Two girls caught trying to cheat have to face the consequences

By Miss Em from the USA


I am Eric Davenport, Headmaster of The Brandon Academy, a boarding school for girls between the ages of 14 to 19. The school is tucked away on fifty acres of beautiful rolling hills in southern New York. Reverend Thomas K Brandon, the former headmaster and now President of our school board, appointed me to this position in 1964, after being both an instructor and a housemaster for eight years. I am responsible for the well-being, education, and discipline of the 200 girls residing here, as well as the everyday running of the school and its facilities.

As headmasters go, I am relatively young – I recently celebrated my fortieth birthday. Nevertheless, I have acquired a reputation of being firm but fair. Moreover, I have a very competent staff, which is able to handle most minor behavioral situations that occur. All my staff has the authority to assign lines, detentions, take away privileges such as going into town to shop or see a movie, restriction from upcoming sporting events or dances and of course spanking – no more than four licks with a small paddle.

Now there are certain situations which I have instructed my housemasters/housemistresses and instructors to bring to my immediate attention; defiance of authority, the use of drugs or alcohol, cheating or plagiarism, severe bullying, or the repetition of minor offences. Rev. Brandon trained me in the use of the old school discipline tools of the tawse and the cane, plus there are more than a few young ladies that will tell you I swing a mean paddle. Any girl that has chosen to cross the line and finds herself standing before me for breaking the rules will be dealt with quickly and if necessary severely.

For the most part our girls are well behaved, as they should be; their parents pay a tidy sum for their daughters’ college preparatory education. Each year, before registration concludes, parents and girls sign a statement that they understand and will abide by the school rules and will permit or accept discipline and punishment from the instructors, housemasters, or me, the headmaster, including the possibility of corporal punishment, suspension, or expulsion. I try to establish a relationship with each of the girls that allows me to counsel and discipline with love and respect for each.

*     *     *

It was mid-December and most of the girls and instructors were preparing for exam week. Moreover, everyone was excited about the upcoming Christmas party and dance and the approaching holiday break. Mr Braschler, Head of Security and Grounds Maintenance, and his crew had decorated the entire courtyard with colorful lights, hung beautiful wreaths on all the entrances and delivered poinsettias to all the staff offices.

Unfortunately, all this holiday hustle and bustle sometimes caused a few of our girls to stray from the rules they normally followed. Such was the reason for Tiffany Edwards and Cassie Newsome to be sent to my office on the Friday afternoon before exam week.

I let the two girls sit for about twenty minutes while I read and re-read the disciplinary form that Dean Myers had left with my secretary, Carol Jackson. The note was as follows:

“Headmaster Davenport,

I returned from my lunch break to find Cassie Newsome and Tiffany Edwards inside my office, at my desk, going through the file folders on my desk. The girls got in by breaking the glass window so they could reach in and unlock the door.

I couldn’t get either girl to talk to me about this. So I am at a loss as to what I can do. All of my exams for next week have been compromised and I will be spending the entire weekend recreating the five exams.

Please deal with these young women harshly, but do not expel them. Both are normally excellent students and I do not want to keep them from achieving their highest potential. I feel they have succumbed to some outside pressure and wanted to make sure they could pass their History/Civics Exam next week. However they were caught red-handed with test papers and answer sheets.


Dr Ethel Myers,

Department Chair and Dean of U. S. History and Government.”

I pressed my signal light for Ms Jackson to come into my office, which she did almost immediately with pen and notepad in hand. “You need something, Headmaster?”

“Yes, Carol. Please come in a moment and close the door.”  She did so and took a seat in front of my desk, thinking she would be taking dictation. “How are the two young ladies outside doing?”

“They are like two nervous canaries hoping to evade the cat. Although I did over hear Tiffany Edwards say that she’d have her dad fire you.”

“Well, good thing I have a lifetime contract from the President of the Board.” We both laughed. “I guess I should put an end to their worries. But before you go, I need you to compile a list of any girl who was in danger of failing at mid-term. I would also appreciate it if you could stay close by to be witness if needed, while I deal with Miss Edwards and Miss Newsome.”

“Certainly, shall I send the canaries in, Sir?” Carol asked as she stood to leave.

“I suppose so – not looking forward to this. Send them in, please.”

Carol held the door to my office open. “Girls, Headmaster Davenport will see you now. Go stand quietly in front of his desk.”

“Thank you, Miss Jackson,” Cassie Newsome said before the door closed behind them.

Cautiously the two girls approached my desk. I kept looking at the note from Dean Myers. Putting the note down, I addressed the two sorrowful looking girls in front of me.

“Well, Miss Edwards, Miss Newsome, we have quite a problem facing us. I have a good mind to call your parents, have you pack up your things, and expel you from this campus.”

The two young ladies, who had been caught red-handed with Dean Myers’ papers in their hands, were different as night and day. Tears were already streaming down Cassie’s round face. Her soft, shoulder-length, brown hair fell to the front as she dropped her head in shame. Cassie was obviously feeling guilt and remorse over this situation. On the other hand, there was Tiffany Edwards who showed little if any remorse. Tiffany had her long blond hair in a loose ponytail. She was about 5 foot 4, a little taller than Cassie. She stood stoically in front of me and stared in my direction but avoided eye contact.

“Miss Newsome, what do you have to say for yourself?”

She sniffled: “I-er-I’m so sorry, Sir. I don’t know what I was thinking. I-I’ve never ever done anything like this before. Please don’t expel us. My dad’s gonna be so angry. Please, Sir, I’ll take any kind of punishment you give, if you’ll let me say here.”

I offered her a tissue. “We will discuss possible options to expulsion, but I assure you, you are going to be punished.”

“Yes, Sir, I, I u-understand,” a very tearful Cassie replied.

“You have been very quiet, Miss Edwards. What do you have to say about this?”

“I guess I want to say I’m sorry, but I knew I couldn’t pass the exam without seeing the questions. I shouldn’t have gone into the old lady’s office and tried to take the stupid exam.”

“You will speak of Dean Myers with respect, young lady. You just earned yourself a paddling.”

“So what, you were going to paddle us anyway, weren’t you?”

I had had enough of Tiffany’s attitude. “Miss Newsome, I would like you go back out to the front office with Ms Jackson, please. I’ve decide to deal with Miss Edwards first. However, before you go, tell me which one of you broke into Dean Myers’ office.”

Without saying a word, the looks that went between the girls let me know that Tiffany was the culprit.

“No one wants credit for getting into the office? Hmm, then you’ll both get five licks from the Enforcer.”

“But, Sir, that’s not fair!” Protested Cassie.

“Then tell me whose idea it was to break in and take copies of Dean Myers’ exams.”

“We didn’t take anything! We were just looking when she came in and caught us!”  Tiffany screamed.

“Shouting at me is not going to help you, Miss Edwards. I am about to deal with your attitude, see if I can change your demeanor a bit.”

Tiffany tossed her head and rolled her eyes. I reached in the side drawer of my desk and placed my small paddle, tawse, and the large school paddle on my desk.

“Miss Newsome, I need you to step out for a while. You can write Dean Myers an apology letter and a letter of explanation to your parents. I’ll check over them when I call you back in.”

“Yes, Sir,” she responded softly, then stopped at the door and turned back to face me. “Headmaster Davenport?”

“Yes, Miss Newsome.”

“It was my idea to sneak a look at the exam. But I wasn’t the one who broke the glass to get into the office.”

“Why don’t you just say Tiffany did it!!? You traitor! Couldn’t keep your mouth shut!”

“That’s enough Miss Edwards!” I shouted.

Cassie’s statement took me by surprise; she had never been in any serious trouble in her three years with us.

“I think you need to leave now, Cassie, but thank you for telling me this was your idea.”

She nodded, lowered her head, and left.

I then turned my attention to Tiffany. “Well, Miss Edwards, suppose you tell me what you did.”

“I broke the little window and opened the door so we could go in and find the exam. Dean Myers came back before we found the test.”

“I take it your intention was to leave with test in hand?”

“Well, yeah!”

“You will answer me with a ‘Yes, Sir’ or ‘No, Sir’. Do you understand?”

She rolled her eyes a second time. “Yes, Sir.”

“That’s more like it. However if you roll those eyes one more time while you are here, I am going to ask my secretary to come in and witness my giving you a long, over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking.”

Tiffany’s blue eyes widened and her mouth dropped. “You can’t! You wouldn’t!?!  My dad is on the Board of Directors for the school. He can have you fired!!”

“I can and I will, if necessary. I don’t make treats, Tiffany. And if you want we can call your dad and he can witness your punishment. Then if he chooses to fire me, I’ll know I have tried to set one young lady on the road to good behavior.”

I watched her carefully as I picked up the small paddle and walked to the front of my desk, and reached for the telephone.

“No, don’t call Daddy.  I, I’m sorry, Sir, I won’t do anything like this again.”

“Oh, I know you won’t do this again. I’m going to make sure you learn several lessons this afternoon.” I propped on the edge of my desk right in front of the teenager. “We’re going to start with learning to have a respectful attitude. You will need to remove your trousers.”

She gave me a questioning look.

“I can have Miss Jackson come in if you would like a witness.”

“No, Sir, I just didn’t think you, I mean…”

“You didn’t think I’d really paddle you? I understand. Now, get those pants down!” I directed sharply.

She fumbled with the button and zipper, but as she pushed the uniform trousers down, I reached out, took her by the arm, and pulled her across my left knee. I didn’t wait, I started right in with a solid peppering of spanks to her buttocks. I covered her entire panty-clad bottom several times at a medium force. She was in tears as I placed five licks to each sit-spot. I let her stand and rub her bottom, while I reached for the tawse.

“Tell me what that paddling was for, Miss Edwards?”

“My attitude, Sir.”

“That’s right, for your disrespectful attitude. Now I want you to think about breaking into Dean Myers’ office. I’m going to give you twelve licks with the tawse; they are going to hurt but I need you to stay in position until I tell you to stand.”

“Okay!” she snapped.

“Excuse me? Okay?” I turned her back over my knee and gave her a dozen swats with my hand. “How do you answer me?”

“Wu-wu-with – y- yes sir or no sir,” she sniffled.

“I suggest you remember that,” I said and placed four more swats to each sit-spot. “Now, put yourself over that desk.” She did so, but was still trying to rub the sting from her bottom. “Keep your hands away from your bottom and get into the proper position.”

“Sir, I’ve never been here before. What position?”

“Stand with your feet about 18 inches apart, lean over and grab hold to the other side of my desk, and don’t get up until I tell you too. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir, thank you for explaining.”

She faced the desk and did as I explained. Before she lowered herself, she took a deep breath and made a final plea: “Headmaster, Sir, please, I-uh-I’m sorry. I-uh- I’m really hurting – I can’t – my bottom can’t take any more. Please Sir, I’ve learned my lesson.”

“I believe you have learned your lesson about attitude and respect, but now I need to address breaking in and stealing.”

I placed my hand on the middle of her back and she leaned over my desk. I left my hand on her back to prevent her from rising. I swung the tawse three times across her buttocks and three times across her upper thighs. She screeched, screamed, kicked, and begged me to stop. I moved to the other side. Again, I struck her bottom three times with the tawse. I could tell by the change in her cry that I was getting through, but I continued with three more stripes to her thighs.

It took several minutes of crying and kicking for her to realize I was no longer spanking her. Once Tiffany had composed herself, I continued: “We’re not quite finished, Miss Edwards. Sit down.”  I said, pointing to the straight back chair I had placed next to my desk. “I hope another lesson has been learned.”

“Oh, yes, sir,” she sniffled. “I will never steal anything again.”

“Well, I’m going to make sure; two stokes of the tawse on each hand. Hold out you right hand, support it with your left.”

“Sir, please, don’t do this.”

“I’m waiting.”

Slowly the girl placed her hands as I had described. “You need to close your eyes, so you don’t see the tawse about to hit your hand.”

“I’ll watch, Sir.”

“That’s fine, Miss Edwards, but if you flinch and withdraw you hand this tawse is going to strike those bare legs and we will have to do it over.” I stated, pointing to the pale peach unblemished skin of the front of her thighs. She nodded and closed her eyes. I placed the tawse in her hand before flipping it up quickly and letting it strike the center of her hand.

“Eeeoouch!” She cried as she thrust her hand into her armpit. “Oh my go-ooosh!”

“Put that hand out again.”

Slowly she obeyed and looked at me with a pleading look in her tear-filled eyes. As I repeated the process of placing the tawse on her hand, she scrunched  her eyes tightly shut. I let the tawse slap her hand sharply and again she immediately shoved it under her armpit and screamed in pain. We repeated the process on her left hand and she was trembling. I hate causing my girls this much discomfort but this was one spoiled teen. Tiffany thought she would get away without punishment because her father was on the school board.

I let her recover for a few minutes, before continuing her discipline. “All right, over the desk again, Miss Edwards. We need to finish so I can deal with Miss Newsome.”

“Another spanking, Sir?”

“Yes, ma’am,”  I said as I picked up the school paddle, which the girls called ‘The Enforcer’. “You get five licks for not telling me who broke the glass.”

“But Headmaster Davenport, Cassie & I did tell you.”

“Yes, but not when I asked; not until after I said you’d both get 5 licks from the Enforcer. Now let’s get on with this. Over the desk and up on your tiptoes.”

Tiffany leaned over the desk and got on her tiptoes. This presented her bottom so that the paddle would hit the fleshy part of her buttocks and the sit-spots. I was going to make sure she felt this punishment into the next week. I took aim, used a moderately forceful swing, and let my paddle do its job.

THWACK! “Aaaaaahhhh, Oh please stop!”

THWACK! “Eeeeeeeeeeeeesssssccch!”

THWACK! “Oh, pa-leeeeeeease, no more – no more!”

“Stay down!” I roared as Tiffany started to rise. “Two more and we’re through.”

“Sir, I don’t think I can.”

I didn’t reply. I simple pushed lightly on her shoulder and she went back over the desk. “I need you to reach over to the other side of my desk and get back up on your tiptoes.” I explained, as I wanted her to be positioned so that I could place the last two strokes to her sit-spots.

When she got into position, I applied the last two strokes. The force I was using would possible cause slight bruising, but I wanted her to remember this discipline session for several days.

It took Tiffany a minute to stand and she was wobbly. I helped her to the chair and handed her some tissues.  “Oooo! Thank you, Sir. It hurts to sit.”

“That is to be a reminder to you the next few days, so you remember the lessons that were hopefully learned today.”

“I’ll be on my best behavior, Sir.”

“Usually you are, Tiffany. Now get your clothes straight and stand in front of my desk,” I commanded as I returned to my desk chair and straightened the discipline implements for easy access when Miss Newsome came in. Tiffany fixed her clothes although she struggle pulling her trousers over her sore swollen bottom.

“May I leave now, Headmaster?”

“No, ma’am, not yet. I want you to tell me exactly what you have learned today.”

“I won’t ever break in to anybody’s office or anything, and I’m  not going to be stealing anything, Sir, I promise.”

“I believe you have learned  something else also?”

“Yes, Sir. To be respectful when talking to you or other staff and when talking about someone.”

“Very good.  Now, if you return here for trying to cheat on a test or exam, you will be expelled.”

“I’m never gonna to try to cheat again. I promise.”

“That’s good to hear. Now before you return to your dorm, I want you to sit in the outer office and write a letter of apology to Dean Myers and a letter to your parents, explaining what you did and the details of your punishment. I will read both before you return to your room.”

“Oh, please don’t make me tell my parents what I did,” she burst into new tears.

“This from the young lady that was going to have me fired?”

“I’m sorry I said that. Daddy will probably ground  me for the entire holiday.”

“I’m sure he will do what he feels is best for you, Tiffany, just like the instructors and I try to do here at Brandon Academy.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“All right, go on and start those letters and send Miss Newsome in, please.”  She nodded and left quietly. In a moment, there was a faint knock on the door.  “Come!”

Cassie Newsome walked slowly towards my desk and stood quietly. Her plaid uniform skirt, neatly pressed white shirt, and her navy tights made her look the picture of innocence. She had obviously spent most of the last fifteen or twenty minutes in tears; her eyes were already red and swollen.

“I don’t know why I thought we could steal the test questions. It was a stupid idea and I am really, really sorry. Headmaster Davenport, I don’t want to be expelled.  You know I’m not a bad kid. I have only been here once before and you paddled me. I’ll do anything I have to if you’ll just let me stay here. Please, Sir, I promise I will never try to cheat again. Please, don’t expel me.”

I placed the tissue box near her before I spoke. “Cassie, sit down for a minute, please.” She did and took a handful of tissues with her. “I’m not going to expel you, but you understand there are consequences for your behavior.”

“Yes, Sir, I know. I figure you’re gonna paddle me. I could sort of hear Tiffany. And I figure it’ll be about the same for me.”

“Pretty much. However, I want you to know that I appreciate your attitude and the fact that you have accepted responsibility for your part of this. However, what you did was extremely serious. Breaking into a faculty member’s office with the intent of stealing the final exams is a breach of our Code of Conduct.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Yes, Sir, I’m so-so sorry. I guess you’re gonna tell my parents?”

“Actually when we finish here you are going to write them a letter explaining what you did wrong and the punishment you received.”

“Mom and Dad are going be so upset and angry. I’ll get spanked when I get home for the holidays, if not before!”

“Before?” I questioned.

“Yes, Sir. When I got paddled last year, Dad came up the very next day and spanked me again. He doesn’t believe in waiting too long to give out punishments.”

“Well neither do I. I think we best get on with this, so you can write that letter and get back to your dorm. Here’s what’s going to happen. You are going to have to take off that skirt and remove your tights. You may keep your panties on. I am going to give you 12 licks from the tawse, six on your bottom and six on your legs, and two licks on each hand for breaking in to Dean Myers’ Office and trying to steal the exam questions. Then for not answering my question when I asked, you earned five licks from the Enforcer. I can call Ms. Jackson in to watch if you want a witness?”

“No Sir, I just want to get this over with. What do I need to do?”

“Get out of the clothes and bend over the desk,” I said as I picked up the tawse and walked around to give her a bit of privacy.

In a couple of minutes, Cassie placed herself across the desk and presented her navy-clad bottom for me to punish.

“This is going to hurt, Miss Newsome. Remember to hold tight to the other side of the desk.”

“Yes, Sir, and I’m so sorry, Sir,” she sniffled.

I placed three forceful strikes of the tawse across her bottom. She screamed, kicked and jumped on each. As I changed sides she stood and rubbed her bottom.

“Get back over that desk, girl! And stay there until I tell you to stand, unless you want extra licks.”

Cassie quickly resumed her position and pleaded: “Oh, Sir, I’m sorry. It just hurts so much. But, I‘ll stay down, please no extra.”

“I’ll see how you do.” I raised my arm and let loose three more powerful strokes across her bottom. She cried out, kicked, squirmed and begged me to stop.

Then I continued with three well-placed stripes across her upper thighs. She cried and curled her legs hoping to stop the punishment. Each time, I waited until she straightened out her legs. Then I moved back to my original position and placed the last three strokes of the tawse across her legs. She was a blubbering mess. I had to wait about ten minutes before I could even talk to her about the second part of the punishment.

“Miss Newsome, are you ready to finish this?”

“Uh-oh, yes, yes Sir, I guess. I’m sorry, I’m acting like such a baby screaming and crying.”

“Not a problem, this is a punishment. If you weren’t shedding some tears, I wouldn’t be doing my job. Now we still have 5 licks from the paddle and two licks from the tawse on each hand.”

“I’m going to have trouble sitting down for several days! Sir, would you, could you, strap my hands first?

Actually, I had planned to. Sit down here in this chair, put right hand on top of left and hold it out as still as you can.”

She did so. “Like this, Sir?”

“Straight out, then close your eyes.” I directed.

“Close my eyes? Sir?”

“Yes, ma’am, I don’t want you to watch; you may flinch and pull back your hand.  If that happens, this tawse is going to slap against your bare thighs. Do you want that?”

“No, Sir. Eyes closed! Yes, Sir. Ready,Sir.” She said as she repositioned her hands and closed her eyes tight.

I brought the tawse up over my shoulder and let it slap her hand with a moderate force. It stung. Cassie immediately opened her eyes and screamed and blew on her hand. “Ooouch!! Wwhh! Wwhh! Wwhh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Then she shook her hand.

“Come on, put your hand back out.”

“Oo—kay. I mean, Yes, Sir.” I struck her hand again, this time it was thrust into her armpit as tears poured from her eyes.

I gave her a minute to compose herself.

“I want you to change hands and let’s complete this.”

She followed my instructions and screwed her eyes shut. I raised the tawse and let it slap her left hand maybe a little harder than I did her writing hand. She started to pull away, I grabbed her wrist and held her hand out and slapped the tawse against her hand one more time. Then I released my hold. Cassie shook her hands in the air and blew on them with all her might as if she could blow out the fire she felt.

I allowed her another minute to recuperate while I retrieved the Enforce. Her eyes widened as she saw the paddle and remembered we had one more part of this punishment. I could see her struggle to speak, but she was still sobbing and hiccupping from the tawse. So I immediately gave new directions.

“Over the desk again, Miss Newsome. Five licks and you can join Miss Edwards in the other office letter-writing.”

“Oh, Sir, please. I am so sore and I know I never try to cheat again.”

“I’m glad you’re learning your lessons. But I have to finish this punishment session; you wouldn’t want word to get around that the Headmaster was getting forgetful.”


“I promised both of you a paddling for not answering my question when I asked it.”

“Yes,Sir, I, er, I was just hoping that maybe you’d wait till tonight?”

“No, we do this now. Whenever you’re ready to begin, within the next two minutes, then I start adding licks.”

Her jaw dropped and I nodded. Then I just propped on the corner of my desk and waited. In less than a minute Cassie moaned, stood up, looked at me with pleading eyes, and then finally placed herself over the desk.

“Sir, I will always answer you immediately, I promise.”

“Well, you just think on that while the Enforcer and I apply a little pain to help you remember in the future. Hold tight to the other side of the desk; I don’t want to hit your hands or fingers.”

As she nodded, I placed the paddle against her bottom, she jumped slightly, and I let the Enforcer start it’s job.

THWACK!  Cassie kicked up a leg, but managed to remain quiet.

THWACK! “Arrgh!”

The third and fourth pops were placed a little lower on her sit spots. She started to cry and kick and begged me to stop.

“Be still, one more and we’re finished!”

I waited until she was no longer wiggling, then placed the paddle against the fullest part of her bottom. As always, this last lick was just as forceful as the first.  THWACK!!

Cassie popped up from the desk, jumped around, tried to rub her bottom with her still reddened hands.

“Oh – oh – oh – ouch – ouch! My gosh I won’t be able to sit for a week!”

I turned away and tried to stifle a chuckle. “You are going to be quite uncomfortable for three or four days. Then you may feel a bit of discomfort for another two or three days. But you’ll survive.”

“You sound like my dad! He says something like that after he spanks me. He says: ‘Girl, I blistered you pretty good; you may be sittin’ funny for a few days, but I think you’ll live.’”

“I know your dad and I’m sure he only wants what’s best for you.”

“Oh, yes, sir, I know. Daddy loves me and he doesn’t spank me much, but when he reads that letter I have to write, I think I’ll have another date with the hair brush.”

“Well, you best get dressed and get out there to Mrs. Jackson’s office and write that letter.”

Remembering that she had removed her skirt and tights, she retrieved the skirt and put it on quickly. “Sir, do I have to put the tights back on?” She asked hopefully.

“It’s part of the uniform and you have to be in uniform until after the evening meal.”

I busied myself with some imaginary paper work while she struggled to get back into the tights. Cassie “ooo-ed”  and “ouch-ed” as she pulled the navy tights over her striped legs and slightly swollen bottom.

“Okay, Sir, I’m dressed now.”

Looking up from my papers I gave my approval. “You look fine, Cassie. Thank you. Now let’s not repeat any of today’s mistakes. I do not want to see you in this office again for cheating or breaking in. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll go write that letter.”

“I want to read both letters before you go back to the dorm.”

“Yes, Sir. And Headmaster Davenport, thank you for not expelling me. If I get expelled I won’t be able to get a scholarship. If I don’t get a scholarship, I can’t go to college.”

“You are normally a very well-behaved young lady. You made a big mistake today, but you’ve accepted responsibility and you’ve been thoroughly punished. I believe you have learned you lesson. Now, go on, finish your letter writing.”

“Yes Sir.”

Cassie Newsome left my office, completed her letter writing, and returned to being a model student. Tiffany Edwards also completed her letter writing assignment. However, she would return to my office several times before her graduation. But neither of these girls were ever ‘caught red handed’ again.

The End

© Miss Em 2014