A new girlfriend admits she is curious about spanking

By Paul S

Mark was 30 and a successful young businessman in Los Angeles with an aeronautics company, specialising in helicopters. He had dark hair, and was about 6 feet tall and of average, slim build.

Mark had trouble in finding the right sort of girlfriend, as his job tended to attract women he saw as gold-diggers or ‘hangers on’. Alternatively there were the female corporate types who dressed smartly but were also dressed to kill, with Mark in their sights. As a result he had a series of failed relationships.

That was precisely why Mark was careful about whom he dated. In despair, he eventually turned to a high class matchmaker who specialised in successful business men and women who simply didn’t have time to go through and play the ‘dating game’. They just wanted a genuine and lasting relationship without all the emotional hassle, if possible.

Mark met Marissa at the agency where she took Mark’s details and fed them into the computer. She then ran through the types of possible matches that came up initially, and Mark seemed impressed, as they were well-to-do young professional ladies who seemed far more up his street. Marissa also matched couples astrologically, for a greater chance of success.

Marissa said they would seek a number of close matches, and then he could approach the lucky lady in question for a possible date. She would then obtain feedback after the date, and whether both parties wanted to meet up again for further dates. Marissa said not all dates were successful, but they had some success in matching couples who were now engaged or married.

One possible date came up with Maria. She seemed a perfect match as she worked in media. The only problem was that she was registered at an address in Miami, 3,000 miles away. Despite this, Mark said he wanted to go ahead with a date as she seemed a perfect match on paper. Maria was about 5 feet 6 inches high with mid-length ash blonde hair, and a very trim figure which was 36-26-38.

Marissa called Maria and she seemed keen to meet Mark, despite being so far away, as she had the same problem of failed relationships as a businesswoman, aged 28.

They agreed to meet in Los Angeles at an exclusive restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard that Saturday. Mark was so keen, in fact, that he texted her and met her at the airport. He then drove her to his place to freshen up, before going to the restaurant for lunch.

Mark and Maria were genuinely pleased to see each other, and straight away there was a strong attraction between the two of them, which was understated but simmering. He took her jacket and travel case, and placed it in the cloakroom area. They sat down for lunch and made themselves at home. The waiter asked what they would like to eat, and they placed their order.

Mark and Maria both said they were busy people and found relationships time consuming and difficult in a commercial world, and the lines of work they were both in. Obviously the fact that she worked in Miami and he was based in Los Angeles came up, but Mark said they could work around that if they could see each other every other month or so. Absence makes the heart grow fonder after all.

Maria explained she didn’t want to rush into a relationship and have sex, as that could ruin a potentially wonderful relationship. However Maria looked into Mark’s blue eyes and said: “I could get lost in those eyes. I would also find it hard to say no to those eyes.”

Maria then felt mischievous and said: “Mark, can we go somewhere a bit more private as I want to tell you something?”

Mark was intrigued, but agreed. They walked around to the cloakroom area around the corner, where she gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. Mark was surprised but instinctively knew this lady wanted a serious relationship with him.

They continued with the meal and then finished with a coffee, before Mark paid the bill and they left.

Mark said: “Let me take you on a helicopter ride around the city and the coast.”

Mark was wearing dark trousers and a tee shirt, whilst Maria wore dark trousers and a red top. She apologised, saying she didn’t have time to pack properly and next time would wear something a little less ‘business suit’ and a bit more feminine.

They took a taxi to the heliport, where they boarded a small 3 person helicopter with pilot, and took off. They proceeded to follow the interstate highway to the city centre, then circled out over the bay and along the coast. Maria was impressed and really excited about having Mark as a new boyfriend.

The helicopter landed and they collected their belongings and took a taxi back to the airport, where Maria eventually bade Mark farewell, with another passionate kiss, for her flight back to Miami and said: “I really can’t wait until next time.”

Marissa contacted both Mark and Maria to ask how the date went. Maria said it was perfect and they had a great time and said she may have met ‘the one’. Mark likewise said he was impressed by Maria and hoped to see her again soon.

With work commitments, Mark and Maria made a date to see each other again. This time it was at her flat in Miami in 2 weeks’ time.

Mark arrived at the airport, and Maria was there to greet him with another passionate kiss on the lips. She said she would drive him to her apartment, as it had great views of the ocean and beach front.

They arrived at her flat and Maria took Mark’s things, and asked him if he wanted a drink. They had cocktail each and said it was really great to meet up again. Mark was impressed with her modern spacious flat, with great views out over the ocean with the waves crashing on the shorefront. Mark agreed with Maria to stay overnight in the spare room as it was a public holiday and as the next flight back wasn’t until late tomorrow.

They then sat down and spent the afternoon talking about past failed relationships and the type of work they both did. Maria suggested they go to a great restaurant locally about 6pm, and booked a table on her I-pad.

They had some time to kill before then, so Mark and Maria had some more cocktails and went into the kitchen to get better views of people on the beach. Maria gave Mark another lingering and passionate kiss, and asked about his previous girlfriends, and why they didn’t work out?

Mark said mostly because they messed around, and wasted his time. He said: “One girl left my place in such a mess that I had to spank her out of sheer frustration.”

Maria said: “Really?” But was secretly impressed that Mark had been so dominant with a woman.

“Yes, but I was annoyed as I had business people coming round that day, so had to clean up fast,” he said.

Mark was standing by the kitchen island unit holding a glass, and Maria was snuggling up to him wearing white stockings, short dress and short sleeved blouse.

“I can’t say no to those deep blue eyes of yours,” she told him, and then added: “I don’t really know much about spanking though. I did get the odd slap when I misbehaved when I was younger, but was never really spanked properly. I think it’s a bit too soon to have sex, but I am still very curious about spanking, and would like to try it, perhaps?”

Mark said: “Why don’t you then?”

Maria hesitated for a moment as it put her on the spot, and then said: “OK, perhaps I’ll start with 50 with the hand, and not too hard, over my panties, and we will see how it goes.”

She took off her short skirt, folded it up and placed it on the work surface. She then gave Mark another passionate kiss and said: “I’ll trust you to do the right thing.”

Mark suggested: “If you want to stop anytime just say ‘red’, or if you are nearing your limit just say ‘yellow’.”

Maria said: “OK,” and then lay provocatively across Mark’s knee, exposing her white nylons and skimpy panties.

Mark gently started spanking her, and she said: “Oooh, you have lovely firm hands!”

After fifteen spanks, she was saying: “That feels real good,” and Mark continued with Maria getting nicely warmed up.

By the time she’d received thirty spanks, she was starting to wriggle around with her mouth wide open and gasping gently at each stroke.

By the time he reached fifty spanks, she was definitely getting into it.

Mark paused at fifty spanks and asked how she felt.

Maria said: “I didn’t realise it, but this is a real turn on for me.”

She got up and rubbed the seat of her panties, looked in the mirror and said her bottom was a deep pink and tingling a bit now. She gave Mark another passionate kiss and they embraced.

She then said: “I can’t believe I am saying this, but I really need a hundred spanks, and much firmer, with my panties down. I have the need for a very good spanking.”

She went back over Mark’s knee and her panties duly came down. Then Mark started spanking her more firmly. Maria started to gasp after each stroke and threw her head back and gasped gently, saying “Ugh” after sixty. Her shapely bottom was gyrating and squirming nicely under his hand, and Mark complemented her on having a perfectly formed rear end. After about eighty spanks she was wriggling all over his lap like a snake, saying: “Oooh, don’t stop.”

By ninety spanks, she had submitted completely.

After he had finished, Maria got up and looked at her shapely red bottom in the mirror, and said: “Wow! That was really hot!”

She was a real sight for Mark with her sheer white nylons, suspender belt, white panties at half-mast and perfectly formed and framed red sore bottom.

Mark said: “You look red hot like that.”

Maria said: “That was my first spanking, but it definitely won’t be my last. My bottom is tingling all over.” After giving Mark another passionate kiss and embrace, she whispered in his ear: “I am all yours!”

The End

© Paul S 2016