When a school abolishes corporal punishment, the results aren’t always what you expect.

By Angela Fox

With an illustration by the author

Matron Diana Mason smiled to herself as she saw the fifth former, Cathy Davis, walking across the school playing fields towards her office in the school sanatorium. Obviously the little second year, Anthea, had succeeded in her mission to seek out Cathy and given her the message that Matron would like to see her. Matron needed to do only one thing before Cathy arrived. She went to a cabinet next to her bookcase, retrieved an item and lay it to one side of her ink blotter where Cathy’s medical record lay open at the most recent page. The item was off to the side but Matron knew that Cathy would not be able to ignore it when she arrived.

She was not disappointed.

“You wanted to see me, Matron?” Asked Cathy, her eyes bulging at the sight of the senior girls school cane lying next to Matron’s telephone on her desk.

“Hello, Cathy. I take it Anthea Roberts found you?”

“Yes, I was reading out on the patio, trying to take advantage of the nice autumn weather since my classes are over for the day.”

“It is a beautiful day,” replied Matron. “I am glad you are able to catch a little sun before the winter arrives. You are well, I trust?”

“Oh, are you checking on me because of the cut I received last Saturday at the away hockey game we played against Thornton Girls Academy? I also received a small bruise on my thigh, but they aren’t bothering me at all. We won, you know,” she added smiling.

Matron smiled in return and said, “Congratulations on captaining the team to what I understand was an excellent victory. I couldn’t go because of a prior commitment, but the word is you played outstandingly well, though I was sorry to hear about your injury.”

“Oh, it was nothing. My knee bled a little but the nurse at Thornton school was very good. She cleaned it off and decided it didn’t need any stitches. Fortunately, it happened very late in the game and I only missed the last five minutes, and by then our victory was sealed.”

“I am glad to hear it,” replied Matron. “But just to make sure, let me take a quick peek at it just to make sure there is no infection. Just come around the desk so I can see with the light from the window and let me take a look.”

Cathy walked around the desk trying to avoid the sight of the cane, and Matron leaned over, carefully peeling back a sticking plaster from the girl’s knee cap and noting that the cut was relatively minor and the wound was clean and infection free.

“No, it’s fine. Just keep it clean and you will be as right as rain. Please sit down again,” said Matron after her exam.

Cathy returned to the chair wondering why Matron hadn’t dismissed her. She said, “So, is there anything else Matron? I hope I haven’t done anything wrong?” Again, her eyes couldn’t avoid flicking towards the cane.

Matron was not only the school nurse for St. Anne’s Boarding School for Girls, she was also the chief disciplinarian for the school because the headmistress, Miss Sommers, had always felt uncomfortable with the task and no one else had ever volunteered. Cathy was unaware of the reasons why the headmistress did not involve herself in disciplinary matters, but was very aware of Matron’s authority.

“Hmm, not exactly. At least, nothing specific that I know of. Not that that in itself is so reassuring considering that in the entire school you have the distinction of holding the record for receiving the most corporal punishment ever received by a pupil. You have been in my office for non-medical reasons far more than any other girl in the history of the school. I should give you frequent flyer mileage!

“But the reason I wanted to speak to you, besides congratulating you on the fantastic win captaining the school’s hockey team last Saturday, and also on your outstanding O’level results at the end of last year, was to have a little, well, shall we say a little private off-the-record chat? I want you to know that, despite the fact that I have had to discipline you, sometimes quite severely in the past, I have always admired you. Yes, you have been incredibly mischievous at times during your career at the school but I am also aware that you also have many outstanding qualities that, if nurtured correctly, could one day make you an outstanding professional in whatever your chosen career might be. I understand you are very interested in the sciences, particularly biology?”

“Yes, Matron.  I do enjoy the sciences.”

“You wish to pursue that in your career?”

“Yes, Matron. I would like to get into a medical school, hopefully, Cambridge University.”

“Well, I admire your ambition as well as your talents.”

“Thank you, Matron, but, err, is that all?”

“No, the real reason I wanted to see you was to discuss a note that the nurse at Thornton School wrote last Saturday when she treated your knee. You see, I keep the medical records of all the girls at the school and when her report arrived in the mail this morning I intended to just add it to your chart. However, when I read it I noticed something else she had written which I think you need to see.”

Matron turned the file around so that the seventeen-year-old could read it.

On examination, Miss Davis appears as a healthy seventeen-year-old schoolgirl in a somewhat muddy games uniform in no apparent distress. A shallow laceration approximately two inches long is noted across the left knee over the patella that has obviously bled freely since a substantial quantity of dried blood is seen caked over her socks and also her left boot.There is a significant hematoma on the back of her right thigh, presumably from the trauma of an opponent’s hockey stick contact that the patient also reports above. 

I had Miss Davis take a shower and change into her regular school uniform before dressing her knee laceration. However, as she exited the shower, I noted significant erythema to bilateral buttocks as well as some bruises. Curiously the bruising appeared to be several days old and did not appear to bother her. I did not make Miss Davis aware of the fact that I had noted the markings on her buttocks, though I did offer her a chance to make reference to any pains or soreness elsewhere on her body. 

“There is an additional comment,” continued Matron. “Near the end of her charting, after she remarked that your wound did not require sutures and that bleeding has stopped, she writes this rather curious note.”

In the matter of Miss Davis buttocks, I surmise she has recently been the recipient of a significant disciplinary procedure of the corporal punishment kind. The marks are fairly typical for what should be considered a significant spanking type of punishment but they are healing normally and, clearly, Miss Davis is not in any particular distress. In view of the fact that the marks are healing normally and Miss Davis is obviously not overly concerned or is perhaps embarrassed by their presence, I elected not to pursue the matter further. I only mention them here in the interests of completeness and in the extremely unlikely event that they should cause future issues, the next practitioner will be aware. 

Matron now noted that Cathy had turned very red in the face and appeared somewhat subdued. The smile that had previously lit up her beautiful features had departed rather rapidly.

“Please understand, Cathy, that this note was written this past weekend and I know Nurse Watson at Thornton School to be an extremely reliable nurse and clinician. She has actually covered for me a couple of times in the past here at St. Anne’s and was fully aware of the disciplinary procedures we used here. She is no stranger to dealing with the after-effects of the cane and other corporal punishment measures that some unhappy pupils, including yourself, have received in the past.

“However, from reading this note, it appears that Nurse Watson was unaware of the fact that corporal punishment was discontinued at this school as of the end of last summer. There are no more spankings, slipperings, beltings or canings at St. Anne’s. None at all, and I am sure the school population is quite relieved about this change in school rules.

“Of course, not everyone is happy. You might be interested to know that all the staff members are reporting increased interruptions in class, poor behaviour both in classrooms, the refectory and in the dorms at night. There has also been a rise in detentions as well as the issuance of lines and essays and other repetitive punishment tasks.

“However, there are also a few strange statistics that have appeared. It seems that four girls who, in the past, were noted to be frequent recipients of corporal discipline have become models of perfect behaviour since corporal punishment has been abandoned. Have you any idea why, Cathy?”

Cathy shook her head but flushed beetroot red at the same time. She suddenly had a sinking feeling that she didn’t like where this conversation was heading.

“Hmm,” murmured Matron. “I ask only because you are one of these four girls”

Matron paused but Cathy remained mute, though her eyes kept straying to the cane on the desk to her right.

“As you know of course,” continued Matron, “I am responsible for the health and well-being of all the pupils at this school. While my own feelings on the abandonment of corporal punishment as a disciplinary tool are irrelevant, I am still ultimately responsible for seeing that the idea of good behaviour is emphasized at the school. And as such, whenever my medical duties allow, I make regular tours of the entire school looking for anything that might be unsafe or indeed evidence that someone doesn’t hold the values of the school as dearly as I do. For this reason, I have a master key to all doors within the school, including the dorms.

“And although I do not enjoy sneaking around, there are times when I like to solve the odd little mystery, which is why this morning, while you were in classes, I used my key to enter your room. I understand that this will likely offend you but you have always known that you are subject to inspection and that your privacy comes second to the safety and well-being of the school.

“Now I have to say that I was impressed with the way you and your roommate keep your room. You both are very tidy and as I fully expected with two girls I think so highly of, there was no contraband or indeed any sign of anything untoward.”

Cathy seemed to breathe a little easier, but she was no fool. Matron would not be having this conversation unless there was some point. She realized that the shoe hadn’t yet dropped.

“I admit I rather liked your room and the way you both have your things laid out. But I was rather struck by a hairbrush tucked in your bedside drawer. It is quite beautiful, very old, and made of heavy black ebony wood. Such items are no longer made with such quality. It is so beautiful that the initials JB are engraved in silver on the handle. Of course, it got me to wondering who JB was.

“Your Mother is of course named Julia but her maiden name was Samuels, according to school records. I know because your Mother was also a pupil of this school, am I right?”

“Yes Matron, Mom was a pupil here and so was my aunt. The JB stands for Julia Bennet. She was my great-grandmother. My Mother gave it to me this summer,” said Cathy.

“Well no matter,” smiled Matron. “I just loved the brush and would like to obtain something similar. However, it was while replacing the brush in your drawer that I came across another lump under a sort of drawer liner. Forgive my curiosity, but I looked inside and found this.”

Matron reached into her own desk drawer and removed a leather object about fourteen inches long, made of leather. About six inches of the length was made of what appeared to be a wooden handle covered in stitched leather, and the rest of the instrument consisted of a double thickness of oval stitched leather that made up the rest of its length.

“Do you know what it is?” Asked Matron.

Cathy looked up. There was an air of resignation on her face. She was anything but stupid and knew when the game was lost. She said simply, “It is a leather spanking paddle.”

Matron smiled. “Indeed, it is. Yours, I assume?”

Cathy nodded.

“I have to ask you a question. This is an important question and it would really be better that you do not lie to me. Did you steal it from one of the teachers?”

“Oh no, Matron. I can prove it,” cried Cathy indignantly.

“You can?” Asked Matron curiously.

“Yes. I bought it in a souvenir shop in London when we visited in August. I saved the receipt. It is in my gabardine Mack in my closet in a little green leather purse.”

Matron grinned. “Very well. I believe you. No one would make up such a ridiculous story. The only question, I suppose, is why. But, just as you are no fool, neither am I. I take it you have developed a taste for spanking, and since it is a service no longer offered at this school, you have resorted to either spanking yourself or perhaps have your roommate do it for you? And it follows that you are a model of good behaviour now because you hate lines, essays and detentions and can no longer get your spanking fixes courtesy of the school staff and myself. Am I right?”

Cathy looked up and as seriously as she could she said, “I spank myself. Margaret knows nothing of it. I do it when she is out at her music practice or give myself a few quick strokes with the leather paddle when she is in the bathroom making a noise in the shower before we go to bed at night. She paused for a couple of seconds and then said, “You aren’t going to expel me, are you?”

Matron smiled and shook her head.

“No, not for now at least. This is just between you and me. The headmistress doesn’t need to know and, in a way, you haven’t broken any school rules that I am aware of. However, Cathy, it has to come to a stop. But first, does anyone else know about your extra-curricular activity?”

“Cathy shook her head. No. I don’t think so. In fact, I am pretty sure. Almost certainly, if a staff member or one of the girls found out they would have spoken to me about it, if only to embarrass me.”

“How about anyone outside of the school? I know your father left when you were young, but does your Mother or younger sister know?”

“My sister Anne does. She found me spanking myself with the paddle and I swore her to secrecy. She loves me and I am pretty sure she won’t say anything. I think she is a bit curious herself. It is also possible my Mother knows or at least suspects. When she gave me the hairbrush she mentioned in a rather knowing way that it had other uses, but we never talked about it. She may have seen me getting out of the shower at home, I suppose.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“Not too long really,” answered Cathy. I think it was last March, after a spanking by you, that the soreness had evaporated in only a couple of days and I tried to spank myself with a slipper. But it was so hard. I didn’t do it very often. It is difficult to spank yourself without the right instrument.

“This past summer I experimented with a strap I found at home, but it was still hard. I was worried that now we have stopped all corporal punishment at the school that this year I would really miss it, and so I was on the lookout for something that might make it easier for me to use. Then one day I saw this paddle in a shop in London and I decided to buy it. It was a bit of a giggle but when I got home I found it worked really well. It is just perfect for me to get a good whack in. Then, on the day I left to come back to school at the start of this year, Mother gave me the brush. It has been handed down in our family from Mother to eldest daughter since my great grand Mother passed it to her eldest daughter. That really works very well. It is a perfect size and is heavy and packs a good wallop. The leather paddle is nice to start off with but once I get some redness going I like to use the brush. Trouble is, they both are rather loud and I have to keep checking there is no one in the next-door rooms or corridor. It was better at home.

“But I thought I was being careful when I hid the paddle,” she said ruefully.

Matron grinned. “So, were you disappointed that suddenly, just as you were of the age to receive the cane for serious misbehaviour, that that sanction has been removed?”

Cathy smiled. “Yes and no. I mean I think I want to try the cane, but I imagine it is difficult to cane myself. Older girls have told me that the cane hurts terribly, but I admit I like the thought that its after-effects may linger for a while. Longer than the paddle or hairbrush at least. But I know it might hurt more than I can stand and it sort of terrifies me.

“However, I know that if the rules hadn’t changed I would have found some way of getting into trouble, probably by smuggling in some cigarettes. In a way, it was a relief to know I would no longer have to misbehave so badly and my fear of the cane also faded since I can no longer suffer it. But I suppose I am still curious.”

Matron leaned back in her chair and folded her arms.

“Cathy,” she began, “you present me with quite a problem. I have no difficulty with the fact that you enjoy a rather unusual activity that does no harm to anyone else and I suppose does no harm to yourself. However, I have to think about the school. If it was generally known what your little hobby entailed it would cause a commotion, a distraction that would interfere with the mission of this school, which is to educate and prepare young ladies to enter the real world with attitudes, skills and talents that will allow them to succeed to the best of their abilities. The joys of spanking are not on the list of educational requirements.

“My worry is that if I were to simply ban your hobby then you will try to defy me in secret. Yes, I could remove your spanking toys, but I am sure you would find some place and time where you could use something else, such as the gym shoe you mentioned. Then I would have no option other than to have you expelled.

“To try to prevent this, I am thus forced into having you come and see me on a frequent, if random, basis where I shall perform a quick examination to check your bottom for signs of spanking. This will no doubt be extremely humiliating for yourself and quite an annoying waste of time for me. Or I could just expel you anyway.”

Cathy looked down at her hands and was suddenly scared. She had always vaguely wondered what might happen if she were discovered spanking herself, but never for a moment did she think she would get expelled. Expulsion, she knew, would be devastating to any career plans she might have in medicine.

Matron sighed, unfolding her arms and laying them on her desk. Leaning forward, she said, “I suppose there is an alternative. I could conceivably extract a promise from you that you would refrain from this activity while at school and in exchange offer to do the honours myself. I would still want to inspect your bottom periodically to ensure you were keeping your side of the bargain. But it presents certain difficulties for me that I would have to think about and come up with some sort of plan.”

Cathy looked up suddenly with hope in her eyes. “Do you mean you would offer to spank me yourself?”

Matron looked serious. “No. I would cane you. It would be a full and proper caning in the hope that I could perhaps end your infatuation with this subject. I would use this cane here and would give you the same punishment that I gave any senior girl who had been caught smoking in the past. It would be just as formal, and once you have agreed and assumed the position, there would be no backing out. I would then treat you just as I treated them.”

“Oh Matron,” said Cathy. “That would be wonderful. Can we do it now before I think about it and change my mind?”

Matron gave another sigh, this time in exasperation.

“What am I going to do with you, girl? For one thing, it may sound like fun for now but believe me, when it is over, you certainly won’t think so. I have seen much bigger and tougher girls than you reduced to babbling little girls, sobbing their eyes out with just three strokes on their bare backsides. And you will not get away with just three strokes. You will be getting the full six of the best! You will be lucky to be able to walk out of here! I am betting you will be begging me to stop after the first stroke, never mind the five more that I intend to give. Just know there will be no stopping until I have finished and there will be penalty strokes if you do not obey my instructions during the proceedings!

“But before we get to that, I have certain problems to solve. Essentially, if I cane you I shall be guilty of defying the school’s board of governors which formulated the new policy of corporal punishment prohibition. It will make me vulnerable and I could potentially lose my job. I could certainly survive without this job, but I rather do love working here. I will have to be careful as to the time when we perform this little event.

“The cane will definitely leave a significant imprint on your bottom which, if seen by anyone, could put us both in a tenuous position. If we do this, I shall have to cane you at the end of a school period where immediately afterwards you will depart for a stay at home for the holiday. There is, of course, a half-term holiday starting next Thursday, so I suppose I could perform this duty just before you go home. This, of course, assumes that there are no girls in the Sanatorium that I will be taking care of who might otherwise hear our performance.

“Next, for my own protection, I will need your Mother’s consent. Both you and her will have to sign a piece of paper actually requesting this service from me so that I at least have something to defend myself with in case we are ever discovered.”

“Do we have to involve my mother?” Asked Cathy.

“Certainly, we do. I would never take the chance of marking your bottom just as you are about to go home for a break and risk her ‘discovering’ what the two of us have been doing. How are you getting home next Thursday anyway?”

“Mother will pick me up in the afternoon. We only live twelve miles from here and I will call her after lunch when we are released. It doesn’t take her long to get here,” said Cathy.

“Very well,” said Matron with an air of someone who had just made a decision. “Assuming you still want this taste of the cane, I shall call your Mother this evening and let her know what we have planned. Then, on Thursday afternoon after your Mother has arrived and assuming she agrees, we can do the deed. I suppose it will be the main punishment event, or perhaps, the cane event of your school career,” she smiled at her silly pun.

“Your Mother will wait outside and I shall leave the door open a crack so she can hear the proceedings. Then, when it is over, you are free to spend an hour or two with her in the sanatorium on one of the beds if you choose where you can recover before your Mother takes you home. I doubt I shall have any other patients here then. In fact, the last day is always clear since the sick girls generally go home first thing on the last day of school.

“In the meantime, you may keep your hairbrush, but on the strict understanding it will be used only for its originally intended purpose. I shall keep your spanking paddle for now and you may have it back when your Mother picks you up. I never want to see it at school again. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Matron. And thank you, Matron. I am a bit nervous about what my Mother will say, though to be honest I really believe she might already know and will probably think the same as you, that it might put me off spanking for life. But seriously, I want to take this chance and whatever the outcome I shall accept it. I admit I am terrified by the thought but I am excited at the same time. I don’t think I shall change my mind.”

“Very well, you may go. I shall call your Mother this evening and let you know her decision. In the meantime, do I have your promise that there will be no more self-spanking from now on? Remember, I shall be keeping watch and performing random examinations of your bottom!”

“Yes Matron, I promise. And thank you.”

*          *          *

“Hello, may I speak to Mrs Julia Davis?”

“This is Julia,” said the voice on the other end of the line.

“This is Diana Mason. I am Matron at St. Anne’s School for Girls,” said Matron. “I am calling because…”

“Oh, is it Cathy or Anne? They haven’t had an accident or anything?”

“No, Cathy has a small cut on her knee and a bruise on her thigh from a hockey game this weekend, but is otherwise fine. Anne is also well.”

“Oh yes, I knew about the cut and the bruise. I was at the match with my sister. We were cheering her and the team. They all played very well.”

“Yes, they certainly did, but that wasn’t what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Oh, she is in trouble again? I had hoped she was growing out of all that silly behaviour that get her into so much trouble the previous years. She did well on her O’levels so I was…”

“No, don’t worry, Mrs Davis. Cathy is doing well at her studies and has actually been a model pupil this year, which is pleasing since as you may know we abandoned all corporal punishment this year.”

“Err yes,” said Mrs Davis rather hesitantly. “Err, are you suggesting that that has…,” she trailed off.

“I’ll be frank, Mrs Davis. Cathy isn’t in any real trouble but I have discovered that, starting this summer, Cathy has been spanking herself.”

“Oh my God.” There was a longish pause, and then Julia said, “I did wonder. I was afraid of that. It is why she wanted my hairbrush, isn’t it?”

“You already know about this activity?” Questioned Matron.

“No, not really. I think I suspected it. Well, no. I rather feared she was doing it. She wouldn’t be the first in our family.”

“Well look, Mrs Davis, I have to tell you that it is a problem. While spanking yourself isn’t actually forbidden in any school rules, if it were to become known by anyone besides us, it could become a big problem. A distraction that the school certainly does not need. You could imagine the tabloid headlines, I am sure.”

“Oh-my-God, yes. Err, look, are we talking expulsion here? You know it would ruin Cathy’s hopes of ever going to a medical school.”

“I dearly hope not, but this is very serious. Very serious indeed. It is imperative that we put a stop to Cathy’s behaviour or I would have to expel her for sure. Did you know that besides the hairbrush she also had a leather spanking paddle? I found it in her room. A room, incidentally, she shares with another girl.”

“Is the other girl involved? I know Margaret, she is a shy but very nice girl.”

“Cathy assures me Margaret has no idea and I believe her. But I am afraid Cathy might leave the paddle in plain view accidentally when she is otherwise distracted, which would be awkward, to say the least.

“A spanking paddle you say? I had no idea! The little minx. But what do you suggest I do? What can I do, what can we do?” Asked Mrs Davis worriedly.

“Well, as they say, desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures. I do have a plan, but I need your cooperation.”

Matron spoke on the telephone for another ten minutes explaining her plan and the rationale behind it. Mrs Davis listened carefully asking intelligent questions, making a couple of suggestions, and ultimately agreeing to cooperate. Together, they agreed to put their plan into motion the following Thursday when Mrs Davis would arrive at the school to pick up Cathy to take her home for the half term break.

Later, Julia called her daughter as agreed and made sure Cathy really wanted to go through with it, but privately Julia, who had her own experiences with the cane, hoped that Cathy would come to her senses well before Thursday.

*          *          *

Right on cue, at quarter to one the following Thursday afternoon, Matron saw the sleek silver Audi sports car drive into the car park of the school, close to the sanatorium. She watched as a tall and elegant, black-haired, beautiful woman got out of the passenger seat as Cathy herself, still in school uniform, emerged from the driver’s seat. No doubt Cathy was thrilled she had just passed her driving test and her Mother had treated her to a little drive around the school grounds. However, if Cathy was thrilled to be driving a sports car, she was hiding it well. Her face was pale and she seemed to be very distracted, almost stumbling up the steps as she led the way into the building. Matron somehow felt rather pleased. Perhaps the girl was seriously having second thoughts.

She met the pair in the outer office and Cathy made the introductions. Matron shook Mrs Davis’s hand and welcomed her back to the school where Julia had once been a pupil.

“Yes,” she said, “I once spent three weeks in this building under a previous dragon of a school Matron when I came down with the measles. She kept me in bed the entire time and wouldn’t allow me any visitors in case the contagion spread. All I saw was her and all the books and homework the teachers sent over,” she smiled.

Matron said, “Well things have changed a bit. Everyone is inoculated against measles as well as all the other childhood diseases before they are allowed a foot on school grounds, and anyone with a communicable disease is either sent home or to the hospital if symptoms warrant. But look, I do not want to rush you. However, this is also my last day of school before the holidays and I would like to make an early start home. I should like to get these little proceedings over with as soon as possible and perhaps Cathy, you feel the same? Or have you come to your senses?” She smiled.

Cathy said, “Oh no, Matron. Although I am anxious and perhaps a little terrified, I could never forgive myself if I turned this chance down. I may never get another chance to try this and I know I shall always regret it if I don’t go through with it.”

The smile fell from Matron’s face. ‘So much for that idea’” she thought. “Well, in that case, I have some papers for you both to sign. They are really for my protection though, to be honest, I am not sure how much good they would do me if this ever comes out,” she said gloomily.

Julia Davis smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I am in the legal profession and I promise I shall defend you no matter what happens. And trust me, these papers that I forwarded to you and that we all sign would certainly help. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I doubt it will and you can be sure that my daughter and I will do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t. And if Cathy herself ever lets it out of the bag, so-to-speak, I have warned her that a sore bum will be the least of her worries when I have finished with her!”

“Very well then,” said Matron. “The papers are on the desk, please sign them and then we can get started.”

Julia herself had prepared the papers as agreed in their telephone call. Matron had already read them and signed them that morning. She watched as Julia explained to her daughter that she was agreeing voluntarily to undergo a punishment involving corporal discipline, so as to avoid an alternative though unspecified punishment.

Mother and daughter duly signed in the respective places and then Matron said, “Good. Now that is settled, let’s get on with it. Mrs Davis, I would like you to sit on that chair by the wall next to my door. I shall take Cathy through to my office and close the door, leaving it open about an inch. Because of the way the door opens, you will not be able to see anything of interest that happens, but you will be able to hear everything.

“Miss Davis, you will go through the door and, once inside my office, there is no going back. You are to obey my instructions exactly with the full understanding that any disobedience at all will result in extra strokes. Do you understand?”

“Yes Matron,” said Cathy timidly.

“And you still wish to proceed?”

“Absolutely Matron,” Cathy said, trying to give herself a little more confidence.

“Very well then, let’s get on with it.”

“Good luck, Cathy,” whispered Mrs Davis, “and try to be brave.”

Matron opened the door into her office for Cathy to go through and followed her inside. She then mostly closed the door, leaving it open just a crack so Mrs Davis would be able to hear everything. She turned to Cathy who was looking at the senior girls school cane prominently displayed on her desk.

“Miss Davis you are here to be caned. This will be a formal punishment and you need to be on your best behaviour. You must follow my instructions to the letter. You will be given a minimum of six very firm strokes on your bare bottom, but be aware I shall award extra penalty strokes for any disobedience. Are we absolutely clear on this?”

“Yes,” said Cathy, just hoping Matron would get on with it. She was wondering if she would get too nervous to continue and have to beg her Mother to come and save her.

“Very well. Put your hands under your skirt and pull your knickers down to your knees.”

Self consciously, and fumbling to get her fingers in the elastic at her waist under the thick folds of her gymslip, she finally managed to pull them down while Matron watched her like a hawk.

“Now bend carefully over my desk. Place your chest flat on my blotter and reach with your arms to the far side. You may curl your fingers under the far edge and grip it tightly to help you maintain your position.”

Cathy did as ordered, being very conscious of the cane lying next to her and wondering how bad this was going to be.

Matron waited until Cathy had assumed the position before she said, “Now Miss Davis, you will keep your legs straight and together. Your shoes are to remain flat on the floor and you must remain still. When you feel the stroke, you may be tempted to get up off of the desk. I want you to know that if you do that the stroke will not count and you will be awarded an additional penalty stroke. Similarly, you must resist the temptation to try to touch your bottom with your hands, and you must keep both feet flat on the floor.”

Cathy felt Matron begin raising the hem of her skirts over her back, exposing her bottom to the cold air. She had dreamed of this for the past week and felt a thrill of excitement pass through her, which helped to ease her terror just a little bit. She felt Matron smooth the skirt over her back and also lift her shirt tail so that all of her bottom was fully exposed. She had positioned her head off to the side so she couldn’t see the cane, but she heard it rattle as Matron picked it up.

“Miss Davis, I am now going to give you the first stroke. You will feel a tap of the cold rattan on your bottom. Then you may hear the swish and you will feel its bite. It stings a lot. I shall then give you a little breather of fifteen seconds to allow you to recover a little before I strike you again. I shall continue in this fashion till we are done.

“You are not permitted to move. However, you are free to cry out or scream if it will help. You may make as much noise as you like, however you must not utter any obscenities. If I hear any derogatory language I shall award you penalty strokes. Do you understand, Miss Davis?”

“Yes, Matron. I understand,” quaked Cathy.

Cathy felt the tap of the cane on her bottom and then there was a sudden swish and a blinding burst of excruciating pain flashed through her bottom penetrating the very core of her being. She had often wondered what it would feel like, yet never in her wildest imaginings had she expected anything like that. She fought desperately to hold onto the edge of the desk as though she were clinging to a cliff face over a thousand-foot chasm. She took in great gulps of air, letting them whoosh in and out, making the cheeks of her mouth expand and contract with each breath. It took her perhaps ten seconds before the terrible sting started to fade and she could think again, but when she did she could only wonder how she could possibly take another five strokes.

The second stroke was slightly lower, but Cathy didn’t care. Once again, the world blotted out in the terrible agony, and again it was all she could do to hang on to the desk. Her legs seemed to have a will of their own and jerk violently out from under her, and all she could do was force her shoes into the floor. But, as with the previous stroke, after a few seconds her mind began to clear, though she knew she could never hold out.

A third and fourth stroke came and went, but it was on the fifth stroke her dam burst. She cried out in anguish, the screams choking past her teeth, which she desperately tried and failed to clamp shut. She managed after a few seconds to silence it, but the damage had been done.

Matron had been astonished at Cathy’s resistance. In her experience, no girl had ever got past even a third stroke before screaming, and yet Cathy had lasted till the fifth. Her heart went out to the poor girl and she decided to offer a little encouragement.

“You are doing very well Cathy. Take a deep breath. If you are a good girl and do not move, this will be the last stroke.”

She slashed the stroke down, hitting the meatiest part of Cathy’s bottom exactly where she had aimed. Cathy screamed out in tremendous pain until her breath was spent and then she broke into racking sobs that slowly died as the fierce sting of the last stroke faded into the background soreness that pervaded her bottom.

“Stay where you for a minute and catch your breath. Your punishment is over but I do not want you falling over when you stand up.”

Cathy herself could hardly believe it was over. Her bottom hurt incredibly, yet even as the seconds ticked by she realised she didn’t mind or even care. Instead, the terror she had felt creeping up on her during the past week had evaporated to be replaced with a relief; an almost giddy excitement, a euphoria that amazed her. But she knew she was weak and might even fall over, so she had no difficulty following Matron’s commands to remain laying over the desk. She no longer cared that her bum was on crude display and the thought made her smile through the tears that were still rolling down her cheek. The cold draft was now very welcome.

She heard Matron cross the room and heard a noise that sounded like the nurse was replacing the cane in her cabinet, which triggered a rather odd thought in her mind. She wondered if she would ever get another chance to feel its kiss on her bottom.

Suddenly her reverie was broken when she heard Matron say, “All right, Miss Davis. You may stand up when you are ready, pull your knickers up and straighten your gymslip.”

Slowly Cathy levered herself off the desk and stood up. She then bent carefully down, clasping the waistband of her knickers with both hands and easing them carefully over her swollen rump. Then she smoothed down her gymslip, being careful to try and make the box pleats fall into place. She couldn’t wait to get to a bathroom so she could see the wonderful marks in a mirror. Matron was shocked to see the girl smiling through the tears.

Suddenly Cathy moved over to where Matron was standing and threw her arms around the older, taller, woman, throwing her head against Matron’s breasts and giving her a hug.

“Thank you so much,” she gasped. “I know my request was a bit silly but I will never forget this. You have my gratitude and I promise I shall never break your trust. May I just ask one more thing?”

Matron hugged the girl back, looked down into her almost puppy eyes and said, “You did very well, but I will not promise anything until I know what it is.”

“It is just that if I need it, you know, in the future, err, would you be willing to do this again?”

“Oh, you silly girl,” said Matron. “What am I to do with you? I had hoped that this would have been so terrible that you would never, ever, dream of doing something like this again.”

“I’m sorry Matron. I don’t mean to upset you, and, yes, the first few seconds after the cane lands are pretty horrible. But the sting soon fades and then it is quite wonderful. Right now, it feels incredible and I hope this sensation lasts a long time. I just hope I can convince you to do it again if I need it in future.”

“Well, it would always have to be just before a vacation so that you can go home and no-one here would see the marks. The earliest it could be will be just before Christmas. However, I am not promising. I may consider your request as we get nearer that time, and it will depend on your behaviour, but until then, you must promise me that your self-spanking days are over. At least till you leave school.”

“You have my word,” said Cathy, and she suddenly reached around Matron’s neck and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

After the kiss Matron said rather loudly, “Mrs Davis, will you please come in here and get hold of your silly daughter and take her home. Perhaps you can talk some sense into her on the way. I have done my best and quite clearly I have failed.”

Ten minutes later, Matron stood in front of her window and watched the strange pair of women leave the sanatorium arm in arm, though she was a little relieved that it was the older woman who got into the driver’s seat.

Idly, she wondered how she would handle the other three girls who she suspected also had a strange attraction to being spanked. She just hoped and prayed they would be simpler to deal with than Cathy Davis had been. At least she hadn’t found any obvious spanking toys in their rooms. Still, that was a problem for the next half term.

The End

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