Chloe Succumbs to Temptation

By Lucybee

It was a dull wet November morning as I made my way to the train station; the weather a perfect match to my mood. I walked down the long slope into the train station. In my head this felt like the last time I would be doing this. I really thought I had screwed up the last few months with the silly mistake I made the day before.


I was visiting my favourite stationery store for some hobby supplies and stuff for university after having a hot chocolate with friends in one of the coffee houses in town. I am not the best with budgeting money and even living at home I still manage to spend my allowance from my Mother, and my grant. I happily walked throughout the store collecting the items I needed.

I made my way to the checkout point, making a rough mental note on how much I had spent till I saw this cute sketch journal which found its way into my basket. I put the basket on the counter and the eight loose sheets of A1 art cards. I was thinking what to do, put it on my credit card which my Mother had given me for emergencies or to put something back, when I was brought back round by the woman asked how many sheets there were without even counting. I don’t know what came over me and I still don’t. I answered with five. This meant I could also get the sketch journal.

My brain was awash with what had just happened. Even more so when she rolled the card up to make it easy for me to carry. My face was flushed, and I felt awful the moment I lied to her about the card. But why didn’t I correct myself? What was I doing? I know better than this. All these thoughts flooded my head as the woman told me the final total. Yet I still didn’t confess to my crime. I simply took the money from my purse and paid the woman. I quickly put the items into my backpack and took the rolled-up card.

All the way home, I couldn’t believe what I had done. This was so not me. Why had I done it? What came over me? My guilt grew and grew to the point I couldn’t hold back. I took my phone and messaged Auntie. I sat on my bed looking at my phone, waiting for the screen to light up. Sitting there it seemed like a lifetime waiting to hear back when my phone buzzed and the screen lit up. I opened the screen and the message and was greeted with the following message.

‘We need to chat, young lady! Email to follow.’

As I read the message my phone buzzed in my hand and the email icon appeared in the top corner of the screen. The screen displayed the tagline ‘Train Tickets’. I opened the email to see the details for my train travel for this weekend. I wasn’t due to visit till the following weekend as Auntie had plans for this weekend. My tummy dropped reading it. She must be really mad if she wanted me down the following day. I didn’t realize the amount of tears streaming down my cheeks till I could barely see my screen. I made my excuses to mum and spent the rest of the night sulking in my bedroom, feeling sorry for myself.

I hardly slept that night thinking about what I had done, and how Auntie’s message had been so short and sharp, not her normal happy and familiar message. I couldn’t stop my head from going from bad thought to bad thought as I packed my case, thinking this was the last time I would be seeing Auntie.

Why didn’t she just say I was an awful bad girl and she didn’t want to see me again? That would be better than dragging me down two hundred and more miles just to say I was a bad girl and she didn’t want me anymore, and then turn me around and send me back. As I sat and forced down my breakfast, as I masked my true feelings from mum, the whole time my mind raced to the different worst case scenario. I informed mum I wouldn’t be home this weekend, as I was off to see my friend. I finished my breakfast and returned to my bedroom to dress.

Slowly, I undressed out of my fleece pyjamas and into a crop top bra, a pair of pink floral mini briefs, black 100 denier opaque tights, navy cord mini tube skirt and a stripy jumper. I put my hair up into a ponytail with my hot pink hairbrush, which had seen my bare bottom as much as it had seen my head in the recent months.

As the train pulled into the destination station, the rain lashed down on the window, not helping my mood. As I stepped off the train I looked around and saw Auntie standing there smiling and giving me a friendly wave, before walking up to me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and started to walk to her. I was waiting for the words I knew were coming: ‘Go away, I don’t want nothing to do with you, you lying little thief!’

As we hugged each other, I was greeted with her happy friendly tone.

“Hello, Chicken. We need to talk, little lady!”

The words sent shivers down my spine, and tears welled up in my eyes.

“Why don’t just say it now, Auntie. Tell me I’m no good, and a little thief, and I should get the next train back.”

Auntie just looked at me in shock and asked if that is what I wanted to do.

I shook my head and tears streamed down my face. I didn’t care that I was in public and people might be watching.

“Oh, my little chicken.” She took my hand and led me to a quiet bench out of the public view.

“Why would you say something like that, poppet?”

I gently cried, looking at her with puff red eyes.

“Because I am stupid and I’ve ruined everything.”

She took my hand and looked me in the eye and smiled.

“Don’t be a silly poppet. You haven’t ruined anything! Yes, I am upset with you, and trust me, young lady, you won’t be sitting down by time I have done with you!”

Her face changed back to the serious face she uses when I am in trouble. I could feel myself biting my lip and just nodding. I took the tissue from her hand and wiped my eyes, and suddenly I felt a weight lift from me. I still knew I was in trouble, but I had this overwhelming feeling of being loved and cared for.

The next couple of hours flew by. We ran a few errands, going to the supermarket for groceries and she treated me to a hot chocolate at the coffee shop. I was reassured but still nervous and anxious about what was to come. Not long after we’d got home, I was upstairs in my bedroom sorting out my clothes when I heard Auntie calling me from the foot of the stairs.

“Chloe Maire, will you please come down here now, young lady.”

My whole body jumped, as I knew what this meant. At that moment, the butterflies had set off and were doing their ritual dance. I smoothed down my clothes and was about to reply to her when she shouted up again.

“I will count to three, and if you’re not at the top of these stairs, woe betide your bum, young lady!”

‘Oh my god,’ I thought to myself. ‘She isn’t messing about.’

I quickly came running out and stood on the top of the landing by time she got to two-and-a-half.

“Better, young lady. Right, march your bottom into the living room.”

As she said it, she stepped away from the stairs and I made my way down, to be greeted with a hard swat to my fully covered bum, that made me yelp and jump a little.

Once in the living room, I was greeted by the normal sight of the wooden oval-backed chair placed near the sofa. But this time on the chair wasn’t a spoon and I wasn’t asked for my hairbrush. There was an evil looking little strap. My mind was racing, am I getting this on my bum? I’ve never had the strap.

I sat down on the edge of the sofa, which I knew would be the last time I would be doing this comfortably for the next few days. Auntie sat down opposite me on the sofa.

“Right, young lady, we know why you are here this weekend; a week earlier than you should be.”

“Yes, Auntie,” I mumbled.

Within seconds of my answer, she brought her hand down hard on my clothed thighs. Even with my skirt and tights on, it still brought a yelp from my lips.

I quickly grabbed my leg and started to rub the sting as I answered her louder.

“Yes Auntie,” only to get a disapproving looking from her. I stopped and chewed my lip. “I’m here because I shoplifted, Auntie.”

“Yes, you did, young lady. And it is very naughty of you to do so! And by time I am done with you, you won’t ever steal again, young lady. Do I make myself clear?”

I let out a squeaky, “Yes Auntie.”

“Stand up, little lady.”

I stood up and my hands went to my head without thinking. I knew the drill now by heart. Auntie undid the buttons down the front of my skirt and pulled it from around me, then folded it up and placed it on the sofa. I watched her hands move from my skirt to the waistband of my tights and felt her fingers on my tummy as she started to roll them down over my knickers and down to my knees.

I waited nervously for her fingers to slip into the waistband of my knickers, but it never came. Her hands went to my hips and she adjusted me around so I was now facing the living room door and my bum was side-on to Auntie. The whole time my hands firmly fixed to my head. I stood there wondering what was going on. This isn’t the normal punishment routine; that’s skirt off, dress up, tights and knickers down, and over we go. What is going on? My mind was racing.

Within a few seconds, I found out what was going on when the first ringing smack of her hand lit up the back of my thigh, and a second followed very quickly.

“I cannot believe you, Chloe! What were you thinking?”

The scolding matched the smacks to my legs as I danced between her legs, my hands now trying their very best to stay on my head and not run to grab my thighs which were starting to burn up with the rain of smacks landing on them.

“Owiee! Sorry Auntie. OWIEE! OOOUCH! I’m sorry!”

“Yes, you will be by time I am done, young lady!!”

Another two quick smacks landed on my soft thighs.

“Sit down on the chair, Chloe, and pass me the strap.”

My eyes went wide as I looked again at the evil strap, but did as I was told and slowly sat down and squirmed on the cold wood as it caught parts of my red-hot thighs.

“Stay still, Chloe. I’ve not even started with that bottom of yours! You will be squirming when I’m finished! Now, little hands that steal get punished. So, you will hold out each hand in turn, and you will get three on each hand. If you should move your hand, the strap will land on the front of your thighs, so the choice is yours, little lady. Keep your hand in place. Or move and your leg will get smacked and we will redo the previous stroke. Do you understand, young lady?”

“Yes Auntie.” My eyes didn’t move from the strap in her hand as she positioned herself on the sofa.

“Right hand first, Chloe.”

I Lifted my right hand up and out over my thighs, held it in place with my left hand, and waited with my eyes closed so I didn’t see it coming. A loud crack filled the room and a blinding pain shot over my palm of my hand. Without thinking, my hand shot between my thighs as I tried to hide the pain. Auntie gave me a few moments before asking for my hand again. This carried on for both of my hands.

I had never felt anything like this before. My palms were on fire. The actual smacks of the strap were not as hard as anything I had on my bottom, but it hurt as much if not more. I managed to keep my hands in place, which was truly hard, but I am grateful as I did not fancy the strap biting into the front of my thighs. When it was done, I sat there with tears in my eyes and my hands between my thighs as Auntie looked at me.

“Are we beginning to learn our lesson that naughty little girls don’t steal?”

I sniffed. “Yes Auntie, I am sorry.”

“Good girl. Now stand up and face me, little miss.”

I did as I was told slowly, not daring to use my sore hands to push myself up. I placed myself between her legs and stood with my hands on my head, my thighs and hands now matching my pink floral knickers. I felt Auntie’s fingers brush my skin as her fingers slipped inside my knickers and rolled them down to just above my tights, before guiding me over her lap.

No sooner had I squirmed over her knee than I felt the first stinging slap of her hand on my bare tender skin. I let out a little hiss through my gritted teeth. Auntie varied the smacks between a rain of hard and fast smacks working from cheek to cheek, to slow and hard smacks a few on each cheek at a time. I yelped and whined between each one, saying how sorry I was, as the tears slowly travelled down my face, and my bottom got warmer and warmer. The strength of the smacks varied between which hand she was smacking me with, giving me a little break when she switched to her left. I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt because it does. Just a little less than when she used her right hand.

After a long three minutes of Auntie’s hand blistering my bum, she stopped. I didn’t notice at first; my mind was fixed on my blistering hot bottom. Then I was informed the slipper was coming next after another scolding and more smacks to my bottom.

She started again with her hand as quick and as fast as before with fast hard smacks, three or four on each cheek at a time. I’m not sure how long this lasted. It just felt like an eternity as she went from cheek to cheek with me yelping I’m sorry, or just plain yelping and squealing.

She never missed a beat. She worked up and down my bum from the crown of it to the crease above my thighs. She delivered two hard smacks on my right cheek and told me to stand. I knew what was coming and got up, pulling down my jumper a bit. Not that it would cover my bum or my embarrassment, but I still did it and stood there, while Auntie crossed her right leg over her left to get her slipper. I looked down to see her remove the grey fur-lined slipper, with its heavy rubber sole.

“Back over, Chloe, and look sharp!”

I whimpered as I went over. I only had the slipper once before for being cheeky to Auntie while we were out shopping, where I had pushed my luck a little too far and had back-chatted her. An experience which I didn’t like, and I was about to get it again. My legs trembled as I waited for the dreaded slipper.

She ran it across my bottom, tapping it a couple of times before she brought down with a loud crack and, within a millisecond, a loud squeal followed from me. Auntie carried on scolding me the whole time as she blistered my bottom for a whole minute. She put the slipper down on my lower back while she checked my bottom, and pointed out how sore it looked, but she wasn’t finished yet.

The second one-minute blistering took place on the crease of my bum, making sure to slightly overlap between thigh and bottom. By now, I was sobbing freely and hiccoughing as my legs kicked and bucked under the evil slipper. My tights and knickers wiggling down from where they started from. After another minute, the slipper was put back on my lower back and Auntie checked my bum again, lifting each cheek in turn to check, as I cried freely over her knee.

“This is a very hot and sore looking bottom, young lady! We are nearly done and I hope I will never have to repeat this again for you stealing, little girl.”

I just sobbed some noises that, in my ears, sounded like, “No Auntie,” to me but, in reality, were more like sobs and hiccoughs mixed with some words. Either way, Auntie replied to it.

“Good girl. We really are starting to get to the bottom of this problem and I think another minute with the slipper will make sure you won’t forget this bare bottom smacking when you are writing your lines, young lady.”

I just cried harder, hearing another minute of the slipper and to top it off I was getting lines too. I felt the slipper lift off my back and back to my bum, where it tapped my right cheek before landing time and time again in the same spot, as I sobbed and squealed and kicked for my life the best I could with Auntie’s legs over mine.

Once the minute was up again, Auntie put the slipper back in its now normal resting spot and looked at my right cheek.

“Yes, that really did get to the bottom of this issue.”

I was too busy concentrating on the heat and the pain radiating from my poor bottom to rise to her pun.

“I was thinking of giving you six more, and I will, little miss.”

Before I could beg and plead no, she had lifted the slipper up and delivered the six smacks in rapid succession, three across each cheek to finish off my spanking.

Once she was done, she placed the slipper on the sofa and helped me up slowly. My legs trembled as I stood and sat down on her knee, trying to avoid most of my weight being applied to my bottom via her knee, as I leaned in for a big hug. Auntie rocked me and kissed my head as I buried my face in her shoulder and sobbed away.

After five minutes of hugging and me calming down, I was told to stand and go to the corner while Auntie put everything back. I slowly got up and pulled my tights and knickers up a little to help me walk to my corner where I stood there with my nose tightly pushed up to the wall and my bum being pushed out, letting go of my tights and knickers and letting them fall back down around my knees.

After ten minutes with my nose firmly pushed against the wall, I was called out of the corner and allowed to rub my bottom for the very first time. I slowly cupped my cheeks and gently rubbed the burning stinging out of my cheeks. I hadn’t even thought about my puffy eyes and the snot and tear stains down my face.

I sat back down on Auntie’s knee and snuggled in. She took a baby wipe and cleaned my face, my head resting on her shoulder. As we snuggled she rubbed my poor bum. She smiled.

“I hope this will teach you a valuable lesson to think before you do anything silly again, Chole Marie Lewis.”

I knew I was still in trouble as she used my full name as I sheepishly buried my head into her shoulder and answered her. “Yes Auntie.”

“Right, in a moment you will take your tights and knickers off and put them in the wash basket with your skirt. You will not be needing them for the rest of the day and you will change into your pyjama top and return downstairs to start your lines. Plus, you can expect a bedtime spanking as well tonight and maybe tomorrow depending on your behaviour between now and then. Do I make myself clear, little miss?”

I gulped and kept my face buried in her shoulder. “Yes Auntie.”

“Good girl.”

With a big hug and squeeze, I was told I could stand. I took this opportunity to rub my sore bottom again trying to put out the fires that were burning bright in it before gingerly sitting down back down on the cool leather sofa. I winced and wiggled putting my weight down on my bottom. The cool leather felt wonderful on my burning bum as I sat and rolled down my tights and knickers to my ankles. Then, lifting each leg in turn, I took off my tights and knickers. As I stood and gathered my skirt to go with my other clothes, I felt a swift and hard swat to my bottom from Auntie’s hand as she sat on the sofa.

“Good girl, Chloe. Now, off you go and change.”

I couldn’t help but yelp and jump clean out of my skin as her hand set another fire burning in my bum.

After taking five minutes or so to put my washing in the wash basket and to change into my pyjama top from my jumper, I came down in my baby pink pyjama top with a unicorn on the front of it. On the dining table, I could see an A4 notebook and three pens, as well as one of the chairs pulled out for me minus the removable seat cushion. In its place was a new rough doormat, cut to fit the chair seat.

“Right, Chloe, I want you to write out a hundred times, ‘I will not shoplift.’ Sit down now, Chloe!”

I looked at Auntie and chewed my lip, and then looked at the wooden chair and back at her.

“Now, Chloe!”

I slowly lowered myself down and my legs trembled as my body-weight shifted on to them, and I took an age to sit. I suddenly felt the cold rough material meet my red hot tender bum and, within a split second, I was back up squealing a mixture of ‘Auntie’ and ‘owieee’. I looked over to see the stern look on Auntie’s face as I tried to sit down again and repeated the same action as only a few moments before with a loud owie and tears coming down my face.

“Chloe, if you do not sit down this instant I will pull you back over my knee and give you another three minutes with the slipper, and 200 lines, little lady! Do I make myself clear?”

I looked at her, my eyes filled with tears, and I nodded and slowly sat down again. My whole lower body trembled as the rough mat pushed into my tender skin like little needles. I sat there, tears rolling down my cheeks as I spent the next two hours writing lines, each line with a different colour pen. This whole time with my bottom going numb from the slippering and now the mat under it.

Once Auntie was happy, I was allowed to stand with a squeal as the blood returned to my cheeks and the pain of where the rough bristles of the mat pushed into my skin leaving a pattern of little circles on my red bottom. The rest of the day was spent helping Auntie with chores with me bare from the waist down, to remind me that I was still in trouble and I had been a very naughty little girl indeed.

The Clock in the living room struck 7.00 pm as we snuggled together on the sofa. Auntie looked up at the mantelpiece and back down at me and smiled.

“Right, little miss. It’s time for bed!”

Punishment bedtime is eight o’clock. That means; teeth done, last wee, and washed face and hands, as well as my bottom smacked before bed. I slowly rose up and felt Auntie’s hand meet my bum, moving me forward with a yelp as I headed up to the bathroom to get ready for the next instalment on my bottom.

My bottom was now dark pink all over with the odd light red patch, fully on show and wobbling as I walked up the stairs. As I headed to the bathroom, Auntie turned left and headed into my bedroom to get herself ready to put me over her knee again for the second time that day.

I finished up as quickly as I could and returned to my room. I stood front and centre in front of Auntie, hands by my side.

“Now what are the rules, young lady?” Auntie asked in her sternest tones.

I dropped my head and whispered, “A smacked bum in the day means another one before bed, Auntie.”

“Yes, young lady! Over you go!”

I quickly found myself back over Auntie’s knee, bottom pushed up high for the second time that day.

Bedtime spankings are always given over Auntie’s knee and always with her hand. The spanking only lasts a couple of minutes. It’s to drive home a point of how much a naughty little girl I have been.

It didn’t take Auntie long to find her mark and was blistering my already sore bum within seconds of me being over her knee. The room was filled again with yelps and squeals. The heat and redness building up again as she worked from the top of my bum to the top of my knees. It seemed to last ages but was all done within a minute or two and I found myself still gripping to Auntie’s leg, my fingers white from holding on tightly.

I remained there for a few more moments before being helped to my feet and cuddled up in Auntie’s warm embrace. After a while, I was helped into my single bed and lay down on my bottom to help me remember as I fell asleep as she tucked me in with my mini-mouse bedding and my favourite stuffie. I snuggled down on my sore bum holding my stuffie tight to me has I slowly cried myself to sleep on my bare naughty red-hot bottom.

The End
© Lucybee 2020