The Jenny Franklin Story

Strict Discipline in a mixed grammar school

By Gillian Howard

I am Jenny Franklin and I attend a mixed Grammar School. On Friday 18th of May it was my 18th Birthday. I was to meet mum for lunch in a restaurant and had been granted permission by the school to have an extended lunch break as I had a double study period after lunch. I was also allowed to have a glass of wine to celebrate the special day even though I would be in uniform.

Our school was very good both academically and on the sporting front with, ex pupils representing England at netball, hockey, and rugby. It was also a strict school with corporal punishment being administered when it was deserved.

While it was common for boys to get the slipper across the bottom in class, it was not as common for girls to be smacked on the back of the legs. In fact I would say that only about half the girls in my class had ever received any form of corporal punishment. The boys were also sent to the headmaster who would administer between 4 and a maximum of 8 strokes of the cane across the bottom with their trousers down. On the rare occasion a girl was sent to the headmaster, she would receive between 3 and 6 strokes of the slipper across her knickers. I only knew of 6 girls in my year who had received the slipper.  2 girls who were sent to the headmaster for a second case of bullying had actually been caned 4 strokes and a further two for not wearing school knickers. The marks had been clearly visible 3 days later in gym.

Three of my closest friends, Debs, Carol and Kerry, had all received the slipper off the headmaster and had returned to class in floods of tears. Myself, I had received 50 lines twice and had to serve one detention, and had no intention of receiving anything else.

On my birthday I had got dressed in a short black mini skirt and white blouse with matching white satin underwear and nude glossy tights so that, apart from my knickers, I could get away with being in school 6th form uniform as black skirts were acceptable instead of the royal blue.

As we arrived at assembly, only 3 teachers and the headmaster were present, and we knew immediately that meant a bag inspection in registration. This normally happened about two or three times a term. On the last one, Debs and Kerry had been found with cigarette lighters in their bags and that is when they both got the slipper. Carol had got it three years earlier for lying about leaving her homework at home when her book was in her school bag.
We all went back to our classroom and Miss Bentley, our form teacher, was there. We all sat down and lifted our bags onto our desks. She then examined each bag.

Then we heard: “Roberts! Stand up.”

Gary stood up with a sheepish look, as it looked like he was to be visiting the headmaster for the cane.

“Edwards! Stand up.”

Michael, who was a regular to be punished, stood up.

“Franklin! Stand up.”

I was just dumfounded as I stood up, and could feel my face blushing. What had I got in my bag that would mean a visit to the headmaster for the slipper? I wanted to look but Miss Bentley had it on her desk. My hands had automatically started to cup my bottom thinking that it may soon be stinging from the slipper.

Miss Bentley reached inside Gary’s bag and took out a packet of Nelson cigarettes. She wrote on a piece of paper and said: “Roberts, take this note and these cigarettes to the headmaster. I am sure his cane will warm your bottom for you and I have put down how many cigarettes are in the packet.”

Gary took the cigarettes and note and headed off to the Headmaster’s office.

Miss Bentley took a box of matches and a packet of Durex out of Edwards’ bag. “What are these for?”

The class all started to giggle, apart from me and Edwards.

He then said: “I would have thought you would know, Miss.”

She looked at him before writing a note and saying: “For your insolence, perhaps the maximum 8 strokes is in order.”

Michael took the note and thanked her before setting off for the headmaster.

She then reached into my bag, took out my make-up bag and I breathed a large sigh of relief.

“Franklin, you know you are not allowed make-up in school.”

“Yes, Miss, but today is my 18th birthday and my mum contacted the headmaster who has given me permission to go to a restaurant at lunchtime and to wear make-up. So, instead of taking advantage and wearing it all day I intended to apply a little as we broke for lunch, Miss.”

“Although you are still technically breaking the rules, it is acceptable.”

She then opened my make-up bag and looked inside before saying: “This is not acceptable.”

She pulled out a small pen knife.

“That is not mine, Miss.”

“No arguments! It is in your bag. You are responsible. Under no circumstances are knives allowed into school. This could mean your immediate expulsion. The rest of you, carry on with reading ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ while I escorted Franklin to the headmaster.”

We passed Gary on his way back to class rubbing a very sore bottom. We arrived outside the Headmaster’s office to hear the last 3 strokes of Michael getting the cane. He exited a short time later holding a very sore bottom and glared at Miss Bentley, who appeared to have a smirk on her face.

I was pushed through the door in front of 3 other boys and 2 girls waiting for their punishment. I had never been in this office before but immediately saw a size 11 tennis shoe and a 3′ 0″ cane lying on his desk.

Miss Bentley then told him about my make-up bag and what she had found inside. The Headmaster thanked her and said that he would deal with it from here. As she left, he stood up and took the penknife out of the make-up bag. He handed it to me and as I looked at it I said it was similar to one my brother has. He took it back and sat down.

“First of all, congratulations on your 18th birthday, but we must deal with this matter. I certainly appreciate that you brought your make-up bag in to save making the other girls envious of you being allowed to wear make-up at school today, and I commend you for your thinking. However, due to your regard for the feeling of others, you have in effect left yourself liable to expulsion because to have a weapon on school premises without permission is the most serious of offences. Please wait here I need to speak to the chairman of governors for his opinion.”

He left and I heard him say to the pupils waiting outside to return at break time. All the time he was gone, I could not take my eyes off the slipper and the cane wondering if one of them was going to be connecting with my bottom shortly. Then his secretary, who is a close friend of my mum, came in and placed a pink file and a longer cane about 4′ 0″ in length, and slightly thicker, on his desk. She put her hand on my shoulder and told me not to worry and that I would be alright. The Headmaster then returned and closed the door before sitting down with his secretary at his side.

“Ok, Miss Franklin, I have discussed the problem with both the Chair of the board of governors and your mother and we are all of the opinion that this was a very unfortunate mistake and you did not realise that, for whatever reason, there was this penknife in your make-up bag, and that you did not intend to bring it into school. We have therefore decided that this does not warrant expulsion. However, at the same time, we cannot let this go unpunished. After several suggestions it has been agreed that you will receive 4 strokes of the senior cane across just your school knickers, which my secretary, Mrs Blake, will pull up tight. The purpose of that is so portions of your bottom will be uncovered, meaning you will in fact receive a bare bottom caning. Your mother has also accepted this course of action.

“The only other course of action would have resulted in 6 strokes today and a further 6 strokes next Friday, but I have only ever caned 6 girls in my time here but I have never awarded more than 4 strokes. I was therefore reluctant to do so today. Then your mother suggested 4 on your bare bottom. She said she didn’t think you would be wearing school knickers, so I would normally then give another 2 strokes, making the total 6. By pulling your knickers  right up you would then receive 6 on the bare bottom, which has been accepted by all.”

I just stood there with tears in my eyes.

“Franklin, you are now to remove your skirt and I take it you are wearing tights so you will need to remove them also. You will then bend across the edge of my desk gripping the other side tightly. If you stand or try to cover your bottom with your hands you will receive extra. My secretary will remain to witness your punishment.”

I slowly unfastened my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I then put my fingers into the waist of my tights and slowly took them down to my knees. Next, I reached over his desk and grabbed the far side of the desk. The nearer edge was digging into my groin. I could just keep my feet on the floor.

Mrs Blake took hold of my wrists very firmly and used her body to press down on my shoulders. The Headmaster stood up, picked up the 4′ 0″ cane and walked to my right hand side. I felt the cold cane rest on my bottom then nothing till I heard a soft swoosh before a loud explosion and then my bottom erupted in pain. As I screamed out, a second stroke landed further down, causing my legs to shake. The next two followed quickly and my legs started to give way. It was only that I was gripping the desk and the secretary was holding my wrists that stopped me falling to the ground. The final 2 appeared to be even harder, but then it was all over as I heard the cane clatter on the desk top.

“Mrs Blake, please help Jenny to get dressed and then I will return and escort her back to her classroom. You may use my wash room if needed.”

The door closed behind him. I felt Mrs Blake take hold of my right arm, allowing me to steady myself.

“I am afraid I have no cold cream with me, but I could get some cold water and gently cool your bottom down?”

I just nodded and she disappeared through a door on the left, before returning a few moments later with a bowl of water and a towel. She placed the bowl on the desk and said that she would gently ease my knickers down. I jumped as she eased them over my throbbing bottom and placed the towel over them. She then picked up the face cloth out of the bowl and laid it over my bottom.

She repeated this four or five times before lifting the towel over my bottom. I gingerly put my hands on the towel and could feel the heat from my bottom.
After a couple of minutes she lifted the towel away and I gently felt the 6 raised welts across my whole bottom. I slowly pulled my knickers up and no matter how gentle I was, the pain was excruciating as the tight elastic around the legs chaffed against the welts. Mrs Blake offered to pull my tights up and I readily agreed. She managed it without adding to my discomfort, and then helped me to put my skirt on and fasten it.

I was handed the flannel and some tissues, so after blowing my nose I washed my face and was led into the washroom to tidy my hair. I put my hair into a pony tail and, although my eyes were still red and puffy with crying, I was now just sniffling a little. As I turned to leave the wash room, I jumped as a sharp pain shot across my bottom.

The Headmaster was now back at his desk and he pointed to an open book resting on top. He asked me to sign the two entries recording my punishment for all time. It was then I noticed that there was no sign of the cane that had inflicted so much pain to my bottom.

He then stood up and said: “I am sorry that was necessary, Jenny, but it is now over with and you can finish your time at the school and get the grades you deserve and go to university. Are you ready? I will now escort you back to class.”

“Yes Sir, and thank you for not expelling me.”

He handed me my bag, less the penknife, and we returned to the classroom.

He then said to Miss Bentley and the class: “Jenny Franklin this morning made a very grave mistake by accidentally bringing a penknife into school. This had been in her make up bag for months and had been forgotten about. After some serious discussions with the Deputy Headmaster, the chairman of the board of governors and her mother, it was decided that it was a genuine oversight. Therefore, instead of asking her to leave school permanently, she has instead received the severest punishment that I have ever given. For bringing the knife into school, she has received 4 strokes of the senior cane over her bottom, which was effectively bare, and a further 2 strokes for not wearing school knickers. If she wishes, she will be allowed to stand for the rest of the lesson.”

With that, he turned and left the room. I was blushing as I made my way to my desk next to Carol, but did not attempt to sit, as the bell sounded for break.

As we left for the common room, everybody wanted to know what had happened. Once there, I explained that my briefs had been pulled well up so as to leave my bottom bare. Carol Kerry and Debs finally managed to get me outside and took me to the toilets. I lifted my skirt but would not take my tights or knickers down. They could still see the damage and feel the heat. I asked them to help me with my make-up at lunch time.

During our next lesson, which was a practical chemistry lesson, standing was the norm and all teachers had been informed during break of my punishment.

Mrs Blake entered with a letter for my mum to sign, informing her officially of my caning, and also to say that as my last lesson of the day was a study period I did not have to return after my birthday lunch. As the bell sounded for lunch, we took our time as I could not walk very fast. The girls applied my make-up and walked with me to meet mum, who told them that she had prepared a small buffet for us all at teatime with 2 bottles of white wine in the fridge. Their parents had said this was okay as we were having a sleepover because mum was working till 2.00 am.

Mum and I left three happy girls and made our way to the restaurant. After being shown to our table, we went to the ladies rest room and both mum and I saw the damage caused by the cane over a bare bottom. I managed to sit and, although in considerable pain, just about managed to enjoy my lasagne. The wine certainly helped.

Mum ordered a taxi which dropped me off and, as I got out, she said to enjoy tonight and that there was a bottle of cold cream in her bedside cabinet. It might soothe the pain a little.

I blushed as the taxi driver said: “Sore bottom  from the cane, then?”

I rushed inside. I went straight upstairs into my room and stripped off completely before going into mum’s room. I saw my bottom in the full length mirror and was shocked at how swollen it looked. The welts were really hard and painful to touch.

I opened mum’s bedside cupboard and rummaged around till I found the jar of cold cream. Half the cupboard’s contents spilled out, but I just left them as I went back to my room and covered my bottom in cream before lying face down on the bed.

After a while, I looked at my alarm clock and it was 5.30 pm. I slowly got up, selected some French knickers to wear tonight, with a matching bra, a nice blouse and short white skirt, but no tights.

The girls arrived at 7.00 pm. We watched a video and then sat eating the buffet and drinking the 2 bottles of wine mum had left us. We made up a large bed for us all to sleep on in my room, and about 10.30 pm got changed ready for bed. Needless to say, I was stood naked for about 10 minutes while they all inspected my bottom and I had to give them all the details of what had happened.

We all eventually went to sleep and didn’t hear mum come home. We got up around 10.00 am and had some cereal before clearing up from the previous night. Then the girls left. We arranged to meet in town at 2.15 pm as I wanted to get some loose fitting knickers for school next week.

I heard mum going for a shower so prepared her breakfast and a cup of tea. She asked how my bottom was and I told her it was still throbbing and was painful if I sat too quickly. I mentioned about going shopping for some new knickers, and why, and she laughed.

That afternoon, the only knickers I could find that did not have elasticated legs were French knickers, so I bought 6 pairs to wear next week.

I put out a white pair for Monday as I knew I would be the centre of attention as we changed for P.E., and also my leotard around the bottom would probably be painful.

Back at school on Monday, the Headmaster informed the school about my caning and I really blushed as he did so. Everybody kept asking what happened all morning, but by lunch all 6th formers knew all the details either from me or from others gossiping. I had been very careful sitting down all day as I did not want to jump in pain.

Our only lesson in the afternoon apart from P. E. was Business Studies with Mr Gregory, which often involved debates. During a debate on equality of the sexes, several of the boys were passing comment about women being really weak. I fell into the trap and said they where talking rubbish.

Michael Edwards stood up and shouted at me.

“If that was true, why did it take 30 minutes for you to return to class after getting 6 strokes of the cane? You had obviously been blubbering with your red eyes. I got 8 and was back in less than 10 minutes.”

I was fuming as I shouted back: “Because I had got 6 on the bare arse with the senior cane which you have never felt, you pillock!”

Everybody laughed, but Michael was fuming and, from the look on his face, so was Mr Gregory.

“Michael and Jenny, out here now. I very rarely resort to physical punishments but you leave me no choice. Michael, face the blackboard and touch your toes.”

He went to his cupboard, removed a large tennis shoe and applied 6 extremely powerful blows to Michael’s upturned bottom, which had him jerking forward after each one.

“Jenny, hands on head facing the blackboard.”

I felt him raise my skirt right up before delivering 3 blistering smacks to my left thigh from my bottom to just above my knee. He then did the same to my right thigh. It was absolute agony and I was gritting my teeth in order not to scream out. I walked back to my seat being very careful when sitting down.

Debbie whispered as I sat down: “I see you decided to wear white today.”

“Could you really see them?”

“Yes, and so did all the class. The boys were taking a good look.”

I just blushed and put my head in my hands. The lesson finished and as we got changed for P.E. there were comments about my underwear, but mainly they were looking at the cane marks and 3 nasty looking blisters where the end of the cane had whipped around my bottom. I put on my leotard, which as I expected dug into the welts and was as painful as where the 6 clear handprints showed on my thighs.

We entered the gym and there where several comments from the boys.

“Michael, her cane marks are a lot worse than yours.”

At the end of the lesson, Michael passed me and uttered an apology. On the bus home, I was teased about the hand prints on my legs.

Mum saw them as soon as I walked in. I told her what had happened and she said she would have done the same. She sat down with me and we had a glass of wine as she told me that her and dad were getting a divorce because he wanted to get married again. I had only seen him twice since he left. I told her I wasn’t bothered.

I was never punished again, but went on to university, became a Maths teacher and worked in an all girls boarding school. I was eventually put in charge of discipline for the senior girls and my experience of being caned came in very useful as I caned over 40 girls across the bottom in the 15 years I was there.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2017