This is the first of several stand-alone stories about a strict, yet caring headmaster and the girls at his school.

By Miss Em

An Introduction

I am Eric Davenport, Headmaster of The Brandon Academy, a boarding school for young ladies between the ages of fourteen to nineteen. The school is tucked away on fifty acres of beautiful rolling hills in southern New York. Reverend Thomas K. Brandon, the former headmaster and now President of our school board, appointed me to this position four years ago in 1964, after being both an instructor and a housemaster (Dean) for eight years. I am responsible for the well-being, education, and discipline of the two hundred girls residing here, as well as the everyday running of the school and its facilities.

As headmasters go, I am relatively young – I recently celebrated my thirty-second birthday. Nevertheless, I have acquired a reputation of being firm but fair. Moreover, I have a very competent staff, which is able to handle most minor behavioral situations that occur. All my staff has the authority to assign lines, detentions and take away privileges (such as going into town to shop or see a movie, restriction from upcoming sporting events or dances), and of course spanking of no more than four licks with a small paddle.

Now there are certain situations which I have instructed my housemasters/housemistresses and instructors to bring to my immediate attention; defiance of authority, the use of drugs or alcohol, cheating or plagiarism, severe bullying, or the repetition of minor offences. I was trained by Rev Brandon in the use of the old school discipline tools of the tawse and the cane, plus there are more than a few young ladies that will tell you I swing a mean paddle. Any girl that has chosen to cross the line and finds herself standing before me for breaking the rules will be dealt with quickly and if necessary severely.

For the most part our girls are well behaved as they should be; their parents pay a tidy sum for their daughters’ college preparatory education. Each year, before registration concludes, parents and girls sign a statement that they understand and will abide by the school rules and will permit or accept discipline and punishment from the instructors, housemasters, or me, the headmaster, including the possibility of corporal punishment, suspension, or expulsion. I try to establish a relationship with each of the girls that allows me to counsel and discipline with love and respect for each.

With this general information before you, I can now relay some of the stories about my girls.


Jessica (Jessie) Walker

The first young lady that comes to mind is Jessica Walker. She is a senior and has just celebrated her nineteenth birthday last week. (I’ll relate that story a little later).

Jessie has excelled in many areas; an excellent student with a 3.75 grade point average, a member of the equestrian team, a leader in our student government, and this year is a Head Girl for her dormitory.

Jessica has one problem; she often does or states what’s on her mind before thinking about how her actions or words may affect herself or others. I can recall numerous occasions that brought Jessie to my office. For some reason this is proving to be a difficult year for Jessica; I will share a couple of stories.

Earlier this term, Jessica had several run-ins with her housemistress, Dean Martha Nettles. It was brought to my attention at the end of September. I remember her standing before me; she was a mess. Her white uniform blouse was wrinkled and not tucked into her red and blue plaid knee length skirt and the blue tie was not properly tied. She was holding her red blazer. Her auburn hair was in two long braids and she had a faint smile on her freckled face. Her green eyes sparkled. She seemed to have no fear of me, or the fact that she was here to be disciplined.

“In the future, Miss Walker, you will not enter my office with your uniform in such disarray.” I spoke firmly as I continued. “I am certain that Dean Nettles has instructed you on the proper wearing of your uniform, not to mention it is discussed in our handbook. Therefore, you will receive two extra strokes. Now I want you… ”

“But, Sir,” she interrupted. “I just came from physical training and the uniform is most uncomfortable when it’s all buttoned up and tucked in, and that stupid tie around my neck is tight. I try to wear it correctly during my classes, but after lunch and physical fitness it is just uncomfortable! If you ask me, I think the school could come up with a better uniform for all of us to wear!”

It was all I could do not to laugh at her seriousness. I knew she really did not want to be disobedient but here she was. “Well, young lady, first you will not interrupt when an adult is speaking to you. That’s two more strokes. Second, as for your uniform, no one is asking your opinion. The uniform is a requirement, not a choice. I expect to see you following our dress code from this point forward. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” she said softly and lowered her head and shuffled her feet.

“Very well, I want you to step back out to my secretary’s office and make yourself presentable. Show me you know how to wear the Brandon uniform correctly. Then we will discuss this report I have here from Dean Nettles.” I picked up a manila folder from my desk and let it drop.

“Oh, I want to talk to you about that stupid old report too!”

“Two more strokes, Miss Walker,” I snapped, “And I suggest you remember where you are and who is in charge here.”

“I know you are, Mr Davenport, and I haven’t forgotten I’m at school and please I don’t want any more strokes.” She spoke as if nothing was wrong. Jessie turned to leave, and then stopped. “Sir, why do I have to leave your office just to tuck in my blouse?”

“Tell me, Jessica, have you ever heard of obedience?”

“Sure, my dad says I need to learn to respect and obey my elders.”

“I suggest you heed your father’s advice and obey my directive. Now, young lady.”

“Uh, oh, er, yes sir, you want me out there fixing my clothes?” As she spoke, Jessie pointed to the door to my secretary’s office.

I nodded, not wanting to engage her in another dialogue as I did not want to give this young girl any more extra stokes. I knew already she was not going to be sitting well for a few days. Jessica left my office for two or three minutes. Then there was a knock on the massive oak door that opened into my office.

“Enter,” I said as I finished clearing my desk for the upcoming learning experience. I smiled and gave her a compliment. “I appreciate your cooperation, Miss Walker. It’s nice to see you wearing your uniform correctly.”

Jessie returned the smile. “Thank you, Sir, and I’ll make sure that I iron my blouses from now on.” Obviously, my secretary, Ms Jackson, had suggested ironing the blouse.

“That would be nice, Miss Walker.” I let her stand for a moment while I went back through her folder. I wanted her to accept my authority, but I didn’t want to break the spirit I saw in her emerald-green eyes. I reached in my top desk drawer and took out the punishment book and a pen, and my tawse (a three-inch wide leather strap, about ten inches long, split down the center, almost the full length, with a four inch wrapped handle).

As I placed the items on my desk, I could see Jessica becoming apprehensive. First, she bit her lower lip, then played with her braids, then her body tensed, next her breathing became more pronounced, and finally she unconsciously placed her hands on her bottom and rubbed. The seriousness of our meeting was registering in her mind. “Do you know what this is for, Miss Walker?” She nodded and looked at her feet. “Come now, Miss Walker, speak up. I’m sure you have something to say.”

“I, uh, I, I don’t think I’ve done anything that deserves that belt, Sir.”

“This is called a tawse, Miss Walker, and you will receive six strokes for your impudence today.”

“Yes sir,” was her whispered reply.

“Dean Nettles states that you have been rude to her on several occasions. I see that you were assigned lines for impertinence during week one, a detention for back talk during week two, last week another detention and three licks for disobedience, and now here you stand before me for similar offences; a lack of cooperation, dress code violations, and back talk to Professor Brown and Dean Nettles. What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?”

“It’s not fair! They asked me what I think or want to do and when I tell them I get punished. I just think I’m being picked on.”

“From where I stand, Miss Walker, it appears you need a lesson in respect and obedience.”

“But, Mr Davenport…”

I put up my hand for her to stop. She did. I stood and walked to the front of my desk and sat on the left corner facing Jessica. “You need to think very carefully before you say anything. You are on very thin ice right now, young lady.”

Jessie smiled and replied with a snicker: “Yes sir.”

“I don’t see the humor in this, Miss Walker.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. I just pictured me falling through the ice and you having to pull me out and give me mouth to mouth resuscitation.”

What could I do but smile? It was obviously a school girl crush. “Well, Miss Walker, in many ways your analogy is accurate. It is my job to keep you safe; in this case show you the error of your ways. I’m very disappointed in your behavior, Jessica. You are supposed to be an example to the younger girls. Your academic record is almost perfect. However, your attitude and behavior leave much to be desired right now. You must learn to monitor your thoughts before they become words or actions that lead you into trouble with your instructors and Dean Nettles.”

“I’ll try, Sir, but I don’t see the need for all the rules and regulations that the school has.”

“In time you will see how the rules and lessons learned here carry over to life after you leave the Academy.” I stood. “So let’s get this punishment over with; I want you to bring that straight back chair over here and place it in front of my desk.” I pointed to a chair on the left side wall of my office.

To my surprise she followed my direction without question and placed the chair in front of me. I repositioned it slightly before sitting. Jessie was standing in front of me as I spoke. “Did your parents ever spank you, Miss Walker?”

“Yes sir, my mom had a nasty hair brush and my dad, well, he just used his hand, but it hurt as much or more than mom’s hair brush!”

“Well, because you’ve been acting very childish with your disobedience and insolent remarks, I am going to treat you like a naughty little girl. I am going to spank you. Would you like me to bring Ms. Jackson in as a witness?”

“Oh no sir; a witness, that would be too embarrassing.”

“Very well, place yourself across my lap.”

“But, Mr Davenport…”

“Obedience is required, Miss Walker.”

She complied. Then I raised her plaid skirt and she gasped.

“I will allow you to retain your panties this time, but if you return for further instruction on this matter I might not. I am going to spank you for two full minutes and, I assure you, you will wish for me to stop long before the time expires. If you struggle, the time will be extended. When I finish you will receive the extra six strokes from the tawse for your impertinence and then you will write apology letters to Dean Nettles and Professor Brown. Please note the clock on the corner of my desk. Two minutes, Miss Walker.”

I started the spanking with precise timing, like a metronome, back and forth, first one butt cheek then the other. At first Jessica didn’t make a sound, but after about half a minute the “oh’s”, “ah’s”, and “ouches” started. As a full minute approached, probably one hundred smacks, she started begging me to stop. I continued increasing the force and speed of the spanks, wanting this young lady to surrender to my authority. She reached her right hand back to stop me; I caught and held her wrist. Then Jessica started kicking her legs. I had to pause the session and pin her legs between mine. Afterwards I proceeded to increase the speed and force of the spanking for another minute.

When the almost three-minute spanking was over, I had Jessica place herself across my desk. “This will be painful,” I said showing her the leather strap, “But not as painful as the cane, which I considered using.” Amidst her cries of protests, I lashed that leather strap across her pert little, panty-clad, bottom six times. Needless to say Jessica was one very contrite girl. After a few minutes of tears, she wrote the apology letters I had requested and I did not see her for punishment again for several months.


Late Night Escapades

Several weeks before Christmas Break, Lisa Bentley brought Jessica to my office. Lisa was a senior and a Head Girl for the senior dorm. “Headmaster, I caught Jessie out of the dorm and out of bounds way past our lights out time of 10:00 pm. And this has occurred three nights in a row. With no permission, she was in the common area reading or watching late movies on TV. I gave her a warning Monday night, then on Tuesday I assigned Friday afternoon detention with lines, and then last night, well really this morning, I took her to Dean Nettles. She suggested I bring this to your attention. She said it warranted more licks than she could give.”

I watched Jessica closely as Lisa spoke. Jessica was indifferent, almost nonchalant, to the indiscretions Lisa described.

“Do you have anything to say, Jessica?” I asked.

“I wasn’t tired, Sir.”

“Then you don’t dispute Lisa’s account of the past three nights?”

“No Sir.”

I thanked Lisa for her report and diligence. Then I asked her to let Dean Nettles know that I would be handling Miss Walker’s transgressions, and I would talk with her at our Friday night faculty/staff dinner. Then I opened my bottom desk drawer and removed my large school paddle. Jessica’s green eyes opened wide as she watched me place it on the desk in front of her.

“Sir, could I say something, please?”

“Certainly,” I said as I watched her fidget with her waist-length, auburn hair which she had in one long braid, pulled to the left side.

“I know I shouldn’t leave the dorm without permission, but it was after midnight. I didn’t want to wake anyone up just to go downstairs to watch a little TV. I wasn’t sleepy and I can’t read in the room after lights out, so what am I supposed to do?”

“Stay in bed. Go to sleep.” I replied pragmatically.

She giggled. “I’m sorry, Headmaster, but it sounded funny.”

“I don’t think you’ll be laughing in a minute.”

“No sir, I’m sorry. But how do I get permission to leave the dorm if everyone is asleep?”

“That is very much to the point, Miss Walker; you don’t. You are not supposed to leave your bed until morning, unless you are going to the lavatory or visiting the on-duty nurse in the infirmary. We want you to learn to budget your time wisely and that includes time for sleep.”

“But I do budget my time, Mr. Davenport. I work hard in my classes; I do my class work and homework. I’m helping out in the stables and learning to ride, I play on the tennis team, I enjoy time with the other girls when we have free time, and I sleep when I’m tired. But sometimes I just can’t get to sleep or I wake up and can’t fall back to sleep, so I go downstairs to the commons and read or watch TV for a little while. I’ve done it lots of times and haven’t gotten caught until now, but I am sorry. I’ll try to stay in bed from now on. Really I will.” As she finished I saw a few tears escape her eyes. She was truly repentant.

I honestly felt for Jessica as I, too, have occasional sleepless nights. But my job was clear. “Miss Walker, I will accept your apology when the punishment is over. And due to the fact that I believe you are sorry for your repeated curfew and out of bounds violations, I am going to give you five licks instead of the usual ten, plus a Saturday detention with me in place of your Friday detention and lines.”

“Uh, Sir, what happens at a Saturday detention?”

“We will discuss that on Saturday. Let’s get this unpleasantness over with and get you back to class.” I picked up the paddle and saw her tremble. My position as headmaster requires me to be a disciplinarian and I accept that as part of my job, but I also feel I must show compassion and mercy. I do not want the girls to fear me; the punishment yes, but not me. So I tried to smooth the way for this paddling, which I found out later was her first with a school paddle. “If you stay in place, this will be over in two minutes. But if you get up, jump around, and make a fuss it will take a while and you will earn extra licks. Do you understand, Jessica?”

“Yes sir, I’ll try to stay where you want me.”

“Fine. I need you to remove your blazer and lean across my desk.” Jessica hesitated and gave me a pleading look. I simply waited. Momentarily she complied. She took off the tan uniform blazer and placed it on the chair near her then, smoothing her navy blue trousers, she placed herself across my desk. She wiggled her bottom as she tried to find a comfortable position. Finally she settled. “You are not to move and do not bring your hands back until I tell you to stand. Clear?”

“Yes sir.”

I placed the paddle next to her bottom and tapped it lightly, lining up for the first swing. I brought the paddle back and swung moderately hard. Jessica gasped and moaned. My second swat hit her in about the same place as the first, but was harder.

Jessie cried out: “Ooooh! Noooo! Please!”

My third swat was a little harder than the second and deliberately lower, catching her on the sit spot. Jessica threw her head back, kicked up her right leg, cried out and begged: “Eooow! Oh, pleee-ease, sir, I’ll stay in my bed, I promise.”

“Be still, unless you want extra?”

“N-n-no, sir, I-I’m sorry,” she stammered as I lined up for the fourth swat.

Again number four was harder than the others. “Yeee-ooow! Oh, please, I can’t… I can’t take anymore!” And I watched her clinch her right hand into a fist and repeatedly beat my desk, and then drummed her feet on the floor in an attempt to deal with the pain I and my paddle were inflicting on her bottom.

“Settle down! You’ve got one more to come.” I said firmly. She shifted slightly before resting on her forearms on my desk.

I immediately took aim and applied a full force swat to her navy blue clad bottom.

It brought Jessica up off the desk; she tossed her head back and screamed: “Oooooo! I hate that thing!” She reached back to rub her bottom and jumped up and down and all around for about a minute. I decided not to make an issue of her leaving position.

I used the time to sit at my desk and record in the punishment book and filled out a pass for Jessica to return to class. When she finally stopped jumping around, I stood and went back around to the front of my desk. “I hope this ends your late night trips to the commons area, Miss Walker.”

“Yes sir, I’ll stay in bed.”

“Very well, you need to get to class, but I expect to see you here, in my office, Saturday morning, at 9 o’clock sharp for detention.”

“Yes sir, and thank you.”

“For what?” I asked.

“For only giving me five licks. I wouldn’t have been able to take ten licks,” she said rubbing her bottom again. “I’ve never had a school paddling before. That really hurt!”

“If you’ve never been paddled, let me tell you something – you will hurt for the rest of today, maybe tomorrow, and you may find some bruising, but it shouldn’t last more than a week. Now here’s your pass to return to fourth period; you may stop by the restroom on your way but don’t waste time.”

Jessica took the note and returned to class. She served her Saturday detention doing extra chores for the grounds keeper and me. Needless to say, it was not her last visit with me.


Jessica’s Birthday Celebration

“Jessica, please come in. I’m sorry you had to wait.”

“That’s okay, Headmaster.” She took a seat in front of my desk and put a book in her book bag. “I’ve been reading, but I feel like I’m in trouble for some reason.”

“Well, there is a situation we need to discuss, young lady, so you do need to stand.” She followed my directions. “Suppose you tell me, where were you last night about 11:00?”

“I was at the Dolphin Club with my boyfriend, Jake. We had hamburgers at five, went to the movies and then got to the club about 10:30. But I had permission from Dean Adler. It was my birthday.”

“What time did you get back to our campus?”

“Oh, that!” She giggled as if nothing was wrong. “I know I was a little late. But we were celebrating and we lost track of the time. I’m sorry. And you know it won’t happen again.”

“How do I know that, Jessica?”

“Because I can only turn nineteen once!” She laughed.

I frowned. “I’m not amused, Miss Walker.

“Oh, sorry. I know I was due back before 11:00, but Jake wanted to treat me to a special night. It was my birthday; we forgot about the time and we stayed out a little later.”

“Three hours is more than a little late and I suppose the half-empty bottle of vodka found by your bed this morning was part of your birthday present also?”

“Yes sir. But I’m legal; I can drink.”

“Not on this campus and not as a student of this school. I just got off the phone with Mr. Carson, owner of the Dolphin Club. Your boyfriend apparently drank several beers and a bottle of champagne and insulted the management of the club before they asked you both to leave. Then when he returns you to this campus, you are drunk and three hours past your curfew with an open bottle of vodka. That’s some boyfriend you have; if I could I would cane him.”

“I guess I am in a bit of trouble, aren’t I, Sir?”

“More than a bit,” I said as I walked to my cabinet and returned to my desk with a senior cane.

Jessica has experienced the junior cane on her hands a couple of times, and her bottom once. This would be her first with the senior cane. I placed it on the desk.

Jessica gulped and pleaded: “Mr Davenport, please, Sir, I know I should be punished but does it have to be the senior cane? Couldn’t you place me on some type of restriction?”

“There will be restrictions also, young lady. For breaking curfew you will be restricted to the grounds for the next three weeks and I expect to see you in my office each of the three Saturdays for detention. Now, as for the alcohol – you will receive four strokes.”

This statement shocked Jessica. “Oh, Sir, please, you’ve never… I’ve never… never been caned.”

I rarely cane a girl on her bottom. However, I felt a need to make this young lady truly regret her decision to indulge in so much alcohol last night. I remained stoic. “In a moment, I will ask you to prepare yourself. You will need to remove your skirt and tights. You may retain your panties. Place your clothes on my desk, then bend over the back of that chair; get your head as low as you can so your bottom is up high. Keep your feet slightly apart and hold tightly to the front legs of the chair. You must remain in position until I tell you to stand or there will be extra strokes. Do you understand?”

Jessica looked at me with desperation in her green eyes; tears were already rolling down her face. Before I knew it, she threw her five foot five inch perfectly proportioned nineteen year old body into mine and her arms were around my waist. “Please, Mr. Davenport, I promise, I won’t get into any more trouble. I’ll be the perfect student. You won’t see me again ‘til graduation. You know I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Please sir, pleee-ease, ple-ease don’t cane me!”

Momentarily dumbfounded, I found my voice and pushed her away as I reprimand: “You know our policy on alcohol, Jessica. Your actions last night were in flagrant violation of our rules. If this had been anyone else, I would probably be removing the title of Head Girl. Now, do you understand what I need you to do?”

“Yes sir,” came her soft, tearful reply, as she stared at the cane on my desk.

“Would you like me to bring in my secretary as a witness?”

“No, no sir.”

I removed my suit coat and placed it on the back of my chair, rolled up the sleeves of my shirt and picked up the cane. “All right, Jessica, I need you to prepare yourself for punishment. Let me know when you are across the chair.”

I purposely turned away from Jessica to give her a bit of privacy, walked to the door and made sure it was locked, then took a few practice swings with my cane.

“I, er, I guess I’m ready, Headmaster.” Jessica had followed my directions; her firm, rounded, panty-covered bottom was on display for me to torture. Her auburn hair now in a stylish shoulder length cut hid her face, but the way she shuffled her feet and wiggled her bottom I was sure she was blushing.

I took a stance to her left and flexed my wrist once more so she heard the swishing of the cane. I then placed the cane against her bottom and tap it gently several times just to see her tense. Then I raised the senior cane over my right shoulder and brought it down with force. “CRACK.” There was a brief silence before I heard a groan and saw slight movement in Jessica’s legs.

I wait and watch. I could see through her thin, white nylon panties as two red parallel lines form about an inch below her butt crack. After about half a minute, I line up for the second stroke. Another forceful stroke just below the first and two more red parallel lines could be seen through her panties. I must say except for a slight moan, Jessica was enduring.

I decide to make the third stroke hit low where her bottom meets her legs. I tap once, twice, then: “Swoosh!” and a “Crack” followed by a cry: “OUCH!”

The fourth stroke was a little higher and also received a scream: “Yeoouuch! Oh, gosh I can’t stand it!” She jumped up and started to rub her bottom.

“Back into position,” I said firmly. “You now have an extra stroke, Miss Walker.”

Jessica cried: “Oh please, Sir, I can’t do this!”

I saw her start to rise up and I did not want to give a lot of extra strokes with the cane, so I quickly put my left hand on her back and issued a reminder: “Stay in position. You only have one extra.”

Through lots of sniffles I make out a mumbled: “Yes sir.”

My last stroke was the most forceful (as to be expected). I draw the cane straight back and quickly strike right in the middle of her bottom.

Jessica screamed: “Oooooooooh!”

Before she moved, I issued a directive: “Stay in position and don’t touch your bottom.”

“But Sir? My bottom is on fire! Please?”

“This would not be a good time to test me, Jessica.”

Keeping an eye on Jessie, I moved and placed the cane on my desk. Then I returned to my student and I was sure the five perfectly placed railroad-looking track lines stung immensely. (Remember an expert in the use of the cane trained me.) I let her tears subside before allowing her to stand. “You may get up and get dressed, and then we will talk.”

I sat at my desk and started to make notations in the punishment book. I noticed Jessica hadn’t moved from the back of the chair. Suddenly it registered; she was embarrassed to stand and dress in front of me. I stood, picked up the cane, and spoke to her: “You need to get dressed, Jessica.”

I then turned and slowly made my way to the cabinet to return the cane. I took my time, as if looking for something in the cabinet, before I turned around. (I try not to embarrass my girls any more than discipline necessitates.)

When I returned to my desk, Jessie had managed to get her skirt on and was stuffing her tights into her book bag. Ordinarily I would make her completely dress; however I was about to send her to the nurse so I pretended not to notice. “You may sit if you’d like.”

“I’ll just stand if you don’t mind, Headmaster,” she said, rubbing her backside.

I smiled to myself as I took a hall pass and filled it out. “I want you to see the nurse before you return to class. She has some cream that will help soothe your bottom.”

“Thank you. Sir, how long am I going to hurt?” She asked as tears trickled down her face.”

“You’ll find sitting, and possibly sleeping, most uncomfortable until the welts go down in three, maybe four, days. Then it may take a week or more for the red marks and bruising to go away. But you’ll survive. If it gets unbearable see the nurse.”

Jessica nodded and again rubbed her skirt-covered bottom. “Mr Davenport, I’m really sorry about last night. I let Jacob talk me into too much champagne and vodka. I guess I was too drunk to realize how late it was.” Jessica was almost choking on her tears. I got up from my desk and reached for tissues off a side table and offered them to her. She took several and continued: “I didn’t mean to break curfew. Honestly, I didn’t; I told Jacob when he picked me up that I needed to be back by 11:00. Mr. Davenport, do you forgive me?”

I placed my hands on her shoulders, wanting to offer her some comfort.

Almost immediately, she collapsed in my arms crying. “I’m so very sorry. Please forgive me.”

With some of our girls, I would worry about being accused of inappropriate touching, but Jessica has been at the Academy for almost four years now. Her father is an envoy for a well-known soft drink company, so her parents are world travelers and often leave Jessica at the academy during breaks and holidays. As a result, I have had to spend many of my breaks and holidays either finding accommodations for Jessie or taking care of her myself (with the help of my sister and brother-in-law), so I often tend to treat Jessie like a little sister.

I held her closely, stroked her back and tried to comfort her as she cried.

“Jessica, of course I forgive you. You made an error in judgment, a mistake; you have been punished and you’ve apologized. So yes, you are forgiven.”

Jessica looked up at me through her tears and tried to smile. “Thank you, Mr Davenport. Thank you.” She picked up her book bag and started to leave.

When she opened the office door I spoke: “Jessica, you’ve been forgiven, but you still have three weeks of restriction and the Saturday detentions.”

“Yes sir, I’ll remember,” she said quietly as she left my office.


As you can see, even some of the best students can need correction and discipline from time to time, thus keeping my job as headmaster interesting to say the least. I will keep you informed on Miss Jessica Walker, and in the near future, I will tell you about Susan Worthy, Rebecca Shaw, Lisa Bentley, and other Girls from The Brandon Academy.

Disclaimer: The school and all characters and locations mentioned in this story are completely fictitious.

The End