A teacher gets an unexpected opportunity

by Pat Greenham

NOTE: A shorter version of this story was published in Kane Magazine and this version is published with the kind permission of Josie Harrison Marks

It was September 1984 and the first day of term, and for Mrs Fitzgerald, the Headmistress of Beganfield High School, it couldn’t have got off to a worse start. It was lunchtime and Brian Weston, one of the school’s governors, was in her study with some very unpleasant news. Also in the Headmistress’s study was Clare Smith, an attractive young teacher who had been at the school for two years.

Apart from being a governor, Weston was also father to two of the girls in the school and during the school holiday Weston had caught his eldest daughter and a friend smoking a joint. This in itself was bad enough, but the news Weston brought about the source of the drugs was absolutely shattering – and accounted for why Clare Smith was present. It seems that on a school trip over the holidays, the young teacher had shared some of her recreational drugs with some of the older students.

Understandably, the Headmistress was beside herself with rage – all of which was directed at the young teacher. Under normal circumstances, any student found with drugs would face punishment of extreme severity. Up until recently there would have been a number of options, either a severe caning or a period of suspension from school, or in extreme cases, expulsion. However it was 1984, and at the last Board of Governors meeting, one of these options had gone as it had been agreed that the school would abolish corporal punishment, something both the Headmistress and Brian Weston had voted against.

The problem facing Mrs Fitzgerald, as she explained to the young teacher, was that she could hardly punish either of the girls as it was in effect the school that had supplied the drugs.

Brian Weston interrupted to say that, in view of the circumstances and in the knowledge that corporal punishment was no longer an option, he had taken matters into his own hands and had had no hesitation in dealing with his daughter in the appropriate way. Additionally Weston said he had contacted the other girl’s father to report the ‘drug taking’ and in conversation and as a governor he had offered to deal with his daughter’s friend in the same way on the basis that he would be able to ‘contain’ the matter and make further punishment by the school unnecessary. The girl’s father had evidently given the governor the go-ahead and thanked him for dealing with the matter.

Clare Smith looked horrified and asked: “What punishment did you give them?” To which Weston responded that they had both taken a severe caning, six strokes each, and that he expected them never to indulge in drug taking again. He added that he expected them to find sitting down uncomfortable for quite a few days.

Mrs Fitzgerald told the Governor that she felt in the circumstances he had acted very much in the interests of the school as well as both girls. Had they not been punished, she would have been placed in a very difficult situation and risked the whole sorry mess becoming general knowledge. She added that she would see each of the girls separately to underline the seriousness of their actions and to say that any repeat would result in immediate expulsion.

The Headmistress then turned her attention to Clare Smith. In a very direct way she asked the young teacher if she felt that she should offer her resignation. Once more Clare looked horrified and almost as if she couldn’t believe what she had done. In her whole life she had never been in trouble and could not believe that at the age of twenty-four she had done something so stupid.

At this point Weston once more interrupted. He asked the Headmistress about Clare Smith’s performance as a teacher, adding that if she was anything less than excellent the conversation should finish there and then, with the young teacher leaving the school with immediate effect.

The Headmistress’s reply was exactly what Brian Weston was hoping for, as Mrs Fitzgerald said that the real shame was that the young teacher had been an excellent addition to the common room and it would be a sad day if she left. However, she added that it was difficult to see how she could continue. There was a further difficulty that if the teacher left there would undoubtedly be speculation as to the reason and, if the real reason leaked out, it would seriously damage the reputation of the school.

The reason why Brian Weston was so pleased with this answer was that he had another plan which was going to horrify Clare Smith and give the Headmistress a ‘way out’ of her problem.

Weston said that he could see no alternative to the teacher leaving immediately. He paused for a few seconds for effect, and then asked the Headmistress if she would consider a lateral solution – to which Mrs Fitzgerald asked him what he had in mind. Weston said: “Whilst the Board of Governors voted for the abolition of corporal punishment for pupils, there was nothing to say that a young teacher could not be dealt with in this way.” Further that if Clare Smith agreed to take a severe punishment, the whole matter could remain a secret. He added that this was the only way he would not demand the teacher’s resignation.

Clare Smith did indeed look horrified, but the Headmistress looked thoughtful. She asked Weston what he had in mind, to which he replied that such a punishment would have to be severe, more severe than his daughter and her friend had received. He went onto to say that each had received six strokes with their jeans removed but their underwear in place and that if Clare was to agree to such a punishment she should expect to receive at least double the number of strokes, and probably more like eighteen. Clare Smith did indeed look horrified, but things were going to get worse when Weston added that because of the scale of the offence, such punishment would have to be given across her ‘unprotected’ backside.

Weston was now in full flow, and suggested that, if this was an agreed solution, he would be happy to carry out the punishment himself.

Mrs Fitzgerald had not spoken for a few minutes as she sat behind her desk thinking about Weston’s proposal. Certainly it would mean that the matter could be kept ‘under wraps’ and that she would not have to lose a relatively new but popular and successful teacher. However she was worried that Weston was a bit ‘too keen’ and wondered if there was another motive.

Clare Smith had gone completely silent, and was acting more like an ashamed pupil than a teacher. The Headmistress asked Smith for her view on what had been proposed by Weston. Clare was in a tight spot and she knew it. The idea of a caning was absolutely awful, especially at the hands of the Governor. However what was the alternative? Nervously, she told Mrs Fitzgerald that she would do anything to keep her job.

The Headmistress turned back to the governor and said: “We may have a solution to this sorry matter,” and went on to to say that in her opinion the correct way forward would be to involve the Deputy Head. Whilst she had been glad to find a way forward, she was also anxious to avoid Brian Weston getting any gratification through his seemingly over enthusiastic desire to be the one that would administer the caning.

Mrs Fitzgerald put a call into the Common Room and asked for Anthony Harrison, her deputy, to join them in her study. Over the past few years up until the abolition of corporal punishment, the Headmistress had delegated the administering of canings to her deputy. Any teacher could report a pupil to the Headmistress – who’s name would be read out in the following morning’s assembly with an instruction to report to the Head’s study at morning break. If it was felt that a caning was merited, the pupil would be instructed to see Mr Harrison at the end of the school day, giving them an uncomfortable five hours to think about what lay ahead. The deputy head had gained something of a reputation for giving sound consistent beatings, and pupils that had suffered canings from Harrison certainly knew they had been punished, and would be reminded every time they sat down for a few days and would kept their marks for nearly a week.

The Deputy Head arrived in the office and was astonished to hear the chain of events that had occurred. He was, however, very accommodating to Mrs Fitzgerald’s request that later in the day he carry out a most unusual punishment – in that he would administer a caning to Clare Smith, one of his younger colleagues.

Weston, clearly disappointed but not wanting to show it, said he was grateful to the Deputy Head, but that he wanted to be clear that if the young teacher was going to avoid having to resign, the punishment must be severe and as he had outlined. Further, he added that as it was his daughter that had been involved, he would insist on being present so that he could see for himself that adequate punishment was given.

The Deputy Head asked Watson what level of punishment he had previously mentioned, for the Governor to say again that he was looking for between twelve and eighteen strokes to her unprotected backside. Anthony Harrison replied that such a punishment would indeed be severe and that he felt twelve strokes would be adequate. The Headmistress had been listening to these two men talk and said that she agreed with her Deputy about the number of strokes.

Clare, who had been very quiet, then spoke and said that she felt she fully deserved to be punished, but asked if it was really necessary to administer the cane to her bare bottom. Watson immediately responded that she had been a disgrace to the school, and that she was lucky not to be losing her job. He added that she fully deserved eighteen strokes, but if the number is to be reduced to twelve they must be applied to her unprotected bottom. The Headmistress told Clare that the Governor seems quite determined and that she had better accept her fate.

They then discussed the timing and it was agreed that they should meet again later in the day at six o’clock, after all the pupils had gone home, for the young teacher to receive her caning. All concerned had mixed feelings. Clare Smith was relieved to keep her job but horrified about what she had in prospect. Brian Weston was pleased that the caning was going to go ahead but disappointed that he was not going to be the one actually administering as he fancied having a go at the attractive teacher’s bottom. Mrs Fitzgerald was furious but pleased that a resolution had been reached that would protect the reputation of the school. She was also a little uneasy about Brian Weston’s keenness for a caning to be the solution as she was convinced he had another agenda, and she told herself that if he was going to witness the punishment, she also must be present to ensure that nothing untoward happens. In other circumstances she would have been happy for the whole sorry event to simply take place between her deputy and the young teacher. Anthony Harrison had thought that his caning days were over and was really quite taken back by events and told himself that Clare Smith was certainly going to get what she deserved and admitted to himself that he was secretly looking forward to the extremely attractive young teacher having to strip off below the waist before bending over for him to give her a severe caning.

Over the past five years since the Headmistress had delegated all ‘caning’ duties to her deputy, Anthony Harrison had administered about ten to twelve canings a term which, in a school of over 500 pupils, was not excessive. Anthony Harrison had come to take pride in his ability to deliver a sound caning and believed that if a pupil had committed an offence serious enough to merit a beating, it was his duty to administer a hard caning. All canings were no more or less than six strokes, which were always delivered with great accuracy across the centre of the recipient’s bottom.

The vast majority of the recipients were boys, but every so often a girl would be sent to him for punishment. When a female pupil was to be caned, it had to be with the approval of their parents as an alternative to a week’s suspension. Additionally Harrison always ensured a female member of staff was present. Apart from that, there were no concessions, and a girl could expect just as hard a caning across the tightened seat of her skirt as a boy across his trousers. For the most serious offences boys could be caned with their trousers removed and in extreme cases on the bare. In the five years Harrison had only twice caned a girl across her knickers but had never caned a female pupil on the bare. Here he had the prospect of delivering twice the normal number of strokes to the bare bottom of the most attractive member of the teaching staff.

The meeting came to an end, with all agreeing to reconvene at six. For Clare, the next five hours were going to go very slowly as she considered her fate. She could not decide which was going to be worse, the caning itself, or the humiliation of having to bare her bottom in front of the two men. It also occurred to her that she had another problem in that the skirt that was part of her two-piece suit was too tight to pull up, which would mean that it would have to come off. She hoped that after that she could simply turn away and push her tights and knickers down and bend over.

At six on the dot she knocked on the Headmistress’s door and was told to enter. With Harrison, Weston and the Headmistress all present, Clare felt like it was like an execution committee and wished that it were just between her and the Deputy. There was also a very unpleasant looking cane on the desk.

The Headmistress then told her deputy to take charge and proceed with the punishment. He turned to Clare and told her to take off her jacket and remove all her clothing below the waist. Her last hopes of any modesty had gone with the instruction for a full below the waist strip. After taking off the suit jacket she undid the zip to the side of her pencil skirt and slipped it down her legs. Off came her shoes before she put her fingers into the elastic of her tights, which she took off one leg at a time. Clare was wearing very skimpy knickers and asked one more time if she could retain them – to be told that she knew the caning was to be on the bare. She looked up at the deputy with horror as she slid her knickers down over her bottom, letting them drop to her ankles before stepping out of them, now completely naked below the waist with only her shirt and bra remaining. She did not know where to stand with her frontal nudity and light coloured ‘bush’ totally exposed to the deputy and with Weston behind her admiring her bottom. Mrs Fitzgerald had prepared a letter for Clare to sign which admitted everything that she had done, together with outlining the option to resign as an alternative to corporal punishment, and that she had requested the latter and fully understood the nature of the punishment. Clare wondered why the Headmistress had waited until she was undressed before presenting the letter.

The atmosphere was electric as Anthony Harrison told the young teacher that when he had caned deserving pupils that he normally instructed them to touch their toes, but that was for only six strokes. As she was to get double that number and on the bare, he would advise that it might be easier for her to bend across the Headmistress’s desk and to reach over and take hold of the far side. As Clare stepped forward toward the desk and bent right over as instructed, the deputy asked her to stretch her legs out behind her. Harrison picked up the cane and took his place to the left hand side of the girl so that he had plenty of room to take aim, whilst Weston stood back so he had a perfect view of Clare Smith’s extremely attractive bare bottom perfectly presented and now just waiting to be beaten. The Headmistress just wanted the episode to be over and whilst she felt the stupid young teacher fully deserved what was coming, she hated the obvious pleasure that was being gained by the Governor.

The Deputy Head touched Clare’s bottom with the cane that he had obtained from the school stores earlier. Despite corporal punishment now being abolished, a number of canes remained and he had found a brand new sixth form cane that was three foot long and three eighths of an inch thick. He told the young teacher that she was to remain absolutely still and silent during the caning. He added that he would get through it as quickly as possible so as not to dwell unnecessarily.

A moment later Clare Smith received her first ever taste of the cane, which was a really firm stroke that came from over Harrison’s shoulder and landed right in the centre of her bottom and almost immediately created a horizontal red line of fire. Clare Smith could not believe the pain and made a loud gasp.

Ten seconds later she received her second stroke which she took without a sound. Harrison continued the caning, with a stroke every ten or fifteen seconds. He was aiming the cane within a band across the middle of Clare’s bottom and it was inevitable that some of the strokes would hit the same point as previous strokes. This did indeed happen with the fifth stroke which caused a ‘cry’ from Clare. The deputy said that the sixth stroke would mark the halfway point, which unfortunately for Clare, was the hardest ‘whack’ yet and caused Clare to cry out. Harrison told Clare that he was going to give her a short break to recover from the first six, but that she should stay in position. Clare’s bottom now displayed six distinct lines right across a two-inch band.

Clare was finding the caning excruciatingly painful and was breathing hard and trying not to burst into tears. She knew that she was only half way through and wanted Harrison to finish the caning. She also slightly adjusted her position by parting her legs a little to be slightly more comfortable. Despite the pain, Clare still felt incredibly embarrassed by her bottom being so exposed to both her colleague and the Governor.

Watson had moved to a position directly behind Clare where he could admire her bottom from a different angle and see hints of her private parts and wisps of pubic hair.

Anthony Harrison recommenced the caning as Clare told herself to try and hang on and not cry out. She did well for the next three strokes, but the tenth was an absolute ‘cracker’ and finally broke Clare’s resistance as she cried out. The deputy left a slightly longer gap before delivering the eleventh and penultimate stroke, which resulted in a gasp. As usual, Harrison always ensured that the last stroke was an extra special one, and he did not disappoint.

Clare was by now in a bit of a state, but was told to remain in position for one minute. Her bottom was on fire, but she was relieved the caning was over. Eventually she was told to stand and her hands immediately went to rub her bottom, no longer worried about what they could see.

Mrs Fitzgerald then told the young teacher to stand still and listen to what she was about to say. First she was told to face the Headmistress with her hands by her sides and think about why she had been punished and why she was in so much pain. Clare again became conscious of the two men focusing on her nudity as she was then told that whilst she may not think it at this moment, she had been very lucky to be offered an alternative to losing her job without a reference. The Headmistress added, that she had suffered a very severe caning, and whilst the pain would last for a few hours and she would find sitting down uncomfortable for a few days, the damage to her bottom would eventually fade.

However she was also told that the memory of what had happened should never go away and that she should feel utterly ashamed of her actions and consequently she should also feel ashamed that she had been beaten on the bare bottom in front of a school governor. This lecture was taking quite a few minutes as the Headmistress also told her that this event must never ‘get out’. Also that if there was ever a repeat, she would lose her job instantly.

Eventually, Clare was told to put her clothes back on and go home. The first thing she did was to inspect the damage, which was just as bad as she expected. It did take well over a week for the marks to finally go and every time she saw the Deputy Head during the next few months, she blushed. The fact that at the age of twenty-four she had been caned by him across her bare bottom was like a bad dream.

For Anthony Harrison it had been a great end to his caning career. He had thought it had finished in the previous term, and although he had caned more boys than girls, he had never caned a female pupil on the bare – almost always caning them across their tight skirts. The odd boy had merited a bare bottom caning, but it was rare. To finally finish his career by caning a very attractive young teacher’s bare bottom, and also to deliver twelve strokes, had been fantastic. He also knew that he had done his job well, and that Clare Smith had experienced the most severe caning he had ever given.

Brian Weston also had the memory of witnessing the caning of an extremely attractive teacher. He had enjoyed every minute, even if it was not he actually administering. He had watched as Clare had undressed, had been humiliated, and he never took his eyes off her bottom during the caning.

Clare has never forgotten the event, but over the years she has come to have a strange interest in the whole world of spanking and caning. Whilst she never again experienced the cane, it did not stop her sometimes fantasising about once more having her bare bottom exposed to an audience to be dealt with by Anthony Harrison. The thought often made her quite wet!

The End