Highjinks on the school bus lead to trouble for four girls

(US setting)

By Kenny Walters

Mrs Macey peered inside the classroom door before tapping gently and entering. She walked up to the teacher, Miss Evans, seated at her desk and whispered. Everyone in the class was sitting up and watching. No-one heard what was said.

Amy Baker and Jennifer Watson looked furtively at each other. Each tried to glean some reaction from the other, but both failed. Karen Keslaw bit her lip anxiously. Sue-Anne Caulderwell appeared less interested than pretty well anyone in the class that day.

“Would the following girls go with Mrs Macey, please?” Miss Evans announced.

That at least gave everyone an inkling what all this was about. Now everyone concentrated on listening to the names called. A couple of faces lit up like they were looking forward to the next bit.

“Sue-Anne Caulderwell.”

Sue-Anne appeared unmoved. There was no discernible change to her expression, and she didn’t move.

“Amy Baker.”

Amy pulled an expression that suggested she was surprised and confused as to why her name should be on the list. She began clearing her work away.

“Jennifer Watson.”

Jennifer kind of jolted and then scratched her head before she too began packing.

“And Karen Keslaw, please.”

A couple of girls snatched their heads round in Karen’s direction. They weren’t expecting that. Karen never got into trouble.

Mrs Macey stood back and watched as all four girls now stood up and finished putting their work into their bags. She held the door open for them when she judged they were ready to depart.

“Would you follow me, please?”

No-one said a word as they all followed the forty year old blonde haired secretary down the corridor. They all knew Mrs Macey by sight and knew nothing bad about the smartly dressed, quite attractive, woman. Her smart dark blue pants and white woollen roll-neck top contrasted with the girls’ various hues of blue jeans and casual tops, mainly T-shirts.

If there were any doubts about why they were taking this walk, no-one felt the need to clarify things with Mrs Macey. The girls’ inner thoughts appeared to be enough to avoid girly small talk too.

“You’d better leave your stuff in your lockers.” Mrs Macey announced as they entered the large hallway between the wing and the main administration block. She waited while they all found their lockers and stuffed their bags inside.

Jennifer Watson was the first to return to the school secretary. They exchanged weak smiles before they were joined by Sue-Anne Caulderwell who hovered a little to one side. Amy and Karen, both stony-faced, joined the group soon after.

“Okay? Come along, then.” Mrs Macey tried another weak smile as she led the way, but it had little effect on the girls’ demeanour. They continued along another corridor, went past the secretaries’ station and halted at a door that bore no label.

Straight away, Mrs Macey opened the door, went inside and held the door open for the four girls to enter.

“Wait here. Mr Parsons won’t be too long. Keep quiet!” Mrs Macey closed the door behind her.

For a few moments, the girls looked around the room at their new surroundings. It was quite a small room, probably someone’s office at one time, with a window looking down on the students’ parking lot. There were two small chairs by one wall, otherwise the room was devoid of furniture.

“Do you think we’re up for a commendation?” Amy Baker joked, but no-one laughed. “So, it’s about the school bus, huh?”

“What else?” Jennifer Watson snapped.

“Heck, it was only an accident.”

“Really?” Jennifer looked pointedly at Sue-Anne Caulderwell who had decided that, since no-one else seemed inclined to sit on either of the chairs, she might as well.

“Hell, yes! Things just kind of got out of hand, that’s all.”

“Do you think Mr Parsons will see it that way?” Karen Keslaw spoke quietly, as she always did. “Only, like, I wasn’t really involved?” The intonation made it a query, not a very confident one.

“Oh hell, I don’t know!” Jennifer leaned back against the wall opposite the two chairs and stared at the ceiling.

“Excuse me! Wasn’t really involved? Are you kidding?” Sue-Anne Caulderwell reacted, before pointed to her cheek. “See this mark here? The one that’s about the same size as your fist?”

“I was only trying to grab the pop bottle so it didn’t spill any more. Then you kind of got in the way.” Karen felt her eyes moistening as it became apparent her plea of innocence wasn’t going to be universally supported.

“Best keep the noise down.” Jennifer warned.

“It was your fist that caught me in the face!” Sue-Anne whispered angrily.

“I didn’t mean it!” Karen whispered even more quietly.

“Shush!” Jennifer quietened them both down.

The four sat or stood in silence for another ten minutes before they heard voices in the corridor outside. While they couldn’t make out what was said, one of the voices sounded distinctly like the older man that had driven the school bus that morning.

The four girls didn’t have too much longer to wait before Mrs Macey opened the door and half entered. “Jennifer Watson, would you come with me, please?”

Jennifer’s heart started pounding and the other three looked unenviably at the dark haired girl as she disappeared with Mrs Macey. When they were alone, the three remaining girls continued their silence. It was fully fifteen minutes before Jennifer returned with Mrs Macey.

“Sue-Anne Caulderwell please.” The secretary held the door open as she waited for Sue-Anne to stand up and cross the room to the door. And then they were gone.

“What happened?” All three kept their voices low.

“Well, it’s the bus, as you can guess.” Jennifer also answered as softly as she could and still be heard by all three. “The driver’s in with Mr Parsons and he identified me and then he listened while I told my version of what happened. According to him, the seats at the back of the bus were all drenched and he had to call the depot who told him to take the bus out of service. That meant another bus and driver had to be despatched to cover for the next run our bus was supposed to make.”

“They weren’t that bad!” Amy retorted, loudly.

“Shush!” Jennifer and Karen reacted together.

“Well, they weren’t!” Amy added in a whisper. “So, what did you say?”

“I just said what happened, that it was just a bit of innocent fun, and the bottle fizzing up and spraying all over the place was an accident.”

“Did you say who was holding the bottle?” Karen asked.

“I said I didn’t see.”

“Did he believe you?”

“I don’t think so.”

The muted conversation was interrupted by Marie Gomez, a pretty young assistant secretary, half opening the door and peering in. “I’ve been asked to tell you to stop talking.” She said nervously, unaccustomed to giving out orders to students who were only a year or two older than her.

“Sorry.” Jennifer whispered back and the young assistant secretary closed the door behind her.

The three continued waiting in total silence until Mrs Macey returned with Sue-Anne and asked for Amy to go with her. Sue-Anne appeared very reluctant to talk and ignored the two girls she was left with as she returned to the seat she’d previously occupied.

“Well?” Jennifer asked in a hushed tone.

Sue-Anne merely shrugged her shoulders.

“How did it go?” Jennifer tried again.

“What did you say?” Karen added her, extremely muted, voice.

“I don’t wish to talk about it, actually.” Sue-Anne finally answered them, and then sat looking down at the floor with her head resting on her hands, her elbows resting on her knees.

It wasn’t long before Mrs Macey returned with Amy and left again with Karen.

“Okay?” Jennifer asked, extremely quietly.

“They seem to know all the facts.” Amy said despondently. “There wasn’t much for me to say really.”

Sue-Anne coughed, but ignored everyone when the two other girls looked round at her.

“What’s up with her?” Amy asked.

“She seems to think we’re ganging up on her.” Jennifer answered.

“Well it was her bottle,” said Amy. “Not that I told them that.”

“I think I may have mentioned it,” Jennifer confessed, hoping that Sue-Anne wouldn’t hear. “I didn’t mean to, though. It was just the way Mr Parsons asked the questions. He seemed to have already guessed.”

Sue-Anne finally looked up and glared at Jennifer. Before anything else could be said, though, Mrs Macey returned with Karen.

“You four were told to keep quiet.” The secretary looked around the room. “If you want my opinion, you girls are in so much trouble that disobeying instructions would not be a good idea right now. Do you catch my drift?”

Mrs Macey waited for a response, but got none, then added: “It shouldn’t be too long now.” With that, she left the room.

The four girls now held their silence, each deep in her own thoughts. They all had on their lips the question of what ‘it’ might be, but that maybe was a question they didn’t really want the answer to.

The girls were kept waiting a long time. Then they heard the muffled voices of the bus driver and Mrs Macey in the corridor outside, heading for the exit. Then the door opened.

“I’ve been sent to tell you,” Marie Gomez said in her pleasant accented voice. “That Mr Parsons apologises for keeping you waiting and that he will see you as soon as possible.”

“Where’s Mrs Macey?” Jennifer asked, curious it was the junior secretary passing on the information when the senior secretary had just passed by the door.

“Oh, er, she’s held up on the telephone right now.”

“The telephone?”

“Yes, she, um, had to make a few phone calls.”

“Our parents?”

“I really couldn’t say.”

“What’s going to happen to us?”

The young assistant secretary flushed. “I really couldn’t say.” She left the room before any more questions could be thrown at her.

“Looks like we’re getting suspended.” Jennifer commented as soon as the four girls were alone again.

“Maybe.” Amy mused, although another thought crossed her mind.

Sue-Anne sighed loudly, informing everyone of her displeasure.

It wasn’t too long before Mrs Macey returned, with the instruction all four girls were dreading. “Okay, I guess Mr Parsons is about ready to see you all now.” She held the door wide open for them all to file through, and then led them along the corridor to Mr Parson’s office.

The Vice Principal was sitting at his desk over to the left of the room as the four girls, followed by Mrs Macey, entered and stood in a line facing him.

In other circumstances, Mr Parsons would have appeared a nice gentleman to the girls. Tall, slim, silver grey hair, wearing a smart navy blue suit with a white shirt and bright red tie, he would be everyone’s idea of a kindly grandfather. He looked up at them and waited while they settled.

“I’m sorry you had to be kept waiting so long, ladies, but I needed to get a few things sorted before I could tell you what’s going to happen.”

The four girls looked down at the Vice Principal as they listened.

“Now, I’ve taken account of several witnesses who were not directly involved in the incident earlier this morning. I’ve heard what the driver had to tell me, and I’ve heard your versions too.” Mr Parsons paused while he scratched his ear.

“It all seems to me that there ain’t much to hold different in all of these accounts, give or take a little of who did this and who did that.”

“Sir! Could I…?” Sue-Anne surprised everyone by cutting in.

“No, you couldn’t. You’ve had your say, Miss Caulderwell, and I’ve listened carefully to it. I’m doing the talking now. It all boils down to you four being guilty as charged over fooling around with a bottle of pop and messing up the school bus so it couldn’t be used for the rest of the morning.

“I’ve spoken to your parents and they’ve agreed to contribute twenty-five dollars each towards the cost of fixing up the bus.”

As the Vice Principal paused to gauge the girls’ reactions, they each took a few moments to mull over the effect the news would have had on their parents. They all knew they would be in yet more trouble when they got home. Would that be all, though? The Vice Principal seemed to sense their unspoken question.

“Speaking to your parents gave me the opportunity to discuss with them what action we, the school, should take as a disciplinary measure and it seems we were all of a like mind.”

Mr Parsons stopped again to see the girls’ reactions. They all stood stony-faced awaiting the important bit of the lecture.

“Girls! Your parents and me were all agreed that what would serve the four of you best is a good spanking. Five swats each.”

Karen noticeably drew in breath through her teeth. Amy, too, gasped. Jennifer’s eyes widened and only Sue-Anne showed little emotion.

“Anyone anything to say?”

All four girls appeared too stunned to think of anything useful.

“Then, if you’ll return to the stock room with Mrs Macey, we’ll get going.”

The secretary already had the door held open as the girls began turning and making their way out. Each girl took a brief upward look from downcast heads as they passed the lady by. At least Mrs Macey appeared to have some sympathy with their plight.

Back in the small room, each girl felt able to sigh and gasp out loud as their means of expressing their feelings to the punishment. For the moment, words seemed to elude them.

“If anyone feels the need to get something off their chest, now’s a good time. I’ll give you two minutes, and then you’ll need to wait in silence.” Mrs Macey told them. “And I’ll be here to make sure you do.”

“I really don’t think I should be here.” Karen Keslaw said quietly to no-one in particular, and it seemed no-one was paying attention anyway.

The other three remained silent, their thoughts concentrated on how they would cope with the punishment shortly to be inflicted. It just didn’t figure all this could result from a little horse-play with a bottle of pop.

The two minutes had barely expired before the door opened and Marie Gomez entered the room. “Could I take Amy Baker, please?”

Mrs Macey looked towards the tall, slim, wavy blond haired girl and nodded her towards the door. Amy took a few moments to fidget around with her tight-fitting dark blue jeans and straighten her pink T-shirt before she lurched her way out into the corridor. Marie Gomez followed.

A thought suddenly entered Amy’s mind. “Are you the witness?” She asked of Marie.

“Yes, I am.” The young assistant secretary answered. “It.. it’s my first time,” she added nervously.

“Me too.” Amy replied, her voice croaking anxiously.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be all right.” Marie said without thinking.

“Promise?” Amy smiled weakly, and the young secretary placed a hand on her shoulder. “Ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Okay, here we go!”

Inside the Vice Principal’s office, Mr Parsons was ready and waiting for them. Amy found herself being led up to the front of the desk that was now ominously clear of the paperwork in evidence on her earlier visits. A wooden paddle with a blade at least eighteen inches long, by five inches wide and perhaps nearly half an inch thick with a round handle about eight inches long rested on the surface of the desk, but was quickly snatched up by Mr Parsons although not before Amy had noticed the sixteen or so small holes drilled into the blade of the paddle.

Amy had never been paddled at school before but she knew from talk that a paddle with holes drilled in meant it would swing faster and land a sharper swat to the recipient’s backside. In this case, it would smack her bottom harder. Any hope of the floor caving in and swallowing her up disappeared as Mr Parson started issuing instructions.

“Amy, firstly I need you to stand a little closer to the desk; about twelve inches or so. I need your feet about twelve inches apart also. Make sure you’ve nothing in your back pockets. If so, hand the items to Marie for safe keeping. Then bend over the desk and rest your elbows and forearms on the surface of the desk and stick your butt out.”

Panic-stricken, Amy did her best to follow the directions. She got herself the correct distance from the desk and moved her feet apart. Then she leaned forward over the desk and took her weight on her elbows and fore-arms.

Marie spotted the missing item. “Make sure there’s nothing in your back pockets, Amy.”

Amy pulled herself up again and inserted hands into each of her back pockets. She drew out a handwritten note on one and handed it to the young secretary. Then she bent over the desk once again.

Marie, the note clutched in her hand, moved around to Amy’s right where she could see the bending girl’s face and where, if Amy turned her head to the right, they could look each other square in the eye.

Amy wasn’t sure this was too great an idea, but then she spotted Mr Parsons moving round behind her and to her left with the paddle firmly held in his right hand.

“Ready, Amy?”

Amy took a couple of deep breaths. “Yes, sir.” She gasped, and then a thunderous bang echoed round the room and an almighty pain ripped across the seat of her jeans.


Already tears were filling her eyes as Amy braced herself as best she could for the next swat which, she knew, could come at any moment.

“Aaaaahhh!” Another loud bang brought a fresh bout of smarting agony to her backside and now several tears did roll down the side of her face.

Something made Amy look to her right and check Marie’s reaction, but the secretary’s expression was bland if serious. Amy caught the girl’s eye look suddenly away and then, bang, another stroke of the paddle crashed into the seat of her jeans.

“God!” Amy swore as the pain stung and smarted, and hoped the Vice Principal wouldn’t penalise her for swearing.

It was all the bending girl could do to hold still and allow herself to be whacked again with that unyielding board, but she managed it somehow and Mr Parsons duly obliged.


“One more and your spanking’s over, Amy.” Mr Parsons spoke, presumably to encourage the girl to hold still and take the final dose of her medicine.

“Sir!” Amy just managed to say before the paddle descended again and swiped across her bottom with tremendous force.

“Oooooooowww!!! Oh my God!!!!” Amy leapt up and clasped her hands to her bottom, then began jiggling up and down on alternate feet.

“Guess that really stung, eh?” Mr Parsons joked as he went back behind his desk and sat down. “You’re free to go, Amy. Get yourself together over lunch and re-start your lessons this afternoon. Okay?”

“Yes, sir.” Amy took a few deep breaths, and then noticed Marie was by her side waiting to escort her away.

Unsteady on her feet, Amy was almost grateful for Marie’s supporting hand on her upper arm as they moved slowly towards the door, pausing only for Marie to be shown a short list held out to her by Mr Parsons.

“Will you be okay on your own now?” Marie whispered in Amy’s ear as they reached the door where the other three girls waited.

Amy nodded and hobbled forward on her own, realising that would lead to the next girl’s paddling becoming even more imminent. She kept going and heard Marie enter the room.

“Could I have Jennifer Watson please?”

The young secretary noticed a slim girl wearing tight, bleached, very pale blue jeans stiffen and go very pale in the face. She was a pretty girl and her dark, very straight, shoulder length hair framed her face very neatly.

“You okay?” Mrs Macey ignored the girl and directed her concern towards the young assistant secretary.

“Oh yes, fine. Thanks.” Marie held an arm out to beckon Jennifer towards her before walking just behind her as they left the room.

Jennifer walked slowly to her doom and said nothing, and Marie left her to her thoughts. Only when they reached the door to the Vice Principal’s office did Marie pause and ask: “Ready?”

A slight nod, and Jennifer found herself inside Mr Parson’s office and in front of him and his desk before she realised what was happening. He looked up at her and she looked down at him, but neither spoke.

Instead, Mr Parsons addressed the young assistant secretary. “Okay, Marie, you remember the drill?”

“Yes, sir. Okay, Jennifer, stand twelve inches from the desk and with your feet twelve inches apart.”

While she shuffled her feet into the required position, Jennifer looked around for the paddle. She saw it on top of a waist-high side cabinet and then saw the holes drilled into the blade. She too had heard of a drilled paddle’s reputation and she caught her breath.

“Check your back pockets and hand me anything you find inside them.” Marie ordered efficiently.

Jennifer searched her back pockets. “No, nothing.”

“Okay, bend over the desk and rest your weight on your elbows and forearms.”

Mr Parsons quickly got up and moved to one side, otherwise their faces would have come uncomfortably close together. That brought the Vice Principal within grabbing distance of the paddle and, when he did take hold of it, Jennifer felt even more distressed. He even had a smile on his face, although he was looking at the young assistant secretary.

“That’s good, Marie. You just forgot to tell her to stick her butt out.” By now, Mr Parsons was standing behind and to Jennifer’s left. He patted her bottom a couple of times with the blade of the paddle, and Jennifer made a conscious effort to present her backside for punishment.

“Ready, Jennifer?”

The girl had barely grunted her confirmation before the paddle crashed into the seat of her jeans, while Marie was still poised behind.

“Uuuuuuunnhh!” Jennifer gave a prolonged grunt and wiggled her bottom to ease the severe pain.

Marie decided to stay put and watch the paddle strike its target.

“Uuuuuuuuuunnhh!!” Jennifer again jiggled about and the two standing behind her waited patiently for the girl to hold still.

She did soon enough, and was rewarded with another thundering swat across the taut seat of her jeans.


Almost the moment Jennifer stopped wriggling around, Marie watched another stroke of the paddle crack into the lower, meatier parts of the girl’s bottom.


“Last one coming up, Jennifer.” Mr Parsons encouraged, and Jennifer obligingly stopped jiggling and held her bottom still so she could receive her final swat.

“Aaaaaaaaaaarrrgghh!! Oh my God!”

“That’s it, Jennifer. You can get yourself out of here. Start your lessons again after lunch.”

While Jennifer pulled herself up from the desk and frantically rubbed her bottom, Marie stepped forward and waited by her side until the girl was ready to leave.

“No rush, Jennifer. Take your time.” Marie cooed sympathetically.

All she got in return was an angry glare.

After a few moments, though, Jennifer turned and headed for the door with Marie hastening after her.

“You okay?” Marie made another effort.

“What do you think?” Jennifer retorted angrily.

“I guess it must be mighty sore, huh?” Marie answered, feeling she had to say something.

“How old are you?” Jennifer snapped.

“Er, nineteen.”

“Just a year older than me. How would you like to be bent over a desk and spanked, huh?”

“I guess I wouldn’t like it.” Marie conceded, and silently prayed for them to reach the door to the little room where she could part company with the angry girl.

It seemed longer, but within twenty seconds they reached the little room and Marie allowed Jennifer to go on her way without comment.

“Sue-Anne Caulderwell, please. Sue-Anne, could you come with me please?” Marie nodded towards Mrs Macey and smiled.

A tall, dark haired girl pushed herself away from the wall she’d been leaning against and Marie knew she’d found the next girl on the list. “This way, please.”

Sue-Anne pushed past the young secretary and Marie knew she had another sulky teenager to deal with. Sue-Anne’s long legs strode along the corridor and Marie struggled to keep up.

“Ready?” Marie already had one hand poised on the door handle.

Sue-Anne made no sign of acknowledgement, so Marie opened the door and allowed her in anyway. The fated girl seemed a little unsteady as she marched up to the desk where Mr Parsons was standing with paddle in hand.

“We’ll soon get this done, Sue-Anne.” Mrs Parsons seemed to sense the girl’s anxiety despite all her best efforts not to show any concern.

“Sir, I’ve already made my feelings clear about being spanked. Can we just get this over with?”

“Of course. Marie?”

Marie sounded more nervous than Sue-Anne as she instructed the girl into the correct position, asked her to check her back pockets, and then asked her to bend over the desk. This time, Marie chose to stand a little way to the girl’s right hand side so she could watch both the paddle landing and the expression on the girl’s face.

“Ready, Sue-Anne?”

“Yes, sir!” The girl answered firmly.

The paddle immediately crashed across the lower part of the girl’s bottom, clad in dark blue jeans. Sue-Anne winced.

The second stroke caught her in much the same place, and Sue-Anne swayed a little but didn’t cry out. If anything, Marie seemed more shocked than the girl whose bottom was being rigorously paddled.

After the third stroke, Sue-Anne gasped and wriggled her bottom a little more but kept her position and simply awaited the next swat.

Mr Parsons soon obliged and the paddle crashed across the lower portions of the girl’s backside.

“Eeeesh!” At least Sue-Anne was showing some sign the paddling was hurting her.

“Last one, Sue-Anne.” Mr Parsons noted.

“Yes, sir!”

Marie saw the longer-than-usual backswing and as the paddle cracked across the girl’s bottom, the assistant secretary’s ears were practically deafened by the loud bang.

“Yeeeeeesshh!!” For the first time, Sue-Anne’s back arched and her hands flew to massage and soothe her sore bottom.

“That’s it, Sue-Anne. You’re done.” Mr Parsons wheeled away, nodded to Marie and busied himself with some imaginary papers in a side cupboard drawer.

“You okay, Sue-Anne?” Marie asked, trying to be useful.

For the second time that day, she was glared at angrily. Deciding that holding the door open would be her best policy, Marie allowed the tall girl to march away furiously and disappear along the corridor.

With just one girl left with Mrs Macey, there was no need to say anything when Marie entered the small room, tilted her head in Karen’s direction and smiled considerately.

“Now perhaps I can get on with my own work.” Mrs Macey exclaimed and left them to it.

“I’m really not looking forward to this.” Karen’s eyes were already moist.

“No, I guess you’re not.” The assistant secretary allowed the girl a few moments.

“I feel like, like running away.”

“I don’t think that would help.”

“No.” Karen grimaced. “Will you be, like, in the room too?”

“Of course! I’ll be right there with you.” Marie tried to sound supportive.

“That wasn’t what I meant. I meant… Oh, it doesn’t matter.”

“I guess delaying things isn’t going to make it any better.” Marie said, aware Mr Parsons would be waiting for them.

“No.” Karen agreed. “Okay, let’s go get my spanking.”

They soon reached Mr Parson’s office and Marie guided Karen inside. With one hand on the girl’s shoulder, she led Karen up to the desk where Mr Parsons was sitting.

“I know you feel you’re not as guilty as the other three, Karen, but frankly none of the witnesses agree with you. I had a long chat with your mother and she agrees you should get the same good spanking the other three had. Okay?”

Karen shrugged. She’d been looking around the room for the paddle, but failed to spot it anywhere. She grimaced before answering quietly: “Yes, sir.”

“Okay. Let’s get it done then. Marie?”

Mr Parsons stood up and went to look out the window while the assistant secretary prepared the girl for punishment.

“Okay, you need to step forward a little so you’re standing one foot from the desk.” Marie still had her hand on the girl’s shoulder, so she propelled her forward.

“Now, feet apart. About twelve inches should do it.”

Karen froze, and Marie had to kick her feet gently into the correct position.

“Just relax a moment, Karen.” Marie tried to calm the girl. “Now, do you have anything in your back pockets?”

The question seemed to catch the girl by surprise, for she looked round suddenly. “My back pockets? Er, no, I don’t have any.”

The assistant secretary looked down at Karen’s bottom and saw she was wearing thin white cotton pants, so thin she could just make out the very brief black underwear Karen was wearing underneath.

“No inside pockets?” It seemed a silly question, given the thinness of the pants, but Marie wanted to appear efficient.

“No.” To prove the point, Karen smoothed her hand all around the seat of her pants.

“Okay, that’s fine. Now, I want you to bend over the desk and rest your weight on your elbows and forearms.”

“Like this?” Karen was the shortest of the four girls and seemed to have the easiest job of bending over while keeping her legs more or less straight. Her cute round bottom seemed to present itself in a perfect position to be spanked, and the black panties seemed even more evident. Marie looked down and saw just how brief they were and how much of Karen’s bottom they failed to cover.

“That’s perfect.” Marie looked towards Mr Parsons who strode forward and plucked the paddle from under a small pile of papers on the side cabinet.

Marie decided to stand quite close to Karen’s side near her face.

“What’s happening?” Karen whispered desperately, and looked behind her.

“Keep looking straight ahead, Karen.” Mr Parsons ordered.

The eighteen year old nervously did as she was ordered, still desperately tempted to look behind her again and check exactly what Mr Parsons was doing. Before she had a chance to do so, the paddle swiped hard across the tight seat of her white cotton pants.

“Aaaaaaaaahh!! That really hurt!!”

Marie saw the girl arch her back, screw her face up with pain and stay up above the surface of the desk. She wondered whether she should push the bending girl back down again, but decided Mr Parsons would ask if that was what he wanted.

“Get back down, Karen. Let’s get on.” The Vice Principal eventually spoke.

“Sir.” The girl murmured and did as asked.


As soon as she’d resumed the position, Karen’s bottom was subjected to another hard lick from the paddle. She again arched her back, her face contorted with pain.

“Karen?” Mr Parsons spoke after giving the girl what he felt was sufficient time to compose herself and, indeed, the girl got back down onto the surface of the desk and surrendered herself for the next spank.

As she feared, the paddle slammed into her bottom the moment she was down and another searing sting shot across her entire backside.

“Yeeeeeeeeeoooucchh!! That smarts!!”

After arching her back, Karen also jigged up and down from one foot to the other as she tried to disseminate the pain. For once, though, she voluntarily re-took her position without being told.

That caught Mr Parsons off guard causing a moment or two’s delay before the fourth stroke crashed into Karen’s backside.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuunnnn!!! I really can’t take any more!!”

This time Karen stood right up and clutched her bottom with both hands, rubbing away frantically.

Mr Parsons gave her a few moments before saying calmly: “Karen. You have just one final stroke to go. It really would be very foolish not to take it and complete your punishment.”

“My bottom is so sore, sir.” Karen replied, seemingly on the point of bursting into tears. “Can’t you let me off?”

“That wouldn’t be fair on the others who have taken their full five swats, would it Karen?”

“No sir, I suppose not.” Karen answered, although her expression suggested she wasn’t as concerned at being fair as avoiding further pain to her bottom.

“Then bend over the desk, Karen, and let’s get this done.”

“I’ll try, sir.”

Karen began lowering herself back down across the desk. Even bending over appeared to be a painful affair. With a final wriggle of her bottom, she eventually was poised to take the last stroke. Mr Parsons obliged with little delay.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrgghhh!!! Oh my God!!!!!”

Karen sprang up and again cupped her hands round the orbs of her bottom. Tears now flowed freely down her pretty features and her light brown hair seemed damp and tousled.

“You’re free to go, Karen. Get yourself together, have your lunch break and get to classes this afternoon.” Mr Parson busied himself with putting the paddle away in a low cabinet while Marie gave Karen’s shoulder a comforting rub.

“Thank you. Sir.” Karen said tearfully as she turned for the door. Marie intended to follow her out, but Mr Parsons called her back.

“Marie, could you sort some papers out for me?”

When Karen had left the room and closed the door behind her, Mr Parsons gave up the pretence of having paperwork that needed sorting and told the young assistant secretary: “You handled that very well, Marie. We tend to let them be immediately after they’ve been paddled. If they need comforting, their friends are usually the best people to handle that. Mostly, though, they go off by themselves for a bit to get over their hurt pride and their sore bottoms.”

“Oh, right, sir. I’m sorry, I just thought…”

The End