Not all indiscretions lead to difficulties, as this story shows.

by Pat Greenham

Over the last six months there had been a most unexpected development in John’s life that has grown into a situation whereby every so often he spanks a young lady called Janet, who is one of the two ladies that comes every week to clean his house.

For John this started in a slightly embarrassing way when Janet, the younger of the two ladies, asked him if she could pose a personal question. On the day in question, she had come alone – sometimes, depending on their workload, only one of the two ladies attended. John had just made them both a cup of tea, when Janet chose the moment to pop the question, adding that it was quite a difficult subject.

She then told John that a few weeks ago when she was cleaning, she had come across a DVD left on the coffee table in the lounge. John, of course, immediately thought ‘shit’ did he leave something inappropriate out, which could easily have been a spanking DVD?

She confirmed this was indeed the case when he asked about the DVD, to be told it was called ‘The Caning of the Head Girl’. She also said that when she dusted the books she had noticed another interesting book.

John asked what book did she specifically mean, to which she said: ‘Painful Pleasures.’ John immediately apologised about his indiscretion and said he hoped that he had not offended her.

Her response was most unexpected, as she told John ‘quite the contrary’ and she added that she hoped he did not mind, but she had played a little of the DVD which she found very interesting.

She asked John if he thought it was unusual to be interested in spanking, to which he replied that it certainly wasn’t vanilla sex, but that a lot of people are interested and there is a wealth of literature plus magazines available that cover the subject.

She then asked if she could tell him a story. It emerged that when she was about sixteen, she had a big argument with her mother and ended up slapping her mum across the face. At that very moment her father had entered the room, and very calmly walked over to her, pulled a chair from the kitchen table, and grabbed her arm before upending her over his knees. He then told her: “If you hit your mother, then I am going to hit you.”

At this her school skirt was pulled up, her pants were pulled down and she received a spanking that went on for about five minutes. Janet told John that she must have received more than fifty spanks before being sent to her room. She went on to tell John that although she had been really shocked, later that night as her bottom glowed it was actually quite nice.

Janet also told John that she had become a little suspicious about corporal punishment when she was at school because one of her best friends, Sarah, claimed to enjoy being punished. Her friend had been caned several times by the Deputy Headmistress and fantasised about getting the cane from the Headmaster, which she eventually achieved. John was more than interested and asked her to tell him more.

Janet then told the full story. Sarah had chosen to disrupt the morning assembly at a time when the Deputy Headmistress was away ill. She was summoned to the Headmaster’s study at morning break to be told that her behaviour had been completely unacceptable and that she would be caned when the Deputy Headmistress was back. Apparently Sarah had responded that she was very sorry, and said she did not want a caning ‘hanging over’ her, and that she would prefer to take her medicine immediately, adding that she would be happy to take her punishment from him instead of waiting. The Head said he would have to first talk to her parents and that she should report back to him at the end of lessons later that afternoon.

At four o’clock Sarah was back before the Head to be told that her father had not only given his permission, but had spoken at length about her overall behaviour at home and had suggested that it was time for his daughter to learn a ‘sharp’ lesson. As such Sarah’s father had encouraged the Headmaster to give his daughter a very sound thrashing. The Head told Sarah that he would fetch a cane from the Deputy Headmistress’ office, which was evidently slightly different to the canes he used on male pupils. In the meantime she should get herself into position across his desk.

For Sarah this was the opportunity she had been looking for and, being the complete devil she was, she took the opportunity to slip her knickers and skirt right off before getting into position right over the desk, giving the Headmaster a shock when he returned. Apparently all he said was: “Is this how you normally get caned?” to which Sarah said that the Deputy Headmistress had told her that if she had cause to be caned again this term, it would be on the bare, and she did not want the Deputy Headmistress to find out that she had not admitted this fact.

The Headmaster thought about what Sarah’s father had said, and decided that as he had not instructed Sarah to remove her knickers he would cane her as she was and proceeded to give her six severe strokes, the last three of which were with the boys’ sixth form cane. Afterwards Sarah admitted to Janet that that she had probably gone too far as she actually found the caning a real ordeal, but that she now felt very randy.

John asked Jane if she had been punished in this way at school, to which Jane replied that she once received the slipper from the games mistress for larking about. She told John that she had to give the teacher one of her own plimsolls before touching her toes in the middle of the gym for six whacks across her gym knickers which was really painful, but strangely nice to remember and think about.

John was just listening to her story as she went onto to say that the DVD and the book had aroused her, and she asked him if he thought she was odd to fantasise about one day getting spanked again.

John told her that it wasn’t odd at all and that everyone is different and entitled to his or her own individual sexuality.

She then told John that her various boyfriends had not been interested, and then she asked him totally out of blue: “Would you spank me just for fun?” John could not believe his luck, and suddenly no longer regretted being indiscreet with one of his DVDs.

Of course, John told her he would be delighted to give her a spanking, and suggested that she first finish the cleaning before coming upstairs to his office.

Half an hour later she came up and told John she was finished and ready for what they had agreed. Janet was very forward and John, sensing this, decided to chance his luck by asking if she wanted to be spanked with her jeans on or did she want a spanking similar to one she received from her father. He added that the only effective punishment with jeans on would involve an implement such as a cane or wooden paddle.

Her response was immediate. She said that having spent eight years fantasising about being spanked again, it should be as close as possible to the punishment given by her father, at which point she started to undo her jeans.

John thought this cannot get any better; not only was she taking her jeans off but she is a very attractive girl, quite slim, medium height with a nice figure and he was about to see her bottom in the flesh. He was not disappointed; Janet had a good bottom in jeans, but in just her skimpy knickers, it was superb.

John told her she had better come across his knees and asked her if she just wanted him to give her what he considered to be a good spanking, or did she want a certain number of smacks, or did she want him to continue for a certain amount of time.

Her response was: “Let’s see how we go,” at which point John started to spank her bottom.

Initially he did not go too hard and was spanking her every five to ten seconds. She didn’t make a sound initially, so after about fifteen whacks he started being a little harder. Two minutes into her spanking, John asked if she was ok, to which she replied: “Yes, I am fine, and if you want to take my knickers down, go ahead.”

Not needing to be asked twice, John peeled her skimpy pants down as she lifted her hips slightly to assist and once they were down to her ankles, she kicked them off completely, leaving her beautifully round bottom completely bare.

In all, John must have spanked her for about five minutes and her bottom was a terrific shade of red when he finished.

She stood up and thanked John for her spanking, to which he told her the pleasure was all his. She had a definite glint in her eyes and certainly showed no embarrassment about her nudity as she stood in front of John rubbing her bottom. John suggested she dress and told her that he would go downstairs and put the kettle on.

It was over a cup of tea that that they spoke about spanking and she was very interested to hear about his views. She did not know about CP magazines and John lent her a couple of copies. She also wanted to know about how much more painful being spanked with an implement would be. He told her that there was an ascending list which started with a light slipper or gym shoe, various straps which could be lighter or more severe, leather paddles, wooden paddles which could be very painful, to finally the classic English implement: the cane which again came in different thicknesses and lengths.

She was fascinated, and asked him how the actress in the DVD film could have taken the caning which looked really painful. John explained that it was possible, by going slowly, to work up to a point where you can get used to it. John also said that if she ever wanted to try any of the implements he would happily acquire whatever she wanted.

She said that she was very tempted but that perhaps she could let him know next time she came.

The next week, she was not alone, but left a note on John’s desk to the effect that she was sure they would continue their conversation at some stage.

John didn’t have to wait too long, because two weeks later she came alone and told him she had brought her old school plimsoll, which was in her car. A couple of hours later, he had her back in his study as they discussed what she wanted from this session. John told her that for the plimsoll it would be easy to once again go across his knees, or if she wanted a more formal position she could either bend over his desk or touch her toes.

She said that touching her toes would remind her of her school punishment from the gym mistress and she would like to try that position. Without asking, she turned away from him, took off her jeans, and unlike last time her pants immediately followed.

The sight of Sarah touching her toes naked from the waist down was incredible and much appreciated by John. He suggested that he gave her six light whacks to start with, and that if she enjoyed them he could give a further six harder whacks.

Sarah replied: “sounds good,” and with no further ado John delivered the first stroke. Janet took the first six with just a few ouch’s and arr’s, and John asked her if she wanted him to continue. She replied: “Yes, but after a short break,” at which she stood up and faced him as she rubbed her bottom with her entire lower half and pubic region on show.

John asked her what she thought of the plimsoll so far, to which she replied it was nice but that she was worried about the six harder whacks that were to come. He did not want to spoil things, and suggested that maybe the next six should be just light whacks again, to which she replied, no she wanted to experience a proper six of the best.

A minute or so later, she told John: “Let’s see what six hard ones are like,” and again bent over. He gave her two reasonable whacks and asked her they were ok. Her response was they were fine and John continued with slightly firmer whacks until he got to the last stroke which he made the hardest of all and finally got an expletive from her.

Again they had a cup of tea and John asked her to tell him about her plimsoll whacking. She told him that she had enjoyed it, but was pleased when it was over. However, now, as she sat in the kitchen with her jeans back on, she was experiencing a very nice ‘glow’.

He laughed and told her: “Any time,” and added that his offer to acquire any other implements still stood. Again she said she would think about it and let him know.

Over the next six months they worked through a variety of implements including two straps and two paddles. The format has been the same every time with John giving her six light whacks followed by six harder strokes. There have been times when she has been whacked on consecutive weeks – others when there had been a gap of over a month. What was clear was that Sarah had become hooked on CP.

Some time later, and again over a cup of tea following a decent whacking with a leather paddle, she asked John if he thought she would be able to stand a caning as she often fantasised about the Head Girl film and wondered if it would be too much.

John told her that she had certainly learnt to take a decent paddling and that he thought she should give it a try. He also told her that he would get a cane.

The following week she was not alone, but she said she would try and engineer it to be by herself for the next week. Janet also added that she would like to talk to John later and asked if it was ok to telephone him.

That evening Janet phoned John and told him that she would like to change the format. Essentially she wanted to discover what a real schoolgirl caning was like, and that she wanted him to be really cross with her and act as if he was genuinely going to punish her. She wanted to have no choice, exactly as if she had been summoned to the headmaster for a severe six-of-the-best on her bare bottom at the end of the school day. She said she wanted the caning to be as realistic as possible and that she absolutely wanted to get into the space of being made to take a caning as a punishment. She did not want any ‘warm-up’, just getting a real punishment – adding she wanted to both look forward to it but also be worried and very apprehensive.

And that is exactly what happened one week later. She did the cleaning very quickly, and John told her that her work had been dreadful, and that she should see him in his study at 12.00 exactly to be punished, adding that should not expect any leniency.

At the appointed time Janet came up the stairs and into John’s office. John told her that he was very disappointed in her work, and she knew the consequences of displeasing him again. John had prepared his speech in advance, and went onto to tell Janet that he had beaten her with some straps and paddles on numerous occasions, but it was clear that these punishments had not worked and thus he had no alternative but to resort to the cane. He went onto to tell Janet that he intended the caning to be a real lesson, which meant six-of-the-best across her bare bottom.

John had brought a medium cane, about thirty six inches long, not too thin, not too thick, with a crooked handle which he showed to Janet, telling her that this was the absolute pinnacle of corporal punishment instruments and that she was soon going to discover for herself just how effective it is in bringing naughty schoolgirls back into line.

John then told Janet to remove her short summer dress and everything below the waist. The atmosphere was electric as for the first time this felt non-consensual, and Janet was being made to undress before having to take a caning. She slipped out of the dress before pushing her knickers over her bottom and to the floor. Moments later she was standing in just her bra with her pubes on show and John told her to stand against the wall facing him with her hands behind her head and think about what was to happen in five minutes.

After the five humiliating minutes were up, John cleared some papers off his desk and instructed Janet to bend over it and hold onto the far side, with her legs straight out behind her – exactly the same position the Head Girl had taken in the DVD. John told her that she was to take the caning without moving and certainly without jumping up, adding that such behaviour would simply result in extra strokes.

Her bottom was, as ever, a tremendous sight, and John was in two minds as he genuinely didn’t want to hurt her, but she was a game girl and had asked for a proper caning and he also didn’t want to disappoint. He tapped her bottom a few times before delivering an extremely firm stroke. She gave a gasp, as anyone experiencing the cane for the first time would. John let about thirty seconds pass before giving her the second stroke, which was equally as hard, and again she uttered a small gasp. Two parallel weals across the centre of her bottom quickly appeared.

As she had taken the first two without undue protest John increased the severity of the strokes. He was leaving the same interval of about thirty seconds between the strokes, and she took the third and fourth strokes very well. Although she was uttering an increasingly loud gasp immediately after each stroke she stayed very much in position. John decided to really make the last two count and gave her a ‘cracker’ of a fifth stroke.

Janet cried out for the first time. John knew that he finally had her, and that she could be in no doubt anymore about what getting the cane was all about. He left a longer gap before giving her the sixth and final stroke, which was, as is tradition, the hardest of all. Her bottom now had six distinct lines all across the centre, and John was pleased with his accuracy as he told her to stay in position for sixty seconds so that he could admire his handiwork.

When she stood up, it was clear that she had found the caning difficult to take, and John continued with his act, telling her that she had fully deserved her caning and that he would not hesitate to repeat the punishment if she didn’t sharpen up her work, adding that next time she could expect twelve strokes. Janet then put her clothes back on, being especially careful as she pulled her knickers over her bottom.

Later when they were back to their normal relationship, John asked her to tell him what she thought about getting a proper caning as well as complimenting her on being so brave.

She said that she was really pleased to have taken the caning although she was shocked about just how painful the cane was compared with the straps and paddles she had experienced previously. She added that the first stroke had been a real shock, and had made her wonder why on earth she wanted to discover what a real six-of-the-best was like, that she had to really concentrate on staying in position. She also said that the gap between strokes was good, as it gave her a chance to get used to the pain.

As they had a cup of tea, Janet said that her bottom was feeling ‘red hot’, but quite nice. She then smiled and said that maybe at another time she would have more than six.

For John, he was simply delighted about his indiscretion!

The End