A thoughtless act gets a girl in trouble. From the archives.

By Kenny Walters

“Hey Carly, you coming shopping down the mall after school?” The pretty blonde girl went up to her friend sitting on a bench next to a row of lockers and put a hand on her shoulder. “I love those white pants you’re wearing. They go great with that purple top. Where did you get them?”

She got no reply.

“Carly?” The blonde girl frowned. “Carly, what’s wrong?”

A tear slipped down the side of Carly Bronstein’s cheek, and the blonde girl sat down next to her friend and replaced the hand with a consoling arm around the shoulders.

“Carly, for heavens’ sakes what’s wrong?”

Sniffing back another tear, Carly shook her long dark mahogany coloured hair and leaned back. “I’m in big trouble, Sue Ann.”

“Why? What happened?”

“I was on my way to class and some younger girls were blocking my path. I asked them to move but they just laughed, so I tried to push my way past and then one of them fell over just as Miss Heaton was coming round the corner.”

“Okay. And…”

“So Miss Heaton thought I was, like, bullying the younger girls and pushing them around and stuff.”

Carly nodded thoughtfully. “But didn’t you explain?”

“I tried to, but the other girls said I’d pushed the girl over deliberately and there was five of them all saying the same thing. There was only me on my side.”

“I get the picture.” Sue Ann bit her lip as she envisaged the scene. “So what’s Miss Heaton going to do about it?”

“She took me straight to the Principal’s office. Mrs Hickock allowed me to explain but she said it still looked like I’d acted with force, even just by trying to push my past. If she’d reckoned I’d knocked the girl down deliberately, like violently, that would have been the end of my time at Vermilia High.”

“Okay. So you’re still on the school books.” Sue Ann hesitated before asking her next question. “So, what is she going to do?”

“I have to go back to see Mrs Hickock at three-thirty this afternoon and tell her whether I’ll take a full day’s detention on Saturday or whether I’ll take five swats.”

“Okay.” Sue Ann weighed up the situation for a couple of moments. “A full day or five? I guess that’s not such a bad deal when you consider how it looks from their point of view. What are you going to do?”

“I just can’t take the detention. It’s my grandmom’s birthday on Saturday and all the family are coming over. I just have to be there.”

“So you’re going to take the five?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never had the paddle before and you know Mrs Hickock’s reputation. They say she hits real hard.”

“That’s what they say.” Sue Ann struggled to find something helpful to say, without wanting to lie to her friend. “Can’t say I’ve ever had the experience myself. I guess you could explain the circumstances and ask whether they’d let you take the detention the following Saturday.”

“I already asked. Mrs Hickock said that wasn’t an option.”

“And there’s no way you can get out of your grandmom’s birthday party?”

“My parents would kill me and my grandmom would be so disappointed.”

“I guess you don’t have too many options left, then.”

“No, I guess not. I’m just so scared though.”

“Hey Carly, a full day detention isn’t a bundle of fun either.” Sue Ann tried to sound encouraging. “At least the spanking gets your punishment over with quickly.”

“I guess I wouldn’t feel quite so bad about it if I knew I deserved to be punished. But I didn’t deliberately push anyone.” Carly almost broke down in tears as she spoke.

“No, I know. But, can you prove it? Were there any witnesses on your side?”

“No, just the younger girls.”

“That’s what I figured. Maybe trying to push your way past wasn’t the best idea?”

“You think I’m guilty too?”

“No. I’m just saying maybe, just maybe, you’re not entirely innocent. It was just bad judgement. Bad luck, even.”

“And that deserves five swats?”

“No, but it’s the only punishment you’re being offered that’s going to fit with your other plans. You just have to take it and put it down to experience.”

“Gee, thanks!”

*          *          *

The afternoon began slowly for Carly, but as the minutes ticked by they began to speed up with three-thirty approaching, the time of her meeting with Mrs Hickock. She approached the secretaries’ counter at three-twenty, and was greeted by an unattractive, heavily-built woman in her mid-thirties.

“Can I help you?”

“Carly Bronstein. I have an appointment with Mrs Hickock at three-thirty.”

“An appointment?” The woman raised an eyebrow, as though querying what that appointment might be about.

“Yes, ma’am.” Carly’s eyes for a moment met the woman’s, but Carly soon looked away when she the secretary almost smiled gleefully.

“Go take a seat outside her office. I’ll let her know you’re waiting.”

Carly turned away, not bothering to answer the secretary. The look on the woman’s face told Carly she knew exactly what she was seeing Mrs Hickock about, and wouldn’t be at all disappointed if she happened to hear the sounds of the paddling taking place. At least no-one else was waiting as she sat down on the second of five chairs outside Mrs Hickock’s office.

As Carly kept glancing at her watch, she could heard a conversation taking place between Mrs Hickock and another female, presumably a student. Then the talking stopped, and Carly waited for the door to open and the student to leave. Her heart beat faster as she realised this would leave Mrs Hickock free to invite her inside and she would have to face her greatest dread.

Carly waited long moments, then more long moments, and then suddenly a loud bang followed by a muffled female cry sounded from inside the office. Carly looked round, and saw a satisfied smirk on the face of the female secretary she had spoken to a few minutes earlier. Another loud bang, but without the wail, followed as Carly turned her attention back to Mrs Hickock’s door. A third bang chased the previous two. Then came a little conversation until the door suddenly burst open and a tear-stained dark-haired girl left rapidly, slamming the door shut behind her. She gave her jean covered backside a brief rub as she passed by Carly and continued past the secretaries’ counter until she was out of sight.

The tension was reaching breaking-point as Carly waited for the door to reopen and for Mrs Hickock to invite her in. And then the Principal was there, standing with the door half open, her medium-height, slender frame and well-coiffured blonde hair, smartly tight grey pants and pale blue shirt hovering over her.

“Come into the office, please Miss Bronstein.”

Carly stood up, her legs shaking, and followed the Principal into her office where she was invited to sit on a chair placed tight up to one side of the desk. On the top of the desk was a wooden paddle, maybe two feet in length and about four inches across. One end of the thin, quite pale wood had been cut down on either side to form a small handle.

“Okay, Carly, we’re not here to have a re-run of what did and did not happen earlier today. As far as I’m concerned, you did enough to deserve punishment and that’s it. All I need from you is to know whether you intend taking the Saturday detention, the full day, or five swats. The choice is entirely yours.”

It had crossed Carly’s mind to repeat her defence and to ask Mrs Hickock to reconsider her punishment award, but that little speech appeared to make such a plea quite pointless.

“I-I guess I’ll take the five swats, please Mrs Hickock.” Carly’s voice was as unsteady as her legs and it sounded to her almost like someone else was speaking.

“Are you sure, Carly?”

“Y-yes, ma’am.”

“Okay.” Mrs Hickock leaned back in her chair and addressed the dark mahogany-haired eighteen year old in a quite motherly fashion. “Here’s what we’re going to do, Carly. You’re going to take that chair you’re sitting on and move it over here where there’s plenty of space.”

Carly looked over to her left, where Mrs Hickock was indicating with her hand.

“Then you’re going to stand with your feet about a foot apart and bend over the back of the chair. Get yourself right over with your head down and your butt sticking out. I need those white pants of yours to be stretched tight across your butt. Okay?”

“Er, yes. Okay.” Carly wished she had been wearing jeans like the girl before her, but she wasn’t. Her white pants were plain cotton and thin, and the black underwear underneath was also thin and extremely brief.

“Grip the sides of the chair good and tight and hold on. I’m going to paddle your butt for real. It’s going to hurt and I want you to stay in position for the duration of your punishment. Okay?”

The eighteen year old grimaced. “Okay.”

“Be warned, if you try in any way to impede the punishment then I may conclude the swat wasn’t properly administered. It won’t count towards your five, and will have to be retaken. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Carly murmured.

“Do you have any questions?”

Carly struggled to think of something, anything. Anything that would delay her punishment for even a few moments so she could get a grip on herself and prepare herself better for the ordeal.

“No, ma’am.” She heard herself answer.

“Do you wish to inspect the paddle?”

“Oh! Oh, yes please.”

Carly seized on the opportunity and took the offered paddle, holding it with both hands as she examined the smooth satin-finished wood. It felt light in her hands and she was tempted to try a practice swing, but somehow that didn’t really seem appropriate.

“Thank you, ma’am.” She handed the paddle, handle first, back to the Principal.

“Okay, Carly. You know what you have to do.”

“Sorry, Mrs Hickock?” She queried, wide-eyed.

“The chair, Carly?” The Principal smiled sympathetically.

“Oh, right! Yes. Sorry, ma’am.” Carly blushed at her own naivety and jumped up from the chair.

The chair, small and wooden with a thin leatherette-covered seat, felt deceptively heavy and Carly struggled to man-handle it around the desk and over to a clear area of floor. She placed it down and then fidgeted around adjusting its position until the back was aimed back towards the desk.

“Is this okay, Mrs Hickock?” Carly looked round and saw the Principal standing behind her desk with the paddle in her hand.

“That’ll be fine, Carly.” She answered with a gentle understanding smile. “Carry on.”


“You have to bend over now, Carly.”

The eighteen year old blushed again, deeply, her cheeks turning a dark crimson. Without speaking, she turned back to the chair and tried to recall all that Mrs Hickock had told her just a few minutes earlier.

‘Feet one foot apart,’ Carly thought to herself, and made the adjustment to her standing position. ‘Bend over and grasp the sides of the chair.’ It needed a deep breath before Carly could summon the courage to start leaning over the back of the chair and feel the seat of her thin white pants stretching ever more tightly across her bottom.

After some squirming around, Carly got a good grip on the sides of the chair and lowered herself further down until her face was level with the edge of the leatherette-covered seat. Now those white pants felt really tight!

“That’s good, Carly.” Mrs Hickock spoke from a position that felt uncomfortably close to her backside. “Now take a moment to make sure you’ll be able to hold that position. These swats are really going to smart and it’ll be better for you if you stay down and take the full five. Anything else just prolongs it for you and makes it worse. Tell me when you’re ready.”

Given a choice, Carly would have preferred Mrs Hickock to start the punishment without her having to think about it. As it was, she would have to announce her readiness knowing that to do so would within moments cause an extremely unpleasant pain to her bottom.

The moments ticked away, until Carly summoned up the courage. “Ready, ma’am.”


Within just a second or two Carly felt the paddle crash against the seat of her tight trousers and send a stinging agony across the whole of her bottom.

“Oooh!” She squealed, as amongst the pain she thought to herself: ‘Bet that darn secretary’s listening.”

A second loud bang filled her ears as another incredibly sharp dose of pain seared across her bottom. ‘Must hold on,’ she thought as she gripped the sides of the chair so tightly it hurt.

Another resounding bang sent a third bout of fiery agony blistering her backside and it took a great deal of effort to hold still and not leap up from the chair.

The fourth bang caused almost intolerable pain, and Carly had to really grit her teeth to remain in position. With her eyes closed against the scorching soreness she wobbled from one foot to the other seeking out any speck of comfort she could find.

When the fifth stroke cracked loudly across her backside, Carly could bear the pain no longer.

“Aaaaaaaaagh!!” She cried out, leaping up and clutching her tender backside. Tears rolled down the sides of her face as she realised she had broken the rules and worried that her error might be called to account by an extra swat.

“Okay, Carly.” Mrs Hitchcock reassured her. “I guess those five swats did the job.”

Much to the eighteen year old’s relief, she looked round and saw Mrs Hitchcock returning to her desk. Just as she reached it, a buzzer sounded on the intercom.


“Your next appointment is here, Mrs Hickock.”

Carly recognised the voice even with the crackling intercom.

“Okay.” The Principal flicked the switch off and turned to Carly, still standing behind the chair. “I guess you’re done, Carly. Get yourself out of here and off home. Learn from this experience and we won’t need to do it again. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Carly gave her bottom a final rub and headed for the door. Her white pants still felt uncomfortably tight across her bottom as she reached for the door handle and turned it. As she left the office, she noticed a short blonde girl looking anxiously up at her from one of the chairs outside. Ignoring her, Carly hurried past the secretaries’ counter, blushed as she felt the eyes of that same secretary on her, and left the area as quickly as she could.

The End

© Kenny Walters 2010