Continuing the series. The lady of the manor is in trouble again.

By Frances Stephenson

Life continued to unfold at Mayton Manor. Lady Alice continued to busy herself with some enthusiasm and an onlooker would have noted evidence of a stronger bond between his Lordship and his Lady.

The regular canings had ceased as there did not seem any point in continuing such a regime when there had been such a marked improvement in Lady Alice’s attitude and behaviour. The threat of a caning, however, remained an ever present possibility.

Lady Alice, herself, had an ambivalent attitude to being caned. Part of her hated the sharply stinging pain but part of her rather welcomed it. In any event it had worked wonders for their sex life with them both becoming very stimulated by Alice’s caning. This alone seemed to make the attendant pain worth it. Although she was not now being caned regularly, Alice found that just thinking about the caning scenario was stimulating and was pleased to learn that her husband was of a like mind.

Miss Richardson had requested a meeting with Lord Mayton with a request that Lady Mayton should also be present. She arrived in the Drawing Room to find that both were present.

“My Lord,” she said, “I was shopping in Strettle yesterday and happened to see Lady Alice talking to a tall dark-haired man. I thought no more about it but they were still together when I left ‘Mannerings’. They then entered the tea shop on, it must be said, very friendly terms.

“I continued with my shopping and then witnessed them both leaving the tea shop. He bent forward to kiss Lady Alice on the cheek, which she accepted in a demure and becoming manner having put a hand on his shoulder in a gesture of willing acceptance.

“I then went into the shop to make enquiries and found that the young man’s name is Jeremy Hayes Weston. I thought I should mention this to you, my Lord, and in the presence of Lady Alice, in view of the fact that if I have misread the situation then it can be readily rectified here and now.”

She was aware that Lord Mayton was looking angrier and angrier and that Lady Alice had turned very pale.

There followed a heated conversation with Lord Mayton reminding Alice that it was her behaviour with Jeremy Hayes Weston that had resulted in her first caning four months ago. Although he reluctantly admitted that the meeting was more of a chance encounter than an assignation, he was clearly annoyed that she had obviously shown much pleasure in the meeting.

“I want you to have a sharp reminder, Alice,” he said. “Perhaps Miss Richardson would be kind enough to cane you this afternoon?”

“Yes Sir, of course,” said the Housekeeper, a gleam of pleasure showing in her eyes.

“Miss Richardson, I think eight strokes would be appropriate with repeats as necessary and penalty strokes at your discretion.”

Alice uttered a shrill apprehensive cry and her hand went to her face in a frightened gesture.

“If you will allow me to make a suggestion, Sir,” Miss Richardson interjected. “It seems that you want me to be a bit more severe with Lady Alice than usual. I would therefore suggest that four strokes are given to Lady Alice whilst she is touching her toes, in line with my usual custom, and that she should be bent over a chair for the remaining four strokes, which I suggest should be with the rattan.

“Although this cane was purchased some months ago, it has yet to be used on Lady Alice and this seems like a good opportunity to let her sample the severity of a heavier and yet flexible cane.”

“Good idea, Miss Richardson,” said his Lordship. “A sort of graduation exercise, Alice, a caning with a rattan should make you fully aware of what could await you, if you don’t behave yourself.”

Miss Richardson was very pleased with this interview. “Lady Alice,” she said. “I will expect you in the Music Room at 4pm and be prepared for a more painful session than usual; please don’t be late.”

Alice arrived in the Music Room just before 4.00 pm to find her youthful housekeeper waiting for her. There were two canes on the table, the usual slender whippy instrument which Alice had become very well acquainted with over the previous months and also the heavier evil yellow rattan which she had originally unpacked.

“Please prepare yourself, Madam,” requested Miss Richardson.

Alice removed her skirt and knickers and bent over to present her lovely bottom to her housekeeper’s interested and appreciative gaze. She loved the whole ‘touching the toes’ routine, the beautiful presentation of Alice’s delectable bottom and the sweeping lines created by the pose were truly wonderful. Her bottom cheeks were exquisitely presented, taut yet soft, and just meekly waiting for her to start caning them.

The first stroke whickered in and left a red stripe to advertise that its job had been completed; it is on the centre of her bottom.

“One, thank you Miss,” she remembered to utter.

The next two arrived, one slightly higher and the third a bit lower than the first marker. ‘She is definitely caning me harder,’ thought Alice as she squealed again.

Number four was painful enough to make her break stance and hold her throbbing bottom. She knew better than to claim this as number four and further risk a penalty stroke. As it is, the ‘fifth’ strike whistled in and seemed even more painful.

The caning was completed and Alice longed to cherish her sore bottom but knew she would have to wait until her housekeeper gave her leave to do so.

Miss Richardson left Lady Alice to absorb the pain of this part of her caning for a few minutes whilst drinking in the marvellous sight presented to her. ‘Madam’s bottom is looking good and sore,’ she thought.

“You may get up now, Madam,” she said, and Lady Alice gratefully stood up and immediately cherished her sore bottom. She quickly recovered her colour but there was no time to relax as she was all too aware that she was only halfway through this session.

Miss Richardson moved a covered armless chair away from the wall and placed it a convenient place. Alice was in no doubt what the chair was for and noted that it had a straight upholstered top to the back.

‘At least I won’t have a sharp wooden one cutting into my hips,’ she thought.

“Now Madam, this is your first caning with the rattan; you will find it more painful than what you have been used to! The pain is deeper and more intense without losing most of the sting. You will find that your bottom will bear the bruises for a few days. I intend to concentrate on the lower part of your bottom so you will feel the effects every time you sit down.

“Now Madam, please bend over the back of this chair, reach down and hold on to the front legs, tightly now; the same rules apply as before, if you do not hold station the stroke will be repeated and a penalty may be added. Try and lock yourself into position, it will be easier for you if you can manage it.”

Miss Richardson moved back and delivered the first stroke; not very hard but with plenty of shoulder behind it and a twist of her hips to give extra speed to the cane. The cane gave a satisfactory thwick as it made contact with Alice’s apprehensive bottom.

‘Oh no,’ Alice thought. ‘This is really painful and is really going to make my poor bottom sore as anything.’ At the same time, she was aware the sharp pain was oddly exciting and sending all sorts of signals to the rest of her body. She scrunched her bottom cheeks in an effort to absorb the pain.

“Relax your bottom, please Madam,” instructed her housekeeper. “You must take your caning properly.”

Panting, Alice quickly complied with this instruction. Stroke number two cracked in and landed on her sensitive overhang. Alice squealed loudly and her hands momentarily unclasped from their designated position, but were quickly returned. This was noted by Miss Richardson who decided to do nothing about it.

“Two, thank you Miss,” was heard after the loud squeals.

Number three landed just below the last and Lady Alice howled with some conviction; her knuckles were white with her efforts to hold station.

“Three, thank you Miss,” she managed to utter.

The final stroke bit into her soft bottom and produced an outright cry which turned into a series of heartfelt squeals. Lady Alice managed to retain control but her well caned bottom was looking very sore indeed with the four rattan strikes showing clearly, dark red but turning darker by the minute.

“You may stand up, Madam,” said her youthful tormentress.

Alice prised herself from the position into which she had locked herself and stood up. Her face was tear-stained and rather pinched looking.

“Well done Madam,” Miss Richardson congratulated her young mistress. “You took that very well indeed. Now put on your clothes and we will go and see his Lordship, don’t forget to carry your knickers!”

The two returned to the Drawing Room to report to Lord Mayton.

“Here is Lady Alice, my Lord,” reported the housekeeper. “Eight strokes have been delivered and I am pleased to report that Lady Alice took the rather hard caning very well.”

“Thank you, Miss Richardson, I must say you are looking remarkably bright- eyed and bushy tailed. Can it be that you have enjoyed caning my wife?”

“Enjoy is perhaps the wrong word, Sir,” responded Miss Richardson. “But it would be difficult not to be stimulated by the sight of the attractive Lady Mayton having her pretty bottom caned with some energy. I would add that Madam accepted this session with the rattan very well, even although it must have been very painful; I would like to check the effects in about three days to see if the bruising has disappeared.”

“Yes indeed,” said Lord Mayton. “Arrange it with Lady Alice, please.”

In the meantime, Alice bent over so that his Lordship could examine his wife’s pretty bottom together with the marks left by the cane.

“It certainly looks sore and the four stripes can be clearly seen. Well done, my dear,” he complimented Alice.

Alice was clearly stimulated by the caning with small electric shocks emanating from her bottom and travelling around her body but having most effect on the area close to her bottom. Her face was somewhat flushed and she moved towards her husband and shyly asked him if he would care to take her upstairs.

Recognising the signs, his Lordship swiftly agreed.

Later, Alice was feeling remarkably well and joined her husband in the Dining Room for a light dinner. Unthinkingly, she sat down on her chair and lets out a sharp cry.

Jameson, the Butler, looked up. “Can I be of assistance, Madam,” he asked solicitously, but knowing full well that his mistress had been well thrashed that afternoon.

“No, Jameson, I’m fine,” she said, blushing beguilingly not only with embarrassment but with the re awakened sharp pain of her caning.

Anthony did his best to hide a grin.

Two days later, Miss Richardson met Lady Alice in the hall. “Please come with me, Madam,” she requested and led the way to the Music Room. “I would like to check the effects of the caning.”

She sat down on the very chair over which Alice was bent to receive her thrashing. “Come over here please, Madam,” she requested. “Face away from me and bend over and raise your skirt.”

Alice did as she was bid and raised her dark blue and green tartan kilt to reveal white plain topped ‘hold up’ white stockings and a charming expanse of blue knickered bottom.

“Knickers down, please,” instructed her housekeeper.

Alice’s beautiful bottom was revealed and Miss Richardson examined it closely. There was still evidence of her caning, with one bruise showing on her right hip where the fast travelling tip had buried itself. She selected one of the stripes and pressed it with her finger.

“Does that hurt, Madam?” She asked.

A bit,” responded Alice, “but bearable.”

“Hm, I am rather surprised that you have recovered so quickly; I will have to thrash you harder next time, Madam,” stated the severe Miss Richardson. “You may get up now, Madam.”

A rather apprehensive and yet excited Alice stood up, thanked her housekeeper and left.

A few weeks later, Anthony was staying at his club in London for a few days to attend meetings with his Bank, his Stockbroker and the like as well as a series of lunches and dinners with business acquaintances and friends.

Alice was kept busy by her activities at the Manor.

Everything went on as normal until one day Alice’s car broke down and she used Anthony’s lovely dark red Mercedes. The car was the apple of Lord Mayton’s eye and she resolved to be extra careful. She only wanted to drive to the local town which was about 20 miles distant. Conscious of the possibility of scratching the bodywork, she drove with more than her usual care. She left the car in a small car park and completed the small amount of shopping. She returned to the Car Park and, to her horror, found that some vehicle had badly scraped the side of the glossy Mercedes. Besides deeply scouring the bodywork, one of the door handles had been ripped off and, needless to say, the wing mirror lay on the ground, mangled beyond repair.

Alice was distraught; her husband’s beautiful car was badly damaged. What on earth would he say when he saw his pride and joy in this state? Unconsciously, Alice’s hand moved to her bottom, realising that she would be in for a hiding when Anthony saw the damage.

The car was perfectly drivable, and Alice got behind the wheel and drove back to Mayton Manor. Word soon spread and within no time a number of servants were gathered around the damaged car. They all had sympathetic looks on their faces; they knew that their Mistress was regularly disciplined by Miss Richardson and realised that the accident could have only one result for her.

At that moment, the Estate Land Rover drew up and Lord Anthony alighted. He had just been picked up from the station and now moved towards his car to see what the servants were looking at. When he saw the state of his beloved car his face darkened in anger.

Alice came forward and rather nervously told him the whole story.

“Come with me,” he barked, strode towards the house and made his way to the drawing room. He then proceeded to take Alice to task for borrowing the car without permission and retuning it in such a damaged state. “I had quite thought your regular canings had taught you to behave and to have a proper respect for property,” he rasped. “In addition I have just seen our Bank Manager and he informs me the Estate Account is overdrawn. How on earth did this state of affairs come about? I take great care to keep regular payments to ensure that it is kept well in credit.”

“I am so sorry, Anthony, I transferred a sum from it into my own account as I had a number of bills to be paid. It was a temporary measure and was due to be repaid at the end of next week.”

“That is not good enough, Alice. You are to report to Miss Richardson and request that she gives you six of the best with the rattan cane. Remember to ask her to give you six of the best.”

Lady Alice made her way to the housekeeper’s room, she knocked and entered.

“Please Miss, I am here on the instructions of Lord MaytonI to request you to give me a hiding of six of the best with the rattan. He was most insistent that I ask you to give me six of the best.”

“Very well, Madam, this is going to be a painful session for you as I have already told you that I intend to cane you harder. I will make you really squeal this time. I will see you at 4.00 pm, please do not be late.”

Punctually at 4.00 pm, Alice arrived in the Music Room to find her youthful housekeeper waiting for her, the wicked looking rattan in her hand. Alice knew she was in for a painful session but the trembling excitement was ever present. There was almost a desire to be hurt by this young woman.

“Remove your skirt and take off your knickers,” instructed Miss Richardson, pleased to have her desirable mistress under her control once again. “Bend over the chair and hold onto the front legs and lock yourself into position.”

Alice complied and felt extra vulnerable as a hard caning awaited her. Miss Richardson swung the cane and delivered the first stroke with plenty of shoulder and a twist of her hips, remembering to roll her wrist as she had been told this reduces the possibility of tip damage but makes the stroke more painful.

Alice cried out in pain and distress and her bottom made urgent movements to try and contain the dreadful sting. ‘Heavens,’ she thought. ‘She is really laying it on.’

The next three strokes were just as hard, and loud and heartfelt squeals were heard. All three were delivered quite low, on the sensitive overhang and on to her crease. The pain was truly intense with each stroke leaving ample evidence of a job well done.

Miss Richardson paused for a moment to admire her handiwork. She was fond of Lady Alice but really enjoyed caning her appealing bottom. The last two strokes were delivered with some enthusiasm and were, perhaps, somewhat harder than the previous four. Lady Alice was having great difficulty in maintaining her stance and was pleased she had ‘locked’ herself in place! She felt some pride that she had survived such a hard caning.

“You may get up, Madam,” said her housekeeper.

Alice quickly rose to her feet and cherished her tight and hot bottom. She squirmed in an effort to cope with the pain whilst taking care not to rub the painful stripes left by the cane. Her red lips were slightly parted, showing pearly white teeth and, although she was panting with distress, she was already much recovered.

“Time to take you down to see Lord Mayton,” Miss Richardson instructed. “Carry your knickers, of course.”

“Here is Lady Alice,” she informed Lord Mayton. “She has been well caned and should have a sore bottom for a number of days; bend over, Madam, and let his Lordship view your punished bottom.”

Alice willing complied with this instruction. The effects of her sore bottom were making themselves felt on other parts of her anatomy and she was feeling more than a little stimulated.

“That seems most satisfactory, Miss Richardson,” complimented Lord Mayton. “I gather that Lady Alice took her punishment well, do you have anything to add?”

“Yes, Sir. This is the second time I have caned Lady Alice inside three weeks and I can’t help feeling she would benefit from a regular disciplinary regime similar to that she experienced some months ago. I could use my slender cane and Lady Alice could touch her toes again. I really think this was a most beneficial exercise.”

“Good idea, Miss Richardson. Make a start next Wednesday, will you?”

“One further thing, your Lordship. I would mention that, in a previous position, I used to spank the lady of the house, as well as her daughters. If you would like me to perform this service on Lady Alice I would be happy to oblige. There are, after all, occasions when a lesson is needed but a caning is, perhaps, too severe.”

“Thank you, Miss Richardson, that is certainly an idea. I will think about it,” said his Lordship, his imagination running riot.

Alice looked at her housekeeper in a speculative and not uninterested way.

“The more I think about it the more I like it,” commented Lord Mayton. “Today is Monday. If we allow a week for Lady Alice’s caning marks to disappear I could then send Lady Alice is you next Monday at, say, 9.00 pm after dinner and you can spank her then. I leave the severity and number of spanks to you.”

“Very well, my Lord, that is most satisfactory. It should not interfere with the weekly caning that Lady Alice will receive on Wednesday. Lady Alice, I shall expect you next Monday at 9.00 pm and again at 4.00 pm on Wednesday afternoon; you will be in for a busy week.”

Time passed only too quickly and on Monday evening, after dinner, Alice prepared herself for her visit to Miss Richardson. She had dressed for dinner and was looking particularly elegant in a midnight blue blouse and a long slim skirt of the same colour. High-heeled ‘strappy’ sandals peeped from beneath the hem of her long skirt. She moved with a sinuous elegance and looked every inch the ‘Lady of the Manor’.

“I won’t be all that long, darling,” she said to her husband. “I suppose you will be in the Drawing Room?”

Having received an answer in the affirmative, she made her graceful way to the Music Room. Miss Richardson was waiting for her, also dressed for the evening but semi formally in deep red, close-fitting trousers moulding well to her slim and shapely legs. The matching top was short-sleeved.

‘To give her arm more freedom,’ supposed Alice.

“Remove your skirt down to you knickers please,” requested her housekeeper.

Alice did so and revealed her beautiful cream-skinned thighs highlighted by dark blue plain topped hold up stockings. Her superb bottom looked even sexier than usual in close-fitting matching blue knickers. Miss Richardson sat on the armless chair.

“Come here, please Madam. I want you to bend over my knee for at least part of your spanking; I will want you bent over the chair for the other part. This will give me more room to swing my arm and deliver harder spanks! Now take your knickers down and remove them and bend right over my knee.”

A nervous Alice followed instructions, acutely aware her bottom would shortly be both hot and sore. Her housekeeper slightly cupped her hand and started to vigorously spank the proffered target. Four hard spanks covering the right cheek and the same for the left.

Alice could certainly feel the heat and made small movements of distress. All to no avail; Miss Richardson repeated the cycle and Alice was now breathing rather fast and making mewing noises. A further cycle was completed, making 24 in all; Alice’s bottom was now glowing.

“Up you get, Madam, and bend over the back of this chair.”

The half clothed Lady Alice bent over the back of the chair, her red and sore looking bottom on prominent display. Miss Richardson then proceeded to spank Alice even harder and completed two more cycles, making 40 hard spanks that Alice had endured. She was squealing loudly during this session over the back of the chair.

“You may stand up now, Madam,” suggested Miss Richardson, and Alice took the opportunity to softly stroke her nude and glowing bottom. Her nipples felt hard and showed how aroused she had become.

Alice started to get dressed and was grateful that she had so few clothes. She was going to dress without her knickers but Miss Richardson insisted she put them on.

“It will help your bottom to retain the heat,” she said.

Alice experienced some difficulty pulling on the close-fitting knickers as her appealing bottom seemed to have grown as a result of the spanking. Unsurprisingly the heat from Alice’s glowing bottom had now spread to her more intimate regions and was stimulating them. Alice felt flushed and glowing and her eyes were sparkling.

“Thank you, Miss, for a most excellent spanking,” she remembered to add before going in search of Lord Mayton, knowing that he, in turn, would be stimulated by her rosy bottom.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2014