A girl has an appointment with her form mistress

By Carla A Williams

As she descended the stairs, Judith Walker looked across and saw the school secretary, Mrs Ballinger, and her younger assistant, Jenny Knowles, both seated at their desks and tapping away at their computer keyboards. Judith smiled at them as they looked up, and they both smiled back.

“Appointment with Miss Harper,” Judith explained, then went across to one of the low armchairs reserved for visitors and girls waiting to see staff members.

Mrs Ballinger nodded, Jenny Knowles gave Judith an odd look.

The small selection of magazines on a nearby coffee table caught Judith’s eye but none of the titles appeared sufficiently enticing for the eighteen year old to choose one.

Soon, though, footsteps approached from the corridor leading to the administrative part of the school. A blond haired woman emerged carrying several buff coloured folders.

“Thank you, Mrs Ballinger, I’ve finished with these now.” Ignoring Judith, the blond woman went straight to the senior school secretary and handed over the folders. She seemed to hesitate, neither speaking further to Mrs Ballinger nor continuing to her next task.

Judith looked up at the back of the woman’s head, admiring the long blond hair wound quite tightly to encapsulate the head in a not unattractive style. Below, a beige tweed suit jacket defined a shapely upper body, while the matching skirt hugged around neat womanly hips and dropped less tightly to the point of the knees. Black shoes with three inch heels completed the ensemble. Then the shoes turned.

“Judith, would you like to come with me, please?” 

Judith got up and followed as the woman headed back down the corridor. They soon arrived at a door marked: ‘Karen Harper, Head of Upper Sixth’.

“Please go in.”

“Thank you,” Judith whispered as the door was held open for her.

“Please sit down.” Miss Harper waved Judith to the chair by the side of the large desk, while the senior teacher sat in her own leather-upholstered swivelling armchair.

“Thank you.” With a nervous toss of her long, dark, wavy hair, Judith sat down and started brushing at an imaginary speck of dirt on her tight black leggings. That done, a spot on her white sleeved cotton top came in for some attention.

“So, Judith, you seem to find yourself in a spot of bother?”

Leaning forward, Judith clamped her lips together and nodded.

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

“Not much to tell, and anyway is there any point?”

“Something about a damaged car?” The teacher persisted.

Judith sighed. “I was on my way home after school. I just passed my driving test two weeks ago. Someone had parked very close to my car, so I had to shunt back and forth several times to get out. When I drove away I happened to clip the car in front. That’s all.”

“I think there’s a little more to it, Judith.”

Judith sighed even more loudly. “Okay! Yes, I didn’t stop. I didn’t leave my name and address. Okay? There didn’t seem to be any damage.”

“Did you check?”

“No.” Judith tossed her hair in frustration. “Look, I’ve been through all this with the headmistress. Do we really need to go through it all again?”

“The car you hit belonged to one of the second year girls’ parents, is that correct?”

“Yes. The mother was somewhere in the school sorting something out for her daughter. Another mother witnessed the accident and told her.”

“And saw you drive off, presumably.”


“Not a wise move?”


“You could have lost your licence almost as soon as you got it.”

“I could have.”

“I understand some kind of deal was struck by the headmistress?”


“With the owner of the car you hit?”


“One of the other parents?”


“And you agreed to…”


“I see.”

Karen Harper stared sympathetically at the eighteen year old, something Judith Walker found quite uncomfortable. When the teacher diverted her gaze to her empty desktop and appeared to study the light beechwood grain, Judith took a deep breath.

“Look, can we get on with it, please Miss Harper?”

“Oh! You mean…?”

Judith frowned, unsure what the teacher meant. “Sorry?”

“No, sorry, I thought you just wanted to talk things over and see what other options we might be able to negotiate for you.”


“You want to…”


“Oh, I see.” Miss Harper’s facial expression didn’t suggest she saw that much. “You mean you want me to…?”



“I was asked to nominate a staff member.” Judith explained.

“Yes, you can do that.” Miss Harper nodded thoughtfully. “It’s funny, I was wondering why the headmistress felt she had to tell me about it. You nominated me, did you?”

“Yes, miss.”

“I see. Yes, it all becomes clear now.”

“So, could we…?” Judith prompted.

“Of course.” The teacher smiled condescendingly and got to her feet. “Oh, you wouldn’t like to pop out and ask one of the secretaries for a cane and the punishment book, would you?”

Judith looked horrified.

“Oh, no, don’t worry. I’ll go.” Miss Harper quickly left the room. A couple of minutes later, she returned with a slender cane in one hand and a red exercise book in the other.

It crossed Judith’s mind that the two school secretaries would now both know exactly why she was having this meeting with miss Harper, somewhat negating her hesitance at going and fetching the cane herself. At least, though, she hadn’t had to face them directly.

The cane was placed on top of Miss Harper’s desk, while the teacher sat back down at her desk and opened the exercise book.

While Judith studied the cane, Miss Harper busied herself with writing on the next vacant line in the book. Suddenly she looked up.

“It was eight strokes, wasn’t it?”

Judith nodded.

“Thought it was. Just wanted to make sure.” Miss Harper smiled and continued writing. It didn’t take long. “Right, all done!”

Judith took the closing of the book as a prompt and stood up. “What do I have to do?” She said nervously.

Miss Harper also got up and then walked round the side of the desk to be near to Judith. “Let’s see now. It’s up to you, but I’d suggest either bending over and touching your toes, or you can bend across my desk. What do you think?”

Judith breathed heavily. “Across your desk?”

“I’ll clear some space.”

As Judith watched, Miss Harper gathered up various sheets of paper, stacked them roughly and bundled them into a drawer.

“There! Slip your trousers down and, you know, bend over.”

“Trousers down? Must I? I am sixth form, you know.”

“Yes, of course I know. It makes no difference. It’s how we do things.”

“Could you at least lock the door?”

Miss Harper smiled. “I wasn’t expecting this to take very long, you know.”

“Yes, but even so. What if a male member of staff wants to see you?”

“Oh, very well.”

With a huff, Miss Harper went over to the door and turned the key.

“There! Okay now?”

Judith still seemed doubtful, but began to insert her fingers into the elastic waistband of her black leggings.

“You need to stand a little closer to the desk.” Miss Harper gripped Judith by the shoulders and manhandled her into place. “There, now you won’t have to shuffle around with your trousers round your ankles.”

Judith looked at the teacher, but with no sign of appreciation. She inserted her fingers into the waistband of her leggings and this time slid them slowly down. The garment was tight, and they didn’t slide easily.

“They’re a bit tight,” Judith explained.

“Take your time,” the teacher said quietly.

Finally, Judith managed to push the leggings down until they gathered around her ankles. As she leaned over to perform the operation, her brief white knickers with a pale blue floral pattern came into view. Judith made a nervous and rather unnecessary adjustment to her underwear, for whichever way she pulled them they simply wouldn’t cover her entire bottom. She chose to cover the lower portions of her backside, leaving the upper edges of her buttocks exposed. Finally she leaned across the desk and sprawled down, gripping the further edge with her fingertips.

Judith soon felt Miss Harper gripping her by the hips and lifting her up a little. “Keep you head down, Judith. I just need you to stick your bottom up and out a little more.”

The eighteen year old cooperated with the teacher’s tugging and soon she heard Miss Harper announce: “Yes, that’s fine. Try and hold that position.”

Within moments, the cane resting on the desk by Judith’s side was snatched up. And then she felt it being laid gently across the full width of her bottom. Panic struck the moment she sensed the cane being removed from contact but before she could do or say anything, the cane struck her hard across the centre of her thin panties.

“Aaah! That smarts!”

Several seconds passed, during which Judith felt the scorching pain ease only slightly, and the cane rested gently across her bottom near the top of her panties. It soon whipped down hard.

“Ouch! God, that stings!” Judith wriggled her hips and bottom to try and dissipate the pain.

“Keep still.”

A couple of taps on her bottom followed and then Judith gasped as the third stroke lashed across her bottom, just below the last stroke. She did, though, keep reasonably still.

Without warning, a fourth stroke slammed into her bottom almost exactly where the first stroke had landed.

“Yeeouch!!” She screwed her face up in pain and started wriggling her hips and bottom again.

“If you keep still, we can get through this nice and quickly.” Miss Harper declared.

“It hurts!” Judith answered tersely.

The teacher’s response was the tap Judith on the bottom, quite low down. Just as she was about to draw the cane back, they heard the door rattling as someone tried to enter.

“Just a moment,” Miss Harper called out. “Actually, can you give me five minutes?”

“Okay.” A male voice answered, a male voice they both recognised as belonging to Mr Antley, a young and rather dishy Physics teacher. They listened for footsteps disappearing back down the corridor, but heard nothing.

Judith shifted her position slightly, and soon felt Miss Harper pushing her back into place.

“Keep still! Let’s get this over with.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Judith resumed her position and braced herself. Within moments, the cane whistled through the air and delivered another hard swipe across her brief panties.


Miss Harper tapped Judith’s bottom twice and then whipped the cane down again.

“Ooowww!!” Judith cried, rather more loudly.

“Nearly done,” was the teacher’s response.

Another stroke cracked down causing Judith to arch her back.


With the final stroke looming, Miss Harper took very careful aim and tapped the seat of Judith’s panties plumb in the centre. She swung the cane back, paused and then drove it down with the weight of her shoulder fully behind the stroke. The cane struck Judith’s backside with a loud crack.


Judith half rose from the desk and clutched her sore bottom as she looked round at the teacher in disgust.

“That really hurt!!”

“Stop being such a baby, Judith. Your punishment was nothing more than you deserved.”

“Eeeesh!” Judith continued to massage her backside as she glared angrily at the teacher. “Can I get up now?”

“Yes, of course.” Miss Harper collected the punishment book and cane together and stood by the side of her desk watching the teenager slowly pulling her black leggings back up. “You’re free to go when you’re ready.”

The leggings now back in place, Judith gave her bottom a final rub and turned. “Thank you,” she declared without conviction and headed for the door.

“Oh, could you return the cane and the book to the…”

Judith simply ignored the teacher and left the room. She came face to face with Mr Antley.

“Um, everything…?”

Giving Mr Antley a scowl despite the worried and somewhat sympathetic expression on his face, Judith stormed off down the corridor.

The End

© Carla A Williams 2015