A restaurant boss takes care of his niece

By Paul S

Claudio was a restaurant boss, aged 40, on the south coast, employing most of his extended family, originally from Sorrento in Italy, the food capital of southern Italy. He employed 2 chefs, who were cousins in their thirties, plus Enzo, his brother, with whom he ran the restaurant. Marco, who was another cousin, was a waiter and Maria, his niece aged 22, was a waitress.

Tony, Maria’s dad, had died 7 years ago and left the business to the two brothers on condition that Claudio, as the older brother, agreed to take care of Maria and offer her a role in the business.

There were privileges in working for a family firm and the rules were fairly lax. Claudio and his brother would often fool around with mock fights in between serving customers. They would, of course, discuss who had the better Italian ‘Serie A’ football team, which was a full time debate in the family.

Tony had also agreed with Claudio how Maria should be disciplined, and said that she had been spanked previously for misbehaviour, although that was rare. However Maria knew how to use her feminine charms and eloquence to good effect.

Claudio closed the restaurant for a week to get married to his long term girlfriend and love of his life, Giulietta, last year in Sorrento. It was a big family bash, and Claudio paid for the entire family to attend.

Maria was 22 and petite at 5 foot 4 inches, with dark hair, dark eyes but white skin and 34-26-36 figure. She would mostly act as a waitress, dressed in dark trousers, black top and blue shirt with the tail hanging out and covering her rear.

Maria was well spoken and had been privately educated at an exclusive girls’ school on the Downs, so had many influential friends.

Working amongst so many boys, she quickly learned how to get her way and was treated with respect within the family. Being Italian originally, with one accentuated wiggle of her shapely bottom she knew had them around her little finger with their full attention, including Claudio the boss.

It was a Saturday night before Remembrance Sunday, and the Trattoria was busy with visitors. A hen party had turned up with 12 young ladies in their twenties, wearing tight trousers and short skirts, who had booked for a large table upstairs.

They all entered and took off their coats, and proceeded, one by one, upstairs to their table.

The long open-tread stair flight from the bar meant the girls had to climb to get up the stairs, and the boys watched in amusement with wry smiles from the bar below, as the girls had to wiggle their bottoms as they climbed up the stairs.

Maria was hard at work collecting dishes to serve to customers from the open kitchen servery at the back of the restaurant.

Maria went to deliver a dessert order, but Claudio took 2 items off the tray to assist Maria, as they were for different tables.

Claudio and Marco were then clowning around with the barman, in between serving customers, as several of the hen party made their way past them on their way to the ladies, but there was a good, if boisterous, atmosphere that night.

Maria then went over to the bar to collect a drinks order, and leant against the bar whilst having a chat with Claudio and his brother, Enzo. The boys smiled while talking to Maria, and she then opened her mouth in shock at something Enzo had said, and then smiled.

Claudio then castigated Maria for drying utensils when they had a dishwasher. Maria smiled and then leant forward over the bar, raising the tail of her shirt with both hands suggestively, so Claudio gave her a playful smack.

She then went upstairs in front of Claudio to serve customers, but stamped her feet and wiggled her bottom provocatively whilst climbing the stairs as if having a tantrum and smiled back broadly at Claudio behind her.

Claudio just wagged his finger and said: “Just you wait until we close, young lady!”

Maria continued serving customers, and made polite conversation with the customers at each table whilst serving their dishes, desserts and coffees.

Enzo and Claudio would come round to each table to ensure the customers were happy, and offered them a liqueur as part of the service, after the meal. Maria would then bring the liqueurs form the bar. She went up to collect a tray of liqueurs but had to wait whilst the barman prepared them.

Enzo and Claudio were taunting Maria about her shirt hanging out behind her apron, and she just laughed and said there was nothing wrong with it.

She then asked how Claudio’s wife was, and he said: “Great.”

She also asked how Enzo’s girlfriend was, and he said he had split up with her, one of Guilietta’s friends, last week.

Maria said: “Oh, that’s a real shame. I am looking for a boyfriend, if you are interested?”

Enzo said: “You’re family, and anyway you are too small for me, as I am a big guy!”

Maria said: “I like big guys. They know what to do with me!” She giggled and then went off to continue serving customers.

One by one the tables gradually cleared, so Maria and the boys helped clear and reset the tables for late arriving guests or the following day.

The last few tables of guests continued to talk until well after 11.30, when the restaurant closed, and Enzo brought them their bills and chatted with the last few guests before they departed.

Claudio then pulled up a chair and pulled down the blinds to close up for the night, whilst the chefs closed up the cooker and shut down the pizza oven.

Maria and the barman helped clear the glasses, whilst Claudio totted up the takings and said: “Good night tonight, guys; we’ve taken over five thousand pounds. Well done!”

Maria sauntered past Claudio to return some glasses to the bar, and Claudio said: “I need a word with you, young lady.”

Maria said: “Who me?”

Claudio said: “Well, you are the only lady here. Maria, you did well tonight, but you mustn’t wind up Enzo. He’s my brother and he was upset about the split recently. Also, if you stamp up the stairs like a spoiled brat, I will treat you like one.”

Maria said: “So what you gonna do? Give me a spanking? Ha ha!”

Claudio said: “OK then,” and pulled Maria by the arm towards him and over his lap. He gave her 20 spanks over her thin trousers.

Maria said: “No! I was only joking. Ouch! No, I didn’t mean it! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!”

She leaned forward and took her spanking, gasping gently after each stroke.

When Claudio had finished, he released Maria who got up rubbing her shapely bottom. The guys were watching and all clapped and cheered, like a wild horse that had been tamed. Maria went bright red with embarrassment and retired rapidly to the ladies, to inspect the damage.

Claudio said: “OK, guys, the show is over. We are locking up now.”

He tapped on the door of the ladies and said: “Maria, we are locking up for the night.”

Maria came out of the ladies rather sheepishly, and Claudio said: “You OK?”

Maria said: “Fine, thanks. Just had my pride damaged being spanked in front of the guys.”

Claudio said: “Hey, were all family here, and it’s nothing they haven’t seen before when uncle Tony, your dad, was around.”

The End

© Paul S 2016