A girl and her stepbrother are dealt with by their mother. By a new writer to us

By Stinger Sam

“When you get home, you are getting the belt.”

My mom was angry that I got a haircut at my friend’s house that I spent the night with. So when we got home, she instructed me to go to my room. After thirty minutes passed, she came in my room and told me to come into the kitchen and to take a seat at the table (almost all the spankings that my stepsisters and I got occurred in the kitchen).

I entered the kitchen and saw my oldest stepsister at the table. She had on a pair of high-waisted medium wash flare jeans along with a white bra cami. The clothes she had on showed off her figure tremendously. The large size of her thighs were made apparent as well as her perky breasts and medium sized ass. She looked fantastic.

“What did you do?” I asked her.

“I lied about where I was at.”

Secretly, I was somewhat attracted to my stepsister. There were times when I was alone at home that I thought about raiding her panty drawer but I didn’t do it because I was afraid of getting caught. During this time she was 19 and had a nice set of tits (C cup) and a round booty on her. My stepsister had green eyes and long curly red hair. Now here we were sitting at the table waiting to get spanked. We both have been spanked several times but this was the first occasion that we experienced a group spanking together.

“So what are you getting whooped for,” she asked me with a smile on her face.

“I got my hair cut at Kenny’s house.”

“Oh, I see,” she replied while laughing. “So you decided to shave your head bald. I can see why your mother got upset.”

“It doesn’t look good?”

“As it currently is, no. However, if you grew out a goatee it would look better.”

“I might do that. Thanks for the suggestion.”

Right after she said that, my mother entered the kitchen and was holding her brown leather belt that had floral designs on it. It appeared that she had not been home from work very long before she picked me up because she was still wearing her office clothes, a white blouse with long sleeves and a black mini skirt complete with black stockings that went up to her thighs.

The loud clicking noise that her high heels made as she walked to the table and sat down alluded to the fact that she was not a happy woman. My mother was 40 years old at this time. Before she married my stepdad, she had no trouble finding a boyfriend. Several men attempted to enter into a relationship with her but were rejected. She was about 5’5, dark eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, and large thighs. Although I am her son and have no sexual feelings for her whatsoever, it is hard to miss the large size of her breasts and her round ass. She was an attractive woman for sure.

With spanking as her preferred punishment, you can bet that when you misbehaved she was going to tan your ass well. After the normal 5-6 swats spanking, my bottom was sore for a few days. After my mom busted my ass to her satisfaction, I usually inspected my butt in the bathroom mirror which was never a pretty sight. To make it worse, taking a shower after gym or after playing sports was an embarrassing situation for me. My peers would notice my butt and would make jokes about the apparent spanking that I received. Yes, I can’t count the times that she busted my ass. She was about to do so again as she sat down and lectured us.

“I don’t care how old you kids are, you will never be too old for me to spank. In fact, the shop teacher at school is making me a paddle and it should be completed anytime. My belt is too worn out and old to properly do its job so it is time for a replacement. So who wants to go first?” My mother asked as she removed a chair from the kitchen table and placed it at the far end of the kitchen.

My stepsister and I looked at each other and smiled.

“I’ll go first,” she answered.

She got up and approached the wooden chair.

“Bend over and place your hands on the seat of the chair,” my mother instructed her. “Do not move and stay in position until I tell you to get up.”

My stepsister did as she was ordered. I sat in my chair and set my eyes on the show that was about to occur. My stepsister’s ass was well hiked in the air and on display for all those in the kitchen. Her jeans stretched tightly across her bottom. Although she was probably unaware, her black silk panties were slightly noticeable when she was bending over.

“Spread your legs apart. Good. Do you know why you are getting this spanking?” My mother asked her stepdaughter.

“Yes, I lied to you and didn’t tell you where I was at.”

“Correct; you committed two offences, therefore you deserve two spankings. You will be getting six swats today and six more when I get my paddle. Understand?”


With that said, my mother stood to the left of my stepsister, reached out and swung her belt, making perfect contact on the target. Crack! After a few more seconds, another swat landed. Crack! She patted my stepsister’s bottom a few times with her belt and popped her belt once more on her ass. Crack!


“Stay in position. We are halfway done. If you think those swats sting, wait until the paddling that you will receive in a few more days.”

“I can’t wait,” she sarcastically replied.

“Keep up the bad attitude. It will get you nowhere in life and neither will it be beneficial to your backside. Unless of course you want more spankings, which I think you don’t.”

“No ma’am.”

The last three swats were equally potent. After the last swat was delivered, my stepsister got up, turned around and rubbed her bottom.

“Excuse me,” my mother said.

“What?” My stepsister replied.

“Did I say you could get up?”

“You said I had six swats coming. I took all six licks. The spanking is finished. What is the problem?”

“First off, your response was not the answer that I was looking for. I asked if I told you if you could get up. It was a closed-ended question. Now bend back over. We are not done.”

My stepsister’s face was flushed. She was trying to hold back the tears but nevertheless a few tears still flowed down her face. She turned back around facing the chair, bent over and hiked her already well spanked bottom in the air. Before my mother could tell her to spread her legs, my stepsister angrily did it. Now her ass was once gain on full display and ready for any more punishment that my mother wished to impose.

“Secondly, no one is to get up until I say. You are to remain bent over until instructions are provided. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Thirdly, do you remember that sarcastic remark you made to me?”

“Yes, I was just joking when I said I couldn’t wait.”

“There is no room to make sarcastic remarks to those who have authority over you, especially when you are being punished.”


“No buts. Your job is to answer questions when asked, submit to my orders, and take your punishment; absolutely no back talking or sarcastic remarks. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand. I am sorry.”

“An apology does not work in the real world. In the real world there are consequences to our actions. I thought you knew that, but I guess I was wrong. Today, you will learn that lesson. I think an extra 2 swats is fair for one inappropriate comment. Don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am. It is fair.”

“I thought you would agree. Now normally I would give you an extra three swats for such behavior but since you already took six swats and have six swats with the paddle coming up, I will cut you some slack today. Now let’s finish your spanking.”

My mother lined up her belt with my stepsister’s butt once more and laid into her good. Crack! After that hard swat made direct contact, I heard my stepsister sniffling. I thought to myself if she would break down in tears after what was supposedly the last swat. Crack! My mom sure knew how to use a belt. The sound of that lick echoed the kitchen walls. My stepsister could not hold it in any longer and burst out crying. My mother paused for a few seconds, probably waiting to see if her stepdaughter would get out of position without permission.

“You may get up now.”

I was wondering if she was going to hang out and watch me get my butt tanned, but instead she left and went to her room.

“You’re next. Get in position,” my mother demanded.

Here I was, tall, built, and even had a tattoo that was noticeable in the white cotton tank top that I had on, which showed off my large arms and I am still getting spanked by my mother. I had my tank tucked in my light blue holey jeans.

In times pasts, I inappropriately referred to this kind of garment as a wife beater, which didn’t settle well with my mother. After a lengthy lecture about domestic violence was not a joking matter and to never call a tank a wife beater again, I found myself on the receiving end of one of her infamous spankings. With my bottom lit ablaze for that infraction, I never called it a wife beater again.

Today I am getting spanked for a different offence, getting an unauthorized haircut. Apparently I must get permission to get someone else to cut my hair besides my mom. Not that I don’t appreciate her hard work, but I wanted something different. I got up from my seat and bent over the chair, submitting to my mother.

“You are turning into a man, but I will always be your mother and I will give you a spanking whenever you need it. Don’t you ever forget that. You have five coming today. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am.”

She blistered my ass real good with her belt. I was disappointed that my stepsister got six swats plus two extra ones and I had a lesser sentence. Why did she get a harsher sentence than I did? Perhaps I should accept the fact that my mother is the boss and it is not my place to question her. But not today. After the last cracked echoed the kitchen, she told me to get up.

“That didn’t hurt,” I lied as I was standing up. “You know what else? It is bullshit that you played favorites with me and gave me less swats. What we both did was wrong and should be treated the same.”

“Is that so? Bend back over.”

My mouth has once again got me in trouble. I did as was ordered by my mother. I expected a quick lecture and extra swats; however, she never ceases to surprise me.

“We are going to do things a little different. Since you have a far worse attitude than your stepsister, I think it might be best to use extreme measures.”

She reached her arms around my waist, unbuckled my belt, and lowered my jeans to the floor.

“Remove them, now.”

I did as was commanded. I lifted my legs off the floor one leg at a time and removed my jeans. With my pants out of the picture, I was again in my mother’s traditional spanking position wearing only my white tank and navy blue briefs. My mother grabbed the elastic waistband on my underwear and snapped it.

“I don’t think we will be needing these.”

She then grabbed my underwear and lowered them to my knees.

“Since you like to behave like a child, I will treat you like a child. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“So you think all misbehavior warrants the same punishment? Do you think stealing money causes as much harm as telling a white lie?”


“So why would you think that every form of misbehavior deserves that same punishment? Look at the judicial system; they categorize crimes and prescribe different punishments. Do you see now how your logic was flawed?”

My mother can be stern and a bitch at times but she was intelligent. How could I refute her reasoning? I couldn’t.

“You were right and I was wrong. You are smarter than I am.” I told my mother.

“Thank you for acknowledging that. However, that does not get you off the hook. Your behavior was totally unacceptable. In the real world you have to accept the judgment and authority of your superiors, even if you don’t completely understand it. Now you shaving your head, which I believe is disgusting and throwing away your beautiful hair, was wrong. However, your stepsister committed a far greater offence. She didn’t tell her father or I where she was at in addition to also lying to us. That is why I originally intended to give her six swats today and you five; not to play favorites.”

“I am sorry mom. I won’t question you again. Whatever you decide to do with me is fine by me.”

“I am proud of you. When I hear you say things like that I know you are becoming a man. You still have a lot to learn but I am here to help you and will continue to do so even if that means spanking your bottom at your age. These spankings that I give you are not to merely hurt you, but rather to educate you and to help you to be successful in life. You are very fortunate to have a loving mother that takes such a great interest in her children and willing to discipline them whenever needed. Now remain bent over. I am not done spanking you.”

My mother made a lot of sense to me. Not only did she teach me some valuable lessons in that speech, but I was reassured of her great love for me. I gladly bent back over and permitted her to do me as she saw fit. Although I told my mother the previous spanking did not hurt, the reality was that my butt was on fire. She me gave me three more hard swats, only this time she used a lot more force than with the precious set and not to mention they were carried out on my bare bottom. I definitely felt the difference when she spanked my bare ass with the same belt. She then tossed her belt in the trash. I thought about getting up but I remembered what transpired when my stepsister chose to do so. My mother grabbed my briefs and pulled them up.

“You may get up.”

She kissed me on the cheek and told me she loved me. I looked over and saw her belt in the trash can.

“So you are really finished with this belt?”

“I sure am. It has served its purpose. Now it is time to place it to rest.”

“Do you mind if I keep it? It has sentimental value to. After all, you taught me countless lessons with that belt.”

My mother paused for a second and said: “I respect that. Yes, you may keep it.”

After I put my jeans on and retrieved the belt from the trash can, I went to the bathroom, cleaned the belt, and checked out my ass in the bathroom mirror. It was beet red. I then went to my stepsister’s room.

“How was your spanking?” She asked.

I could’ve replied that it hurt or didn’t hurt but instead I decided to show the damage. I turned around and showed her my spanked ass.

“She done a job on you,” my stepsister commented while laughing. “Don’t feel bad; my butt is in the same boat.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess,” I replied while blushing.

There were other experiences, but this one was memorable.

The End

© Stinger Sam 2016