Discipline in a military school for girls

 By Paul Tecres

‘Cadet Lisa Rae Palmer’.

It felt unreal reading that on my barracks assignment paper. Nonetheless, there I was, the newest student admitted to Lockhart Academy. Before this, I had no idea that military schools for girls existed. Even then, I would never have expected my parents to send me to one. I suppose it was inevitable. While I did very well with my academics in school, I had a knack for getting into trouble. Mostly due to pranks, mischief, and a distaste for rules. My parents were good to me growing up, but maybe a bit too lenient. It seems like they went a little easy on me a few times when I should have been chastised more severely. I was only spanked a couple of times in my childhood, usually by hand over a parent’s lap. I had been threatened with my dad’s belt a few times, but they never followed through on those threats.

When my behavior got me into some trouble with the police, that was the last straw. My parents sent me to this school, where discipline and order were strictly enforced. It took me some getting used to, but I adapted to my new environment. I learned all of the customs and courtesies. I learned how to wear my uniforms properly, and how to work as a team with my peers. I did so well that I was even promoted in rank from Cadet Third class to Cadet Second class. Not a huge promotion, but I was thankful just the same.

I adjusted to life in our barracks partly due to my fantastic roommates, Megan and Kara. We shared what was referred to as a ‘pod’. This was similar to a three-bedroom apartment, but a little smaller. We had a common room, and our three bedrooms were connected to that. There was a restroom, but no kitchen, as we ate all of our meals at the dining hall. The three of us were very close, and we always looked out for each other. Looking back, I have to admit that I may have been a bad influence on the two of them. Even though I thrived at the school, I still had a mischievous streak that I couldn’t quite shake. Then one day I talked them into something we shouldn’t have done. That brought about some major changes in my behavior going forward.

A system of underground tunnels ran beneath our school. These tunnels could lead off campus and into town. They also connected to the campus of Hargrove Military Institute, which was a military school for boys. We had gotten to know three boys at Hargrove by way of correspondence. We wanted to see them in person without chaperones there to spoil the fun. I hatched a plan for us to sneak out one night through the tunnels, and visit their campus. Megan and Kara agreed with only a little coaxing.

We left our barracks an hour before curfew. I thought that way no one would suspect anything if they noticed we were gone. This wasn’t going to be a long visit, as it was a Thursday night, and we all had classes the next day. We made our way through the tunnels undetected, and onto Hargrove’s campus where our suitors awaited. Kyle was the boy I was interested in. He was tall and handsome, with a very deep voice that reminded me of a radio announcer. We all visited outside of the maintenance building for a little bit. Kyle and I snuck around a corner out of sight. He put his arms around me, and before I knew it he was giving me the best kiss of my life, up to that point. Then he gave me about five more of them, and told me afterwards that he wanted to see me again soon. I told him I felt the same way. Eventually we all met back up at the same spot we were previously. Curfew was getting close for the boys and us, so we said our goodnights, and my roommates and I were on our way back.

Everything went well on our way back. When we emerged from the tunnel entrance we looked around carefully. No one was in sight, so we quietly crept our way back toward the barracks. We walked down the sidewalk leading to the rear entrance, and we were almost home free when we ran into trouble. It seems that Sgt Blanchard was on a roving patrol that night. She shone her flashlight in our direction, and Megan and Kara immediately ran off. I would have joined them except that Sgt Blanchard recognized me and called me by name. I froze and she told me I was in violation of curfew, and that she was documenting this. I’d be dealt with in the morning. She then escorted me to the door to make sure that I went in before continuing her evening watch.

Back at our pod, Megan and Kara arrived about fifteen minutes later. They had taken an alternate route and hadn’t been seen. They asked what happened with the Sergeant, and I told them. I also told them that they were most likely in the clear, and promised them I wouldn’t sell them out when I got in trouble tomorrow. They both thanked me, and we all went to bed shortly thereafter. I knew I’d have to face up to the consequences Friday morning, but I’d deal with it then.

When I came in for morning assembly on Friday, I checked the sergeant’s board first thing. If your name was on that board, you were to remain behind after dismissal to speak with the sergeant. I expected to find my name on the board, and I did. As I sat and listened to morning announcements, I kept wondering what type of punishment I’d be given. This school had quite a variety available. I could be given some type of unpleasant clean-up duty, or run laps, or given a high number of push-ups to do. I wasn’t too worried about it. I knew I could get through it. What actually happened surprised me a lot.

When we were dismissed, and I stayed behind, I was expecting Sgt Blanchard to verbally reprimand me before assigning my disciplinary action. Instead, she told me that she had orders for me. She handed me the order sheet, and dismissed me immediately. I was almost strangely disappointed that I didn’t get the talking-to that I was expecting. As I walked out of the auditorium, I unfolded the paper and read my orders.

Orders issued to: Palmer, Lisa Rae

Report to the office of Commander Monica Vasquez today at 17.00 hours, in dress uniform.

Now I was nervous. Getting sent to the commander’s office usually meant you were in serious trouble. This kind of thing could land someone on what we called ‘restriction’. If that happened it meant being moved to a different barracks in a room by yourself, and losing all normal privileges. Every second of your day would be regimented. This could go on for up to four weeks. Even worse was the possibility of being expelled. I wasn’t sure I could show my face at my parents’ house if that happened.

I also wondered about the dress uniform part. We didn’t wear those very often. Usually only for special functions. Typically, in class, we wore fatigues. This uniform consisted of a green camouflage blouse with velcro strips in lieu of buttons. A dark green t-shirt underneath, and matching green camouflage pants with brown boots. When we did PT outside, we wore school-issued t-shirts with either shorts, or sweatpants depending on weather, and we could wear running shoes.

The dress uniform was a bit more formal. It was a green button-down shirt, with a knee length pleated skirt, and flats. I thought about it, and guessed that being reprimanded by the commander was a bit more of a formal affair.

I tried my best to distract myself from that thought for the rest of the day. When our last class ended at 16.00 I went back to our pod at the barracks. Megan and Kara weren’t back from class yet, so I went into my room and changed into my dress uniform. I checked my reflection in the mirror a couple of times to make sure everything was right. The last thing I wanted was a uniform violation on top of everything else. I then took a moment to look over my study assignments before departing.

I made the long walk to the administrative building all the way across campus. Even though it took a little while, I managed to arrive about ten minutes early. I walked through the door into the main office. Sgt Gaines sat at the reception desk. She looked up and greeted me with a friendly demeanor.

“May I help you?”

“Yes, I have orders to appear before the Commander.”

As I was speaking I handed her the order sheet. She looked it over before replying.

“Okay, one moment.”

With that, she picked up the phone at her desk and pushed a button.

“Cadet Lisa Palmer here to see you.”

After a moment’s pause, she said, “Understood,” and put the receiver back down.

“Commander Vasquez said for you to wait here until she calls for you. You can have a seat on the couch if you like.”

“Thank you, sergeant,” I replied.

I sat down on the couch and tried my best not to fidget. I was so nervous and the wait wasn’t helping. Whatever was going to happen, I just wanted to get it over with. It felt like I sat there for an hour. When I looked up at the clock, though, only fifteen minutes had passed. Sgt Gaines’ desk phone rang, and startled me. After an exchange of very few words, she spoke to me again.

“The Commander will see you now.”

I got up and walked to her office door. I took a moment to inhale and exhale slowly before opening the door. I entered and immediately heard her voice in a very dry tone.

“Close the door behind you, then front and center.”

I complied, and now stood in front of her desk about three feet away. Commander Vasquez was seated in her office chair, dressed in her fatigues. She dwarfed me in height, standing five foot eleven compared to my five foot four. Even in a seated position, she was not far from eye level. She stared at me for a moment, or maybe it’s more accurate to say she stared right through me, before she began to speak.

“Cadet Second Class Lisa Rae Palmer. You are aware that we have rules at this institution, correct?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“You are also aware that those rules apply to all students, yes?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Among those rules is a curfew. Can you tell me what time the curfew is on weeknights?”

“21.00 hours, ma’am.”

“You are correct. Now if you were, say, studying at the library, and lost track of time. Someone caught you walking back to the barracks at 21.02, I might be able to overlook that. However, last night, you were seen outside of the barracks at 22.15. Would you care to explain what you were doing outside at that hour?”

I tried to think of a way that I could spin it to not make it sound so bad. In the end I decided it was best to just come clean.

“I snuck out through the tunnels to spend time with a male cadet from Hargrove, ma’am.”

“Oh? What did you and this male do during your time together?”

I hated to have to give such an embarrassing detail.

“We um, made out, ma’am.”

“Was that all?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“So, I don’t need to send you to the infirmary for a pregnancy test, or have you checked for STDs then?”

“No ma’am.” I was really caught off guard by that question.

“Okay, I just wanted to be sure. Now there’s another item I need to address with you. In the sergeant’s report it stated that there were two other girls with you whom the sergeant was unable to identify. Can you tell me their names?”

I was determined not to give up my roommates. I don’t snitch on my friends, and I had promised them I wouldn’t.

“No ma’am,” I replied nervously.

“Hmm. The report says that the other two were walking with you, but they both ran off, and that’s why they weren’t identified. To me, that suggests that maybe the three of you planned this little excursion together. Which means that you weren’t with two random strangers. So, you could tell me their names, but you’re not going to. Perhaps you’ll change your mind in just a moment. You see, all parents who enroll their students at this school are made aware of our disciplinary policies. In fact, they each sign a section informing them that corporal punishment can be administered, at my discretion.”

My heart started to race. I hadn’t even thought of that as a possibility. The commander reached into a drawer in her desk and pulled out a foot long, four-inch wide, double-ply leather strap, with a handle attached at one end. She set the strap down on the desk and continued.

“Now, I intended to get those names from you, and have the other two brought here, so you could all face the consequences together. If I could accomplish that I would gladly extend some leniency and give each of you only five strikes. So, do you wish to give me those names?”

I was tempted but I held firm.

“No ma’am.”

“Well, since I can’t get them here, you can take their strikes for them. Fifteen is a lot more than five. Are you sure that you don’t want to give me those names?”

“Yes ma’am.”

I tried to put my brave face forward, but I was terrified at this point.

“Alright, you’ve brought this on yourself. Listen carefully to these instructions. When I tell you to bend over, what you are to do is bend all the way over this desk. Then, reach your arms forward and grab the other side with both hands. You are not to let go until I tell you to. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied, trembling.

“In addition, you are to count each strike out loud. You will count the number followed by ‘ma’am’. If you fail to count a strike correctly, it will be repeated. So that being said, how will you count the first strike?”

“One ma’am.”

“And what about the last one?”

“Fifteen ma’am.”

“Alright, you seem to understand that. Now, as I said before, you are to remain in position until I tell you to get up. That means both hands on the desk, and both feet on the floor. If you get out of position, there are consequences. If you do it once, you’ll get a verbal warning, and the last strike you took will be repeated. If you do it a second time, we start over. If you do it after that, we start over again, and add a strike. Do you understand these consequences.”

“Yes ma’am.”


With that, she stood up and removed her uniform blouse, revealing the green t-shirt beneath. The short sleeves of the shirt made her well-toned biceps easily visible. Her strong arms would be able to swing with a great deal of force, and would now be unencumbered by clothing. She hung the blouse on the coat rack and returned to her desk with new instructions for me.

“Step up to the edge of the desk and bend over.”

I complied and was now bent over the desk with my hands gripping the other side tightly. Commander Vasquez walked around behind me, but left the strap on her desk. I was confused by this but it only took a moment for me to understand why. I felt my skirt being lifted above my waist, and tucked in. What I felt next scared me even more. The commander’s hand took hold of the waistband of my panties.

“Last chance. If you tell me the other girls names, I’ll have them brought in. Since you weren’t fully cooperative, I’d give you seven and them five. That’s still a lot less than you’re about to take. So, I’ll ask once more, do you want to give me those names?”

I took a deep breath before I replied, “No ma’am.”

“Have it your way,” she replied, then pulled my panties all the way down to my knees. I began to tremble as she walked over and picked up the strap. When she walked behind me again, I felt her lining it up on my bottom.

“Let’s begin.”

Then she pulled back, and leaned into the swing with her body. The strap landed with a loud ‘Crack’, like a gunshot.

“One ma’am,” I counted out. I guess I must have been in shock because at first I didn’t even feel the impact. A few seconds later, though, I felt a wave of burning hot pain rise up on my backside. About ten seconds elapsed between the first and second strikes.

‘Crack!’ I opened my mouth but no sound came out, only exhaled air. Until I spoke.

“Two ma’am.”

I was so sore already, and to make matters worse, I have a small butt. The strap being so wide, the commander didn’t have room to avoid striking the same area repeatedly. She didn’t seem to mind this.


“Oww! Three ma’am.”

My voice croaked and I felt tears welling up in my eyes and begin to run down my face.


“Ahhh! Four ma’am,” I sobbed.

I gritted my teeth at the next one.


“Ngggh! Five ma’am.”

I began to regret my decision now. If I had given up my roommates, this could have been over already. Instead, I was facing ten more of these. It was too late now. All I could do was get through it.

The strapping continued at the same slow and steady pace. Each strike built on the heat and soreness of the previous.


“Owww! Six ma’am.”

I could feel hard knots beginning to form on my backside. I knew there would be bruises, and I’d be incredibly sore later. Part of me wondered if things might have turned out differently if I had gotten a good dose of this at home. Maybe if my parents made good on some of their old threats then I wouldn’t have to be over that desk taking this horrible strap. My musings about an alternative history of my life were quickly interrupted.


“Ahhh! Seven ma’am.”

Each strike ignited the pain of already sore bruises, and helped form new ones as well. I sobbed out loud.


“Ahhh! Eight ma’am.”

Now essentially at the halfway point, I might have expected to feel some small relief. I didn’t though. All I could seem to feel was dread at having so many more strikes coming.


“Owww! Nine ma’am.”

In a strange way, I felt almost impressed at just how much the commander could make this hurt. I already knew the pain would last long after the strapping was done. She continued lashing my bottom with authority.


“Ahhhh! Ten ma’am.”

I didn’t know if she landed the tenth strike with even more force, or if I was just so sore by that point. But it seemed to hurt even more than the others. I had a strange, conflicted feeling then. I felt a deep respect for our school’s commander, even though I had formed the opinion that she was a truly evil woman. The next few strikes were the most difficult to take, but I managed to keep up with the count. I was glad for that too, as I really didn’t want to repeat any of these. When we reached the final strike, I stammered a little.


“Yahhhh! F-f-fif-teen, ma’am.”

At first, I didn’t even notice the commander walking back around her desk. Then I heard her put the strap back into her desk drawer. I remained in position sobbing loudly. She gave me a few minutes to calm myself, while she typed up something on her computer.

A few minutes later when I caught my breath, I heard the whirr of her office printer. She told me I could get up then. I stood slowly, and rubbed my bottom some. It was incredibly sore to the touch. I then pulled up my panties, and untucked my skirt, allowing it to fall back into place. Commander Vasquez retrieved a document from the printer, and brought it to the desk. She signed it first then handed me a pen and told me to read and sign it. It was a punishment report with my name at the top. A section below that detailed the offense. Then further down the page it read: “Penalty: 15 strikes of leather punishment strap.

I signed at the bottom and handed the paper back to her. She told me I was dismissed.

I walked slowly, out of the Commander’s office and back into the hall. Even walking was difficult now. I had so many hard knots on my rear end, and every time I took a step it pulled the skin tight, causing the soreness to flare up. My journey back to the barracks was a much longer walk. When I finally made it back to our pod, Megan and Kara were there. As I walked in, Kara noticed the state I was in.

“What happened?” she inquired.

“I got sent to the Commander’s office, and she really taught me a lesson.”

Kara’s eyes widened. Megan overheard this from her bedroom, and joined us in the common room. I explained how Commander Vasquez said that if I gave them up we would all three have been strapped together, and been given five strikes each. But since I wouldn’t give them up I got their strikes and mine. They both looked distraught at this, but I assured them that it was fine.

“There was no way I was going to rat you two out. A promise is a promise.”

Still, I could tell that they felt bad for me. They made it a point to be extra nice to me that whole weekend, even going so far as to clean my room and do my laundry for me. I thought they were really sweet, and the best roommates I could ask for.

The following Monday afternoon, I came back to our barracks pod and the two of them weren’t there. I checked my bottom in the mirror again to see how it was healing up. It was still pretty rough, but it had made some progress since Friday. I put two pillows on the couch in our common room and sat down with my books to study.

About forty-five minutes went by and both roommates came walking in. I was quite surprised to see them in their dress uniforms, and both of them looked like they had been crying.

“What happened?” I asked.

Megan answered, “We both felt bad about what happened to you. So, we turned ourselves into the commander.”

My jaw dropped. After a couple of seconds, I regained the composure to speak.

“So, you went and took your five licks after all?”

“No, she said that offer was only good if we had been punished alongside you. She said we’d have to take what you got instead.”

My voice began to quiver a little.

“So, fifteen then?”

Megan nodded in response. I got up and hugged her. Then I hugged Kara. I was right. Best roommates ever.

The End

© Paul Tecres 2022