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By Kenny Walters

“Oh, don’t mind me. Just push past.” Jenny White shouted after three girls, one of whom had brushed her arm and caused her to drop the books she was carrying. Squatting down to pick them up, she failed to notice the small blonde girl that had turned back and was now hovering over her.

“Have you got a problem?”

Jenny looked up. “Well, you could have been more careful.”


“Meaning I’ve got better things to do than crawl around the floor picking books up after you lot barged past, that’s all.” With the books safely gathered in her arms, Jenny stood up and found herself looking down at the shorter Helen Peters, a fellow sixth form girl.

“It wasn’t me, actually.”

“Well, I didn’t mention you by name, did I? Actually.”

“No, but you insinuated.”

“No, I didn’t. How?”

“You were looking straight at me.”

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Yes, you were.”

“Oh, sod off.” Jenny turned to walk away, having had enough of this ridiculous conversation.

Helen Peters, though, wasn’t satisfied and grabbed Jenny’s arm. Jenny tried to pull her arm away and in the struggle they both crashed against one of the windows between the corridor and the adjoining classroom. The unmistakeable tinkling of glass breaking stopped the struggle instantly and the two girls ran off down the corridor.

Jenny began the next lesson with more than a pang of guilty conscience, and thought several times about mentioning it to the teacher. It would be hard to explain, though, without involving Helen Peters and the possibility of getting Helen into trouble, and then being labelled as a sneak, made it too risky.

Helen, on the other hand, had no such qualms and unbeknown to Jenny had gone to see the deputy headmistress. In Jenny’s absence it was easy for Helen to allege without contradiction that Jenny had pushed her into the window.

When the same deputy headmistress, Miss Thomas, entered Jenny’s classroom towards the end of the lesson, it came as no great surprise to Jenny that she was required to visit the Miss Thomas at the end of school.

Despite the relatively accidental nature of the damage, Jenny was feeling considerable trepidation as she walked along the corridor to the classroom where Miss Thomas, a short plump woman in her late forties with a round squat face, both taught and used as her office. Looking through the window from the corridor, Jenny was a little surprised by the absence of Helen Peters either waiting outside or already inside the room.

Seeing Miss Thomas’s short steely grey hair bobbing up and down as she wrote in an open file on her desk, Jenny knocked crisply on the door and waited. Within a few seconds, she was called in. Jenny went straight to the front of the deputy headmistress’s desk and waited while she finished writing in the file. Minutes passed and Miss Thomas seemed in no hurry to complete her report.

“So, Jennifer White, what on earth do you think you’ve been playing at?” Closing the file and replacing it in a drawer in her desk, Miss Thomas looked straight up into Jenny’s face.

“I suppose you mean the window, miss. Well, it was a complete accident. You see…”

“I don’t want to know, Jennifer. I’ve seen quite enough for myself, thank you.”

Jenny’s face reddened at the interruption, and she subconsciously bent her right knee which made her stand slightly crookedly, a point not missed by Miss Thomas.

“Stand up properly when you are before me.”

Jenny complied immediately but with less than good grace, something else that Miss Thomas observed.

This was the third time this term that Jenny had been called to see the deputy headmistress, firstly for talking in class having already been warned not to by the teacher and then for not wearing her hair properly. With shoulder length dark brown hair, the rules required Jenny to wear her hair tied up in some way, bunches, a ponytail, or in a bob; all were acceptable but loose was not. That was the rule for anyone with hair longer than collar length.

When Miss Thomas handed Jenny a couple of rubber bands and waited while she fixed her hair in front of her, the eighteen year old had felt quite humiliated so that ever since she regarded the deputy headmistress with little short of total contempt. It was bad enough a senior sixth form girl having still to wear the full school uniform of navy blue wrap around skirt with white blouse, school tie, black shoes and white knee length socks. Other schools in the area allowed their senior girls a more grown-up alternative uniform, why not this one?

“How is it that a girl of your age – eighteen aren’t you – is still behaving like some junior girl with her head in the clouds? And this is the third time in one single term that you’ve appeared before me, is it not? What are you thinking of, girl?”

With Miss Thomas rattling on without giving the poor girl a chance to answer any of the questions put to her, Jenny’s lack of respect showed as she sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

“Pay attention when I’m speaking to you, girl. Most girls would be quite ashamed at being in your position, but not you it seems. You really do need to buck your ideas up, girl.”

Jenny humoured her headmistress by at least looking at Miss Thomas as she spoke in her normal abrupt manner. It was only when the deputy headmistress’s voice became calmer and more measured, and complimented her on her academic abilities, that Jenny paid any real attention. For just one moment, Jenny thought perhaps Miss Thomas had relented and was about to see things her way.

“You know, I’m fed up with seeing you standing there while I lecture you on your latest misdemeanour.”

That didn’t sound quite so good to Jenny.

“Jennifer White, I’m going to slipper you.”

“No, that didn’t sound at all good. Jenny was genuinely surprised, even though she was quite aware all girls at this school, even eighteen year old sixth form girls, were still eligible for corporal punishment. Quickly weighing things up, Jenny reckoned any objection from her would anyway swiftly be disallowed and it would give Miss Thomas another cause to rebuke her. No, all in all, better to keep quiet and take her punishment.

Never having been slippered before, Jenny watched with some interest as Miss Thomas opened the middle drawer in her desk and took out a small book she kept to write in all the names of the girls she slippered. The deputy headmistress thumbed through a number of pages before reaching one where the writing finished about two thirds the way down the page.

“Make yourself useful, girl. Go and fetch one of those chairs stacked at the back of the classroom.”

Struggling to read some of the names on the page, Jenny was disappointed to be interrupted by this task being given her and she quickly went and fetched one of the metal and plastic chairs which she put down in front of the deputy headmistress’s desk. Waiting for Miss Thomas to finish writing, Jenny now focused more on what was being written for her own entry but with equal lack of success.

Miss Thomas finished writing and replaced the book in her desk. She picked up a small set of keys and went across to the far side of the classroom where there was a tall cupboard. She soon selected the correct key, unlocked the door and removed a slipper from the top shelf.

In the meantime, Jenny’s attention had strayed to the window between the classroom and the corridor and in particular her friend, Georgina Webb, who was standing outside. While Miss Thomas’s back was still turned, Jenny put her thumbs to her head and pulled a funny face at the deputy headmistress which Georgina found highly amusing.

Just as Miss Thomas turned, so Georgina ducked out of sight and left Jenny looking out through the classroom window.

“You seem to be taking this very lightly, girl, if you’re more interested in what is going in the corridor than the punishment you are about to receive. Perhaps I should send you along to the school office to fetch the cane.”

“Oh, no miss, something just made me look round, that’s all.”


The deputy headmistress was now within six feet of Jenny and holding the slipper, a rather old grubby item with pink uppers and a rubber sole like a very well worn plimsoll, in both hands. Jenny reckoned this was not the time to suggest the deputy headmistress should either clean it or replace it with a newer one.

“This should not be necessary for a girl of your age, you know.” Miss Thomas waved the dirty slipper in front of Jenny’s nose. “I sincerely hope I will not be seeing you before me again for a disciplinary matter. Don’t think I enjoy slippering girls.” Seeing Jenny becoming a little nervous at the sight of the slipper, Miss Thomas smiled with satisfaction. “One day you will thank me for this.”

Thanking her Miss Thomas was the last thing on Jenny’s mind, especially knowing the talking had to come to an end very soon and that then she would really have to face the music.

“Get yourself ready, girl. Bend over the back of that chair.”

Jenny shuffled into position beside the black metal framed chair that had a faded red moulded plastic seat and back and started to lean over.

“This side, girl. I’m right-handed.”

With a barely concealed sigh, Jenny stood up again and went round to the opposite side of the chair and bent over again. The air felt cool as she felt the hem of her navy blue wrap around skirt ride up.

“Arch your back, girl. I want your bottom to stick out.”

Jenny pushed herself a little closer to the seat of the chair and thrust her backside out. Her eyes looking straight down at the floor immediately beyond the chair, the eighteen year old felt the hem of her skirt being interfered with and immediately realised Miss Thomas must be making some sort of adjustment. Whatever it was, it felt quite uncomfortable and ticklish and made Jenny wriggle her bottom.

“Keep still, girl, or I’ll give you an extra stroke.”

Jenny froze. The price of an extra stroke was sufficient to deter her from interfering with the deputy headmistress’s fiddling. Her reward was to feel her skirt being lifted softly and carefully and then folded onto her back, leaving her brief navy blue underwear totally exposed. Normally a confident type of girl, Jenny now felt extremely vulnerable, and Miss Thomas’s hand on her back, holding her down over the chair, did nothing to allay her insecurity.

When the deputy headmistress tapped her bottom several times with the sole of the slipper, Jenny couldn’t help think just how inviting a target her firm round bottom must have appeared to Miss Thomas. Something caused Jenny to glance towards the corridor window and she saw Georgina, safely out of sight behind Miss Thomas’s back, laughing at her. The next thing she knew, a tremendous smarting pain spread across her bottom as Miss Thomas brought the slipper crashing into the very centre of her knicker clad bottom.

The sound had echoed round the room and the pain had caused Jenny to jump up, but she quickly settled back down and deliberately thrust her bottom up to enable Miss Thomas to apply another stroke.

The deputy headmistress willingly complied and after a couple of taps brought the slipper rattling down until it struck Jenny’s bottom, just left of centre. The eighteen year old couldn’t help herself leap up as she felt the excruciating pain across her left buttock.

“When, despite the agony, Jenny settled back down and offered her bottom yet again, Miss Thomas wasn’t satisfied.

“Arch your back, girl. More. Come on, more!”

Jenny’s skirt had slipped down and once she was back in a position that met with her deputy headmistress’s approval, she felt the skirt being lifted once again, although the strange tickling sensation was more soothing than an annoyance.

Within moments, Miss Thomas whacked the slipper firmly down again, right in the centre of Jenny’s bottom. Finally, Jenny was able to accept the punishing stroke without jumping up and, for a few moments only, she wondered whether that might be an end of the matter. Two taps on the seat of her navy blue knickers dispelled that idea.

Miss Thomas, so Georgina reported later, seemed quite disappointed with Jenny’s resolve and swept the slipper much further back before swinging it even more swiftly and sharply down so that it really crashed across Jenny’s bottom with an almighty bang.

“Yeeeeeoouuuccchhh!” Jenny cried out and flung her hands back to her sore aching bottom as tears began to roll down her face.

“You may go, girl.”

The pain was such that Jenny really thought she must have been severely injured by the stroke and she flipped her skirt quickly down and fled from the room. Without thinking, she headed straight down the corridor leaving Georgina running after her.

The school was now deserted and Jenny thankfully didn’t have to face the torments of her fellow sixth form colleagues as she and Georgina collected their coats and left. Although Jenny’s house was not directly on her route, Georgina stayed with her friend until they both stood by Jenny’s front door.

“Do you want to come in for a bit?” Jenny looked sheepishly at Georgina.

“Yes, why not?” Georgina answered, trying not to sound too enthusiastic.

They went straight up to Jenny’s room where Jenny quickly unfastened her skirt and threw it onto her bed. She half turned toward a full length mirror fixed to the door of her wardrobe, flipped her navy blue knickers down and inspected the bruising on her bottom. More or less her whole bottom was red, sore and bruised with four slightly darker areas denoting just where the slipper had landed.

“Wow!” Georgina’s eyes widened as she too inspected the marks. “I bet that smarts a bit.”

“It hurts like hell, actually. That bloody bitch!”

“Miss Thomas or Helen Peters?”

“I was thinking about Miss Thomas really. I bet she enjoyed it.”

“Oh, she did. She really screwed her ugly face up just before every whack and then smiled with satisfaction every time you jumped. The one time you didn’t, she gave you an extra hard whack.”

“I’d love to see Helen Peters get the same, but that little goody-two-shoes won’t, of course.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Someone might have had a little word with the Head Girl. She’s such a gossip, and has the attention of our dearly beloved deputy headmistress.”

“Who, for example?”

“I couldn’t say.” Georgina answered with a cheeky smile on her face. “But I can’t imagine Miss Thomas giving up the chance to slipper another girl.”

The End