The Girls of BrandonAcademy – Part Six

Saturday Detention with the Headmaster

By Miss Em

This is the sixth of several stand-alone stories about a strict yet caring headmaster, Eric Davenport, and the girls at his school.

Saturday morning found me surprisingly rested considering all that was on my mind from the previous evening. I arose about six-thirty and went for my morning jog. When I returned, I woke Rebecca before taking a shower. Once dressed and shaved, I was ready to tackle the day.

I found Becca in the kitchen preparing breakfast. “I hope you’re not trying to bribe the Headmaster this morning, Miss Shaw-Davenport?” I teased.

“Oh, no Sir, but I thought my dad and I could have breakfast together – before I have to report to detention. I fixed a cheese and veggie omelet and toast.”

“Sounds good, Sweetheart. Why don’t you put food on the plates and I’ll pour us some juice.” As I walked by, Rebecca took the plates to the table. I noticed a pillow in her chair. “Are you doing okay this morning?” I asked, taking a seat.

“Yes, sir, but my bottom’s really sore. I’m not looking forward to those desks in detention. Can’t I take my pillow?”

“No ma’am, you know better.”

“I just thought maybe, since you were such good friends with the headmaster…”

Realizing she was joking I played along. “I just might tell the headmaster to wear your backside out this afternoon, before he sends you home.”

“Oh, Dad, no!! You’re just teasing, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m teasing, but there is a paddling this afternoon.”

“I know. I wish you could wait a few days.”

“You know I can’t do that; I can’t show you any special treatment.” Becca nodded as I spoke and I continued: “But I will hold off on your paddling until last.”


“All right, Baby, I have some things to do to get ready for detention,” I said as I stood and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “I’ll see you in my office at nine o’clock, sharp.”

“Yes, sir, I’ll be there. I’m just going to clean up the breakfast dishes first.”

“All right, Sweetie, but remember you don’t want to be late. I’m Headmaster Davenport when you come into my office. ”

“Okay, Dad, I love you.”

“I love you, too. See you in a little while,” I said as I left the kitchen. I picked up my brief case and headed for my office.

It was a beautiful March, Saturday. It seemed a good day for some outdoor work, so when I reached my office I called Mr Martin Braschler, our grounds keeper and master gardener. I asked Martin if there was enough work to keep the girls busy for a couple of hours. Then I arranged for several of the female staff to take 30-minute rotating shifts to monitor the girls when they were outside.

It was almost nine o’clock when I heard girls in the outer office. I opened the door of my office and the chatter immediately came to a halt. “Well, I’m glad to see you all chose to be on time,” I said as I surveyed the group of seven young ladies. “If you will follow me, we are going across the hall to the in-house detention room. There is to be no talking from this point on unless I ask you to speak. You will raise your hand should you require my assistance or need to ask a question.”

As the girls entered the room, I assigned each a seat, so that she was as isolated as much as possible from the other girls. Then I gave instructions. “Each of you is in for a long day. If you are in this room, you will be writing; writing letters of apology for your behavior, then lines of contrition, and finally completing any schoolwork you have neglected to do so far this term. Now, if you run out of work, be assured I will provide more. There is to be no talking, no chewing gum, food or drinks, no passing notes, and no eye contact with each other while in this room. Is that clear, ladies?”

Afraid to speak, they all shook their heads in understanding.

“Good,” I continued. “For the next three and a half hours you will be here under my supervision. I suggest you stay on task, unless you want to accrue what I call ‘paddle points’. You each automatically receive three licks at the end of the day; a reminder that detention is a punishment session. However, if you fail to complete your tasks today, misbehave, give me or any of the teachers, staff, or prefects any trouble what-so-ever, you will earn extra strokes, thus my ‘paddle points’. Any questions?”

Several of the girls look at me nervously, but only my daughter, Rebecca, was brave enough to raise her hand. “Yes, Miss Shaw,” I responded (using her real father’s last name was something we both agreed for her to do).

“Headmaster, are you saying that if – if we don’t finish the lines you assign then we – we get an extra swat later?”

“Possibly two extra swats, Miss Shaw, depending on how much you do or don’t complete.”

“But, Sir…!” She stopped, put a hand over her mouth and raised her other.

“Yes, Miss Shaw?”

“I’m sorry, Sir, but shouldn’t we – uh – sort of know – ahead of time about the extra number of swats?”

“You do. I just explained you would receive one or two extra strokes for deviating from your assigned tasks. I will keep track and I will make you aware of any extra strokes you have earned.” Rebecca nodded, but I decided to emphasize this a bit more. “My suggestion to each of you is that you pay attention to directions and then stay focused on your assignments and tasks.  Any more questions?” Leslie Carlton timidly raised her hand. “Yes, Miss Carlton, what’s your question?”

“Well-um- I was just wondering about when we get breaks and lunch, and whether I could have a glass of water in here while I’m working? I’ve sort of got a little bit of a sore throat and I’d like to have the water to sip on, Sir, if you don’t mind?”

“You may not have water at your desk, Miss Carlton; however you will be allowed to get a drink when needed. As for lunch, you will be escorted to the cafeteria at 12:15. You will be given a short restroom break around 10 o’clock and you may take another break during your lunchtime. I expect you to be back in your assigned seats at 1:00 sharp. You will be assigned an outdoor job and when it is complete you will report right back here.

“By that time, I will have checked your morning work and will have other assignments for you. While you work on the afternoon assignments, I will be having a brief conversation with each of you and you will receive your paddling. I expect to dismiss you back to your dorm rooms around four o’clock.

“You will remain in your rooms for the rest of the weekend except for tomorrow morning’s Worship Service. I have arranged to have your meals delivered to you.

“At the end of Monday morning’s assembly, I will call several of you up on stage and ask you to apologize for your behavior. I will talk with you more about this public apology this afternoon. Any questions before we begin assignments?”

I paused and made brief eye contact with each girl, just long enough to get a negative headshake or a shrug of the shoulders.

“Very well, if there are no further questions, you may each begin the lines and the apology letters as described on the papers taped to your desks.”

The girls looked at the instructions, pulled out paper and pens, and started working. I took a seat at the teacher’s desk on a platform in front of the classroom. After about twenty minutes, I called Rebecca to my desk. “Miss Shaw, bring me your writings, please.”

She cautiously approached. She was visibly shaking as she held out her apology letters and lines.

“Sir, I – um – I haven’t finished yet,” she said with a quivering voice. “Have I already done something wrong, Sir?”

“No, ma’am, relax. Sit down here,” I directed, pointing to a straight back chair next to my teacher desk. Rebecca quickly obeyed. I took her papers and glanced at the three pages she gave me. “This is fine – for now. You have several jobs to complete today. I’ve arranged for you to work with Mr Braschler to pick up trash around the campus and help him with any gardening jobs he may have. During lunch you will help in the cafeteria, before you eat. When you’ve eaten and Mrs Martin releases you, you will report to Ms Ramsey in the library until time for you to return here. Any questions?”

“Yes, Sir, umm, my – my dad said I would be earning some money to pay the store manager.”

“That’s correct, Miss Shaw. If I get good reports from Mr Braschler, Mrs Martin and Ms Ramsey, you will receive a monetary compensation. The amount will be determined by the quality of your work.”

“Do you think I can earn 50 dollars? I mean, I know any amount is good, but I owe that store 50 dollars!”

“Well, I expect you and your father will have to discuss that, don’t you?” I questioned my daughter whose nervousness was still obvious.

“I guess so.  Er, should I go find Mr Braschler, now Sir?”

“You won’t need to, he’s waiting outside the door. You may go.”

Rebecca got up and started for the door, but turned around, “Headmaster, when do I need to be back here?”

“Around three-thirty, Rebecca.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied with a weak smile as she reached the door.

A quick glance at the classroom brought my attention to the six remaining girls. “All right ladies, I suggest you get back to your assignments before you accrue extra licks.” As I finished, a hand went up. “Yes, Miss Calton?”

“May I be excused, please Sir?” She asked, fidgeting in her seat.

“Yes ma’am, hurry please.”

She jump up quickly and rushed for the door. She offered a quick, but sincere “Thank you, Sir,” as she dashed past me heading for the door. She returned in a few minutes and quietly took her seat.

I returned to my own paper work, but was continually glancing up at the girls. It wasn’t long before I caught Chelsea Hunter and Beth Schwartz passing a note. “Miss Swartz, bring that here, now!” I demanded.

“Uh, yes sir.” She approached my desk and offered me the folded paper. “I’m sorry, Sir, I – uh – I found it on the floor.”

“Only because Miss Hunter tossed it there. Miss Swartz, you will both receive two paddle points.”

“But sir, I…” Beth started to protest.

“Arguing with me, Miss Swartz, will get you two more paddle points. Are you arguing?”

“Oh, no sir, not at all, sir,” she sputtered.

“I thought not. You may return to you seat and complete your work.”

“Yes sir. Thank you, sir.” Beth quickly returned to her desk and pushed her dark brown, shoulder length hair back behind her ears, and continued her writing assignment.

I had the girls writing lines for about an hour, and then I collected their papers and had them begin their letters of apology, after which I allowed them some time for any work that was missing. When lunchtime came, I had two of the Head Girls escort my detention group to the cafeteria.

I had a quick lunch and returned to the detention room about fifteen minutes early. I had decided to send the girls out on a rotating  work schedule, which would allow me time to speak to each pair of girls separately and administer the required paddling in relative privacy.

I went to my office and retrieved my paddles. When I returned, several of the girls, Helen Archer, Leslie Carlton, and Janet Linn, were seated and working quietly. I checked my watch and there was still five minutes for the other girls to return. I took a seat and looked over my notes.

Chelsea Hunter walked in and quietly took her seat with several minutes to spare. I checked the hall before closing the locked door; there was no one to be seen. Meaning Beth Schwartz and Margo Tuttle were late and now would incur my wrath via the school paddle, which has acquired the name ‘Enforcer’.

“Miss Carlton and Miss Archer, since you enjoyed some time out of the classroom, I have arranged for you to spend  time outside picking up any litter around the courtyard, walkways, and the exercise field.” Both girls dropped their lower jaw in disbelief. “Mr Braschler will be supervising along with Coach Stevens.”

(Let me interject here that Miss Stevens is the girls’ health and physical fitness instructor and coach of the tennis, softball, and basketball teams. She is a no-nonsense instructor and will keep Leslie and Helen occupied for a good two hours.)

“Miss Linn, you will be reporting to Mrs Martin in the cafeteria. I will send Miss Tuttle along when she shows up. I have instructed Mrs Martin to have you both cleaning the kitchen and the cafeteria. Hopefully, that will be a deterrent to further food fights.”

“Yes, headmaster,” she replied softly.

“And you, Miss Hunter, will report to Ms Ramsey in the library and for the next hour and a half you will take notes on the poet, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning. Ms Ramsey will check over your notes before you return here. Then I expect you to spend any free time this evening and tomorrow writing your paper. You will report to my office Monday morning with your notes and paper. Is that clear, Miss Hunter?”

“Oh, yes sir, I understand, sir.”

Chelsea Hunter stood in front of my desk and did not move. “Is there something you wish to say, Miss Hunter?”

“Yes, sir, um…”

“Out with it girl, Ms Ramsey is waiting for you.”

“What about Beth, sir?”

“Well, when Miss Swartz makes an appearance, I’ll send her out to Ms Ramsey. But the two of you will not be working together. Now go on, report to the library before I decide you need a couple of extra points for stalling.”

“Yes, sir; thank you, sir.” Chelsea left quickly and I watched from the window as she headed for the library building.

It was a half past one when Beth Schwartz and Margo Tuttle came rushing into the room. Their faces were flushed and they were out of breath as if they had been running.

“Oh, Headmaster Davenport, we are s-s-so, s-so s-s-sorry we are late!” Margo slurred and giggled.

“He-he-he, yes sir,” added Beth Schwartz, “we – um sort of lost track of time.”

“I don’t find this humorous, ladies,” I scolded as I approached the two girls.  “You were instructed to be back in this room by one. You are 30 minutes late. The cafeteria is only five minutes away. Where have you been?”

“Oh, Headmaster, don’t get all bent out of shape.” Margo insisted, then she giggled again. “We had to stop by the little girls’ room. You wouldn’t want us to, you know, have an accident here, would you?” Then she toppled.

I barely caught her before she hit the floor. I could smell alcohol on her breath and her clothes reeked of tobacco smoke. I sat Margo down in a chair.

“Miss Schwartz, sit down now before you fall over too! I can’t believe you two! You’ve been smoking and you are drunk! Beth, where did you get the alcohol??”

“Oh,ssh-ssh-ssh, Margo has her s-secret s-s-stash, S-Sir, and I-uh-I don’t know.  No-no-no. tehe-he-he.” She snickered.

“Secret stash! We’ll just see about that!” I said. “Both of you need to see the nurse. I’ll deal with this behavior after you’ve sobered up. I’ll see you in your dorm rooms at 9 this evening. When you are released from the infirmary, you are confined to your rooms. Do you understand, Miss Schwartz?”

“Yes, sir, I understand.”

“Good. I’ll leave it to you to explain to Miss Tuttle when she’s more coherent. Now let me see who I can get to escort you to the infirmary.”

“Oh we kno-know how to get-get to the in-infirma-ma-ma – the nurse,” sputtered Beth.

“I’m sure you do, Miss Schwartz,” I replied. “But I want to make sure you get to the infirmary. Stay here while I make a phone call.

In about five minutes, Mrs Maria Jordan, my Assistant Headmistress and history professor/ basketball coach, Harold Middleton were escorting the two girls to Mrs Parker in the infirmary. I would deal with Miss Schwartz and Miss Tuttle after the morning worship.

For now, I needed to concentrate on the five girls that would be returning during the afternoon. I worked on the school’s financial reports until the first of the girls returned from their afternoon activities. About three o’clock, Leslie Carlton and Helen Archer arrived back and, since the door was open, cautiously entered my office. I spoke before they found their voices.

“Come on in, ladies. Stand right in front of my desk,” I instructed as I put all my paperwork in a folder and set it aside. I opened the large side drawer on my desk and removed the school paddle. “Well ladies, how was the yard work?”

“Hard, Sir. Mr Braschler wouldn’t let us stop until we were through.”

“Yes, Sir, we worked non-stop, but we’ve learned our lesson, Headmaster,” Miss Carlton explained.

“Have you, Now? And just what lesson have you learned, Miss Carlton?”

“Oh, Sir, we will not skip class again, ever!”

“Never again, Sir. We will report to every class on time,” Helen Archer offered.

“Well, ladies, I hope that is so. Now, both of you have a lot of work to complete before Monday morning. I will expect to see both of you in my office immediately after breakfast. I will check your assignments and give you a pass to class. Any questions?”

“Oh,no, Sir. You’ve been very fair.”

“Quite fair, Headmaster.”

“Then we only have to take care of one thing and the two of you are on your way to your dorm rooms,” I announced as I picked up the ‘Enforcer’ and moved to the front of the desk. “Would either of you like one of the teachers to witness your paddling?”

Almost in unison the girls said: “Oh, no Sir!”

“Very well then, let’s just move those chairs back a bit,” I said and in reference to the chairs behind the girls.

As I slid one back, the girls pushed the other. “I think we can make room here for both of you. Ladies, I need you to remove your jackets please.”

They did as instructed and placed their jackets on the chair to the right. “In a moment, you each need to place yourself over the desk, grab hold to the other side, and try to remain still. You will each receive the mandatory three licks.”

“Sir, do we have to – to lower our slacks?” Helen asked softly.

“No, Miss Archer, the Enforcer and I will get our message across quite emphatically, I assure you.”

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.”

“Any questions, Miss Carlton?”

“No, Sir, I-I’m really sorry we cut classes.”

“I’m sure you are and when we finish here, I hope you both will think long and hard before leaving campus without permission.”

Both girls answered in unison: “Yes, Sir.”

“Very well, let’s get on with this. Over the desk, girls.” I commanded.

The girls lowered themselves over my desk and reached across to the other side. I slowly took aim on Miss Archer’s shapely bottom and the Enforcer met it with a fierce THWACK!

“Eeoow!” Helen screamed.

I then took a step, placed the paddle lightly against Leslie Carlton’s equally well-rounded bottom. She jumped slightly. “Be still girl,” I ordered as I drew back and let the paddle land sharply. She moaned. I decided to complete Miss Carlton’s punishment. I drew back and struck her navy-trouser covered bottom a second time.

“Oh My Go-osh!” She shrieked and clutched the desk tightly.

I laid the third swat on with as much force as I could; I wanted this young lady to remember her detention for the rest of the weekend. She screamed and burst into sobs. “Stay in position until I tell you to rise,” I instructed before returning to Miss Archer.

As I placed the paddle against her bottom, Helen started begging me to give her a reprieve. “Oh, Mr Davenport, please don’t do this, I promise I’ll be…”

I swung and the paddle struck hard.

“…gooood oooouw! G_ D D_ _ M! That thing hurts!!”

“Yes ma’am it does and you’ve just earn two extra.”

She twisted her head and body in an attempt to see me. “Oh, no, please, sir, I’m s-s-so-sorry! I didn’t mean anything. Please not extra!”

“Get back in position, girl! And stay there!” I wanted her to think about what she said and what was about to happen. I also wanted to allow Leslie to get up. “Miss Carlton, you may rise and stand facing the wall.” As she walked toward the wall, her hands found their way to her very warm painful bottom. “Hands on your head, unless you’d like a few extra.”

She quickly obeyed and responded: “Yes, Sir. No, Sir. Sorry Sir.”

I returned my attention to Helen. “Three more, Miss Archer. I suggest you hold on to the desk tightly and be careful what comes out of your mouth. I decided each of these were going to be full force swats and I decided not to give a long time between them.

THWACK! “Eeeeeooooouch!”

Swish. THWACK! “Oooooooooooh! Sir, pl-eee-ease!”

SWUSH! THWACK! “O-O-OH GOSH!!” Helen jumped up and started rubbing her bottom.

After about thirty seconds of her jumping up and down, I spoke. “All right, that’s quite enough. Stand still and straighten up, Miss Archer; then put your hands on top of your head. Miss Carlton, you may join us here at my desk.”

Tears flowed freely and noses sniffled constantly during my dismissal speech. “You may place your hands to your sides. I am sure that you will each recover fully from this episode by tomorrow afternoon. And I trust we have had a meeting of the minds as far as cutting classes is concerned.” Both girls nodded. “Answer please.”

“Yes, Sir.” They both replied.

“Then I will see you here Monday morning, right after breakfast, with your completed assignments.”

“Oh, yes, Headmaster,” Helen began. “And thank you for giving us this opportunity to redeem ourselves. I for one will not be cutting classes again.”

“Neither will I, sir. And we will be much more diligent in our studies.”

“I’m glad to hear that, ladies. Now, off to your rooms and to your assignments. Of course, Mrs Jordan or I will be checking on you frequently this weekend.”

“Yes, sir, thank you, sir,” Helen replied.

Leslie also answered, “Thank you, Headmaster Davenport.”

I moved from my desk and escorted the girls to the door. “Go on, before I decide you need some more detention time.” The girls giggled at my comment and I smiled as they left my office.

I stepped across the hall to the detention room and found my other three detainees sitting quietly and working on lessons. “Well, ladies, I must say I am glad to see each of you working diligently. I will be calling you one at a time across the hall for your exit meeting. But I need to know now if any or all of you want Mrs Jordan to witness your paddling.

“Miss Shaw, do you want a witness?”

“Uh, no, – I mean – no, Sir.”

“Miss Linn?”

“No, Sir, I guess not,” she hesitated and fidgeted with her paper.

“It is not a problem to call for Mrs Jordan, if it would make you feel more comfortable, Janet.”

“Thank you, Sir. Is this a bare-bottom spanking, Sir?”

“No, but because this is for the food fight, you have five licks coming as we discussed yesterday, and three for being in detention. You may need help staying in position.”

“I guess, you’d better call for Mrs Jordan, Sir. I’ve never had a school paddling before.”

“I think that’s a wise idea Miss Linn. This will be difficult punishment for you, but you’ll survive.” She gave me a weak smile and nodded.

“All right, Miss Hunter, you’ve earned eight swats from the paddle or six stokes from the cane. Plus three for detention. Do you want a witness?”

“Yes, Sir, I’ve never been caned before and I might need help staying in place, too.”

“Very well, why don’t you come across the hall with me.” She followed and I had her stand in front of my desk while I called Maria Jordan.

While we waited for Mrs Jordan to arrive, I observed her fidgeting with her jacket and rocking back and forth. “Suppose you tell me whether you want the paddle or the cane.”

“Oh Headmaster Davenport, I know I can’t take eleven licks from that paddle of yours, so I have to take the cane.”

“Six strokes from the cane will also hurt, Miss Hunter.” I warned. “And you still have three from the paddle.”

“I know, Sir, but I was hoping you might change those last three to another day.” I raised my eyebrows as she finished. “Please, Sir.” Chelsea pleaded.

“I won’t drag it out, as long as you cooperate, Miss Hunter.” Seeing my assistant headmistress at the open door, I invited her in. “Please, join us, and close the door please, MrsJordan.”

She closed the door and joined Chelsea and me at my desk. “I have a couple of young ladies that have requested your presence while I administer corporal punishment.”

“That’s fine, Headmaster. I’m always available to help any way I can.”

“Miss Hunter, if you will remove your jacket. Then place yourself over the desk.” I tried to speak firmly, as I turned to retrieve a cane from the cupboard. I selected the intermediate one. Then I picked up the paddle. Miss Hunter would feel the after effects of this punishment for about a week. “Now, just a reminder, Miss Hunter, you need to stay in position. If you want Mrs Jordan to help you keep your position, you only need to ask. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir, but I think I can do this. I just wasn’t sure,” the nervous girl declared, lowering herself onto my desk.

“I’m going to use the paddle first. Then the cane.” I took up my position to the girl’s left. I placed the paddle against her bottom to get an accurate swing. Mrs Jordan walked behind my desk, so she would be available to quickly help Chelsea stay in position.

I swung the paddle and hit her bottom dead center. Chelsea groaned, but stayed in position. I swung the paddle again. This time it was a little low and the force lifted her up and onto her toes. Chelsea screamed.

“One more from the Enforcer.” I stated, before letting the paddle find her bottom one more time. Again, Chelsea let out a loud scream and stomped her feet. “All right, Miss Hunter, you may get up for a moment and rub.” I handed the paddle to Mrs Jordan. “Would you place this on my side table, please ma’am.”

“Certainly, Headmaster.”

Chelsea was doing a little dance back and forth on each foot and rubbing her behind. I swapped a look with Maria, before speaking. “That’s enough, Miss Hunter, you will need to lower your slacks and take your position again.”

“Oh, please, don’t do this now, Sir. Isn’t there some way you could do this later? I’m really hurting, Headmaster Davenport.”

“Position, Miss Hunter, then lower the slacks.” I commanded sternly and flicked the cane for emphasis.

“Come on, Chelsea,” Mrs Jordan consoled. “You don’t want to prolong this. Come on.” Maria held out her hand as she beckoned the girl. Chelsea took her spot in front of my desk, facing Mrs Jordan. Slowly she lowered her navy slacks and gave a pleading look to Mrs Jordan. “Do you want me to help you stay down, Chelsea?”

Nodding her head and wiping a tear from her face, Chelsea slowly lowered her body over my desk again. Mrs Jordan placed her hands on Chelsea’s shoulders. I tapped the cane twice so she knew I was about to start, then I drew the cane straight back and then let it return to the middle of her navy blue panties. I heard a slight groan, but Chelsea seemed to take the first stroke well, as she did the next stroke. The third stroke was deliberately placed low on the top of her thighs. I watched as she yelled, jerked her head, stomped her feet, and winced in pain. I was definitely getting through.

Mrs Jordan applied a little pressure to help keep Chelsea in place. Again, I tapped the cane lightly several times across the navy panties, then drew the cane back for stroke number four. I let it land above the last stroke in the crease where her bottom met her thighs. She shrieked and then I saw Chelsea grip the edge of my desk tightly and contort her body in anguishing pain. She splayed her legs up and down and back and forth in a desperate attempt to put out the fire that was building in her bottom.

I felt bad for the girl, but I had a responsibility to correct her errant ways. So, I spoke sharply to her. “Miss Hunter, you need to settle down quickly, unless you wish extra strokes.”

Mrs Jordan leaned over and whispered something in her ear, and Chelsea screamed: “NOOOOOO!! I’m sorry, it just hurts so much!! I’ll try to be still. Please, Sir, no extras!”

“We’ll see. You have two more.” I said, already tapping for the next stroke.  Knowing that these last two would be the most severe, I signaled for Maria to hold Chelsea firmly. I decided not to wait too long between the strokes. I placed the cane just below middle, tapped three times and then drew back and snapped the cane hard across her bottom.

“Yeeeoooow!!! Oh, please Sir, no more! I caa-a-a…” I silently counted to five, tapped the cane across the middle of her swollen bottom, drew back and let the cane find its way back across Chelsea at full force. She continued her scream, ca-a-ca-a-a-an’t-yeoo-ow-ou-ouch! Oh, pa-pa-leeeassse!!.No more!!!”

I once more silently counted to five and placed the cane against her wiggling bottom. I tapped the cane lightly several time waiting for her to settle down.

I was just about to issue an extra stroke when Mrs Jordan spoke to Chelsea.

“You are making this a lot harder on yourself. Be still and take your punishment or I will see you to my office Monday and we will repeat this on your bare bottom.”

“Oh, no ma’am please, I’m sorry, it just hurts so much!”

“It is supposed to hurt, young lady,” I scolded. “Do you remember why you are in this position, Miss Hunter?”

“Yes, sir, Beth and I c-copied my sister’s paper on William Sha-Shakespeare.”

“Hopefully, this punishment will help you remember not to copy other people’s work.” As I finished my statement I drew the cane back and let it find its way back to her bottom about an inch below the last.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeou-ou-ouch! Oh!Oh! Oh! Oh! Oooooouch!” Mrs Jordan held her down for a moment while I put the cane away. But when she released her hold, Chelsea jumped up and down and rubbed her bottom, forgetting that her pants were around her ankles until she almost fell. “Oh, gosh, Headmaster, my bottom feel like it’s on fire!”

“I’ve been told that before. Now pull up your trousers, Miss Hunter.”

She blushed and quickly reached down to retrieve her pants. I almost chuckled as the embarrassed girl turned away from me to fasten her trousers.

“Mrs Jordan, ask Miss Shaw to escort Chelsea to the nurse and bring in Miss Linn. Chelsea,  the nurse can give you a cream that will help some, but you will feel the effects for several days,” I explained. “Now, I expect to see you in my office with your paper, immediately after assembly on Monday.”

“Yes sir, and thank you. I know you could have expelled us for copying the paper.”

“Well, it better not happen again. I will expel you after I give you twelve strokes,” I threatened.

Chelsea wiped the last tears from her eyes, then gave me a look of appreciation. “Headmaster, if I ever copy someone’s work again you can give me 24 strokes.”

Mrs Jordan returned shortly with Janet Linn, a very quiet, usually well-behaved young lady. She took a position in front of my desk, her long black hair fell forward and almost covered her face when she lowered her head. “Sir, I’m scared.”

“I can understand that, Janet. Tell me something, did your parents ever spank you?”

“Yes, sir, and when my dad finds out about this I’ll get spanked at home.”

‘Well, this will not take very long, if you cooperate. Mrs Jordan is here as a witness and will help you stay in position if you want her help.”

“I think I will need it Sir. I’ve never had a paddling from you before and all the girls tell me that it’ll be horrible!”

Mrs Jordan and I both snickered softly at her description. “It will be not be a pleasant experience for you, Janet. It is a punishment and I intend to apply enough pain to make you not want to return here. You will be uncomfortable for several days, but you will survive. I haven’t lost a student yet.”

Janet giggled slightly. “Thank you, sir, I’m not as afraid as I was when I came in.”

“I don’t want you to be afraid of me. I want you to understand that there are consequences for your behavior. Having a food fight at your age is unacceptable. Hopefully there will not be a repeat of the behavior.”

“No, Sir, no repeats, I promise.”

“Good, then we need to get on with this. Stand in front of my desk, Miss Linn.”

She followed my direction and looked at the Enforcer as Mrs Jordan handed it to me.

“In a moment, I will ask you to lean over the desk; you will need to lean over and grab hold to the other side of the desk. Do not bring your hands back or try to get up before I instruct you to do so. I don’t want the paddle to hit anything but your bottom. Understand?”

“Yes, sir, I’ll try.” As I moved into position, Janet broke into tears. “Mrs Jor-Jordan will you help me please, I-I-uh can’t do this.”

“Miss Linn, bend over.” She reached back and straightened her A-line navy blue skirt. She was one of the few international students, whose parents would not allow shorts or trousers except for Physical Education classes. The skirt was a modest knee-length so while it did rise a bit when she bent over, she was still protected by two layers of clothing.

“Come on, Miss Linn, stretch right across this desk,” Maria insisted. “The Headmaster still has other students to see this afternoon.” As Janet leaned forward, Mrs Jordan took hold of her hands and placed them on the edge of the desk. “You hold on here and I’m going to keep my hands on your shoulders; if you start to get up, I will gently push you back down.”

Janet nodded.

“I want you to count each swat, Miss Linn,” I said as I placed the Enforcer next to her bottom.

I tapped, then swung. SWOOSH! POP!

“OH-UUGH!! One, sir.”


SWOOSH! THRAP! “Oooooh! Gosh! Th-three, sir.”

SWOOSH! THRAP! Eeeeouuuch!! F-f-four sir.”

I decided to place number five a little lower, the swat lifted her slightly off the floor, Janet groaned, then screeched: “Five,sir!” She contorted her body to one side and pounded a fist on my desk. Mrs Jordan had a firm hold on the girl or she might have gotten up.

“Back into position, Miss Linn. Three more to go.” I announced. “You don’t have to count these, but you need to stay in position. I’m going to apply these last three quickly.” And with that statement I proceeded to apply three very firm and fast swings: THRACK!!



“Oh, ple-ease! No more!” She screamed and tried to get up.

Mrs Jordan put more pressure on her shoulders to keep her in place. “Be still and quiet, girl, you know you deserve this!”

As Janet settled and took a deep breath, I placed the last swat firmly across the center of her bottom. She kicked her feet against the floor and unsuccessfully tried to get released from Maria Jordan’s hold and broke down into tears.

I placed the paddle on the side of my desk, while Mrs Jordan helped Janet to her feet.

Facing me, Janet tried to compose herself to speak. “Headmaster, I’m really sorry about the food fight; it won’t ever happen again.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Janet. Now you need to go to your dorm and complete any assignments that you have due Monday.”

“Yes, sir.”  She said as she winced and stepped slowly toward the door.

“Maybe it would be a good idea for Mrs Jordan to help you back to your dorm.”

“If you could, ma’am? It is difficult to walk.”

“Certainly, I can return if you’re going to need me anymore, Headmaster Davenport?”

“No, Mrs Jordan, but thank you for the offer. I think I can manage the last one.”

“Well, I’ll be in my apartment if you decide you need me.”

“Thank you, Maria. You have a nice afternoon and evening.”

“You too, Headmaster.” She replied as she escorted Janet Linn out of the office.

I returned to the detention room and found Rebecca pacing and looking out the window. She was rubbing her bottom in anticipation of what was to come.  “All right, young lady, time for you to join me across the hall.”

My voice obviously startled her as she jumped and turned quickly. “Oh, Headmaster, yes sir.”

I held the door for her to enter my office. Then I closed and locked the door. “I don’t want us to be interrupted.”

“This isn’t going to take too long is it, sir? I mean, I only have three licks, right?”

“No, Rebecca, it shouldn’t take too long. But it will be five swats.”

“FIVE! Daddy why?”

“It’s Headmaster right now, Rebecca.”

“Yes, sir, I’m sorry, but why five?”

“What’s in your mouth?”

“Chewing g – gum – oh, no please! I was just nervous. I just put it in my mouth a few minutes ago. Dad, I mean, Headmaster, sir, you know I chew gum when I’m nervous or worried.”

“I do, but I also know what my instructions were this morning. Now let’s get this over with. Spit out the gum, bend over the desk, grab hold of the far side and don’t…”

“Don’t get up or reach back until you tell me to. I know the routine.”

“You need to lose the attitude, young lady.”

“Yes, sir, I’m sorry.” Becca stepped over to the trashcan and spit out the gum. Then she returned to the front of the desk, leaned over and looked back at me. “Do I need to lower my trousers, sir?”

“No, the Enforcer can get through several layers of clothing. Now, reach on over, I need your bottom up a little higher.”

Rebecca did as she was told and I applied two firm swats with only a few seconds between. She groaned and wiggled her bottom. “Be still, three more,” I said sharply as I placed the paddle in position for swat number three. I was a little more precise and placed a very forceful swat across the center of her bottom.

She hung onto the desk so hard I could see her knuckles turning white. She screamed out in pain: “Oooooooh-eeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooch! OH!_OH!_OH!_OH!_OH!,PLEEEASE!!”

I placed the fourth and fifth swats lower lifting her slightly off her feet. She didn’t scream out, but gave low long moans and burst into tears as I walked around my desk to put the paddle away. I left her in position for about two minutes. “All right, Rebecca, let’s get up.”

She slowly pushed up off the desk. “Oh, Da-ad, I mean Headmaster! Oh, Sir, my bottom is so sore and throbbing right now. I don’t think I’ll be able to sit for a week.”

“Then you understand the message that I wanted to get across?”

“I’m not to steal,” she said wiping her eyes, “and I won’t! Beside I didn’t steal anything this time!”

“You do not need to raise your voice to me, young lady.”

She lowered her head and wiped away some more tears. “Yes, sir, I-I’m sorry.”

“Now come over here and give your Dad a hug,” I said opening my arms for her.

I could see she wanted to rush toward me, but her scorching bottom wouldn’t let her. I moved to the front corner and propped on the edge of my desk, making it easier for her to come to me. “Come on, Sweetie,” I said taking her in my arms. “You know you’re going to have to keep moving or the pain will get worse.”

“Dad, I really am sorry,” she cried on my shoulders.

“I know, Baby, I know. Now, we have to get ready for Mr Holmes; you have one more apology to make and fifty dollars to donate to one of Mr Holmes charities.”

“Dad, how am I going to work off the fifty dollars in two weeks? I probably didn’t make more than fifteen today.”

“No, you didn’t, probably closer to ten. However, I’m loaning you the money and you will be given extra chores over the next two weeks at home and at school until you pay me back.”

“Okay, and Dad, I – I –uh- wanted you to know that I-uh – I decided not to see Jeff Coles anymore.”

“I think that’s a wise decision; we’ll talk about it more after Mr Holmes leaves.  But right now you and I need to get home and prepare dinner.”

Becca gave me a hug and we walked slowly back to our campus apartment.

The End

In the future, I will tell you more about The Girls from The Brandon Academy.

© Miss Em 2014