The Headmistress’s Evening Report

A headmistress deals with three girls’ offences

By Steve Williams

Miss Hamilton is the Headmistress of a Ladies College. She deals with miscreants in her study at the end of day. The following event occurred at the end of the first day of a new college year.

After a simple but enjoyable meal the girls were just beginning to relax when the Head stood and announced: “I would like to see the following ladies in my study at eight o’clock please. The rest of you please remember to be in your dormitories by ten thirty. Marie-Christine Verdonier, Sammy Pullen and Lee Wales; wait outside my study until I call you in. Dismissed.”

As they left the room heading for the lounge areas the three girls were full of apprehension. Sammy and Marie-Christine knew each other from last year and made a bee-line for each other.

“Hi M-C,” said Sammy. “Any idea what she wants?”

“Yes Sammy. I think I forgot to put my chewing gum in my wardrobe bag. I left it in my cupboard. Just forgot. What about you?”

“Don’t know,” said Sammy. “But I guess I’ll soon find out.”

“Bad start to the term Sammy,” said M-C.

They made their way to the Head’s study and met up with Lee Wales on the way.

“Hi,” said Sammy. “You must be Lee. I’m Sammy and this is Marie-Christine, M-C to her friends.”

“Hello. I wonder what I have done.”

“Soon find out,” said M-C.

They warned Lee to stand in line and say nothing. They stood outside Mrs Hamilton’s study and waited. Spot on eight the three girls were summoned in to the study by a very stern looking Headmistress.

“Two of you I know, but you are new here Miss Wales, so I will deal with you first. You two wait outside.”

The two senior girls left and shut the door behind them.

“Well Miss Wales do you know why you are here?” She asked.

“No ma’am,” replied Wales.

“During dinner Matron carried out a dormitory inspection and check of students’ bedside cupboards and wardrobes. Were you not warned to hand in contraband articles or put them in your wardrobe bag?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Then would you like to explain why this cell phone was in your cupboard?”

“I don’t know Ma’am. It must have been an oversight. I am very sorry.”

“You will be young lady. I think you were trying it on, girl.”

“I will make an example of you. Ten strokes of the cane now, and I will ask your dormitory prefect to give you a further ten with the strap in front of the rest of the dorm and you will remain bent over your bed until lights out.”

“Oh! Please Ma’am, I am very sorry.” Pleaded Lee.

“Who is your dorm prefect?”

“Rosalind Hind, Ma’am,” she replied.

“OK,” said the Head going to her cupboard, rattling around inside and coming out with a dark, metre long cane with a crook handle. She pointed at a spot on the carpet. “Bend over just here please, lift your skirt and take down your knickers. Fingers on your toes girl,” she snapped.

Lee nervously did as she was told. The two girls outside could make out voices, but not what was said. What they did hear, however, was the howl of agony which emanated from Lee’s mouth. The Head had delivered the first stroke, full strength and dead centre on Lee’s previously unblemished cheeks. A vivid red stripe appeared. Lee knew better than to stand up or move from position and just shook her head, her blonde curls cascading down.

The second stroke whistled in again dead centre eliciting another howl of anguish and causing a wobbling of Lee’s bottom. She gritted her teeth and wondered if she would be able to stay in position for the whole ten strokes. Then came number three, again across the fleshy centre part of Lee’s bottom. She yelped and cried out but remained bent over, fingers on toes.

She determined not to have this start over again whatever the pain. So it went on, and the last three strokes caused Lee to stamp her feet and her cheeks throbbed with pain. At the end she was told to stand with hands on head until the punishment record was completed. This was perhaps the hardest part since her behind was throbbing with pain, crying out to be rubbed to try to ease the burning pain.

It only took a couple of minutes, but it seemed like hours to Lee. The two girls outside looked at each other with raised eyebrows as Rosalind Hall came along the corridor in answer to a paged message on her hand-held computer. She knocked on the door waited a few seconds and then was called in.

“Rosalind. This girl is in your dorm. I have just beaten her for having a mobile phone in her bedside cupboard, but I want an example made of her. I want you to deliver ten lashes with your strap across her bottom with her bent across the end of her bed. I want her then left in position for the rest of the dorm to see until lights out. Take her away please,” said the Head.

“Pull your pants up Lee,” said Rosalind. “And come with me.”

As they left the study Lee sniffed and fought back the tears that were waiting to flood. She determined to keep a stiff upper lip whatever the cost. God, how it hurt just to walk. She felt as though her bottom was on fire and had to think of what was to come.

The Head came to the door and beckoned Sammy in.

“Know why you are here?” She asked.

“No Ma’am,” she replied.

“Tidiness, Pullen. Your wardrobe was not in a suitably tidy state, says Matron.”

“Sorry Ma’am,” said Sammy.

“You know what to do girl. Bend over my desk. Six with the strap, and a Saturday morning detention.”

“Yes ma’am,” said Sammy bending over the desk. Mrs Hamilton flipped up the brief skirt and pulled down Sammy’s pants, picking up her strap and flexing it between her hands. “Count each stroke please.”

“Ma’am,” Sammy murmured.

The Head raised the strap back over her shoulder and flogged it down across Sammy’s bottom.

“Ouch! One Ma’am.”

Back over her shoulder and whack number two landed just below the first. Now there were two bands of fire across Sammy’s cheeks, bright red and very sore looking.

“OWWW!” yelled Sammy, twitching her cheeks. “Two ma’am.”

No delay, and number three landed yet lower on Sammy’s seat. “Aagh! Please! Three ma’am.”

Sammy could not keep still, legs trembling and cheeks wobbling. Number four came without warning. Sammy screeched but kept in position, the only movement being a stamping of feet.

‘Ma’am’ waited. Then with no warning lash number five arrived back where it started. This clearly hurt a lot more, witnessed by the jump that Sammy’s bottom made and the elongated pause before: “Ooooooh! Ouch! Five Ma’am.”

Then number six flogged down bringing the loudest yell yet.

“Six ma’am,” Sammy stuttered.

Sammy’s cheeks were a burning red and longed to be rubbed, but Sammy knew that to do so would cost her dearly, so she lay passively over Mrs Hamilton’s desk sniffling but desperately trying to withhold the tears.

Mrs Hamilton clicked and typed into her computer terminal, updating the Punishment book. “Don’t forget, Sammy. Nine o’clock Saturday in the detention classroom. In uniform of course,” she reminded her. “Now get up and go. Send in Verdonier on your way out.”

Sammy rose and clutched her bottom cheeks, then pulled up her panties squealing when the elastic of her panties bit into her burning bottom. As she left she indicated to M-C that she could go in.

“Verdonier! Nice to see you back. How was your three months back in Sardinia?”

“Excellent, thank you ma’am.”

“You remember the rules on chewing gum I take it?”

“Yes ma’am. I don’t know what happened. It was an oversight ma’am.”

“It will turn out to be a very painful oversight young lady,” responded the headmistress.

“Yes ma’am I understand,” said Marie-Christine.

“I almost believe it was an oversight Marie-Christine. So I will be lenient with you this time and just give you a reminder. Three strokes of the tawse on each hand.”

“Thank you ma’am,” said Marie-Christine with relief.

“Assume the position then please,” said the Head unhooking her tawse from its hook behind her desk.

Marie-Christine held out her left hand, arm straight, and right hand under the left wrist offering some support. She looked Mrs Hamilton straight in the eye.

The headmistress took the strap back over her shoulder and “thwack” across the left hand. Marie-Christine gasped and closed her hand momentarily before extending it correctly just in time for the second stroke to come down. This time she cried out but kept the hand in position for the third and last stroke to her left hand. After it had landed, and she had gasped at the sting, she kept her hand outstretched as expected by the headmistress until Mrs Hamilton said: “Swap Hands.”

She did and went through the routine with her right hand getting swished. At the end there were tears in her eyes and she was biting her lip with anguish. Eventually she was given permission to put her hands down and she did so with relief.

“Thank you ma’am for being so understanding,” said Marie-Christine.

“I always try to be fair, dear, so run along now and try to keep out of trouble. I won’t be so lenient again.”

“Yes Ma’am,” she said as she left the study.

Mrs Hamilton sat at her desk and completed the punishment record on the computer. The three records she entered looked like this:

Date Student Offence
02/09/02 L. Wales Possession of mobile phone. 10 strokes cane bare bottom, plus dorm beating
02/09/02 S. Pullen Untidy dorm wardrobe. Six strap bare bottom, plus Saturday detention
02/09/02 M. Verdonier Possession of chewing gum. Six tawse on hands (3 each)

This record is stored on the Academy’s computer and, for instance, a check will be made that Sammy attends detention. Her name will be on the list provided to the Detention Mistress.

The End