This is the third of several stand-alone stories about a strict, yet caring headmaster and the girls at his school.

By Miss Em (from the USA)

It started out as a quiet April morning. This was our first assembly since Easter Break. We had chapel at 8:30, followed by my morning assembly at 9:15 as we do every Friday. The girls had an exceptionally good month in both behavior and academics, so I decided a reward was in order. At the end of my general announcements about the upcoming riding competition, the start of swim team tryouts, and the parents’ open house the first week in May, I announced that I had a surprise for all of them.

The announcement brought cheers of excitement and questions: “What kind of surprise?” “When do we get it?” “Is it extra days off for summer break?” “Oh, please tell us, Headmaster!”

“You have started something, Headmaster. Do you want me to call them to order?” Asked my new Assistant Headmistress, Maria Jordan, who had joined me on the platform.

“No, Ms Jordan, let them be for a minute. I don’t mind a little excitement. Do you?”

“Well, sir, I personally think the girls ought to display a little more decorum during assembly,” she replied. “But since you have initiated this, I suppose a minute or two of jubilation will not hurt them.”

Ms Marie Jordan was a mature woman with a full figure, greying around the temples of her medium brown hair. Her brown eyes still sparkled as she smiled watching the girls.

Marie was obviously a good choice for my assistant; her age, 56, gave her life experiences on which to draw when dealing with the girls. She is a widow with three grown children although her youngest daughter is only 20 and a sophomore at New York University, in (where else?) New York City, New York. Her philosophy on the education and discipline of high school girls was similar to mine. Therefore, I felt quite comfortable putting her in charge of the freshmen and sophomore girls (ages 14-17). She also became my witness should I need one when dealing with the juniors and seniors (ages 17-19).

After letting the girls cheer and chat for a couple of minutes, I called for their attention. “All right, ladies, settle down and take your seats, please. Ladies, your seats, please, and give me your attention.”

The younger girls were first to settle, their Housemasters / mistresses, and the Head Girls were encouraging compliance. As the younger girls quieted down the older girls soon followed suit.

“Thank you, ladies. Ms Jordan and I want to thank you for all your hard work over the past month. It is rare that I go an entire month without having to address one or more of you about your attitude, behavior, or academics. However, March was one of those months. We commend you for your efforts.”

There was another moment of applause and cheers. “If everyone will try to stay composed, Ms Jordan and I have some information to share. First, your housemasters and mistresses as well as the Deans and Instructors have complimented your efforts and we have decided to reward each class with a special trip. In just a few moments, the freshmen and sophomores will quietly file out. Go to your commons area, where Ms Jordan will explain the shopping spree, lunch, and movie we have planned for you in town tomorrow. I would like for the juniors and seniors to remain here. Ms Jordan.”

“Thank you, Headmaster. I would like the sophomores to file out quietly, to the left, please. And if I could get their housemaster and mistress to stay with them until I speak to the freshmen.” When most of the sophomore girls had exited, Ms Jordan spoke again. “Now, if the Housemaster and mistress for the freshmen would lead them out, I will be right behind.”

As soon as the freshmen girls had cleared the chapel, I sat on the edge of the stage. “Well ladies, I guess you’re anxious to know about your trip.” There were several: “yes, please” and “tell us, please” coming from the group.

“You have been invited to attend a buffet lunch and a dance at St Andrew’s Boys Academy tomorrow. And I have accepted on your behalf.”

“But Sir, we don’t have time to get dresses and get our hair done,” stated Marcie Winters.

“Hold on, I’ve been headmaster at this school long enough to know what you girls want. I spoke to Headmaster Michaels at St Andrews. This dance is going to be very casual, a spring-fling, so to speak. We are going over at one o’clock for an outdoors buffet style lunch. Then there will be a movie at three and the dance will begin about five. I am having pizza and sodas delivered for all to enjoy at the dance. We will return to the school about eight. Any questions?”

A few hands went up. “Yes, Patty.”

“Sir, do we have to wear our uniforms?”

“No, Patty, casual means a skirt and blouse or jeans if you wish. Any other questions?” There were a few which I answered in turn, before making my final statements.

“Well, ladies, before I dismiss you, I want to again say how proud I am of each of you and because you have worked so hard I am canceling your last class today so you have time to wash your hair and select your clothes for tomorrow. Now before I ask you to head to your second period class, I must caution you school rules are still in place tomorrow; no make-up, no tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs, and no wandering off with the boys.” The girls laughed and I dismissed them to their classes.

As they filed by a couple of girls stopped. “Thanks, Headmaster, but how did you know we needed extra time?” Asked Patty Minlowe.

“I have two sisters, Patty, and I remember before going anywhere they always had to wash their hair. So I figure that most of you girls would think the same way.”

“You’re pretty smart, Sir,” Patty replied.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, Patty.”

“Oh, yes sir, definitely. And thanks for letting us go to the dance.”

“Yes, thank you sir,” agreed Becca.

“You’re welcomed, girls. Now get onto your classes before I change my mind.” I teased.

Several others responded as they left. “Thank you, Headmaster.” “Thank you, sir.” “This will be fun. Thank you.”

Feeling pleased with my plans to reward all my girls, I returned to my office to deal with the mundane paper work that keeps this school open a running day to day. The girls were excited as they moved through their daily schedules. Nevertheless, it was an uneventful day for me. (Which makes for a relaxing day; having to deal with girls who are having academic or behavior problems can be very stressful.)

I need to take a moment to explain that Rebecca (Becca) Shaw is my niece. She is the daughter of my older sister Tammy and her late husband, Phillip. Phillip Shaw died of a stroke at the age of 36, leaving Tammy with twelve-year-old Rebecca, a ten-year-old son, Kevin, and five-year-old twins, Caitlyn and Carson.

About two months after her father past away, Rebecca started getting into trouble at the public middle school she attended. Tammy said she couldn’t control Rebecca and she asked me to step in and handle the discipline. I agreed only if I had full control and legal guardianship of my niece. Tammy agreed. I placed Becca in a private (non-boarding) middle school for a year and a half, and then started her at Brandon when she was 14 and beginning ninth grade. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, but Becca knows I’m in charge whether as her uncle or as Headmaster of Brandon Academy. Only a few people at school know Rebecca is my niece and we choose to keep it that way. Rebecca only refers to me as ‘Uncle Eric’ when we are at home on holidays or when she is sure no one else can hear our conversations.

On Saturday morning about 11:15, we loaded our busses and made our way toward St Andrews Academy. As we travelled, the girls talked quietly and occasionally burst into song. When we were close to the boys’ academy, I addressed the girls on all the busses through the radio system. “Ladies, we want all of you to enjoy the day. Make new friends, learn about the young men and their school, however, please remember you are Brandon Girls. I expect nothing less than your best behavior. When we arrive in about five minutes, we will be directed to an outdoor pavilion. Headmaster Michaels wants to say a few words of welcome and then I will offer the blessing. One of the young men in your same grade will escort each of you to the buffet. During lunch and after you will have an opportunity to socialize for a little while, the tennis and basketball courts will be open for use and there will be volleyball and ultimate Frisbee games. After the three o’clock movie, the dance will begin. Please remember to stay in the approved and supervised areas. Your housemasters and mistresses, and some of your instructors will be available should you have any problems or concerns. Of course, I will be available as will the headmaster and staff of St Andrews. Show these young men the Brandon Girls of whom I am so proud. Oh, I almost forgot, have fun.” I finished just as our busses pulled into the long winding driveway up to the boys’ academy.

The buffet luncheon went well, most of the boys and girls stayed in groups of six or more and after lunch participated or watched one of the activities. The movie was Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson, which captured everyone’s attention long before it was over. All the boys and girls appeared to enjoy the dance and by 7:35, pizza and sodas were gone, and there were more young people sitting around talking than on the dance floor.

Headmaster Michaels and I started rounding up our staff members to help direct the boys and girls to the proper places. Most of the boys were sent to their dorms, except for the ones who were part of the cleanup crew. The girls were ushered to our busses and my staff was instructed to take role; after all, we didn’t want to leave anyone behind.

As I was saying: “Thank you and goodbye,” to Headmaster Michaels, one of my senior Head Girls, Jessica approached.

She waited patiently to speak until I acknowledged her. “Excuse me, Sirs.”

“What is it, Jessica?”

“Dean Nettles wanted me to tell you that Susan Worthy and Rebecca Shaw are missing. We checked both busses, Sir.”

“Let me see which of my boys were assigned to escort the girls, Eric.” Paul Michaels said, turning to return to the main building.

I instructed Jessica to report to her bus and tell Dean Nettles and Dean Brock to monitor until Headmaster Michaels and I find the girls. I followed Paul into the building. Paul and his assistant met me half way down the hallway with a list of the boys and the girls they escorted.

“Eric, I have my Housemasters conducting a room check at this moment and I know the two boys who were assigned to your girls. I believe one of the girls was Susan Worthy?”

“That’s right. Susan Worthy and Becca, Rebecca Shaw.”

“Here we are, Rebecca Shaw was escorted by Jeffrey Martin and William Adler was assigned to Miss Worthy. Let’s wait for the room check report before we start a ground search.”

“I can’t believe my girls would wander off and not tell someone. They had better have a good reason. How would you describe these two young men, Paul?” I asked, looking for some reassurance that my girls were safe.

“Both are academically advanced, Eric. Jeff Martin is a model student. William is a bit of a prankster, but I do not believe either of these young men would take advantage of your girls.”

“I’ll cane them myself if they have,” I said angrily, not telling him that Rebecca Shaw was my niece.

“You’ll have to stand in line, if they are AWOL. They get six of the best from me, plus if they are responsible for your girls being missing, I’ll give them another six. I don’t take this kind of mischief lightly, Eric.”

“Neither do I, Paul. My girls will be in for some form of corporal punishment depending on the extent of their willingness to participate in this unauthorized leave.”

“Headmaster!” Called a young man running down the hall.

“Yes.” Paul and I responded in unison.

“Headmaster Michaels, Mr Adler is missing and so is Jeff Coles. Mr Martin said that Miss Shaw went off with Mr Coles. Adler and Miss Worthy were leading the way.”

“Where were they heading, Mr Hennings?”

“We’re not sure, Sir,” Todd said. “Sorry, Sir. Mr Martin said he saw them heading for the wooded area that leads to our bike path into town.”

“Very well, Mr Hennings. Thank you for your help.”

“Yes Sir. Is there anything else you would like me to do, Sir?”

“Yes, tell all the housemasters and the other Head Boys no one is to leave the dorm for any reason outside of illness, until I get this mess sorted out.”

“Yes Sir, right away.”

“Paul, may I borrow a car? I’d like to check this out myself.”

“We’ll take my SUV. It has plenty of room should we find them.”

“Oh, I intend to find them, Paul. And I intend to find them tonight! Will you or one of your staff be able to drive the girls and me back to school? I’d like to let my staff and the other girls go back and get some rest.”

“Not a problem, go dismiss your busses and I’ll get my Explorer.”

I went to the busses, quickly briefed Dean Nettles and Dean Brock of the situation, and asked them to get the girls back to their dorms. Then I concentrated on where these four young people might have gone. Paul appeared in his SUV and we headed toward the town.

Paul followed a road that paralleled the bike path and I kept an eye out for anyone on that path. I did not see anyone on the eight-minute drive. So we decided to split up and check all the restaurants and places where the youths might hang out. I took one side of the street and Paul searched the other. In and out of various food and drink establishments, we made our way through the small college town. After about an hour, Paul and I met at the coffee shop and discussed our options.

“No one admits to seeing four high school seniors,” Paul said. “And though, I hate to admit this, those two boys are clever enough to have acquired fake ID’s. I promise you, Eric, when we find these four…”

As he finished I looked out the window in time to see my niece, a petite, blonde-haired, much disheveled, Rebecca Shaw running out of the woods and down the street. I jumped up. “Excuse me, Paul, that’s one of my girls.” I said, running out and calling to her. “Rebecca! Rebecca! Stop! Rebecca, come here!”

She stopped, hearing my voice, and turned towards me. I could see that her blouse was torn. I called again as I quickly passed several young couples: “Rebecca!”

Before I finished she was in my arms crying: “Oh, Uncle Eric, I was so scared.” She clung to me, burying her face in my chest. “I didn’t know what to do or how to find you,” she said as she trembled in my arms. “I didn’t think I’d ever find my way out of those woods.”

“Come on, let’s get you out of this chilly air,” I suggested as I walked her back to the coffee shop. “Here, put my jacket on and tell me what happened and where are the others, Susan and the boys?”

“I left them back in the woods,” Rebecca began to explain. I took her to a booth while Paul got her a cup of hot cocoa. “I’m sorry I left the dance, Sir. I let them talk me into leaving it. I didn’t want them to think I was afraid of you or anything.”

“Rebecca, how far back in the woods are Susan and the boys?” I questioned.

“I’m not sure. We all had something to drink. The guys had hidden some vodka in bushes just outside the back gate. William kept saying we would be back at the school shortly, but he and Susan didn’t really want to go back. They wanted to be alone. We all walked into town, found a quiet spot to stop and neck for a while. We drank some of the vodka and then we walked some more. We started back on the trail, but I think Bill was taking us around in circles. Jeff and I started walking ahead of them and all of a sudden, I realized Bill and Sue weren’t with us and then Jeff, well, he wanted to do more than hold hands, cuddle, and kiss.”

“And how did you tear your blouse?” I asked as Paul set the hot cocoa in front of her.

“Thank you, Headmaster Michaels.” Rebecca took a sip of cocoa.

“You’re welcome, young lady. Now, tell us how you ripped your blouse,” Paul reiterated.

Tears streamed down her face. “Like I said, Jeff wanted to do more than kiss and hug. I said no, turned around, and ran. I fell and caught the sleeve on a bush; it ripped when I fell and more when I tried to get up and get untangled.”

It was obvious she was terrified. “Anything else you need to tell us?” I asked.

“I just didn’t know how to get back; I just ran ’til I saw all the street lights. That’s about the time I heard you called out to me.”

“Eric, I’m going to call the school. My security staff is keeping watch; maybe the other three have returned. If not, then I think we need to notify the local police; let them keep a look out for our three truants.”

“Let’s hope they are back at St Andrews,” I offered, putting an arm around Rebecca, who was still shivering.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes; I saw a pay phone by the restrooms,” Paul said, leaving Rebecca and me to continue our talk.

“I guess I’m in trouble, huh, Sir? I mean not staying at St Andrews, the alcohol, and you and Headmaster Michaels having to come and look for us.”

“I’m very disappointed in some of the choices you made and we will talk about that tomorrow or Monday. Right now, I’m glad we found you and that you are okay. The staff and I were very worried about you and Susan and your safety.” I pulled the cute, blonde, eighteen year old close. “I was worried about you.”

She shivered and put her arms around me. “Headmaster, I really am sorry. I couldn’t blame you if you decided to cane me and Susan. But I hope you don’t.”

“Susan and me.” I corrected.


“You should say ‘cane Susan and me’.” I repeated.

“Oh, yes, sorry Sir.”

“Do you want some more hot cocoa? You’re still shivering.”

“No, thank you, Sir. I think I’m just worried now about my punishment.”

“Well, I’m concerned with finding Susan and helping Headmaster Michaels find the boys.”

“That won’t be necessary, Eric,” Paul said, sitting across from me in the booth. “My security found the boys and Miss Worthy sneaking in the back near our swimming pool. They had all been drinking; a bottle of cheap vodka was found in Mr Adler’s possession. Miss Worthy was also a bit disheveled, so they sent her to the nurse. A couple of my deans are with them until we return.”

“Then let’s go. I want to hear what Susan and your boys have to say about this evening. Then I need to get my girls back to their dorm. I’ll pay the bill, while you warm-up your SUV.”

Holding out his hand, Paul spoke to Rebecca. “Come on, young lady, let’s go. We’ll get the vehicle.”

Rebecca looked at me with an uneasiness in her eyes, so I responded: “That’s okay, Paul, I’ll walk her out. Becca, want to use the restroom before we leave?”

“All right; see you in a couple of minutes,” he said as he left our table.

“Now, what’s wrong? Why didn’t you want to go with Headmaster Michaels?”

“Don’t you know? I just wanted to stay with you, Sir. But I think I will go to the ladies’ room.”

“All right; I’ll wait for you at the front door. Hurry up.”

Back at St Andrews, Paul took the two young men into his office, after allowing me the use of his assistant’s office to talk to the girls. I had Rebecca wait outside while I spoke to Susan alone.

“All right Miss Worthy, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“We just slipped away for a little while. Billy promised to have us all back before the busses left,” Susan started with tears in her eyes and a strain in her voice. “Sir, we just wanted a little time alone. We plan to get married when I graduate.”

“If you graduate! Expulsion is moving up on my list of consequences, just under caning. You are in a world of trouble, young lady. Right now, I’m thinking both are in order. You disobeyed my directions; you left the activities with a boy. You come back looking a mess; your clothes rumpled and your hair tousled and you‘ve had a fair amount of alcohol tonight. I want an explanation now and I want the truth.”

Five-foot-seven-inch Susan Worthy stood in front of me, slightly slouched, staring at the floor with her light brown hair falling around her face. A few tears rolled down her check. She didn’t respond.

“I’m waiting, Miss Worthy.” Still she did not respond. I got up from my seat and walked to where Susan was standing. I took hold of her by the arms, and then lifted her chin so she was looking at me. “Susan, I need you to tell me what happened tonight.”

“Sir, I, uh, I’m not feeling very well. verything’s spinning. I think I’m goi….”

Susan collapsed. Thankfully, I was there to catch her. I gently laid her on the floor and called to Becca. Rebecca opened the door. “Oh, goodness, what happened, Sir?”

“She fainted; she’ll be okay. Becca, there’s a restroom back there (I nodded behind me). Go get some paper towels and soak them in cold water, and bring them to me.”

“Yes Sir.” Rebecca returned quickly. “Here, Sir; is there anything else I can do?”

“Thanks, Becca,” I said, placing the cool towels on Susan’s forehead. “And yes, you can find the infirmary on that map on the wall. I need to get Susan to the nurse.”

Looking at the map, Rebecca answered: “It’s a little ways down the hall, Sir.”

“All right, let’s go.” I picked Susan up off the floor, as I continued: “I need you to lead the way and open the doors for me.”

“Yes sir.”

In less than two minutes, we were down the long hallway leading to St Andrews’ Infirmary. Susan was coming to as I placed her on the exam table. The night nurse checked her vitals and confirmed my suspicions. “Headmaster Davenport, as I told this young lady earlier, she is going to feel bad for most of the evening and will probably have quite a headache in the morning. However, she will be all right. I don’t know how much alcohol she had, but she needs to sleep it off.”

“I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get my questions answered.”

“Probably. She’s what the guys here call ‘smashed’, and there is not too much we can do. You can give her some strong coffee and a cold shower when she’s feeling a little better,” the nurse said with a shrug.

“Well, thank you, Ms Coates. I appreciate your taking time to help me.”

“Glad to be of help. Why don’t you let the young lady sleep here tonight; I can keep an eye on her. And as you can see I’m not very busy.”

“No, Headmaster, please, I want to go back to Brandon,” Susan said weakly.

I patted her hand. “Okay, but you are going to have to stay in our infirmary tonight. You rest here a few more minutes. Rebecca, I want you to stay here also. I need to speak to Headmaster Michaels before we leave.”

I walked back to the main office area and knocked on the dark mahogany stained wooden door with an embossed plaque reading Paul C. Michaels, Headmaster. Paul said come in. As I entered, I saw two young men standing facing the opposite wall, trousers and underpants to their knees, hands on their heads, and one boy (William Adler) with nine evenly placed cane stripes across his bottom and the other (Jeffrey Coles) with six.

“Ah! Eric, please come on in and have a seat. I believe these two young men have something to say to you. Mr Adler and Mr Coles please fix your clothing then turn around and address Headmaster Davenport.”

I sat in a dark brown leather armchair and watched as the two boys carefully eased their pants and trousers up over their well-punished bottoms. Shortly they turned around and faced us. I saw red eyes on both young men.

“William, suppose you start. When he has finished, Jeff, it will be your turn.” Paul instructed. “Then Headmaster Davenport and I will have a few words for you. William, you may begin.”

“Thank you, Headmaster Michaels. Headmaster Davenport, I’m William Adler and I take full responsibility for what happened this evening. I am ever so sorry about this whole mess. I talked Jeff, here, into joining me because I knew Susan would more likely come with me if she had one of her girlfriends along. I’m the one who bought the alcohol and hid it outside the school grounds on the bike path. I am truly sorry for leading your girls off campus and giving them the vodka. Please don’t be too harsh with Sue or Becca; none of what happened was their idea. And I hope you will forgive me and permit me to continue seeing Sue, I mean Miss Worthy, Sir.” William then looked to Jeffrey, a cue for him to start.

“Sir, I’m Jeffrey Coles and while it is true, William had the idea to take the girls off campus and he did provide the vodka; I went along with his plan and I encouraged Miss Shaw to leave the campus and to share a drink or two with me. Rebecca really wanted to stay at the dance, but the three of us talked her into going with us. I accept responsibility for my part and hope you can see your way clear to forgive me, and I would like to offer my apologies to Susan and Rebecca. Headmaster Michaels tells us the girls will be severely punished and I want you and them to know that I am truly sorry.”

“Before you say anything Eric, I want to explain that this is just the beginning of punishment for these two. The caning tonight was for leaving the campus without permission. In a few days when the stripes fade, I will administer another caning, six of the best to each for drinking, and Mr Adler will receive an extra three for providing the liquor. Both young men are confined to their dorm rooms for the next week, except for classes, chapel, and a few required assemblies. At Monday morning’s assembly, they will each present a short five-minute talk on the importance of my following directions. Both are going to spend the next two Saturdays in detention with me doing some grounds clean up and some physical training. Should they repeat any action of this sort in the future, they will be expelled immediately.”

“Well, I appreciate your sharing those details with me, Paul. I haven’t yet considered all the consequences for the young ladies, but they will probably receive a strapping with the tawse or a caning or both. I’ve also considered expulsion. I will wait until I hear what Susan and Rebecca have to say, before I finalize their punishment.”

“Sir, please reconsider punishing them,” William begged. “Susan only wanted to please me. We are hoping to be married after graduation. Please be lenient.”

“Yes Sir, I would ask the same for Rebecca; she really didn’t want to participate at all,” Jeffrey offered. “We all talked her into it.”

“Gentlemen, I appreciate your concern for the girls,” I started. “However, Susan and Rebecca left the dance of their own accord; you didn’t force them to leave campus or to partake of the vodka. The girls know their actions have consequences, good or bad, and those consequences always follow their behaviors. I can assure you, the girls will be dealt with fairly; I can tell you they will not be allowed off our campus for several weeks. Please don’t attempt to contact Susan or Rebecca for at least two weeks, gentlemen.” I concluded. “Paul, if you could arrange for someone to get the girls and me back to Brandon, I would appreciate it. The hour is late and I still need to talk to the girls.”

“Of course, Eric, it’s not a problem. Mr Adler and Mr Coles, return to your dorm rooms. You are confined to your rooms until Monday morning, except for chapel tomorrow, unless you notify the head boy or your dorm master. Clear?”

“Yes sir. Clear sir. Thank you, sir.” Both boys responded together, before exiting the office.

“Come on, Eric, let me give you and the girls a ride back to Brandon.”

* * *

When we arrived at Brandon, I had Susan taken to the infirmary for the evening. She was much too inebriated to discuss the events of the evening. I started to escort Rebecca to her dorm, but as we passed my office, she stopped and turned to face me.

“Sir, I know it’s sort of late,” she started. “But may I talk to you before I go back to the dorm? Please, Headmaster Davenport?”

I unlocked the main office, unlocked the door to my office, turned on the lights and motioned for her to go in. Rebecca entered and turned to face me. “Can I call you Uncle Eric now?” She asked as I closed the door.

“Of course you can.” I walked her over to my sitting area. We sat on the large black leather couch. Rebecca curled her legs under her and leaned against my shoulder. “All right, Rebecca, tell me what’s troubling you.”

“Nothing, I just need to know my uncle still loves me.”

I pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. “You know I love you. However, when we are here at school or at a function, I have to be your headmaster. Now you know all of this, Sweetheart. What’s really bothering you?”

“I know as headmaster you’re going to punish us, and I know we deserve it. But I want to know if my uncle is going to punish me too?”

“I haven’t thought that far ahead, Sweetie. You know, however, when you are in trouble at school…”

“I’m in trouble at home. I know my dad use to say that, too. But my home now is this school, and you are my parent, since mom gave me away.” Rebecca spoke softly and leaned close again.

“You are very much like a daughter to me, that’s why I was so worried about you. If your mother had signed over complete parental rights six years ago, I would have adopted you. She didn’t because she loves you, she just wasn’t sure how to handle your misbehavior.”

“I know. When Daddy died, I felt all alone. Mom had the three little ones to take care of and everyone told me to be a big girl and be brave and be her helper. I just wanted someone to pay attention to me, to take care of me. So I acted out. I needed help too.”

“I know. You missed your dad and the guidance, discipline, and consistency and love he gave you. Your mother knew that as well. That’s why she and I made the arrangements the way we did.”

“You’re a lot like my dad. At least what I remember about him.”

“I learned a lot from your dad and his ideas on parenting. I watched how he dealt with you when you were younger. And I tried to continue that for a while.”

“Uncle Eric?”

“Yes, Becca.”

“I love you.”

I gave her a big hug. “I love you, too, Sweetie. Now it is late, you and I both need some sleep. Let me walk you to your dorm.”

“You don’t have to.”

“Yes, I do. After lunch I’ll talk with you and Susan and decide what the punishments and consequences are to be for this evening’s escapades.” With that, I walked Rebecca to her dorm and return to my campus apartment.

* * *

After chapel, I decided to have Rebecca and Susan join me for lunch in my suite. Both girls were dressed appropriately in their Sunday uniform consisting of a solid, navy blue A-line skirt, a pale blue silk blouse, and a navy blazer with the school crest on the left side. I tried to keep the lunch discussion casual; we talked about their classes and club activities.

We had just finished our dessert of chocolate cake, when Susan spoke very decisively. “Look, Headmaster Davenport, lunch was nice and all, but we all know the real reason you asked us here. So let’s get on with it. Tell us our punishment and let’s get it over with.”

“Very well,” I said getting up from the table. “You both may join me in my study.” I waited for the girls to rise, then led the way to the study in my apartment. It is much smaller than my office, but has adequate room for three or four guests. The furniture is not as elaborate. I have a medium-size oak desk, an executive chair, two beige stuffed armchairs, two straight back chairs, a five-shelf bookcase, a four-drawer filing cabinet and a collection of canes and paddles that are stored in a special attachment added to my book case.

Rebecca of course had seen my study before, but she and Susan both entered with apprehension written all over their faces. “Please, sit down, ladies. We need to talk,” I said motioning toward the armchairs. Then I took a seat behind my desk. “First, I want both of you to know that I was most relieved to find you safe last night. We were all quite worried about your safety.”

“We were fine, Sir.”

“Perhaps. However, you broke several of our school rules, starting with leaving the dance without permission.”

Both girls lowered their heads and softly replied, “Yes Sir.”

“Then we have the matter of being with a boy in an unsupervised area and drinking alcohol while at a school function.”

“Yes Sir,” Rebecca said again.

Susan started arguing. “Sir, while we were drinking, technically we were not at the school function.”

“You know, you’re right, Miss Worthy, and technically you were drunk. I can cane you and then expel you. Is that what you want?” I spoke firmly.

“Oh no, Sir. My parents would be so upset, and I am so close to graduation. Please Headmaster Davenport, please don’t expel me.”

“Let’s see how this conversation procedes, Miss Worthy.” I said before turning to Rebecca. “Miss Shaw, is there anything you’d like to say?”

“Yes Sir, I’m very sorry for my behavior. I left the dance without permission, and with a boy, and we, well, I drank one small glass of vodka. I knew I shouldn’t; I knew I would be punished; and I’m very, very sorry. I don’t want to be expelled, Sir. My dad would be so disappointed in me.”

“Well, I appreciate the fact that you accept responsibility for your behavior, Miss Shaw. I am going to ask you to go to wait in the living room while Miss Worthy and I talk for a few minutes.”

“Uh, yes Sir.” Rebecca stood, exited, and closed the door.

I turned my attention to Susan Worthy. “Now, young lady, as I see it there are three ways I can handle this. First way, I call your parents and expel you as of now.”

“Oh, Sir, please don’t!”

“The second way, I call your parents, you receive a caning, nine stokes, you’re restricted to the grounds for three weeks and any further misbehavior results in and immediate expulsion.” I paused a moment for the consequences to sink in. I watched as Susan finally accepted the fact that she was in trouble. Her head dropped and she brushed a tear from her eyes. I continued: “Third way, I call your parents and you are suspended for the next month and there is a paddling before you return to class.”

I placed a tissue box in front of her as tears were now streaming down her face. “Oh, please, Headmaster, isn’t there some way to punish me without telling my parents?”

“No ma’am. Miss Shaw’s family was notified last night. Now, I will let you call and tell your parents or I’ll be glad to talk to them for you. What’s it going to be, Susan?” I placed my telephone in front of her.

She phoned and her father answered. I let him know we were on speakerphone. Susan explained her predicament and before she finished with the third choice, her father was speaking to me. “Girl, you better take what’s coming to you and get on with your classes. I promise you, if you come home, you will not be sitting down any time soon. I’m an old-fashioned disciplinarian myself, Headmaster. Give her a good belting and send her back to class.”

“I will use a cane, Sir.”

“Is Susan still on the phone?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’m listening.”

“Good. I expect you to take your punishment and not complain. Do you hear me?”

“Yes Sir, I will.”

“Davenport, when are you planning to administer this caning?”

“In just a few moments, Mr Worthy, why do you ask?”

“I was hoping to be there.”

“Suppose I just leave the speakerphone on until the punishment is completed?”

“Yes, yes, that’s good. Get on with it.”

“Very well. Susan, bring one of the straight back chairs over here.” She followed my directions. “Would you like a witness, Susan?”

“No Sir.”

“Then you need to remove your blazer and skirt and then bend over the back of the chair. You need to hold onto the front legs. This will hurt and if you jump up or interfere in any way, I will give you extra strokes. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, but can I ask you something?” She questioned while removing her blazer.

Mr Worthy shouted, “Get over that chair girl and get your panties down too!”

“Daddy, nooooo!”

“That won’t be necessary, Sir. Susan calm down. You had a question?”

“Yes sir, how many strokes?”

“This is the first incident for you this year. However three rules were broken. You will get five strokes for leaving campus and being with a boy, and for the alcohol and being drunk you will get four.”

“Oh, nine strokes, I don’t think I can, Sir, plea-ease!”

“This punishment is not negotiable, young lady. However, there’s still expulsion or suspension.”

“No, I’ll take the caning.” Susan slowly removed her skirt and placed it on my desk. She was unsuccessfully trying to pull her blouse down to cover her skimpy panties.

“Not regulation underwear, Susan.” I admonished.

“No, sir, sorry. Please, do I have to remove them?”

“No.” I said, knowing the thin, white, lacey hip-high panty she wore would offer her no protection. She sighed in relief. “Now, I need you to bend over the chair and hold on.”

Nervously she placed herself against the back of the chair. Then easily lowered her 5’7” frame down. She grabbed hold of the chair legs as I had earlier suggested. I pulled a three-foot long cane with a crooked handle and swished it a couple of times. I saw Susan’s buttock clinch and release. I took my place to her left side and cautioned: “Remember to hold on and stay down.” I barely heard her “okay, sir”.

I tapped her bottom several time before landing my first full stroke on the upper part of her bottom. Susan remained still and quiet. I waited about 15 seconds and heard a moan and saw a wiggle.

I lined up the second stroke and laid it just below the first. The lacey panty allowed me to see exactly where the strokes were being placed. Susan let out a little “aarrg!”

The third stroke was right below and before Susan could react, I placed a fourth stroke right in the middle of her bottom. “Oh G..D… it!” She screamed and threw her head back and stomped her feet. I knew I was succeeding in making this young lady truly sorry for her behavior.

Each stroke thereafter elicited an appropriate shriek from Miss Worthy and her use of some very colorful language had her father enraged. “Davenport! Davenport! Listen to me!”

I stopped after the seventh stroke. “Mr Worthy, I must ask that you not interrupt. This is only postponing Susan’s punishment and causing more aggravation.”

“Of course, I’m sorry. Mr Davenport, but I want Susan to receive three more strokes for her language.”

“No, Daddy, you can’t mean that!” Susan screamed into the speaker as she moved from the straight back chair. “Daddy, please, I can’t take any more.”

“You can and you will.” Worthy said with surety in his voice. “Headmaster Davenport, is there any reason why you can’t administer three more licks?”

“No sir. But with twelve strokes, I will have to place several strokes over the others.” I explained.

“Yes, yes, I know. Get on with it.”

“Daddy, please no. It’s not fair!” Susan might as well have been talking to the wall. Her father did not rescind.

I took a step over to Susan and placed my left hand on her shoulder. “Come on, place yourself back over the chair. I know you don’t want to earn extra strokes.”

She turned and tears fell freely as she spoke. “No sir.” She again took her place behind the back of the chair. “I’m sorry for using the bad language, Sir. I’ll be more careful.”

“Thank you, Susan. Now let’s finish this.” She nodded and leaned over the chair.

I placed the cane just below the last stripe. It was going to be hard to place five more strokes and not land on top of a previous one. I rarely give more than six strokes, but I can place nine very evenly when I have to. Susan was almost hysterical and I still had to give her the three strokes her father insisted on for her language. I placed the tenth stroke right below where her bottom joined her thighs, Susan screamed and stomped her feet, but stayed in position.

“Susan, there are two more and I promise you they will hurt the most.”

She shook her head and gripped the legs of the chair so tightly that her knuckles were turned white. I wanted to finish this. I took a step back and lined my cane up on a diagonal so it went across both cheeks and over most of the stripes already given.”

Stomping her feet, a crying Susan took several minutes to calm to the point I could administer the last stoke. I moved to her other side this was also to be a diagonal, but crossing the first, to make an ‘X’ across her rounded bottom. I lined up and let the cane do its job. Susan cried and coughed and tried to catch her breath; she stomped her feet and wiggled her bottom trying to get rid of the searing pain. Eventually she stood and her hands went immediately to her bottom, but not for long. Just touching the track-lines across her bottom sent more pain throughout her body. She stopped rubbing.

Forgetting she was wearing only a blouse and skimpy panties, she flung herself into my arms. “I’m so sorry, Sir. I won’t ever take another alcoholic drink again and I’ll make sure I have permission and that someone always knows where I’m going.”

“That’s well and good, Susan. Now I need you to put your skirt back on.”

“Oh, yes sir, sorry sir, I was just hurting so much.”

“I understand.” I placed the cane on my desk, handed Susan her skirt, then turned away and walked to the door.

We had both forgotten about her father still on my speakerphone. Suddenly we hear his deep voice. “Susan, before you leave, apologize for all the trouble you have caused. Do you hear me, girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, I will. Say hello to mommy for me.”

“I will, but you will see her this weekend. I’ll be there Friday at 4:30 to pick you up. Unless that’s a problem for you, Mr Davenport?”

“No sir; not at all. I will make sure Susan is in the front office when you arrive, Mr Worthy, so until then have a good week. Good-bye, Sir.” I said not giving him time for much of a response.

“Uh, yes, well good-bye, Davenport.” I hung up the phone.

“Sir, I thought you said something about being restricted to the grounds.”

“I did and you are. What’s your concern?”

“You told my dad I’d be ready to leave when he comes on Friday.”

“I figure you are going to be on restriction at home, grounded. Don’t you, Miss Worthy?”

Susan hung her head and nodded. “Daddy’s going to thrash me good, when he gets me home. I’m not sure I’ll be sitting down anytime soon.” As she finished her statement, Susan gently rubbed her bottom and winced. “Ooo, Headmaster, how long is this going to hurt.”

“Several days. I want you to go visit the nurse. She can apply a cream to help those welts heal. I hope I never have to use the cane on you again.”

“You won’t. I intend to be a model student until I graduate in June.”

“That’s good to hear. But should you change your mind, or find yourself slipping back into old habits, know that I will be here to straighten you out.”

“Yes Sir, and Sir, I am sorry for my behavior and, uh, I’m sorry for getting Becca in trouble. She really didn’t want to go with us. We kind of teased her and made her feel bad, then she decided to come with us.”

“Thank you for explaining that, Susan. Now, take this note and go see the nurse. After which you are confined to your dorm until dinner.”

“Yes sir.”

I helped her walk out to the front, where Rebecca was nervously waiting.

“Oh, Sue, are you okay?” Rebecca quickly went to her friend.

“I’m really hurting. But I’m glad it’s over. I told Headmaster Davenport that this wasn’t your idea.”

Rebecca gave her a hug. “Thanks, Sue. I’ll check on you later.”

“She’ll be okay,” I told her. “Now, Susan, go see Nurse Findley.”

“Yes sir, and thank you.” I followed Susan to the door and closed it after she left. Then I turned my attention to Rebecca. “Now it’s time for you to join me in the study, young lady.” Once more, we entered my study and I closed the door.

Rebecca turned and looked at me with tears streaming down her face. “I know you’ll be fair, but I’ve never been caned before, well, not on my bottom. Ms Davies caned my hands a couple of times.”

“Well, it won’t be pleasant, but you’ll survive.”

“Do I get twelve strokes like Susan?” I gave her a questioning look. She responded before I said anything. “I couldn’t help but hear; I counted.”

“Susan got a few extra strokes because of some inappropriate language. You will get five for leaving the dance and being with a boy without permission and four for the alcohol.”

“Okay. So what do I do?” She asked stoically.

“You’ll need to remove your skirt and blazer and then bend over this chair.” I returned to my desk and picked up the cane. I swished it a couple of times.

Rebecca did as she was told. I took my place to her side as she looked back and spoke. “Do you want my panties down?” She asked, referring to the see-through, white, nylon panty she was wearing.

“No, you’re fine; those skimpy panties aren’t going to get in my way. Now, try to hold this position, stay down and don’t interfere or you’ll get extra.”

“I’ll try.” As she finished I heard a whimper and saw her grip the chair legs tightly.

I tapped her bottom several times before bringing the cane back for a full force stroke in the middle of her well-shaped bottom. “Swish – Crack.”

“Oooh! Gosh! That hurts!” She cried out.

“Yes ma’am, it does.” I quickly placed another stroke just above the first. “Swish-Pop.”

“Arrgh!” She wiggled.

I waited a moment then let the third and fourth strokes continue upwards. “Snap! Crack!”


“Swish, Crack!”

“NOOOO!” This time her body writhed with pain and Becca stomped her right foot twice. “No, no, no!”

“Be still.” I ordered, before allowing the fifth blow to land just below her butt-crack.

Her body twisted again and she gave out an awful moan.

“Four more, Rebecca, hold on,” I cautioned as I placed the cane against her bottom once more. I wanted these four to go below the central stripe, and the sixth and seventh stokes landed one below the other.

“Uncle Eric, plea-ease! I hurt so much. Can’t I have a break?” She spluttered.

“If you want to take an extra stroke?”

“No! Go on. Finish!”

I knew what her response would be so I quickly, yet forcefully, placed the eighth stroke low on her bottom. She clinched the legs of the chair, stomped both feet several times, moaned and breathed in and out, and in and out. “Oooo! Oow! Ooo! Oow!”

I placed the cane one last time against Rebecca’s well-formed and well-thrashed bottom. I drew my arm back and gave her stroke number nine. I landed exactly where I planned in the crease where her bottom met her thighs. She moaned but didn’t cry out. “You can get up now, Becca.” I said.

“I can’t. I can’t.”

I let her stay over the chair while I put away the cane. Then I returned to my niece. “Come on, Becca, I’ll help you,” I said, placing my hands on her shoulders.

“Oh, gosh it hurts! When will it stop throbbing?”

“In a few hours. Why don’t you go into your room and lay down?”

“Can I stay here tonight?”

“I don’t think so. The other girls would soon find out. I didn’t think you wanted them to know we’re related.”

Tears fell and Rebecca collapsed in my arms. “Oh, Uncle Eric, I don’t care anymore. You’re as hard as or harder on me than you are the other girls anyway. I usually get twice the punishment, once from you as the Headmaster and then again from you as my dad.”

“I try to treat you as I would if you were my daughter. I’m sorry if that…”

“Oh, no sir, I’m not complaining.” She interrupted. “I love you and I need you to keep on the right path. I know I get side tracked too easily. And you haven’t told me what my ‘at home’ punishment is going to be, yet.”

“We can talk about that later, Rebecca. Right now, Sweetie, go to your room. I put out a jar of cream I got from Nurse Findley. It will help your bottom; use it, then try to rest. I’ll arrange for us to have supper here.”

“Please, may I stay tonight?”

I looked in her pleading, brown eyes, still very red from crying and I gave in. “Do you need anything from your dorm room?”

“Just my pj’s, a set of clothes for tomorrow, my comb and brush, and of course my books.”

“All right, will your roommate, Jennifer, know where everything is?”

“Yes, sir, thank you. I won’t be any trouble.”

“You have never been any trouble. Now go get some rest. I’ll arrange for supper and for some of your things to be brought here.”

“Thank you, Uncle Eric.”

* * *

An After Thought

This wasn’t the last time I had to discipline my niece, but this situation brought us closer together. Becca quit worrying about what the other girls would say and actually started calling me “Dad,” which I must say I did not try to dissuade her from doing. I am pleased to say that Rebecca graduated from Brandon, went on to graduate from Bryant University in Rhode Island with a degree in Business Administration and went on to work as a buyer for Macy’s Department Stores in New York, where she met and later married a wonderful young man and started a family. I am now “Grandpa” to twin boys Brandon Eric and Bryant Michael Turner. (I can’t imagine how Becca came up with those names. Well, maybe I do; my full name is Eric Michael Davenport.)

It was the last time I encountered Miss Worthy in a disciplinary situation. She did ask me for references to several colleges and later for a job reference. Several years ago I received my last correspondence from Susan. It was a Christmas card. She stated she and her husband were going to Peru, South America, as missionaries for their church. She said they would be gone for two or three years and she would contact me on her return to the USA. Since I haven’t heard from her, I presume she is still on her mission trip.

In the future, I will tell you about other Girls fromThe Brandon Academy.

Disclaimer: The school and all characters and situations mentioned in this story are fictitious.

The End