The first instalment of the “Girls of St Mary’s” series

By Penny Morton

“Is there anything else you want to confess to me Jane?”

“No I don’t think so Zoe,” replied Jane with an anxious expression on her face. “Oh, sorry Zoe, there was one little thing. I didn’t eat my crusts at breakfast on Friday. I’m really sorry.”

Jane Menzies and Zoe Singleton, both eighteen-year-old sixth formers, were in their study on Sunday evening using the time between evening chapel and lights out for Zoe to hear Jane’s weekly confession. Both had changed into their pyjamas and Jane was kneeling on the floor just in front of Zoe who was sitting at her desk with a small exercise book labelled ‘Jane’ in front of her. The book listed Jane’s faults and omissions during the past week and the current week’s page, as usual, looked rather full.

Zoe was slim – some people said she was skinny. Her short black hair, dark piercing eyes and the glasses she wore on the end of her pointed nose gave her what could be described as a school mistress like look. She looked down at her kneeling room-mate and contemplated what punishment Jane deserved, or in reality, what punishment she would be given whether she deserved it or not. Jane had a gentle, slightly freckled face surrounded by light brown shoulder length hair. Her eyes were blue and her mouth readily broke into a smile, but tears were never far away and her lips readily trembled if she had been naughty or had upset Zoe.

The girls had shared a study bedroom since the senior dormitory had been phased out the previous term. Jane had been pleased when Zoe invited her to share as she had feared that none of the other sixth formers would want her as a room-mate. She knew that some girls regarded her as a swot, and her polite manner and gentle nature made some call her posh. Zoe was a bit bossy, but always seemed to know what to do and Jane was happy to undertake chores for her. She made Zoe’s bed and brought her a cup of tea every day before breakfast, changed her sheets on Mondays and carried her books and games kit across to the school each morning. Jane had solemnly promised to do anything Zoe asked her and never, ever refuse an order.

“Okay,” said Zoe, looking at the girl kneeling by her feet. “We’ll have a look at my little book and I will add the crusts offence. Right, you were five minutes late with my tea on Tuesday morning, there was a speck of mud on my hockey boots on Wednesday, my bed wasn’t turned down on Thursday and you forgot my French exercise book on Friday.”

“Gosh, I’m really sorry, Zoe. I really will try harder next week. There was a queue for the kettle on Tuesday and that made me late with your tea.”

“No excuses, Jane!”

“Sorry Zoe.”

“You will have to be punished for your offences this week, and I am very generously going to give you a choice of punishment. You can either have 200 lines by tomorrow or a spanking.”

“Could I have a spanking, please Zoe?” requested Jane, her pale face now quite pink and tears beginning to accumulate in her eyes.

“Of course you can have a spanking,” grinned Zoe. “A spanking is a sensible punishment for naughty girls. It’s over with quite quickly and you won’t have to spend any spare time writing lines.”

“Thank you, Zoe.” Jane’s voice was almost a whisper.

“Prepare for a spanking!” ordered Zoe, secretly looking forward to dealing with Jane.

Jane got to her feet, collected the pillow from her bed and the sandal that Zoe used for spanking from the wardrobe.

Zoe loved to see Jane at work doing her chores or preparing for a spanking. It was almost like having a servant girl to wait on her, and if she had a little black dress and a lace cap Jane would make quite a good maid – but still one requiring guidance and punishment of course!

Jane placed her pillow at the edge of Zoe’s bed and placed the sandal just to the right of it.

“Bend over,” ordered Zoe, and Jane quickly leaned across Zoe’s bed and held on to the far side. Her bottom was pushed up and out by the pillow and conveniently placed for punishment.

Zoe got up from her chair and reached for her little leather soled sandal with which she regularly dispensed justice. Jane’s pyjamas were tight and emphasised her slim waist, her plump but firm bottom and her slightly sturdy thighs.

“Ready?” asked Zoe.

Jane turned her head back and whispered: “Yes, thank you Zoe.”

“Right!” Zoe patted the sandal’s hard leather sole against her palm and then against Jane’s right buttock before releasing a hard stroke which connected with a loud crack on the waiting bottom.

“Ow! Ow! Er, sorry, er… One, thank you Zoe.” Jane gasped immediately remembering how much the hard sole of the sandal hurt.

Zoe also knew how much the sandal stung, having once patted it gently against her own bottom. A whack given with the full strength of her arm would really sting, she thought, and give a naughty girl something to think about.

The spanking continued slowly as Zoe made sure the full sting of each stroke was appreciated before the next was administered, and landed whacks as hard as she could manage on the right and left sides of Jane’s bottom alternately.

“Six. Ow! Er… Ouch! Er, thank you Zoe.” Jane squeaked after the last stroke was given. Her bottom was burning hot and stinging like mad.

“Go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head, and don’t let me see you rubbing your bottom.”

Jane turned her tear-stained red face towards Zoe with a quiet: “Yes, thank you Zoe.”

“Come back here, Jane, and kneel down.” Called Zoe after about ten minutes corner time.

“Yes, Zoe. I am really sorry.”

“How does your fat bottom feel?”

“It really stings.” Jane now rubbed her burning bottom carefully.

“Good! Let’s hope it helps you remember your duties in future.”

“Yes. Thank you, Zoe.” Jane’s voice was a whisper.

“Now a bit of news. I must warn you, Jane, my craving for chocolate is returning and it’s getting to the point when I must have chocolate or I will die.”

Jane was immediately worried that Zoe might order her to go to the sweet shop in the village. “Zoe, please don’t make me go to the shop.” She pleaded.

“Don’t be impertinent, Jane. You know I always spank impertinent girls and I can give you any order I like.”

“I’m really sorry, Zoe, but please, please, please don’t make me go. You know what Miss Gregory said in assembly on Friday about what would happen if anyone, except prefects that is, left the school without permission.”

“Oh, I vaguely remember something about it but I wasn’t really listening. What did she say?”

Jane pictured the scene at Friday’s assembly. Miss Gregory, a slim small figure, stood on the stage at the front of the hall. She had her cross face on and her grey hair tied back in a tight bun.

“She said that she was worried several girls were breaking the rules and in particular she reminded us that nobody except the prefects were allowed to leave school without permission from a member of staff, or the Head Girl.”

“Trust the prefects to be treated differently,” observed Zoe.

Both Zoe and Jane had, despite being sixth formers, failed to be selected as prefects and Zoe resented her omission from that elite group of girls.

“I can’t think why I wasn’t made a prefect,” said Zoe for the hundredth time. “I would have really enforced the rules and punished any wrongdoers. I would rule with a rod of iron and everyone would have to obey me or be punished. I like dishing out punishments. I think you would have been too soft to be a prefect, Jane, and would let everyone off. So what else did Miss Gregory say?”

“Anyone caught outside the school without permission would automatically be caned and there would be no exceptions. Oh, and she reminded everybody (Jane shivered as she said this) that she had a number of canes in her study and would have no hesitation in using them for breaches of the school rules. She might be getting towards retirement, but she often went to the gym and her right arm was still in good shape.”

“Anything else, Jane?” queried Zoe.

“Oh yes, she and the staff were meeting the prefects during the first period on Tuesday afternoon to discuss and review school discipline, and punishments to see if they should be tightened up.”

An idea formed in Zoe’s mind.

“Right Jane, I’ll probably send you to the shop on Tuesday straight after lunch while the staff and prefects are busy.”

“Please no, Zoe. Please no. I am sure to be caught and I don’t want to be caned. Couldn’t you go yourself or come with me?”

“No, I couldn’t possibly go because I’m not allowed to be caned.”

“How do you mean?” Jane was puzzled.

“When I was little my nanny said I had a very sensitive bottom and so with that problem I just couldn’t possibly be caned, or even slippered or spanked for that matter.”

“With respect, Zoe, what about me and my bottom?” asked Jane anxiously.

“Your bottom is quite a lot bigger than mine, and you have plenty of puppy fat to absorb any pain. In fact, I think a sound caning would be good for you. It’s something every girl (except me, of course) should experience during her time at school. In any case, if you are careful you won’t be caught, and anyway I have decided that you will definitely be going.”

“Please Zoe, I really don’t want to go. Please don’t make me.”

Further debate was halted by the duty prefect opening the study door and saying: “Lights out and no talking.” The girls got into bed. Zoe was pleased she would be getting her chocolate and Jane was rubbing her recently spanked bottom and thinking about Miss Gregory, her canes and her strong right arm. There was no further talking, but a few quiet sobs from Jane.

By morning, Jane felt she would really have to go shopping for Zoe and just hope she wouldn’t be caught and caned.

As she brought Zoe’s early morning tea, Jane said quietly: “I’ll go for your chocolate, Zoe, and just pray that I don’t get caught.”

“That’s a good decision, Jane, but while I think of it pass me my ‘Jane’ book. I will have to add for next week’s confession that you were rather argumentative with me and also impertinent. I will probably have to punish you for that at next Sunday’s confession. Now make sure you take my Maths books across to school today.”

“Yes, Zoe,” Jane said sadly and immediately began to think about Miss Gregory’s right arm.

Tuesday approached slowly for Zoe as she contemplated a feast of chocolate, but quickly for Jane as she dreaded her illegal mission to the village shop. Zoe decided that Jane should not wear her school uniform in the village and chose a white blouse with no tie, and a grey mini skirt for her to wear. She tied Jane’s hair back into a ponytail and applied a little (illegal) lipstick to make her look older.

Jane was still pleading to be let off going to the village, and at one point Zoe had to threaten her with a spanking and another entry into the little confession book. Finally, she had to give Jane a hard stinging slap on each of her thighs and guide her with a firm push out of their study door.

“Right. Off you go, Jane. Stop worrying and you will be back here safe and sound in a few minutes. If you are a good girl I might allow you one or two of my chocolates.”

Jane left school by a back door having glanced round anxiously in case anyone was looking. Her heart was pounding and a little voice inside her kept telling her to go back. She knew that Zoe would be extremely angry if she didn’t complete her mission, and would inflict some dreadful punishment on her. She had to go on whatever the consequences. The village corner shop was only about a quarter of a mile from the school and Jane, walking quickly and anxiously, took about ten minutes to get there. There was a short queue in the shop and Mrs Camps, the postmistress, was serving the customers in her usual slow fashion, chatting away as she did so. Jane eventually got to the front and gave Mrs Camps Zoe’s list of chocolates.

“Are you at St Mary’s dear?” She asked with a smile at Jane.

“Er, yes. Sorry, er, I mean, no I don’t. Er, sorry, I mean I did go there. Er, sorry. Actually, I’ve left.” Jane burbled, feeling her face going very red.

“Of course you can’t be at St Mary’s, dear. I know Miss Gregory wouldn’t let her girls into the village without permission. She is very strict, you know. I’m told she still uses the cane.”

“Does she?” Jane replied quietly, longing for the conversation to end.

“Oh yes, dear. She’s quite old-fashioned. I know her well. She comes in here for her cigarettes. She’s very nice but, mind you, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her. But a good caning is just what some modern girls need.”

“Mmm.” Jane whispered non-committally, and waited for her change.

“Goodbye, dear. Take care.”

“Thank you,” Jane said quietly and with Zoe’s chocolates in a bag walked to the door. She could still hear Mrs Camps talking to an old lady in the queue.

“Yes, I think we could do with more Mrs Gregory’s,” she said. “A lot of modern girls could do with a few whacks with a good flexible cane across their bottoms.”

There was a murmur of agreement from the other waiting customers as Jane reached the street again. Thank goodness she had got the wretched chocolates and now all she had to do was get back to the school without being seen.

She headed back towards the school and as she turned the corner walked straight into somebody coming in the opposite direction.

“Oh, sorry. I’m very sorry.” Jane began, and then recognised that the person she had bumped into was Vicky Scott, the Head Girl of St Mary’s.

“Jane Menzies! What are you doing out of school? Did you seek permission? Where is your school uniform? I think Miss Gregory will have to hear about this and I anticipate she will be very unhappy. When she’s unhappy, canes come out and bottoms begin to sting. You heard what she said at assembly last week?

“Yes I did but please Vicky, please don’t report me. I am very sorry and I can explain.”

“Well you can come back to school now and explain in my study.”

Vicky held Jane’s arm tightly and marched her back to the school in silence. As they entered the front gate, Jane saw Zoe peeping out from behind a shrub in the garden and hopefully would realise that she had been caught by Vicky.

“Right, in you go Jane.”

Vicky threw open the door of her study and sat down at her desk, ordering Jane to stand near her, and reached for a pencil and paper.

“OK Jane, you said you could explain. Well, you had better start explaining before I take you to Miss Gregory.”

Vicky grabbed Jane’s plastic bag and discovered the collection of chocolate there.

“So you went to get some chocolate at the village shop without permission, did you?”

“Yes I did, Vicky, and I am really sorry.” Jane’s eyes filled with tears.

“Right. We’ll stop there. It’s Miss Gregory for you, my girl, and she will have a lot of questions to ask.”

“Vicky, couldn’t you possibly please punish me yourself? Give me the slipper or something?”

“Sorry, Jane. This is far too serious for the slipper. This is Miss Gregory business. Come with me. Oh, and bring your nasty little bag of chocolate with you.”

Jane put her hands together as if in prayer and got on her knees.

“Please, Vicky. Please don’t take me to Miss Gregory. I really don’t want the cane. Please punish me yourself.”

“Get up at once, girl, and come with me! I think you are going to get the cane whether you want it or not.”

Jane felt slightly sick, her heart was racing and her legs felt weak as she and Vicky walked in silence down to Miss Gregory’s office.

Vicky tapped on the door and went in, having told Jane to wait until she was called. Jane could hear a conversation through the door and thought Miss Gregory sounded angry.

“Right, come in Jane,” ordered Vicky. “Stand in front of Miss Gregory’s desk.”

“Jane Menzies, please tell me that what the Head Girl has said about you is incorrect,” asked Miss Gregory, already taking out the punishment book from a drawer in her desk.

“Please, ma’am. I am afraid it is all true and I want to say how sorry I am.”

Jane was trembling and couldn’t bring herself to look fully into the headmistress’s eyes.

“By the time I have finished with you, Jane, you will be very sorry indeed. I can promise you that.”

Jane was standing with her hands in front of her.

“Stand up properly, girl!” snapped the headmistress. “Pull your shoulders back, arms by your side, and put your knees together.”

The headmistress questioned Jane in detail about her offence. Had she heard the warning in assembly? Did she not know leaving the school premises without permission was against the rules? Why was she not wearing uniform, including the lack of a tie? Did she not know sweets were forbidden in the school? Was she a chocoholic?”

Jane had to confess the chocolates were not for her, and really felt she couldn’t say who they were for.

Miss Gregory noticed that Jane’s lips were rather red and ordered Vicky to wipe them with a tissue. Evidence of illegal lipstick was found – a further offence had been committed.

“You have let yourself, your parents, the school and me down, Jane. You have at least admitted your offences but have refused to tell me who the chocolates were for. I am going to give you a chance to change your mind and forget schoolgirl honour. Go to your three o’clock class and then you will go back to your study, take a shower, and change into your proper uniform. You will report back to my office at four-thirty this afternoon when I shall cane you very severely. After you have six strokes I will give you the chance to identify your friend and, if you refuse, I shall give you additional strokes to loosen your tongue. Is that clear, girl?”

“Yes, ma’am,” whispered Jane.

“I shall also decide whether to phone your parents about your disgraceful behaviour today.”

The flow of Jane’s tears increased.

“Please don’t do that, ma’am. They will be so upset.”

“I will decide later. Now get out and report back to me at four-thirty.”

“Yes, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am.” Jane sobbed.

The three o’clock lesson was History but Jane had major problems concentrating on Mrs Smith’s lesson on the Normans. Her mind was full of her coming punishment and what it would feel like to be caned. She failed to answer two questions from Mrs Smith correctly and was sentenced to two hours detention on Saturday. She and Zoe went to their study and Jane made preparations for her caning. Zoe was not very sympathetic and blamed Jane for being careless in the village. Her carelessness might have to be mentioned at her confession later in the week. Jane burst into tears.

“Don’t be so horrid, Zoe!” she sobbed, with uncharacteristic venom in her voice. “You made me go and promised I would be safe from prefects and teachers and you made me change into ordinary clothes and put lipstick on. Now I am going to be caned and it’s all your fault.”

Zoe could not let this behaviour go unpunished. She slapped Jane’s right thigh twice. “I will not be spoken to like that, Jane! How dare you? I’ll deal with your impertinence later, and perhaps it’s a good thing you are going to be caned. Now it’s nearly four-thirty and you had better go to Miss Gregory.”

Jane dried her tears and, trying to be brave, headed for the headmistress’s office and knocked nervously on the door.

“Come in.”

Jane entered the study and saw a low-backed chair in the centre of the room and a crook handled slender cane lying on the head’s desk.

“I am not going to go through everything you have done, Jane. You have admitted breaking a number of rules despite my recent warning and I have no option but to cane you. I thought seriously about expelling you. I spoke to your mother on the phone this afternoon and she has agreed that you should be caned and thanked me for not expelling you.”

Miss Gregory picked up the cane from her desk and flexed it between her hands. As she whisked it through the air it made a horrible whistling sound.

“I’m going to give you six on your bare bottom, Jane. This is actually a junior cane but I am told by those who have experienced both that it stings more than a senior cane. Now take your blazer and your skirt off and put them on my desk. Then go and stand behind that chair.”

Jane hastened to comply.

“Right, now bend over the back and hold the seat tightly. You will stay in position until I allow you to get up.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Jane’s voice could just be heard.

Miss Gregory tucked the cane under her arm and pulled Jane’s regulation green knickers down to the tops of her thighs, leaving her bottom fully exposed. Jane shivered and thought she felt goose-pimples on her bottom.

Miss Gregory rested the cane on Jane’s bottom and moved it slowly from side to side before raising it to the height of her shoulder and then bringing it down again with the full force of her arm.

At first the cane didn’t seem to hurt at all, but within seconds the most intense painful sting stretched across Jane’s bottom.

“Ow! Ouch! Help!” Jane struggled to keep her emotions under control. After a pause, the second and, a little lower, the third strokes landed. Each were intensely painful. Jane yelped after each stroke. Three more to go.

Miss Gregory lashed the cane through the air twice before tapping Jane’s bent bare bottom in readiness for the next strokes. The fourth and fifth strokes, both equally painful, were given and finally the sixth stroke fell lower down than the others at the junction of Jane’s bottom and the tops of her thighs.

“Stand up, Jane,” ordered Miss Gregory. “Hands on your head.”

Jane obeyed immediately, her face hot and tear-stained and her bottom immensely painful. She did a little dance with her feet as she tried unsuccessfully to relieve the pain in her bottom.

“Now I am going to give you a chance to tell me for whom you purchased the chocolates, Jane.”

Miss Gregory walked towards the window and Jane quickly looked down at the right side of her bottom which looked very red and she could see the red marks left by the cane as the tip had curled round her hip. She longed to rub it.

Miss Gregory flexed the cane in front of the naughty girl and explained what she would do next.

“Should you fail to tell me, I will give you two more strokes much harder than those you have received.”

Miss Gregory prodded Jane’s bottom quite gently with the cane to remind the girl of its vulnerability.

“Please ma’am, I’m really sorry but I can’t tell you.”

“Ok. Bend over the chair. We’ll see if two more strokes will loosen your tongue.”

Jane bent, experiencing extra pain in her bottom as she did so.

Two more very hard strokes were given but Jane again tearfully refused to say. She couldn’t break the school code of not telling tales.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ouch! I’m sorry, ma’am.”

Zoe had said that she couldn’t possibly be caned and that was another reason why Jane could not own up.

Miss Gregory gave two more strokes and, when Jane still refused to give in, decided that ten strokes were probably sufficient. Jane clasped her bottom.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” Her fingers went to relieve the sting. She was allowed to pull her pants up and replace her blazer and skirt, then Jane left the headmistress’s office with both hands clasped tightly against her burning bottom.

Zoe was waiting for her down the corridor.

“I hope you didn’t tell Miss Gregory about me,” she said.

“No, I didn’t, and I got four extra strokes for not telling.” Jane rubbed her bottom carefully.

“So you only had ten strokes, Jane? You were lucky. Some girls get twelve and if I had been Miss Gregory I would probably have given you twelve on your fat bottom for these offences.”

Jane couldn’t believe Zoe could be so beastly and the girls walked silently to their study.

“Right, Jane. Pants down, on your bed and lie on your tummy,” ordered Zoe, reaching for some cold cream. She rubbed some cream onto Jane’s burning and striped bottom. “I’ll put this on twice a day. I want this bottom ready to be spanked at confession on Sunday evening. There are several offences in my book and we must add your failed mission and the loss of my chocolates.”

“Please, Zoe, don’t be so horrid. That’s not fair. Please let me off confession this week.”

“No. Naughty girls must be punished!” said Jane. “And we will see if you fail your next mission and require more punishment. You realise you will have to somehow retrieve my chocs from Miss Gregory’s study don’t you?”

“Please no, Zoe, it’s not fair.” Jane’s tears flowed again. Her bottom was very tender. Zoe reached for more cold cream.

“That’s two additional spanks for impertinence, Jane, in addition to all your other faults and failures. We must get this bottom ready for Sunday’s confession whatever happens. You could be due twelve strokes of the sandal by then.”

Jane sighed and then sobbed again, dreading Sunday evening and wondering how Zoe could be so beastly to her.

The End