The Head Girl’s second punishment

 by Harry James

Head Girl Eleanor Moore was laying on her bed in her study; she was laying on her side and wearing only a T-shirt.  It was just past 6:20pm on a Wednesday evening. Just over an hour ago Eleanor received 6 strokes of the senior cane from Headmistress, Dr Amberley, for gross rudeness to her English Mistress and Tutor, Jane Peters. The punishment had been on her bare bottom, which did not happen very often.

On Miss Amberley’s instructions, Eleanor visited the school nurse and was given arnica cream to put on her bottom. Eleanor had to be very, very gentle with herself to apply it to her sore and stinging behind.

Eleanor began to think about the unbelievable events of the past few days, her explosive loss of temper directed at poor Miss Peters. Eleanor had ended up on both Headmistress’s Report and Prefect’s Report. Unfortunately, her friend, prefect Jane Foster, had been present and had also had some of Eleanor’s temper outburst directed at her.

Of course, as Head Girl, Eleanor was in the Upper 6th. She had been at Lady Anne Hart Academy for more than six years and in that time had never been punished. Now, she mused, within a two week period she will have received both a caning from the Headmistress and a prefect’s slippering. The irony was not lost on Eleanor that she was normally the one administering the prefect’s slipper. She would receive her own dose next Wednesday from her deputy, Hilary Browne, and as was the normal routine she would get it at the front of the weekly prefects’ detention class.

Hilary Browne was almost as worried about the role she had to play next week as Eleanor was about the prospect of receiving this second punishment. The two girls were friends, but Hilary would not be able to do any favours for her friend and she hated the thought of having to dish out the slippering, even though she knew that Eleanor would understand and not hold it against her.

The next morning, Eleanor rose slightly earlier than usual. She had her own small shower room, for which she was especially grateful on this morning. She examined her bottom in the full length mirror of her wardrobe. It was still swollen with vivid twin weals from each of the cane strokes. Eleanor realised that the leg elastic of her school knickers was going to be very uncomfortable as it cut across a few of the welts.

Eleanor washed and dressed slowly, then sat down. It hurt! She found the worst part was actually the act of sitting down, but once actually sat down the soreness was uncomfortable but bearable.

At breakfast there were naturally many surreptitious glances in Eleanor’s direction. The whole school knew what had happened. It had been announced by Dr Amberley when the Headmistress’s List had been read out at yesterday morning’s School Assembly. She had even had to announce her own prefects’ punishment herself, and that it had been carried forward to the next week because of her forthcoming caning.

Eleanor was grateful that nobody actually raised the subject at breakfast, although it was the elephant in the room, but Eleanor wasn’t really quite ready for the questions which were bound to come.

Nevertheless, when they rose and started the long walk to the Chapel, which was attached to the substantial school buildings at the far end, Hilary Browne gently took her arm.

“You ass, Eleanor! How are you? Is it bearable?”

“Yes, it’s pretty sore, but it is bearable and at least it’s now over and done with.”

“Well, that part’s over, but you’ve still got to take your slippering for swearing at Jane in front of Miss Peters and, as you know, I’ve got to give it to you. I’ve spent most of the night awake trying to think how to avoid it or get out of it.”

Eleanor stopped, she took Hilary’s arm and took her to one side.

“Look Hilary, if the boot was on the other foot I can assure you that I would do my duty, and I would expect no hard feelings from you because it would be your fault that we were both in the awkward situation. Anyway, nobody can or should receive preferential treatment.  You’ve just got to forget that it’s me. I’m just a misbehaving girl who you have to punish, simple as that.” Eleanor paused to let her words sink in, then smiled and finished with: “Anyway, it certainly can’t be worse than I’ve had!”

“Alright Eleanor, I suppose I have no choice, but thanks for your good humour and leaving me in no doubt that we will still be friends.”

“Friends!  Of course we will be friends!” repeated Eleanor.

They resumed their walk. As they did so, Miss Amberley appeared from a side corridor and fell in alongside them.

“Good morning Eleanor, Hilary.”

“Good morning Miss Amberley,” the two girls chorused.

“Hilary, would you mind terribly just giving Eleanor and me a couple of moments to walk along by ourselves?”

“Of course not, Miss Amberley. There are several people walking along here I need to have a word with.”

“Thank you, Hilary, I’m very obliged.”

Once they were alone, Miss Amberley addressed Eleanor. “How are you really this morning, Eleanor?”

“Well, you won’t be surprised to hear that my bottom is rather sore, but I’m fine Miss, really, I’m fine.”


“Actually, Miss, as much as I wish this hadn’t happened, I am in some ways glad that it has and I’m genuinely grateful for my punishment.”

Dr Amberley looked directly at Eleanor, saying: “You are going to have to enlarge on that for me.”

“My mother has long been saying to me that my temper will get me into serious trouble one day, and now it has. But I’m very aware that it could have been a much worse situation, I mean I might have lost my temper with a policeman or something. My much deserved punishment will be something for me to remember whenever I get into a situation in which I am liable to lose my temper, not a calm-down trigger word, but an image if you like. Particularly, as you said yourself, that last cane stroke.”

“If that is true then I’m glad that something valuable has come out of all this. I’m just sorry that you had to experience what you did for that to happen. Now, I want to know, seriously, if you are up to captaining the first hockey eleven on Saturday afternoon. As you know, it is an important match.”

“Miss, come heaven or high water we will be winning that match and I will be the team captain.”

“Wonderful. Now a very final and private word about yesterday. You handled yourself with great dignity, I am proud of you for that. I’m very aware that you still have next Wednesday to experience, but if you show the same dignity you will be absolutely fine.”

“Thank you Miss, I really do appreciate you saying that.”

Friday evening arrived, and Eleanor started to really think about the hockey game the next day. Her bottom was still quite sore and the marks were very visible, but the swellings had almost entirely gone and the arnica seemed to be doing a fairly effective job of suppressing the bruising. Eleanor was confident her athleticism had not been affected at all and she felt very motivated to end an awful week on a high.

The main problem with which she was mentally grappling was the challenge of the changing room, given the very visible marks on her bottom. Girls in the changing rooms had habits which tended to fall into either one of two minority groups, or were somewhere on a spectrum of those in the middle.

The first minority group were the intensely shy; they never, ever, revealed their bodies, going to considerable contortions to avoid it. This group would go to their lockers and take out a towel which they would wrap around their shoulders. They would then take off their hockey strip underneath the towel. Having undressed, they would walk to and enter a shower cubicle, remove the towel and reach around the frosted glass door to hang it outside the door. Having completed their shower they would retrieve the towel in the same manner and completely towel themselves down inside the cubicle with the door closed.  The next step was to return to their locker and put on their underclothes under the towel. The towel was only removed when they had succeeded in placing their bra over their chest and could hold it in place with one hand. Only the actual fastening of the bra was done with the towel removed.  Eleanor had wondered about following this route, but decided that it would look so obvious that she would be mercilessly ribbed.

The second minority group were the exact opposite to the first; they were totally brazen, though it was not always deliberate. Often, these were girls who, when at home, would share a bedroom with a sister. They were unabashed by their own and other girls’ nude bodies. This group would just strip off at their locker and throw a towel over their shoulder, they would have a quick towel down in their shower cubicle after their shower with the door open and finally wander back to their locker to get dressed with their towel over their shoulder again. This approach did have some attraction to Eleanor, a sort of ‘to hell with it’ approach, but it could also look like showing off, almost boasting about her punishment.

The majority were in the middle, not going out of their way to be publicly naked, but neither taking excessive trouble to avoid it, some leaning more one way than the other.

Eleanor was very much in the middle group, at the ‘relaxed about it’ end of the scale.

She decided just to follow her normal routine. Anything else would only draw extra attention. She was aware her normal routine certainly included her naked bottom being on show. She knew very well it would be looked at and probably would provoke some comments. She now felt ready deal with the situation.

One aspect of Eleanor’s routine when there was a home Hockey match varied randomly from one match to the next, sometimes for no particular reason. That aspect was where she actually got changed into her strip before the match. On this Saturday, Eleanor did think about where to get ready and made a conscious decision to do it in her study before going down to the changing rooms. Her ‘unveiling’ could wait until later. Eleanor was only too aware that if she changed in the changing room, however carefully, she was bound to show something. The cane marks still showed on either side of even her sports knickers, particularly the stripe from the last low and hard stroke.

The morning was spent catching up on some prep and doing a few personal chores, shoe cleaning and so forth. At 12:00 Eleanor went and had a light lunch in the refectory. She returned to her study and in a leisurely manner got changed into her strip. She packed her after-match clothes and toiletries into her sports bag with her boots on top. She finished doing all this by 1:15.

Being a Saturday and a home game, the change of clothes was ‘civvies’ rather than school uniform. Bully-off was 2:30pm. She timed it exactly right to walk down to the changing rooms ready to give her pre-match team talk at 2:00pm, by which time all players were supposed to be changed and ready.

Eleanor was good at pre-match talks. It was always a well judged reminder of the game plan and tactics, including a brief overview of the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses and how each would be either countered or leveraged. She included a few key individual role responsibilities. At the end of the talk came the rousing bit intended to get the team pumped-up and ready to play. The whole talk was performed with the team in a circle, arms around each others’ shoulders, sticks held vertically hanging down from the right hand.

At the end of the team talk, arms were removed from shoulders, and sticks were raised and banged together at the ends, forming a sort of pyramid, the team all shouting the game slogan which came at the end of the talk. Eleanor had thought very hard about the end to this particular talk. The moment came, she took a deep breath and spoke with a loud voice.

“As all of you know, this week I have personally taken a thrashing. Now I’m in the mood to hand one out. We can thrash this opposition because we’re better than them and more determined. LET’S THRASH ‘EM!!”

“THRASH ‘EM!!” the team chorused back.

The team trooped out pumped up like never before. Thirty minutes into the game they were 4-0 up. Eleanor took a run at the ball in front of the opposition goal and slipped. She fell onto her bottom and slid about four or five feet. It hurt. She got up with a look of pain. Her whole team felt for her, and that fired them all up even more. They scored another goal just before half-time.

At half-time, a few girls asked Eleanor if she was ok. Eleanor shrugged it off, entreating the team to stay focussed.

In the first ten minutes of the second half, their opponents fought back hard and scored twice. Eleanor made sure in the next couple of minutes that every single member of her team had an individual and very direct encouraging look from her. Control of the game was regained and it ended with a final score of 6-2 in favour of The Lady Anne Hart team. Only then did Eleanor see Dr Amberley at the touch line, first cheering wildly and then consoling the opposition Headmistress.

“Come on girls, two lines, let’s clap our opponents off,” called Eleanor.

Back in the changing room there was a spontaneous shout of “WE THRASHED ‘EM!!”

By then, Eleanor was so pumped up that, in spite of her fall, she had actually forgotten all about her punishment marks and really did carry on as usual.

Standing in front of her locker with her back to the changing room, Eleanor took her sports bag out and put it on the bench in front of her. She removed her boots one at a time and put them on the floor under the bench, ready to be washed off. Next, she took out her shower gel and shampoo and her large towel, ready to wrap around herself to walk to the shower. Finally she quickly stripped off completely, placing her dirty sports strip into her locker ready to go into her bag after she had showered and dressed.

Once the preparatory actions were complete, she wrapped her towel around herself and turned around. Three or four girls quickly looked away, and then she remembered. Smiling inwardly, Eleanor walked to the showers, took off her towel and placed it on a hook, and entered a cubicle.

Having completed her shower, she stepped quickly out of the cubicle, grabbed her towel and stepped straight back into the cubicle. She left the door open and rapidly towelled herself off before wrapping the towel around herself again and walking back to her locker.

The final part of her routine was to thoroughly dry herself standing at her locker, back to the room. As usual, this was done without revealing much of her back. The towel was either hanging from her hand across the back of a shoulder, or actually laying across her back as she leant forward drying her legs and feet whilst leaning forward with one foot after the other up on the bench.

Having finished drying herself, it was time to dress. Eleanor took her underwear out of her bag and just dropped her towel. This time somebody spoke.

“That’s an interesting tattoo on your bottom, Eleanor.”

Eleanor looked down across her shoulder to her bottom and then across to the girl who had spoken.

“Yes, it is, isn’t it? But actually it’s fading. It’s only a temporary tattoo. I don’t think I’ll get any more of them. It’s quite painful having them done, actually, even these temporary ones!”

Emboldened, another girl spoke.

“Oh really? I thought you were getting some more done next week.”

“No, I’ve seen the weather forecast and thought I needed something to keep me warm at the end of next week, but no more tattoos.”

This broke the ice, everybody laughed and no more was said.

For the next few days Eleanor carried on as normal. Rather differently to the previous week, she didn’t think too much about Wednesday’s events to come. The marks of the caning continued to slowly fade, though some amount of bruising had developed, even though she had used the arnica cream liberally. On Tuesday evening in her study, Eleanor took a hard look at her bottom. There was no getting away from the fact the marks were still quite visible. She was going to give a show of them the next evening at Prefects’ Detention when she received her slippering.

Suddenly Wednesday was very close and began to crowd her mind again. Eleanor had not gone to this week’s Prefects’ Council meeting where punishments were proposed and agreed, even though her own punishment had merely been carried forward and was already agreed. She felt uncomfortable whilst ‘under sentence’ as it were to sit in judgement on others. Deputy Head Girl Hilary Browne had stood in for Eleanor at the meeting and would be reading the Prefects’ List next morning, Eleanor did not know how many girls, usually chiefly from the Lower School, she would be revealing herself to at the Detention Class, nor if there were any other recipients of the slipper that evening.

On Wednesday morning, the Assembly was, as usual, uneventful. They came all too quickly to reading of the Lists.

The Headmistress announced her pleasure that there were no names on her list. The Duty Mistress announced three School Detentions for various in-class offences. Miss Amberley then called for the Prefects’ List. She had of course been informed that Hilary Browne would be making the announcements.

“I believe you have a List to read this morning Hilary?”

“Yes, Miss Amberley.”

Hilary stepped up to the lectern and held her piece of paper in front of her. She was not as practised as Eleanor and was slightly hesitant.

“Ahem.  The Prefects’ List this week has four names who have received detentions. The names and offences are:

“Dawn Beckett, Form 4E, uniform violations.

“Rachel Moonman, Form 4D, uniform violations.

“Janet Lord-Carter, Form 3A, running in the corridor.

“Jenny Wong, Form 5B, being out of class during teaching time without permission. I must point out that the teacher in whose class Wong should have been in has asked for this matter to be dealt with within the prefect’s procedure. Wong had a reason to be out of class but had omitted to gain permission and was discovered by a prefect.”

By now Eleanor was thinking, ‘Get on with it Hilary, I need this to be over and done with.’

Hilary reached the final part of the List.

“I have three names reporting to detention to receive the slipper, they are:

“Meg Hunt and Joan Stewart of Upper 6th for smoking in their study. I wish to make clear that the Headmistress has left this matter to be dealt with by the prefects solely because of the good previous disciplinary records of the two girls concerned. The option certainly existed to place them on Headmistress’s Report.

“Finally, Eleanor Moore of Upper 6th, whose punishment is carried over from last week.

“All of these girls should be outside the Prefects’ Detention Room and standing in silence before 5:00pm, ready to enter and begin their punishments at 5:00pm sharp.

“Thank you Headmistress.”

The Assembly came to an end in the usual way and everybody dispersed to their lessons and other duties. Eleanor noticed that once again eyes were on her rather more than usual. She was wearing her Head Girl’s sash and was somehow embarrassed by it.

Eleanor wondered for a moment whether to go and remove her sash and badge of office. She decided against it and settled back on what had been her mantra for the last week. ‘Carry on as usual,’ she told herself.

When she thought about what she had to do at 5:00pm, Eleanor felt rather strange.

Eleanor did not have quite the same fear of the actual punishment she had felt at this time last week. Eleanor was naturally very familiar with the routine of Prefects’ Detention; she was normally in charge running it. Today it was going to be very different indeed. Not only was Eleanor going to have to submit herself as a subject of the routine and procedures, she would be receiving punishment from her own Deputy. It would be in front of her friend, Jane Foster, who was the very prefect at whom she had sworn, thereby earning her punishment and, finally, she would be in front of the other much more junior girls serving Detentions.

After her last class ended at 3:45pm, Eleanor returned to her study where she removed her sash, her badge and her tights. She then sat and wondered what to do for more than half an hour before going down to take her place. Before she could come to any conclusion, there was a knock on the door.

Hilary was standing there, looking concerned.

“Come in, Hilary, as you can see I’m ready.”

“Yes, I can see. Look Eleanor, these other two 6th Formers getting slippered today, it takes away any chance at all of easing back on you just a little. I could only lighten my touch on you, so-to-speak, if I did the same to them and I’m sure that it would be noticed. Also, I cannot take on a friendly demeanour to you, or either of them might try to take advantage, so you really must do absolutely nothing wrong.”

“We’ve spoke about this already, I’ve nothing new to say. I expect to be treated exactly the same as anybody else. I’d be disappointed in you if it were otherwise. Once I am ready in position just focus on the target. It’s just another bottom belonging to a girl who has broken the rules and must be punished. Forget that it’s my bottom.

“I don’t intend to do anything wrong, but if I forget myself and step out of line, you must react no differently to normal procedure because it is me.”

“Alright, thanks again Eleanor, I doubt that either of us wants more than the other for this to be done with.”

“Probably true, but for different reasons!”

The two girls shared a rueful smile.

“Well I’d better go. We had better not walk together, give me a couple of minutes.” Hilary opened the door and walked out, without looking back.

Eleanor left her room and walked towards the stairs. She realised she would walk past Meg Hunt’s and Joan Stewart’s shared study. It was actually a three girl room and Eleanor wondered why the other girl hadn’t been involved. Oh well, lucky her! She decided to knock. It was still only 4:40pm, so she had ten or fifteen minutes in hand.

The door was opened by Joan who was surprised to see Eleanor standing there. The surprise made her forget in that second that Eleanor was to be punished herself.

“Oh, Eleanor, we’re not late are we? You haven’t come to fetch us, have you? I-I’m sorry, don’t hold it against us please.”

Eleanor smiled at her. “I think you’ve forgotten my own position today. It is the same as yours! You’re not late and I haven’t come to get you. I thought you and Meg might like to walk with me, strength in a crowd, as it were.”

“Of course. Come in a moment, Eleanor, we’re almost ready.”

Eleanor stepped in and said hello to Meg, who was looking very worried indeed.

“Chin up, Meg, I promise it will not be nearly as bad as you are thinking. Are you ready?”

“I suppose so. Come on then, let’s go.”

“I think you need to take off your tights.”

Meg was still standing there, still not removing her tights.

“What’s the matter Meg? We will need to move soon, come on.”

Again it was Joan who spoke.

“She, we, are not too worried about the whacking itself. But Meg is shy. She is really worried about having to take her knickers off in front of the other girls.”

“Is that right Meg?”

Meg looked at the floor and nodded silently.

Eleanor knew she had to do something or there was going to be a bad and difficult situation arising. She went into Head Girl mode and placed a hand on each of Meg’s shoulders.

“Look up, look at me, Meg, and listen carefully.”

Meg slowly looked up. Eleanor gained eye contact.

“We are 6th formers. Part of our duty, part of our education really, is to show a good example to younger girls. We have all three of us misbehaved in some way, which is a bad example to set. We are rightly going to be punished for it. Do you agree?”

“I suppose so, Eleanor.”

“No, not suppose so, do you really agree?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Right, now then, by taking our punishments well with good grace we set a good example and are being given the chance to regain our self respect. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, it does.”

“But you can’t help being shy, so I’m now quickly going to show you what you have to do. It really isn’t so very bad. Keep looking at me.”

Eleanor took her hands away from Meg’s shoulders, turned round with her back to her and took a couple of steps away.

“Joan referred to taking your knickers off. You don’t have to, you will be told to lower them. What you can do is this.”

Eleanor did the same as she had done before getting the cane from the Headmistress, explaining what she was doing whilst she did it.

“You should reach under your skirt at the sides like this, place your thumbs into the sides of the waist of your knickers, then stand and as you do so push your knickers down so that the waist comes down to your thighs.  You will find that the bit of material that goes between your legs will stay in place protecting your most personal modesty, all you will show is your bottom.  Look.”

Eleanor flipped up her skirt for Meg to see.

“See? You can’t see anything that you shouldn’t.”

Meg was a bit shocked at what had just happened, but she looked and said “Y-yes, I see Eleanor.”

Eleanor stood, simultaneously pulling up her knickers.  Turning round again Eleanor stepped forward and put her hands back on Meg’s shoulders and spoke again:

“And now just listen carefully to this and remember it:

“When you are told to lower your knickers just do it, straight away, don’t hesitate, don’t think, just do it.  Anyway, when you have to do something you would really rather not be doing but have no choice, then the lady-like thing to do is to act with dignity.”

Right girls, forward together, get those tights off Meg and let’s go.

Meg looked much better, she quickly removed her tights and they left the room together.

When they reached the Detention Room all the other more junior girls were already there, lined up in silence, the three 6th Formers simply joined the end of the line.

Hilary arrived with Jane. The two walked past the line of waiting girls without looking at them, they stopped at the door, unlocked and opened it.

Hilary spoke loudly: “Go in, remain silent, take a desk and remain standing. Hunt, Stewart, Moore, go to the back of the room, face the wall and stand with your hands on your heads until I call you.”

As they filed in, Eleanor leant forward slightly and quickly whispered to Hilary: “Take Meg Hunt first.”

Hilary immediately understood; Meg was the nervous one.

She whispered back: “OK.” But then in a louder voice, in case anyone had seen the whispered exchange: “Do not try to speak again Moore, or you will be on the Prefects’ Detention List next week; last and only warning.”

They all entered, everybody taking their place as instructed.

“The girls in detention will be issued an imposition. Jane here will pass it around to you in a few moments, but before that I will deal with the three at the back. You will witness their punishments which will hopefully serve as a motivation not to get into any further trouble yourselves. First to be slippered will be Hunt and Stewart, who will receive their punishment from me. Jane, would you care to undertake Moore’s punishment?”

Eleanor was shocked to hear this. Without thinking she said out loud: “You can’t do that Hilary!”

“I beg your pardon? I have looked up the rules and Jane very much can punish you if I authorise it. The rules clearly state that the slipper may be given by the Head Girl, who is not available just at the moment, the Deputy Head Girl, me, or an authorised Prefect. I am sure you are not suggesting that you must authorise Jane to punish you.

“Jane, do you wish to perform this duty?”

“No, Hilary. I would prefer you to do it. I would like to see Moore receiving her punishment, but I do not want to exact actual revenge.”

“Very well. Now, more to the point, Moore, you were given a final warning to remain silent. It is Prefects’ Report and I’m quite sure Detention for you next week, unless you wish to take the accepted alternative now?”

“I will take the alternative, Hilary.”

“Very well.”

Hilary walked to the back of the room and stood behind and slightly to one side of Eleanor.

“You know what you have to do. You may speak.”

“Please slap my legs Hilary.”

“Prepare yourself.”

Eleanor lowered her hands and raised her skirt to reveal the back of her thighs.

There followed a very loud slap as Hilary struck Eleanor’s left leg, it stung, but not so much. Eleanor immediately realised that Hilary had cupped her hand to make a loud noise without actually striking her very hand. Sure enough the next slap to the right leg was the same. This time Eleanor played along with a loud “Ouch!” The procedure was repeated again, one more slap to each leg, each one eliciting an “Ouch!”

“Hands back on head, Moore.” Hilary returned to the front of class.

“Hunt, come to the front, stand here. Face the front of the desk, back to the room.” She pointed to a spot in front of her.

“Jane, could you please get the slipper from the top drawer of the desk and place it on the desk. Thank you.”

Meg walked steadily to the front and took position. Eleanor was thinking, “Be brave Meg, be brave, be brave.”

“Please lower your knickers to uncover your bottom and lean across the desk. You may grasp the top of the desk on the other side. Do not stand until you are told.”

Eleanor could not see what was happening, but Meg had performed the required action firmly without delay and had taken position across the desk.

Hilary walked the single step to Meg’s side, reached down and took the hem of her skirt which she lifted across Meg’s back. Meg’s bare bottom was now on full view to the four girls in detention.

Having picked up the slipper/plimsol Hilary placed the tips of the fingers of her left hand between Meg’s shoulders, a reminder not to rise; she placed the plimsoll onto the centre of Meg’s bottom, she lifted the slipper and bought it sharply down, creating a slapping thudding sound and a small gasp from Meg. She raised it again and continued to deliver a steady, rhythmic and quite fast twelve whacks before she stopped. Meg was now wriggling slightly and pushing her back up a little bit. It was all over before she had fully taken in what was happening, but her bottom now felt very definitely hot and the soreness was still building.

There was no further sound and Eleanor thought: ‘Well done Meg, I’m proud of you.’

“You may stand,” were the next words heard. “You may replace your underwear and leave. You can wait outside for Stewart if you wish.”

Meg slowly and gingerly pulled up her knickers, smoothed her skirt and left the room. She stood outside in the corridor and waited. She was feeling sore but rather pleased with herself.

Inside the room Hilary called Joan forward. The same procedure followed and Joan left the room and joined Meg about four minutes later. The two girls decided they would stand and wait for Eleanor.

Eleanor had been called to the front. She and Hilary exchanged brief eye contact, neither allowing their expressions to betray any emotion. Hilary had realised that she had started to feel quite cross with Eleanor. This whole situation was of course Eleanor’s fault and she hadn’t needed to worsen it just now and force Hilary to slap her. Hilary had deliberately gone quite hard with Joan and Meg, justifying it in her mind by the seriousness of the offence which could very easily have earned them the cane. The true reason was that she knew that it would enable her to go just a bit harder with Eleanor without anybody quite realising it, except Eleanor of course.

Eleanor had taken position and had her skirt turned back. Instantly all eyes were on her, drawn by the still very visible cane lines on her bottom. Eleanor had noticed that a hot shower made the lines stand out even more; she was expecting the slippering to make them more visible still.

Hilary laid on the full twelve strokes as hard as she felt she could get away with, and slightly slower than she had delivered the previous two punishments. Outside of the room the swats could be clearly heard. Meg and Joan looked at each other, and rubbed their own bottoms at the same time as screwing up their faces.

Inside the room, Hilary observed the result of her efforts. Eleanor’s bottom was already glowing bright red, the stripes of her caning were showing even more clearly than before the slippering and she had heard barely a sound from Eleanor. It was hard not to be impressed by her friend.

“You may stand and replace your underwear, Moore, and let that be a lesson to you which need never be repeated. You may go”

Eleanor stood and slowly and deliberately pulled up her knickers, allowing her skirt to fall behind her.

She looked up at Hilary and calmly said: “May I now speak, Hilary?”

“You may.”

“It will be a lesson well learnt. Thank you for my punishment, Hilary.”

Here our story should end, but there is a short postscript.

On the Tuesday of the following week Eleanor returned to her normal position of chairing the weekly meeting of the Prefects’ Council. Hilary had passed word to all the other members to be there at least ten minutes early to ensure that they were in the room and sitting before Eleanor arrived.

Eleanor walked into the room. All the prefects stood and gave a round of applause.

Hilary spoke: “We are all so pleased to see you back in your right position Head Girl. We have all admired your strength and dignity, our respect for you is undiminished.”

Hilary then took her hand from behind her back and held out a gift. It was a doll, about nine inches tall. Jane had employed her considerable needlework skills on its dress. The doll was wearing the school uniform, minus the blazer. It had white shirt, tie, skirt and black shoes; its skirt hem at the back was pinned up to the back of the shirt; its school knickers were fixed in position pulled down to the thighs; its bottom had been painted with six bright red lines.

Eleanor took the doll, studied it and burst out laughing. Everybody joined in.

Today, 49 years later, the doll still has pride of place on Eleanor’s dressing table, much to her husband’s and grown up daughter’s amusement. Her granddaughter starts at Lady Anne Hart’s next year, but of course will experience neither the pain nor pleasure of her grandmother’s experiences, or at least, not at school!

The End

© Harry James 2018