A detention changes everything for two friendsT

By Richard Campbell

“Sims! Williams! Demerit each for talking. Mmm, fifth this term for each of you. That’s a detention each, then.”

Rachel Sims glared at her best friend.

It wasn’t the hour writing lines that annoyed her. It was the ‘chat’ with the Headmistress at the end. It was Sarah’s second detention this year. Rachel’s first. It was rare for a pupil to get 5 demerits, let alone ten. It almost appeared that she enjoyed getting told off.

Detentions were only held monthly, such was the good behaviour of the pupils, and they were served on the third Thursday in the month, after school. Having members of the upper sixth as participants was unusual, but not unheard of.

Rachel knew something had changed in her best friend, but couldn’t quite put her finger on what. In the last 18 months she’d become much more rebellious. They’d been friends since they both joined the school at 11. Now they were more ladies than girls. Sarah was quite petite, but Rachel was a good 6 inches taller, at 5 foot 8, and had a fine womanly figure.

The catalyst for Sarah’s misbehaviour seemed to be the gym mistress giving everyone in class a stroke of the slipper. It was rare for a whole class to get punished, but the class had been really lazy that lesson, and she’d had enough. Whereas everyone else became better behaved, Sarah reacted as though it was a challenge to see how much she could get away with.
It had been the first time Rachel had seen anyone slippered. There was power and grace as the slipper swung through the air and then the noise of the impact, and then the motion of taught flesh as the kinetic energy transferred in heat, sound and, of course, pain to the recipient.

Well, now Sarah had done it! A first ever detention for Rachel!

Rachel supposed there was one bit of good news. The third Thursday in the month was only two days away. Not too long to wait. They got teased a little, but mostly their peers were just glad it wasn’t them.

At the end of the day on Thursday, they made their way to the nominated classroom. There was also a fourth-year girl waiting. All three were clearly nervous.

Mrs Jones appeared and ushered them in.

“Sit wherever you wish. Get out a pen and paper.”

When they’d all settled, Mrs Jones addressed them.

“Please write down the following: ‘This school expects all pupils to follow its rules or accept the consequences’. Now, Watts, write that 50 times. Sims and Williams, write it 100 times. When you are finished come up to have your work checked.”

They all settled and worked quietly, not wanting to get into more trouble.

Watts finished first and presented her work to the teacher. Mrs Jones reviewed it carefully.

“Right, Watts. The Headmistress is expecting you.”

The girl visibly palled at the mention of the school principal. Watts gathered her pen and bag and left the class.

Another 10 minutes, and Rachel finished. She rose and presented the lines to Mrs Jones, who briefly looked at them and said: “Sims, you may go. The Headmistress is expecting you.”

On the way to the Head’s office, she met Watts coming the other way. She was walking slowly, one hand rubbing her bottom, the other wiping tears from her eyes.

Rachel took in the scene but continued. She knew that failure to present oneself to the Headmistress meant leaving the school. Her hands strayed to her own bottom, wondering how bad it would be for her.

She arrived at the office and knocked.


Rachel opened the door and closed it behind her. She walked to the desk and stood at attention.

“Sims. Ah, yes. One half of the inseparable friends. No doubt, I will be dealing with Williams shortly. She is leading you astray! I am tempted to give you the same punishment, but as a first timer I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but if there’s a second visit it will be the cane!”

The Headmistress stood and walked round the desk. In her right hand was a school plimsoll.

“Stand close to the desk, please. Raise the back of your skirt and then bend over.”

Rachel did as instructed, making sure that her skirt would be clear of her knickers.

“Grip the far edge of the desk. Do not get up until told. Feet closer to the desk, please. Legs straight. Let’s get that bottom up! You will be getting six.”

Rachel felt the slipper tap against her knickers and then pull away.

Whapp. The first struck, driving her up on her toes. Rachel grunted. It was more painful than she remembered, and that was just the first.

Whilst that crossed her mind, the second arrived. Again, she grunted, but more urgently this time.

The third arrived. Rachel’s bottom was getting very sore.

Four! She struggled to stay down. Knuckles turning white as she gripped the edge of the desk.

The Head was pleased when the fifth produced a squeal of pain.

‘I must be getting through to her!’ She thought.

The last was the hardest. Rachel cried out, body going rigid for a moment and then she lay slumped over the desk.

“You may get up and go when you are ready.”

Rachel used her hands to push herself upright. Her bottom felt burning hot and very sore. Her skirt fell back into normal position.

It took a couple of minutes for Rachel to compose herself, then she said: “Thank you, Miss,” and made her way towards the door.

She heard the Head’s voice. “Remember, next time it will be the cane!”

She found Sarah waiting outside.

Sarah gave her friend an odd look and then entered the study, closing the door after her.

Rachel wasn’t sure if she was allowed to stay, but took the risk.

After a few minutes, the quiet was broken by a new sound. A whistle and then a thwack. Sarah WAS getting the cane. At first all Rachel could hear was silence, then the next whack, but the third was accompanied by a moan. With four, it was a cry, and five was more like a muffled scream.

Rachel was still rubbing her sore bottom but the pain she’d felt 10 minutes ago had subsided to a hot glow. Although she was feeling sorry for her friend, listening was also giving her other feelings.

There was a longer pause and then the sound of the sixth reached her. It was louder and followed by a full-blown howl. At that point, Rachel decided it was best not to be found listening. She scurried away down to the cloakroom where she’d agreed to meet Sarah.
It was at least five minutes before Sarah appeared.

“Wow! That was intense,” exclaimed Sarah.

“Yes, it sounded really painful.”

“You listened?”

“Yes, I heard every stroke.”

“Want to see?” asked Sarah.

“What if someone comes?”

“It will be fine. The school is empty at this time of night.”

Sarah reached up under her skirt and pulled her knickers down. Then she leaned forward and flipped her skirt up at the back. Two lily white bottom cheeks crossed by 6 angry red stripes revealed themselves.

Rachel reached out her hand; it was drawn inexorably to Sarah’s bottom. Her fingers danced over the marks.

Sarah broke the trance Rachel was in.

“I think on balance I prefer the slipper, but maybe the cane will grow on me.”

Rachel’s mouth gaped open. “What? You enjoyed that?”

Sarah looked coy but, after a pause said: “Yes.”

“Well, I didn’t enjoy getting it one little bit!” Rachel exclaimed.

“Actually, I saw the look on your face in the gym, Rachel. You watched every stroke being given to every other girl. I could tell you were interested. In fact you looked excited.”
Rachel didn’t say anything.

“Naughty girls do need their bottoms smacked on a regular basis. The Headmistress said she’d expel me next time, so that’s no good. Maybe you’d spank me?”

There was a long pause as Rachel stared at Sarah’s bottom.

“Ok, yes,” she croaked.

Then, gaining confidence, “My parents are away next weekend. You can come round. I can take my gym kit home so we have a slipper at the house. If you are naughty, I’ll put you over my knee and give you a sound spanking! There’s only one thing. How the hell do we get hold of a cane?”

The End

© Richard Campbell 2020