A chance for three women to relive their schooldays

by Pat Greenham

At school, Jane, Joanne and Julia had been known as the three J’s and it was certainly true they had a reputation for getting into trouble. On more than one occasion they had been sent to their Headmaster, and it seemed that when they were in trouble – they were all in trouble together.

Spanking was a subject they often talked about as they remembered, almost with affection, receiving corporal punishment at school. The Headmaster, who had been an old-fashioned Public School Head, had retained corporal punishment right up until it was outlawed in the private sector and had whacked each of them four times in their final years and they all knew that they had absolutely deserved everything they got.

The first time was when the three of them were caught smoking and told to report to the Headmaster at lunchtime. They were called into his study one by one and in the presence of the school secretary he gave each of them three whacks with a slipper across their knickers whilst bent over his desk with their skirts raised.

The second time, the three of them were caught in the nearby village when they should have been at school. Again they were summoned to see the Headmaster who this time punished them in front of each other, giving them six whacks with the same slipper to their bottoms protected only by their knickers whilst bent right across his desk with their skirts again raised.

Neither of these punishments had been particularly painful and had certainly not been a sufficient deterrent to mend their ways.

The third time was a little more serious as they were caught playing a practical joke on a younger girl. This was deemed to be bullying and led to them each getting six strokes of the strap with their skirts raised and knickers tightened across their bottoms as they were each made to touch their toes for their beatings, followed by a warning that any further incidents of a similar nature would result in suspension.

This time they really felt their punishments and afterwards admitted that he had really ‘laid it on’.

Then one week before the last day of their time at school they were caught smoking ‘weed’ after the end of term party. Their names were read out in the following morning’s assembly with the instruction to report to the Headmaster at morning break. This time they knew they were in for it, and thought that he might actually cane them.

When they reported, he asked the school secretary to join them as he told them he was furious and he simply could not believe what they had done this time and as a result they were going to be soundly thrashed, but first he wanted to know who had procured the illegal drugs. None of the three spoke, so the Head told them that he had intended to give the one responsible for ‘obtaining’ a more severe thrashing, but if nobody admitted guilt within ten seconds he would beat all three of them at the more severe level.

The tension was high as Jane admitted her guilt. The Head told them that they would all receive nine strokes of his special Scottish Lochgelly strap and that Jane would then receive three extra strokes of the cane.

Joanne was punished first, and after being told to remove her skirt she was instructed to bend across the desk reaching right over with her bottom protected by some fairly skimpy pants. The Head told them that he was bound by the rules and that despite the fact they deserved to receive bare bottomed thrashings, it was not something that was allowed – but this did not stop him asking the school secretary to pull her pants up tight, which meant that the lower part of her bottom was effectively bare.

Jane and Julia looked on in horror as he took up a strap that looked more severe than the one previously used and gave her nine hard whacks, mostly to the lower or middle part of her bottom resulting in a very red backside.

It was then Julia’s turn and as she stepped out of her skirt and got into position, the secretary again pulled her pants up and the Head had a very pert bottom to thrash, which is exactly what he did. Jane’s punishment followed in exactly the same way except that after the secretary was told by the Head to pull her pants up as high as possible, he gave them an extra tug which resulted in Jane’s trim bottom being almost completely bare. The Head then delivered an especially hard strapping, and after the ninth she was instructed to remain in position.

All three of them had taken their strappings well, but it was Jane that was the toughest, making not a sound during her punishment.

The Head then selected a cane, telling her that it was indeed a rare event for a female pupil to experience the cane, but what she was about to receive should certainly make her regret her actions. Whilst all three knew what the strap felt like, none of them had experienced the cane.

As the Head lined up the cane, tapping Jane’s bottom well below the line of her knickers, he took it slowly back over his shoulder and whipped it down to strike Jane’s bottom exactly where he had targeted, and even the tough-nut Jane let out a gasp in horror as the line of fire ignited.

Unlike the strappings, which he gave quite quickly, he was taking his time with these cane strokes leaving about a minute between each whack. The second was just below the first and again effectively to her bare bottom and resulted in another gasp. The atmosphere was electric as he delivered the third and final stroke leaving another parallel red line, all three being given to the unprotected part of Jane’s bottom.

They were then instructed to replace their skirts and leave. After school that day, they talked about what had happened and Jane in particular described to her friends the sensation of being caned as being incredibly intense and concentrated, and although her bottom was still painful and she knew that she would feel the thrashing every time she sat down for a number of days, there was also a not unpleasant side-effect which was making her feel quite randy.

The ironic thing was that they were the last pupils to be subjected to corporal punishment at their school as the practice was stopped in 1999 as the public school sector were forced to follow earlier legislation twelve years previously when caning had been banned in the state sector.

Now, ten years later they were in their late twenties, and they had stayed very close and at least once a week hit the town as a trio. The big news was that Jane had announced she was getting married to her long-term partner and they started to plan the inevitable hen weekend.

Jane was undoubtedly the wildest of the group and she made it clear she wanted an outrageous weekend away from home. They discussed many ideas including going to a raunchy show in Paris. They also talked about trying to find a sex party of some description and Jane even talked about spanking events that she had heard about but knew very little of what was involved.

When they next met a week later, Jane repeated that she was really interested in some kind of spanking event, adding that in their recent conversations, every time spanking and their experiences at school was mentioned, she felt a real tingle. She also said that they often talked about the thrashings they all received at school and maybe they should try and recreate the experience as part of the hen party weekend.

Jane added that she had been looking on the Internet and had found a number of sites about parties, but they all seemed to be for men who wanted to spank, strap and cane girls who were into what was referred to as ‘the scene’. However she had found one site that was called ‘the spanking schooldays’ that appeared to be run by one man who was clearly highly experienced and offered females the opportunity to live out whatever fantasy they wanted in the field of corporal punishment for a very modest fee for the use of his schoolroom and his time.

It was clear that Jane was very curious about ‘spanking schooldays’ and wanted to find out more. She suggested that Joanne and Julia have a good look at the website (www.spankingschooldays.co.uk) before they meet up for their next evening out. It was clear to both Julia and Joanne that Jane was thinking about a visit to the ‘spanking schoolroom’ as part of the hen weekend, and whilst Julia was open to the idea, Joanne was a little more doubtful, but didn’t want to be the party pooper.

By the time the three met up again, Jane had made contact with John Allen who was the man behind the ‘spanking schooldays website – initially via email, which was followed by a telephone conversation. Jane told them about the conversation where she had talked about recreating their various school punishments. She also said that the fees were exceptionally reasonable adding that John had stressed nothing would happen that they didn’t want, but equally he was certainly up for a visit from the three of them and said that it would be a lot of fun.

Jane had also gone further and had explored hotels nearby to the ‘spanking schoolroom’ in Waltham Cross and proposed a plan that had them driving up to the hotel on the Saturday morning, having a good lunch with a decent amount of wine to give them some ‘Dutch Courage’, before spending a couple of hours at John’s schoolroom having some outrageous fun which would be followed by a night on the town finishing at a nightclub, with Sunday spent drinking champagne in the hotel’s spa.

Julia told Jane she was up for the idea and that it sounded great providing all limits were observed, and Joanne said she certainly wasn’t going to spoil the plan and that she too was up for it agreeing with Julia’s thoughts. The following morning Jane rang John to confirm the booking although it was a couple of months away.

In the meantime, the three of them did not talk much about the forthcoming visit to the ‘spanking schoolroom’, but had private thoughts. For Joanne, although doubtful, she just wanted to go along with the plan for Jane’s sake, but she was also secretly intrigued by the prospect of being spanked by a complete stranger. Julia was much more ‘up for it’ and got Jane’s desire to do something outrageous. She was just uncertain about how far she would go. Jane on the other hand was really looking forward and had secretly harboured all sorts of fantasies, largely based on the last punishment they had all received ten years ago when in addition to the nine strokes of the Lochgelly strap she had also been given three sharp strokes of the cane, each delivered effectively to her bare bottom. In truth for Jane it was the cane that held the most mystery.

But a couple of months pass quickly, and all too soon the intrepid trio were heading for Waltham Cross in a taxi from their hotel after a very splendid lunch. They had shared two bottles of wine and the inhibitions had largely gone. The school secretary, Miss Storm, greeted them and showed them through to the schoolroom, which was actually in the garden. It was incredible and a ‘real’ schoolroom with twelve desks, a gym horse and blackboard and everything you would hope for. There were also an alarming number of straps and canes in the room.

The school secretary suggested that before she fetched the Headmaster, John, they should change into school uniform and took them to a side room where there was a wide variety of gymslips, grey skirts and shirts to choose from. Once in their respective uniforms, Miss Storm led them back to the schoolroom to await the arrival of the Headmaster. The atmosphere was electric.

When John arrived, he was wearing a gown, which added to the scene, and asked the three girls what they wanted to achieve in the two hours they had booked. Jane told him it was her idea and that they had all been given corporal punishment when they had been at school as they were all exceptionally naughty, and had the idea of trying to recreate their experiences. John enjoyed hearing about their misadventures and the four resultant punishments and in Jane’s case the final three strokes of the cane.

Jane added that whilst she may want to go further, she had promised particularly Joanne and also Julia that as things progressed they could ‘bail out’ at any time. John told them that all limits were absolutely respected.

John suggested they play out four scenes linked to their previous school punishments. First they should be spanked for being caught smoking. Second they should be slippered for being in town when they should have been in school. Then they would be strapped for being caught bullying. And lastly they would be caned for smoking weed. In between each scene they would have a break and a glass of wine. John suggested to Miss Storm that as their own school secretary had witnessed their last punishment ten years previously, that she might like to return for the finale.

As Miss Storm left, it was time for the spanking, which of course was new territory for each of them, as they had never been spanked by hand at school. Jane was first and went across John’s knee with her skirt pulled up before he pulled down her knickers and spanked her about forty times, starting lightly and building up with the last ten spanks being harder. As Jane got to her feet and pulled up her knickers, it was Julia’s turn and she received a very similar spanking, although she was embarrassed when John lowered her knickers. John was aware that Joanne was more uncertain and treated her carefully, but surprisingly as he increased the level, it was clear she was actually enjoying her spanking. During this first scene, John made a number of comments about the evils of smoking and they fully deserved to be spanked.

Time for a wine top-up and a break, after which John said that it was time for punishment for playing truant and they were each in for a good slippering and told them that they could each take it in turns to bend over the teacher’s desk at the front of the schoolroom.

Again Jane went first and was a fantastic sight with her skirt raised and pants stretched over a very shapely bottom as she took her position right over the school desk. John told her that truancy was a serious matter and she was going to get an initial six whacks over her knickers before getting another six with her knickers down, and it was immediately obvious that this was not an option although there was no objection from Jane.

The slipper John was using was actually a girl’s gym shoe and as he started to whack Jane’s bottom it was clearly quite effective. The first six whacks given, it was time for Jane’s knickers to come down and as she stood up she decided to remove them completely. As she returned to her position across the desk, John was greeted with the wonderful sight of Jane’s now slightly red but superbly round bare bottom. The six whacks that followed were given with gusto but without a sound from Jane.

It was then Julia’s turn and as she reached over the desk and pulled her skirt up John had another bottom to admire. Taking the first six with only a few gasps, it was her turn to pull her knickers down. Julia was again embarrassed to bare her bottom in front of John but quickly got into position for her final six whacks from the slipper which did result in a few louder gasps as he made sure she really felt each whack.

The most doubtful about the whole thing, Joanne, also took the twelve whacks of the slipper without too much trouble and seemed less embarrassed about taking her knickers down at the half-way point.

John suggested another wine break, after which he said they now had to deal with their act of bullying and that a good bare bottomed strapping was the least they could expect.

John had a number of straps and invited Jane to choose one to be whacked with. She had not replaced her knickers so, as she went back over the desk and flipped up her skirt, she left  her bare bottom perfectly presented for the strap. John said he would give each of them nine firm strokes as they had received at school, which he gave over a couple of minutes and again Jane made not a sound.

Julia still had her knickers on, which John suggested she might like to remove. Again, being slightly embarrassed, she took them right off and bent over the desk in readiness for the strap. There was a gasp as John delivered the first stroke to the centre of Julia’s lovely bottom with her chosen strap, and as John progressed it was clear that she was struggling a little with the building pain caused by, unbeknown to Julia, one of John’s most severe straps.

Strangely Joanne who had been the most doubtful to start off with, was getting into the action and was looking forward to bending back over. She too removed her knickers and selected the same strap as Jane before getting into position right over the desk. All three had superb bottoms, but Joanne’s was slimmer and much appreciated by John. Like her slippering, Joanne took nine strokes with her chosen strap without too much trouble and thanked John after the final stroke telling him she had enjoyed it.

Another wine break and more chatter before John told them that smoking drugs was a staggering crime and they simply had to expect to be severely caned. Leaving them for a brief moment, he returned with Miss Storm who was to witness their final and most severe punishment.

John asked Jane to again go first and also asked if she want him to go easy. Jane told him that, yes, she would go first, and added that having been given three strokes at school she really wanted to find out for herself what an actual ‘six-of-the-best’ was like and as such wanted a real punishment. She added that although they had not followed the Detention format outlined on John’s website, she had noted that there was a promise that before you leave you will have to bend over to receive six-of-the-best on your bare bottom with the senior cane, and he had underlined THE BEST.

John told her that this was not a problem and he would give her a thrashing in the true spirit of an old-fashioned public school caning exactly as if she was completing a detention. Jane removed her skirt and gave John the sight of her completely naked below the waist with her triangle of wispy hair carefully trimmed at the junction of her legs. This time John told her to bend over the gym horse and, as Jane stretched right over, touching the floor on the other side, her now red bottom was a fantastic sight. John selected a three-foot rattan that he told her was a perfect example of a traditional sixth-form cane.

With Julia, Joanne and Miss Storm watching intently, Jane waited in eager anticipation as John touched her bottom a few times before delivering a lethal blow to the centre of Jane’s delectable bottom. For the first time, Jane let out a long gasp as the true pain sank in and uttered an expletive. This was not what she remembered from school and was shocked by the ferocity of just one stroke. It had been at least thirty minutes since her strapping and, as the previous pain had largely worn off so, this caning was to an almost virgin bottom.

Thirty seconds later John caned Jane’s bottom for the second time producing another red stripe just below the first stroke. Julia and Joanne looked on as even the tough nut Jane was struggling. The third stroke was higher and perfectly parallel which Jane seemed to accept slightly more easily. Jane had gone quiet and was accepting her caning now with her legs being slightly parted. Another thirty seconds went by before John gave her the fourth stroke across the middle of her bottom, close to previous lines of fire.

With just two to go, Jane had not moved as he lined up the cane once more and gave her an absolute corker lower down above the crease between bottom and thigh which did produce another gasp. Jane knew there was only one to go and strangely started to want it, knowing that she had done it and had taken a genuine six-of-the-best.

John did not disappoint as the sixth stroke found a gap and was the hardest yet. Jane’s bottom now had six perfect parallel lines of fire and as she stood up her hands went straight to her bottom as she told John he certainly knew how to cane a girl and said she would doubt being able to sit down without being reminded of what had just happened for quite a while.

Jane had shed a tear during her caning but now also had a broad grin. She also said that whilst the slipper and the strap had been good and painful, there was no comparison with the incredible intensity of being caned. But she told him that was her fantasy and although it had been much more painful than expected, she now knew what a proper six-of-the-best felt like, and she was sure she would certainly remember her hen weekend for one very special reason! John told Jane to put her hands behind her head and stand with her back to the wall and let her bottom throb.

Turning to Julia and Joanne, John asked them if they wanted to try the cane. Julia had in truth found the strapping more painful than expected and was worried about getting the cane. John suggested that she could have six very mild strokes or experience a gradual build up with two mild strokes, followed by two slightly harder strokes and then, if she was ready, two hard strokes similar to the caning that had just been given to Jane.

Julia said she would go with the build up, but added that after the fourth stroke she would like the option not to have two final hard strokes. She then followed suit with Jane and removed her skirt, giving John the sight of another very fit girl naked below the waist with her toned legs flaring up to her shapely hips and golden triangle of pubic hair covering her pussy.

Bending over the gym horse, Julia gave John the view of another superb bottom and he reflected on the purity of a naked bottom without a skirt raised up. John tapped her bottom before giving her a very mild stroke, which did not cause any reaction from Julia. The second was similar as John asked if she was ready for something a little harder to which she replied: “Yes please.”

The third stoke was certainly harder and caused an ‘ooh’ from Julia but nothing more. The fourth was very similar as John again asked if she wanted two more of a similar level or did she want to explore the unknown with two final severe strokes of the cane?

Julia hesitated; she clearly was tempted and it got the better of her as she thought: ‘Unless I try, I will never know,’ telling John to do his worst. And she certainly found out as the fifth struck the middle of her bottom with real ferocity and resulted in an ‘oh my god’ expletive. She stayed in position as John lined up the final stroke, which he brought down from over his shoulder to hit her bottom one inch below the previous whack, leaving two very prominent red stripes amongst four less pronounced lines. Julia stood up and thanked John for her ‘cane education’, before being told to stand next to Jane also with her hands behind her head.

John then turned to Joanne, adding there was only one item of unfinished business as the finale! He asked her if she wanted to play.

Joanne was in two minds; an easy option would have been to opt for a mild caning or even a ‘build up’ similar to Julia. But there was another powerful emotion going on as she told John that, before today, the only one of them that had experienced the cane had been Jane, and she did not want to wake up tomorrow still wondering what a six-of-the-best caning actually felt like. She also said that she had been the one that was most doubtful, but she had surprised herself with how much she had enjoyed being spanked, slippered and strapped and she was now ready for the cane and wanted to have the same punishment as Jane and really wanted to have six red stripes across her bottom as the trademark of a real caning that could only come from an authentic ‘six-of-the-best’.

John promised her she would get her wish fulfilled. Jane and Julia were already naked below the waist, and Joanne decided to join them as she removed her skirt, giving John the vision of her long legs flaring up to her shapely hips apexed by her very own trimmed triangle of wispy auburn pubic hair.

As she bent right over the gym horse, John had another fantastic completely bare bottom to admire, and touching it for the first time with the cane, he thought that maybe, just maybe, here was a real submissive in the making. Joanne had been the most apprehensive, but had also been the one, perhaps even more than Jane, that had got the most from the afternoon. He knew that the next two to three minutes would define that possibility.

Taking the cane back for the first time, and thinking that there was to be no compromise, John gave Joanne a really fearsome first stroke right to the middle of her bottom. Joanne gave out a genuine gasp, but not one of horror, one of acceptance.

John knew immediately that this was a girl that wanted more. The second came thirty seconds later and struck Joanne an inch lower above the crease and again got a gasp. The third was higher and was equally severe and Joanne gasped again, but the tone was different. There were now three distinct red lines, and Jane and Julia looked on in both astonishment and admiration.

Jane knew that her friend had discovered something about herself she would never have found without John.

Julia knew that whilst she had enjoyed the afternoon, Jane and Joanne were in a different world.

Joanne had not moved whilst across the gym horse as John lined up the fourth stroke that struck her bottom with ferocity in the gap above the lowest cane weal. Apart from parting her legs, she did not move nor make a sound. The fifth stoke was higher and equally as hard, and again was accepted by Joanne without any sound.

John knew what he had earlier suspected was true as he lined up the cane for the final and most severe stroke, which he delivered after a full 60 second interval to the middle of Joanna’s bottom. This did get a final gasp as the cane made its impact known; the electricity exploding in the most pleasant way in Joanna’s bottom.

As Joanne rose from the gym horse it was clear she had been through something very unexpected. She had gone along with Jane’s idea, and had been especially worried about the cane. Having enjoyed her earlier punishments, she had taken the giant leap of faith and gone for six-of-the-best and had discovered something extraordinary, and it had taken a man of John’s experience to lead her through such a special journey.

John told her to join the others and spend a few minutes with her hands also behind her head with her bottom throbbing. John had an amazing view of three very attractive women standing with only white socks on below the waist and each sporting neat triangles of wispy hair at the apex of their sporty legs.

Miss Storm had enjoyed watching their canings and told them they had all done very well. After a few minutes, John poured some more wine as all three remained naked below the waist as they easily chatted about their various punishments.

Julia had actually struggled more than she expected and had also been initially more embarrassed about baring her bottom but was now completely comfortable standing naked below the waist in front of everyone. Jane had enjoyed being naked, being something of an exhibitionist, and she had also enjoyed the punishments, but had been surprised at the fierce pain from the caning.

But it was Joanne that had been the big surprise and, through John’s very careful guidance, she had discovered something amazing.

Fifteen minutes later, they returned to the other room to change back into their normal clothes before saying farewell to John and Miss Storm, thanking him for a quite extraordinary two hours that none of them would ever forget.

Returning to their hotel for a few drinks in the bar before dinner, they were talking ten to the dozen about the afternoon. They all agreed that John had been brilliant and apart from the obvious fun, there had been times when he had successfully taken them all the way back to their schooldays.

A little later they each inspected their bottoms and Jane and Joanne in particular had very spectacular sets of cane stripes. They realised there may be a slight problem tomorrow at the hotel spa!

The End

© Pat Greenham 2014

Note: whilst this story is pure fiction and entirely based on my imagination, John Allen, Miss Storm and the Spanking Schoolroom are very real. You can learn more by going to the website www.spankingschooldays.co.uk. Maybe you might like to bring the fantasies of Jane, Julia and Joanne to life for yourself!