This is the second of several stand-alone stories about a strict, yet caring headmaster and the girls at his school.

By Miss Em

Lisa Selects the Paddle

Standing before me in tears was the very beautiful, eighteen-year-old, Senior Head Girl, Lisa Bentley. My Science Chairman, Dr Marcus Newcomb, who was holding two papers, had accompanied her into my office. “In all my years at this academy, I have never had a girl cheat on a final exam. I demand that she be expelled immediately,” he fumed.

“Oh, Headmaster, please don’t expel me!” Lisa begged.

“Both of you calm down, so I can ask you a few questions. First, Dr Newcomb, how do you know Miss Bentley cheated?”

“I saw her with my own eyes,” the outraged professor continued. “However, to be sure, I moved Miss Bentley to the front of the room, away from Miss Thompson, and near my desk, where there was no one near to copy off. I decided to score Miss Bentley and Miss Thompson’s papers immediately and asked both girls to remain after class. Miss Thompson had a passing mark of 85, missing 8 questions. On the other hand, Miss Bentley made a 68, but the first five questions she missed had the same incorrect answers and the first six correct answers were identical to those that were on Miss Thompson’s paper. It is obviously a flagrant violation of our Honor Code!”

“Yes, it does appear so.” I responded, trying to size up the 5 foot 6 inch tall, fair skin, girl standing in front of my desk. Her face, framed by her shoulder length black hair, was streaming with tears. “Miss Bentley, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I, uh, I’m sorry, Sir. Dr Newcomb’s class has been very hard for me and I didn’t study enough. I really needed to pass this class to get into the university next year. I only copied a few of her answers, Mr Davenport.”

“Copying one, a few, or all of someone’s answers is wrong and I am very disappointed in this behavior. You are one of our Head Girls; the younger girls look to you for direction and guidance. I cannot and will not allow this to go unpunished.” I placed my telephone in front of her. “Call your mom or dad and have one of them come pick you up. You will be suspended for the rest of the term. When they arrive I will explain what that will involve.”

“Oh, Sir, please! Please reconsider,” she cried.

“Call your parents, please. Then we will talk.”

While Lisa was on the phone explaining to her mom what was happening, I led Dr Newcomb to the door. “I assure you the girl is going to be dealt with firmly. I know her father will tan her hide when he gets her home.”

“Well, I still think she should be expelled, Headmaster.”

“I believe this suspension will be rather severe, Dr Newcomb. In addition, I will be administering corporal punishment. Now, try to have a good afternoon, Dr Newcomb. I will be in touch with you after I speak to the Bentleys.” The annoyed professor left.

I returned to my desk in time to hear the last part of Lisa’s conversation. “No, Sir. I don’t know, Dad, I wasn’t thinking about that. Noooo! Please, not that! No, Sir. Yes, Sir, I’ll tell him, but he’s right here if you want to talk to him. Okay. Bye.”

“Who will be coming to get you?”

“Both. My mom had me call my dad. He said he would pick up Mom and then head this way. But it will take them about an hour to get here.”

“That’s fine. You may sit in the outer office, and while you’re waiting I want you to outline the first seven chapters of your Science text.” At least by outlining the chapters Lisa would get extra exposure to the material she was supposed to study for her final exam.

“Outline?” She grumbled.

“Yes, Miss Bentley, you do know how to outline, don’t you?”

“Oh, uh, yes, Sir.”

“Good. I will expect it completed by the end of the holidays. Now go, wait in Ms Jackson’s office until your parents get here.” She tossed her hair and rolled her violet eyes showing her displeasure. I ignored the behavior, knowing her parents were not going to be pleased with their daughter’s dishonesty.

I busied myself with grade reports that were coming in on my computer and end of term paper work that had to be completed before I could take my Christmas Holiday at the end of next week. After about an hour, Ms Jackson announced the arrival of the Bentleys. I had her show them in.

“Please have a seat, Mrs. Bentley, Mr Bentley,” I said as I offered them seats in the two low-back, black leather arm chairs in front of my desk. Lisa, you may get one of the straight-back chairs next to the wall and join us.”

“Yes, Headmaster, thank you, Sir.”

When she started to move, her father spoke sharply. “No, ma’am. You can just stand there quietly, young lady, while we try to resolve this matter.”

“This might take a while to explain,” I stated. “I really think Lisa will be more comfortable sitting through this discussion.”

“Lisa might as well get used to being uncomfortable and standing; she will be doing a lot of it over the holiday break.”

“Very well, Mr Bentley,” I consented. “Let’s begin by letting Lisa explain what she did this morning.”

“We know why we’re here, Headmaster. My daughter showed her stupidity by copying part of another student’s test paper.” As he spoke, I could see Lisa studying the floor and scuffing her feet. “Stand still girl, before I give you a reason to fidget.”

“Yes, Father, I’m sorry.”

“Mr Bentley, this was more than just copying a paper, which would be a serious enough offence to warrant a paddling or a suspension. This was a final exam that Lisa chose to copy. Her professor has asked for her to be expelled.”

“Oh, surely not, Mr Davenport!” Lisa’s mother gasped. “Lisa has been such a good student over the last four years. Isn’t there something else you can do?”

“Yes sir, her good record should count for something,” Mr Bentley chimed in.

“As a matter of fact, Mrs. Bentley, Mr Bentley, I have considered Lisa’s past academic and behavior record, which is why the suspension instead of expulsion. Lisa will also receive a zero on the science exam and an incomplete in her other classes. She will also lose her status as Head Girl.”

“Oh, Mr Davenport, I’ve been Head Girl for three years. Please don’t take that away.”

“I’m sorry Lisa, but I can’t allow you to remain a Head Girl. Cheating, breaking our Honor Code, is a very serious offense.”

Lisa wiped away a few tears from her pleading eyes. “I understand, Headmaster, I’m truly sorry.” I gave her a smile.

“What about the other exams? Will Lisa be allowed to come in and take those tests?” Mrs. Bentley inquired with a motherly concern in her voice.

“Of course; we will make arrangements for make-up exams in January for all her classes except Dr Newcomb’s science. Lisa will take whatever grade she has earned in his class after the zero for the final to be entered. However, before Lisa returns to her classes, there will also be ten licks with the paddle or six of the best with the cane. Preferably now, but we can do this in January.”

“Oh, Mr Davenport, please, I only copied a few answers,” Lisa begged.

“Hush, girl,” scolded her father. “You’re lucky the headmaster is allowing you to continue here next term.”

“Thank you, Mr Bentley.” I said before addressing the corporal punishment issue in detail. “Now, I’d like for Lisa to decide whether she wants the paddle or the cane.”

“I don’t think Lisa should have a say in this matter. I want her to receive the cane, six of the best, and I want you to administer them now while we are here. Then while Lisa is on holiday she will receive a spanking from me every night. I can assure you, she will not copy anyone else’s work.”

“Well, sir, I want to hear what Lisa has to say. Lisa?”

“Mr Davenport, I know I did a very stupid thing. I know you have to punish me, but I hope you will be lenient. I have never stood before you for punishment and you’ve heard my father. I won’t soon forget this error in judgment.” Lisa studied the floor as she finished.

“I appreciate your understanding of the seriousness of your behavior.” As I spoke, I stood and moved to the front of my desk. I lifted Lisa’s face; she was in tears. “I usually don’t allow students a choice in the discipline. However, I can see how remorseful you are. Nevertheless, there will be corporal punishment. Would you prefer the paddle or the cane?”

“I told you the cane, Headmaster.” Mr Bentley reminded me.

“And I explained this would be Lisa’s decision. Lisa, it’s up to you.”

“Sir, I’ve never had either. I suppose they both hurt a great deal.”

“Yes, Lisa, both will hurt and both are likely to cause some bruising. It’s just a decision you must make.”

“Is this given over my clothes or on the bare, Sir?”

“On your bare bottom, girl,” responded Mr Bentley. “That’s the only way, right Headmaster?”

“No, Mr Bentley, it isn’t. I rarely give bare bottom spankings or discipline of any kind; I respect my girls and do not wish to embarrass them unnecessarily. Lisa, I will ask you to lower or remove your trousers and bend over my desk; the paddle or cane will be applied to your panty-covered bottom. So what is it to be? Ten from the paddle or six from the cane?”

“The paddle, Sir,” Lisa requested in defiance of her father.

“I protest!” Mr Bentley bellowed.

“Mr Bentley, I realize Lisa is your daughter, but this is my school and I will handle my students in my way. Now I have no objections to you and your wife witnessing Lisa’s punishment, but I will not have any more of your comments. You may stand over there.” I directed them to the far right side of my office. Then I turned to Lisa. “Are you ready for me to do this now, young lady?”

“I guess,” she answered fearfully.

“It will help if you hold on to the far edge of my desk. Don’t stand up and don’t reach back, unless you want extra licks.”

“Y-yes, Sir. Do I…? I mean, do you want me to…? Oh, Sir, I’m just scared,” Lisa cried.

“I know, I want you to take a deep breath and calm down.” As I spoke, I pulled the 18-year old into a brief hug. “I’m sorry you’re afraid, but I will do this quickly. Then you can go home with your parents.”

“Do I have to, Sir?” She whispered as she pulled away.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied softly and released her. “Now, Lisa, I need you to pull down your trousers and bend right over the desk here.” I gave directions while reaching into my bottom desk drawer and removing the paddle. She lowered her beige uniform trousers and leaned over my desk with her long legs at about a 45 degree angle from my desk.

Lisa’s violet eyes grew and she stood up as I came around to her left side. “Lean back over and don’t get up again or it will mean extra. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, I’m sorry.”

“I understand.” I gently pushed her left shoulder. “Now grab hold to the other side of the desk.”

She nodded and placed her body over my desk. Without thinking, she wiggled her pert rounded bottom in an attempt to get comfortable. I placed the paddle against her pale pink nylon panties. “Not regulation underwear, Miss Bentley.”

“No Sir. Sorry, Sir.”

“Hold tight, Dear,” Mrs. Bentley shouted. “It will be over soon.”

“Mother, please shut-up!” Lisa replied.

I took the paddle in my left hand and with my right, I planted three hard swats to each of her bare thighs. She cried out and I explained. “You will not talk to your mother that way. Apologize!”

“I’m sorry, Mom.” She said quickly. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s better.” I put the paddle against her bottom and swung. Lisa did not make a sound. I swung a second and third time. Still she made no sound and there was only a little movement from her legs, as she tried to wiggle out the pain.

I made the fourth swat a little harder, and she groaned.

I popped five and six, one after the other and heard a low cry. I turned the paddle slightly so that swat number seven landed firmly on her right cheek and number eight on her left.”

“Oh, Sir, please no more,” Lisa pleaded.

“Stay in position, you’ve got two more.” I waited just a moment and lined up the paddle. I wanted the last two swats to hit on the sit-spot.

As number nine landed, it slightly lifted Lisa off the desk. “Ooohhh! Plea…ease!”

“One more,” I said before I landed the last one in the same place.

“Yeow-owich!” Lisa screamed.

“Stay in position,” I instructed as I returned the paddle to the desk drawer. “All right, Lisa, you may stand and fix your clothes.”

As she finished adjusting her trousers, Lisa’s father spoke. “Well, Mr Davenport, I must say you seem to handle that paddle rather well.”

“I know what I’m doing, Sir,” I replied before turning back to my student. “Lisa, you took your punishment well. Now when the new term starts in January, I want you to report to me. I expect to see the outline of those science chapters.”

“Yes, Sir. And Headmaster, thank you for giving me a chance to make up the other exams.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll have an exam schedule for you in January. Try to enjoy your holiday.”

“Yes, Sir, I’ll try. You too, Sir.”

“Well, I guess we will take Lisa with us, Headmaster. And again I want to assure you she will be getting a good, old fashion, bare-bottom, spanking from me every night for the next two weeks.”

“I can’t tell you how to discipline your daughter, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Lisa is very sorry for her action.”

“Well, she’s going to be a lot sorrier by the end of the holidays.”

“Oh, Daddy, please, I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Come on, young lady,” Mr Bentley said, taking Lisa by the arm. “Goodbye, Headmaster.”

“Please take time to enjoy the holidays. I’ll talk with you in January, Mr Bentley.” I said as Mr and Mrs. Bentley shepherded Lisa out the office door and down the hall to the exit.

Lisa returned in January and was an exemplary student during her last semester. Fortunately, for her, her grades in Dr Newcomb’s class were high enough that the zero on the science exam did not fail her for the term and she was accepted to the university. She told me her mother intervened on her behalf and convinced her dad to reconsider his threat of a nightly spanking. However, Lisa said she was grounded the entire two weeks and received two long over the knee spankings from her dad for the cheating. I understand she graduated the university with honors and became a successful banker in New Hampshire, married a nice young man and started a family.

In the near future, I will tell you about Susan Worthy, Rebecca Shaw, and other Girls fromThe Brandon Academy.

Disclaimer: The school and all characters and situations mentioned in this story are fictitious.

The End