Behind the closed curtains of a doctor’s house all is not what it seems.

By Frances Stephenson

Dr James Maitland was a General Practitioner in a small country town in the South of England. It was very much a traditional English Town and James, as the local GP, enjoyed some status. He had married when he was 38 and had selected a lovely widow, Katie, who was 25. Katie was petite and had a lovely figure, splendid legs and a sensational bottom. She played tennis and badminton which kept her fit and trim. She had been widowed for four years and thought herself lucky to have found James Maitland. It was a relief to have someone to turn to and not have to take so many decisions herself. In many ways James was the ideal husband, strong, dependable and reliable. There was a warm glow in his eyes when he looked at Katie which made her feel safe and protected. Their sex life was more than satisfactory and although the first heady months of marriage had passed they had settled down with each other and were very happy.

Katie had recognised some years ago that she had distinct low key masochistic tendencies. She did not want to get beaten up or whipped or anything too violent but books involving a girl being spanked or caned made her heart beat faster and rather excited her. She had mentioned this to Arthur, her first husband, with a suggestion that he might like to spank her but it was met with such an incredulous stare that she had abandoned the idea.

One day she was cleaning James’s study when she found a three foot rattan cane in one of his cupboards. Later she asked him about it with an arch invitation in her manner.

James however laughed it off. “I now have a lady sharing my house and need something to keep you in order,” he smiled.

‘Promising ground,’ thought Katie who thought about being punished by James; the idea excited her.

There was to be a local dance to which most of the ‘great and good’ of their small community would be invited. It was expected that Dr James Maitland and his recently acquired wife would make an appearance. In view of the importance of the occasion James suggested that Katie buy a new dress.

“Nothing too obvious, my dear, I just want to show you off to those who matter locally. He was somewhat surprised when on the evening of the dance she appeared in a metallic light blue dress, quite low cut whilst not too short, which left her pretty knees and a small portion of her equally pretty thighs evident.

In spite of himself, James could not stifle his own thoughts. His wife looked bloody sensational, slim-waisted with her beautiful bottom on show as well as her fantastic legs. The whole package was amazing. Probably a bit OTT.

He thought: ‘I shall have to keep an eye on her tonight or several of the local Casanovas might try their luck and I don’t want my darling girl fighting them off and becoming embarrassed.’

Unbeknown to him, Katie had formed a daring plan to make him jealous. With any luck he would be most annoyed and take Katie to task.

The Dance progressed and Katie found that the first part of her plan had worked well and she was surrounded by admirers. She played up to it well, fluttering her eyelashes and modestly pouting. She could see that James had noticed and was looking uncharacteristically dour.

James made a move to claim her for a dance.

“Sorry James, I’m all booked up.” She said, a liberal amount of champagne adding to her colour and her general air of recklessness.

Handsome Peter Gage came and claimed her for the next dance. She rested her head on Peter’s shoulder and snuggled into his body. Peter was more than pleased with her reaction and steered her towards a more private and darker area.

The music got slower and more smoochy. Katie was aware that the champagne had caught up with her and that her head was spinning. Peter bent his head to kiss her and she responded automatically. The kiss quickly became more passionate and Peter worked his tongue around hers. At the same time she was aware his right hand was fondling her bottom. She instinctively tightened her arm around his neck.

At that moment her left arm was gripped hard and she found herself whisked away and was in James’s arms. “I think it is time we made a move,” he rasped in her ear.

They duly collected their coats and in no time were speeding home. James did not utter a word and refused to respond to attempts by Katie to start a conversation. On arriving home, James formally and coldly bade Katie ‘goodnight’ and told her that he wished to talk to her in the morning. Katie resigned herself to her thoughts and a cold bed but reassured herself that, properly handled, her little scheme might well work. She thoughtfully stroked her bottom before falling asleep.

The next morning Katie and James met at breakfast James was still glowering at her.

‘Heavens, I hope that I haven’t overdone it,’ thought Katie.

The meal came to an end.

“Katie,” said James, coldly. “That was a totally unacceptable exhibition you made of yourself last night and with the most determined flirt in the town as well. I don’t care what anyone else thinks but it shocked and hurt me and I am still almost shaking with disappointment and anger. When I arrived on that dance floor and saw you in a passionate embrace with Peter Gage, his hand fondling your bottom, I nearly exploded.

“Apart from being annoyed I was very jealous and disappointed that you could allow a passing stranger to maul you like that. I am afraid that retribution will come fast and will be painful. I intend to thrash you hard and on your bare bottom. Today is Tuesday, so I will deal with you on Wednesday afternoon after surgery. The wait should wind you up nicely. Is that all perfectly clear?”

“Yes sir,” she said quietly and submissively. “I am so very sorry that I have upset you and totally accept your award. Please cane me good and hard and low. I deserve a painful reminder every time I sit down. I hope the pain will teach me a lesson, one which I am sure I need and that the thrashing will help you to forgive me.”

James left her to go to his surgery. She looked so appealing and penitent and her words struck home. It was all he could do not to take her in his arms, but part of him was looking forward to caning his wife on that stunning bottom and he stopped himself in time. After all she deserved punishment and she, herself, had agreed to it.

She found herself shaking with relief. It had worked, and she was going to have her bottom well caned. ‘Don’t be nervous,’ she told herself. ‘You have been hoping for this outcome for years,’ and she absent-mindedly stroked her bottom.

Later that day, Katie drove to the nearby town. She thought she would go to the hardware shop to see if they still stocked punishment canes. She was directed to the back of the shop where a young male Assistant showed her the small range available.

She chose a medium weight yellow rattan, springy, but not overly so, just over 3 foot in length. “I need to use it on my step-daughter,” she said, quietly. “I want it to hurt, but not too much.”

“I think you have selected the perfect one,” said the Assistant. “It should make her jump and leave marks for a while; it will make her squeal but it is not too punishing.”

Katie decided on this cane and then the Assistant showed her a spanking paddle. “For the times when a caning is too much but punishment is, nonetheless, required. It delivers a ‘no nonsense’ firm spanking.”

Katie bought the paddle as well, aware that her heart was beating faster. She took her purchases home and hid them behind her wardrobe.

The day came for Katie to be thrashed. She was very nervous but excited at the same time. She dressed with care, putting on a white top ending at her pretty waist; navy blue plain matt stockings and a navy blue suspender belt. She was concerned the suspender straps would get in the way of the cane ands irritate her husband.

She need not have worried, when she bent over in front of the big bedroom mirror her beautiful pale bottom was enticingly offered at just the right angle with the suspender straps holding her stockings, but at her hips. ‘Hmm,’ she thought. ‘Not bad.’

Her legs were looking slim and sexy in the navy blue stockings which set off her pale creamy thighs to startling effect. Her bottom looked a dream, soft and beautifully shaped. She hoped her husband would be impressed by the sight. She had a long reflective look at her bottom, realising that it would soon be well striped by painful welts.

She felt excited. A navy blue, slightly flared skirt and a pair of navy medium heeled shoes completed the outfit. ‘I mustn’t forget my knickers,’ she thought in a flustered way. Again, she chose navy blue, plain bikini style and fitting closely over her bottom.

Katie collected her newly purchased cane and knocked on the study door. Having received permission, she entered and stood to attention before James’s desk. She held the cane behind her back.

“You wanted to see me, sir,” She said with a slight quaver in her voice. “I am here to be caned as you instructed. I have purchased a more punishing cane which I trust you will enjoy using.”

With that, she placed the cane on the desk, its crook handle facing towards James. Katie was all of a twitter, both looking forward to her punishment and dreading it with the same breath.

James was standing by a hip-high library chair. “Come here, Katie,” ordered James. “I want you to put your legs up against the back of this chair and then stretch over and grasp the front legs. Keep your head down. This position should make it easier for you not to move during your caning. I would add that you must not get up or try to interfere with the strokes in any way; if you do I will give you extra.”

‘Let’s see how it goes,’ thought Katie. ‘If I can bear the extra, I can always stand up!’

In the meantime, James told Katie to remove her blue skirt which revealed her blue knickered bottom and upper thighs for the first time. The wonderful contrast between her navy blue stockings and creamy thighs was breathtaking. Her knickers clung snugly to her perfect bottom with two enticing bulges of pale bottom showing beneath the knicker legs. He gently lowered her knickers and almost drew in a sharp breath in admiration at the stunning sight of her bottom correctly presented for his attention.

“I am going to start, Katie,” he said. “Eight strokes.”

With that, the first one landed just below the centre crown and left a rapidly reddening ‘tramline’ stripe. He realised that the new cane was indeed going to be more painful than his own.

Katie’s thrill at being caned for the first time was considerably tempered by the pain inflicted by the first stroke. She made some urgent adjustments with her hips to try and cope with the stinging pain.

‘Seven to go, oh help,’ she thought.

he second stroke whipped in almost on top of her gorgeous overhang.

‘Probably over those enticing bulges,’ thought James. Caning Katie was every bit as exciting as he had imagined. The third stripe landed in that so sensitive area just beneath the overhang and made Katie squeal sharply.

‘God, my bottom stings,’ she thought.

Almost before she could regain her breath, the fourth landed in her crease making Katie cry out loudly as she struggled with the ‘oh so sharp’ pain. She was whimpering and gasping all the time now, her marvellous bottom making constant adjustments.

James worked his way up her bottom trying not to land any strokes on top of previous ones as he did not want to be unnecessarily severe. There was hardly any space for the final one which he resolved to make hard and low. He did so and it resulted in a sharp scream from Katie as it had found the area just below the overhang, for the second time!

Her curiosity about the cane has been well and truly satisfied and she certainly felt no need to rise to her feet and thus incur extra strokes!

“You may get up when you are ready,” said James.

Katie gingerly unlocked herself from the position she had to adopt and stood up. Writhing and twisting, she stamped her feet and did a little dance to try and dissipate the fiery pain. She could not bear to rub her sore bottom but gained some relief from cradling both cheeks and gently nursing them.

In a few minutes she had made a good recovery and, still trembling, she managed a watery smile and thanked James for giving her a severe but justified caning. In the meantime James had picked up Katie’s knickers and hung them on the hook behind his door where they looked strangely forlorn. They went into the hall.

“Stand in that corner, Katie,” commanded James.

She did so and presented a charming tableau; her well striped bottom being the focal point. James let the pain sink in for a good twenty minutes he then placed a cushion on the floor to the right hand side of his desk.

“Katie,” he called.

“Here I am, sir.” Katie came into the room moving somewhat stiffly. Her eyes were bright and sparkling and her complexion soft and with a definite healthy pink glow.

“How is your bottom?” He enquired.

“Throbbing and quite sore,” Katie responded, her lips pouting as she spoke.

“Come around to this side of the desk and kneel upright on this cushion.”

Katie did as she was told and submissively knelt by his side.

“You may cross your forearms and rest them on the desk,” he said. He then picked up the cane and placed it right in front of her, a reminder that it had been responsible for the sharp pain in her bottom. He then rested his hand on her right hip and gently caressed his way down her wonderfully soft and warm bottom.

Katie drew in a sharp breath as her husband’s hand patted one of the painful welts. He was aware of an increased tension within his wife as if she were half expecting further punishment to her already smarting bottom. He gently patted Katie’s bottom to show her that he was aware his action had caused her some discomfort. However, his exploratory manoeuvres were now over.

After about half an hour in this position, James gently tells her that she can go.

Katie went about her business around the home but could not resist smiling to herself. True, her bottom was very sore and the welts rubbed against the material of her skirt as a constant reminder. The fact that she was bare-bottomed under her skirt also caused her to smile in a reflective way, acutely aware that her knickers were hanging on the door of her husband’s study and in his full view if he happened to glance that way. They were, she thought, like a flag of surrender or perhaps an invitation? She was aware that her heart was beating faster. Would he instruct her to fetch them and put them on in his presence?

Later that evening, he asked her if he had hurt her bottom sufficiently.

“Yes, Sir, thank you for asking,” she said, easily slipping into a subservient role.

“Am I correct in assuming that you enjoyed me hurting your bottom?” He enquired.

“Yes, sir,” she retorted.

“Well, I rather enjoyed striping your stunningly beautiful bottom,” he admitted. “I think I should do so regularly. I have no wish to be cruel so I would like to wait until the bruises have disappeared before I reinstate them! Tomorrow at 11am, let us get together with our diaries and fix a time in, say, four weeks when I can next cane you. We should take due note of the date when you are next ‘due’ and plan accordingly. I intend thrashing you as before, nice and low so that sitting down will be uncomfortable for a few days and you will be walking stiffly for this time. How do you feel about this programme?”

“I look forward to it, sir,” she whispered.

Four days later, James said: ”Katie, I think we need to talk about the good hiding I gave you.”

“Yes please, let’s talk,” said Katie.

“You prepared yourself with seeming enthusiasm, even removing your knickers without any protest.”

“It was because I knew I deserved to be punished and I wanted you to hurt me.”

“Hmm,” said James. “Well, you also went to the trouble of buying a new cane which I could tell was much more painful than the one I have used in the past. I thought you took the thrashing very well but I must ask a question; did a part of you enjoy the experience?”

“Yes James, it was cathartic. I had upset you and was very anxious to make amends, and a hard caning seemed to fit the bill. Apart from that I enjoyed presenting my bare bottom to you and, although painful, the actual strokes were strangely satisfying.”

“From my point of view,” said James. “I very much enjoyed seeing your bottom correctly presented for my ministrations and watching your sensational bottom receive the stripes; your squeals, I must confess, added to this enjoyment. Please do not think for a moment that I enjoyed hurting you but I did enjoy the whole punishment scenario and comforting you later.”

Katie was looking very bright eyed at the way this conversation had developed. “When my bottom has recovered, do you think we could repeat the operation, maybe not as hard, but certainly with all the trimmings?”

James noted that she was somewhat flushed and was breathing rather more rapidly.

It was about two weeks since Katie’s caning. James was about to lock up the surgery for the day when he heard a chair scrape in the waiting room.

‘Strange,’ he thought. ‘I do not have anyone else booked in and it’s well past 4.00 pm.’

Thinking that he ought to see this latecomer, he pressed the switch which would activate a green light in the waiting room. The door opened and who should walk in but his wife.

“Sorry to call without an appointment, Doctor,” she said in a low voice. “But you mentioned last time that I was due for another dose of the medicine you gave me two weeks ago. You mentioned that perhaps a weaker dose would keep the symptoms at bay so I collected this on my way.”

Katie produced her paddle which was about 22inches long by three and a half inches wide and half an inch thick with a number of largish holes drilled in the flat business end.

“Perhaps you think that a regular application of both medicines would form a satisfactory medicinal programme. In this context, perhaps a monthly dose of each medicine would fit the bill nicely as it would mean a fortnight between doses.”

Katie hoped that this wealth of double meanings would not be lost on James. Indeed they were not!

“The original dose seems to have worked well,” he commented. “But it is always advisable to have a regular ‘top up’ dose and this should eliminate any future recurrence of the problem. However if you feel the need, or are aware of a weakening, then a further top up will be required. I will keep a close eye on you but nobody knows what goes on inside your body like you do, so I rely on you to monitor the condition closely. I am usually free on a Wednesday afternoon so I will always be available to administer the medicine. Regularity is the key, so do try and keep the appointments. Failure to do so will probably mean an extra dose on top of the missed dosage.”

Both Katie and James were quite pleased with this conversation, loaded as it was with innuendo and hidden meanings. James picked up the paddle.

“When did you buy this?” He enquired.

“When I brought the cane,” she said quietly. “It is designed to give a firm spanking; the holes allow each stroke to be more painful. I think well laid on strokes will effectively cause much bruising to a soft and sensitive woman’s bottom.”

Katie had started to breathe more heavily and her face was becoming flushed.

“We will have to see,” commented James. “It has a good feel to it and should make your naughty bottom smart. Ten strokes would seem a fair dose. I think we should get on and try it out now. Skirt off please, and bend over that chair like last time.”

Katie hastened to obey and thrust out her bottom in a provocative manner. Once again she was wearing navy blue stockings and suspenders and plain but undeniable sexy knickers of the same colour. They were slightly too small and the two enticing bulges of white bottom cheek were again evident below the knicker leg.

‘What an admirable target they will make if I ever decide to cane Katie with her knickers in place,’ he thought. ‘I must remember to chat to Katie about it.’

Back to the matter in hand, he inserted a hand in the elastic of her knickers and pulled them down to her ankles. He tapped her legs, indicating that she should step out of them.

“I am going to hang your knickers behind the door,” he said.

“Yes Doctor,” whispered Katie.

James took a little while to again admire Katie’s truly stunning bottom; not fat but beautifully full and round, soft and pale. It was a real peach.

Katie’s bottom gave a twitch as if she had been expecting the first stroke.

‘Better not disappoint her,’ James thought, and landed the first stroke firmly dead centre.

Katie gasped as her pale bottom showed ample evidence of the first visit; dark red on the outer edge and a red blotchiness on the inside where the paddle holes had left their imprint.

The second stroke produced more of the same. James had delivered it slightly lower. There was an area where the stroke had crossed over its predecessor.

There was yet another gasp from Katie.

James then proceeded to work his way down Katie’s perfect bottom, concentrating on the overhang. By now Katie was softly squealing. Having covered the right cheek, James made his way up the left. The paddle covered a good area so it did not take too many strokes to achieve a good coverage.

Katie was now squealing ever louder and the volume increased with each stroke. James noted with pleasure that she kept her bottom properly presented for the paddling and the squeals were reinforced by urgent movements of her hips as she struggled with the sting.

James delivered the last stroke harder than the others and low down, both in accordance with his custom.

“That completes ten strokes, Katie. You may get up now.”

Katie got to her feet and again danced and stamped her feet to try and dissipate the pain. She cradled her cheeks and rubbed them as much as the pain would allow.

“Go and kneel on the cushion, Katie.” Instructed James. “The medicine needs time to work though the system and it is possible that you will need another dose.”

Katie was pouting with the sting in her bottom.

“I will examine you later and let you know the result of my diagnoses.”

Katie made her way to James’s desk, knelt on the cushion and folded her arms on the desk. James placed the paddle almost under Katie’s nose. Her bottom, red and sore looking, was now meekly on show and from time to time James patted and caressed it, revelling in the warmth and softness.

After about 40 minutes he told Katie that she could go. She was acutely aware that her knickers were still hanging behind the door and that the material of her skirt rubbing against her sore bottom was a constant reminder that she was still bare-bottomed.

Much later and after dinner, the couple relaxed and listened to some music. Katie was all too well aware that her bottom was still smarting, but considerable less so than a few hours ago. She came to realise that, once again, she was very excited by having her bottom severely dealt with. She thought ahead and planned a little diversion for later on.

Although she found the music soothing, it was hard for her to immerse herself in its beauty. The painful events of the day occupied her thoughts and there was her little surprise to come. These thoughts conspired to make her excited and she dwelt on punishments to come. In two weeks she would be due for another caning, probably not so many strokes, as she was given two weeks ago but painful none the less; possibly six strokes this time and her bottom gave a spasmodic twitch as if realising what it was in for.

She continued to dwell on the punishment scenario. Perhaps changing the implement for the session due a month from today. What would be both punishing and erotic? She knew, about a good old fashioned over the knee spanking! She knew that James greatly admired her bottom and would, she was sure, enjoy it being presented to him over his knee. She would act the part of a naughty schoolgirl, penitent and willing to accept a spanking for her wrongdoings. She would wear a white waist length blouse, a short grey skirt. Plain white ‘over the knee’ cotton socks and black flat shoes. Plain white cotton knickers would complete the outfit, probably a size too small, the twin bulges of bottom that would escape from the legs would wind him up further.

She imagined herself climbing onto his lap ready for a for a sound spanking. She trembled at the thought. She would be made to stand in the hall corner afterwards and would she would act out her part. Peeping at him through her eye lashes when she came to stand in front of him and if she wasn’t too sore perhaps tease him into giving her another dose. She was aware that this fantasy had made her flushed.

“Time for bed, I feel,” said James.

“Please may I collect my knickers?” Said Katie. “I feel very naughty walking around without them.”

“Yes, indeed you may,” said James with a twinkle in his eye.

“I am sure I could do with three extra teaspoonfuls of the stronger medicine,” said Katie, with hidden meaning. “Please may I collect the spoon when I collect my knickers?”

“Yes, you may,” said James. “Let us hope the extra dose works well, this time.”

Katie collected her knickers, reached for the cane and tenderly felt her bottom cheeks. ‘Sorry,’ she said to herself. ‘But it has to be done. After all, you have not been in trouble for many years and heaven knows you have deserved it.’

She made her way upstairs trembling with fear and anticipation, her knickers in one hand and the cane in the other.

The End