“The Courting” book III in the Waldorf Manor series.

The Courting”   is a domestic discipline and sweet blush novel set against the backdrop of stunning Waldorf Manor and Barton-Court House.  In the third book in the series, Elisabeth Warner moves to Waldorf Manor for the start of her courtship with Bennett Fowler.  He sets out the rules and boundaries of their relationship, making it clear that her transition from charge to ‘lady of his life’ doesn’t mean a change by far.  At the same time Elisabeth discovers Bennett’s formality and discipline has completely stolen her heart as their affections grow. But they aren’t the only ones thinking about courtship. Meanwhile, Alice has been living at Waldorf Manor for ten months and solidly transitioned into life as Brayden’s adopted daughter.  When he insists that she have closure with her mother for the first time since leaving home, Alice is challenged to take the next step in growing up properly, and that is to face and forgive her.    Watch the lives of Brayden, Alice, Bennett & Elisabeth continue to unfold and see where redemption, forgiveness and a jolly good smacked bottom take them.

Next in line for Spring 2014, my first standalone title: “Sam’s Silence” 

WaldenSchool seems flawless; excellent exam results, expensive uniforms – even more expensive tuition.  It’s a renowned boarding school set in hundreds of acres in the heart of the English countryside with academic success boasting 90% entrance rate into top Universities.  The Headmaster couldn’t be more proud; Walden is his home and the pupils are the children he never had.  Beneath the impressive results, smart uniforms and enviably well-behaved students is a Prefect system not to be reckoned with.  Head Boy, Brooks Hillman, heads up the twelve-member peer council of Prefects and the entire student body for the fourth year in a row, and unbeknownst to the teachers or the Headmaster, he secretly carries on a tradition of disciplining his peers despite the ban on corporal punishment in schools years before.  Unspoken rules, deep loyalty and lines of hierarchy amongst peers are engrained by the Prefects from the day a new pupil puts on the Walden blazer and tie.  New pupil Samantha Bennett learns just how deep that loyalty goes when she threatens to expose Brooks and the Prefects.