A new doctor makes mistakes

By Jo Green

It was a normal day at the infirmary; covid wards overflowing, ICU (Intensive Care Unit) overflowing, casualty overflowing, ambulances queued with patients waiting to be unloaded. The doctors and nurses were stretched to, and in some cases beyond, endurance and yet there was a calm efficiency. Everyone knew their roles and kept ploughing forward as there was no other option.

Kiera was a nurse in the ICU working 5 shifts of 12 hours a week, way beyond her contracted hours. They were seriously short-staffed through illness and burn-out. Rest days were just that; sleep, shopping, laundry, more sleep. Kiera lived alone in a small one-bedroomed apartment, 5 minutes from work.

The doctors in the ICU also worked insane hours to just about keep up with everything. The relief when a patient walked out was obvious, as was the disappointment when they did not. That is not to say that the working day was always straight forward. Occasionally, however, as in any other work place, there were many lighter moments to help the staff through the worst of it all. Mickey-taking, pranks and even the odd affair, especially on the long, dark night shifts.

Kiera had been a nurse now for 14 years and enjoyed the role before covid, and looked forward to the government’s much promised ‘return to normal’, whatever and whenever that might be. Laying in bed one morning with only her pet cat, Milo, for company, she wondered if she would ever get a social life back and get to meet someone she could fall in love with again. Stroking the cat, she drifted back to sleep, only to be woken what seemed a moment later (it was actually 6 hours later) by the shrill screech of her alarm. Climbing from her bed, bleary-eyed, she hopped in the shower, dressed, and still eating her toast, headed out of the door for work, not realising what the day would have in store for her. Today was Black Wednesday, the day mortality rates spiked as doctors changed assignments en-masse. Kiera had seen doctors come and go many times, having to break them in and get them up to speed with departmental procedures before they could do any lasting harm.

5.30 pm, Kiera arrived for the start of her 12 hour night shift, which as usual would last at least 13 hours with the hand over. Kiera clocked that there were three new doctors on shift, all female, which was a relief. As a good-looking single woman, she had attracted unwanted attention more than once from male doctors, especially just after rotations had started. She could handle herself, having been a karate black belt for 5 years before the pandemic hit. She had not had to give any doctors the chop yet, but it had gotten close a couple times until they got to know her. The three new doctors were all gathered at the nurses’ station as Kiera arrived and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Kiera, I’m the senior nurse on this shift. Black Wednesday is not going to live up to its reputation, not on my shift!” Kiera made her point. “Right, who have we got? First names, please, I’m not into calling wet behind the ears young doctors by their posh names, not until they have earned the right on my ward.”

“I’m Dr G, Sorry Sally.”

“I’m Petra, my dad wanted a son!”

“I’m Julie,” said the third, and certainly the most professional and eldest looking. “I am 33 years of age. I had to leave school to look after a sick mum. She died. Not a good start to my career. I then enrolled and trained as a nurse before coming into a modest inheritance and being able to pay to become a doctor,” she added, expecting to win the respect of the stern-looking nurse standing in front of her.

“Ahh, another one who couldn’t hack life in the trenches before wanting to climb the greasy pole.” Kiera was unimpressed!

“Er, with respect, Kiera, you don’t know me and you are already making judgements. Please feel free to judge my work, but don’t judge me until you know me, please,” Julie retorted.

“Ah, Mr Paul Jones, Mr Michael Wallace, may I introduce Sally, Petra and Julie, our latest recruits for the Black Wednesday shift. Ladies, Messrs Jones and Wallace are probably the finest ICU colleagues you will ever wish to work with.”

Kiera carried on the introduction. She wasn’t blowing smoke up their backsides either. She genuinely believed her own words and with very good cause.

“I have worked with these gentlemen for 6 years now, and they are about the only two doctors I have met into whose hands I would, and have, placed my life. I was a patient on my own ward 11 months ago with covid, and I owe these fellows my life. Listen to them, learn from them and asked them anything you are not certain about. In this job, no one remembers the successes. They are too many to count, but no one ever forgets a mistake they make. It stays with you like a weight around your neck, and too many young, hopeful doctors have been chewed up by regret and remorse. Don’t become one of them,” she concluded with an earnest look and then a brief smile before diving headlong into her ‘to do’ pile of paperwork.

In the end, the shift did not go that badly. No deaths, a real bonus, 4 patients discharged to general care wards, 3 new admissions, all covid related, and none of the new doctors did anything too dangerous before Kiera or her nurses managed to stop them. At the end of the shift, in the ladies locker room, Kiera and the 3 new doctors shed their personal protection equipment (PPE), changed, and staggered out into the weak morning sunlight, only to have to do it all again tonight.

Over the next three nights, the new doctors began to find their feet, having to ask less, being able to do more, and needing less by way of constant supervision by Kiera. She knew, of course, this was a potentially dangerous juncture as overconfidence can be very dangerous. Petra and Sally were shadowing Paul and Michael for a couple of hours on the far side of the Intensive Care Unit. Julie was on Kiera’s side of the department and, to her surprise, Julie was showing that she had a flair for the job. Even through her PPE, you could see she was enjoying the role. However, that was all about to change in the next few moments.

“Kiera, can you just give me a quick hand with this, please?” asked Julie without looking up. She was trying to get a line into a patient’s arm so they could get fluids in and administer drugs. However, after 4 attempts, the patient’s arm was a bloody mess and Julie was no closer to getting the line in.

“Have you actually done one of these before?” Kiera asked, as Julie did not seem confident about the procedure.

“Of course I have! What do you take me for, a half-wit?” growled Julie, clearly not used to being pulled up on her techniques.

“I only asked because there is something clearly missing here. What have you done with the tourniquet you have been using?” asked Kiera pointedly.

“Shit!” was the reply, before Julie slumped back into the chair at the side of the bed, thumping its arms.

“No wonder you can’t get a line in if you can’t see a vein,” Kiera said, cleaning the arm of the lady before her, and using a fresh glove as a tourniquet. Within seconds a vein stood proud and she was in. “There, simple! You are going to be a good doctor one day, Julie, but if you don’t get the basics you will do serious harm.”

“Sorry, Kiera. I do try to run before I can walk sometimes. Thank you for helping,” Julie said with tears in her eyes.

A little time later, Paul was back on her side of the ward.

“Penny for them?” Paul said kindly. “You are miles away.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, Paul, it’s just…”

“Kiera, I’ve known you for 6 years now. I can read you better than I can my own wife. I can see something is troubling you, come in,” he said, going into his office and closing the door behind them. “Come on, what is said in here is just between the two of us.”

Kiera sat down and stretched her back.

“It’s one of the new doctors; Julie. She is worrying me. You know the first couple of shifts are always tricky with the new faces, but there is something about this one that scares me. She used to be a nurse, and then transitioned to medical school. Well, I just caught her struggling to put a basic IV in. Any nurse would do that in their sleep!”

“So, are you saying you doubt her credentials, Kiera?” Paul said with a note of deep concern in his voice.

“Plank!” she said with a straight face, then cracked a huge smile. “No, worse than that, a major case of pedestal syndrome!”

“Ehh, what?” said Paul, confused.

“She’s a lovely woman from a hard background who has worked hard and is doing her dream job. But, as such, it is a case of ‘oh look at me, I used to be one of you, a nurse, but now I am above that. Look at me on this high pedestal’. She has the makings of a good doctor one day, but right now she is trying too hard to impress and making too many basic errors that she is in danger of failing at the one thing she is cut out for,” Kiera explained.

“I’ll have a word, Kiera. Thank you for letting me know,” Paul said.

“Actually, I was going to ask your permission to try and talk to her off site myself. Not today, but to wait a few days for our shift rotation to come around. Then we get a day or two off. I’ll see if I can get her to come for a coffee or a drink. She’s the same age as me, and an ex-nurse, so it might work better. If not, you can have a crack,” Kiera suggested.

Paul raised an eyebrow and smirked, but before Kiera could say anything, Paul’s beeper went off and he dashed off to the other side of the ICU, leaving Kiera wondering what had gone through his mind just then.

She shook her head and went back to work on the ward.

The next few days flew past with a blur of patients. Kiera had never been busier, not helped by having to remain ever watchful of Julie. Strangely, Sally and Petra had been a dream to work with once they had learned the processes within the department and where everything was kept. Yes, they had made one or two slips, but they had performed better than most of their colleagues in this very challenging environment. In the blink of an eye, it was their last shift before two days off to try and recharge the batteries. There had been a number of urgent admissions and the staff were really stretched.

Suddenly, the alarm sounded on a patient around the corner from Kiera’s current position, and she dashed around to see what the problem was. Julie was standing dumb-struck with a syringe in her hand and clearly not knowing what to do.

“What have you given her? What have you given her?” Kiera demanded.

Julie held out a vial containing a potassium salt which the patient had been shown to be needing, but she had mis-read the label, thinking it was 0.1 molar solution, but it was in fact 1.0 molar solution, a 10 times dose, and the patient was on the verge of passing out. Her heart rhythm was all over the place. Kiera acting on instinct, grabbed a pre-loaded syringe of adrenaline and put that directly into the cannula, followed by a dose of calcium bicarbonate, which within seconds both increased and then settled the arrhythmia into a steady pace. Paul arrived on the scene expecting an emergency, but only found Kiera making the patient comfortable. Kiera realised she had probably over-reacted as the dose was excessive, but not overly dangerous.

“What happened?” asked Paul, breathless after his sprint from down the corridor.

“An adverse reaction to the potassium, but I gave her a shot of adrenaline and that squared it away, Paul,” Kiera said, being rather economic with the facts.

“I’ll leave you to it, Dr Kiera,” Paul smiled warmly.

“Thank you Kiera. I could have sworn it said 0.1 molar, not 1,” Julie sobbed.

“There’s an easy quick check; 0.1m is green, 1m is red. Learn the basics,” Kiera said, turning on her heels. She then paused and came back to Julie, putting her arm around her shoulder. Kiera quietly took Julie to one side where there was a deep alcove at the side of the ward. “Look, Julie, these mistakes are very serious. I have covered this up from Paul, but we need to sort this out, once and for all. You are a good doctor, but you are not going to get very far in your chosen field if you are not more careful. Can we meet off-duty, and have a chat?”

“Oh god, yes please,” Julie said in instant agreement. “Are you free after work today? Or, I could make tomorrow.”

“How about a drink in the Miner’s Arms by the park at lunchtime tomorrow, and you’re buying!” Kiera replied.

“Great, see you at 1.00. I’ll grab a table,” Julie confirmed.

After the shift, Kiera went home to feed Milo the cat, and fell into a deep sleep thinking about the shift and how lucky they had been.

The shift was changing to days for the next two weeks, so Kiera was able to have a long sleep, get some jobs done in her flat, then another long sleep before getting ready to meet with Julie the following day. After a quick shower, she dressed in tight-fitting jeans and a flattering black top which complimented her figure in a way that her nurse’s uniform just never could. She fed Milo and set off on the 10 minute walk to the Miner’s Arms. She got there just as Julie was arriving.

Julie was wearing a short summer dress, white with a floral print and with no slip underneath. Kiera could clearly make out the outline of her matching black bra and panty set. Considering the unusual chill in the late summer air today, Kiera thought that was a little brave. She grabbed a quiet table while Julie got them both a glass each of red wine. Once seated, and with their masks finally removed, the two women stared at their drinks, wondering who should go first.

“Look Kiera, I really appreciate you having my back these last few days. I really can’t thank you enough, especially for yesterday morning. You were an absolute life-saver,” Julie began.

“Julie, love, you use the words flippantly, but I did literally save your patient’s life. The potassium overdose was probably fatal without intervention, and you don’t seem overly bothered. Next time, I may not be on hand to sort you out. The tough stuff you are great at, from what we have seen so far, but your attention to detail, basic detail, is lacking or non-existent at times,” Kiera responded, taking a quick sip of her wine. “Coming from a nursing background, I am amazed to see it in you.”

Julie looked crestfallen. She was expecting a matey chat and a pull-your-socks-up sort of comment. She knew Paul and Kiera had been talking about her, and Julie assumed Paul had requested Julie have a word.

“I spoke with Paul,” Kiera continued. “He suggested I have a word rather than make it formal as it would be senior doctor to junior doctor and he would be duty bound to report or act on anything he saw. As a mere nurse who doesn’t understand the finer points of the medical profession, I could be forgiven for not realising some of the implications of another’s actions, if you get my meaning?”

“Oh, absolutely I do, Kiera. I am trying very hard, but I get ahead of myself and cut corners to get the results, and, well, you have seen for yourself what can happen. I am sorry, so very sorry. I know I desperately need to mend my ways, and I hope you can help me with that before I get into serious trouble.”

“I suppose I could, but I am not sure you would appreciate what I have in the back of my mind as a wake-up call. Yes, I can help you focus, but only you can change your ways and sort yourself out at work,” Kiera said bluntly. “I suspect you have not experienced the technique I have in mind, but when I was at college before nursing school my mum used it to good effect when I discovered boys and my grades started to slip. I hated her for it at the time, but thanked her so much when I got my A level results through. Without it, I probably would be stacking shelves in a supermarket rather than making a difference on the front line.”

“I’m willing to try anything at the moment, Kiera. I really am,” Julie conceded.

“OK, finish your drink. We’re going,” Kiera said.

“Oh, er, right,” said Julie, surprised by the sudden change in the conversation.

Julie had about a quarter of a glass left, but quickly finished it, grabbed her handbag and stood to follow Kiera, uncertain what was happening.

“Where are we going?”

“You’re not allergic to cats, are you?” Kiera enquired. Her last boyfriend was allergic to her cat, so the boyfriend had to go.

“No, not at all. Why?” said Julie, confused.

“Good. We can take this back to my flat where I can deal with the problem in private,” Kiera replied.

“Kiera, I’m sorry if you have got the wrong impression. I am straight and I have a boyfriend, well of sorts, anyway,” Julie said.

“That’s all fine and dandy, and for the record I am not into women either. What I have in mind, you would not like me doing in the park or on the ward,” Kiera said, still not giving Julie a clue what was happening.

Moments later, the two women arrived at the building where Kiera lived. She opened the door and they went up the two flights of stairs to her flat. Kiera opened the door and let them both in before closing and relocking the door behind them. Kiera opened the kitchen door and allowed Milo out, fussed him, and gave him some food. Julie also had a quick play with him, but she was getting concerned about what was happening.

“Nice flat, Kiera. May I use the bathroom?” Julie asked.

“Sure, it’s just through there,” Kiera said, pointing to a blue door at the end of the corridor.

As Julie went to the loo, Kiera put Milo back in the kitchen and tidied the living room. Moments later, Kiera heard the bathroom door open and close.

“In here, Julie,” said Kiera.

As Julie came into the living room, she handed Julie a glass of red wine and settled on the sofa. Julie sat beside her.

“So, I’m confused, Kiera. What exactly is happening here? I am enjoying your company, but clearly there is more to this drink than that. So, come on, what is the agenda?” Julie enquired with genuine confusion.

“Like I told you, I am going to help you concentrate on your job and, whilst my methods might seem unconventional in 2021, I can assure you that 15 or 20 years ago, when my mum kept me focused, this quickly worked. Admittedly it was not the first, second or even third time, but soon I got the message and pulled my socks up.”

“So, what are you proposing?” Julie still hadn’t gotten there.

“I am, Julie, going to put you over my knee and give that bottom of yours a good old-fashioned hand spanking; something I think your training as a nurse should have given you years ago, and I am sure you never received as a child.”

Julie snorted in her drink as Kiera said this, partly in shock, mostly in disbelief.

“You have got to be joking, Kiera!”

“Why?” Kiera asked.

“This is 2021. I am in my mid-thirties. You are a nurse, I am a doctor. We hardly know each other, and you think you can bring me back to your flat and spank me. Think again!” Julie said, standing and placing her half-full glass on the coffee table.

“So, what is the alternative? I report you to Paul. He then has to report to his line manager who will refer it to Human Resources and the Medical Conduct committee. I will have to give evidence under oath, and your simple mistake with the potassium will end your career. You do not want that. I certainly do not want that for you. Paul is aware that I am meeting you to incentivise your attention to detail, although he doesn’t know the detail of what I have in mind. The choice is yours, of course, but I would seriously urge you to reconsider leaving at this point.” Kiera patiently explained the options and awaited a response.

“When you say spanking, what exactly do you mean?” Julie asked, playing for time.

“Oh come on, Julie! You must have seen it on TV or the films. You bend over my lap, I use my hand to spank your bottom. It hurts, you don’t like it. It stops you doing the same thing again. It may not be very 2021, but believe me it worked for me and I am sure it will work for you.” Kiera filled in the gaps with almost a note of exasperation in her voice.

“And will that be the end of it? We move on. You tell no one. Finito. Just a one-time deal, assuming I agree.”

“That is up to you. Hopefully, after one spanking you will remember the discomfort and up your game. That for me is the perfect outcome. However, if you re-offend and put someone in danger again, we may have to revisit the situation, and possibly escalate the matter further, Julie.”

“By escalate, you mean what, exactly?” Asked Julie again, unsure.

“Well, I have a flat-faced wooden hairbrush which my mother had before me, and she used several times on my bottom. Let’s make sure it doesn’t come to that then, shall we? So, what are we doing, Julie? Are we doing this right here, right now, or should I contact Paul and set up a meeting with Human Resources?”

Kiera’s manner was very business-like and matter of fact. Deep inside, Kiera was probably as unsure of what she was saying as Julie was. Yes, she had been punished as a teenager herself, but had never actually even thought about punishing someone else, never mind actually threatening to do so. Yes, she had seen it done in films and on TV, but her own experience had always been from the viewpoint of staring at her mum’s ankles as her skirts were raised and her panties given a good hiding, courtesy of her mum’s right hand or her old hairbrush. That said, she was sure she would be able to wing it. After all, as Julie had never received a spanking, she would not know any better, she hoped.

Julie thought about it carefully before finishing her glass of wine and looking directly at Kiera.

“OK, go on, do your worst,” Julie told her. “But get this over and done with, please, as I really fancy another glass of that delicious red wine you opened.”

“Okey dokey,” said Kiera.

She stood up and brought a stool in from the kitchen which she set down in the centre of the living room. She sat herself down on it, and asked Julie, “Come here then, Julie, and we’ll get started.”

Julie stood up and kicked off her sandals before carefully walking between the coffee table and the stool. She stood to Kiera’s right hand side, awaiting instructions.

“Bend over my lap and put your hands on the floor in front of you, please. It will help keep you stable,” Kiera instructed.

Julia did as she was told and, leaning forward, settled her palms squarely on the floor, lowering her hips down to Kiera’s lap. Back on the ward, in her white coat, Julia had no figure to speak of, but dressed in her day clothes, Kiera had to admire her small but pert bottom, perfectly highlighted by the dark shadow of her black underwear against her pale skin which showed through her thin cotton dress.

“Alright Julie, try and hold still. This is going to sting and then hurt as I continue. One last chance; if you do not wish to accept this punishment, get up and we can sort this out on the ward.”

“I’m in my mid-thirties, and I have never been spanked, but how bad can it be? I am willing to take the spanking, but can we please get on with it?” Julie was very nervous. She saw pain at work on a daily basis, but was not good at dealing with it.

“Very well,” said Kiera as her right hand rested gently on Julie’s bottom.

The lacey pattern on her panties was clear to the touch, and Kiera thought Julie had little protection against what was about to come. Without saying another word, Kiera gave Julie’s bottom one quick rub, raised her right hand and brought it down firmly on her right buttock with a resounding smack.

“Oh! Ouch! That really hurts!” Julie was surprised by the suddenness of the first slap and its effects. Yes, she had received the odd slap on the bottom from boyfriends, but this was a whole new league. Before she had processed the effects of the first slap, the second was already landing on her left buttock with equal effect.

“Oww! Ohh!” Julie complained.

As Kiera landed spanks 3 and 4, she said to Julie, “Look, if you are going to make this noise throughout, you’ll have my neighbour wondering what is going on. I told you it would hurt. Now, keep quiet or I’ll give you something you can really howl about,” she concluded as spanks 5 and 6 landed on alternate cheeks.

That had the desired effect. Julie’s protests and howls were now much quieter and Kiera landed another 10 or so spanks onto the waiting bottom beneath her hand. At that point, Kiera paused. Julie assumed that was her deserved spanking over, and she moved to stand up. Kiera had other ideas, though, and using her left hand she pushed Julie back into her vulnerable position again.

“We are not finished yet, but we are about half way.”

With that, and to Julie’s surprise and shock, Julie felt the short hem of her dress being pulled up and over her sore, throbbing bottom, revealing her black lacey panties. Through the gaps in the pattern, the effects of the spanking were clear; red bottom cheeks.

For her first time of giving a spanking, Kiera felt she was probably getting it about right. Julie’s bum looked just like her own had done when she had been spanked at home by her mum and checked the damage in the mirror afterwards.

“Come on, this is humiliating enough without having my arse on display!” snapped Julie.

“Well, rather than bitching about it, use the rest of the time you are laid over my knee to reflect on why you are here and how to prevent it from happening again!” responded Kiera as she resumed the spanking with a steady rate of slaps to both sides of Julie’s bottom.

The slaps were much more pronounced, which surprised Kiera as the fabric she had removed was only very thin. Julie’s bottom continued to become deeper and deeper red in colour, very much like her other cheeks which were bright red but tear-soaked as well. Julie was not sure if Julie was crying as a result of the spanking, or as a result of her shortcomings and having these so publicly highlighted. Either way, much to her amazement, Julie thought that the spanking was actually doing her some good. She could not see how anyone actually liked this as a recreational hobby, but for bringing faults into sharp focus, she could see why it was used widely in schools in the past and elsewhere as well when a sharp reminder was needed. By the final couple of spanks, Julie was sobbing openly.

Kiera realised this was the ideal point to stop and, with one last spank, she rested her right hand on Julie’s panties, feeling the intense heat coming from Julie’s behind.

“OK Julie, I think that is enough for now. I trust you have learned your lesson and will be very much more careful in the future. I cannot force you to have a repeat performance of what we have shared today, but if I judge that another session is needed I trust you will agree. Let’s hope a lesson has been learned and a line drawn,” said Kiera, more like a school teacher than senior nurse.

Julie’s tears had just about stopped by this point and she stood with the back of her skirt pushed up as she used both of her hands to rub her sore bottom.

“I don’t think I will be sitting down anytime soon. But yes, I think I have learned a painful lesson today and certainly one that will stay with me for a while,” she said, trying to smile at Kiera whilst half turning her bottom towards her as she continued to rub her bottom gently through her panties. “Any chance of that second glass of wine, to deaden the pain?” she quipped.

“I am glad we can still be friends after this intervention,” Kiera said as she refilled their glasses.

The two chatted about work and their social lives, or lack of it, before Julie stood up to leave.

“Are you meeting the boyfriend tonight?” asked Kiera kindly.

“No, we actually split up last week as I was moving to the other side of London for this posting. The bugger said he wanted someone he could spend more time with. I suspect he already had that person keeping his bed warm already, so it’s no skin off my nose. Anyhow, thanks for the wine and the, er, assistance with my issues. I appreciate your candour in this matter, and I hope this stays strictly between these 4 walls,” Julia said as she gave Kiera a brief hug and left, still occasionally rubbing her sore bottom.

Next day, they were back on shift and, whilst they exchanged the usual pleasantries, they did not mention their meeting the previous day, mainly for fear of being overheard. Kiera immediately noticed a renewed care to everything Julie was doing, at least as far as she could tell. Paul noticed this soon as well, and took Kiera to one side.

“I take it you had a word with Julie? She seems like a different woman this morning. What did you say to her to get this level of uplift in her performance?” Paul asked in amazement.

“To be honest, Paul, I am not sure what I should tell you. We agreed to keep it between ourselves. Let’s just say if modern methods don’t work, sometimes the older ones are a better option,” she said cryptically.

Paul looked at her blankly for a moment or two, and then his eyes flew wide open and a look of utter surprise spread across his face. “You didn’t, did you? No!”

Kiera looked at him, knowingly. “What, what do you mean?” she teased.

“You didn’t spank her? Are you saying you spanked her? No! She’s in her mid-thirties! You didn’t put a colleague across your knee, did you?” Paul was clearly caught up in the thought.

At that very moment, Julie walked in front of them and Paul could not help but look down towards where her bottom was hidden beneath her white coat, imagining her across Kiera’s knee.

“Ouch!” Exclaimed Paul, as Kiera aimed a well-directed kick into his ankle. “What was that for?”

“The next time you want a member of staff sorting out, do it yourself,” she laughed in reply.

“Bloody hell, Kiera. If I’d know that was an option, I’d have done it myself,” he grinned.

“Yes, and she’d have run a mile and probably broken your nose too. Come on, we’ve got work to do. Well, I have at least.”

With a smile, they went in opposite directions with Paul still imagining the scene.

The End

© Jo Green 2021