sean jumped in with a sparkle in his eye.

“Yeah, well, when I first started working here that might have been what would have happened, but unfortunately we won’t get that satisfaction. So you two are you going to give us your names so we can inform the police or will we just wait until they get here.”

Kitty was in tears by now and resigned to the fact the only highlights of Glasgow she would see would be from a police car window. However Conny was not used to things not going her way and was not going to give up that easily.

“Kit, stop blubbering. I know you don’t really want the hassle of calling the police and wasting their time. Surely we can work something out? We just want to go to a club and have a good night and you just want to have a quiet night at work, so can’t we come back tomorrow and repay the debt in some way? Kitty is good at cleaning. She could give those bathrooms a going over.”

“You really don’t know when to quit, do you? We are not letting you go on some understanding that you will come back and do the right thing tomorrow, since you clearly are not trustworthy or sensible. In fact, your word means absolutely nothing.”

“I take it you don’t want to ‘repay the debt’ before you leave then?” Sean asked, hoping to see where the situation could go.

“We are not cleaning bathrooms before we go out to the club! How about we do what you suggest and you can smack our bums, then can we go!” Conny said in a carefree way.

“You can’t be serious!” Kitty protested.

“Kitty, it’s no big deal. I know you have had your bum spanked before and so have I, although it was a while ago, but then we can get to the clubs which will be opening about now and we won’t have to face the police or our parents tonight!”

“Well I suppose…”

“Right, that’s settled then!”

“Em, I don’t think so. If we laid a hand on you we would be the ones in the back of a police car!” Bill was quite wide-eyed at the thought of baring this naughty girl’s bum, but wasn’t prepared to get into trouble for it.

Sean was intrigued and didn’t want to let the opportunity pass him by. “If you are serious, maybe we can find a way.”

“Like how?” Kitty inquired.

“We just need an independent witness and a disclaimer.”

“But we are the only ones here!” Bill pointed out.

“Technically yes, but the cameras are here. If we went to the main hall the camera could be our witness and all the girls would have to do is write something down to say that they asked for it.”

“Is the main hall this way?” Conny led the way through the corridor, making everyone follow her.

Once they arrived, Sean went to fetch a bit of paper and check the camera angles, for the girls’ sake of course.

“Here we go,” he proclaimed as he returned. “Now, if you girls can face this way and write a little note and sign it, then we can start.”

“I am still not sure,” his colleague questioned.

“Bill, these girls have been rude, disrespectful and brazen. Do you not think they deserve to get there bums slapped? I think it would do them good and perhaps it might make them think twice about doing something like this again.”

It didn’t take much persuading before Bill was ready to go.

The choice was given to the girls. They could either get their bare bums spanked or they could get six strokes of the guard’s belt. After a little discussion the girls decided that having strange men actually touch their bare bums was a step too far.

Both men removed their belts and, with a toss of a coin, a very nervous Kitty was to go first. She complied with the instructions to the letter. In the centre of the room Kitty turned her back on the group and, with a tear in her eye, she pulled up her dress, bunching it up at her waist. Slipping her hand into the elastic on her knickers, she slid them just over her hips.

Sean approached her and turned her slightly so that her round full bum was in the perfect position to be captured in all its glory by the security camera. Kitty slowly bent over as far as she could and braced herself.

“We are going to take it in turns. I will give you three strokes, then Bill will give you three strokes. Are you ready?”

Kitty only nodded to answer and waited for that first stroke. Sean and Bill both knew that this situation wasn’t Kitty’s fault and felt quite sorry for her, especially after hearing how Conny spoke to her. This was the thought that entered Sean’s head as he pulled his arm back and took aim at her shapely behind. The first stroke hit, but not at full force, making Kitty squeal as the noise echoed around the room. The staring eyes of the portraits hanging all around her gave the sense of a much larger audience, making her feel more uneasy and humiliated.

Sean took the same approach with his other two strokes, making enough noise to startle and alarm Kitty as her bum flashed pink, giving her a sting in her tail but still not hitting her with full force.

The men changed over without a word between them, watched intently by Conny as she glared at her friend in distress. Bill wrapped his buckle into his hand then wasted no time in striking. Kitty took a sharp breath in but kept her composure, despite wanting to get up and run away. Her last two strokes came in quick succession with the final one hitting the top of her soft thighs and making her cry out. She stiffly stood up and replaced her clothes, glancing at her friend angrily as she realised this was completely her fault.

“Your turn now!” Bill instructed Conny gleefully.

She was feeling quite confident as Kitty had taken it so well, striding to the same spot her friend had just left and baring her small pert bum without a second thought. Bill took a moment to drink in the view of this very silly, naughty girl, her pants just above her knees and her high heels giving her the perfect height to display her bum. He was not going to let her get away as lightly as Kitty so, swinging his arm back as far as he could, he thundered the belt towards the centre of his target. Conny screamed, jumping up and rubbing her bum franticly.

“Ow, that Hurt!”

“Of course it did, but your friend took it so I am sure you can. If you don’t want to take your punishment that you asked for, I am happy to call the police after all?”

“Conny, you better take your spanking or I will be calling your mum myself!” Kitty had finally found her voice and she was going to make sure Conny heard it.

Reluctantly Conny assumed the position again and Bill struck again, almost exactly in the same spot. Conny was visibly shaken, trying to stay in position as his final swat came. It was a relief when the men swapped over again as Conny was sure Sean would be more sympathetic towards her.

This was far from correct as he twisted his whole body into his first stroke. Conny couldn’t contain herself any longer as her defences broke and she started to sob. Sean didn’t let it stop him from given her the punishment he thought she deserved, and he delivered another two harsh blows.

Conny was so distressed she didn’t even realise he had finished chastising her. She felt very drained and contrite as, for once, she realised she was to blame.

Once the girls had composed themselves and re-touched their makeup, they left the museum rather stiffly and the men went back to their office to go over the camera footage and digest what had happened. It was not the night they had planned, but it was a night all of them would remember for a long time to come.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2016