On a wet and windy day, five girls try cheating

By Kenny Walters

Laura Handley and four others from her games class stood in a line facing the wall of the changing room next to the stairs that led up to the gymnasium. While the other twelve girls in the games class stripped off their athletics shorts and shirts, and went into the shower room for a hot shower, the five had to stand in their damp clothes feeling miserable and having to listen both to the lecture from their teacher and to the odd derogatory remark from their classmates. The five had been caught taking a short-cut during their cross-country run, and they had been separated out from the girls who had completed the course properly.

“Keep your faces to the wall, you five,” Miss Trent said firmly. “You are a disgrace and none of the others want to look at your faces, nor do I.”

At least the five were now back in the changing room with the radiators turned fully on. It was a cold October day and light misty rain had persisted throughout the forty-five minutes they’d spent, or should have spent, running around the local park and side roads. Their school games kit of short white shorts, white games shirts with the single four-inch-wide horizontal black stripe and their white trainers were still damp from the rain, such that the shorts and games shirt clung uncomfortably to their bodies.

“Now, I’m going to leave you for a few minutes,” Miss Trent continued. “You five, stay right where you are, and no talking. The rest of you, finish getting showered and changed, and be ready to leave for home when the bell rings.”

Rebecca Trent then left the changing room, out into the corridor that led to the remainder of the school. As soon as the girls reckoned the black track-suited twenty-six-year-old teacher was far enough away not to hear, they all started talking, and the five girls standing facing the wall were the main subject for discussion.

“Why didn’t you idiots keep a watch out for her?” One girl said as she stood naked, towelling herself down after her shower. “You knew she’d be out somewhere checking on us.”

“We thought she’d be out running with the rest of us,” One of the five, Tina Marshall, replied. “We didn’t think she’d drive around in her car!”

“In that rain? Really?”

“Yes, really,”

“What do you think we’ll get?” Another of the five, Zoe Davies, asked no one in particular.

“She was heading towards the staff room, by the look of it,” Sarah Welling, standing between Laura and Zoe, replied. “Probably gone to fetch the detention book.”

Tina sighed. “Staying behind after school for an hour next Thursday was certainly not in my plans! Detention is so tedious.”

“Let’s hope it’s just one hour,” Laura added. “She seemed especially annoyed with us.”

“You mean two hours?” Tina gasped. “That’s horrendous. Don’t these teachers know we have things to do?”

“Of course they do,” Laura responded. “Durr! That’s the whole point of detention. So you can’t do the things you want to do.”

With most of the girls having showered and dressed in their sixth form uniforms of grey skirts or trousers and black and white striped blazers, they all leapt to their feet when the bell sounded, signifying the end of the school day. In the space of a few seconds, the five girls standing facing the wall were on their own.

“Where on earth has she got to?” Zoe asked.

“Miss Trent?” Tina replied. “I don’t know. Perhaps someone else was using the detention book and she had to wait?”

Laura stood in the line. She pulled her T-shirt away from her body. At least it was nearly dry now. She did the same with the back of her white shorts. Of course, she now regretted being enticed into taking the short-cut with the others. Not that she had needed much encouragement. At the time, she was wet, cold, out of breath, and feeling quite miserable. They’d got out of the driving misty rain by standing under a bus shelter, then walked down a side road before taking shelter under an old oak tree that still had some of its leaves in place. That was where Miss Trent had spotted them.

With all five girls having convinced themselves they would be sitting in room 5B next Thursday after school, where all after-school detentions were carried out, the conversation soon dried up. Even in the teacher’s absence, all five obediently remained facing the wall, mainly because they didn’t want to risk incurring further censure from Miss Trent if she returned suddenly.

For Laura, being put in detention was an annoyance rather than a serious punishment. It would be boring, because they would have to sit at desks and do nothing. They would not be allowed to do homework, nor read a book, nor do anything other than just sit there. If they did secretly try to find some way of passing the time, other than private thought, and were caught, then they would spend the rest of their allotted detention standing at the front facing the wall, much as they were doing right now.

“What’s that?” Sarah Welling asked.

“What was what?” Tina replied.

“There’s someone up in the gym. Something creaked.”

“Probably Miss Trent tidying up, and deliberately keeping us stood here in these damp clothes,” Daisy Nightingale moaned.

“Hey, that might mean she doesn’t put us all in detention!” Zoe Davies suggested hopefully. “Perhaps this is our punishment.”

“For cheating? It doesn’t seem enough, somehow,” Daisy responded.

Any further discussion was immediately halted by the sound of footsteps descending the stairs.

“Shush!” Zoe whispered loudly, rather unnecessarily.

All five girls turned their heads to see firstly the black track-suited legs of Miss Trent, and then the rest of their teacher’s body, coming down the stairs from the gymnasium. Any small joy the girls might have had that they were about to be released from their present situation was immediately dispelled by the sight of the large dirty white plimsoll in Rebecca Trent’s hand.

“Remain facing the wall, girls,” the teacher commanded. “Your punishment for cheating and taking a shortcut will be five whacks. I’ll call you up to the gym one at a time. After you’ve had your whacks, you will come back down, shower and get dressed. Then you may go home or wait for the others, as you wish. Is that clear?”

“Yes, miss,” all five muttered quietly.

“Good. Sarah Welling, go up to the gym. You four, remain facing the wall.”

Miss Trent allowed Sarah to go first. Sarah, a tall shapely girl with light brown hair, almost ran up the stairs. After a brief look at the remaining girls, Miss Trent followed.

“The slipper!” Zoe exclaimed, once the teacher was out of earshot in the gymnasium. “Suddenly, detention doesn’t seem so bad after all.”

“Five whacks too,” Tina added. “That’ll smart.”

Laura remained silent. She’d not been looking forward to explaining to her parents she’d be late home on Thursday. They’d want to know the reason and she’d feel so ashamed telling them it was because she was in detention. They’d ask questions, and she’d have to admit to cheating, heaping more shame on herself. She’d considered a lie, perhaps saying she was remaining after school for a special project. Now that, at least, would not be necessary.

Being slippered was a different kind of tedium. While Laura hadn’t actually been slippered before, she knew girls who had. They’d rubbed their backsides briefly, but otherwise carried on as before, clearly not having come to any great harm. More of a concern was being asked to touch her toes, something she could never quite do. Would her failure to comply precisely cause additional embarrassment? She hoped not. Perhaps Miss Trent would ask her to bend over something like one of the vaulting horses. She could do that. Yes, that would be far better.

Suddenly, five bangs were heard from upstairs, with no more than three or four seconds between each thud. The silence that followed seemed eerie.

“That’s Sarah done,” Zoe commented. “She certainly wasn’t hanging about. I wonder who she wants next.”

“I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough,” Tina responded tetchily, her nerves starting to build.

Footsteps on the stairs made all four girls look round. Sarah Welling returned to the changing room and went straight to where she’d left her bag and clothes on a low bench and the two hooks above.

“Tina, you’re next. She wants you up there now,” Sarah said as she started stripping off her shorts, games shirt, plimsolls and socks.

“Oh goody!” Tina Marshall, a bubbly petite blonde-haired girl, remarked in a show of bravado. She went slowly up the stairs to find Miss Trent.

“How was it?” Laura asked gently, Sarah being one of her better friends.

“Fine!” Sarah replied tersely, clearly not wanting to talk about her punishment. Now naked, she disappeared into the adjoining shower room with a towel.

“Did you see her bum?” Daisy asked. “It was all red and blotchy, and you could actually see the marks from the sole of Miss Trent’s slipper!”

“And she was crying,” Zoe added.

“I only saw a single tear,” Laura remarked, slightly perturbed by the over-dramatic antics of the other two. “She was probably feeling embarrassed.”

“Hard not to when you’re seventeen and just had your bum smacked for being naughty,” Daisy commented.

Moments later, another five thumps echoed down from the gymnasium.

“She does whack you quite fast, doesn’t she?” Zoe observed.

“True,” Laura agreed. “I wonder if it’s better that way. You know, get it over and done with before you’ve hardly had time to think about it.”

More footsteps on the stairs, and Tina reappeared.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed, pointedly rubbing her bottom through her white games shorts. “Zoe, you’re wanted next.”

As Zoe left them, Tina began stripping off her games kit, and Sarah returned to the changing room with a towel wrapped round her and her hair dripping wet.

“You okay, Sarah?” Tina asked when she saw her classmate still seemed upset. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know whether I’m more annoyed with myself for cheating, or with Miss Trent for punishing us,” Sarah replied. “It’s so undignified to be spanked like that.”

“So is serving detention with a bunch of brats from the lower forms,” Tina countered. “I’ll take the whacks any time.”

As Tina disappeared into the shower room, and Sarah finished dressing, the sounds of Zoe receiving her punishment echoed down the stairway.

“You or me next, Laura,” Daisy remarked as they listened to the sound of the five whacks being completed.

Laura nodded. She was trying to work out in her mind whether she wanted to go next, or be the last to climb the stairs. And what difference did it make anyway? Either way, within the next five minutes or so she would have to present herself to Miss Trent and take her punishment as best she could.

Zoe’s return interrupted Laura’s thoughts.

“That’s that out of the way!” The also petite dark-haired girl stated as she rubbed her backside thoroughly before beginning to strip off her games kit. “Laura, you’re next.”

Laura’s heart started thumping. Her mental turmoil increased as the others looked at her, waiting for her to leave them and join Miss Trent in the gymnasium. She climbed the stairs slowly, her legs struggling to carry her. And then she was looking through the doorway into the gymnasium. Miss Trent was standing by the horizontal wall bars on the far side, and she was waiting with the dirty white plimsoll in her right hand.

Laura was a tall girl, like Sarah, and equally as shapely in stature. Her long dark hair was straggly after being out in the rain, but her shorts and games shirt at least felt warm now.

As Laura crossed the wooden floor and approached the teacher, she desperately wanted to say something, anything, that would break the tense atmosphere, but she couldn’t think of anything. Miss Trent appeared unsmiling, in complete contrast to her normally friendly temperament, just wanting to get on and apply the slipper to Laura’s backside.

“Bend over and grabbed the lowest wall bar you can. Get your head down and stick your bottom out.”

The instructions seemed clear enough, yet Laura had to think how far from the wall bars she needed to stand so that when she bent over she could achieve a good grip on the lower wall bars to brace herself, yet present her bottom adequately for Miss Trent to administer the slipper.

Initially, she stood about eighteen inches away from the wall bars, bent right over and grabbed the second horizontal rail from the bottom. That felt like she was too close, so she shuffled her feet back until she was perhaps two feet away. That seemed about right, so she straightened her legs and thrust her bottom back.

“Is that okay, miss?” Laura asked in a quivering voice.

The teacher responded by gripping the elastic waistband of Laura’s shorts and tugging them up so the material stretched more tightly across the girl’s backside. She finished with a hand slap across Laura’s bottom.

“You’ll do,” Miss Trent confirmed. “You sound nervous, Laura.”

“I think I’m just ashamed, miss.”

“We all make mistakes, Laura. But we have to pay for them, in your case by me smacking your bottom.”

Laura blushed. “Yes, miss.”

“Hold still!”

Laura felt the slipper being tapped against the seat of her shorts, and she braced herself for the first whack, not really knowing what to expect. It came just a moment later. A loud bang echoed round the near empty gymnasium and the seventeen-year-old felt the sole of the plimsoll slap into her bottom with considerable force. It hurt, not dreadfully, but it smarted and stung both buttocks.

Within moments, a second strike of the slipper crashed into her backside. It hurt at the moment of impact, but then subdued into a smarting sensation that was quite uncomfortable but entirely tolerable.

Third and fourth strikes thumped into Laura’s backside, each giving that immediate initial pain, and each then dissipating into uncomfortable stinging. The fifth and final swing of the slipper seemed more forceful and Laura struggled to keep her position. It hurt more the moment it struck her, and the stinging became much more pronounced.

“That’s you done, Laura.”

The seventeen-year-old slowly raised herself up and gave the seat of her shorts a quick rub before she turned to face the Miss Trent.

“Off you go and get showered and changed, Laura. Send Daisy up, please.”

“Yes, miss.”

Laura just managed to stop herself thanking the teacher, having enough command of her senses to realise it would be somehow odd to express gratitude to someone who had just walloped her backside. Yet, as she headed for the door and the stairs, Laura did somehow feel relief and some appreciation. The punishment had been quick, appropriate and, she decided, a whole lot preferable to detention.

At the bottom of the stairs, Laura found Daisy Nightingale staring at her with eyes already watering.

“Your turn, Daisy.”

“I-I’m not sure I can do this,” Daisy wailed miserably.

“Why not?”

“I-I’ve never been spanked before.”

“It will be fine, Daisy,” Lauren said softly as she put an arm around the light-brown-haired girl’s shoulders. “You’ll see. Miss Trent isn’t an ogre, you know. Just do as she tells you and it will soon be over.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Well, yes, a bit. But really only when the slipper whacks into your bum.”

“I really don’t want to do this.”

“You have no choice, and you don’t want to have to be dragged up there and bent over, do you? Much better to do it of your own accord.”

“I suppose.”

“Off you go then.”

Laura took Daisy by the shoulders and turned her in the direction of the stairway, then gave the slim, shy girl a gentle slap on her bottom.

“We’re off,” Sarah Welling declared as she, Zoe and Tina all stood, fully dressed.

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

Now on her own, Laura stripped off and went into the shower room. With the noise of the water, she was unable to hear anything of what was happening upstairs between Miss Trent and Daisy. After stepping out of the shower, she quickly dried herself and wrapped the towel around her before returning to the changing room, just as Daisy came rushing down the stairs in floods of tears.

“All done?” Laura asked.

“I couldn’t do it!” Daisy replied, searching through her belongings for a handkerchief.

“Couldn’t do it? What do you mean?”

“She told me to bend over and grab hold of one of the lower wall bars, but she was standing there with that big plimsoll in her hand, and, and, the thought of that thing whacking into my bum was just too much!”

“So, you haven’t had it? Is that what you’re saying?”

“No.” Daisy shook her head for emphasis, then dried her eyes and blew her nose. “I looked down at the lowest wall bars, and looked at Miss Trent holding the slipper, and I just froze.”

“I bet that didn’t go down well.”

“She shouted at me, and that made me even more upset. So, she tried to speak more gently and persuade me to do it.”

“But you still didn’t?”


“So, what is going to happen?”

“She’s reporting me to the headmistress. I’ll have to see her tomorrow.”

“What’s the headmistress going to do?”

“Miss Trent reckons I’ll get the cane.”

“Daisy, that would be so much worse than the slipper.”

“I know. I don’t know what to do,”

“Go and have your shower. I’ll get dressed and have a think about it.”

Alone in the changing room while Daisy went into the shower room, Laura finished drying herself and started getting dressed. With just bra and brief white panties on, she heard more footsteps on the stairs. Miss Trent, still with the large old plimsoll in her hand, greeted her.

“Where’s Daisy? Is she in the shower room?” the teacher asked.

“Yes, miss.”

“I’m afraid I frightened her. I suppose she told you she refused to take her whacks.”

“Yes, miss. She’s very upset.”

“I thought I’d come down and see if I can somehow calm her down. It would be so much better all round if she’d just let me slipper her. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll have to refer her to the headmistress tomorrow, and I really don’t want to have to do that.”

“Will that mean the cane, miss?”

“Probably. I’m just worried she’ll refuse again and get herself expelled or something. She’s such a silly girl.”

Laura didn’t respond, and concentrated on getting herself dressed. At that moment, Daisy emerged from the shower room with a large towel wrapped round her. She looked down when she saw Miss Trent was with Laura.

“Daisy, I’m sorry if I scared you,” Miss Trent offered. “Come and get yourself dried off.”

The seventeen-year-old didn’t reply but did join the other two and stood quite naked while she thoroughly towelled her shoulder-length light brown hair. Meanwhile, Laura sat down on a bench and pulled on her grey trousers.

“I really don’t want to send you to the headmistress, Daisy,” Miss Trent continued.

Daisy quickly dried her body off and started searching amongst her clothes for her knickers. She didn’t reply.

“Could you just spank her, miss?” Laura suggested. “She’s quite well dressed for it at the moment,” she added.

They both looked at Daisy, still totally naked, her bare bottom catching their attention as she bent over her bag. Daisy immediately stood upright and covered as much of her bottom as she could with one hand, while the other hand clutched a pair of brief white cotton knickers.

Miss Trent chuckled. “I’m not sure that would be appropriate, Laura. But Daisy, how about taking your five whacks now? Then we could get this whole affair over and done with.”

“Better that than face the headmistress tomorrow, Daisy,” Laura added.

Daisy quickly pulled on her brief white knickers. “I suppose,” she replied as she searched for her bra.

“Perhaps I could stay and help you, Daisy?” Laura said uncertainly, looking at Miss Trent for confirmation.

“Okay by me,” the teacher replied. “Daisy?”

Daisy, now wearing matching white bra and brief knickers, turned around and sat on the bench next to the reminder of her clothes.

“A smacked bottom now will be much better than facing the headmistress tomorrow, Daisy,” Laura encouraged. “How will you feel sitting outside her office knowing you’ll be getting the cane, probably with one of the secretaries watching you? It’s just the three of us here. That’s as good as it’s going to get.”

Daisy gave the matter some thought. She could see the logic in what Miss Trent and Laura were saying, and the other four had clearly taken their whackings without very much fuss.

“Okay,” she finally decided.

“Good,” Miss Trent whispered, more to herself.

“Do we go back upstairs, miss?” Daisy asked.

“Couldn’t she just bend over the bench she’s sitting on, miss?” Laura suggested, fearing her classmate might just have another change of mind between the changing room and the gymnasium.

“Yes, fine,” Miss Trent replied after assessing there would be enough room to swing the large plimsoll.

“Stand up then. Turn round and bend over,” Laura said, appearing to take charge.

“Shall I finish getting dressed first?” Daisy whispered in Laura’s ear.

“No, get it over with so Miss Trent can get off home.”

After giving Laura a doubtful look, Daisy turned around, leaned over the bench and placed her hands flat on the wooden surface.

“Bend your arms, Daisy,” Laura suggested. “You need to get your head lower so your bum sticks out.”

Rebecca Trent was somewhat taken aback by Laura’s apparent enthusiasm, but Daisy did exactly as she was told and presented her small compact bottom ideally for the application of the slipper. Just as Laura sat down on the bench opposite, where she would have a good view, Miss Trent quickly swung the slipper, causing a draught of air to ruffle Laura’s hair. The slipper slammed into Daisy’s backside with a loud bang that caused her hips to sway, but no more.

Four more strong whacks slammed into Daisy’s backside, Miss Trent intending to get the job finished before Daisy barely had time to think. Each caused the slightly built girl to wriggle her hips, but she remained silent and quickly settled, ready to take the next stroke. Laura had thought Miss Trent might go easier on Daisy, but the teacher swung the slipper back to shoulder-height each time so that every stroke whipped down with force.

When the whacks stopped, Daisy looked round in Miss Trent’s direction.

“That’s it, Daisy,” The teacher confirmed brightly. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“I-I suppose not, miss,” the girl replied with something of a stutter in her voice.

“Finish getting dressed, Daisy, then both of you get off home. I’ll get this plimsoll back to the staff room, then I’ll be doing the same. Wait by my car if either of you need a lift home.”

“Wow, that smarts!” Daisy said when Miss Trent left them. She gave her bottom a good rub through the seat of her brief white knickers.

“Drop your pants. Let’s see the state of your bum,” Laura said.

Daisy turned and slipper her knickers down just far enough for the whole of her bottom to be visible.

“How does it look?” Daisy asked. “It’s still feels like I’ve sat on a bunch of stinging nettles.”

“A bit red and sore-looking. She certainly whacked you properly. I thought she might be a little more gentle with you, but you got it as hard as me, and presumably as hard as the others.”

“I’m sort of glad really,” Daisy said as she pulled her knickers back up and reached for her grey skirt. “I thought I might get extra because of, you know, messing her around. I probably deserved it.”

Laura responded by giving Daisy a hard smack across the seat of her knickers.


“There! That’s your extra. Come on, finish getting dressed, then we’ll both get that lift home.”

The End

© Kenny Walters 2023

Kenny is always keen to discuss his stories with readers, or any spanking related matter. Contact him at: kennywalters@hotmail.com