A wayward daughter learns a hard lesson

By Stinger Sam

“What the hell was you thinking?” Demanded Patty, mother of 19 year old Julia.

“When did you decide to start playing mother,” countered Julia.

“If you didn’t have the money to buy those CDs, all you had to do was ask me. I would have bought them for you. If the owner of the pawnshop decides to press charges, you could go to jail. And worse, your record will be stained for life.”

“You better listen to your mother, young lady. She knows want she is talking about,” said a local police officer.

Just after the police officer said those words, the office door opened and the owner of the pawnshop emerged.

“You have broken the law and have disrespected me. Therefore, I have decided to press charges,” said the pawnshop owner.

Realizing how serious this matter was, Julia started crying.

“Please don’t press charges,” begged Julia. “I don’t want to go to jail.”

“You should have thought about that before thinking you had a five finger discount at my store. Officer…”

Patty stood up and said: “Wait. Sir, may I please have a word with you in private?”

The pawnshop owner sighed and answered: “Very well. Let’s go to the store.”

Patty and the owner went to the store, which was empty since he decided to temporarily close the store on account of dealing with Julia.

“What is it? If you intend to try to convince me of letting your daughter off the hook, forget about it. She needs to learn a lesson.”

“I agree that she needs to learn a lesson. Is there another approach besides the police? Please, sir. I don’t want to permanently damage my daughter’s record, yet I do want her to be punished. She is a young girl who made a stupid mistake. There has to an alternative.”

“Do you know what she needs?” Asked the pawnshop owner. “She needs a good, long overdue spanking. From what I can tell, she has zero respect for you, her own mother. Unbelievable!”

Patty looked down and said: “It is true, she treats me like trash.”

“My point exactly,” answered the pawnshop owner. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll consider this matter resolved if you bust her little ass for acting like an immature little brat. Deal?”

“Thank you, sir,” Patty said, relieved that her daughter would avoid jail time.

Patty and the owner returned to the office where Julia and the police officer were waiting.

“Julia, Mr Walls and I have reached an agreement that you can avoid criminal charges if you agree to a spanking. While your record will not be permanently damaged, you butt will be temporarily damaged,” said Patty.

“Excuse me,” objected Julia. “I’m too old for a spanking. I am 19 years old. Idiots!”

The pawnshop owner, alarmed by Julia’s response, looked over at her and firmly said: “Young lady, you have a serious bad attitude. You are rude and inconsiderate. Having your back porch painted red is exactly what you need! So, which is it going to be? Handcuffs or a sore butt?”

Patty nodded, sat down and said: “Maybe you wouldn’t be too old for a spanking if you stopped acting like a disrespectful child. Unless you want to go for a ride in a cop car, I suggest you take off your pants and get over my lap.”

Patty looked up at the pawnshop owner and caught him checking her out. Although Patty was 41 years old, she was a very attractive woman. Like her daughter, she had long dark hair, wide brown eyes, large breasts and thick thighs. She was wearing a pearl long-sleeve sweater, black lace thigh high stockings, black high heels, and a black pencil skirt with a slit, exposing her left thigh.

“How lame,” Julia said, removing her jeans and presenting her bottom to be spanked by bending over her mother’s lap.

With Julia over her mother’s lap and her feet and hands touching the floor, this was the first time in several years that Julia laid across her mother’s knee waiting for a spanking. Julia was a very stubborn and rebellious girl. Although her mother failed to discipline her, Julia was frequently paddled in school, with the last paddling administered two weeks before graduation. Patty had been unable to maintain control over her daughter since Mark, her ex-husband, left her. Since Mark has chosen to walk out of his only daughter’s life after the divorce, Patty has been forced to raise Julia by herself. To say it had been difficult for Patty would be an understatement. She had longed for a father figure in her daughter’s life in order to provide her with the sternness and discipline that only a father could provide.

“This is long overdue,” said Patty, tossing her daughter’s lovely dark hair to the side and lowering her pink thong.

“You do know that I am technically too big for a spanking, right?” Asked Julia.

Examining Julia’s perfectly round bottom and caressing it, Patty said: “I figure since I brought you in this world, I will always have the right to spank your butt whenever it needs it.”

Patty placed her left hand on her daughter’s right upper thigh and slapped her right cheek.

Smack! Smack!

Then she raised her right hand and struck Julia’s left bare cheek.

Smack! Smack!

With Julia’s bottom now a beautiful rosy color, Patty slapped each cheek one more time.

Smack! Smack!

After the sixth swat, Patty raised Julia’s pink thong over her red bottom and lifted Julia off her lap.

“I hope you have learned a lesson, young lady,” Patty said.

Julia, looking unfazed but her backside on fire, pulled up her jeans and said: “Sure, whatever, mom. Can we go so these old men can play with themselves after watching you spank me?”

Enraged by Julia’s persistent lack of disrespect and unrepentant behavior, the pawnshop owner said: “You call that a spanking?”

Patty turned to the pawnshop owner and said: “Yes, as a matter of fact I do. Her behind is well spanked as evidenced by the red shade displayed on her bottom. What were you expecting? A black and blue bottom? Hell no! I agreed to spank her, not beat her. Julia, in the car. Now.”

Being frustrated, the pawnshop owner said: “Madam, you better provide your daughter with the damn discipline she needs before it is too late. I never want to see you two in my store again!”

On the way home in the car, Patty and Julia did not speak one word to each other. Once they arrived, Patty and Julia went in the house.

“It has been a long day. I’m going to take a nap. Do not leave the house and you better stay out of trouble!” Warned Patty.

“Whatever, mom,” replied Julia.

Patty pointed at her daughter with her index finger and said: “Don’t ‘whatever’ me. Or would you like another spanking?”

Julia with her bottom still stinging didn’t respond to her mother. Patty left her presence and went to her bedroom. With her mother gone, Julia rolled a joint and smoked it in the bathroom. When the joint was close to being finished, Julia coughed and dropped it, thus losing it.

‘Damn, where is it at,’ thought Julia, as she searched for the remains of the joint in a drug induced state.

Being unable to find it, Julia gave up the search, went to her room and watched television.

Later, Patty woke up, went to the restroom, looked down at the floor, and saw the joint. She scooped it up and placed it in a plastic sandwich bag. She then went to Julia’s bedroom where she saw her daughter passed out with the television on.

Patty kicked the bed and said: “Wake up!”

“What the hell do you want?!” Screamed Julia.

“Do you use drugs? Yes or no,” demanded Patty.

Rolling her eyes, Julia answered: “No.”

“Then what the hell is this?” Patty asked, throwing the plastic sandwich bag containing the joint into Julia’s lap.

“That’s not mine,” Julia said, lying to her mother.

“It sure the hell isn’t mine,” said Patty, retrieving the bag. “So guess what? That means it is yours.”

Julia stood up and said: “That’s bullshit! You probably smoked it and now decided to blame me for it.”

Patty backhanded Julia as hard as she could and said: “Don’t you ever call me a liar.”

“You bitch,” Julia said, punching her mother in the nose.

Patty tackled Julia, pinned her down and said: “You hit me one more time and I’ll throw you out on the streets!”

“Go ahead,” exclaimed Julia, unsuccessfully trying to get her mother off of her. “It is what you do best, just as what you did with father! It is your fault that he is gone. Maybe if you would have paid more attention to him, he would still be here.”

With tears in her eyes, Patty said: “I know you are hurting because your father abandoned us. I did everything I possibly could to make our marriage work. He did us both wrong.”

“Not so! You failed to keep him interested in yourself and at your obligations to satisfy him.”

Patty got up and said: “I can’t believe you just said that. I always gave myself to your father whenever he wanted it. The fact is your father is a man whore. One woman will never be enough for that skirt chaser. As for your behavior, it has got to change. I cannot take it anymore. Me finding that damn roach in the bathroom proves that I cannot trust you to be alone in the house. I have a date tomorrow with Greg. While I’m on my date, you’ll be stuck with a babysitter.”


“Shut it. I’ve made up my mind. You have no one to blame except for yourself.”

Julia was not happy about having a babysitter. In her mind, she was a legal adult and therefore didn’t need a babysitter. In addition to that, she planned on fooling around with her boyfriend while her mother was gone. Now with the announcement of a babysitter, her plans had changed.

‘This is a crock of shit,’ Julia thought, sitting down on her bed and crossing her arms.

Patty then went to her bedroom and called Kim, one her close friends.

“Hi Patty. How is going,” greeted Kim.

“I’ve been better.”

“What is the matter, dear?” Asked Kim.

“I found a damn marijuana roach in the bathroom and got into a fist fight with Julia. I am supposed to go on a date with Greg tomorrow but now I may have to cancel because I can’t trust Julia being home alone.”

“Wow, that’s not good. Listen, I know a sitter that can watch Julia while you are on your date. Do you remember that little spell I had with Becky?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well I hired this guy named Frank to watch her. After one night with Frank, Becky was a completely different girl. His methods are severe, but they might be the only way.”

“I don’t know, Kim. A guy? It sounds a little creepy,” replied Patty.

“Why don’t you at least meet Frank. He works at Bill’s Tavern.”

“Fine, I’ll meet Frank,” Patty said, reluctantly agreeing.

“Great! If you like, drop Julia off at my place while you meet Frank,” said Kim.

Okay. I’ll see you in a little bit,” Patty responded, hanging up the phone.

That night, Patty brought Julia to Kim’s apartment and went to Bill’s Tavern. She did not enjoy being there. It was dark, the music was blaring, the air was filled with smoke, and the bar was packed with intoxicated customers using profanity and making sexist jokes. At first glance, Patty considered leaving, but she remembered her promise to Kim. She approached the bartender and inquired about Frank. The bartender pointed at a guy that was standing close to the exit.

Patty turned to see him but was unable to do so because of the darkness and thick smoke fog. She ventured towards this mysterious dark figure. Once within a few feet from him, she was shocked by what she saw. Frank appeared to be in his late thirties and was very tall and looked to weigh 300 pounds with every ounce being pure muscle. As if Frank was not intimidating enough, his white tank top exposed his 20 inch arms with tattoo sleeves. With a shaved head and a long brown goatee, she thought Frank look liked a convict out on parole. Patty was frightened by Frank’s appearance. Like a scared beaten dog with its tail between its legs, she slowly approached Frank.

“Excuse me, sir. Are you Frank?” Patty asked, trembling.

Frank turned to Patty’s direction, looked down at her and said: “Yes, I am. What do you want?”

“A friend recommended you,” Patty stuttered. “I have a child that is out of control and I need you to take care of her for the night while I go out on a date.”

“Two hundred dollars,” Frank said, cutting to the chase.

“Two hundred dollars? Isn’t that a little excessive?” Objected Patty.

“If you don’t like my price, I suggest you hire a spineless pantywaist or a dumb teenager to deal with your daughter.”

In disgust, Patty walked away. She decided she would have a drink before leaving. As she was at the bar sipping on a pina colada, a fight broke out. Frank headed over there and tried to politely stop the fight. One of the men cracked a beer bottle over Frank’s head. Frank didn’t look deterred and stared at him. He swung at Frank but Frank grabbed his arm and nearly broke it. Then Frank smacked that guy in the back of the head with his right elbow, dropping him like a fly. The other man pulled out a switchblade and tried to stab Frank. Frank dodged the attack, buried his fist in the attacker’s stomach, grabbed his head and slammed the attacker’s face into his right knee. The second attacker went down on the floor and laid in a pool of his own blood. Two other bouncers came running over there and threw out the two attackers. Patty couldn’t believe how Frank easily handled those two large men.

Changing her mind about hiring Frank, she approached Frank and asked: “So, you think you can handle my 19 year old?”

The next night, Patty got ready for her date. When she was finished dressing, she walked down stairs and informed her daughter that the babysitter should be arriving soon.

“This is total bullshit,” objected Julia. “I’m 19 years old. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“Well your actions prove you are wrong. You have no one to blame except for yourself,” replied Patty.

As she finished saying that, a loud motorcycle could be heard from outside.

“That must be Frank, your babysitter,” Patty said, opening the front door. “Hi, Frank. Come on in.”

Julia stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Frank slowly walking to the house. He was wearing dark denim jeans and a black leather vest depicting an evil looking skull on the back, complete with black motorcycle boots. Looking at his excessively large arms containing tattoo sleeves made Julia shiver. She couldn’t believe that her own mother would hire a thug to babysit her.

“Frank, this is my daughter, Julia,” Patty said as Frank entered her home.

“So, what prison do you hail from?” Julia said, trying not to appear intimidated.

“Prison’s where weak cowards like yourself are tormented and beg for mommy just to get the shit kicked out of them for being a whiny little bitch,” answered Frank, staring at Julia with a wicked look on his face.

Julia stood there, frozen in fear and unable to respond. She had not feared her mother or anyone since her father’s departure. Now here she was, paralyzed with fear by a strange and terrifying man, who she would be left alone with for a few hours. She began to have great remorse about her behavior towards her mother.

“Mom, can I have a word with you,” politely asked Julia.

“Sure, honey. Excuse us, Frank.”

Patty and Julia went upstairs into Patty’s bedroom.

Julia sat down on the bed and said: “Mother, I’m really sorry for how I’ve treated you. Please, I beg you, don’t leave me alone with that man. He scares me.”

Patty sat down beside her daughter and said: “I appreciate your apology, but this is for your own good. I lost control of you since your father and I divorced. You needed a father figure in your life and your deadbeat father decided to desert you. Having Frank here tonight is probably one of the best decisions I made in a long time. It is truly amazing that, as a physical education teacher and a coach, I can keep my girls in line with my paddle but I’m unable to manage my own daughter. What you needed all these years was your father. Tonight, you will have a father in the person of Frank.”

With tears in her eyes, Julia responded: “But what if Frank rapes me? Or what if he beats me or kills me? Do you not care that could happen to me, your only child?”

“Don’t exaggerate, honey. I checked Frank out and I have no concerns about him. Just behave and do what he says. Pretty simple, right?” Patty said, getting up and exiting the bedroom.

“Are you demented or do you just not care,” exclaimed Julia, following her mother down the stairs. “If something happens to me while you leave me in the care of that psycho, you will be liable.”

Now back in Frank’s presence, Patty said: “Which reminds me, Frank, if you have any problems with Julia, and I mean any problems at all, please feel free to address her misbehavior as you see fit.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” replied Frank.

Julia looked stunned and couldn’t believe her mother’s actions. As she was trying to digest the seriousness of the situation, a loud honk was heard from the driveway.

“The must be Greg,” Patty said, rolling her eyes. “What a great way to start a date. Are there any gentlemen left in the world? Geez. Okay, I’ll be back in a few hours. Bye.”

When Patty left the house, there was an uncomfortable silence in the room. Julia was determined that Frank or no man would start controlling her life.

“So, you think you are going to march in here and order me around,” Julia asked, staring in Frank’s eyes. “I got news for you! I don’t think so. If you think you a low life convict who scammed my naive mother out of her money, can boss me around, you better think again.”

“One,” responded Frank, staring at Julia with a cold look in his eyes.

Having a confused look, Julia asked: “One what?”

“I give three warnings and only three. After the third warning, your ass is grass and I’m the lawn mower,” Frank answered.

“Oh, I’m so scared. What are you going to do, mister? Are you going to spank me and take my birthday away,” Julia sarcastically asked.

“Two,” Frank said, showing no emotion.

Julia poured boiling hot coffee in a cup. She sipped on it, threw the coffee in Frank’s face, and ran upstairs for dear life. As Frank was closing in on her, she made her way to the bathroom and locked the door. Having shut the door and locked it, she felt safe. She sat down on the far side of the bathroom and took a deep breath. She looked over at the thick solid oak door that offered protection from that monster known as Frank and reasoned that she was out of harm’s reach.

“So, you think you are a big, scary man? Think again! You are just a giant pussy!” Screamed Julia while laughing.


That laughter and cocky look transformed into a bloody screech and petrified look when she saw Frank kicking the bathroom door off its hinges. Frank walked into the bathroom, removed his thick black leather belt and approached Julia. Julia sat there, unable to move due to fear. Frank grabbed her and planted her on the bathtub side wall with her bent over on her stomach and her bottom raised high in the air. He ripped off her jeans and lowered her purple satin string bikini panties. He folded his belt in half and walloped Julia’s unprotected backside as hard as he could.


“Ouch,” Julia screamed, wiggling in severe pain.

“Stand still!” Demanded Frank.

Frank flogged her rear end with his belt, resulting in earsplitting pops that echoed throughout the entire residence. Julia let out a loud howl with tears rushing from her eyes. She wanted to get up but she was afraid to do so because of what Frank might possibly do. She accepted her destiny and allowed Frank to punish her round bottom until he felt satisfied. Frank continued to strike Julia’s backside over and over again. He punished her bottom mercilessly until he believed it was properly chastened. When he finished spanking Julia, he put his belt back on and exited the bathroom. Julia laid there in the same spot until her mother returned an hour and a half later, still bawling like a baby.

For the first time in years, Julia actually feared and respected someone. She did not fear her mother, her father, her boss, or even the police. However, she feared Frank. After receiving that harsh spanking from Frank, she would be reminded for two weeks of what real discipline felt like. It didn’t feel like one of her mom’s bare bottom spankings that Julia called a ‘pat on the back’ but rather a grave thrashing that tanned her backside for a long time. During that moment, she decided that it might be wise to change her behavior, seeing that now Frank was in the picture.

Patty entered the house, heard Julia crying and asked: “Julia, are you okay?”

Julia didn’t respond but remained crying, still in unbearable pain. In fear, Patty ran up the stairs and stood at the bathroom, gazing at her half naked, weeping daughter and remains of the bathroom door. She couldn’t help but notice the welts and bruises on her daughter’s bottom. Julia didn’t look up at her mother and continued sobbing in the floor like a spanked little child. Patty went downstairs where she saw Frank relaxing on the recliner, watching television, and drinking a beer. She didn’t know what to make of Frank. Was Frank an oversized goon or the father figure that Julia desperately needed? She didn’t know for sure. One thing she did know for certain was that there was a drastic change in Julia that transpired within spending a few hours with Frank. She stood there eyeing Frank, being at a loss for words.

“So, how did your date go,” asked Frank, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, that didn’t go so swell. It turned out that Greg is too much on the feminine side for me,” replied Patty.

“If you ever want to go on a date with a real man, let me know,” said Frank, finishing his beer.

The End

© Stinger Sam 2016