Continuing the series, this sequel to ‘New Headmaster’ sees two girls punished and a Head Girl with a strange interest.

by PG

Helen Brown was having a good year as Head Girl at Archdean Lodge House and, with two weeks to go before Easter, discipline had been upheld. Just over thirty girls had been slippered, sixteen had been caned by the Head Girl as decreed by the Prefecture, and only nine had been sent to Headmaster for the ultimate sanction, six strokes of the cane across the bare bottom. The three levels of punishment were the only sanctions available and no girl had been suspended or expelled for over twenty years, an ethos that was very much part of the tradition established by the previous Headmaster.

James Simmons was in his first year as the current Headmaster and had established an excellent working relationship with his Head Girl. But the week before the Easter holiday this relationship was to be challenged.

It started with a call from the local police station to say that two Archdean girls were being held accused of shoplifting, after having items of new underwear found in their bags by the shopkeeper that had not been purchased. Further, they were intoxicated. The Headmaster’s secretary took the call and James Simmons soon called back to be told the awful truth that could only damage the reputation of the school. His first action was to call for his Head Girl, Helen Brown, to discuss the issue. It was clear to both of them that this was going to stretch the discipline system and they agreed that the immediate action necessary was to get the girls back to the school.

After the Headmaster himself had collected the girls from the police station and given them a lecture that could only have terrified them, there were a number of conversations between the police officer in charge of the case and the Headmaster. In essence, James Simmons wanted to explore ways that the charges could be dropped; apparently this was completely in the hands of the shopkeeper, Mrs Price, and her husband. If they wanted to press charges there was nothing the Police could do but to prosecute. And if that happened, James Simmons felt there would no alternative but to expel both girls, which meant that in his first year as Headmaster he had broken the proudly long-held tradition.

In discussion with his Head Girl, Helen Brown, they decided the only possible route forward was to contact the owners of the shop in question to discuss the matter. After an initial conversation it was agreed that the husband, Mr Price, would meet with both the Headmaster and his Head Girl the following day.

The two girls, Louise White and Jane Smith, were called back for an uncomfortable meeting with both the Headmaster and Helen Brown. They were told in no uncertain manner that their behaviour was completely unacceptable and could lead to their expulsion, and that they would be the first girls to be expelled for over twenty years. They were also told of the forthcoming meeting with the shopkeeper that would decide their future.

Later the Headmaster and his Head Girl discussed the matter. They agreed that if they were going to persuade Mr Price not to press charges they would have to outline what the school was planning by way of punishment, and that it would clearly have to be severe and beyond anything that could be considered normal. As such, they agreed the normal ultimate sanction of six strokes across their bare bottoms was not sufficient.

Helen pointed out the punishment guidelines set by the Governors allowed for two extra strokes to be given, normally for wearing non-regulation knickers or standing up during a caning, so it would easy to give them both eight strokes. The Headmaster was wondering whether two extra strokes to the normal sanction was enough and was feeling they should both receive twelve strokes as a minimum. He suggested that he talk to the Chairman of the Governors to gain his approval; after all the reputation of the school was on the line.

Helen had another idea to add to the mix. Back in January, when The Bognor Cane Company, had sent a supply of canes for the new year, they had mistakenly sent two 36” Dragon Canes which were simply sitting in the school store room unused. Helen decided to mention this.

“You could always use one of the Dragon Canes if you wanted to increase the severity.”

The Headmaster thought this was a great idea.

Later that day, the Headmaster spoke to the Chairman of the Governors about the matter who gave him cart-blanche to do what he felt best. The Chairman agreed that whatever it would take to prevent the shopkeeper insisting on police charges was worth doing. It was not until the following morning that James Simmons and Helen Brown were to reconvene to discuss the forthcoming meeting and to see if this crisis could be averted. They agreed that now they had the go-ahead of The Chairman of the Governors they could assure Mr Price that both girls would be punished at an unprecedented level.

After Mr Price had arrived just after 11am and had been installed in the Headmaster’s study together with Helen Brown it was time for James Simmons to make an important speech.

“Mr Price, first thank you for coming. The events of the last 72 hours have been unprecedented at this school. The two girls in question have behaved dreadfully and to make matters worse they were intoxicated. Theft is something that can never be excused and I believe this to be very much out of character and I have spoken to both their parents. Helen Brown, as Head Girl, and I have explored the punishment options and I hope our proposal will meet your approval. To give you some background, the ethos of this school is very strong and we simply do not believe suspensions and expulsions are effective. To expel these girls, to our way of thinking, would be walking away from our responsibilities. Indeed, we also do not believe in detentions. Instead we have a system based on three levels of corporal punishment, most of which is administered by the Prefecture. The ultimate sanction is for a girl to be sent to me to receive six strokes of the cane to her unprotected backside. Helen and I do not believe that such a punishment, whilst severe, is sufficient in this case. Therefore we have two options. First, if we cannot persuade you to ask the police to drop the charges, both of these girls will be expelled and the ensuing publicity will damage the reputation of this school. The second alternative, which can only come into play if you agree for the charges to be dropped, will be for both girls to receive double the number of strokes with the most severe cane available. For clarity, this will be twelve strokes across their bare bottoms using a Dragon Cane which is more severe than the normal sixth form cane.”

There was no doubt that James Simmons had made a powerful argument and Mr Price was impressed by the seriousness of the school’s approach to what amounted to petty shoplifting. But something else occurred to him that was strangely appealing; he would quite like to watch these girls getting the cane. Obviously, he could not admit to any kind of incorrect motives, but what an opportunity! Saying nothing for a few moments, he decided to ask a question.

“How do I know that you will punish these girls as you state?”

The Headmaster replied. “Mr Price, you can take it from me that what we have proposed will be exactly what happens.”

The shopkeeper decided to play his ace card. “I will ask the police to withdraw charges, but I want to witness the girls’ punishment to be certain.”

James Simmons looked thoughtful and asked Helen what she thought about the offer from Mr Price, to which Helen said: “It is certainly worth considering.”

Both the Head Girl and the Headmaster would have preferred to punish the girls in private, but the offer would mean they could keep the reputation of the school intact. Helen also thought, on the other hand, that his presence would significantly add to the girls’ humiliation.

The Headmaster turned to Mr Price and asked him for complete clarity. “Are you saying that witnessing the punishments is the only option you will accept in order for you to instruct the police to drop the charges?”

He simply responded: “That is the only option I am prepared to accept.”

It was therefore agreed that Mr Price would return at 4pm to be present at the caning of Louise White and Jane Smith, which was going to be quite an event. As the shopkeeper left, he told them that he wanted to see justice done, but secretly he was looking forward to watching two attractive sixth-formers getting caned across their bare bottoms.

Helen Brown informed both girls of their appointment and warned them to expect a punishment of considerable severity as the only alternative to expulsion. Both girls asked what she meant, to be told that their punishments would be more severe than the normal level three punishment given by the Headmaster.

Both Louise and Jane could only speculate what that meant, but whilst they were relieved not to be expelled they were clearly not looking forward to what lay ahead.

4pm came much too quickly as both girls waited outside the Headmaster’s study with his secretary looking on. After a few minutes they were summoned inside, to be greeted by the Headmaster, Helen and one of her Senior Prefect colleagues. They were also shocked to find Mr Price present. It was bad enough knowing the Headmaster was going to cane them, but the idea of being caned in front of the shopkeeper was truly awful.

The Headmaster addressed them. “You are both fortunate indeed that Mr Price has agreed to ask the police not to press charges, which would have led to your expulsion. You may know that no pupil has been expelled for over twenty years and it would have been unfortunate in the extreme for this record to be lost. However, you are both going to receive a severe beating and the Chairman of the Governors has agreed on this occasion that we can go beyond the normal guidelines. Normally, a level three punishment is six strokes given across your unprotected backsides. However, shoplifting and being intoxicated is so serious that you are both going to get twelve stokes, and to underline the severity I will be using a cane not normally put into service. Not only will you find this punishment extremely painful but with Mr Price present to see justice done it will also be suitably humiliating.”

Turning to Louise, the Headmaster said: “As you are marginally younger than Jane you will be caned first. Please remove your blazer and take off everything below the waist.”

Louise knew she had no choice and did as instructed. Her blazer and skirt were quickly removed followed by her tights. Feeling all eyes focussing on her, she slipped her knickers down and put them with her other clothes. Expecting to immediately be told to bend over the stool, she was surprised to be told to take a step back and put her hands behind her head. The Headmaster then instructed Jane to do the same thing as it became apparent that they were both going to be half naked for the entire session.

Jane was taller than Louise, and as she, too, took off her clothes she was appalled to be told to take her place beside Louise. The sight in front of the shopkeeper was extraordinary; both girls were very fit and possessed legs that were shapely as a result of a great deal of sport. Louise was a blonde and had a golden triangle at the apex of her legs whilst Jane, being a brunette, had a darker triangle of pubic hair.

Louise was then told to bend over the stool and grip the legs low down. Having been treated to the girls’ frontal nudity, it was time for Mr Price to appreciate her bottom which was a peach indeed. The Headmaster picked up the dragon cane that had never been previously been used and touched the inside of Louise’s thigh to indicate that he wanted her legs to be slightly apart; it simply could not get worse for Louise knowing that she was completely exposed to both men and the Head Girl plus the other Prefect.

The atmosphere was electric as the Headmaster measured the cane up across her bottom before taking it back over his shoulder and striking her with an almighty whack across the centre of her bottom. Louise, having been caned once before by the previous Head Girl, thought she knew what to expect, but this brought no comparison; the level of pain from just one stroke was indescribable. The second whack came all too quickly and the Headmaster had struck just below the first stroke. It was clear to Helen that he was concentrating on the lower part of her bottom as the third stroke whacked her above the crease causing a real screech. The fourth was also delivered to the lower part of her bottom and the dragon cane was proving to be a formidable weapon; slightly stiffer then the normal sixth-firm cane, the Headmaster was finding it easy to use and easy to be even more accurate.

Louise, meanwhile, was holding on for grim death and her gasps were becoming louder and louder. The fifth and sixth strokes were also delivered to the lower part of her bottom, which had now become a dense mass of cane weals that almost merged into one another.

Simmons decided to give the girl a short break before commencing on the second six. Mr Price, sitting directly behind Louise, could not believe what he was witnessing as Louise involuntarily spread her legs a little further apart to give her more balance. All too soon for Louise the Headmaster commenced the second half of her caning with a seventh stroke delivered above the centre of her bottom causing another loud: “Arhhhhhh!”

Having placed the first six strokes across the lower part of her bottom, the second six were all going to the upper part of her delectable backside. The eighth and ninth came slightly quicker and caused Louise to yet again let out a gasp. There were very few spaces left but the Headmaster proved to be as accurate as normal and it was soon time for the last stroke. Leaving her in position for longer, there was considerable anticipation and it was with even more force that the headmaster thrashed her for the final time right across the middle of her bottom, pretty much on top of the first stroke and in the process creating the loudest gasp of all.

For Louise it was over and her bottom was completely on fire. Although it was possible to make out individual strokes, in reality her whole bottom was a mass of redness. She was told to stand and not even think about rubbing her bottom as she was instructed to return to her place next to Jane, again with her hands behind her head. Her nakedness really was no longer an issue as she tried to come to terms with the extreme pain in her bottom and wondered how long it would take to ease off. Whatever, she knew that sitting down would be painful for quite a while.

It was now Jane’s turn, and as she was called forward by the Headmaster there was almost a sense of defiance as she looked at both the Headmaster and Mr Price in the eye as she took the few paces toward the stool with no attempt to cover her frontal nudity before taking her position over the stool. Being taller, her legs stretched out further behind her and before being prompted by the Headmaster Jane parted her legs almost as if she did not care what they could see. Mr Price looking on had another fantastic bare bottom on show right in front of him, slightly bigger than Louise’s, but round and another peach.

It was time for the second caning of the day and James Simmons intended to deliver an identical thrashing to the one so recently given to Louise. The first stroke again came from over his shoulder and whacked Jane right in the centre of her bottom with the dragon cane. It was another fearsome blow, but extraordinarily Jane made not a sound nor moved an inch. As with Louise, the first six strokes were all to the lower part of her bottom and given at 30 second intervals. If anything, Jane was marking up worse but she was showing remarkable resilience with barely a sound coming from her as each stroke hit home across her lovely bottom. Whilst only being eighteen, Jane possessed the body of a young woman who could have easily passed for someone in their early twenties. Helen was impressed with how Jane was taking her caning and was having strange thoughts about the dragon cane and almost wanting to find out for herself how much worse it was compared to the normal cane.

Again, James Simmons paused before starting the second six strokes. It was not only Helen that was impressed by how Jane was taking what could only be described as a very severe caning; the Headmaster was certainly not letting up. As with Louise, he was concentrating the second six strokes to the upper part of her bottom and the seventh and eighth created very clear cane weals. If anything, Jane parted her legs a little further to give those standing behind her even more of an eyeful, but if there was any resistance it came with the ninth stroke that finally got a gasp, largely because it was almost exactly in the same place of the very first stroke. The tenth followed to a gap above the centre of her bottom, which Jane took with only a very slight gasp.

There were two strokes left, Simmons had two remaining gaps and it was soon time for the eleventh stroke which came with no less force and again resulted in a quiet gasp. Everyone knew there was only one stroke left and the Headmaster lined the dragon cane across the centre of her bottom before giving Jane the hardest whack of the day, which she took with almost no reaction. As with Louise, it was possible to make out some individual stripes, but much of Jane’s bottom was a mass of redness.

Jane was told to stand and return to her position next to Louise and stand with her hands behind her head. Both girls knew they had avoided expulsion but also knew that they had just received fearsome punishments. Jane had taken her caning with more dignity than Louise, but they both knew they were going to be feeling their canings for quite a while.

The Headmaster was pleased the matter had been dealt by the school, and he had to admit he had quite enjoyed administering such deserved canings.

Mr Price was quite literally speechless, and with the girls both again standing with their frontal nudity exposed for all to see, the Headmaster asked him if he was satisfied to have seen for himself justice being served.

Mr Price replied: “Yes, I certainly think that should have taught them a very big lesson and I doubt they ever shoplift again.”

In truth, he had very much enjoyed watching these two attractive eighteen year olds being thrashed across their bare bottoms.

Helen was in a world of her own. Yes, as Head Girl she was pleased that the Police were not involved, but she had a strange request for the Headmaster that would have to wait until everyone had left the Head’s study. She also wondered how Jane had taken such a severe caning with almost no reaction.

Eventually both girls were told to get dressed before they left and Helen and the Headmaster said goodbye to Mr Price and thanked him once more.


Helen asked the Headmaster if she could see him later in the day to discuss a particular matter. At this meeting at the end of the day, Helen told the Headmaster she thought that going forward they should introduce the dragon cane to be used alongside the normal sixth form cane. The Headmaster asked for her thinking, to which Helen replied that, having watched Louise and Jane’s canings, she had been impressed with the effect and added that she thought that it would be useful to have a step up for any sixth formers that were being caned for the second time.

The Headmaster said he thought this was a good idea to then be astounded by Helen who replied: “I need to know for myself how much more severe the dragon cane is compared to the normal sixth firm cane. So can you show me?”

In truth, Helen had slightly envied watching Louise and particularly Jane’s caning and in line with her love/hate relationship with the cane wanted to sample the dragon cane for herself. The Headmaster was slightly suspicious that Helen might have an ulterior motive and remembered when Helen had said he could practice on her bottom at the start of the year after he admitted that he had never used the cane before.

The Headmaster asked what she had in mind, to which Helen replied: “I’d like you to give me two strokes with the sixth form cane and then six further strokes with the dragon cane, as only in this way can I compare the effect for myself.”

Simmons asked if she was sure, to which she said: “Of course.”

Moments later, Helen had undressed and was nude below the waist, reminding the Headmaster how attractive she was with her sporty legs flaring up to her shapely hips with her golden triangle again on view. Louise and Jane were both attractive, but Helen was a stunner. Not wasting any time, Helen was soon bent right over the stool as the Headmaster fetched the two canes. He was reminded how attractive Helen’s bottom was; a perfect peach. Lining up the sixth form cane, he gave her two hard whacks, which Helen took without any response.

It was time for the dragon cane, and as the Headmaster lined up the stiffer cane Helen was full of anticipation. She was not disappointed as he thrashed her for the first time with the new cane across the centre of her bottom. It was certainly different, certainly more painful and definitely more intense.

Simmons was enjoying himself as he gave her the second stroke low down above the crease. Helen was determined to take her caning without any reaction as, twenty seconds later, he thrashed her for the third time above the mark left by the previous stroke. The fourth was given higher and Helen was actually enjoying being beaten. The dragon cane was certainly more painful but also more satisfying, and Helen had to admit that as an exhibitionist she was enjoying being across the stool with her bare bottom so rudely exposed.

There were two perfect gaps left and without any reaction of any sort from Helen, the Headmaster decided to give her a harder whack as the fifth stroke hit dead centre in one of the gaps. He sensed that Helen had a strange relationship with the cane as he thrashed her bottom for the last time with an absolute corker. Helen stayed in position for a few moments before standing and facing James Simmons as he asked her how she found the Dragon Cane.

Helen told him it was perfect for the step-up for sixth formers needing a repeat caning and as they had two of these canes she suggested they keep one each.

Helen then pulled up a chair and sat down as she asked him for his thoughts, particularly about the canings given to Louise and Jane. They talked about the traditions of the school that had so nearly been broken, if Mr Price had not agreed with the plan. Helen complemented him on the canings given which she described as perfect. She also thanked him for her own caning.

Whilst this conversation was taking place, Helen remained undressed below the waist showing no urgency to make herself decent until the Headmaster suggested that she might like to get dressed.

He hesitated for a moment, but he really wanted to ask her if she actually enjoyed being caned. But he did not; there was no reason to ask other than to satisfy his own curiosity. Helen was a first class Head Girl who took discipline very seriously and if part of that was to know at first hand what the cane felt like, so be it. But he still had his suspicions!

The End

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