Continuing on from previous stories ‘Signature Required’ and ‘Last Semester’, an error of judgement leads to firm retribution.

By Stinger Sam

“Ms Kendra, this is your second visit to my office this week. What is going with you?” Asked Lacy.

“Nothing,” responded Kendra, rolling her eyes at Lacy.

“Nothing?” Asked Lacy. “No personal or home problems?”


“I see. It is solely an attitude problem. You are 18 years old and acting a 15 year old brat. Well, that is an easy fix. I think a good paddling is what is needed.”

“You can’t paddle me,” objected Kendra. “My mother would never agree to it.”

Lacy retrieved Kendra’s file from the file cabinet, opened it and said: “Actually, she did agree to the use of corporal punishment. Do you recognize that signature on the corporal punishment consent form? How about we make sure you won’t be in my office for awhile? I think five swats should do the trick.”

“Whatever,” sassed Kendra.

“My point exactly,” Lacy said, opening the office door. “Miss Perkins, I need a witness.”

Miss Perkins walked in the office and shut the door.

“Kendra has been sent to my office twice this week and has exhibited a defiant and rebellious attitude. She will receive five swats today. Furthermore Ms Kendra, if you desire to visit my office in the future, each visit will cost you five swats. Do you understand?”

“Sure,” replied Kendra looking at the floor.

“Stand up, Kendra,” Lacy said fetching her paddle from the hook on the wall.

Kendra stood up and glared at Lacy’s paddle while Miss Perkins scooted the chairs against the wall.

“Kendra, I want you to bend over the desk, spread your legs, and rest your elbows on the surface of the desk. Remain in position during the paddling or you will receive penalty swats. Understood?”

“Yes, Principal Hicks,” Kendra said, finally accepting that she would be punished.

Kendra couldn’t help but stare at Lacy as she presented her bottom to be spanked. Lacy’s light brown curly hair grazed the top of the bright blue suit jacket that she was wearing. Kendra’s eyes followed Lacy, focusing on her bright blue pleat skirt as she walked to her left side with the paddle that would be used to spank her bottom gripped tightly in her right hand.

“Take your eyes off me and look straight ahead,” instructed Lacy.

Kendra brushed her long jet black hair to her right ride and turned around just to feel the spooky presence of the paddle across her curvy dark blue denim covered bottom.

“You won’t make me cry,” smarted off Kendra.

“Just stay in position.”

No sooner then Lacy said that, she swung the paddle and connected to Kendra’s backside.


Kendra bit her tongue, determined not to allow Lacy to find satisfaction in seeing her cry.

“Was that supposed to hurt?” Asked Kendra.

Lacy lined up the paddle again, and swung harder.


Kendra’s eyes were now filled with tears. Knowing that if she opened her mouth to provoke Lacy that she would crack, she chose to remain silent and take her punishment. After a small pause, another thunderous swat landed on Kendra’s aching bottom, which caused her to gasp.


“Are you sure you’re not going to cry?” Asked Lacy, tapping her paddle against Kendra’s beaten backside.

“No,” Kendra responded with a cracking voice.

Lacy tapped her paddle against Kendra’s swollen bottom, pulled back the paddle, and delivered a mighty swat which sounded like a loud gun shot which could be heard in the hallway by passing students.


Kendra could no longer control herself. She admitted defeat and broke down crying.

“Please, I can’t take it anymore,” pleaded Kendra.

“Sorry girl, but you have one more swat coming. I suppose you won’t be coming back to my office anytime soon?”


“Good, that is what I wanted to hear. But just in case, I think this will help your memory.”


Kendra let out a bloody scream when her fifth and final lick contacted its easy target.

“Have a seat while I fill out a corporal punishment form for your mother to sign. Return this tomorrow, and I wouldn’t try anything funny like trying to forge your mother’s signature.”

“Who would be stupid enough to do something like that?” Asked Kendra.

‘I don’t know, Kendra. Maybe a student with a mother who had a policy that if you got spanked at school, you would get another one when you got home,’ Lacy thought to herself.

“I don’t know who would try anything like that,” replied Lacy. “You are free to go.”

After Kendra and Miss Perkins left, Lacy thought about the trouble she got in when she had Kylie and Tori help her to forge her mother’s signature.

‘That was a never ending nightmare,’ Lacy thought to herself while laughing.

After school was dismissed, Lacy drove to the town’s cemetery, parked her car, and got out. She slowly walked to a tombstone that had the inscription: Tanya Hicks, 1970-2016, Rest In Peace.

“I miss you mom. I can’t believe you’re gone,” muttered Lacy with a tear sliding down her right check.

Lacy stood up and turned around, and saw Kylie and Tori standing behind her. The sisters walked up to Lacy and hugged her.

“I missed you two so much,” Lacy said. “I’m very sorry about getting you two in trouble when you offered your help to me. I was young and scared.”

“It’s water under the bridge,” Kylie said, hugging tightly her childhood best friend.

The next morning at school, Lacy was sipping on a cup of coffee when Kendra’s mother, Janet, came into her office.

“Hi, Principal Hicks. May I have seat?”

“Go ahead,” responded Lacy. “What can I do for you?”

“Kendra told me you requested for me to sign her corporal punishment form and have it returned. So I decided to take the liberty and return it myself,” Janet said, passing Lacy an envelope.

“Well you didn’t have to do that. Kendra could’ve done it,” Lacy said, opening the envelope and removing the form and two pictures.

“I insisted.”

Lacy looked puzzled and asked: “Okay, what am I suppose to do with these pictures of your daughter’s bare bottom?”

“According to the student handbook, corporal punishment shall not be used with excessive force. The notice you sent home stated the paddling occurred at 2:20. I didn’t take these pictures until 7 o’clock that night. Look how red and bruised her butt is after so many hours passed since you administered corporal punishment to her. I don’t mind you spanking her butt when she deserves it but not like this. This is unacceptable.”

“Alright, Janet. I admit I did use excessive force when paddling her. She has been sent to my office twice just this week alone and on top of that, she had a horrible attitude. I was attempting to get through to her.”

“Well let me get through to you. You have two options, Miss Hicks. I can report this incident to the district and to the school board at the next meeting or you can get a taste of your own medicine.”

“A taste of my own medicine?” Asked Lacy.

“That’s right, a paddling administered to you in a similar fashion that you did to my daughter. So which is it? Possible termination and scorned by caring parents? Or a bruised and sore bottom? Maybe you haven’t been paddled so you don’t know how much force to use. This could be beneficial for you.”

“For your information, I have been paddled a few times in school by my high school principal, Karen Mitchell,” snapped Lacy. “My mother also tanned my hide on several occasions whenever I needed it.”

“Then it seems you need your memory refreshed. So which is it?”

“Will it give you the satisfaction to paddle your daughter’s principal because she needed some discipline that she obviously doesn’t get at home? Go ahead and do your worst,” Lacy said, standing up.

“Not by my hand, Principal Hicks.”

“I’m confused.”

“You need to be punished by a professional. To be quite honest, I’m not qualified to carry it out. I have never used an implement, only my hand on a few occasions. I want you punished and punished good, so I’ll hire the services of a professional disciplinarian, who not only enjoys the work but kicks ass at it.”

“Fine,” replied Lacy.

“Good. I’ll call you tonight or tomorrow to provide you with the details. Have your availability open tomorrow after school, just in case I can schedule you an appointment.”

Later that night, Lacy got a call from Karen inviting her to come to her house for dinner. Lacy couldn’t help but wonder if the invitation was legit or was it a summons to be paddled. She arrived at Karen’s house and expected the worse.

“It is so nice to see you,” Karen said, tightly hugging Lacy. “Have a seat at the table. Dinner is almost ready.”

When Karen was serving Lacy her plate, she caught her looking at a picture of her deceased mother.

“It’s hard to believe that it has already been one year since the car crash happened. I have known you your entire life and always looked at you as my own daughter. If you need anything, anything at all, please tell me.”

“Thank you, Karen. I love you.”

“I love you too. Can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“Did you receive a call from a lady by the name of Janet?”

“Not at all. Why? Was I supposed to?”


“What happened?”

“I paddled her daughter a little too hard today, and now she is threatening to take me to the school board if I don’t take a spanking by what she calls a professional disciplinarian. So that is why I first thought of you since my booty knows from experience how good you are,” Lacy jokingly said.

“Well thank you for the compliment,” Karen said while laughing. “However, she has not contacted me. So was her daughter’s butt as bad as she let on?”

“Yeah, it was. She shown me two photos. It was bruised and solid red after several hours passed after I administered the paddling.”

“School officials have to be more careful these days when spanking kids. More and more groups are protesting against the use of corporal punishment and trying to get it banned. They are looking for any reason to classify corporal punishment as a beating. You have to watch how much force and how many swats you give. So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t want to cause a ruckus so I’m leaning towards taking the spanking. Besides, my bottom has plenty of experience and protection so I should fine,” responded Lacy in a jokingly manner.

“That is true, girl,” Karen responded giggling. “If you can survive all the whippings your mother and I gave you, this shouldn’t be a problem. You will be fine, sweetie.”

After arriving home, Lacy’s phone rang.


“Miss Hicks, it’s Janet. Your appointment is tomorrow afternoon. Meet me at 3586 Hemphill tomorrow at 5 o’clock. If you decide not to show up for some reason, I will make good on my promise.”

Lacy sighed and said: “I’ll be there, Janet.”

“Good girl,” Janet said then hung up.

The next morning, Lacy got up and showered. She slid on a black/grey striped seamless thong, black bra, and a lazulite cap sleeve bodycon dress. She looked stunning. She put on a pair of high heels and departed for school.

At 4 o’clock the dismissal bell sounded. With that bell sounding, Lacy knew her punishment was coming soon. Although she was an adult and a principal, the thought of receiving corporal punishment made her uneasy. Now that it was becoming a reality, she felt sick at her stomach and filled with anxiety. As she often done as a child before receiving corporal punishment, she went to the restroom and then got a drink of water out of the water fountain in order to try to compose herself. She still couldn’t shake her fear because she didn’t know who would be administering her punishment, unlike in her childhood, except on one occasion when she was called to Principal Mitchell’s office only to be paddled by her mother with her mother’s college sorority paddle.

She drove to the address that Janet provided like there was a black rain cloud over her head. She arrived and saw Janet standing beside a building. She reluctantly exited her car and approached Janet.

“You made it. It is a good day for corporal punishment. Isn’t it?”

“Sure, a wonderful day for it. Who will be having the honors of administering mine?”

“You will find out shortly,” responded Janet, opening the door. “Follow me.”

It was gloomy inside and the black walls and red vinyl tile flooring didn’t help make this place appear anymore welcoming to Lacy. After a brief walk down the hallway, Janet led Lacy to a room on the left side. As the ladies entered the room, they heard a loud smack coming from further down the hall, followed by a shrill scream from an adult male.

“It might be a few minutes. Let’s have a seat,” Janet said with a twisted smile on her face as she took a seat on the black leather couch.

As the ladies waited, they continued hearing screams of agony. Hearing the intense screaming made Lacy more terrified.

“The mistress will see you shortly,” said a familiar female voice.

Lacy looked up and instantly recognized the female figure that greeted her.

“Miss Jenkins!”

“Yes, Miss Hicks?”

“What are you doing here,” asked Lacy, glaring in Miss Jenkins’ green eyes. “You used be a secretary at the school.”

“This line of work is more exciting,” Miss Jenkins said with a wide smile. “School work is so boring. The only excitement I got was when I was asked to be a witness when a student was spanked.”

“I knew it! When Principal Mitchell paddled me and you witnessed it, you enjoyed it. You were grinning ear to ear.”

“Busted,” responded a smiling Miss Jenkins, playing with her long red hair. “It was hot watching Principal Mitchell paddling you. Seeing your round bottom bent over and spanked like that made me wet. I tried to exercise self control for the sake of being a school official but I couldn’t. Now I get to witness it everyday. I love it.”

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m hearing this,” Lacy said smiling and shaking her head.

Miss Jenkins laughed and said: “I will let you be. The mistress will be here shortly. It was nice seeing you again, Miss Hicks. As before, I will serve as your witness.”

“I’m here, Miss Jenkins,” said a familiar female voice.

As clicking sounds came closer, Lacy stood up and was shocked.

“Hello, Lacy,” greeted Isabella.

Lacy’s remained in a daze while staring at Isabella, the daughter of Karen Mitchell. She was wearing a tight grey miniskirt, purple satin blouse, a black blazer, black high heels and stockings. Like her mother, she kept her blonde hair pulled back.

“Before I punish this bad girl, I need to have a word with her in private. Miss Jenkins, I’ll be needing your services in a few minutes.”

“Yes, mistress,” eagerly responded Miss Jenkins.

“Lacy, follow me.”

Lacy followed Isabella into a large office at the end of the hallway.

“After you,” Isabella said as she held the door open. “Have a seat.”

Lacy hesitantly sat in the black leather chair. She continued to glare at Isabella as she sat across from her with nothing but a black desk between them.

“So this is what is going to happen?” Asked Lacy.

“I’m afraid so, dear. You have nobody but yourself to blame.”

“So you want to be the one to punish me? Why not force that bitch Janet to do her own dirty work?”

“She is weak and untrained. She wants to be sure that your bottom gets what it deserves. Very reasonable, if you ask me. Besides, I will enjoy this.”

“You enjoy hurting people?”

“It may sound strange to some people how another person can find pleasure in disciplining a person or receiving discipline, but for people like myself, Miss Jenkins, or even that sub that I just dealt with, it is a way of life. Perhaps we were born this way. Ever since I beat your mom at a game of chance and earned the opportunity to bust her ass, I knew this was who I am and this is my calling. Now I have you as a subject who is in need of some attention. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time.”

“Why?” Asked Lacy in disbelief.

“Do you remember your internship with my mother? I didn’t enjoy being your final test. My mother should’ve never allowed her daughter to be spanked at school by a young intern, an intern who happened to be the daughter of her best friend. Do you know how embarrassing it was for me to hear my peers joke about me being paddled by you, an intern who was a little older than myself and practically a family member?”

“I’m sorry Isabella. I never meant to hurt you. I was only following orders from your mother.”

“No apologies. Actions are greater than words. And by the way, I’m only following orders as you were. Mom ordered you to blister my bottom just as Janet has instructed me to blister yours. This time the hour is mine. Stay still. I shall return.”

Lacy sat there and tried to process all that occurred. Her emotions were running wild. Traumatizing Isabella, her being a disciplinarian, Miss Jenkins’ sexual interests, and Janet, it was almost too much for her. She heard clicking sounds approaching and knew that her childhood friend would be punishing her bottom momentarily.

“Can I witness her punishment?” Asked Janet.

“No. Your presence is not needed as I have Miss Jenkins as a witness. You will be getting the corporal punishment form as was discussed.”

“Okay, but make sure you do a good job.”

“I do my job right the first time. Don’t ever question my ability to do my job. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Isabella,” answered Janet.

Miss Jenkins opened the door for Isabella and closed it behind them.

“Miss Hicks, before I administer your punishment, I need you to sign and date this corporal punishment form,” said Isabella passing Lacy the form. “This form simply states that you consent to receive corporal punishment by me, the number of swats you will receive, the infraction committed, and that Miss Jenkins served as your witness.”

“I’m not consenting to corporal punishment on account of that bitch Janet,” Lacy said, signing the form. “Her daughter deserved what she got. I’m consenting to corporal punishment because of what I done to you, Isabella. I’m very sorry. I love you and your mother, and I would never deliberately do anything to hurt you two. I promise. I know you prefer actions. So here I am.”

Having said that, Lacy bent over Isabella’s desk and placed her elbows on the surface. She spread her legs and rested her round juicy breasts on the desk.

“That is what I like, my subjects being submissive. Since you said you adore me so much, I have a surprise for you.”

Isabella bent over and grabbed a paddle.

“Do you remember this?” Asked Isabella.

“Yes, I remember it,” responded Lacy, trying not to shake. “It is my mother’s sorority paddle.”

“That’s right,” replied Isabella, walking behind Lacy to her left side. “Your mother gave it to me years ago. I have to say it has come in handy since I opened this studio. I usually save it for the naughtiest bottoms such as yours. Miss Jenkins, raise Miss Hicks’ dress. I want to see what I’m doing.”

Miss Jenkins smiled wide and said: “My pleasure, mistress.”

Miss Jenkins walked to Lacy’s right side and lifted Lacy’s dress in a slow manner. She slid her fingers in Lacy’s thong and yanked them tight. Lacy turned and looked at Miss Jenkins in the eyes.

“Just want to make sure that you get the full benefit of the mistress’s board,” Miss Jenkins said, licking her lips.

Miss Jenkins stood to Lacy’s right side and watched on as the paddle greeted Lacy’s unprotected and exposed bottom.

“A thong, Miss Hicks?” Asked Isabella snickering. “You are a bad girl. You know how your mother felt about thongs. What would she do in this situation?”

“Mistress, if I may speak. Maybe you should give her extra swats for continuing to misbehave.”

“I like how you think, Miss Jenkins,” Isabella said, rubbing her paddle across Lacy’s round bottom. “Miss Hicks, your infraction requires five swats; however, considering the circumstances, I think two extra swats should be in order. For your own good, stay still, as I swing very hard. I do have to say, though,, I do like your tattoo on your right cheek. That must’ve made my mother feel special. Maybe when this is done, you can have the left cheek done with my name.”

“Or mine,” Miss Jenkins said laughing.

Lacy no longer felt the spooky presence of her mother’s former paddle. She closed her eyes because she knew there was comfort to be found, having been on the receiving end of that devilish paddle on one occasion.


Lacy gasped and kept her mouth opened. Before she could fully process the swat, another lick landed on her unprotected backside.


Lacy’s face was now flushed. With streams of tears flowing down her face, Isabella felt confident that Lacy was being properly punished.


A piercing squeal escaped Lacy’s luscious lips. Isabella rubbed her paddle across her subject’s swollen backside and examined it.

“Miss Jenkins, do you like that shade of red?”

“Yes, mistress. Very much.”

“I think we can do better.”


Another scream flew from Lacy’s mouth. She closed her eyes and struggled to compose herself. Isabella tapped her paddle three times against Lacy’s sore backside before swinging with great force.


As Lacy has many times when receiving corporal punishment, she fought not to crack but she broke down and cried. Isabella and Miss Jenkins looked at each other with enjoyment. After watching Lacy cry for a moment, Isabella drew back the paddle and smacked Lacy’s red bottom once more.


“One more, unless you want more swats,” asked Isabella.

“No,” Lacy sobbingly answered.

“I didn’t think so,” responded Isabella, rubbing her paddle across Lacy’s well spanked bottom. “Last one.”


Lacy bawled while continuing to be bent over the desk.

“Miss Jenkins, your work is finished,” said Isabella putting the paddle on her desk. “You may leave.”

“Anytime, mistress,” Miss Jenkins said, leaving and closing the door behind her.

Lacy stood up and, with blood shot eyes and a beat red face, she turned around and faced Isabella. Isabella looked at her in the eyes and gave her a hug.

“We’re good, girl,” Isabella said kissing Lacy’s forehead. “You do make one hell of a spankee. You put most of my subjects to shame, including those so called macho men.”

Lacy laughed and said: “Thank you. You make one hell of a spanker.”

“Well I’m sure if your mother were still with us, she would agree with both of us.”

Janet was satisfied with Lacy’s punishment and did not pursue her threats any longer. She did insist on seeing Lacy’s bottom. After examining Lacy’s backside, she knew that Lacy received a dose of her own medicine. Lacy had a successful career and got married to a handsome gentleman, me. As time passed, we had three children. Lacy learned the wisdom of Karen’s words about applying corporal punishment to students in this new era, and never again paddled a student or our daughters with extreme force.

Isabella ended up becoming a famous disciplinarian, often traveling to various cities throughout the world doing what she loves, namely spanking. Miss Jenkins never left Isabella’s side. She would accompany Isabella wherever she went, ever watching her punishing subs. There were rumors that she and Isabella were and still are in a domestic partnership, but nobody has admitted anything, yet.

As for Karen Mitchell, as fate would have it, she found out that she had cancer two years later. Since it was discovered so late, the cancer finished her off in a few months. Kylie and Tori remained at Lacy’s side and helped to provide her with all the comfort she needed. Lacy has told me many stories, but none strikes me as much as The Appointment.

The End

© Stinger Sam 2017