A girl is convicted of a motoring offence and receives a harsh penalty. A follow-up to an old story.

By Frances Stephenson

“Welcome to Ebchester Correction Centre. My name is Julienne and I will be looking after you today. Hold on, don’t I know you? Susie Brackenshaw? Yes, of course! I thought I recognised the name, but now I have seen you I am sure I do.”

“Yes, you do.” Susie admitted shyly. “You ushered me through the system about nine months ago.”

“Yes, it’s all coming back to me now,” gushed Julienne. “You were given eight strokes for a speeding violation, is that right?”

“Perfectly correct,” said Susie blushing slightly. “I was caught speeding and admitted to not concentrating. Therefore two strokes were added to the usual six.”

“Yes, it’s really all coming back to me now,” said Julienne. “Look I am sorry but we are in quite a rush today with an unexpected influx of guests. So would you excuse me but I can’t spare the time to have a chat over a cup of coffee before we proceed?”

Susie indicated that she would have no objection and in fact she was quite anxious to get the whole affair over as soon as possible.

“Come with me then,” said the perky Julienne, and led the way down the corridor before she stopped in front of a room and inserted a plastic key and opened the door. It was remarkably like the room that Susie remembered from the last time she was sent to the Correction Centre except that it has slightly bigger and the ‘A’ frame punishment bench was in the same room, rather than next door.

Julienne motioned Susie to a chair beside a small desk and then proceeded to tap out various things onto a small computer terminal.

“Well, Susie, you seem to have been a very naughty girl once again. I see the Court has awarded you eight strokes of the cane again. It seems you were driving your car after having consumed a small amount of alcohol. Naughty girl! You know that is one of the big no-no’s. We shall have to impress upon you the inadvisability of going anywhere near alcohol when you are driving. Let’s hope this little session will stop you doing it again!”

“Julienne, I would like to request that this punishment session is undertaken with one of the official paddles rather than the cane which I had last time. I’m prepared for the punishment to be hard but would prefer to avoid the sharply stinging pain of one of the canes.”

“Susie, I regret that this will not be possible for two reasons. The first is that I myself will be punishing you today and I like to use the cane. It is largely a matter of luck as to which Correction Officer you will be allocated when you’re sentences are passed to us and on this occasion you came to me. I am now a fully-fledged Correction Officer and have been able to undertake these sessions for the last three months. You might like to know that I passed out top of my intake and was highly commended for my use of the cane. They did say I was possibly too severe but that was not considered to be a general fault.

“The second reason is that it has been requested you receive your punishment at a level 3 which is harder than usual and is always given with a cane.

“So I will be caning you today and my only other requirement is that you will be bent over the ‘A’ frame in order that I might have a good and well-presented target to work upon.

“I also think it necessary for you to be restrained when bent over the A-frame as I would not wish you to get up or in any way impede any of my strokes. This would only lead to those strokes being repeated and the possibility of other officers coming in to restrain you.

“All this would possibly lead to quite a number of extra strokes and I’m sure you don’t want that. So now be a good girl and present your bottom to me in the way I want and we can complete your punishment without further delay.

“Take off your dress please, here is a hangar.” Julienne handed Susie a coat hanger and the young girl anxiously removed her dress. She stood before Julienne feeling very vulnerable, clad in only her bra and pretty white knickers with red edging and large red polka dots.

In the meantime, Julienne had opened a cupboard and extracted a three foot, evil looking, yellow cane which she swished in a distinctly menacing fashion.

“Now Susie, I want to get on so next let’s not delay any further. Please remove your pants and bend over the frame.”

Susie was petrified but managed to do as she is bid. She was extremely anxious and shaking with nerves; the knowledge that the enthusiastic Julienne was now an experienced caner only added to her apprehension.

Julienne placed her cane on a nearby chair and moved towards the young girl. She then secured both Susie’s arms and legs to the A-frame by means of soft leather straps. In no time Susie was completely secured and her soft and charming bottom was presented at exactly the right angle for what was to come.

Julienne was pleased she was about to thrash young Susie as she well remembered the attractive and appealing girl being caned all those months ago.

“Right Susie, here it comes,” she said and lifted the cane high. Then she brought it down on Susie’s bottom with considerable force. Susie cried out sharply, partly from shock and partly from the searing pain which had manifested itself on her bottom.

Julienne was pleased to see a sore looking red stripe on Susie’s bottom at exactly the place she was aiming at. Another stroke crashed in and Julienne was rapidly warming to her task.

Susie started to squeal as the pain was really quite sharp and much more painful than the caning she first received. She imagined Julienne quite enjoyed her job and, even more importantly, enjoyed using her cane on deserving bottoms.

Julienne was indeed enjoying herself and deriving a certain satisfaction from laying on each stroke not only firmly but actually quite hard. Susie’s sweet bottom was now looking increasingly sore and the young girl was squealing with ever-increasing intensity.

Julienne took no notice and continued to thrash the young girl in the certain knowledge that a really good hiding would be very good for her and should go some way to ensuring young Susie does not go anywhere near alcohol again when she is driving.

The seventh stroke had whipped in and Julienne was pleased to see her aim had not been compromised, each stroke having landed in the soft cushions of Susie’s lower bottom.

Julienne gathered herself for the final stroke which was traditionally the hardest of all. She resolved to place it close to the last stroke, thinking that it will do a lot of good if Susie Brackenshaw found sitting down an uncomfortable exercise for the next couple of days.

Susie cried out loudly as the last stroke found its target. She was whimpering loudly and breathing gustily. Julienne left her for a few moments and spent the time looking at Susie’s delectable bottom which was now twitching violently and covered with painful looking red, but turning darker, stripes.

After a few minutes, Julienne turned to the weeping girl and unfastened the leather restraints around her ankles and wrists. She then helps the shaken and rather wobbly Susie to her feet.

“There now, Susie, I have given you quite a severe good hiding and I really hope you have benefited from it. When the pain has abated somewhat you can reflect on today’s session and when you do try and be positive. After all, you were caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing and the thrashing I have given you is fair retribution for what you did.”

Susie could not bear to replace her knickers, but managed to struggle into her dress with some help from Julienne. She then stood meekly by while Julienne completed the paperwork. Almost as an afterthought, she reached down and picked up her knickers which she stowed away in her handbag.

Julienne finished the paperwork and handed Susie two copies, one of which she had to hand in at the reception area when she left. The second one was for her to keep as a confirmation and reminder of what had taken place.

“Goodbye Susie,” said Julienne brightly. “I know you won’t feel the same, but I must tell you it was a pleasure to see you again. In the same breath, I do hope I won’t have to see you again in the foreseeable future. Goodbye and good luck.”

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2014