The second in the series (Part One being just below this). More from the Griswald Academy.

by Jim Welch

I have had a wonderful five years here at theGriswaldAcademy. I do still have five years left on my contract as I have the good fortune of being the only staff member who does not have to reapply for his or her job every year. As I have stated earlier Anna gives me total control over disciplinary actions regarding students and teachers.

Yes I even have had to administer the cane to the backside of some of the teachers as they have gotten quite agitated with a student and treated them with disrespect. As I have mentioned before, disrespect is not tolerated at all in this institution.

One instance was regarding Mrs Charlotte Anderson.Charlottewas going through a difficult time with her husband as she had caught him in a precarious situation with his secretary. It was suggested that, given the tension and pressure she was under to rectify the situation, that she take a temporary fully paid leave of absence. She adamantly refused that suggestion and stated she was quite capable of handling the situation of home and school. Well as you can imagineCharlottedid not handle it well at all, especially the school part. In the second quarter of this school yearCharlottegave a young lady a poor grade on a test and when the student questioned her about marking some of her answers wrong that were rightCharlottelost it and viciously berated the student in front of the whole class. The student left the classroom and went to her dorm andCharlotteconfronted me and insisted that I immediately call the young lady down to my office for a caning.

I did summon the student to get an idea of what transpired. She gave me a brief overview and I got the rest from viewing the tape of the incident. I dismissed the student and summonedCharlotteto my office. She came in in a huff and told me to go someplace where there is no sunshine or cool air. After I pointed out to her that her contract held her liable for her actions just as it did students, she really went into a rage. She allowed how she was a grown woman of 45 years of age and no way would she subject herself to punishment meant for a child. So in my infinite wisdom I gave her some options. They were as follows, immediate termination, 10 days suspension without pay and not being allowed anywhere near the campus, a $5000 dollar fine to be held from her next paycheck, or 18 strokes of the cane on her bare backside. I then gave her 10 minutes to decide. I figured she would call Anna and see if she would override my decision. Given that I left my office and went to the lounge for a coffee. Just before my time was up Anna appeared in the lounge and told me that under no circumstances was I to relent any choice toCharlotte. She said she would not intervene even though she and Charlotte were close friends and she understood the reasons for her outburst. Anna had my back so to speak.

Upon returning to my office I encountered a much differentCharlotteas she was very remorseful for attacking the student and me and said that she would take the caning to put this matter behind her.

There is a very distinct difference in caning the bottom of an 18 year old girl as compared to a 45year old woman.Charlotte’s bottom was much fuller and rounder and if I may say so quite a bit sexier than the one presented to me by Abigail. I gave her the same instructions to remove all clothing from the waist down and bend over they desk grasping the other side. The same thing held true as she was not to let go or the same penalty would be applied. She would go back down and we would start over at one. Even though I try very hard not to take an attack personal but I did the oneCharlotteleveled on me so I made the first stroke really hard to get her attention. She took it well but did wail a little. I always give the first stroke across the center of the bottom and then the second one about 1 inch up from the top of the thighs. This gives me a place to apply the rest. I use the senior cane on all the teachers or adults as they should be able to withstand it with no problem.Charlottesurprised me as she did not wail, or cry or even grunt the entire time. After I gated the last two strokes and told her to rise she did not even rub her bottom or try to inspect the damage. She simply pulled up her panties and put her skirt back on, turned around and thanked me and then left to return to her classroom.

Charlotteapologized to the student in front of the class and corrected the errors she made on the grading. She also reconciled with her husband and did in fact take a leave of absence for a second honeymoon toHawaii. She even bought a cane from a novelty shop and told her husband to apply it as needed. She works all day now with a big smile and seldom sits for long periods of time, so we all wonder.

The only time I almost left the school was at the beginning of this year. Anna and I had a really heated discussion about my choice of discipline to a student who had gotten unruly.

Anna Griswald is the nicest person one would ever wish to work for or be friends with. She treats all her staff with the utmost respect. She treats her housekeeper, gardener, and chef the same way. They are paid way above average wages and neither Anna nor John ever speaks to them as an employer to an employee. They speak to them like one would to an intimate friend. They have even had some of their staff members children go to the academy completely free of charge. Anna and John also insist that nobody address them as Mr or Mrs Griswald. They are Anna and John. Given these facts I was totally astonished when Anna barged into my office and began berating me as to my choice of discipline.

The young lady in question was Sarah Murphy. Sarah was a senior and had up to this point never been in any trouble. As I stated earlier I seek to find the reason for a change in behavior. Sure enough Sarah had what I thought was really good reason for her outburst. It needs to be understood that these young women may look and act like adults and be treated that way but they still have some little girl emotions in them. Sarah has a younger sister who she has to help tend as she is local and lives off campus with her parents. But the only problem is her parents are getting a divorce and they both want to split custody of Sarah and her sister. Neither parent can afford to have both girls. As a result Sarah is a basket case at best and just lost her temper with a fellow student who was joking about something and Sarah took offense. Instead of calmly talking it out she lashed out and slapped the other young lady. They were brought to me and, after hearing all the story, I decided to have Sarah tender a public apology to the student, the class, and the teacher, with the understanding that any further outbursts would be met with severe consequences. I also assigned her to our in-house therapist that we have on staff to discuss her personal problems.

Mrs Crenshaw, the teacher, informed Anna of the apology and stated she thought that was not adequate punishment for the incident. Anna agreed and stormed into my office and demanded that I immediately call the young lady down and cane her. I told her the matter was settled and that she had given me totally control over discipline and I handled it the way I thought it should be handled and the case was closed. As she continued to rant and rave I simply typed out my resignation, placed it in her hand and started for the door. She wanted to know what this was all about so I told her if she was going to be in charge of discipline then she did not need me. I also told her that since she did not bother to get all the facts then she still did not need me. She immediately calmed down and begged me to return to my desk so we could discuss it. I told her I was not in the habit of having my judgment questioned and I would say it was none of her business why I decided the way I did but given it was her school and I was an employee just this once I would explain. Upon telling her the whole story she turned red with embarrassment and apologized profusely and asked for my forgiveness. Of course when she batted those beautiful blue eyes at me I surrendered, took back the resignation and told her I had work to do.

Thinking the situation was handled I forgot about it, figuring that even she could have a bad day like everyone else. To my utter surprise she appeared the next morning in my office with the strangest request I have ever had. I was totally stunned when she brought out from behind her back the largest cane I had ever seen. Anna said it was a penal cane used in the orient for prisoners. She said that she had discussed it with John and they both decided that she needed to be caned. She told me that she has to abide by the same rules she expects everyone else to abide by and since she disrespected me and questioned my judgment then a caning was necessary. She insisted that I give her the usual 18 strokes to her bare backside and use this penal cane. She really wanted it to hurt and leave marks for a while as a reminder of her behavior and that it was to not be repeated.

I stammered and stuttered at this request as I had never dreamed that my boss would require me to administer discipline to her. She insisted so after careful consideration I agreed. I asked when she wanted it and she said now was a good time. I told her to remove all clothing below the waist and bend over the desk. Grasp the other side with both hands and if you let go or rise we start over at 1. She was familiar with the instructions and immediately lowered her white slacks and panties. She bent over the desk and it almost took my breath away. Anna is 48 years old but has the looks and body of a 30 year old woman. Her bottom is very firm and has no flaws at all. Her thighs are tight and firm and look very delicate. She is all woman and all beautiful woman. But anyway enough of that. I tapped her bottom across the middle and then gave her a fairly hard stroke across the middle of her bottom. She took a deep breath but did not move. The second stroke I made just as hard about 1 inch up from her thighs. She welped a little but stayed down. After the 6th stroke I could tell she was really struggling as she wiggled her bottom to try to get some relief. I only gave her moderate strokes from 7 through 15 as I did not want to maim her. This penal cane bites deeper and leaves a bigger tramline. She took those well but was starting to cry at 12. I gave her number 16 just below the first one and she almost let go but did not. She cried out and really wiggled her bottom. After she settled I decided not to gate the last two so I just gave her a fairly hard one for 17 and before she could react I whistled in number 18 really hard and fast. I immediately told her she could get up in case she did let go. Her bottom was a mess with this heavier cane and I did not want to distress her anymore. She cried a bucket of tears and after about 5 minutes she finally got up. She was unable to bend down for her clothes so I aided her in that, being very careful when helping her pull up her panties and pants. I phoned the nurse to come to my office and I left when she arrived to give them privacy.

The next day Anna thanked me for helping her to understand that she does not have all the answers and that she does have capable staff to tend to matters. She also insists that I take a pay-raise which I do not need, and again thanked me for taking care of discipline. The only thing is that now I hardly have anything to do as everyone is so well behaved. Maybe my reputation of being hard but fair and respectful precedes me.

Anyway I did accept the raise but donated it to her favorite charity and she walked quite gingerly for a week but was her usual self shortly thereafter. John was slightly put out as their very active sex life they had enjoyed for 23 years was put on hold for a bit but he was back to smiling after a couple weeks so I guess Anna has recovered. She smiled a lot too.

So here I am awaiting the end to another year and a long summer until a fresh batch of 11th grade girls show up and learn the ways ofGriswaldAcademy. A few will experience a painful awakening but then if they did not there would be no need for me. OOPS I meant to say young ladies.

The End