A problem with her arm doesn’t mean this headmistress has to cancel the cane as a sanction

By Penny Morton

Penny Bates and Becky Foster were waiting anxiously in the corridor just outside Miss Gregory’s Office. They were going to be punished, and almost certainly caned. Penny had decided to celebrate passing their maths exam and had persuaded a reluctant Becky to join her for a quick cigarette and a sip of whisky behind the bike sheds. Miss Meredith, the Latin mistress, had caught them both during morning break.

Miss Meredith had confiscated Penny’s cigarettes, her matches and the half empty miniature whisky bottle. She would take the evidence to Miss Gregory. Pleas to be let off, or for Miss Meredith to punish them herself, had fallen on deaf ears. Head girl Vicky Scott told them later that Miss Gregory would see them in her study at the end of afternoon school at 4.00 pm. Miss Frost, the headmistress’s secretary, told them to wait in the corridor saying ominously: “I hope you have got good excuses. I think she’s planning to thrash the pair of you.”

“Do you think she will cane us Penny?” Whispered Becky. “If she’s in a good mood she might she let us off.”

“She’s never in a good mood,” replied Penny. “And I don’t think she’s ever let anyone off anything, particularly for smoking.”

“If only Miss Meredith hadn’t caught us…” began Becky as Miss Frost opened her office door and called out: “Right you two, Miss Gregory will deal with you now.”

“We’ll soon find out what she’s going to give us,” whispered Penny.

“Good luck,” replied Becky, giving Penny an encouraging squeeze as the girls entered the head’s study.

“Come and stand here, you two,” ordered the headmistress, indicating a point just in front of her desk. “Now I understand Miss Meredith caught you both smoking and drinking whisky during school hours. Have you anything to say for yourselves before I punish you for your disgraceful behaviour?”

Beck and Penny glanced at each other. There was nothing to say; they had really been caught red handed.

“We’re really sorry, Ma’am, but it is true,” replied Becky quietly. “Er, we don’t know what came over us, do we Penny? We really would like to apologise, er, wouldn’t we Penny?”

“Yes we would, Ma’am. We’re really very sorry,” replied Penny looking down at the floor.

“Stand up properly both of you!” Snapped Miss Gregory. “How dare you slouch in my presence.”

Both girls looked up, pulled their shoulders back and put their hands behind their backs.

“I’m glad to hear you are already somewhat sorry,” began Miss Gregory. “Because I can promise you that you will be even more sorry, or should I say, extremely sorry when I have punished you. Your record of behaviour has been poor, Penny. Nothing surprises me about you. You, Becky, should have known better.”

“Yes Ma’am, I wish I could put the clock back. I should have gone into the library to study during break,” replied Becky, now looking very worried.

“Yes that would have been much wiser. I hope the punishment I am going to give you will be severe enough to help you remember to always go into the library to work rather than skulking behind the cycle sheds.”

“I did consider asking Dr Benstead if she could find time to come in and birch you but I’ve decided to cane the pair of you. I shall give you six strokes each on your bare bottoms.” Said Miss Gregory as she walked across to the cupboard on her wall and opened the door.

She looked back at the girls she was going to thrash and then carefully selected a suitable slender cane to use on them. She walked towards the girls and bent the pale yellow cane so that its ends nearly touched. She then lashed it through the air twice, producing a chilling sound which made the girls shiver.

“Please, not the cane, Ma’am,” pleaded Becky. “Please not the cane.”

“Yes the cane! A just reward for your disgraceful behaviour! Have I thrashed you two girls before?” She asked, flexing the cane again.

Both girls said they had been caned before, Penny on a number of occasions. Becky had been caned just once before when she was in the fifth form.”

“Now I must explain that I have had problems with my right arm and so may not be able to cane you as severely as I would like.”

Both girls were sorry about Miss Gregory’s arm but were secretly a little relieved that their canings might not be quite so painful as normal.

“Right let’s get started.” Miss Gregory said briskly, still holding her cane. “Penny, we’ll start with you. Right come here quickly, girl, and stand behind this chair. Becky, go and stand facing the wall. I will deal with you shortly.”

Miss Gregory lifted the hem of the back of Penny’s short blue gingham uniform dress and pinned it up exposing her knicker-clad bottom. With a firm action she lowered Penny’s light blue knickers to her ankles. A large pink, rounded, plump but attractive, vulnerable bottom was on display and waiting to be caned. Miss Gregory intended to teach this naughty girl and her bottom a lesson they would remember.

“Bend over the chair girl,” she ordered, rattling through her rules for caning. “Head right down, I want you tight, bottom out more, legs slightly apart, hold the chair seat tightly. Count the strokes, no getting up without permission. Understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Penny said quietly, not looking forward to her punishment at all.

Miss Gregory tapped with her cane as she took aim, raised the cane high behind her shoulder and then lashed it down to land with a thwick high on Penny’s bottom.

“Ahh,” gasped Penny. “One, thank you Ma’am.’’

Miss Gregory took aim again and landed another hard stroke which left a red line just below and parallel to the first.

“Ow! Ow!”Gasped Penny, moving her bottom from side to side over the back of the chair as she tried to alleviate the sting.

“I’m waiting,” said Miss Gregory.

“Oh sorry Ma’am. Two, thank you Ma’am.”

“Forget to count again and I’ll repeat the stroke,” warned Miss Gregory.

“Oh please no, Ma’am, sorry Ma’am.” Gasped Penny, turning her tear stained face towards the mistress. Her fingers looked white as they gripped the chair’s seat.

Thwick! The third stroke landed and this time Penny remembered to count.

Becky had turned her head to see for herself what was happening to her friend.

“Face the wall Becky! Do that again and I’ll give you extra! You’ll be reminded soon enough what a caning feels like.”

“Sorry Ma’am,” Becky sobbed as she quickly faced the wall again. Her ears were on full alert as Penny’s caning progressed and her turn to bend over the chair moved relentlessly closer.

The fourth and fifth strokes were given, adding to the lines on Penny’s bottom.

The cane was tapping low down on Penny’s bare bottom at the junction of buttocks and thighs ready for the sixth stroke. The cane lashed down thwick and Penny’s chair moved forward slightly.

“Ah! Aaash! Ma’am please! Sorry Ma’am, er, six, thank you Ma’am,” gasped Penny.

“I’m giving you one more Penny. Not for luck as some people say but to remind you once more never to contemplate breaking school rules again.”

“Please no, Ma’am, please no more, Ma’am. That’s not fair,” Penny half got up as she turned her hot tear-stained face towards the headmistress.

“I decide what’s fair, Penny. Keep still or you’ll get two extra,” warned Miss Gregory ignoring Penny’s pleas.

The cane tapped again and then with a thwick it landed in the same place as the sixth stroke.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Penny squealed as she fought to hold onto the chair and wriggled her burning bottom from side to side.

“Get up girl. No rubbing. Go and stand by the wall.”

Penny danced in pain, longing to sooth her bottom, and then walked to the wall, her steps being shortened by the pants round her ankles.

“Becky, come here,” ordered Miss Gregory, lashing the cane through the air and rubbing her own right shoulder carefully. Becky’s dress was pinned up and her knickers lowered.

Becky was ordered to bend over the chair and received her first two strokes, which she counted. After the second stroke Becky gasped in pain but was aware that the headmistress also seemed in pain and was rubbing her shoulder, moving her arm carefully and wincing.

“Oh dear, Becky, I am not sure if I am going to be able to complete your caning.” The headmistress seemed in great discomfort.

Despite her own discomfort, Becky asked: “Are you alright, Ma’am?”

“No I’m not,” replied Miss Gregory putting her cane down. “I’m going to have a couple of aspirins.”

Miss Gregory went back to her desk and sat down before finding her tablets and taking them with a sip of water.

“Stay where you are, girl,” she snapped at Becky. “While I think what to do with you.”

This was the first time ever that she had been unable to complete a caning.

“Shall I come back another time, Ma’am?” Asked Becky, and Penny glanced round to check that her friend was alright.

“No I’ll use my left hand,” said Miss Gregory, getting to her feet and retrieving her flexible cane.

She had never given a left handed caning before and knew that she wasn’t good with her left arm. She approached the bending girl and, holding the cane rather awkwardly in her left hand, lashed Becky’s bare bottom in a rather amateur fashion.

“Ow! Three, thank you Ma’am,” said Becky as Miss Gregory was patting her bottom slowly as she took aim again.

Miss Gregory gave Becky seven more strokes, a total of ten, to attempt to make her punishment approximately equivalent to Penny’s.

“Right get up girl” Ordered Miss Gregory, going to sit at her desk again. “Pants up and dresses down both of you. You may go. I’m going to phone my doctor.”

Despite her own discomfort Becky asked: “Can we help you Ma’am?”

“No thank you. It’s kind of you to offer,” replied the headmistress. “You’re only the second girl to ask after my health during a caning.”

The girls of St Mary’s were surprised when Miss Gregory did not take the morning assembly. In her place was Deputy Headmistress Miss Harrison and the girls got quickly to their feet when she came in.

There were several whispers of: “Where’s Miss Gregory?” By girls who were very careful to make sure that no prefect could see or hear their words. Talking in assembly was always rewarded by six of the slipper administered in the prefects’ study, a punishment most girls hoped to avoid. Had they been asked, Penny and Becky who both still had very tender bottoms could have answered the question as to the headmistress’s whereabouts.

“I am sorry to say that Miss Gregory is currently indisposed,” said Miss Harrison. “Some of you will know that she has had problems with her right arm, the one she uses for the important task of caning naughty girls. Despite being in pain she has bravely managed to carry on with her important disciplinary duties. However, yesterday afternoon whilst punishing two extremely naughty sixth–formers caught smoking and drinking her arm finally became too painful and she has had to rest on medical advice. The good news is that she hopes to resume full duties in a month following medical care including physiotherapy. The two girls who are responsible for Miss Gregory’s indisposition are Penny Bates and Becky Foster and I hope they feel ashamed of themselves.”

Penny and Becky felt their faces going red as everyone in the school looked at them.

“Are you ashamed of yourselves, girls?” Asked Miss Harrison.

“Yes we are, Miss.” Replied Penny and Becky in unison; both girls now with tears of shame and embarrassment in their eyes.

Miss Harrison paused to let the news sink in. Charlotte Miller felt she just had to whisper a comment to her best friend Liz Cooper. “No more caning for a month then! That’s great!” Said Charlotte with a grin.

“Yes, great news Charlie!” Agreed Liz.

Both girls felt a sharp tap on their shoulders and turned round.

“See me in the prefects’ study at break, you two.” Said prefect Mary Smith quietly.

“Oh no, sorry!” Whispered Charlotte putting her hand over her mouth as she realised too late that she had committed a punishable offence.

Both she and Liz where conscious of an intense tingling sensation in their bottoms, realizing that they would almost certainly get a slippering from Mary during break.

Miss Harrison was continuing her announcement.

“I shall be acting headmistress in Miss Gregory’s absence and Miss Howarth has kindly agreed to take on the new role of Disciplinary Mistress. She will be responsible for dealing with girls who require more severe punishments than are usually administered in the classroom. Miss Howarth will continue with her mathematics teaching and so will hold special punishment sessions in Miss Gregory’s study at the end of afternoon school. To help Miss Howarth in her work a young lady, Miss Jessica Morgan, will join the school as an assistant secretary. She will assist Miss Howarth and to organize appointments for naughty girls. Jessica who was at school with Miss Howarth is taking a gap year from university.”

“Dr Benstead, who is chairman of our governors, has kindly offered to come and birch any girl who has been particularly badly behaved. Any girl who is foolishly tempted to behave very badly is advised to speak to either Jane Menzies or Charlotte Miller, who were both birched by Dr Benstead a few weeks ago. Jane and Charlotte blushed deeply as their names were mentioned and a lot of girls turned to look at them.

Finally, I am sure you would all want me to pass on our best wishes to Miss Gregory for a speedy recovery. Oh and I am sure we all wish Miss Howarth well in her new role. Now any questions?”

A girl in the fifth form put up her hand.

“Yes Janet?”

“Will Miss Howarth be allowed to cane us, Miss?”

“Oh yes, most definitely.” Miss Harrison smiled at Miss Howarth who was sitting with her fellow staff members at the side of the hall. “Some of you know already that Miss Howarth has quite a reputation with the slipper. I think you will find she is equally skilled with the cane.”

“Thank you Miss,” said Janet who, like many girls in the school, had already been slippered by the young, strict maths mistress.

Helen Howarth smiled graciously.

Charlotte and Liz were among a group of girls wearing their gym kit waiting for the slipper in the prefects’ study at break.

“I think you must like having the slipper Charlotte,” observed head girl Vicky. “You seem to be in here so often.”

“No I don’t like the slipper, Vicky. It’s all the petty rules we have.”

The conversation was stopped when Mary Bates, slipper in hand, ordered Charlotte to bend over a convenient chair and began to deal with her attractive bottom.

“Thank you very much for asking St Mary’s to offer me a temporary job, Helen. Oh sorry, I mean ma’am. “In my gap year. It will be really nice to be with you again,” smiled Jessica Morgan as Helen Howarth drove her back from the station. “What exactly will my duties be?”

“You are going to be my personal assistant, Jess. It’s quite a demanding job. You will help Miss Frost in the school office during the day and you will be especially responsible for arranging punishment sessions for me to deal with any very naughty girls. You will also have some quite demanding domestic duties.”

Jessica shivered, and she pulled her short skirt down towards her knees. She was wearing a black business suit over her white blouse and black tie. Her blonde hair rested lightly on her shoulders. She had decided to dress formally, remembering that Miss Howarth had spanked her for impertinence when she visited St Mary’s earlier in the year wearing her university rookie cheerleader’s uniform.

Jess worshipped Helen Howarth and had acted as a fag for Helen who was a few years her senior at the school they both attended. Helen had been really strict with her fag and made her carry out her numerous domestic duties to the highest standards. Any failure, real or imagined, resulted in Jessica getting a spanking for minor offences or the slipper for more serious faults. Jessica was quite certain that Helen always knew best and obeyed her orders quickly, carefully and accepted punishments without question.

During her previous visit to St Mary’s, Jessica had confessed to some disgraceful behaviour involving a boy during her first year at university. Helen Howarth had prescribed the punishment of eight strokes with a rubber-soled slipper on a wet bottom. Although the slippering had made her cry, Jessica felt relieved, cleansed and forgiven after her punishment.

“You’re in the back bedroom, Jess, so carry your cases up there now and then report to me in the kitchen,” said Miss Howarth as they arrived at Helen’s flat.

“Yes ma’am,” replied Jess politely.

She ran up stairs with her luggage and quickly returned to the kitchen. Jess noticed a single elderly plimsoll with no laces on top of the small bookcase in her bedroom and wondered why it was there. Slippers like that could be used to punish naughty girls. She shivered and scampered downstairs ready to do anything Miss Howarth ordered.

“Do you like the room, Jess?”

“Thank you, ma’am, my bedroom is very nice. I’m going to be really happy here.”

“While you are here in the house, Jess, you will act as my maid.”

“Pardon, ma’am?”

“You fagged for me at school, Jess, and you will fag for me here but in a slightly more formal relationship. You will be my maid.”

“Oh! Yes ma’am,” replied Jess, feeling excited but slightly concerned about her new domestic role.

“You will find your uniform on a hanger in the wardrobe. Go and put it on and come back here.”

“Yes ma’am.” Jessica turned to obey her orders.

“Come back girl. You failed to curtsy on leaving your mistress’s presence.”

“Sorry ma’am. I am…” Began Jessica.

“If you fail to curtsy when you come to me or leave me I will punish you. You may have noticed a slipper waiting on the bookcase in your room in case it’s required. Now go and change quickly.”

After a few minutes Jessica reappeared, now wearing a short black open topped dress with white lace around the collar and hem. She was wearing a small lace–edged white apron and a lacy cap was pinned on top of her blonde hair.

“Here I am, ma’am.” She said as she curtsied.

“Hmm, let me look at you girl,” said Helen Howarth as she inwardly admired her new servant girl. The short black dress ended five inches above the maid’s knees and accentuated her well-developed bust, her slim waist and her rounded hips. Her strong thighs were clad in tan coloured nylon tights.

“Turn round, girl,” snapped Miss Howarth.

“Yes ma’am,” Jessica blushed more deeply, feeling herself slipping into the submissive role that she had frequently experienced when in Helen’s presence at school.

Helen Howarth picked up a little silver bell in the sitting room and rang it.

“Whenever you hear this bell, Jessica, you will come to me immediately whatever you are doing. Any delay will result in punishment. OK?”

“Yes ma’am.” Jessica blushed again. Her mind went quickly back to her school days. If she heard Helen call “Girl!” she had to run to the prefect’s room immediately to see what her mistress wanted.

“Go in the kitchen and make me a cup of tea,” ordered Helen Howarth.

“Yes ma’am.” The maid left with a curtsy.

Five minutes later, Helen rang her bell but the maid failed to appear. Helen rang again, louder this time, but still no sign of the maid.

Jess was at work tidying the kitchen, the kettle was making a noise and she had not heard her mistress’s bell.

“Why didn’t you respond to my bell girl?” Enquired Miss Howarth.

“I’m really sorry ma’am,” began Jessica with tears appearing in her eyes. “I just didn’t hear you.”

“Well listen more carefully in future. I’ll deal with you at bed time.”

Jess apologised again and wondered what Helen would do to her later. Jess managed to avoid committing any further offences and was quite relieved when she was allowed to go up to bed. She changed into her pyjamas, set her alarm in time to get Helen’s morning tea and jumped into bed.

A few minutes later, Helen came into Jessica’s bedroom and picked up the slipper from the bookcase.

“Get out of bed, girl,” She ordered.

Jessica scrambled out of bed and waited anxiously to see what her mistress was going to do. Her pyjamas fitted her like a second skin.

“I’m going to slipper you girl. Bend over and put you hands on the bed.”

Helen’s technique of running with her slipper was not possible in the confines of the bedroom, but she managed a sort of leap forward with the slipper in her hand. The slipper landed with a loud splack as it collided with Jessica’s plump right buttock.

Five more strokes followed with Helen allowing a break between them for the sting of each to be fully appreciated. Jessica gasped with an “Oww” as each stroke landed on her bottom.

“Right, get up girl,” ordered Helen.

Jessica turned towards her mistress. Her face was red and hot and there were tears in her eyes. Her hands went to sooth her burning bottom.

“Thank you ma’am,” she said quietly.

“Kiss the slipper.”

Jessica gently kissed the sole of the slipper.

“You now know what’s waiting for you if you ever fail to respond immediately to my bell?”

“Yes ma’am, it won’t happen again.”

“Get into bed and don’t be late with my tea in the morning.”

“No ma’am.”

“I’ll leave the slipper to remind you what is waiting for naughty girls,” said Helen, turning the light out.

“Yes ma’am,” replied Jess as she turned onto her tummy to avoid any pressure on her tender bottom and rested her tear stained face on the pillow. She ran her hands over her stinging, burning bottom thinking her pyjamas gave her bottom very little protection. The slipper today didn’t sting quite as much as when Helen had given her eight strokes of a rubber soled slipper on a bare, wet bottom. It still made her bottom very uncomfortable.

At school the next morning, Miss Howarth gave Jessica a list of eight girls she wanted to see in the headmistress’s office at 4.00 pm. These were girls with a poor disciplinary record as seen in the school punishment book over the past year. Jessica was ordered to have a selection of canes on display for the naughty girls to see. Jessica handled the canes carefully. She had never been caned and wondered what a caning would feel like. Her bottom was still warm and tender after her bedtime slippering and she was conscious of goose pimples running up and down her spine as she handled the canes.

The girls lined up in the head’s office and were unhappy to see the canes on display. Although they had all had been naughty and Becky and Penny had been caned recently they were not aware of any outstanding offences or punishments.

Penny asked Jessica why they were there.

“I’m sorry I can’t say,” said Jess. “Miss Howarth just said she wanted to see you and to ask you to line up in her study without talking until she came.”

“Is she in a good mood Jessica?” Asked Charlotte with an anxious grin. “Surely she’s not planning to cane us all?”

“Erm, I don’t think so and yes I think she’s in a good mood. Erm, she mostly is,” replied Jess loyally. “Sorry girls could you stop talking please, we don’t want to annoy Miss Howarth do we?”

“No we don’t want her to spank us with her nasty little slipper for talking do we?” Asked Charlotte, patting her bottom with a cheeky pout.

“Yes we all know how good she is with her slipper don’t we?” Said Liz Cooper.

“I should shut up Liz,” advised her older cousin Shelley.

“Yes please stop talking girls,” pleaded Jessica. “Miss Howarth will kill us if there is any noise. But yes, she is good with a slipper.”

Jess didn’t disclose that she had recently experienced six of the best with Helen Howarth’s slipper.

“Right you lot, I expect you are wondering why you are here,” asked the young mistress as she entered the study and looked at the girls waiting in a row by the wall of the study.

“Yes miss,” came the reply.

“Let me just check the names on my list. Answer as I call your names: Jane Menzies, Becky Foster, Penny Bates, Angela Spencer, Julie Spencer, Shelley Cooper, all Upper Sixth girls, and Liz Cooper and Charlotte Miller, Lower Sixth. All of you eighteen-year-olds who should know better.

“Right girls, the reason you are here is that you are on Miss Gregory’s black list as being some of the naughtiest girls in the school.”

“But please Miss that isn’t fair…” began Liz Cooper.

“If I were you I would be quiet, Elizabeth, until I have finished speaking or I may be tempted to punish you. That warning applies to all of you.”

“Sorry Miss,” replied Liz, who had already been soundly slippered twice by Miss Howarth for misbehaviour in the Curate’s sociology class and also during a remedial maths detention.

“Miss Gregory has asked me in my role as Discipline Mistress to keep a special eye on you eight girls, and that’s what I intend to do. Between now and the end of the term you will each wear a yellow sash with your uniform. This will indicate to staff and prefects that you are naughty girls under close supervision and any serious misbehaviour is to be reported to me.”

Miss Howarth paused for effect.

“Jessica,” she ordered. “Hand the sashes round and then bring those canes to me.”

“Thank you, Jess.” Miss Howarth selected one very supple cane and handed the others back to Jessica. “This cane and its fellows are here to deal with the bottoms of naughty girls and they live in the cupboard waiting expectantly for bottoms to cane.

“I think all of you girls have been caned before. Two of you, Penny and Becky, have been caned quite recently. Knowing your reputations I think that it is highly likely that I shall have to cane all of you between now and the end of the term.

“Oh Miss, that’s really scary,” said Charlotte.

“Come out here Charlotte. Jessica, fetch my slipper from my briefcase.”

“Oh I am sorry, Miss, I didn’t mean to say anything. Please don’t give me the slipper,” pleaded Charlotte touching her bottom. “I’ve still got a slightly tender bottom from yesterday.”

“Good, that will help make my slippering more effective.”

Miss Howarth rolled the back of Charlotte’s short blue uniform dress up before ordering her to bend over and touch her toes.

Jane Menzies put her hand up and coughed politely to attract Miss Howarth’s attention.

“Yes Jane?”

“Could I just say, it doesn’t seem really fair that Charlotte is going to be punished Miss. I don’t think she meant to say anything rude or impertinent, er, it was just a comment.”

“Come out here Jane,” ordered Miss Howarth. “Stand next to Charlotte. I will not have girls making insolent comments when I am talking. You’re getting the slipper too.”

Jane felt tears in her eyes as she came forward. It was so unfair but she daren’t say any more and risk additional punishment.

Jessica also felt Miss Howarth was being a little unfair and plucked up courage to speak.

“Please ma’am, er, begging your pardon, but I think Charlotte and Jane do have a point. They were just commenting and not protesting, er, sorry ma’am.”

“I’ll deal with you later, Jessica. In the meantime I would advise you all to be silent.”

“Sorry ma’am,” replied Jessica quietly, wondering whether she would be slippered too.

Miss Howarth gave Charlotte and Jane six strokes each over their well–filled light blue knickers with her slipper. There was enough space in the head’s study to run with the slipper to increase its sting. The girls, those being spanked and those watching, remembered Miss Howarth’s nasty little formula; ‘the force of the slipper equals mass multiplied by acceleration.’

“Would anyone else like to comment?” Asked Miss Howarth, tapping her slipper against her palm.

The girls wisely decided to remain silent.

“Right, Charlotte and Jane, go and stand with the others,” ordered the mistress. “Jess, put my slipper away.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Now let me give you all a final warning. If there is any misbehaviour by any of you before the end of term I will cane you. Understand?”

“Yes Miss,” the girls chorused quietly as Jane and Charlotte pulled their dresses carefully down.

“You may go.”

“Thank you Miss.”

As the girls filed out of the head’s study, Jane and Charlotte had their hands clasped tightly to their bottoms.

“Ma’am, I’m really sorry I made a comment,” Jessica said nervously.

“Yes, that was completely out of order and I am going to punish you for it.”

“Shall I get your slipper out again, ma’am?” Asked Jess anxiously.

“No, I’m going to cane you,” came the grim reply.

“But please, ma’am, I’ve never been caned before,” said Jess.

“Every girl should be caned during her schooldays, so a caning is just what you need and what you are getting.”

Miss Howarth selected a slender crook-handled cane about 36 inches in length.

“This is Miss Gregory’s favourite cane. Although it’s called a junior cane it is eminently flexible and really good at stinging naughty girls’ bottoms.” Miss Howarth demonstrated the cane’s flexibility by showing Jessica how its ends met when it was bent.

Jessica’s face had gone rather pale and her lips were trembling as if tears were not far away. “I really am sorry ma’am. Please could you let me off this time?”

“Certainly not, Jess. It’s impertinent of you to ask to be let off when you know I never let you off a punishment at school,” said the young mistress crossly.

“I’m sorry ma’am,” Jessica apologized again.

“Right girl, take your jacket off and your skirt and then come and stand behind this chair.” Miss Howarth pointed to the low backed wooden chair that Miss Gregory mostly used when she was caning girls.

“Right, now bare your bottom, pants and tights down and bend over the chair, holding the seat with your hands,” ordered Miss Howarth.

Jess got carefully into position.

“Stick your bottom out more, girl, hollow your back, legs slightly apart.”

Miss Howarth took careful aim, noticing that the marks left by her slipper had nearly faded.

Jess was conscious of the cool cane patting her bottom. It disappeared and then landed with a thwick followed, after a brief interval, by an overwhelming sting.

“Oww! Gosh, oww!” Jess gasped, trying to keep her scorching bottom still after her first ever stroke of the cane.

Five more strokes followed before Jess was allowed to stand and replace her pants and tights.

Jess’s hands went to her bottom and she stood on tiptoe as she tried to disperse the sting.

“How does that feel Jess?” Asked Miss Howarth.

“It’s really painful ma’am,” replied Jess. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“How does it compare with the slipper?” Asked the mistress.

“Oh, it stings much more than a spanking or the slipper ma’am,” replied Jess between sobs.

“You are lucky, girl, to have been caned. You know what’s waiting for you if you annoy me again?”

“Yes thank you, ma’am.”

“Right, now Jess, put the cane away and tidy this study, then we’ll go home and you can start your evening domestic duties. Let this caning be a warning to you of what can happen to naughty girls.”

“Yes ma’am,” came the quiet reply from Jess whose face was very pink and tear stained. ‘Gosh,’ she thought. ‘Helen is really severe. But she knows what’s best for me. I still love her and will do anything for her no matter how much she punishes and humiliates me.’

The End