The devious antics of a badly behaved girl

by Pat Greenham

Rathenhall College had a reputation for upholding old-fashioned values, and had a very high achievement rate both academically and on the sporting field. It’s Headmaster, David Smith, ran the school with a good balance of pastoral care and firm discipline. Normally if a pupil had fallen foul of the rules a stern lecture from the Headmaster was all that was required. However on rare occasions, when there had been a repeat offence he was a strong believer in the cane as a final resort. He was not a great believer in detentions, had never found the need to exclude a pupil and suspensions were very rare indeed.

There were a number of offences that merited an immediate caning, which included truancy, stealing and bullying. For truancy and stealing the pupil could expect a severe caning in the privacy of his study. Bullying, however, would result in the pupil concerned being caned in front of their year group at a special assembly. There was no distinction between boys and girls and every parent was made aware before they sent their son or daughter to the school of the policy regarding corporal punishment and that in all cases David Smith would carry out the punishment regardless of sex. A standard caning would be carried out with the pupil’s trousers or skirt removed and was always six-of-the-best with one of four canes depending on age. For canings in the privacy of the Head’s study the pupil would be required to bend right across the desk with only their pants as protection – special assembly canings would have the pupil bending over a gym vaulting horse.

Maggie Chapman was in the upper sixth and was one of David Smith’s problem pupils and was no stranger to a lecture from the Headmaster. In the last two years she had been caned twice for being rude to two of her teachers and here she was again in front of the Headmaster with the same charge. There were two teachers that ‘wound her up’; Mr Jackson, the Head of History, and Mr Wilson, the Head of Maths, and Maggie sometimes could not help herself in ‘talking back’ when being told to behave. It was this ‘attitude’ that the Headmaster found so offensive and he felt he had no alternative but to again administer a ‘short sharp shock’ and decided on this occasion to use his special cane that was reserved for sixth formers that were repeat offenders. The special cane was four inches longer than the standard 36 inch sixth form cane and, since being in the position of Headmaster, he had used it only once before.

He told Maggie of his decision to once again beat her and said that he would have to go and get the special cane from the school stores and that whilst he was away she should remove her pleated skirt and tights and to get into position across his desk for when he returned.

Maggie was a very attractive girl, quite developed for her age and would easily have passed for a young woman in her early twenties. She had a little secret that the Headmaster was going to discover when he returned as she had purposely come to school without any knickers, thinking she may get the cane. As she stripped off her skirt and tights, she was completely naked from the waist down, and she then got into position right across his large desk with her legs straight out behind her and her fingers stretched out and holding the far side and waited in great anticipation.

The vision she gave David Smith when he returned with the longer cane was extraordinary, with her bare bottom on full show. The Headmaster was shocked and told her to stand up before asking her what is this all about and why she was not wearing any pants. Her excuse was that they were all in the wash. David Smith considered his options, her pleated skirt was unsuitable so he could either proceed and cane her bare bottom or delay the punishment until the next day.

With Maggie now standing and facing him with her frontal nudity on full show, the Headmaster told her that he would delay the caning for 24 hours so that she could present herself correctly attired. Maggie had left her knickers off for a reason and this was not going to plan, so she responded that she would prefer him to simply cane her as she was, adding that she did not want it hanging over her for a full day, hoping that he would accept her argument.

As he could not be accused of making her bare her bottom, David Smith made a snap decision to proceed and cane this ‘brazen hussie’ as she was and he told her to get back into position. As he walked round behind her, he had to admit that the sight was not unappealing, as Maggie possessed a very nice bottom. At the last minute he decided to change canes and use the standard sixth form three-foot cane as he thought the longer cane given to her bare bottom might be too much.

However he was determined that she was going receive a severe thrashing and tapped her bottom a few times before taking the cane slowly back and delivering an almighty whack to the center of Maggie’s round bottom. To the Head’s surprise, Maggie took the stroke in silence without moving an inch. Thirty seconds later he delivered a similarly severe stroke lower down on Maggie’s bottom to again get no reaction. Maggie was a tough nut, and although the first two strokes had been unbelievably painful, she had no intension of showing it. The third stroke was between the first two and again despite the severity still did not get any response from Maggie who simply lay across the desk in silence taking her caning.

David Smith decided to revert to the cane he originally planned to use for the last three strokes. Taking the longer cane slowly back he gave Maggie the fourth stroke slightly higher and for the first time got a response as she involuntarily cried out. Maggie was unaware that the Head had changed canes and the longer version had certainly made a difference as she struggled to absorb the tremendous pain burning across her bottom. She had found the first three very painful, but the fourth was on a different level.

Maggie held onto the desk as the Head prepared to give her the fifth with the longer cane which he delivered into the gap below the mark of the fourth stroke and again getting a response as she let out a gasp. They both knew there was only one to come and David Smith stood back to admire his handiwork with five parallel red stripes across Maggie’s delectable bottom. He had to admit that if he had caned her across her pants he would have simply delivered a sound caning that she well deserved, but caning her across her bare bottom had changed things and he was thoroughly enjoying himself at her expense. He waited for well over a minute before giving her the sixth and final stroke very close to the center of her bottom in one of the few gaps. It was a ‘beauty’ and resulted in a long and meaningful gasp from Maggie who thought she could handle the cane, but now wasn’t so sure.

She was told to remain in position for a couple of minutes and not to rub her bottom. Eventually the Head returned to his desk, sat down and told her to stand. Now again giving him the view of her wispy trimmed triangle at the junction of legs which she made no attempt to cover, David Smith lectured her about her continuing rudeness to members of his staff, before reluctantly telling her to replace her tights and skirt.

In truth Maggie had a love hate relationship with the cane, finding it to be a very painful experience but also something that excited her and she knew that as the pain died down she would experience some pleasure as she had from her two previous canings. She had left her knickers off on purpose to add to the excitement and the naughtiness and she hoped he had liked seeing her bottom in the flesh. She did have to admit that the last three strokes had been unbelievably painful although she was unaware that he had changed canes. At this stage David Smith had no idea that she had left her knickers off on purpose, just thinking that she was a stupid girl.

As the days passed, Maggie knew she had only one more term and started to think about engineering another caning. She knew that to take the next step up, she would have to be accused of bullying and one day quite out the blue she picked a fight with a girl five years her junior which ended up the younger girl’s lunch being thrown on the floor. All of this had been spotted by another teacher, who was appalled at Maggie’s behavior and told her that he was going to report her and that she should see the Headmaster at the end of the day.

Maggie knew what she had done and the consequences and was both terrified and excited about what could happen.

Sure enough as she stood in front of David Smith again just after 4pm, she was told that everyone knew what happens to bullies and that she would be dealt with in front of the whole sixth form the following morning after assembly. The Head added as an afterthought that she should ensure she was correctly attired, and they both knew what he meant.

Maggie couldn’t believe what she had done and knew that she would be first sixth-former to be publicly caned, a thought that was both very exciting and dreadful.

The following morning Maggie put on some normal knickers under her skirt and sat quietly having breakfast thinking about what lay ahead. At the last minute before she left for school she went back to her bedroom and changed her knickers for a very skimpy high-cut pair. Putting her fuller knickers in her school bag she set off for school and her destiny.

There was a quiet hush in assembly that morning, as everyone knew that the small vaulting horse that had been placed on the school stage was there for a reason. Assembly went all too fast for Maggie as she listened to the Headmaster asking all sixth formers to remain behind as he dismissed the rest of the school.

David Smith then stood and went to his lectern to address the 120 members of the lower and upper sixth form. He had a prepared speech:

Today we have a very unusual matter to deal with and in my time as Headmaster of this school this is the first time I have had to deal with a bully. Miss Chapman has a dreadful disciplinary record over the last three years, but even I was astounded when she was reported to me for despicable behavior to a pupil five years her junior. This was nothing short of bullying, and will be dealt with in the most severe way possible. It is important that Miss Chapman is made an example and as such I have decided that the correct punishment is a caning in front of the entire sixth-form and the teaching staff. Miss Chapman will receive eight strokes of the sixth-form cane, and I am sure that none of you will ever be temped to commit anything similar once you have witnessed what is about to take place. Miss Chapman, please come forward”

Maggie knew that this was it as she left her seat in the front row and joined the Headmaster on the stage. All sorts of things were going through her mind knowing that she had engineered this situation, thinking she was completely mad and regretting not changing her knickers back to the fuller pair. There was also a bit of her that was the exhibitionist and wondered what the boys in the sixth-form were going to think.

The Head asked the female Art teacher to assist as he told Maggie to remove her jacket and skirt. Maggie handed the jacket to the art teacher before unzipping her skirt and lowering it to floor before stepping out of it.

David Smith told her to turn away from the assembled sixth-formers and bend across the vaulting horse. Reaching right down everyone got their first view of Maggie’s bottom and were shocked to see an almost bare bottom with her knickers cut very high. The Head told her that at least she was wearing some underwear although it was hardly appropriate, and it was clear that he would be able to deliver all eight strokes below where her pants had ridden up to, effectively to her bare bottom.

Maggie was told that she must remain in position until told to rise as Smith lined up the first stroke which he gave her following a long slow backswing and a very rapid decent into the lower part of Maggie’s bottom producing an almost instant red stripe. There was a ‘hush’ in the Assembly Hall as 120 pupils watched in a combination of awe and astonishment. Around 50 per cent of the sixth-form were 17 and 18 year-old boys, who were also taking in the vision of Maggie’s delectable bottom.

David Smith continued the caning, giving Maggie a new stroke every fifteen to twenty seconds. The second stroke had been just above the first and he was working his way up her bottom with each whack. For Maggie this was extraordinary with the pain of each cane stroke being almost unbearable but another part of Maggie was enjoying being the center of attention and knew that everyone would be focusing on nothing else but her bottom.

By the time Maggie had received her fourth stroke she had not made a sound and everyone except the Head was amazed at her ability to take the cane. Half way through, David Smith decided to have a full minute’s break leaving Maggie over the vaulting horse with four cane stripes clearly visible to all.

The whole hall was silent with everyone transfixed on Maggie’s bottom as a very strange thing happened. With the longer gap, Maggie started to ‘want’ the next stroke, not that she wasn’t finding the cane very painful, but the feeling after each whack as the heat spread across her bottom was creating a pleasure all of its own. She was in a different zone and when the fifth stroke came it seemed more bearable in the knowledge that pleasure was soon to follow.

Some of the boys in the Upper Sixth could not believe what they were witnessing with Maggie’s effectively bare bottom being thrashed in front of them and there was a significant number finding themselves aroused, as indeed were a number of the male teachers present.

The final three strokes were a bit of a blur for Maggie as she went deeper into her inner self, absorbing the pain and translating it to pleasure. After the final stroke she was told to stand and replace her skirt. Standing in front of the whole sixth-form, she felt she had triumphed and again the exhibitionist side of her felt enormous satisfaction.

David Smith had given her the first public thrashing of his career, but knew he was not dealing with an average naughty eighteen year old, instinctively feeling that there was another agenda.

The Assembly was dismissed and Maggie’s bottom was on fire. Every time she sat down that day she was reminded of the morning’s event, but the glow that stayed with her for almost the entire day became one of pleasure and that night when she got home she went to her bedroom to bring herself off to a fantastic orgasm.

Maggie became something of a folk hero amongst the sixth-form and she was quite happy to show her friends the damage to her bottom with the weals of the cane clearly visible days later.

It was soon time for A levels and the summer term moved into its final two weeks as Maggie once more tried to think how she could engineer one final caning. She thought about being rude to either Mr Jackson or Mr Wilson, the two teachers that had previously reported her to the Headmaster, but then came up with another plan. If this plan was going to come off it would end up with the extraordinary finale. She decided to write a letter to the Headmaster, Mr Jackson and Mr Wilson.

The letter read:

Dear Headmaster, Mr Jackson and Mr Wilson,

As my time at Rathenhall College is coming to an end, I wanted to express my sincere regret for my unacceptable behaviour over the last three years. I now see that my lack of courtesy has been nothing short of shocking and I very much regret the way I have spoken to all three of you. In truth my years at Rathenhall College have been happy ones and I have many friends. I would like to think that despite my occasional poor behavior, there have been other times when I have contributed positively.

Before I finally say goodbye to the College, I would like to ask for something that you might find a little strange, but it would be my way of properly apologizing. As punishment I have been beaten on four occasions, and to properly atone for my behavior I would ask that you beat me one final time. This would be my way of leaving the College with my debts served and I would propose that I meet all three of you after lessons one day during the next week and that each of you apply six strokes of the sixth form cane to my bottom. I am aware that eighteen strokes will be very difficult to endure, but I feel it will be recompense for the complete lack of respect that I have shown on too many occasions. I feel only in this way can I leave the College with my head held high. I hope that you are able to accommodate my request.

Yours sincerely

Maggie Chapman.

Maggie made three copies of her letter before leaving them all with the Headmaster’s secretary so that she could distribute to each of the three. It is true to say that when David Smith read the letter he was quite astounded by what Maggie was asking for and ended up asking Chris Jackson and Clive Wilson to join him to discuss the matter. Jackson and Wilson expressed similar astonishment and over half an hour the conversation ranged from there is no way that they could accommodate her request to maybe there was a way.

It was indeed rare for any of the girls to be caned, and Maggie having been caned four times was very much the exception. Chris Jackson and Clive Wilson had never beaten anyone, but had witnessed Maggie’s public caning a few weeks previously. Secretly they quite fancied the idea and David Smith himself remembered caning Maggie in the privacy of his study when she had come without knickers and that it had been memorable. He was the only one that had started to suspect her motives, and the meeting finished with the decision to consider her request again the following day.

When they met again during the morning break, it was clear that there was a will to accommodate Maggie’s request and they discussed if there was any risk. On the basis that each had a letter from Maggie, they decided that there was little or no risk and made the decision to give her what she was asking for. As such Maggie was summoned to see the Headmaster during the lunch break and told that they were going to proceed as she had asked and it was agreed that she should report after school that very day at 5, which allow for the school secretary to have left the building.

Lessons finished at four o’clock, which meant that Maggie had an hour to kill and went to the school library. During the afternoon she had removed her knickers, which were now in her school bag so that there would be no debate about whether or not the cane would be applied to her bare bottom and she started to become excited about what lay ahead, but there was a part of her that was a little scared about taking eighteen strokes, ten more than her previous caning. It was soon 4.55pm and time to make her way to the Head’s study. The secretary had already left and the three men welcomed Maggie. David Smith told her that she was an extraordinary girl that he would never quite understand, but unless she had changed her mind she was shortly going to be given a caning from each of them that she had requested.

Maggie told them that she had not changed her mind and felt she absolutely deserved to be thrashed. The Head had cleared his desk and told Maggie to remove her jacket and skirt, and it came as no surprise to David Smith as she undid her skirt and slid it off that she was again wearing no knickers. Standing in just her white shirt, the three men took in the vision of her lower nudity with her sporty legs flaring up to her shapely hips and pubic triangle on full show. The Head told her to turn away and bend right over his desk and grip the far side with her legs as before straight out behind her. David Smith had seen this view once before, but neither Clive Wilson or Chris Jackson had and were to say the least, impressed with how attractive Maggie’s bottom was presented to them awaiting the cane.

When she had been caned in assembly, all the teaching staff had been seated on the stage and as such did not get the view all the assembled pupils got. Maggie meanwhile was excited at the thought of the three men all focusing on her bare bottom and was enjoying the moment. She knew that the first two or three strokes would be the worst but was anticipated that she would start enjoying the pain after those initial whacks.

Smith handed Chris Jackson the cane and told him to give her six strokes, taking his time and aiming for the middle of her bottom. Knowing that Jackson had never used a cane before, the Head added that he should aim for the tip of the cane to strike the middle of the far cheek of Maggie’s bottom so as to ensure that it did not wrap round.

Smith needed not to have worried, as Chris Jackson had been a county squash player and knew something about finding the ‘sweet spot’! Jackson stood to her left hand side and again admired her wonderful bottom before taking the cane back straight and whipping it in with tremendous speed and force to strike Maggie’s bottom right in the middle. The intensity of the stroke was a surprise to Maggie who found it even more painful than expected, especially from someone giving their ‘virgin’ caning.

The second stroke came twenty seconds later was no more than a couple of millimeters from the first, and David Smith was interested in Jackson’s technique, with a relatively short backswing, but a really powerful delivery and imagined that this is how he would have struck a squash ball. As he continued giving her a stroke every twenty seconds, he was getting all the impacts right in the center of her bottom with several being on top of previous whacks, and causing Maggie enormous pain. A normal caning would have the strokes spread out, but the sheer intensity of having stroke after stroke pretty much on top of each other was incredible. When he gave her the sixth stroke, the Head noted that he had created a concentration of stokes right in the middle of bottom which almost merged in one red band or ribbon less than one inch wide. Despite this being the first caning he had ever given, Jackson had been both accurate and forceful, and Maggie had a very concentrated band of pain, and at no stage had she got any enjoyment from the first installment.

As Maggie stayed in position, she wondered how Clive Wilson would cane her and hoped it was not going to be similar to the assault given by Jackson. She was relieved when David Smith handed Wilson the cane and suggested that he put three strokes below the existing cane marks and three above. He found the situation unbelievable with a very attractive eighteen-year-old bending across the desk and at her request about to take from him a caning to her bare bottom. Clive Wilson was also a very keen sportsman and maintained a single figure golf handicap, which meant that he too knew how to use an instrument to hit something very hard with accuracy.

Having given Maggie two or three minutes as a break, he lined up the cane low down on her bottom before taking it back over his shoulder and hitting the exact spot he had targeted. The stroke was painful in itself, but hitting virgin bottom it did not have the intensity of the previous six strokes and for the first time Maggie felt some pleasure as the heat radiated across her bottom.

Wilson’s backswing was completely different and David Smith noted the similarity with a golf swing with the cane being taken right back over his shoulder. The second stroke hit Maggie’s bottom just above the previous stroke and was taken in silence as she absorbed the pain as it converted to pleasure. Clive Wilson was proving to be equally accurate as the third filled the remaining gap beneath the ‘red ribbon’ and the other two lower strokes. This left the area above the center with the fourth hitting Maggie higher up, an inch and a half above the ‘red ribbon’.

This left a gap for the last two that Clive Wilson successfully filled leaving Maggie’s entire bottom covered with red stripes. Maggie lay there across the desk knowing that she had received more strokes than ever before, but also that she had another six to come from the Headmaster. She was also again in a zone all on her own with her bottom now just a mass of throbbing heat knowing that she was being completely dominated by the three men and at the same time hoping that they liked her bottom.

As Wilson passed the cane to the Headmaster, they let Maggie stay over the desk for a short break. Her legs were straight out behind her but now slightly parted and both Jackson and Wilson standing directly behind could see wisps of pubic hair together with hints of Maggie’s secret charms. The Headmaster was to Maggie’s left as he lined up the cane for the final six strokes. In truth there were very few gaps but decided to start by adding two strokes to the lower part of Maggie’s bottom. He also decided to change his normal routine, and after a further thirty seconds he delivered these with only a ten second gap and caused Maggie to gasp not expecting strokes so close together. Inevitably these were on top of previous strokes and were incredibly painful but as the seconds passed she felt that familiar glow of pleasure.

Letting a full minute pass, Maggie once more found herself ‘wanting’ the next stroke, and David Smith lined up the cane higher on Maggie’s bottom before delivering two more stokes in quick succession. This was a new sensation for Maggie as all her previous canings had been given with decent gaps between each stroke, and it meant that before she could get used to the pain delivered by the cane she had another searing whack to deal with.

Everyone knew that there was only two strokes left and Smith decided to re-ignite the center of her bottom with two strokes added to the ‘red ribbon’ created by Chris Jackson somewhat earlier. Again letting another full minute pass with Maggie knowing that the last stroke is always the worst, the Head gave her two very forceful strokes in quick succession right across the center of her bottom and caused Maggie to cry out for the first time.

She had done it, taken a full eighteen strokes, and knew that later she would get much pleasure. At this moment however, her bottom was on fire and incomparable to the pain from her four previous canings. As she stood up her hands went instinctively to her bottom as David Smith asked her if she felt her debts (quoting from her letter) had been served. Facing all three men, still naked below the waist, she told them that: “Yes, I feel that it is even between us and you have given me exactly what I deserved and thank you.”

Maggie replaced her skirt and left the Headmaster’s Study to walk home. Once in the privacy of her own bedroom she removed her skirt to see for herself the damage which was very impressive, her whole bottom was a mass of redness. She reflected on the different styles from each of the three men, particularly the intensity of the first six given by Chris Jackson which had been the most difficult to endure. Later that evening, and thinking about being caned, she again brought herself off to a massive climax with her bottom still throbbing.

For Chris Jackson and Clive Wilson, they had been part of an extraordinary event, something that would never be repeated. For David Smith, he knew that she was unique and that he had given her five canings in a little over two years most of which she had engineered and deep down he knew the truth, that Maggie was addicted to the cane and derived pleasure from the extreme pain.

The End