A job advert offering exceedingly good pay catches the eye of a jobless graduate.

By Lorna Brand


Clatter, bang.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to run downstairs in high heels and a pencil skirt but no-one expects stairs to be covered in shoes, books, bags and god knows what. This was Kim and, as you can tell, her day was not going as planned.

“For goodness sake, did I not tell you to move this stuff?” She screamed as she tried to straighten her self up.

Hurrying through the living room into the kitchen, she rushed to make herself a coffee in her ‘to go’ cup, the one thing that might make her feel better since she was definitely going to be late to the office now, until she realised the milk carton that had been put back into the fridge was empty.

“Well so much for breakfast,” she spitted, throwing her cup into the sink. “That’s it, you have to sort your self out!” She shouted at the blob on the sofa.

Zoe, Kim’s daughter, was 23 and had moved back home a few months ago. Zoe had always been an independent wee sole; a real go getter like her mum. She had moved out to go to university and after almost five years she had returned, finding, like so many students, the jobs that once were out there weren’t any more.

As a result, Zoe had morphed into some sort of couch blob. It was hard to see where her onesie started and the sofa stopped, she was so perfectly camouflaged. If it wasn’t for her little pink hands sticking out clutching onto a mixing bowl full of cereal you wouldn’t know which way up she was.

“Zoe, this can’t go on. You need to be out there in your own space doing what twenty somethings do, and it is no good using up all your mum’s milk in one bowl of cereal and moping about. By the time I get back I expect you to be washed, changed, to be looking for a job and to have picked up this bloody mess.”

Zoe didn’t answer, but a little nod of her hood showed her mum she had listened and agreed with what she had said. It was time to dust herself off and get back in her stride.

Zoe felt more energised and back in the land of the living after her wash, so she set about tiding up with gusto. The task of job hunting was not so much fun, however, and was starting to deflate her. Zoe wanted a job that used her degree but there were none anywhere.

In fact, the only ones she could find were low skilled with extremely low pay; altogether beneath her, she thought. How could she get her own place again on that sort of wage? She would have to work every hour of the day so she would never be at home anyway. Where was the point in that?

It was the opposite from what she thought her life would be like after uni. Zoe had exhausted all the papers she could find, and started trolling through on-line ads when she saw something that caught her eye.

Mother/daughter, sisters, aunt/niece, etc, needed for show. No experience needed, flexible short hours, £500 per show.

The address was close by, just outside of the town, and at that price she could pay her mum back a little and start saving some of her money for her own place. It sounded like her dream job. All she needed was to get her mum on board.

That night, when Kim came home from a very long day, she was over the moon to find her tea was being made and her house was almost normal again. Best of all, her daughter had broken free of her sofa blob cocoon and turned back into her beautiful, sweet-smelling self.

“Wow, Zoe, something smells great and it’s not just you!” She said as she embraced her daughter.

“Thanks mum, sit down and I will plate up.”

Perhaps Kim should have suspected Zoe was after something, but she happily devoured the dinner, moaning about her day at work and saying: “I don’t get paid enough for that rubbish,” more than a couple of times as Zoe smiled sweetly and nodded along sympathetically.

Finally, once Zoe had finished the dishes and put a glass of wine in her mum’s hand, Kim said: “So how did the job hunt go?”

“Well I did spot something that could tide me over until I get the job I really want.”

“That’s great! Where is it?”

“It’s close by and with flexible hours. It’s good pay, too, but they need two people.”

“That’s not a bad thing. It means you are twice as likely to get the job than if they were only needing one person.”

“Well they actually need you. It’s a show and they are looking for a mother and daughter to perform. I called them up and they said we could work any hours we wanted and that good performers could make even more money.”

“A show? I don’t know anything about acting and I am not sure I want to.”

“Come on, Mum. The advert says no experience necessary and £500 a show! At least come and see them with me.”

“£500 a show? Must be a typo!”

“No, I checked. They said they like to pay their staff well. Come on, it could be fun, and think of what a little more cash would do. It’s a lot of bottles of wine!” Zoe said with a cheeky laugh.

It wasn’t long before Zoe’s interview came along. They had even arranged it around Kim’s day off, which she thought was very nice of them. It perhaps showed just how much they would look after their staff.

Kim and Zoe arrived at an industrial estate on the edge of town at what looked like a warehouse from the outside, with a pretty little sign over the door saying ‘Rosie’s’.

“Ah, it must be owned by a woman. That explains the staff care and wage,” Zoe said with a wink.

“We’re only here to see what it’s about, and we might not get the job anyway. How do I look?” Kim asked.

“Fine, mum.”

“I haven’t a clue what actors wear.”

“Clothes, I should think, mum.”

“Don’t be so cheeky!” Kim tussled her hair up in an attempt to give it more volume and a care-free look before turning her attention to her flowery blouse.

“Mum, stop fidgeting! You look great.”

“That’s easy for you to say. You just roll out of bed, throw jeans and a top on and you look the part. Did you even brush your hair?”

“Mum! Let’s go in.”

Linking arms with her mother, Zoe led her mum into the building. Surprisingly, the door opened into a little room with a front desk and credit card machine placed neatly in the centre. The only other feature in the room was the door to the next room.

“Should we wait here then? Or should we go through the door?”

“Zoe, you are so impatient!”

Just at that point a young man peered around the over-sized red padded door.

“Kim and Zoe? I am Tobie, the owner of “Rosie’s”.”

“Ah, yes, we thought you were going to be a woman. So, Rosie is a loved one then?” Kim nervously blurted out. “Sorry, it’s been a while since I had a job interview.”

“You could say Rosie is a loved one,” Tobie said with a laugh. “But think of this as you interviewing me rather than the other way around. Staff happiness is what matters most here.”

“I am Zoe, by the way.” Zoe took hold of Tobie’s hand. “So what kind of show is it?”

“That’s really up to you. We find it goes better if we don’t provide the script but let you develop your own way.”

“Sort of, like, improvise?”  Kim said curiously.

“Yeh, well, maybe we should go through and you can get a better understanding of what is involved.”

Tobie held the door open for the ladies and ushered them through.

“As you can see, we are not open normally at this time in the morning but it’s better that way for showing you around.”

As Kim and Zoe walked into the huge space, they came to a stop.

“It’s a bloody peep show place!” Kim shouted out as she saw the space was filled with pod-like windowed rooms and chairs around the outside. “You are sick! A mother and daughter peep show? What kind of person would ask a parent to do that?” She spun on her heels and headed for the door.

“Hold on, it’s not like that at all. There is no sex , strip-tease or anything at all like that.” It dawned on Tobie that maybe he should have been a little clearer in his conversation before bringing them in to the show area.

“Please let me explain, no dirty stuff and £500 for a 40min show?”

“Mum, you are always over-reacting! Please listen to what he has to say first.”

“OK, but talk fast.”

“This is a members’ only club where men and women pay a very hefty price to watch someone getting their bum smacked.”

“They what?”  Zoe blurted, stifling her laugh.

“Kim, have you ever wanted to spank Zoe? Has she ever done anything that made you want to smack her bum and give her a good telling off? I pay all our performers per minute not per hour. In fact, I pay £12.50 per minute and you only have to do what you want to. You can both be clothed as much as you like, although I do pay a bonus for bare bum.”

“So all of these rooms have mothers spanking their kids?” Kim said.

“No!” Tobie laughed. “There are no kids here for a start. All of our staff are at least twenty-one and there are different scenarios in each room for different shows. Let me show you around.” He beckoned them forward.

“I’m game for a laugh,” said Zoe looking at her mum.

“OK,” she finally said.

“Well, ladies, this is the first room we have here. As you can see, it is set up as a school. Each member has their own window and chair. I suppose like a peep show,” he said with a cheeky smile. “The members all have their own credit card that they put into this machine when they sit down and it opens the curtains at the other side. So they pay for the time they want to watch the show and when they take their card out or the credit on it runs out the curtains close.”

“So, the performers must be actors then?”

“We prefer to use lecturers and students where possible for this room, obviously not from the same college or university. Actors can over-act whereas people getting a proper spanking don’t have to act. We have lots of other set-ups too; different rooms of the house are for doctors, police station, office; we are adding and changing rooms all the time.”

“So you have policemen and lecturers spanking people in here?” Zoe said with surprise in her voice. “I didn’t realise my teaching degree would qualify me to spank people,” She laughed to herself.

“Yeah, we have people from all walks of life here, spanking and being spanked.”

“So, what’s involved then?” Zoe asked, much to her mother’s dumb-struck reaction.

“That really is up to you. We give you the space and any implements you want and you do what you want to do, but remember, if you don’t meet the members’ expectations, then they won’t keep their curtain open and you only get paid when someone is watching.”

“It can’t be that hard to make someone watch you, can it mum?”

“Zoe, are you thinking about this seriously?” Kim could not hide her shock; it was all over her face, not to mention the tone of her voice.

“It is harder than you might think to please some of our members. Some like the build up and the telling off, others like to watch your face. Some just like to see your bum turning a pretty shade of red.”

“And you’re thinking we should have mum spanking me for some reason?”

“We do have spaces in other shows coming up like the classroom and office but not for a couple of weeks, whereas there is space for a domestic show just now. A lot of our performers only work a few shows at a time then take a break and come back again. Because we pay well some people can pay off their bills for months at a time so don’t need to work all the time.”

“I think we really need to talk about this at home,” Kim said, firmly taking her daughter by the arm and heading for the door once again.

“So you have never wanted to smack me then? And you don’t have any need for £500 that you can make in under an hour? Do we have to wait for our money?”

“Nope, your pay gets calculated as the show goes on and the money is transferred automatically into your bank.” Tobie was pretty clear there was an interest from Zoe and knew that it was really up to Kim now.

“And you only need a domestic show for a few weeks?”

“No, we have always got a space for a domestic show but we also have quite a few people who show an interest for doing one of the shows, sort of settling grievances I suppose. But in a few weeks we will have other openings in different shows if you or Zoe wish to join them.”

“Come on, mum. Even one show between now and then would tide me over and I could start looking to get out your hair.”

“I am just not sure I could do it, Zoe.”

“What have you got to worry about, mum? It’s me that’s getting spanked! Oh please mum! It would really help us both out of difficult spots!”


“Oh, thanks mum!” Zoe threw her arms round her mother’s neck and gave her a big hug.” Still gripping her mother tightly, Zoe turned her head towards Tobie. “Thanks, Tobie, we’ll do it.”

With Zoe’s obvious enthusiasm, Kim reluctantly went along with her daughter. They were given the room right in the centre of the huge club. Zoe had worked out most of the details and realised if she managed to make her £500 target she would have enough to put a deposit down on a little bedsit and they would both get some space and freedom again.

Their pod was kitted out like a living room. There was a sofa in front of the door as they walked in, a coffee table in the centre and a small low sideboard with all sorts of implements hidden away inside it under one of the windows. There were windows all around the little room with the curtains all ready drawn waiting for the show to start and the members to come.

The show start times were published on the members’ web site and newbies like Kim and Zoe were high-lighted so they stood out for regular customers. 7pm was show time for the ladies but they got in place just after 6pm so they could settle in and work out their routine. Zoe was keen to get every penny she could out of this show if the money was going to stretch the way she wanted.

“OK, babe, are you still sure you want to go through with this?”

“Mum, just do what I said and it will be fine.”

“OK, but I am still not sure what you are being told off for.”

“Well, I will tell you in a little bit.”

“5 minutes to show time,” came a voice over the tannoy into their room.

“Zoe, I’m still not sure what I have to do.”

“You know when I borrowed your car a few months back and it got hit by another car in the car park?”

“Yes.” Zoe had a guilty look on her face. “Zoe, what?”

“Well, actually I backed into a bollard in the parking lot. I’m afraid I lied when I said it was a hit and run.”

“You mean after watching me fight it out with the insurance company you still kept quiet?”

“Bet you want to smack me now, mum, so no need to worry about motivation!” Zoe said, trying to wind up her mum.

“OK ladies, your show starts in…”

Some of the curtains started to open, thankfully not all of them to start with. Zoe thought her mum had hardly noticed and was certainly not caring that all these people would see her chastise her little delinquent.

“You smashed my car in to a bollard in a car park then watched me fight with the insurance company to prove it was a hit and run, all without owning up to what you did?” Kim shouted in a menacing tone.

“I really am sorry, mum.” Zoe pleaded.

Kim took Zoe by the arm and led her over to the sofa where she pulled down Zoe’s skirt and pants in one swoop before yanking her over her knee. Kim rained down smack after smack onto Zoe’s pale, full, peachy bum. Little squeaks of pain started to escape from Zoe after what had already felt like a life-time over her mum’s lap. Just as her bum had been given an even colouring of dark pink, Kim stopped.

“Right miss, stand beside the sofa with your hands on your head while I fetch a strap.”

“Strap? I thought you were just going to spank me.” Zoe said, desperately untangling her feet from her skirt and pants.

“You deserve a proper spanking, not just a little smack, so do what I said or I will add more strokes!” Her firm tone told Zoe not to question what she said.

A teary Zoe stood as she was instructed, still in her high heels, with her hands on her head which caused her shirt to rise up and display her perfectly pink naked bottom for all who wanted to see.

Kim calmly went to the little sideboard cupboard, pulled out a selection of straps and placed them on the coffee table taking each one in turn and giving it a practice swing. With each swish and crack, Zoe started to shake more.

“Zoe, please place your hands on the seat of the sofa and stay there. You are going to get six stokes and then I expect a proper apology from you, young lady!”

Zoe slowly took up her position with a little glance at the array of straps on the table behind her and taking note that every curtain was now open, although she didn’t see any faces from where she was due to the glare of the bright light shining on the glass.

Her legs firmly together and hands securely underneath her, Zoe resigned herself to receiving her first stroke, but nothing could have prepared her for the burning feeling that engulfed her entire behind. It completely took her breath away and she inhaled sharply and rose up in shock.

“Zoe, you still have five more to go, so get back in position now!”

Zoe managed to stay in position for the next two strokes, although she was far from quiet.

“Ahhh! Please mum, no more!” Zoe was pleading by the third lash but her mum just placed a hand on the small of her back to help her stay in place. Lifting her arm high above her shoulder, she quickly delivered the final three strokes in quick succession.

Zoe’s bum was covered in blotchy red and purple marks which were darkening as she stood there holding her mum in a tight embrace.

“I really am sorry, mum,” Zoe cried as the curtains began to close.

After around twenty minutes, Tobie came into the room and congratulated the ladies on a fantastic show.

“You both did extremely well and lasted much longer than I thought you would. You can both have a job any day of the week.”

“Thank you, but I think this was a one off for me,” said a somewhat bashful Kim.

Zoe was a little less cocky than she had been but with her skirt back on and her pants in her hand she smiled at Tobie and said: “Maybe not tomorrow though!”

And that’s how Zoe got the job she deserved.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2014