An opportunity arises for a student to make some extra cash

By Julie Baker 

I am a twenty-one year old student in my final year at a central London university studying English literature. My name is Melanie Speight and I come from Bath. I am one of five but I am the only one from my family to go to university. We are what you might call a working class family and my parents both work long hours at the main hospital in Bath to provide for us all. My mother is a nurse and works mainly night shifts, and my father is a porter. We have had a great upbringing and are a very close family.

My parents were very proud of me when I secured my place to study in London. I’m the youngest of their children and it has often been said in jest that I got all the brains and the best looks! I was certainly one of the more able ones at school and I have inherited my mother’s beauty. I have blonde hair, a pretty face and a long leggy figure which I have used to my best advantage in recent years. I’ve had two serious boyfriends but I am currently single and do not go in for casual relationships. I love an adventure, though, and I would say that my personality is generally outward going.

However, the episode that I want to tell you about occurred in my first year in London when I was 19. My university course lectures were in central London and I had a place in a student hall close to Kings Cross Station. My parents could not afford to support me financially, so I had to rely on student loans and a very small amount of savings that I had accumulated by working during weekends and my school holidays. On this basis, I knew that I was going to need a part-time job to fit around my studies. Within a few weeks of starting my course I came across an advert on the net posted by a five star hotel on Park Lane who were looking for chamber maids. I thought that this could be ideal for me and I applied.

I got the job and it was perfect. It only paid the minimum wage but the hours were flexible and the hotel was gorgeous. My boss was so helpful and the training was second to none. I settled into a pattern of working mainly early mornings, starting my shift at 5.00am and finishing by 9.30. I didn’t have any contact time at uni until 10.00am at the earliest, so this fitted in nicely. My duties were varied but delivering breakfasts to guests in their rooms was a large part of what I did on a daily basis.

I had to wear the standard chamber maid’s uniform which was provided by the hotel. Black shoes, short white socks, white blouse and black skirt. The black skirt was tight fitting around my bottom and flared out slightly to about 6 centimetres above my knee. It had white lacy detailing on the front which, in a classy sort of way, made it vaguely reminiscent of a classic French maid’s uniform. I can’t really comment on whether this was a turn-on for their male guests but we were told that we should ignore any suggestive comments from guests when we were in their rooms and any persistent bad behaviour should be reported to management. I did get a few inappropriate comments and requests in my time at the hotel, but nothing that I couldn’t handle on my own.   However, there was one occasion when I ended up totally naked with a male guest in the hotel’s most expensive suite, and this is part of the sequence of events that I want to tell you about.

There were many famous people who stayed at the hotel. I had been working at the hotel for eight months and it was the summer at the end of my first year at university. The well known American film director, Anton Taylor, had booked the Presidential Suite for a month while he made the part of the film ‘Brode’ that was set in England. It is the film about the famous educational psychologist Margaret Brode who was born and brought up in England, went to Oxford University and then emigrated to America in the 1930s. She made her name initially in academic circles but went on to change much of the thinking about how school age children should be handled to get the best out of them. She was a noted beauty of her time and she had a very colourful and controversial private life which involved three husbands, numerous affairs and the odd court appearance. Quite a package.

Anton always requested breakfast to be served to him in his room and I seemed to slip into the routine of being the person who delivered it to him. I later discovered this was at his request, but I didn’t know that at that time. Monday to Friday he would be on his own in his huge bed sitting up in his silk dressing gown looking rather regal. At the weekends his glamorous wife would fly in from the States to join him and this rather altered the chemistry between us. He was probably mid-50s at this time, good looking and unfailingly polite and courteous. He would always thank me for bringing his tray and engage me in a few minutes conversation. He therefore knew that I was a student and that I was doing this job to help with my finances.

One morning, during the third week of his stay, he asked if he could make a suggestion. I had no idea what he was going to say but, of course, I readily agreed to listen. He explained that the part of the film being currently shot covered the early years of Margaret Brode’s life including the time that she was at a girls boarding school in Kent. This part of the film was apparently important as it shaped a lot of her thinking and behaviour in later life. He explained that one of the key events at this time was when she was caned by the headmistress for something that she did not do. This affected her view on how children should be treated and might have been responsible for some of the activities that she became involved with in her private life later on.

The punishment had been fairly severe and was administered to her bare unprotected bottom. The problem that Anton had was that the well known actress, Susan D, who was playing Margaret in her youthful years had decided that week that she was not prepared to show her bottom on film or take the caning. He was prepared to work round this problem as best he could but also acknowledged that it was going to be detrimental to the power of this part of the production if the audience were denied the full experience of the caning episode.

Ideally he needed a body double.

“I think you might be perfect, Melanie. You are the right height, we can make your hair look the same from the back and I suspect that you will have the right figure,” explained Anton. “Are you interested in the possibility of doing this job for me?”

”Well, possibly,” I replied. “You’ll have to tell me more.”

“Here’s the deal,” he replied. “First of all, I would need to check you out to make sure that you are suitable. If you pass this test then you would need to come to the studio in south London for a day and I would pay you £1,000. You would then work with Susan on the caning scene. She would do all the acting and all facial shots and you would be required to do all shots with a rear view during the punishment scene. You would be required to be seen removing your skirt and underwear, lifting the back of your blouse and bending over the head’s desk. You would then receive six cane strokes on your bare bottom.

“These would be real. It’s the only way to guarantee the authentic look I’m hoping for. What do you think?”

I was flabbergasted. What a turn of events! I totally hadn’t seen this coming, but what an opportunity; a chance to be on a film set and £1,000 for a day’s work. The nudity didn’t particularly worry me, as I’ve always been comfortable with my own body image, but I had never been punished physically before so this was the only part that made me hesitate.

“Will the caning hurt?” I asked.

“It needs to be done properly, Mel, but that’s why you are getting £1,000 for a day’s work. Trust me, you’ll be fine.”

“OK, you’re on then,” I replied. “What happens next?”

“I need to see you with no clothes on to make sure your body shape is a close enough match to Susan’s. Please go to the adjoining room and strip off and give me a call when you are ready. I only need to see your back view.”

He was so matter of fact! In his mind there was no question that I would do as he asked, but in my head this seemed to be a massive request. Me strip off in front of an almost total stranger? Surely not! But I did trust him and the £1,000 would make a massive difference to my life. So I went into his sitting room and got undressed. I took my skirt and blouse off, followed by my shoes and socks. I couldn’t see why I had to remove my bra but I did as requested. My panties were the final garment to come off and I folded my clothes and placed them on the end of the desk. I stood in the middle of the room totally naked with my back to the door and I called out to Anton to let him know that I was ready. I could hear as he came into the room but he said nothing to start with. There was total silence for a couple of minutes while he looked at me.

“You have a fantastic body, Melanie. Perfect for what we need. I just need to check how you look when you are bent over the desk ready for the caning. Can you do this for me?”

I didn’t reply but walked over to the desk at the side of the room by the window. He must have got sight of my breasts and pubic area as I walked across the room, but I felt safe and there was no embarrassment. I stood in front of the desk with my legs together and then gently lowered my upper body onto the hard surface. It felt cold and hard against my skin, even on that warm summer’s day. I could sense my bottom was perfectly presented for punishment although I knew there would be no pain on this occasion. Again, there were a few moments as Anton made his judgment.

“Perfect. You can get dressed now.”

He went back to his breakfast and I put on my chamber maid’s uniform again. The whole event had taken no more than ten minutes. He asked me which day I could make during the following week and I told him Thursday. I had no lectures on Thursdays and I could easily swap my shift at the hotel to give me a clear day.

“All settled then,” said Anton with a broad smile on his face. He took my mobile number and said that he would text me the details of where to go and confirmation of the pay. “I’ll pay you cash at the end of the shoot,” was his parting comment and I was soon in the lift again heading back to the kitchens.

My heart was racing. What an unbelievable turn of events! A fascinating day to come, £1,000 in the bank and the only downside was having to take a caning. It can’t be too bad, I reasoned, and pushed this aspect of the adventure to the back of my mind. Anton’s text came through later that day and I was in a state of high excitement as the day came closer. I engineered not to see Anton again at the hotel in the interim as I was terrified he might change his mind. I was fully up for it!

I had to be at the studio for 10.00am on the Thursday. I figured that it didn’t really matter what I wore that day as I would be given clothes by the costume department. I did select my best satin-feel white bra and panties, though, as I knew I would be revealing all. I looked at my lovely soft bottom in the mirror after my morning shower and wondered what it would look like after six cane strokes. I’d soon find out. I left the halls at 9.00am, caught the tube and, after a short walk at the far end, I was at the studios. I went in to reception and asked to see Sarah Black who was looking after me that day.

Sarah was a production assistant in her mid 30s who was permanently based at the studios. She escorted me to a spacious meeting room next to reception where Anton and his team for the day were all assembled. He introduced me to the others; Susan, who was playing Margaret, an older actress, Carolyn, who took the part of the headmistress, Mary who looked after props and makeup and Jon who was in charge of the camera crew. Everyone else seemed to know their roles for the day so Anton mainly spoke to me and explained how it would work and what was required of me. It became clear that they wouldn’t be relying on any acting skills that I might have. I was only there to provide a naked bottom and take the caning.

Anton explained that the caning scene was the only one they were shooting that day. Carolyn would deliver the punishment to me but he assured me that she had been carefully coached so she could deliver the six strokes to my bottom with the right speed and severity. The idea wasn’t to hurt me unnecessarily, but it had to be hard enough to leave the cane marks that would be an important element in the finished film. He said they would lay over sound effects to make it look like the caning was more severe than it was in reality. He showed me the cane that Carolyn would be using on me. It was about a meter in length, dark brown and reasonably thick. I asked if I could hold it. It was quite heavy with just a bit of flexibility. I shuddered. This brought it home to me that I was shortly going to bare my bottom and receive quite a nasty thrashing.

I could see that I was the same height and had a similar figure to Susan. The next hour at the studio was spent with Mary, who transformed my long straight hair into a frizzy bob style which exactly matched Susan’s look from the back. I really liked Susan. She was maybe a couple of years older than me but very friendly and she was clearly going to be a big star. I could see that nude scenes could come back to haunt her later in her career and fully understood her reasons for refusing to take the caning. She joined us in the costumes room and when my hair was finished we both changed into identical school uniforms. Black shoes, short white socks, navy skirts which were full and came just below our knees, white blouses and blue knickers. We were then given beautiful navy school blazers to wear with an impressive badge on the top pocket and gold braid round the edges.

When we were ready, Sarah asked us to stand and turn our backs to her. She was pleased; we looked like two identical twins, she said.

A few moments afterwards, we were on set. Jon and his team had created a very authentic looking 1930s head’s study complete with book cases, an open fire, comfortable leather chairs and a large mahogany desk. Anton was already at work getting everything organised when we came in. Carolyn was dressed for her part and we were soon ready to start. The early part of the scene developed without me. The head interviewed Margaret about the alleged misdemeanour and there was quite a heated dialogue as Margaret protested her innocence. Eventually her resistance was worn down and she accepted the inevitable.

“You will be punished with six strokes of the cane with no protection,” the head told Margaret. “Please remove your skirt and knickers and bend over my desk. You are to grip the far side with your hands and you are not to get up until I tell you that you can. Do you understand Margaret?”

“Yes, Miss,” she replied.

So this was my big moment. Anton had explained that we would have several takes of me removing my skirt and underwear, but for obvious reasons there would only be one take of the caning itself. I had been instructed precisely as to what to do. I stood in front of the desk under the bright studio lights with about ten people watching my every move. The undoing of my skirt fastenings had to be done slowly and deliberately. Button undone and zip lowered, my skirt was allowed to drop to the floor. I bent down, collected it and folded it neatly before placing it on the chair in front of the desk. Next I put my thumbs in each side of my knicker elastic and eased them down until they were round my ankles. I stepped out of them and placed them on top of my skirt. At this stage, my bottom was still largely concealed from view by the tail of my blouse.   I then moved slowly towards the desk and positioned my hips against the hard edge. I slowly lowered my upper body down onto the desk surface whilst stretching out my arms at the same time towards the opposite edge to the desk. I was soon in position and I could feel my blouse tail had ridden up further, revealing more of my bottom to the camera. As previously arranged, the headmistress then raised my blouse so that my bottom and lower back were totally exposed.

“Margaret, are you ready?” The head asked. I didn’t have to reply as any speaking required was done by Susan and dubbed on later.

I could feel the cane resting on my bottom. A few taps and then the first blow landed. The pain was unbelievable. I let out a sharp cry but stayed in position as I had been instructed. The cane strokes kept on coming. By the third my bottom was on fire and it was only the thought of the £1,000 that kept me going. There was total silence apart from the swish of the cane and the noise of it connecting with naked flesh. By the fifth stroke I had tears streaming down my face and I suspected that the final stroke would be the worst. It was. The pain was unbelievable and I could see how corporal punishment in those days would act as a considerable deterrent.

As instructed, I lay across the desk in distress after the last cane stroke. My breathing was deep and my chest heaved with the sobs. The cameras were focusing on my poor bottom and showing, to all who would see the film, the effect of the cane. As I saw in the mirror afterwards, six distinct red welts which were perfectly spaced up my bottom and evenly showing on each cheek. They were reasonably broad and short which was presumably a result of the cane being stiff rather than whippy and my bottom being firm and rounded. The marks were dark red in colour and it was only later that I got the dark bruising.

“Your punishment is complete, Margaret,” I heard the head say. “You can get up now.”

I slowly peeled myself off the surface of the desk and stood up. My blouse tail once again dropped down to partially cover my reddened bottom and I put both hands round to rub the affected area.

“Cut!” I heard Anton call out. “Brilliant, Mel. Well done. You were fantastic! Thank you so much. Come here for a cuddle.”

He was such a nice guy. He gave me a warm embrace and wiped my tears away with his hand. When my breathing slowed he released me and gave my bottom a tiny pat as I turned to retrieve my clothes.

And that was it really. I was given cash for the fee before I left and I went straight round to the bank to pay it in. As I stood at the counter, my bottom was still throbbing and the cashier would have been amazed if I’d told her how that money had been earned. I didn’t see Anton at the hotel the next morning as it was my day off. Friday was the last day of filming in the UK and Anton flew back to the States that evening.

Naturally I went to see the film when it was released. It had an 18 certificate because of the caning scene but it was presented in a truly classy fashion. It certainly came across as a severe caning but the shots from different angles were merged together to avoid it being like something out of a porn film. It was my bottom starring, though, and the marks left by the cane were featured prominently. I wasn’t mentioned in the credits and my moment of fame will forever be my secret.

A few months later, I read an interview with Susan D in a magazine shortly after the film was released. She was asked about the caning but made it completely clear that she had a body double and that it was not her bottom that featured in the scene. But she paid me a lovely compliment by saying that a most beautiful girl stood in for her and that she was absolutely charming. What a lovely thing to say.

The End

© Julie Baker 2016

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