An illicit relationship causes problems. From a new writer to us.

By Andromeda

Linthorpe Hall was a grand old mansion; built in 1735, it had been home to the Sutherland family for two hundred years. With the approach of war the family filed for bankruptcy, and in 1939 the mansion was sold as an independent day school for girls. Since then, the school had expanded and provided education for three hundred girls aged 11 to 18 years.

Jason Mills drove into the staff car park and parked in his allotted space. Alighting from the car, he made certain there were no prying eyes then opened the rear door. Samantha Claremont slipped out of the car and headed for the pupil’s entrance. Jason breathed a sigh of relief. Despite their disparity in ages (Jason was 24 and Samantha 18), they had been seeing each other for three months. Secrecy was paramount; the very whisper of a relationship would result in Jason’s dismissal and Samantha’s expulsion. The only foreseeable problem was one of discipline; Jason was Classics master and also responsible for his pupil’s welfare and good being. Samantha often joked about the possibility of him having to cane her, but as she was a prefect the situation was unlikely to arise.

Class 5B found the Maronites boring, but then they found all classical studies boring! Jason watched the clock as the minute hand landed on twelve, and gave a silent prayer of thanks as the lunch bell rang. Gathering the home work books, he made his way to the staff room and a welcome cup of coffee. Walking down the main corridor he admired the attractiveness of the senior girls. Their charcoal trousers and blue tops enhanced their beauty; how many other men had the good fortune to work with nubile teenagers, and even better, be courting one! Hearing his name called, Jason turned round to see Mary Watson, the head’s secretary, motioning to him. “Sorry for disturbing your lunch hour, Mr Mills, but the head wishes to speak with you. I’m rather afraid it’s bad news.”

Dr Newton had been headmaster for twelve years and did not suffer fools lightly. As a father of three girls he, more than anyone, knew what havoc girls could cause. Discipline was essential and, when necessary, it should extend to corporal punishment. Lighting his pipe, he walked across to the window then turned to face Jason.

“This morning three pupils from the Upper Sixth were discovered in the car park slashing the tyres of Miss Anderson’s car. You will appreciate the seriousness of the situation; by rights I should call in the constabulary as it is a clear case of criminal damage. However, the three girls concerned are due to sit their `A’ levels next month and one moment of madness should not ruin their future lives. To that end I have decided to award them six strokes of the cane and five days suspension; therein however lies another problem. Two of the girls are eighteen years of age, the third is Andrea Johnston who returned to re-sit her `A’s; she is now nineteen! I am increasing the number of strokes in her case to eight. Naturally, as discipline master, you will administer the beatings.”

Jason hesitated before answering, the cane was usually confined to girls under the age of sixteen and, as to caning a nineteen year old woman, the very thought was abhorrent. He was at a cleft stick; the terms of his contract were quite specific; as discipline master he was expected to carry out his duties to the letter.

“Very well, headmaster. I take it you have spoken with the parents?”

Dr Newton returned to his desk. “Yes, they are in full agreement; after all, they don’t want their daughters up before the magistrates; the other two girls are Jane Henderson and Samantha Claremont.”

Jason could feel the blood drain from his face; this was his worst fear come true. He knew he had no choice in the matter; how could he cane two of the miscreants and show clemency to his girl friend?

No longer in the mood for lunch he went to his study and paced the floor. Ten minutes later he was still pacing when there was a knock on the door. Andrea, Jane and Samantha entered, each looked nervous and Samantha was very red in the face. Jason made them stand in front of his desk.

“Right, I want the truth, what the devil were you thinking of?”

Samantha acted as spokesperson. “We were taking revenge on Miss Anderson for hitting Jane across the head.” Jason was flabbergasted; only he was allowed to administer physical punishment and striking a pupil over the head was strictly taboo.

Samantha gave one of her mischievous smiles. “We only wanted to teach her a lesson.”

The whole thing was infuriating, Miss Anderson was definitely in the wrong, but there was no argument that the girls had committed a serious offence and deserved severe punishment.

“Whilst in my study I am to be addressed as Sir. I want each of you to make a written statement about the circumstances surrounding Miss Anderson’s assault. In the meantime I am afraid I have to administer your own punishment, do you have anything to say?” The girls shook their heads.

“You will all stand over there by the bookcase and face the wall; I will deal with you one at a time. I expect your full cooperation and will not tolerate any kind of hindrance.”

The girls gave each other a worried look and walked across to the bookcase and faced the wall.

Jason went to his cupboard and removed two canes from the top shelf. They were not the standard school canes, but dried sea weed. Two feet in length and a half inch in diameter, they were very springy and caused pain but left very little bruising. He swished them through the air and decided to use the slightly thinner one.

“Andrea, as you the oldest pupil I will punish you first. Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?”

Flicking her long dark hair over her shoulders, Andrea stepped forward. “Yes Sir, it is only fair that I am treated like my friends.”

Jason took off his jacket and rolled up the shirt sleeve of his right arm. “Please drop your trousers and bend over the leather chair.”

Andrea hesitated, walked across to the armchair and undid the button of her trousers. Slowly, she pushed them down to reveal a pair of powder blue knickers. Leaning right over the chair she tensed her buttocks as she waited for the first stroke. Jason placed the cane on her knickers then brought it back to shoulder height and delivered a quick blow. Andrea jerked back, her hair flying into the air. Biting her teeth and determined not to cry, she lay back for the second stroke. By the fifth stroke she could take no more and tears rolled down her cheeks. Stroke number six caused her to leap into the air. The eighth stroke was the severest and she let out a scream of pain. Slowly, she massaged her burning buttocks and struggled to pull up her trousers. Jason told her to go to the girls’ common room and compose herself. He called Jane to the chair.

Jane had come to the study directly from the sports field and was wearing a one piece blue shell suit. Realising the problem, Jason suggested she should go and change, but Jane said she just wanted to get it over with. Jason averted his eyes as she took the suit completely off, leaving her standing in a matching pair of white knickers and small brassiere. Without waiting for the order, she lay across the chair. Jason looked down at the long slim sun tanned legs, then at her blond hair sprayed across the back of the chair. He delivered the six strokes slowly, making sure that the lesson was learnt. By the fourth stroke Jane was screaming and it took all her will to stay in position for the final two. Jason helped her to stand up and told her to dress in the corner and remain while he dealt with Samantha. He wanted a witness to the fact that he was treating Samantha on equal terms.

A tearful Samantha stepped over to the chair and looked appealingly at her boyfriend. Jason looked into her deep blue eyes and, as she gathered her auburn hair into a pony tail and pushed it into her jumper, he averted his gaze. Feeling angry, and with a degree of arrogance, she undid the top button of her trousers and slid the zip down. Despite his deep love for Samantha, she had placed him in an embarrassing position and he had to enforce the point. He helped her into position. Picking up the second, thicker cane, he laid it on a bottom designed to perfection. Never, in his wildest dreams did he ever think he would have to beat the girl he loved. The hiss of the cane and Samantha’s scream vibrated around the room. By stroke number five he had to press down on Samantha’s lower back to keep her in position, and as this decreased the strength of the caning he increased the punishment to seven strokes. Finally it was over, and he gave a reassuring smile to the sobbing Samantha. She forced a smile, turned her back on Jane and whispered “I still love you”.

The End

© Andromeda 2014