The lady of the manor is dealt with by a younger housekeeper

by Frances Stephenson

Lady Alice Mayton had become the mistress of Mayton Manor some two years ago. She was now aged 27 and was an attractive lady without being exactly beautiful. She had an excellent figure, soft light brown hair, lovely skin and big violet eyes.

Alice had never really bothered with young men of her own age, preferring older, more mature and experienced men. In addition, she found that experienced and rather strict men attracted her and appealed to her latent masochistic desires.

She had met the middle-aged Lord Anthony Mayton whilst on holiday in the South of France. A chance meeting saw the foundation of a relationship which prospered over the next few months, culminating in a marriage some six months later. The marriage developed with Alice responding to her husband’s rather dictatorial personality. She found she was happy with this state of affairs.

During a party at one of Lord Anthony’s friends, Alice had consumed rather two much champagne and the effects of this, combined with the close attentions of an impossibly good looking young man, had made Alice rather lose her head. She flirted with this man in a rather obvious way and seemed all too keen to indulge in some suggestive dancing.

There was worse to come. The tempo of the music changed to slow and smoochy, and Alice found herself being ruthlessly kissed and was only too well aware of her partner’s hands exploring her body. She automatically responded and pressed herself against him.

At that moment, Lord Mayton took hold of her shoulder and took her away. The party was starting to break up and it seemed natural that they should go to their bedroom. In spite of her efforts to placate her husband Lord Mayton did not say a word and had a face like thunder.

‘Oh my God,’ thought Alice. ‘I have really done it this time!’

Aware that she was still under the influence of the champagne, Alice went to bed; they would drive home the next day which should leave time enough for her to be properly contrite and beg forgiveness.

During the journey home, Alice became increasingly apprehensive. Lord Anthony did not venture any comment whatsoever but maintained a tight-lipped silence.

Alice could bear it no longer. “I am so sorry to have annoyed you,” she said falteringly. “I must, of course, take the blame for what happened and I can only think the champagne loosened my inhibitions. I am so very sorry.”

“I am very displeased with your conduct; it is just the sort of behaviour I will not tolerate. You leave me no alternative and you will be soundly caned for your indiscretion.”

Alice’s heart jumped and she looked at her seemingly cold and remote husband with fear and trepidation, and indeed with some excitement.

“When will you cane me, Anthony,” she asked falteringly.

“Me!” Retorted her husband. “I am not going to cane you; that duty will be undertaken by your Housekeeper, Miss Richardson. She is in charge of discipline in the Hall and indeed my late wife was thrashed by her two or three times.”

“But Anthony, she looks on me with such contempt and makes no effort to conceal her dislike of me. Besides she is younger than me and would take extra delight in punishing me.”

“That is the way it is going to be,” said Anthony. “You have misbehaved and are now due for a hiding; Miss Richardson will bring you to me afterwards and I will inspect your bottom. I warn you, I expect to see that it has been well caned!”

Lady Alice knocked on the door and, having received permission to enter, presented herself anxiously to her severe housekeeper, Miss Richardson.

“Yes Madam,” said the Housekeeper. “What can I so for you?”

Miss Richardson was no more than twenty-four, but was a formidably efficient housekeeper. Her dark hair was scraped back into an unrelenting bun which brought her sharp features into prominence. She was quite pale faced and with a rather intolerant expression, her thin lips and snapping eyes add to this overall impression.

“His Lordship has told me to report to you for a caning,” Alice falteringly responded.

“Yes, that is quite in order,” said Miss Richardson, a gleam of pleasure in her eyes. “I am in charge of all the young females in this house and I had occasion to severely cane the late Lady Mayton. It adds a certain piquancy that the Lady of the House is sent to me, her Housekeeper, for punishment, added to which I am younger than my employers and this adds a certain additional frisson to the occasion.”

Alice looked at her youthful Housekeeper with ill-concealed dislike.

“Now what have you done, Madam?”

“I had rather too much to drink at the Calthropes’ party and rather got carried away on the dance floor,” Alice admitted.

“So that is why you are here? I am not surprised; Lord Mayton really hates that sort of behaviour,” commented Miss Richardson. “Now Madam, have you ever been spanked or slippered or caned?”

“Yes, Miss Richardson; caned once and slippered and spanked a few times.” Alice shyly confessed, aware that her mouth was dry and that her heart was beating faster.

“Well you are going to be caned this afternoon,” said Mrs Richardson. “I intend caning you on your bare bottom and it is a session you will remember, I assure you. I have a slim whippy cane which will really make your bottom sting. Take off your shoes and touch your toes.”

Lady Alice did so with ease as she was a very supple young lady and kept in trim by a regular exercise regime.

“That’s very satisfactory,” said the housekeeper. “You will assume that ‘naughty schoolgirl’ position when you return to see me in the Music Room at 4.0pm. Please wear a pair of flat shoes. You will be required to count the strokes and thank me for each one, so you will say: ‘One, thank you Miss,’ and so on.

“I would add that it will be difficult for you to remain in position whilst I cane you but stay in position you must! Extra strokes will be added if you do not maintain your stance and repeated infringement will result in penalty strokes being added. Do try and maintain your position or it will become an increasingly painful afternoon for you!

“One last point; please put this disciplinary episode behind you as soon as possible and we can continue our relationship as Mistress of the House and her Housekeeper. Now Madam, please leave me and return at 4.0pm for your caning. Please be on time.”

Lady Alice left with her head in a whirl. She well remembered the appalling sting on her bottom from the last time she was caned at school. She was in no doubt that this coming session would be even more painful.

She quickly went to her room and started to prepare. Black matt stockings and close-fitting black silk knickers and a delicate black suspender belt. Her pale creamy thighs making a startling contrast with the dense black of her underwear. Why had she chosen black, she wondered. Perhaps she wanted to give her stern husband a good show when she reported to him to show him evidence of her well-thrashed bottom.

Dead on the dot of 4.00, Lady Alice presented herself at the Music Room and tapped on the door. When told to enter, she did so to find Miss Charlton standing next to a small table on which was a wicked slender yellow cane just over three foot in length complete with a crook handle. Alice recognised it as an instrument that was supple and whippy and much the same as was used on her at school; but it looked somehow more painful than the one wielded by her Headmistress.

Miss Richardson picked up the cane and gently swished it to and fro. Alice shuddered.

“Right Madam, I think we should proceed without delay. Please remove your skirt, blouse and slip.”

Alice removed these articles of clothing and felt increasingly vulnerable as each item was removed.

“Knickers as well, please,” instructed Miss Charlton, her eyes gleaming at the marvellous sight in front of her. Alice’s slim but well-formed legs showed to great advantage in the black stockings and suspender belt her creamy white thighs and delectable bottom being emphasised by the black material.

“Please bend over and touch your toes, Madam,” ordered Miss Charlton. “And prepare yourself.”

Alice bent over with ease and considerable apprehension and waited with resignation. She did not have long to wait. The first stroke slashed in, leaving its painful and fiery visiting card just below the centre of her bottom and although there was an involuntary jerk she managed to maintain her stance.

“One, thank you Miss,” she gasped.

Almost immediately, the second stoke striped her beautiful bottom about an inch lower than the first. She gasped in pain and cried softly but, crucially, she still had control; but it was taking up a lot of her resolve.

”Two, thank you Miss.”

The third stroke landed on the lower side of her ‘overhang’ and caused her to squeal loudly as the cane bit into this sensitive part of her bottom. She was now sobbing quietly and mewing with pain. Her fingers momentarily left her toes only to be immediately replaced. The ever vigilant Miss Richardson noticed this small lapse but decided to do nothing about it. After all, she was half way through and had plenty of time to make her Ladyship break station and earn some extra, painful strokes.

“Three, thank you Miss,” gasped Lady Alice.

Number four whipped in to the centre of Alice’s bottom and the tip whipped around to leave a nasty and painful mark on the soft white skin on Alice’s hip.

“Four, thank you Miss.” She quavered.

The fifth stroke landed on her sensitive crease with the fast travelling tip biting into the soft flesh at the very top of her thigh. The pain was too much and her hands flew up to cradle her punished bottom. She squealed loudly and moved her hips in an urgent fashion to try and cope with the pain, her hands were once again in place at the tips of her shoes.

“Five, thank you Miss,” she managed to gasp.

“No Madam, I am afraid not. You were instructed to remain bending with your bottom correctly presented; that stroke will not count and although I could award a penalty I am not going to but remember that I could. You still have two strokes to go, so let’s try and apply ourselves with more resolution, shall we?”

Number six left its painful visiting card. Try as she would, Alice could not prevent her hands from moving towards her bottom and, although she quickly re-assumed her stance, it was not quick enough for her eagle-eyed Housekeeper.

“Six, thank you Miss.” Alice managed to utter in the hope that she would be let off further strokes.

But she heard the dreaded comment: “Oh no, Madam, that does not count and you will receive a penalty stroke. Take care, I may well award more than one penalty for repeated transgressions. As it is, you now have three strokes to go before I have completed this session.”

The caning was finally over with a tearful Lady Alice receiving ten strokes. She was allowed to get to her feet and then twist and turn in an effort to dissipate the pain. Her well striped bottom was hot and stung like mad.

“Thank you, Miss, for an excellent caning,” she remembered to add.

“I have to take you to the Drawing Room to report the completion of your punishment,” said Miss Richardson. “Don’t put on your knickers yet; carry then in your right hand; it will add to your general air of contrition.”

The two women made their way to the Drawing Room. Miss Richardson knocked and, having received permission, entered with Lady Alice following meekly behind.

“Here is Lady Alice,” announced the housekeeper. “She has been satisfactorily thrashed and her bottom is well striped.”

“Alice, come here and let me see.” Lord Mayton’s eyes were hot with interest. “Bend over and raise your skirt.

“Lady Alice immediately did as she was bid and displayed a beautiful tableau with her hot and well striped bottom forming the focal point.

“Any problems, Miss Richardson,” he asked of the severe young Housekeeper.

“Yes sir, a few; she lacked the self-discipline to maintain her stance throughout punishment and I had to repeat some strokes a number of times and, indeed, add some penalty stripes.”

“This is disappointing news, Alice,” said her husband in a cold and remote voice. “I expected better from you.”

“The thrashing was awfully painful, Anthony,” pleaded Alice. “I tried my best, honestly I did.”

Miss Richardson permitted herself a thin smile; the interview between husband and wife was going well, at least from her own perspective!

“I am still seriously displeased with you and I think we should ask Miss Richardson to continue with your corrective discipline,” he said. “Six more strokes, well laid on, and replacement strokes and penalties, as she thinks fit.”

Lady Alice turned white. “Please, Anthony, my poor bottom will not survive another session and it is so hot and sore already.” Tears began to flow and she clutched her sore right bottom cheek. She glanced at her Housekeeper who was following this interchange with interest, her eyes reflecting the cruelty and pleasure of what was to come. She enjoyed thrashing Lady Alice’s beautiful bottom and the heartfelt squeals only add to her enjoyment.

“Off you go, Alice. Miss Richardson will deal with you, and do try and be a good and obedient girl.”

Alice shrinkingly followed her housekeeper to the dreaded Music Room.

“Well, here we are again,” said her housekeeper. “I will cane you as severely as last time but have no fear I will not take you beyond what you can deal with. Now let’s see that naughty bottom. Yes, your thrashing has had time to mature and your bottom looks sore and, although the stripes are beginning to fade, I think I can promise you a whole new chapter of pain.

“Now bend over, Madam, and present yourself properly.”

Lady Alice was all too well aware of her hot and tight bottom and wondered how she would survive this next caning, especially as her housekeeper had already indicated leniency would not be shown.

All of a sudden there was a whirrr and a thwick followed by a burning pain in her bottom.

“OWOWOWOOOO! ARGH! ARGH!” She cried, already in some distress.

Her youthful Housekeeper continued with the caning, enjoying the power she had over her older mistress. Lady Alice continued to give all her concentration into maintaining the required stance. She was not wholly successful and Miss Richardson had to repeat an increasing number of strokes and, needless to say, took some pleasure in adding penalty strokes. At long last, the thrashing was over and Alice was told to stand in a corner whilst she recovered.

After about ten minutes her sobs had subsided and Miss Richardson thought she could now be presented in the drawing room and lead her out of the Music Room. Lady Alice was ushered into the drawing room by her Housekeeper. Her cheeks bore witness to the tears she had shed and she still looked very moist about her lovely eyes.

Anthony immediately noted that his wife was walking stiffly and that she was very straight backed.

“Well, Miss Richardson, how did the second session go?” He enquired.

“I used much the same degree of severity as the first time,” commented the Housekeeper. “There were a few problems but we managed to work through them, didn’t we Madam?”

“Oh yes, Miss Richardson,” quavered Alice. “We certainly did and most thoroughly too.”

“It occurs to me,” said her husband. “That for future sessions we might consider a heavier cane, maybe a proper school rattan; what do you think Miss Richardson?”

Lady Alice looked at her husband with horror, her eyes wide open and dark with apprehension and her sensitive mouth trembling.

“A proper rattan would certainly hurt more,” said the housekeeper. “The pain is deeper and would certainly bruise a sensitive bottom. I would have to make sure that the bruising had completely disappeared before the next session became due.

“If you will excuse me, my Lord, I assume that you want to increase the severity of Lady Alice’s punishment and therefore may I suggest two alternatives. Firstly, I could continue to use the present cane but thrash Lady Alice with more vigour and severity; although more painful she should be able to cope with it and be mark free by the time the next session is due.

“Secondly, I could purchase a slightly heavier edition of the cane I am using and, again, use it with a bit more severity. Both of these alternatives will be more painful and make her Ladyship squeal louder than she did today.

“It also occurs to me, sir, you might want Lady Alice caned with some regularity. This would give her bottom a chance to acclimatise itself and after a few sessions she should be able to take a hiding like I have just given her, with no trouble.”

“Thank you, Miss Richardson, that is an excellent suggestion; please arrange it with Lady Alice. I think once a week, at least to start with, and I would like to see you both after each session, so shall we say the same time next week?

“Alice, my dear, do not look so woebegone, I could easily make it twice a week! Now be a good girl, these hidings will be good for you, you know!”

Miss Richardson left the couple and Lord Anthony moved over to his wife and gently fondled her arm.

“Your indiscretions are now paid for, in full.” He told her softly. “I am sorry it was so painful for you but you must learn to behave with propriety. I am sure the regular canings which you will have to endure will serve to emphasise these aspects of your behaviour. Now, My dear, let us go and shower and be ready for dinner.”

Lady Alice left the room and Lord Anthony followed, pausing briefly to pick up his wife’s black knickers which have been forlornly draped over the back of an arm chair.

For her part, Lady Alice is rather enjoying her hot and still quite painful bottom. Although painful, the thrashing was strangely satisfying and went some way to fulfilling some of her long held but repressed desires.

Once in their bedroom, Lord Anthony took a very willing Lady Alice into his arms and pressed her soft body in to the curve of his own hard one; Alice offered her moist and willing mouth for his eager kiss.

One week had passed and an anxious Lady Alice arrived at the Music Room for her weekly session. Her stern looking Housekeeper was waiting for her and Alice wondered, for the umpteenth time, what cruel stroke of fate had placed her under the control of her own housekeeper and a woman three years younger than herself! It always felt so strange that this younger woman maintained the status quo yet thrashed her young mistress on a regular basis.

Miss Richardson went to the door and opened it and placed a chair in the doorway indicating the room was in use.

“We don’t want to be disturbed, Madam, do we? Now that I am established as the person in charge of your punishment regime, I have added two implements of my own choosing. I need to show them to Lord Mayton but I am sure his approval will be forthcoming.”

She walked over to a music table and motioned Lady Alice to follow her. She then asked Alice to unpack a brown cardboard box, almost flat and about 4 ‘ long with London postmarks. A small knife had been provided and Lady Alice soon had the package undone. It came as no surprise to find two punishment canes. Both were proper rattans, firm yet supple dark yellow and both with a proper ‘school’ crook handle.

Miss Richardson picked one up and swished it experimentally.

“Here, Madam, you take it,” she said. “You will become more intimately acquainted with it over the coming months.”

Lady Alice took the wicked looking implement, aware of many conflicting emotions of which fear anxiety, apprehension, and, it must be admitted, excitement, all played a part. Lady Alice swished the cane and was surprised at the combination of firmness and suppleness. Her modestly covered bottom cheeks twitched in involuntary expectation and a far away look came into her eyes. She ran her hand down the length of the instrument, thinking how it would hurt her soft bottom, but at least not yet!

There was an inner core of excitement she would only admit to her secret self, but she rather enjoyed being spanked and caned. True, the pain could be quite severe, but the preparations excited her and the tight hot feel of her bottom after a thrashing was, somehow, satisfying. She hoped Anthony would come to her tonight and that he would be in one of his kind and sympathetic moods. She looked forward to being comforted by his lean and hard body and again her eyes became misty.

“I will show them to his Lordship later,” Miss Richardson interjected on Alice’s anxious thoughts. “Now, you are here for your caning so let’s get on with it, shall we?”

Alice removed her skirt, slip and knickers and obediently leaned forward and touched her toes. Her shapely and soft bottom tautened, ready for the sharp pain of the first stroke. She did not have long to wait before her bottom received its first fiery stripe and she hissed with pain.

She wondered why the first few strokes always seemed more severe, but she concentrated on maintaining her required stance.

Miss Richardson was alive with pleasure. Madam had such a pretty bottom made more so by the sore looking stripes. The small urgent movements add to her pleasure.

‘I will have her Ladyship squealing soon,’ she thought, and concentrated on making sure the next stroke was sufficiently painful for her attractive charge to clasp her sore bottom and thus earn a repeat and a penalty point.

This, indeed, happened with the tip of her cane burying itself in the soft overhang of Alice’s bottom. The squeal was heartfelt and the severe young Housekeeper delighted in informing her Ladyship that the stroke would be repeated and a penalty stroke added.

At last the session was over and a somewhat damp Lady Alice carefully rose to her feet and cradled her sore cheeks in an attempt to ease the smarting pain. Her red face gradually resumed its normal colour and she was no longer panting in distress.

“Time to see his Lordship. Come with me please, Madam.”

Lady Alice settled down to this new regime and found herself filled with a new energetic purpose. Tasks that she should have undertaken previously were now completed with enthusiasm. Over the years, she had almost developed a habit of lateness but this too was addressed and Lord Anthony was somewhat surprised by his wife’s new found efficiency and prompt time keeping. Without loosing one jot of her endearing feminine charm, Alice had matured into an efficient and very well-liked Mistress of Mayton Manor.

She was still caned on a weekly basis, but had come to accept the sharply stinging pain as part of her routine. Lord Anthony had grown closer to her and obviously enjoyed the weekly session where the housekeeper dealt with his wife’s pretty bottom.

When a smiling Alice walked down the main staircase to join Anthony for a pre-dinner sherry, she was aware of a sense of well-being. She had noted before leaving the bedroom that her eyes were shining like stars and that her hair was soft and springy; even her skin looked more alive.

She reflected, and not for the first time, on the effects that a very satisfactory bout of lovemaking had on one’s whole persona. She absent-mindedly touched her bottom and was pleased to find it pleasantly sore! Having her pretty bottom dealt with was definitely part of this sense of well being, as was the lovemaking afterwards.

She would have to suggest to Anthony that she should be sent to Miss Richardson with some degree of regularity, perhaps, even to be spanked by her. Miss Richardson was no longer an ogre but now an important part of Alice’s life. She had at last found a satisfactory balance whereby Miss Richardson and the cane formed an important part of her life.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2014