A new maid learns a painful lesson

By Paul S

Sophie was 22 and due to marry Simon, so was looking for a new job. The agency she was registered with suggested a post for a maid had become vacant at a stately home. It offered 5 days a week, plus some bonus days when the historic house was open to the public.

Sophie went for the interview which was conducted by an attractive high-powered middle-aged blonde woman who was a countess and seemed very nice. The countess stressed they ran a tight ship and said that a good, well-disciplined team was important. The countess showed Sophie around the stately home and explained that part of the house was open to the public during weekends and public holidays, but part was strictly private.

Over the weeks of working, Sophie grew to know the countess quite well and started asking some questions about her past and about how she became a countess. The countess said it was a long story, but when Sophie had a break from her duties, she should come down and have a coffee and chat in the study.

The countess asked Sophie about her background. Sophie told her that she lived with her boyfriend at his flat nearby, and that they hoped to marry once they had saved up enough money.

The countess offered Sophie the opportunity to hold the reception at the house, as they had a conference room and grounds, with a landscaped lake for wedding pictures. Sophie thought it a great idea and thanked the countess for the offer.

The countess then said she met the count when she was working at an escort agency. The girls regularly used to dress up and attend functions such as hen and stag nights, dressed as leather clad ‘femme fatales’, and the like.

“You can imagine what it was like, back in those halcyon days,” the countess said with a grin. “Anyway, on one jaunt to Ibiza for stag party, I was given the role of taming the count with a whip. He slipped me his card and said he would like to meet me privately. Clearly, my leather bodice, buxom figure, whip-swishing and fishnet tights obviously tickled his fancy that night!”

Sophie said, “Wow! That’s sounds amazing.”

The countess said, “At first I met the count for some private sessions, which were great fun, but later he asked me to give it all up and become his full time escort and partner. One thing led to another and before I knew it, we fell in love and got married in a whirlwind romance.”

Sophie asked, “Do you still have any of your old ‘femme fatale’ stuff?”

The countess replied, “Yes, I believe so, for old times sake. We kept a few items for strictly bedroom use to pep up our night times, which can go a bit flat after 20 years of marriage.

The countess opened a cupboard in the study to reveal some old leather bodices, tights, hats, whips, feather boas and other sexy paraphernalia from her heyday.

Sophie’s eyes bulged as she touched the leather bodice and swished the whip a few times.

“Wow!” she said. This is hot stuff and must have been great fun to use. Did you actually spank people with this?”

“Yes, occasionally, or when requested, but it was mostly for show. There were some really fantastic parties, especially in Ibiza, but sadly they’re mostly in the past now.

Sophie nodded thoughtfully.

The countess noticed and asked, “Did you want to see my personal collection of toys? I kept some which were personal favourites of mine.”

“I would love to,” Sophie answered with a smile.

They went from the study up the grand staircase festooned with oil paintings and into the master’s bedroom. There was an oil painting of the countess dressed in leather and suspenders in her younger years. She looked amazing.

Then the countess opened a wardrobe mirror. “These are my small collection of toys for playtime, as I called it. I need to keep my hand in, or I may forget how to use them.” She laughed. “However, I will show you once, but private cupboards are normally off-limits for the maids, even when you make up the rooms.

Sophie was agog at the toys, as the countess put it, and took out a leather strap, a short whippy cane, some sexy lingerie and suspenders, and placed them on the bed.

“Do you still use this stuff?” Sophie asked.

“Yes, now and then. It’s nice to have, sometimes.”

Sophie asked, “Can I try some of this stuff on, please?”

The countess said, “OK, but keep your own bra and panties on for hygiene.”

Sophie went into the en-suite bathroom to change and returned wearing a short lacy nightie and suspenders, and she brandished a short cane. She looked in the mirror and asked, “Does this sting?” as she presented her panties to swish her own bottom firmly with the cane, which left a mark. “Ouch! That stings!”

The countess said, “Yes, it does. Perhaps I will use it again if you misbehave? Anyway you have some cleaning to finish before your break at 12.30.”

Sophie said, “Ok, if you will excuse me, please,” and went off to continue her cleaning duties.

Everything was going swimmingly when one day Sophie carelessly caught an ornamental swan at the side of the count’s bed and, to her horror, it fell on the floor and smashed.

Sophie thought, ‘Oh sugar! How do I explain that?’

Sophie reported what had happened to the countess, and she said, “Oh no, that was his late mother’s gift. The count will go ape!”

Sure enough, the countess rang the count to explain what happened and he was furious. He said the maid should be fired and blamed the countess for lack of control of the maids, but the countess eventually calmed him down and told him to let her deal with it.

The countess went back to talk to Sophie and explained the count was furious and wanted her fired, but that she calmed him down on the basis that Sophie would have to pay for a replacement or be disciplined.

Sophie asked how much a replacement swan would be, and the countess said, “Probably about £3,000.”

Sophie gasped and said, “I can’t afford that!”

The countess said, “Then you will either have to be fired or punished.”

Sophie begged the countess not to fire her and to give her another chance.

The countess sighed and said, “OK, but you must be more careful in future. Follow me!”

The two women went upstairs to the countess’s bedroom.

The countess asked Sophie to raise her short maid’s skirt and lean over the bed whilst she went to the cupboard to fetch the cane.

Sophie said, “Please don’t hurt me!”

The countess said, “You must be properly punished so you learn your lesson, or the count won’t let you stay.”

Sophie sighed resignedly, and leant over the edge of the bed.

The countess swished a short cane several times through the air, then said, “Sophie, head down, bottom up, please.”

The countess placed the cane across Sophie’s knickered seat and said, “This is going to sting!”

She swished the cane 6 times in quick succession across Sophie’s bottom which had her gasping. Sophie jumped to her feet and couldn’t believe the sting.

The countess said, “I don’t believe I asked you to jump up, did I?”

Sophie said, “No, Miss.”

The countess said, “I think we will have the panties down for the final six, so you can feel every stroke.”

Sophie moaned and said, “Do I have to, Miss?”

The countess said, “Yes, if you want to keep on working here.”

Sophie reluctantly slid her skin-tight panties down to her thighs and regained her position over the bed.

The countess said, “Get your head down, Sophie, and bring your bottom up.”

The countess used the cane to push Sophie’s head down into the pillow, which brought her bottom up into a good position to be swished. A further 6 strokes followed that had Sophie throwing her long hair back and gasping after each stroke.

When the countess had finished, she said, “Sophie, you can get up now.”

Sophie quickly rubbed her red-lined and sore rear end with both hands, whilst the countess inspected her handiwork, saying, “Hmm, job very well done. What do you say, Sophie?”

Sophie replied, “Thank you for punishing me, Miss, and for giving me a second chance.”

The countess said, “It was my pleasure! Now go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head and skirt up for 10 minutes. I want to make sure you’ve learned your lesson. And remember, if you are careless again it will be more strokes of the cane or the sack.”

The End

© Paul S 2021