A visit to the circus leads to a strange experience (told from two viewpoints)

By Lorna Brand

Her story

The most absurd situation I have ever found myself in was lying over the lap of Mrs Tickles the clown in the middle of a circus ring while she chastise me with an over-sized comedy slipper!

Although I am twenty now, to mark the start of summer every year the circus comes to our town and it became an odd tradition for my parents to take me which I secretly looked forward to.

This year it was a little different as we were not able to go to the matinee show like we normally do, which gave me a bit more time on my hands for an extra glass of wine with our afternoon tea. This extra little glass gave me just the right amount of sass and cheek to get me noticed by the clowns. Somewhere in the middle of the show I guess I was being quite loud when the clowns started their act.

The ‘baby’ clown, Little Tickle, picked me out of the audience to be his ‘babysitter’ while Mrs Tickles, who is really a Mr and resembles a pantomime dame, goes out to the shops. I knew no good could ever come out of being pulled out to the stage but I have always enjoyed a good laugh and, being a closet exhibitionist, didn’t protest one bit.

Soon Little Tickle threw a bucket of water and then sawdust over himself before his ‘Mum’ came back and I got the blame. This is how I came to be over a clown’s lap being spanked by ‘her’ slipper. Of course Mrs Tickle didn’t really whack me but barely kissed my bum with ‘her’ weapon of choice. However ‘she’ didn’t have to to make me feel small. I was blushing from head to toe with embarrassment, not for being in the situation but for feeling so excited. It was completely surreal. I couldn’t dream up this situation with a thousand nights’ sleep. After about half a dozen fake spanks the clowns thanked me and helped me to my seat with the entire tent still laughing and clapping.

It was a defining moment for me. I wasn’t completely sure what it had sparked but I knew I had to feel it again. I immediately bought a ticket for the next night. As the circus never stays long, I couldn’t wait to think about it and miss my opportunity.

During the next night I made sure to be completely sober and be sitting in the very front row where the clowns would see me. As soon as the request for a babysitter went out I was on my feet and in the ring. I didn’t wait to be picked.

Little Tickle caused chaos and a huge mess just like before and I was ready to get my punishment. I hammed it up a little, making use of the spotlight until Mrs Tickle came back. Then the knots in my stomach started and my mouth was dry. I didn’t waste my opportunity though; I whispered to Mrs Tickle that she could really whack me as she sat on the hay bale in the centre of the ring and she did, not hard, but it was more than a little tap.

I have never felt such a rush. It was a crazy mixed up feeling. After the show I waited for everyone to leave and get there selffies with the cast before introducing myself to Mrs Tickle.

“I really enjoyed your act,” was the first thing I blurted out.

I must have sounded a tad unbalanced as ‘she’ took a big step back. It wasn’t long before we were talking. I compared my curiosity to the excitement I had felt that first night and we arranged another meeting. It was funny to finally meet Mrs Tickle without ‘her’ make-up the next morning, but it was a lot easier to be frank and honest to a fictional character than the man that was in front of me. After talking for a just little bit, though, he put me completely at ease.

I was still a little unsure if it was the audience or the spanking that excited me so, so, so much but I desperately had to know and he kindly agreed to spank me so I could find out.

It was certainly a bizarre situation but he wasn’t odd or creepy. In fact, he was quite kind and softly spoken, and there was nothing sexual in a conventional sense but I was tingling all over at the thought of what was to come. We went back to my flat as my room-mate was out and I brought a hard backed dining room chair to the centre of the living room for him to sit on.

Within a moment, all that we had talked about had come to fruition and I was finally in a vulnerable position ready to get what I wanted. He started off tentatively smacking me over the top of my thin trousers. As I lifted my bum to meet his hand, he started to increase his force, getting firmer with each strike.

He covered my bum all over, making sure it was stinging. It wasn’t long before I was wiggling my hips and moaning in the least lady-like way. I lay there for a moment just breathing, as if everything had melted away leaving me in this perfect state of bliss like a warm glow. It was definitely the spanking that excited me so much and every summer that will come around will have an extra special meaning now.

His story

It all started one summer when I was doing my day job as Mrs Tickles. The skit involved my ‘baby’ getting messy and blaming it on the poor unexpected audience member who was apparently looking after him. My ‘baby’ normally picked the biggest most butch person he could find so that when it was time for me to take them over my knee and smack them on the bum it got a bigger laugh but this time there was a very loud young lady who was distracting the people around her, so she caught his eye and was picked. It made a pleasant change to have a pretty lady instead of a big man over my knee and I revelled in it.

She was scarlet faced by the time I had finished pretending to punish her and sat quite quietly through the rest of the show.

I was surprised to see her the next night too. She literally jumped into the ring when it was time to find the ‘babysitter’, and when it came to the spanking part she actually whispered to me not to pretend but to smack her for real.

I was stunned, but it made the acting a bit easier not to have to stop millimetres from her bum. I didn’t hit her hard, just enough to jiggle her little bottom. After the show we always do a ‘meet and greet’ with the audience so they can get the odd picture, but the young girl was waiting to see me. I thought she was going to take a swing at me for spanking her as she rushed towards me but she was really nervous and apologetically tried to explain her bizarre behaviour.

As it turns out, I had accidental caused a bit of a stirring in the girl and she seemed quite confused and a little distressed by it. We met up the following day and after a long talk discussing the limits and details of what she wanted to explore, we went to hers. I was not sure how hard to really spank her but it wasn’t long before she was moaning and breathing heavily. My hand just bounced off her like I was hitting a trampoline. It was rhythmic and hypnotic watching her bum jiggle as my hand got absorbed into her soft derriere.

The heat was building up on her bum and the sting in my hand was getting worse until she was completely exhausted and flopped over my knees. As she lay there afterwards she seemed so calm and satisfied it was impossible not to appreciate it.

That was the start of Mr CP. I found there were a lot of women that, for their own reasons, needed to be spanked but didn’t have the outlet to fulfil their desire in a non-kinky way. I still have my day job travelling with the circus but now, as I travel, I can arrange to meet other ladies who need their naughty bottoms smacked.

I have spanked a huge amount of women now and in almost every place imaginable; spanking over a picnic table in the woods, near a waterfall, strapping in their own homes while their husband was out, in the car.  I was even asked to cane someone over the bonnet of my car. The list is endless and I am sure there will be many more places to come. I cannot believe the difference that one moment made to my life; it opened up a whole new world.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2015