Previously, we showed the first three parts of this story separately. Now, with the fourth part just submitted, we show all four parts

The after effects (Part One)

By Wendy A

There are many stories about the arrival of girls at previously all-boys boarding schools in the 60’s and 70’s. When I read them they trigger thoughts in my mind that were born back in those days when I myself was subjected to the upheaval of leaving my convent school and arriving in the lower 6th of St. Georges.

The school had decided to go co-ed and had invited applications for girls to join the lower 6th for the two year A-level course. My parents, who knew one of the teachers, decided that such an experience would be good for me after the cloistered existence of the convent school, also St. Georges had a very good academic reputation with nearly 80% of the leavers going on to Oxbridge. My forte was sciences and I hoped to become a doctor, my old school was somewhat lacking in the facilities required to excel in sciences.

So one fine day in September, 30 smartly dressed girls arrived at St. Georges on the day before the start of term. We were greeted by several of the staff of which only one was female, Miss Jones. She seemed to be only in her 20’s and said she taught English and French. Miss Jones introduced us to the masters as well as the Head Boy, James Preston-Smythe and two other prefects.

Miss Jones took us under her wing and told us to bring our things to Devon House. We started with the smaller items and returned for our trunks. After a couple of trips all our belongings had been deposited in one of two dormitories. Miss Jones then told us to leave them there as we would have time later to unpack.

We were then escorted across the quad to the main school building, a very imposing Victorian house. She ushered us into the main school hall where we found our parents enjoying tea and biscuits and chatting to the staff.

Our arrival was the signal for the headmaster, Dr Dover, in full gown, to call us together and we were invited to sit at one side of the hall.

First he welcomed us with a beaming smile and said that our arrival would greatly add to the atmosphere of the school. He explained the new policy of inviting girls to join the school and the hope that after a few years there would be about 50:50. Initially there would only be 30 girls in the lower 6th, the following year girls would be invited to join all levels, lower 4th, upper 4th, 5th and lower 6th years.

The school had launched a significant building programme in order to accommodate this sudden intake and also adapt the premises so as to provide facilities suitable for a co-ed establishment. He apologised to us for the somewhat temporary facilities that had been set aside for this year’s intake, they were adequate but not as comfortable as could be expected. At least we would benefit from the much more spacious facilities that would be available from the start of the next school year.

We were then invited to say our farewells and went out into the sunshine to say goodbye to our parents. I did not see one dry eye but we all tried to hold back the tears as we kissed our parents and saw them disappear down the drive.

Miss Jones gathered us together and asked James and his two prefects to give us a guided tour of the school. He introduced us to Roger, a senior prefect, and Hugh a junior prefect. He explained that senior prefects were all upper 6th and junior prefects were in the lower 6th and aspired to becoming senior prefects in their final year. He said that Hugh had been allocated to help us become acquainted with the school, its traditions and rules. Hugh would be our mentor. He was a cheery 16 year old, nearly 6ft tall and athletic. We later learnt that not only was he brilliant academically, but excelled at all sports.

They took us on a tour of the school; god knows how long it would take us to find the right direction. There were long corridors with classrooms, various offices, dining hall, and the Head’s study. We then went back outside to the rear of the main building. Here we found what looked like a huge building site, science block, gym the size of a small football pitch marked out for various sports. He took great care to point out the facilities reserved for us girls, our sports changing room was two portacabins joined together, adequate but very Spartan. He had also pointed out the toilets set aside for us, in fact there only seemed to be two at opposite ends of the main building, each had a freshly painted sign on its door.

After touring the playing fields, an open air swimming pool, again with a portacabin changing room for us girls, the chapel, sports pavilion and various other buildings, he delivered us back to Devon House where Miss Jones was waiting. We thanked James and his two prefects and learnt that they would be joining us for dinner at 6.30.

Miss Jones then gave us a tour of the House. It had been previously an all boys house and had been modified to cope with the new influx. There were study rooms, a large one for the 4th years, a smaller one for the 5th year and one slightly larger for the 6th years which looked a little more comfortable with some arm chairs and sofas in one corner and a small kitchen area.

She showed us round the boys’ area, strictly out of bounds for girls. There were several large dormitories for the juniors and smaller ones for the senior years. The Head of House had a small bed sitting room.

We then moved on to the girls’ area. There were two large dormitories with 15 beds in each, one on the first floor and the other on the second, shower room with 6 shower heads (could be queues in the mornings?), wash room and toilets. All were clearly marked with fresh paint signs.

We then went to unpack. Each of us had a small cupboard next to our beds and a cupboard in the corridor outside the dorm. Uniform rules were strict, for most of the year navy blazer and skirt, white blouse, tie, beret, white socks for summer and tights for winter and black shoes. In bad winter weather we could wear trousers and a thick navy blue pullover in the place of the blazer. As 6th formers we were allowed our own choice of casual clothes to be worn within the confines of Devon House and on Sunday afternoons.

Miss Jones came in after a while and told us to put our books etc under our beds; the Head of house would allocate our desks the following day. She handed out plastic bags for our games kit; we would take it to the gym changing room the next day. Sports kit consisted of white and navy short sleeved shirts, sports skirts, navy knickers, white and blue socks, boots, trainers, white and blue shorts and finally navy tracksuits.

Miss Jones then assembled us in the Housemaster’s room, she explained that there had been a death in his family and that he would arrive late that evening. The door had a brass plate with Bill Williams, Housemaster, on it. She explained that she had a small flat on the first floor near our dorm and that we should not hesitate to disturb her in case of need. Mr Williams was a widower, his wife had died a few years earlier and his children grown up and married.

There was a tray set out with sherry glasses and she told us to help ourselves, this we eagerly did. James, Roger and Hugh joined us and soon we were all chatting away and learning about each other, where had we been at school previously, where we lived, what we liked doing, sports, etc. The boys joined in enthusiastically and answered all our questions about school programmes, spare time, sports, etc. We then went across the quad to the dining hall for dinner, quite a feast and we wondered whether the quality would continue.

It was a lovely evening and we wandered round the grounds asking questions about what was what. After a while James and Roger excused themselves and left us in the hands of Hugh. After an hour we returned to Devon House and sat chatting in the 6th form common room.

The next day was like a whirlwind. The boys starting arriving frommidday, there were traffic jams, trunks everywhere, boys trying to avoid being kissed by mothers and what could be described as low key horseplay. Lunch had been laid on in the dining hall on a buffet basis so, under Hugh’s wing, we girls assembled round two tables, oh how we were conscious of the stares of the boys, their hallowed ground had been invaded by aliens. Hugh had to reprimand some of the boys that were too obviously being rude.

A tall and very blond boy came immediately towards us. Hugh introduced him as Joe, the Head of Devon House. We made a space and he joined us. He was one of those guys that never fails to attract looks, he was strikingly handsome with his shock of blond hair, brimming smile and a body so well tuned he looked like an Olympic athlete. He did later make theUKteam for rowing.

After the first few days life settled into a routine, we were no longer considered as invaders. We were made to feel very welcome by the 6th formers who quickly realised that we were not a bunch of stupid girls but at least equal to them academically. Hugh continued to chaperone us and quickly put an end to any behaviour considered to be inappropriate.

Sports was one area where we were not treated as equals. Several of us were good at sports and wondered how we could be accepted as full members of teams. There were not enough of us to form a reasonable team. One day we were chatting and Heather, now a good friend who was also in the sciences stream, suggested that we should challenge the boys to a game of hockey where each team had to have 5 girls and 6 guys. Hugh was enthusiastic and spoke to Joe who was equally keen to involve his girls. On a couple of afternoons we had practise sessions. Hugh was to be one captain and me the other. We took turns at picking the members of our teams and had what should have been evenly capable teams.

The day was duly announced for the Devon House mixed hockey game. When we emerged from our changing room and headed for the hockey field we were totally overcome, it looked as if the whole school had turned out. Dr Dover was there with most of the teachers, Mr Williams and Miss Jones were there as line judges.

There was clapping and cheers as we took to the pitch. It was evident that the way we had chosen the teams was spot on, we were very evenly matched. I was exhausted by half time and it was still nil/nil. The second half was equally tight till we were awarded a short corner and I scored a goal right in the corner of the net. The crowd erupted.

The game continued and clearly stiff muscles were intervening. In the dying minutes the opposition scored a goal, mainly because our backs were slow to cover.

The final whistle blew and we were all exhausted. This was soon forgotten as the crowd started cheering and Dr Dover came over to shake our hands. He told us that he would be looking for other schools we could play against with mixed teams.

Other mixed events were organised after that including football, basketball, tennis, and even touch rugby. The whole atmosphere changed that day; we really were equals in all respects except perhaps one. That of discipline.

We knew that the boys were subject to corporal punishment but it was never discussed. Some of the girls had had to attend detention but none of us had seriously broken the rules at least till near the end of our first term.

Two girls were caught smoking, they were with a couple of boys and they were caught red handed. It was as if a cloud had descended over Devon House. News spread quickly and we all wondered what would happen.

That evening a few of us were in the 6th form common room with Hugh. We could not stop ourselves and asked him straight out what would happen.

He took a deep breath and told us that as a junior prefect he could not discuss a specific case, what a let down. He then went on to set out the practises applied. For very serious matters the Headmaster would cane a pupil, usually between 6 and 12 strokes on the bare bottom. For less serious breaches of the rules, the teachers could use the cane or slipper (in reality a leather paddle), 8 and 12 strokes respectively. These limits applied also to Housemasters except they could inflict both the cane and slipper on the bare bottom.

Next the Prefects. The Head Boy and senior prefects could use the cane, 6 strokes, or the slipper, 8 strokes, the Head Boy could also apply them to a bare bottom. Junior prefects could apply up to 6 strokes with the slipper. Generally prefect beatings were applied over gym shorts with no underpants underneath, just a jockstrap. In all cases beatings by prefects had to be conducted with 2 witnesses.

He did mention confidentially that the question of what punishment should be given to us girls had been raised by the Head Boy with the Headmaster. It had been decided that initially any corporal punishment would be handled in House and that Miss Jones would apply either the cane or slipper on the clothed or bare bottom. It had also been discussed whether there could be a difference in the instrument or number of strokes if boys and girls were guilty of the same offence. He left it at that and we were left in suspense all the next day as to what would happen.

We did not have to wait too long. After dinner that evening the 4 culprits disappeared and were absent from the 6th form common room where we did our studies each evening. There were soft whispers, how many, what with, will the girls be treated the same as the boys?

Nothing happened and they did not reappear in the common room. It was not till we went to the dorm that it all became clearer. Mary and Sally were lying on their beds, face down and had been crying. They had changed into their nighties ready for bed.

Each of us wanted to ask the obvious questions but did not know how to broach the subject given the obvious distressed state of our friends. There were mutterings of: “Oh my god”, “surely not”, “you poor things”.

Finally Sally spoke, she gathered herself together and gave us the answers we so desperately wanted to hear. They had been told to go to the gym and change into PE shorts and top. They were called into the gym where Mr Williams and Miss Jones were present with the 2 boys. Mr Williams then lectured them on the harm cigarettes do, etc. He then informed them that they would normally have received 6 of the cane however as they had all been well behaved that term, had not transgressed any serious rule, they were each to receive 6 with the slipper on their bare bottoms.

There was an audible intake of breath in the room. They were told that Mr Williams would deal with the boys and Miss Jones the girls. They had been asked if there was any reason that they should not be punished as informed: “No Sirs,” all round.

Sally was told to remain in the gym and the others told to wait outside. Miss Jones then took charge and Mr Williams moved to the far side of the gym where he would not be able to see her bare bottom, Sally was told to go over to a low bench, lower her white gym shorts and bend over. She was warned not to move from that position, keep her hands on the bench, if not she would get extra strokes. God, she really laid it on, she had nearly fallen over with the force of the first stroke. She had managed to stay in place, “god her bottom was on fire and tears streamed down her face”.

She had been told to stand, pull up her shorts and stand outside with the others. Next Mary was called in. After a few moments there was a loud crack like a whip and a scream. After each stroke she let out a scream. She soon appeared and John was called in. Same sounds but no screams. Finally Phil was called in and the scene repeated. They were then all called back in for a further lecture and informed that any further such transgression would be met with a severe beating with the cane. They were then dismissed, told to dress and return to Devon House, they were left the choice of going directly to bed or go to the common room, they all chose bed in order to avoid the embarrassment of returning to the common room with everyone present. And yes, they were beaten as hard as the boys or so it seemed from the sounds that reached the corridor outside the gym.

We all fell silent, we all wanted to ask the same question but did not dare. Finally Sally said “I know what you are all waiting for, you want to see my beaten bottom.” We all looked away and could not admit our desire to see the damage. She raised her nightie slowly, she was not wearing panties and her bottom came into view. It was bright red, there were lines across it from the line with her thighs to over half way up, there was clear dark bruising on the crown of her right cheek and a little less on the left.

I asked her if she wanted some cold cream on her bottom, she declined saying that Mary had already obliged and she had reciprocated.

It took several days for things to settle down, the bruising was visible for several days every time we had a shower. Sally and Mary were treated with even more respect by the boys as they clearly understood girls could take a good thrashing just like them.

This was the start of my fascination with the aftermath of a beating, the whole thing excited me, oh how I wish I could have put cream on Sally’s bottom.

Over the next 2 terms several other girls were punished with the slipper, still the same reaction from me when I saw well bruised bottoms on display in the showers. At the beginning of the summer term a girl was caned, 6 of the best on her gym shorts, as she had been caught fondling with a boy in another house. Again Miss Jones had administered the 6 strokes and from the lines on her bottom displayed in the shower, she had been dealt with severely.

A few weeks before the end of term when I had a free period, Hugh approached me and told me that Dr Dover wanted to see the two of them at 4.30 in his study. My stomach dropped to my knees, I don’t know why I reacted like that, just a trip to his study invariably meant a thorough beating. “Why does he want to see us?” Something about next term I think replied Hugh. My stomach lifted a few inches but I was still apprehensive when we approached the door of his study.

Hugh knocked and went in, the Headmaster’s secretary greeted us with a smile and told us to go straight in.

There was Dr Dover, Mr Williams, Miss Jones, and the Head Boy, they were seated on armchairs and sofas around the huge fireplace.

“Ah there you are, come over and join us, would you like a sherry?” My stomach returned to almost normal.

“We have been discussing the next school year. James here will be leaving us in a couple of weeks and we need to consider his succession. We have given great thought to the subject and in particular whether to have both a Head Boy and Girl. We have decided that for so many reasons, not least discipline, we should have both. Hugh, I am pleased to tell you that you will be Head Boy with effect from the beginning of next term and you will be promoted to senior prefect with immediate effect. Wendy, we have decided to offer you the role of Head Girl with equal responsibilities to Hugh, we expect you to work as a team and know that you already work well together. One example being the organisation of mixed sports which made a significant difference to the atmosphere within the school. With immediate effect you will be promoted to junior prefect. We have pondered long whether we should have both Heads in one House and on balance feel that this is not a good policy, from the start of next term, you Hugh will take up residence in school house. Would you like some more sherry?”

My mouth was dry, my hands slightly shaky, and electrical impulses chaotically rushing round my brain. I declined the extra sherry on the basis that I would probably spill it.

We chatted together about the new intake of girls and some organisational changes that would be required, not least the appointment of 6 new female teachers. Despite having enough girls the following year to make up sports and other teams, Dr Dover hoPEd that we would continue mixed sports to boost the morale of the school. He closed by saying that for us his door was always open and we should approach him over any matter whatsoever. James was asked to brief us on all aspects of his role.

James took us under his wing for the following 2 weeks, in reality he took me under his wing, Hugh was well acquainted will the role after 4 years in the school.

The question of discipline came up early on in our discussions. We would both be able give 6 strokes of the cane and 8 of the slipper and if necessary on the bare bottom. It was generally agreed that I would handle girls discipline and Hugh would handle the boys. There was no hard rule but this should avoid any negative comments. In the event of both boys and girls being guilty of the same transgression, the beatings would be held as in the case of Sally and Mary.

A thought crossed my mind: “When a boy is beaten on his bare bottom, are his intimate parts covered?” The answer slightly shocked me. “I was wondering whether we should allow girls to wear a thong. This would in no way protect their bottom from the strokes but would avoid their intimacies being displayed.” James said that he would give the matter consideration (or in other words speak to Dr Dover) and revert.

A couple of days later and at our next meeting he advised me that girls in the 5th and 6th forms would be allowed to wear thongs, those in lower forms would not be granted any protection. The reason for this decision was that young girls should not be encouraged to wear panties that could be considered as sexy. Matron had been instructed to purchase a stock of paper thongs that would be issued by either me of Miss Jones.

James then broached the question of whether I had ever been caned or slippered. I informed him that I had never been caned but had been slippered by the nuns a few times. He advised me that he was due to cane two boys that evening after dinner and would like me to act as a witness. My heart stared beating fast and my hands became wet. I agreed and we would meet in the gym at 7.15.

I was in quite a state by 7.15 as I made my way to the gym. It was a warm evening and I was hot and sweaty. I arrived a few minutes early and James was already there, cane in hand, with one of the other senior prefects.

There was a knock on the door, “Come” he shouted. Two 5th formers that I vaguely recognised came in dressed in gym kit. Heads bowed but they did a double take when they saw me. James was quick to counter any further reaction, “As you heard in Assembly a couple of days ago, Miss A has been appointed Head Girl from the start of next term, so do not be surprised if you find her with a cane in her hand if you are unfortunate enough to be invited back here for a beating.” Heads sank again.

He gave them a short lecture, they had gone to the village during the lunch break, strictly forbidden without permission and would each receive 6 on the bare. They were asked if there was anything they wanted to say before the caning was carried out, both shook their lowered heads.

He asked one to stay while the other left to wait in the corridor. He was instructed to go to the bench, lower his shorts and bend over. At this stage I moved slightly to the side so that I would not have a full on view of his bottom, James signalled to me to return to my original position.

He was wearing a jockstrap so he was not fully exposed but his rosebud was just visible.

James took up a position to his left, lined up the cane, lifted it back high over his shoulder, then let loose. God that crack, how did he manage to hold position? The line was white at first the quickly turned red, two red lines in parallel. The next strokes followed at 20 second intervals, he moved slightly after each stroke, his chest was heaving and he wriggled his bottom. His bottom was a mass of red lines, most had hit the lower part of his cheeks although one stroke had strayed to the top of his thighs.

We was told to stand and pull up his shorts. He did this gingerly as the material rubbed his blistered flesh. He turned, shook our hands without looking us in the eye and slowly moved to the door.

The next culprit’s beating was a repeat of the first except he did have a few tears in his eyes.

When they had left, James turned to me, “do you think you could do that?” I replied honestly that I was not sure but as it was my duty and I had accepted the role, I would have to do my best. In reality I relished the first time I would have a girl (or boy) bent over before me.

“I think you should get some practise.” With that he went to the side of the gym and produced a pillow, I had not noticed it before then. He set up a chair where the bench stood and placed the pillow over the back. He pulled a length of string from his pocket and tied it fast.

“Right Wendy, six of the best.”

He gave me the cane and I went over to the chair, stood as he had to the left, brought my arm back and delivered a blow to the pillow, I gave a second stroke, third, fourth, fifth and then a final one as hard as I could.

“Oh dear Wendy, you may play a very mean game of hockey but you will never pass your flogging exam like that. Hugh, you will have to coach her before she has a pupil to flog and get the message through.”

Hugh arranged coaching over the last two weeks of term and I was pleased to hear him say to James that I had passed the test.

I witnessed another couple of canings of boys before the end of term and had the same feelings, I dreamt of the beatings and imagined it was me holding the cane, god I was hooked.

There were 9 weeks to wait till the start of the new term and I could not keep well striped bottoms out of my mind.

The After Effects Part two

A New School Year

It had been agreed that Hugh and I arrive two days before the start of the new school year. Dr Dover had invited us both to lunch along with our respective parents. We had arrived at about the same time and helped each-other move our things; our parents were meanwhile invited to join the Headmaster in his house adjacent to School House.

Miss Jones showed me to my room; it was in the new wing and was much more spacious than the Head of House’s previous room. There was a sitting room with 2 sofas, a desk and office type chair, and several other chairs and through a door a compact bedroom. My trunk and an odd assortment of other bags, shopping bags, etc., were duly deposited and we left to join our parents, Miss Jones said she would show me round the new wing later in the day.

Apart from our parents there were several senior members of staff present. After the obligatory sherry we were ushered into the dining room. It was a formal setting with Hugh and I flanking Dr Dover at one end, then our parents, then the other members of staff. Lunch was excellent, it compared very favourably with the best restaurants inLondon, no large helpings but delicious.

After lunch we were invited to bid farewell to our parents and return to his study in School house at3pm.Miss Jones indicated that she would give me a quick tour of the new wing of Devon House before that.

There were not the same tears as a year earlier when I bid farewell to my parents. There was an excitement building inside me and I was anxious to get term started. My Father did take me on one side and brought up the subject of discipline, apparently this had been discussed with Dr Dover and he had explained that I would be obliged to use the cane and slipper when appropriate. All my Father said was: “Be reasonable and remember that a beating was to be a reminder for the culprit and not a way to express my anger.” With that parting shot they left.

I made my way to Devon House and found Miss Jones. The new wing was on 3 floors. The ground floor was for studies, the 5th & 6th years, a kitchen area with tables and chairs and a 6th form sitting room off that. My study was at the end next to a flight of stairs up to the first floor.

We took the stairs which opened onto a long corridor. Here there was a large changing room for the girls with a separate prefects’ room, communal showers, washing area and toilets. There were several large dormitories for juniors. On the next floor there were smaller dormitories for the seniors and further wash basins and toilets. Everything was new and bright, I wondered how long that would last.

As3pmapproached I made my way to School House, Hugh was waiting for me and lead me through a maze of corridors to the Headmaster’s study. He welcomed us with a broad smile and his secretary served us tea. We were joined by Miss Jones, Bill Williams, Stanley Bailey, the housemaster of School house, and two of the most senior masters.

After we were all settled, Dr Dover started his briefing. Firstly there were several new members of staff, 2 male teachers and 6 female. We would meet them at 6.30 in the dining hall.

Miss Jones would continue to handle all matters relating to the girls including discipline. At some stage a deputy would be appointed so as to relieve her of some of the burden now that there would be nearly 150 girls in the school.

Next on the agenda was the appointment of prefects. Hugh had mentioned this had been discussed between his predecessor and Dr Dover at the end of the previous term. He started house by house starting with School house. The junior prefects would automatically become senior prefects and then he read out the names of the new junior prefects from the lower 6th. Next came Hereford House, this would still be a boys only house but would be expanded to accommodate girls from the start of the next school year.

Finally he came to Devon House. The 4 junior prefects, George, Ben, Tony & Harry would become senior prefects, George would be Head of House and my effective deputy. For the girls, the senior prefects would be Heather, Sally & Millie. Two 2nd year 6th form girls, Fiona & Mary, would be made junior prefects on an interim basis, firstly to assess their aptitude for promotion and pending the appointment of junior prefects from the 1st year 6th. I immediately had some misgivings as to how Fiona and Mary would react. 4 junior boy prefects would be appointed, Joe, Will, Steve & Jim. He reminded us briefly of the roles of the prefects and asked Hugh and I to be more explicit during our first meeting with the prefects.

He then went on at length about the changes, in particular to Devon House, his plans for Hereford House, the extended classroom block, the new staff room, additional facilities for the girls, improved indoor sports facilities, etc.

He then asked for questions, there were a few specific questions on the organisation, timetables, dining arrangements, the 4th years would eat first followed by the 5th & 6th years, prefects would be detailed to supervise the 4th year’s meal times and staff would eat with the seniors. I tried vainly to think of a suitable question but failed. Hugh asked whether there would be any other additional duties like supervising the 4th Year’s meal times, none came to mind.

I agreed to meet Hugh at5.30pmbefore going to the dining hall, I was sure that by then I would have lots of questions.

I returned to Devon House and knocked on Miss Jones’ door. She then gave me a guided tour of the boys section. The space made available by the 5th & 6th year studies had been given over to studies for the 4th years as well as a kitchen area with tables and chairs. The previous study rooms had been converted to a new changing room and showers. Additional toilets had been added. The rest was much as it had been except for a new dormitory and showers at the far end of the building.

I met Hugh at5.30pmand he started a checklist for our discussions with the prefects, this had been set for5.00 pmthe following day. I briefly touched on my misgivings about Fiona and Mary and how they would react; we agreed that the carrot of promotion should be enough. I also mentioned my doubts about George as Head of House, he was very studious but could be quite introvert, would he be able to take on the role fully. Hugh also had some doubts but felt that this may be the best way to get him out of his shell, if not then we would have to discuss the matter with Bill Williams and Dr Dover.

We then went to the dining hall, usual glass of sherry and wine was set out at the top table. Dr Dover introduced us to the new members of staff and we were each invited to give a brief summary of previous experience, new roles at St Georges, and any other relevant matters such as sports and other after school activities.

Dinner was pleasant enough but I was stuck with mostly the new female members of staff who mostly seemed to be as nervous as I had been one year before. By the end of the meal the wine had worked to good effect and a few indiscretions appeared, one rather butch teacher, Miss Black, let slip that she was looking forward to taking a cane to a boy’s backside, her previous school had not allowed corporal punishment. This made me chuckle to myself, a common bond forming between us?

I was joined by Heather, Fiona and Millie as well as Ben & Tony by 10.30 the next morning.

The onslaught was due to start at 11.30. Apart from about 120 new girls there were about 40 new boys. The quad was a mass of trunks, cars, parents, etc. With Miss Jones we had allocated beds and study rooms to the new intake. Our role was that of a traffic policeman directing kids in various directions hindered of course by parents that wanted to open every door to see where there little darlings would be spending the next few years.

By1.30pmthe quad was clear, the last kisses given and a few tears shed. We assembled the flock in the dining hall for a buffet lunch; as usual the quality surpassed what was in store for them over the next few years.

Ben and Tony were put in charge of the boys. We split the girls into 2 groups, 4th years under Heather and me and the 5th & 6th years under Fiona and Millie. We did the grand tour, Heather and I starting with the main school and the others at Devon House.

Bill Williams had organised a get together in the 4th & 5th year studies, no sherry this year just soft drinks and a few cakes. Dinner was again a buffet style. Finally our flock was herded back to Devon House and vaguely organised.

It was nearly 10pmby the time everyone was settled and Bill Williams appeared in the 6th form study room with a bottle of sherry and glasses.

A last round to dry a few eyes and give consoling comments, and then finally to bed at 11.30. What a relief. I lay awake for some time wondering who would be the first to feel the cane and whether I would beat the butch teacher to that first whack.

After breakfast the next day we were joined by the remaining prefects, made introductions, and went on a second guided tour for the new pupils. I managed a very brief meeting with all the Devon House prefects before all hell broke out and the remaining 400 odd kids arrived.

The first few days were a blur, new timetables, new teachers in some cases, the inevitable questions, kids lost and not knowing where to go, a few more tears and of course the meetings.

All the prefects had been summoned to a meeting by Hugh and I. We had already prepared an initial programme of duties based on the previous year’s one but adding on the supervision of the 4th year’s meals. There were some comments but our plan to always have at least one girl and one boy on duty seemed to be generally accepted. The problem was that there were more boy prefects than girls and an unfair burden on the girls; I agreed to discuss this with Dr Dover. There was an open discussion and finally we broached the question of discipline. Every prefect has the right and duty to give corporal punishment when deemed appropriate however, at least initially any planned severe punishments, more than 3 with the slipper, were to be discussed with Hugh and I. Our objective was to reduce the number of beatings where possible and consider alternative punishments, this particularly for the new intake as some may not have been previously subjected to corporal punishment, particularly the case of some of the girls.

With George I arranged a meeting with all the Devon House prefects late in the evening on the second day. There were some discussions about duties but the main subject was corporal punishment. I reiterated that I should be informed of any planned punishment of more than 3 with the slipper. Punishments would be arranged towards the end of evening study time as in previous years. At each session 3 prefects should be present, the flogger and 2 witnesses. Although I did not express it as a hard and fast rule, I suggested that when boys were being punished there should be two male prefects and one female, the reverse when girls were punished. When boys and girls were to be punished for the same offence, first the boys changing room would be used and secondly an extra witness would be present, 2 of each sex. There would be no distinction between the sexes when chastised, male prefects could punish girls and female prefects the boys.

The usual rules would apply, both boys and girls would change into PE kit and not be allowed anything on underneath, this could be checked by a prefect of the same sex if there was any doubt. I reminded the prefects that as Head of School, I could apply the cane or slipper to the bare bottom. For 4th formers they would be totally bare, for 5th and 6th formers, they would be allowed to wear a jock strap or paper thong, I advised them that both I and Miss Jones had a stock of thongs. One exception to the dress rule would be for minor offences after bedtime, the slipper could be applied over pyjamas but in such cases the flogger and witnesses would all be of the same sex. I showed them the punishment book, a brand new one for the start of the year; the book would be kept in my study.

The following afternoon I arranged a practise caning session in the boys changing room for the senior prefects but also invited the junior prefects. The House was empty as studies were in class at that time. As Hugh had done the previous term, I had set up a chair with a pillow fixed with a belt. I gave a demonstration and handed the cane to George, he showed a high level of proficiency. Next Heather and Sally had a turn, neither was very good, firstly not hitting hard enough and secondly whacking far to high and low when they put more of an effort into the job in hand. Ben, Tony and Harry were next, Harry was lees accurate than the other two. Finally Millie took the cane, she showed a high level of skill probably because of her prowess on the squash court. I asked the 3 girls and Harry to stay behind to practise further.

The first few days were quiet on the discipline front, a few boys had been slippered for horseplay and other minor offences. Millie had slippered a couple of girls for fooling around after lights out and after a previous warning to settle down. Heather and Mary had been the witnesses.

The first major problem happened on the first Saturday of term. After games a teacher had spotted 4 lower 6th boys in the local town and had reported this to Hugh. After an initial check he found that no permission had been given. Hugh sent me a note asking me to meet him before dinner that evening. We discussed whether to inform Dr Dover or handle the matter ourselves. The boys had been in trouble before but never for really serious offences. We finally decided to handle the matter between us and agreed to call the culprits to his study at 9pm.

The boys duly appeared at the appointed time. They all admitted the offence, agreed that they did not have permission and were sentenced to 6 each on the bare. They were sent off to the School House changing room to get ready. Hugh, I and John, a School House senior prefect, followed 10 minutes later. Their beatings followed the usual ritual with only jock straps giving them a little modesty.

It was not long before two girls were in serious trouble. On Sunday afternoon Mary had gone for a jog with Harry. As they approached the cricket pavilion they had smelt cigarette smoke and went round the back to investigate. They found four fifth formers having a smoke, 2 boys and two girls. On returning to Devon House they had come to report the matter to me.

My first reaction was to have a word with Miss Jones, she invited me into her sitting room and I told her what had happened. After a few minutes thought she called bill Williams and spoke to him at length. From the half of the conversation I could hear, they had a difference of opinion, he seemed to want the matter handled by the two of them, Miss Jones on the other hand wanted to leave it in my good hands and with the threat of more serious consequences if they were ever caught again, she prevailed. As all four were from Devon House the matter could be handled internally. As I was about to leave she said that Bill had suggested that they each get 6 on the bare.

I returned to my study and scribbled a note to Hugh telling him what had happened so far and dispatched it with a lower 4th former. Within 15 minutes the junior was back, Hugh had added that he would leave the matter to me unless I required some moral support.

I next found George in his room and advised him of the situation. I suggested that he and Harry plus Mary should act as witnesses and that the two of us should confront the culprits in my study at 9.30pm.

George and I were sitting having a cup of coffee in my study as the appointed hour approached. There was a faint knock on the door, after a loud “come in” the door opened gingerly and the four of them filed in and stood in a line facing the two of us. Heads were lowered and rarely did they look at us.

The usual questions were asked and each admitted their guilt, they had been caught red handed. I was tempted to ask who had provided the cigarettes but decided that I did not wish to single one of them out for a more severe punishment. I informed them that they would each receive 6 of the cane on the bare. I added that Mr Williams had been informed and would deal with them if they were ever caught smoking again. They were then instructed to go to the changing rooms and change into PE kit.

As they left I followed the 2 girls to the girls’ changing room. I briefed them on what would happen, one admitted to having been slippered on the bottom at a previous school. They both looked terrified and I did my best to calm them down but it had little effect. I handed them the paper thongs explaining that it would protect their modesty as two boys would be present as witnesses. I told them to change and go along to the boys changing room and wait outside with the 2 boys. I returned to my study where the execution squad had assembled, George, Mary and Harry.

After 10 minutes we left, I was in the lead with a couple of canes in my hand, the others followed. The four culprits were lined up outside the boys changing room in the regulation white tops and shorts, socks and trainers. Four more miserable specimens I had never seen, not one looked me in the eye as I approached.

I had decided to deal with the girls first and chose to start with Sue as she had already been slippered on her bottom and may react less to a caning.

We moved a low bench to a clear area near the shower room and I asked Mary to call Sue in.

As she entered she quickly looked at the four of us standing round the bench and then fixed her gaze on the cane held in my right hand. I told her that she should straddle the bench near the end closest to me, lower her shorts to her thighs and bend over clutching the sides of the bench. I noticed her eyes were watering already and her legs were trembling.

My moment had come, “prepare yourself and bend over”. Oh how those words were sweet, my heart was now pounding hard and I could feel a certain excitement within me.

She did as she had been instructed. The thong came into view as she lowered her shorts; that had been a good idea especially with boys present.

I could see her legs trembling as I placed the cane on her bottom. I drew it back and brought it back with medium force, she let out a yelp but stayed in place. As I readied for the second stroke a red line was visible across her bottom. Again I lined up the cane and brought it back lower and harder, the yelp was louder and she let go with her hands but quickly replaced them on the bench. The third was higher than the first and she groaned. The fourth was going to be lower than the second, this time there was a stifled scream, she briefly waggled her bottom in an effort to relieve the pain. The fifth was higher, the scream was louder. I readied myself for the 6th, this would be the hardest yet and at a diagonal to the first five. I brought the cane back with determination, she screamed out loud and she struggled for breath.

I told her to get up and pull up her shorts. After what seemed like 5 minutes she slowly raised herself and pulled up her shorts to hide the array of weals, she was very careful not to scratch her bottom with the elastic waistband. She turned to face me, tears running down her face.

I had prepared some tissues in advance and gave her a couple. She was trying desperately to control herself and the tears slowed but her chest was heaving with short sharp breaths. I extended my hand, she shook it and said “thank you Miss”. I told her to wait outside till they had all been punished.

I nodded to Mary and she asked Francoise to join us. Francoise was in a desperate state as she came in, she was crying profusely, I could see that the tears had reached her T-shirt, she must have been crying during Sue’s caning. I wondered how she was going to manage to take 6 strokes of the cane; I certainly had no intention to hold back, she would receive the same as the others.

I gave her the same instructions, the tears flowed even more and she was finding breathing difficult. I tried to help her control herself and stressed that Sue had exactly the same and had lived; she knew the rules and therefore must take the consequences.

With little else I could do except delay further, better to get it over as soon as possible I spoke those hallowed words, “Francoise, prepare yourself and bend over.”

She turned, straddled the bench and froze. “Shorts Francoise.” Her hands went to the elastic and stopped. “Lower them Francoise.” Her whole body was trembling and I was no longer enjoying myself. She slid the shorts down to her thighs. “Bend over Francoise.” She did so as soon as I asked; she seemed to have reconciled herself to the punishment.

I lined up the first stroke, she reacted as soon as the cane touched her bottom, she pulled forward quickly to get away from it. Again I laid the cane on her bottom and quickly took it away bringing it back without delay. It was only of medium strength, the reaction was not, she leapt up clutching her bottom and squealed.

I told her to get back down and asked Mary to hold her down. Mary moved over to one side of the bench, placed her hands on her back and took a grip on a handful of T-shirt.

Positioned correctly I started again, cane gently against her bottom and a quick stroke, she squealed again but Mary held her tight. The third and fourth followed quickly, more screams.

Her bottom was now well striped, the vivid red lines contrasting with the white thong and the pale skin of her bottom as yet un-attacked by the cane.

Two more, as with Sue these would be the hardest, one low on her bottom and the last at a diagonal. I clenched the cane tighter, touched her bottom and then swung it with more force, an ear-piercing scream followed; Mary almost lost balance trying to keep her in place. The last stroke brought a scream that almost deafened those present and must have been heard throughout the house, a warning to all potential smokers.

Mary let her go, she stood quickly and clutched her bottom, rubbing it this way and that in the hope she could erase the pain. The tears had stopped and her breathing was less shallow, all she could think of was the pain in her bottom, she was oblivious to the four pairs of eyes that followed her every move. She made no attempt to pull up her shorts which had now fallen to her ankles.

As if a magic wand had been waived she stopped, bent down, pulled her shorts up and turned to face me. “I’m sorry Miss to make such a fuss, I know I did wrong, I was very silly, please forgive me.” I don’t know what came over me but I put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

“Right Framcoise, join the others and wait till the boys have been punished,” she left.

The two boys followed one after the other, both were obviously used to feeling the cane and each took the 6 strokes with a minimum of noise and no tears. I was slightly amused that their rosebuds were in view when they bent over with their legs about 8 inches apart.

I then called all 4 back into the changing room and gave them a short lecture on the evils of smoking and that Mr Williams would deal with them if they were caught again, they were dismissed and advised to get ready for bed rather than go back to their study rooms.

That night I reflected long on the events and smiled when I wondered whether I had flogged a boy’s arse before Miss Black. The caning had caused me considerable excitement witnessed by the state of my panties.

The next day after games I went into the shower room and was delighted to find Francoise and Sue in the showers. They both turned to face me but not before I had sight of their bottoms, each was well branded and would be for another week or so.

After I had changed and returned to my study there was a knock on the door, “Come”, it was Francoise. “Can I have a word?” “Of course, come in and sit down.” She remained standing explaining that sitting was still not comfortable. She explained that she had been showing off, the cigarettes were hers and she had encouraged the other three to smoke with her. How stupid she had been? She was so ashamed of her behaviour during her caning, how poorly she had taken the strokes compared to the others and in particular Sue. She closed by promising that would never ever smoke again and try to respect the rules.

A few weeks went by, there were canings and slipperings and a few more branded bottoms in the showers but no more bare bottom canings of girls. I did attend a few bare bottom canings of boys at the hands of Hugh.

I did hear that Miss Black had had her wish on more than one occasion and had obtained a reputation amongst the boys as a sadist, they even nicknamed her Sadie.

Half term had arrived, a week at home and a few outings with Hugh were planned.

My diary will continue after half term.

The After Effects (Part Three)

After Half Term, a painful lesson

Half term had been brilliant, I had met Hugh and had stayed over at his house while his parents were away, there was only his older sister there, and she attended a local college and was not there most of the time.

Hugh’s house was large and had a rambling garden, he showed me round and we took two bikes to cycle to the small river that bordered their land. There were stables a short distance away and he had arranged for us to go riding. We had spent a whole afternoon one day and morning the next riding over the moors. After the morning ride he suggested that we go for a swim. He called a neighbour to ask if we could use the pool, an indoor heated one.

We cycled to the neighbour’s house and were welcomed by a middle aged lady. She explained that she had to go into town and would leave us the run of the pool area; she asked that on leaving we should lock the door and put the keys back through the letter box.

Hugh led the way to the pool area; it was luxurious to say the least, rather like a Roman temple with columns down each side. Hugh indicated where the changing rooms were. I don’t quite know what came over me but I suggested that we change by the poolside and quickly pulled off my shirt followed by my jeans. Hugh paused for a moment and did likewise. I removed my bra and slowly put on my bikini top, I could feel Hugh’s eyes devouring me. Next my panties fell to the floor and I turned to pick up my bottoms which I eased up over my legs. Hugh removed his underpants and I caught sight of his penis before he put on his swimming shorts.

We both dived into the pool and splashed about. We had races and I found that I could swim as fast as him. After a while he asked whether I had ever been skinny dipping, I replied “No” and he asked if I would like to try. I agreed and we both removed our swim things. I found this rather exciting especially as Hugh was clearly excited. We kissed and fondled as we explored each other’s bodies.

After what seemed like an hour we exited the pool, dried ourselves and dressed. The front door was duly locked and we cycled back to Hugh’s house.

That evening his sister Sandra joined us for dinner which Hugh had prepared with a little help from me. Sandra asked us aboutSt. George’sand how the girls were fitting in. She explained that she had been a day pupil at an all girls’ school in a nearby town. She then asked about corporal punishment. She knew that the boys were caned but what about the new intake of girls?

Hugh and I explained that girls were treated in exactly the same way as boys, and were slippered and caned with PE shorts on. She turned to Hugh and asked if he had caned anyone on the bare bottom, he replied “Yes.” Had he caned a girl on the bare bottom? “No” he replied. She turned to me and I replied positively to both questions. She asked whether it was too humiliating for the boys and girls to be exposed and whacked by someone of the opposite sex. I explained that 5th and 6th formers could wear a jock strap or thong to protect their modesty but that juniors were not allowed this privilege. She was fascinated by the subject and asked us about the emotions we had felt when being whacked and when whacking others.

By the time I got to bed it was late and my mind was in turmoil as I tried to analyse the emotions of corporal punishment and how I became excited with the power of inflicting pain on others.

I thanked Hugh for his hospitality and returned home for the last two days of half term. On the train I reflected on my relationship with Hugh, how much I had enjoyed his company, the tingling I felt when I thought about the time at the pool and our physical closeness. I had wanted to go further and am sure that he felt the same. Some old fashioned instinct had impeded me from jumping off a cliff. How would we be able to manage our “business” lives of being joint Heads of school with such feelings running high?

Back to school and the usual rush of lessons, sport, study and exhaustion at the end of each day. I did see a lot of Hugh and often there were just the two of us in his study or mine. We both accepted to keep a respectful distance apart, it was like an imaginary wall, neither of us daring to reach out and knowing that the flood gates of emotion would open and cascade like a waterfall. It was so difficult, I so wanted to kiss him and hold him tight, feel his body next to mine. Each night I fell asleep dreaming that he was in my arms.

Life was much as usual, the odd slippering and even a caning or two where I had been the witness, nothing significant enough to distract me from my nightly dreams. That is until one afternoon. After hockey practise and before reaching the changing room, Millie called to me and asked if she could have a word with me in my study. I started by asking how she was feeling, she had taken a very hard hit from a hockey stick and been sent to see Matron. She had a very sore leg but that it was only bruising, no serious damage.

After seeing Matron, she had gone to the changing room to shower and change. She had found two 4th form boys rummaging through the girls clothes. Apparently they had both been allowed to avoid sports due to heavy colds. She had caught them red handed. They had stumbled through all sorts of stupid explanations as to why they were there but it was clear that they were seeking some form of sexual gratification. She had sent them to their study saying that they should go to class as usual and she would revert to them later in the day.

As two boys were involved, I decided to have a word with Mr Williams.

I showered quickly and went along to his study. He was sitting at his desk and smiled as I came in, his smile faded as he saw the look on my face which must have expressed trouble with a capital T. He invited me to sit at his desk rather that in an informal chat on the sofas. He looked at me enquiringly and waited for me to start.

I explained what Millie had told me and I could see anger rise in his expression. When I finally reached the end of my speech he sat motionless for a full minute or more as he reflected on what to say. “I have my own ideas on the actions that are required but do you have anything in mind as to a suitable punishment?” He had caught me off guard, I had expected him to take charge, pronounce a sentence, and set out the way to proceed.

“Well Sir, this is a very serious breach of all the rules. It is clear that there is a sexual element and the humiliation of all the girls in the school to have their privacy betrayed. They are young and will hopefully mend their ways, the punishment should not brand them as freaks for the rest of their lives, expulsion is therefore out of the question. I would not involve the parents unless they are caught again, parents may react very strangely when they find out that their offspring have had sexual stirrings and behaved in such a disgusting manner. I am also a little worried as to the reaction of the girls if and when they find out about this intrusion of their privacy, I really wonder whether they all need to know. On the other hand, all the boys should be aware that such atrocious behaviour will result in a very severe punishment and these two should be made an example of. I am not sure about the punishment and who should administer it, my first thought would be to try to humiliate them in their own minds, 6 of the cane on the bare from me might just be enough to penetrate their heads that girls are not to be messed about with and that they can be as strong as their peers.”

Bill Williams was silent again as he mused over my missive. “Wendy, all I can say is how right we were to offer you the job of Head Girl. I have rarely heard such concise thinking by anyone your age. When you first told me what had happened my thoughts were to consider expulsion after a damn good thrashing and that I would do the thrashing. I can but agree to your proposal. Given the seriousness of the offence I will inform Dr Dover. I would ask you to make the arrangements for them to be thrashed this evening. I am also authorising you to give them both 8 strokes on their bare bottoms and suggest that you have 3 witnesses, one girl and two boys. News will always travel fast and I can not see how the girls will not become aware of the offence, I agree that there is an element of humiliation for them but in the knowledge of the punishment that will be meted out on the two of them, some blushes may be spared. I suggest that you inform the girls after study time this evening. Have a word with George as to whether he informs the boys, it may not be necessary as they will probably already know what’s happening, the bush telegraph is so much more efficient that the telephone. Do you have any more thoughts at this stage? I replied that none came to mind but if they did later I would let him know.

My mind was a whirl, 8 strokes on the bare, god that was really going to hurt them; on the other hand they deserved it, the insult of having your clothes raked through by boys. My first task was to inform George. I caught him on his way to class and walked with him. He was clearly shocked. It was agreed that we would meet in my study after dinner when we would decide on the witnesses and discuss any other matters that may come to our minds before then.

At dinner that evening I managed to have a few words with Hugh, as usual he offered support but knew that I would handle this whole sad affair on my own.

At 7.30 George knocked on my door. He chose Ben as a witness and I informed him that I would ask Millie. We decided to ask all the prefects to join us. Once they were all assembled, I ran through the events of that afternoon, my meeting with Mr Williams, his decisions, nominated the witnesses, fixed execution for 8.45, and advised them that I would speak to the girls before bedtime that evening. There had been a stony silence during my little speech and generally looks of disbelief on the faces of the girls, the boys seemed less shocked but it was not their intimacy that had been violated. I even wondered if some of them might not have been tempted to participate in such a folly, jokes about girls’ knickers were rife and boys’ minds can work in mysterious ways.

George had informed the two 4th form boys to report to my study ay 8.45. They were two of the quieter boys; neither excelling at studies or games, in fact the word average came to my mind. The execution squad assembled in my study at 8.30.

At 8.45 there was a feeble knock on my door, Millie who was sitting near the door opened it and the two slowly entered my study, heads bowed and both snivelling. They stood in front of me not daring to look up.

I started with the usual “you both know why you are here” and “do you have anything to say for yourselves.” “Well?” “By your silence I can but assume that you accept your guilt, you were both caught red handed in the girls changing room and that is strictly out of bounds for all boys.” Neither moved but I detected a tremble in their legs.

“Right, Smith and Carter, I have spoken to Mr Williams and he has asked me to handle the matter of your punishment. He has also spoken to Dr Dover. I must warn you that, if in the future there is ever such behaviour on your part, you will be punished by either Mr Williams or Dr Dover.”

“You will each receive 8 strokes of the cane on your bare bottoms. Do you have anything to say before I send you to the changing room to prepare?” Both in unison whispered “no Miss.” “Off you go and prepare yourselves then wait outside the changing room door. They shuffled out of my study.

I informed the others that given the very serious nature of the offence, I would break with the usual scenario. I planned to give each boy 4 strokes first and then call them to bend over for the second four. This would by necessity extend the time that it would take to complete the punishment. To add to the humiliation I advised them that both boys would be called in together and told to remove their shorts, the first would be called to the bench while the other stood facing the wall with his hands on his head. George was the first to speak, “did Mr Williams tell you to punish them in this way?” I told him that this was my idea. George replied “I wonder whether this could have repercussions, the guidelines set out for corporal punishment are quite inflexible, have you spoken to Hugh about this?” Again I replied negatively and closed by saying “this is my decision and my decision alone, if there are repercussions then I will handle that by myself without causing any involvement for you three.”

We waited about 10 minutes before leaving, me at the head of the execution squad with two canes in my hand, followed by Millie and with George and Ben brining up the rear.

We passed the two miserable little boys facing the wall in gym shorts and T-shirts and went into the boys changing room. The bench was set in the usual space near the shower room. “Right George, let’s get the show on the road.” He opened the door and called them in.

They stood in front of me heads down, god how I despised them. It was then that my Father’s words came back to me, “corporal punishment was not to dissipate my anger but to ensure that the culprit mended his ways.” Was I going too far? I had told the others what I intended to do, should I back down and possibly lose face? It was sure that I was very angry and determined to beat the shit out of them, determined to humiliate them to the maximum. The devil won.

“Smith and Carter, go over to that wall and remove your shorts and place your hands on your heads.”

After a couple of minutes I called Smith to come over to the bench and bend over. “You will receive 4 strokes and then you will return to the wall while I give Carter the same. You will then come back for the next 4 followed by the last 4 for Carter.”

Astride the bench he bent over clutching the sides with his hands. I raised the cane and brought it down with all my force, a strange gurgle came from his mouth. This was repeated after each stroke. “Right Smith back to the wall.” He raised himself up and I could see the tears streaming down his face. “Carter, your turn.”

Carter took up the same position. The first stroke brought more of a scream, this just got louder as I progressed. I am sure that the whole house would have heard his screams.

The next four produced similar noises but even Smith was screaming by the end. As they stood together by the wall with their backs towards us we could appreciate the damage done to their bottoms. They were both blistered and both backsides looked raw and painful.

“Right you two get dressed and I suggest that you go and see Matron before going to your dorms.” The Squad left the changing room and I went to seek out Matron to warn her that she may well receive two visitors with very sore bottoms, I told her that Mr Williams had instructed me to give them both 8 strokes for being in the girls changing room. She thanked me for the warning and I returned to my study.

Millie, George and Ben were there, George spoke first, “I can understand your feelings towards Smith and Carter and why you wanted the maximum level of humiliation for them. Bending over for a bare bottom caning is humiliation in itself, having them both present in the room and with shorts removed was in my opinion going a bit too far.” “Do you all agree with George?” I enquired. “Millie spoke next, “just imagine for a moment that it was you walking across the changing room with your intimate areas exposed and that members of the opposite sex were present, how would you feel?”

I knew that I had gone too far but what was done was done. I concluded by saying “I can understand your point of view and appreciate that this was raised also before the punishment was carried out. All I hoped by my actions was to ensure that no boy ever again thinks of breaching the privacy that we girls cherish. If there are consequences then I will accept full responsibility.

My mind was whizzing, I could not settle down to work so I set off to inform the girls of what had happened. They all listened politely; clearly the bush telegraph had done its work.

I returned to my study and had a coffee as I mulled over the evenings events and potential consequences in my mind. Could I lose my position as Joint Head of School, could I even be expelled? I had that sinking feeling in my stomach. After a last round to check that all the lights were off and that everyone was settled I went to bed. I hardly slept all night.

The next morning I showered and dressed and was making my way to the dining hall when I spotted Millie, I called out for her and she approached. “I really think that I went too far last night. I am wondering whether to confess to Bill Williams and take whatever the consequences are or just hope that the dust will settle and life go on as usual. Do you think that George or someone else will grass on me?” Millie replied “I am not sure, he was certainly very shocked as was Ben. Even I was shocked but shared your wish to humiliate them.”

After breakfast I managed to get Hugh on his own for a few minutes before classes started. I explained what had happened and the guilt I felt. Should I just hope that the matter would blow over or should I go to Bill Williams to confess. He was his usual confident self and suggested that we should meet in his study at break and come to a decision on what action I should take. I imagined that he wanted a word with George before break.

At break I went to Hugh’s study, he had already prepared two mugs of coffee and we sat on the sofa. He spoke softly, barely audible, “I can appreciate why you did what you did but I can not condone your actions. The rules for corporal punishment are long established, only one in the room at a time and in the case of a bare bottom punishment the shorts should only be lowered during the actual punishment. For my part I am prepared to totally ignore this conversation ever took place however there is no guarantee that the details of last night’s flogging will not leak out, it is almost impossible to keep anything secret in this school.”

He advised me that he had spoken to George and Ben and that neither had yet approached any teacher to appraise them of the events. He continued: “It seems that both are considering speaking to Bill Williams but have so far hesitated because of their respect for you, their esteem for you has however taken a hard knock. They have both agreed that they will not say anything until this evening at the earliest.”

He waited for some reaction from me looking me straight in the eyes. “God how stupid I have been, I feel so guilty taking out my anger on those two stupid little boys. I could have just caned them, but no, I had to go further, I had to express my power to inflict the maximum humiliation on them.”

I went on, “I agree that there is only a very slim chance that rumours will not reach Bill Williams or Dr Dover, this even if George and Ben do not spill the beans directly. One thing is clear, it would be so much better for me to confess my stupidity voluntarily rather than wait till one of them summoned me to explain my actions. My first thought is to request a meeting with Dr Dover for after lunch and hopefully I will be able to have a word with Bill Williams beforehand. What do you think?”

Hugh smiled and looked into my eyes, “god Wendy, you never cease to surprise me, you are so clear headed and have the strength of a whole rugby team, headstrong yes, but as honest as the day is long. I suggest that you let me know after morning classes whether you are determined to arrange the meeting with Dr Dover, if you are I will have a word with his secretary and get a message back to you. That will leave you clear to have a word with Bill Williams.” We agreed on that scenario.

He closed by adding, “I really don’t know what the consequences are going to be but I am sure that they will not be pleasant. No matter what I will always support you and hope that once this has all blown over our own personal relationship will be as strong as ever.” The bell rang and we headed off for the remaining morning classes.

During the last class of the morning I prepared a note for Hugh, it simply said: “D-Day, let the battle begin.” I entrusted it to Heather to deliver urgently to Hugh, she gave me one of those enquiring looks but said nothing.

I found Bill Williams chatting to some other teachers near the dining hall. I caught his eye and he came over to me. It took me less than two minutes to tell him what a fool I had been the previous evening and that I intended to see Dr Dover after lunch. He made no comment other than “Wendy, I have a great deal of respect for you and will support you in any way I can, you must do what you think is best under these unfortunate circumstances.” I thanked him and turned to go into the dining hall. Hugh was near the door and told me that the appointment was fixed for 1.45.

At 1.45 I was standing in front of the Headmaster’s door, my hands were trembling and the little lunch I had eaten was churning in my stomach, I wished that I had eaten nothing. I was about to put my head in the mouth of the lion not knowing whether he would bite or not.

I knocked and went in. Normally he would have asked me to sit but he simply waited as I approached his desk, I wondered if Hugh had briefed him (I later discovered that Hugh had just mentioned to the secretary that I wanted to confess a stupidity).

It took rather longer to firstly admit my errors, both boys caned together and both naked from the waist down during the whole of the caning. I also went though my reasoning, the invasion of the girls’ privacy, etc. To conclude I confessed that my actions were a stupid expression of my anger which had clouded my mind from the task I had to perform, I had let my anger overcome me and I had forgotten the real purpose of the punishment, to discourage future similar behaviour from the two culprits and anyone else.

When I stopped talking he sat looking at me for several minutes, I found it hard to look him in the face. His expression was more one of astonishment than anything else. He was clearly thinking the whole episode through and how to react. In the end he just said: “Let me think on this sorry matter for a while, I am sure you have hockey practise and then classes, I suggest that you come to my office before dinner tonight. If you wish you may come with someone to support you, either a teacher or a prefect, that’s entirely up to you. Off you go.”

I went to get changed for hockey, the other prefects were already getting changed and looked at me when I entered our inner sanctum off the main changing room. It was Millie who broke the silence: “Do you want to tell us anything?” “Not really for the time being, I have lots on my mind and am not sure which way to jump.” Millie responded: “Well if you want to talk something over I am sure we are all prepared to listen and give you any help or sympathy within our powers.”

Hockey was much as usual but my mind was not on the game, I got shouted at several times by the coach and overheard Sally telling him that I had a few personal problems and that he should go easy on me. On the way back to Devon House I spotted Hugh, he had just finished rugby and was heading back to School House. I told him that I had a further meeting with Dr Dover before dinner.

I broached the subject of Dr Dover’s offer to have someone with me for our next meeting. For him he was very quick in replying, “you should ask Miss Jones, you get on well with her and she can back you up on the female perspective of what happened.” I promised to consider his suggestion.

My head was in a whirl, should I ask Miss Jones or not? After a shower and changing I went to see if she was in her flat. She answered the door and invited me in, on seeing me her smile changed to an expression of worry. “Come and sit on the sofa Wendy and tell me what’s on your mind.” I again recounted the brief details of the last 24 hours, if anything her expression of worry deepened.

“Dr Dover has invited me to bring someone to my next meeting with him and my first thought was to ask you. I am in two minds as to whether to go alone and face the consequences or to ask for support.” She confirmed that she would be more than happy to accompany me if that’s what I decided. “My problem is that I took the decision to humiliate Smith and Carter, I took it alone and even before the flogging was cautioned by George that my actions could have consequences, I could have backed down. I think that I have to face the consequences alone. I would certainly value your support and am sure that you can understand my anger faced with the invasion of all the girls privacy and even the disgust felt by all of us.”

She again confirmed that she would be pleased to attend with me but the decision was mine alone. If I did change my mind all I had to do was ask. I left and set off for afternoon classes.

At 5.30 I found myself in front of the Headmaster’s door, I knocked and was bidden to enter. As earlier in the day I was not offered a chair and stood facing him across his desk.

He looked me straight in the eye and began: “Wendy, I have always had a great deal of respect for you and your judgement. Your work is excellent and you should be accepted by any university you choose. You excel at sport and are able to motivate your peers and have the respect of both teachers and pupils. I can appreciate your anger at learning what those two stupid boys had done. I appreciate how girls feel when their privacy is invaded. On the other hand you should have been able to control that anger, particularly as several hours had elapsed between the crime and the punishment. You have been at this school long enough to know the rules. As Joint Head of School it is even more important for you to abide by the rules both to the letter and the spirit, how can you earn the respect of others if you blatantly exceed the powers entrusted to you.”

He broke off for a moment and looked down at some notes on his desk. “I could go on at length,” he said “but am sure that you appreciate the gravity of what you have done. You will also be aware that even if the whole school is not aware of all the facts today it is just a matter of time before everyone has a very good idea of the events and the facts will no doubt be embellished, not least by some of the junior boys. There is also a possibility that some parents may learn of this, possibly not from Smith and Carter but maybe some of their friends could tell their own parents, questions could then be asked. God forbid that the local press get hold of this.”

“I have spoken to your Housemaster as well as a few other senior members of staff. We are all of the opinion that your actions require a reaction from the School. Even if I may find it expedient to ignore our conversations today, I am convinced that the problem will not go away. I do appreciate your having admitted your failures before the matter came to my attention through rumours and whispers. Do you have anything to say before I conclude?”

“Sir, all I can say is thank you, what you have said is true, I know that a few minutes of stupidity could negatively impact on the wellbeing of the whole School. I have very much enjoyed my time here and appreciate all the staff have done for me in the last year and a half. I have let you down, also Mr Williams and Miss Jones, but worst of all my fellow prefects and friends here at School. I accept that there will be consequences and submit myself to whatever they are. Sorry Sir.”

“I have given considerable thought to the “consequences”. I could expel you but in your A level year I am not prepared to wreck the rest of your life by making it almost impossible for you to attend one of the best universities. I could suspend you but that would negatively impact the lead up to your A levels, it may also inconvenience your parents who I know both have high powered jobs.”

“I am going to give you a choice. Either you will be demoted not only as Joint Head of School but also as a prefect, or you will submit to the same punishment as the boys that you caned yesterday. Neither will give me any pleasure whatsoever, I have always respected you and will continue to have respect for you despite this one moment of stupid excess. Before you consider this choice let me just set out the scenario for a caning. I will make it as like yesterday evening as possible without infringing too greatly on your modesty. You will present yourself here in my study, you will wear a school skirt with no underwear. You will receive 8 strokes on your bare bottom from Miss Jones. There will be 3 witnesses apart from myself. Mr Williams, Millie who witnessed events yesterday evening, and finally Hugh.”

“Do you have any questions or comments?” I shook my head. “Right I expect your reply by this time tomorrow, in the meantime you can continue to act as Joint Head of School but you will be excluded from any matters relating to corporal punishment.”

“Sir I know which option I will choose, I will take the caning, I fully deserve to be caned and I am sure that my taking a severe caning will go some way to alleviating some of the negative reactions you mentioned a few minutes ago. I would ask that my punishment be carried out soonest and not delayed till tomorrow.”

“Very well Wendy, so be it. If you do change your mind then let me know soonest. I suggest that you come to my study at9pmthis evening. Right off you go for dinner.”

I turned to leave and almost slipPEd, my legs were not working properly and I was trembling. What had I done, how stupid had I been, I had never been caned before and it was many years since I had felt my Mother’s hand on my bottom.

Dinner was underway when I entered the dining hall, the whole room fell silent and all eyes were on me. It was awful. I spotted Hugh at high table and went over towards him trying to walk normally but the harder I tried the more difficult it became. Seeing my distress he asked Heather to help and they both cane towards me. Heather put her arm around me and Hugh took my upper arm, they led me out of the hall. I was guided to Hugh’s study and sat down.

Hugh spoke first, “what is happening Wendy? Have you seen Dr Dover? What did he say?”

Suddenly the tears flowed, I could no longer stop them. Heather hugged me and Hugh gave me a handkerchief. It was fully 5 minutes before I could speak. I told them of the choices Dr Dover had given me and told them that I accepted the caning from Miss Jones. Both expressed sympathy and said I would live as had those that I had caned.

I then came to the fact that witnesses would be present. Eyes were raised when I mentioned the names, Dr Dover, Bill Williams and Millie. I waited a few seconds before I added “and also you Hugh.” He let out a strange sound and said: “How can I possibly stand in that room with you bent over for 8 strokes on your bare bottom? No it’s not possible, I can’t.” I looked at him full in the eyes “oh yes you will, you have been caned and know what it’s like, I have never been caned. I need your strength there with me, I need you to share some of the pain, and without you there I could break down and end up in a miserable heap on the floor.”

I had over 2 hours to wait. They both asked if I wanted some dinner, I declined as I would probably have thrown up. I settled for a cup of tea and a few biscuits. After about half an hour there was a knock on the door, it was a junior who said that the Headmaster wanted to see Hugh, the boy left immediately. “Off you go and don’t let me down, I need you there.”

Hugh was back after about 15 minutes, “all arranged old girl, I’ll be there.”

Heather helped me to my feet and we headed back to Devon House. The cool night air was welcome but made me shiver. Back in my study I decided that I had better tell George what was going to happen. He seemed shocked despite feeling that I had gone way over the top when caning Smith and Carter. Next I called the female prefects to my study, at least they were far more sympathetic. Mary and Sally tried to humour me, they had both had 6 of the slipper on the bare from Miss Jones. Almost in unison they both said that they knew how I felt at that moment, that it would hurt like hell, but would be over in a matter of minutes. I would feel sore for a day or two and the bruising would disappear after a week to 10 days.

I had seen the effects of the cane on the bottoms of several boys at the time of the beating and also the aftermath in the case of the few girls that had been caned.

Time was passing and Heather suggested that I prepare myself, or in other words drop my knickers. She suggested that I go to the loo but as I had hardly drunk anything since lunchtime, I did not need to go. I went into my bedroom and removed my nics. They then bade me farewell and hugged me, what no cart to transport me to the guillotine.

The air was fresh as I walked towards School house, it cleared my head. It felt strange walking along with no stockings and panties on. I was somehow thankful that the hour was close, no more waiting. New sensations came into me, how much would it hurt, would I be able to take 8 strokes without screaming, would I be able to stay bending over? My stomach was in a knot.

I went into the House and along the twisting corridors until I arrived at the Headmaster’s study. I was alone and checked my watch, just 3 minutes to go. I gave my bottom a rub, the last time I would be able to do that comfortably for a few days.

It was Millie that opened the door and beckoned me in. Dr Dover stood behind his desk flanked by Bill Williams and Hugh. Miss Jones stood nearer me. There was a dining type chair in front of the Headmaster’s desk and Millie went to the side of it facing Miss Jones.

It was Dr Dover who spoke, “I will ask you again Wendy, you have agreed to take 8 strokes of the cane on your bare bottom? This is your last chance to change your mind.” Yes Sir, my decision stands” I mumbled. He continued: “If you take this punishment you will keep your status as Joint Head of School and all the privileges and duties that you already know. When the punishment starts you will remain in position until you are told to stand up. I hope it will not be necessary to restrain you but that will happen if you do not remain bent over. Right Miss Jones.”

Miss Jones took charge, “Wendy, move towards the chair and bend over the back holding on to the seat.” I moved slowly, bent over the back of the chair and reached down to hold the seat tightly. She then said “Millie please lift her skirt.” I felt Millie lifting my skirt over my bottom and pushed it up over my back. It felt strange bending there with my bottom exposed and knowing that it was about to be attacked, I caught a glimpse of the cane in Miss Jones’ hand, I felt so vulnerable. I knew I could stand up and run but also knew that I could not.

“Right Wendy.” With that I felt the cane on my exposed bare bottom, then nothing and then the swish and crack like a pistol. A second of reprieve and then the pain struck. I could feel the breath being sucked from my lungs as I fought to fight the pain.

The cane touched my bottom again, nothing and then the swish/crack, my chest was heaving, how would I be able to take another 6?

She continued leaving half a minute or more between each stroke. By the 6th the pain seemed to be lessening, my bottom felt numb, I could not even feel the gentle tap as she lined the cane up.

The 7th was similar the swish/crack but less pain. I knew the 8th would be the hardest, there was the swish and crack but this time there was pain, she had struck me right at the base of my bottom, an area as yet unaffected by her ministrations.

I stayed in position, I had not cried out nor shed a tear, perhaps there were none left as I had cried my eyes out earlier in the evening.

It was Dr Dover who spoke first, “You may get up Wendy, your punishment is finished.” As I raised myself slowly I could feel Millie pulling my skirt back into place. I so wanted to feel my bottom but thought better of it.

I first turned to Miss Jones, held out my hand and said: “Thank you Miss.” Next I moved behind the desk and shook Bill Williams’ hand. Extending my hand to DrDoverI said: “I am sorry to have let you and the whole school down.” Next I shook hands with Hugh and Millie.

As I waited to be dismissed, Dr Dover said “Wendy I am sure that this is the last time that you will ever be bent over for the cane, always think twice before you jump, is what you plan reasonable? How will it affect others? And remember when you punish a pupil it is not to release your anger but act as a reminder to the one being whacked to mend their ways. Wendy you may go and Millie please accompany her, thank you Millie.”

We reached Devon House and I told Millie that I would go and see Matron for some cream, I suggested that she should wait in my study. When I returned to my study, cream in hand, she had prepared two mugs of coffee. Millie was first to speak: “I won’t ask how you feel because I can see that you really suffered, Miss Jones has become an expert with her cane. I was rather surprised that you did not wear a paper thong?” “To be honest it did not cross my mind, Dr Dover said bare like the boys last evening. Could you help me with the cream?”

We went through to my bedroom, I removed my skirt being careful as I eased it over my bottom. I lay on the bed as Millie sat beside me and gently rubbed some cream into the weals that covered my bottom. There was a knock on my door, I asked Millie to see who it was. I took off my shirt and slipped on a short nightie. She came back and said it was George, he insisted on seeing me. I put on my dressing gown and went into my study.

George stood there looking a little embarrassed, “I know what you must be feeling right now Wendy, all I wanted to say is that neither I nor Ben have told a soul about last evening. We were tempted out of anger and I am sorry but we just wanted you to stew for a while. We had decided last night that we would not say anything. I am so sorry that you have had to suffer and feel guilty that I may have contributed to your humiliation, please forgive me Wendy.”

Despite not feeling overgenerous at that time I said “It was my decision to see Dr Dover, I knew I had acted in anger and wanted to humiliate those two boys. Rest assured, by tomorrow it is back to normal and no bad feelings, well except for my bottom of course which may not feel too good for a few days.” He left smiling.

I told Millie that as I had hardly slept the previous night I was tired and would try to sleep. I asked her to check with the other prefects that all duties were covered, she gave me a hug and left.

I went into my bedroom and had a good look at my bottom before getting into bed. Lying on my front I must have gone to sleep in 10 seconds.

The After Effects

The Day After My Caning.

When I woke the day after my caning it was still dark, I turned my head and saw that it was only 6.15, nobody would be on the move before 7am.

I had slept all night; I don’t think I had even moved. I felt refreshed and suddenly wide awake, the previous 36 hours came flooding back, god how silly I had been. I slowly moved my arm and ran my fingers over my bottom, it still felt delicate, the ridges had gone but the skin felt rough. It was not painful but did feel vulnerable, a sort of tightness.

I got out of bed and inspected by bottom in the mirror, the cane lines were clearly visible and were now a hue of black and blue. Some of the strokes had been close together and the bruising had merged in a couple of places. I thought of Smith and Carter and guessed that their bottoms would look similar.

A mug of tea was needed and I made one, I was thirsty having drunk little the previous day. I then turned to thoughts on the day to come, I would not be able to avoid the speculation and stares from one and all. I decided that I would go for a shower immediately rather than wait till7am, I could perhaps shower without anyone seeing my bruised bottom.

I took my mug of tea with me and went upstairs to the changing room. I set the shower to run warm and took off my dressing gown and nightie. As I was waiting for the shower to run warm the door opened, it was Millie, I breathed a sigh of relief. She glanced at my bottom and said “poor you.” I got under the shower and was grateful for the warm water which had the effect of cleansing my mind from the horrors of the previous evening. Millie was soon under her shower, I caught her glancing at my bottom a few times. I was thankful that we were alone, that would not be the case after games that afternoon, should I go sick? No I decided better brave it out, surely the novelty of the Head Girl with cane lines on her bottom would wear off after a day or two.

Just as I was about to get out the door opened again, it was a couple of junior 6th girls, their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw my bottom, they quickly looked away and turned to put on their showers, “take mine I am finished.” Millie did the same and we dried off. Going through the changing room Millie asked if I wanted some more cream on my bottom, “yes please” I said.

Back in my study I untied my dressing gown and lay face down on the bed. Millie eased my dressing gown up over my bottom, she was careful not to let the material scrape the damaged flesh. She took some cream and gently applied her fingers to the task of gently massaging the bruised area. I closed my eyes, I was dreaming and did not even realise that my hand had slipped under my body and was between my thighs. Millie was so gentle, she applied more cream and her fingers ran ever so slowly over my bottom and down to the crease above my thighs where one stroke had landed. My mind and whole body exploded within a couple of minutes and then again. At this Millie asked: “Is that better now?”

I turned my head to face her and replied: “You know the answer to that question. If you ever get caned I will be more than happy to apply cream to your bottom after.” I looked into her eyes and she smiled and her lips made a kiss for me. She got up and left leaving me to get dressed, I put on a pair of full white briefs thinking that this may give me a little more of a cushion from the hard wooden seats of the classrooms.

I was running early and decided to have another mug of tea. I mulled over the events of the previous day. I had always assumed that one got more pleasure from beating someone than receiving; I was coming to the realisation that the emotions of being beaten are far more acute. When beating someone there is the anticipation, the confrontation with the one about to be beaten, the preparation, the command to bend over, the actual beating, and the knowledge that they will not forget the beating in a hurry and the cane marks will leave a legacy for the next week or more. The level of these emotions was but one on a scale of 10, being on the receiving end was a full 10.

My mind then turned to how soon it would be common knowledge that I had been caned. I reckoned that by lunchtime at least half the school would know. At this there was a knock on my door, it was all 5 prefects, Heather, Sally, Millie, Fiona, and Mary. Millie explained that they had decided to have a roster so that I would not be alone at any time during the next few days. Being Head Girl I was likely to be the centre of attention with everyone staring at my bottom and wondering how bruised it was. Having a chaperone would at least provide some moral support.

Heather would usually be with me during classes as we were both in the same science stream, Millie would be with me for sports as we were both in the first 11 hockey team. At other times, like meals, one or more of the others would chaperone me. In this way they hoped that I would feel less vulnerable. They had rearranged the prefect duties till the start of the following week so that I would not have to be present too often in public places.

It was time for breakfast and we all headed off to the dining room. I was quickly conscious of some stares and whisperings as some of the more senior girls went past us, obviously the two from the shower had told their dorm mates. I was also quite conscious that my walking was more laboured than usual, the more I tried to walk normally the more difficult it became, a little like being drunk and trying to act normally.

There were stares when we entered the dining hall and the noise level abated to whispers. Oh yes the message had got out even quicker than I had thought.

With only one week before the Xmas holidays, I would just have to put up with the stares and hoped that slowly life and my bottom would return to normal as the novelty of the Head Girl being caned wore off.

The senior prefects joined me at the top table. I was ravenous and ordered bacon and eggs from the junior serving the top table. I had started tucking into my breakfast when I spotted Hugh; he smiled and sat down opposite me. I found it difficult to look him in the eye. The last time I had seen him was in the Headmaster’s study with a very sore bottom and he had witnessed my caning. He spoke first: “Wendy, I would like a few minutes of your time, do you have enough time after breakfast? We could go to my study for coffee if you would like.” I agreed.

After breakfast we went together to his study, Heather had agreed to meet me in my study 5 minutes before the start of lessons.

Hugh started: “Oh god how I wanted to stop Miss Jones and submit myself to the caning in your place. I felt every stroke for you in the hope that it would lessen the pain for you. I have known you for over a year, I know your strengths, your determination, how did you manage to bear the pain, I have seen many boys collapse in a heap with a less severe beating. God Wendy you are so strong, I love you.”

I leaned over and kissed him full on the lips. “Thank you Hugh, thank you for being there for me, I doubt whether I would have held out for the full 8 without your presence,” tears were running down my cheeks, “please kiss me again Hugh.” He leaned towards me putting his arms round me and kissed me so deeply that he took my breath away. “Better get off to class, don’t want to be late do we?” he said with a broad grin on his face, “I’ll come to your study after lunch when we will have more time to chat.”

As I rose to leave I almost stumbled, my knees were like jelly. He grabbed my arm to help me, “Perhaps you should see Matron, last evening has really taken it out of you.” “I’ll be OK,“ I replied and left. Little did he know that it was not the beating that was affecting me.

I was grateful to my fellow prefects, there were the stares and the whispers, I felt the eyes following me, and was sure that my walking was affected in some way that said out loud “here is a bruised bottom”.

I was looking forward to seeing Hugh after lunch but received a message that Dr Dover wanted to see us both after lunch, “blast” I thought.

It was strange retracing my steps of the previous evening, it made me even more conscious of the tightness of my bottom. I definitely had a sinking feeling in my stomach; at least Hugh was there for support.

We went into his study and he waved us to the sofas as he finished off some paperwork on his desk. He joined us after a minute and started: “We are near the end of term and there are always a lot of distractions at this time of year. I am not against the pupils letting their hair down a little but there are limits. If the 6th year have the odd glass of wine or beer then so be it, but there will definitely be no spirits or alcohol for the juniors. If anyone is found drunk then they will be dealt with severely. With so many more girls here this year I want to make it clear, anyone found in an area designated out of bounds, boys in the girls’ area and visa versa will be dealt with very severely. I want the pupils to have fun in the run up to the end of term and the Xmas holidays but I will not permit any hooligan behaviour.”

We both nodded and he continued: “I want the message passed on and I will look to you both and the other prefects to keep a tight rein on things.” He thanked us for listening and we both left his presence, not a word was uttered about the previous evening.

Hugh suggested that we should have a meeting with the senior prefects after dinner that evening and then arrange a further meeting with the prefects in our respective houses.

That afternoon we had a full hockey practice, there was a mixed tournament the next day with 3 other schools. I quickly went back to Devon House to get changed. I was in such a hurry I almost knocked Miss Jones over as I careered round a corner. “Oh Miss Jones, are you all right? I am so sorry but I am late for hockey.” She smiled, “yes Wendy” and then with a cheekish grin added: “You know that running in the corridors is against the rules, try to be better behaved in future.”

When I got to the changing room most of the girls had changed and there were only a few stragglers left, Millie was there waiting for me, “better get a shift on Wendy” she said.

It was one of those bright winter days, cold but not freezing and a blue sky. In an instant I forgot all about my bottom and was running around the pitch as usual. It was not till we got back to the changing room that I remembered. I went into the prefects’ room and undressed. I made no effort to hide my bottom from the others, so far only Millie had seen the damage. They were discrete and just glanced at the bruising, nobody said a word.

I wrapped a towel round myself and made my way to the showers. There were more than a dozen girls in the shower room, some showering, some drying themselves and some waiting. One girl quickly vacated a shower for me, I undid my towel and hung it up and went into the shower facing the wall for the first minute. I could feel a dozen or so pairs of eyes staring at my bottom. I then turned and the eyes were diverted.

After I had showered and dried myself I went back through the main changing room just holding my towel to my front, that way everyone there would see my bottom and hopefully that would be that, no more stares.

I still felt conscious of my bottom and the stares and whispers but less so as the day progressed. On the way to dinner I even forgot about it and found myself chatting with Millie about the hockey the next day, I found that I had not been embarrassed about my walking.

We had our meeting with the senior prefects in Hugh’s study, he did most of the talking and repeated Dr Dover’s words of warning. There did not seem to be any need to point out that if any prefects were involved then they too would be punished, I certainly was not going to risk another caning, not now, never. I returned to Devon House with the other senior prefects and we had a further meeting with the junior prefects. It was agreed that George would advise the boys and Sally the girls after evening studies.

The next day was a whirlwind, the mixed hockey tournament in the afternoon and then the variety show in the evening in the dining hall. Various groups from each year had been practising for a couple of weeks, this year there would be a pantomime theme. I knew Millie was in Snow White with some of the juniors as the dwarfs and Hugh was an ugly sister in Cinderella. I was due to compere the show.

Classes for those playing hockey finished early and we went to meet the busses bringing the others teams. Millie and I took charge of the girls and Hugh and another School House prefect the boys. We first went to the changing room where the girls deposited their bags and freshened up. Lunch was buffet style with only the teams present with the teachers who were involved.

We then showed the others round the school and ended up in the 6th form sitting room in School House for tea and coffee. We took the girls back to Devon House to get changed while the boys went to the changing room in School House.

Unlike some of the girls I did not strip completely to put on my hockey kit. I had suddenly become conscious of my bottom and the bruises. Most of my fellow team mates had already seen the state of my bottom but there were about 20 girls from other schools there and I would not be able to avoid their stares in the showers after. Were girls in other schools caned or even whacked on their bottoms? Perhaps some of the juniors in other schools could be beaten but what about 6th form girls? What about prefects and the Head Girl?

Millie, seeing me deep in my thoughts spoke: “Come on Wendy, you look as if you are in another world, what’s the problem?” In reply I whispered: “I was just thinking of the reaction I will get in the showers after the games.” She herself now looked pensive then whispered: “You will just have to brave it out and act as normally as you can.” That I knew was not going to be easy.

We set off for the pavilion where the boys had assembled. The order of play had been settled and we would each play in a round robin tournament, 15 minutes each half. The two winners would then play for the trophy and the third and fourth in a play off for the wooden spoon.

The crowds had assembled, I had not realised how many spectators there would be, pupils from other schools had been bussed in, there was a crowd of well over 1000.

Our first match was against Hillsdown Grammar, it was a tough game and ended 0:0. Next wasSt Joseph’s, that was an easier prospect and we were 3:0 up at half time. That match ended 5:1. Our final match was againstThornburyCollege. They scored within the first minute and nearly scored again from a short corner. Just the one goal in the first half. We started the second half with determination and nearly scored from a short corner. The task looked hopeless as the minutes ticked by then Millie collected a good long pass and flicked it to me in front of the goal, it was all I could do at full stretch to deflect it at the goal, as I tumbled over my eye caught a glimpse of the ball hitting the backboard behind the goalie. A huge cheer went up. The final whistle went a minute later.

Back in the pavilion we were informed of all the scores, Thornbury College were first and St. George’s second, Hillsdown third and St Joseph’s last. We put our tracksuits on and went out to watch Hillsdown andSt Joseph’s play. The game was closer that we had thought it would be, it ended 3:2 in favour of Hillsdown.

There was a tremendous cheer as we came out of the pavilion with the Thornbury team, school scarves were waived and chants went out.

We had expected a hard match and hard it was, we were evenly matched and both sides had their chances in the first half but neither scored. Tactics were discussed at half time and it was decided that we go all out for attack and positions were rearranged. This appeared to be working and we had some good shots on goal which were scrambled away by their keeper. As could be expected with such tactics, Thornbury picked up a loose ball and it was flicked down the pitch and ended up in our goal with little our backs could have done.

Within a minute we were awarded a short corner. Millie flicked the ball to me to stop and James put all his force into the shot which whistled past their goalie. With both sides having decided to go for all out attack it would be more by luck that one side or the other would win. There were several very close shots and the final whistle blew with neither side having scored a second goal. There were discussions on the sidelines between our teachers and those from Thornbury. Some favoured extra time, some a penalty shoot out whilst some wanted a draw. I am not sure whether my legs would have lasted another 5 minutes of play.

Finally the line judge called us over and announced a draw, Thornbury andSt George’swould share the trophy. Hands were shaken between the opposing teams and we lined up for the presentation. Dr Dover made a short speech expressing his pleasure at the development of the mixed hockey event since its beginnings only the year before. He thanked the participating teams, coaches, line judges, and everyone who had turned out to support the teams. Finally the captains were called forward and the trophy was jointly awarded. We then followed to shake the hand of Dr Dover and the Heads of the other 3 schools.

We gathered the girls together and headed for Devon House. The moment I had dreaded had arrived. Some of the girls stripped off fully in seconds and headed for the showers. Others seemed to be more conscious of exposing their bodies to a group of girls they did not know. For my part I stripped down to my navy sports knickers and wrapPEd a towel round myself, I then carefully slipped my knickers down keeping my back to the wall. Seeing my reluctance, Millie whispered: “Don’t worry Wendy, you are not the only girl here with cane lines on her bottom, 3 of the Thornbury girls were caned on Monday after they were caught drunk in a pub after a match last Saturday.” She then added “girls at Hilldown are not spanked but those atSt Joseph’s are, they get the slipper if they misbehave.”

A burden had been lifted from me as I headed with Millie for the showers. On entering I noticed one girl with a cane marked bottom, she turned to me and said “come on Wendy, join the stripy bottom club.” A loud laugh went out.

After we had changed we met up with the boys in the dining hall. Not only were the teams present but also the teachers from the other schools. The teachers sat at the top table and we were ushered to various tables and not allowed to sit with our own team mates. I found myself sitting next to the Thornbury girl I had seen in the showers and a boy fromSt Joseph’s. The conversation should have been about the tournament but it quickly turned to corporal punishment. Anne the Thornbury girl wanted to compare notes, she explained that when they were punished, only females were present, she seemed fascinated that both male teachers and the Head Boy had witnessed my caning and that it had been on my bare bottom. Allan, theSt Joseph’s boy sitting next to me also expressed surprise, their girls were slippered but boys could be caned, both were allowed to wear shorts or games knickers. Sometimes a teacher of the opposite sex was present but never a pupil, not even the Head of School.

They both expressed surprise that prefects could cane other pupils and that Hugh and I could cane pupils on their bare bottom with a jock strap or thong giving some measure of modesty. In both schools the prefects could only give the slipper and that girls and boys were punished only by a prefect of the same sex.

By the time dinner was over we were all good friends and one and all were looking forward to the next tournament during the Easter term. Some were involved in other sports and a programme of other matches had been arranged including mixed basketball, squash, and for the summer term there would be swimming and tennis. We took the girls back to Devon House to collect their kit and then to the busses where we waived them off.

Having eaten earlier than usual we had some time on our hands and went back to Devon House. I had no prefect duties, my rota would not start till the Monday. We assembled in the 6th form study and one of the boys appeared with some cans of beer and a couple of bottles of wine. A sudden feeling of guilt ran through me as usually this was strictly forbidden, I was however reminded of Dr Dover’s words that for 6th formers a modest amount of alcohol would not be sanctioned.

I took a glass of wine and was just about to take a sip when Hugh walked in. When he saw what was happening he grinned and took a can of beer and downed a large gulp. He came over to where I was standing and asked if he could have a private word with me. With drinks in hand we left for my study.

He started: “I am so pleased to see you back in the swim of things and enjoying the party spirit, to be honest I feared that you may withdraw into yourself after your ordeal.” I just smiled and kissed him full on the lips. He continued, “You know that we were talking about the Xmas holidays and whether we could spend some time together. I have spoken to my sister Sandra and she is fine about you staying for a few days, my parents will be inAustraliaand don’t get back till after Xmas. She also called your folks, it seems that they should attend some functions inLondonfor a few days and would not be there when term breaks up, they seemed delighted that you would not be on your own for a few days.”

My initial reaction was one of annoyance at Hugh having organised all this without discussing it with me first, all we had agreed previously was to see if we could have some time together during the holidays. On the other hand the thought of spending some private time with Hugh was overwhelming, god how I loved him. It was all I could do to hold back the tears as I hugged him.

It was time to get organised for the variety show. When we went back to the 6th form study most had left. Hugh said he had to get his makeup and dress on, he wanted to be the ugliest sister ever. I had thought of borrowing a dinner jacket to wear for the evening but had decided against it. I would just wear a formal suit, black jacket and skirt. I went along to the changing room, it was a riot. There was laughter as someone put on their costume, most were outrageous, skirts far too short, little hot pants, sexy lingerie, tight tops, etc. Millie as Snow White looked a million dollars, she had a rather revealing white dress on with lace petticoats flaring the dress. She was wearing white tights and she showed me the shoes, 6 inch heels and as white as her dress. By comparison I would look like a dowdy spinster in an office.

I went over to School House with George, he was in charge of lighting. We went to the dining room to check things out. The hall had been cleared and chairs had been set up. The raised top table area had been converted into a stage with curtains and backdrops that could be lowered and some furniture pushed to one side. It soon became clear that a lot of hard work had gone into the production, particularly the art stream that had done the backdrops. George went to a small desk at the side of the hall, flicked a few switches and the stage blossomed. I then went back to School House where I found Mike, he was the producer and was busy directing everyone where to go, etc. He handed me a copy of the programme and some notes. Each group of performers had been allocated a study room and a notice had been pinned to each door. He suggested that I should visit each group for inspiration as to the introductions before each group performed.

The first door was Cinderella, I knocked and entered. I burst out laughing. “Hugh! You really did mean what you said, the ugliest sister ever, if you tried to kiss me I would run a mile.” Heather was there as Cinderella, she must have got her costume from the same place as Millie, she looked absolutely gorgeous, “don’t you dare kiss her Hugh, she would turn into a pumpkin.” Mary was prince Charming, resplendent in red waistcoat, red hot pants and white tights with red high heeled shoes.

I had some ideas for the introduction and moved on to the next group, Dick Whittington. There was of course Snow White, a group a dancers who would perform West Side Story, Alladin, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk. The school jazz band would be playing as well as a string quartet. I then returned to the dining hall which was already filling up.

The show was fantastic, much better than the previous year, probably helped by the presence of so many more girls of different ages. As the stage filled with each set of performers taking a final bow the applause was deafening, again tears almost fell from my eyes. There had been the odd slip up, one boy tripping, one girl forgetting her lines, the sound stopping at one point, but these just added to the fun and brought howls of laughter. The wolf whistles for Millie and Heather did not appear to meet with Dr Dover’s appreciation as he scowled. He came on stage at the very end to thank all the casts, those who had worked so hard behind the scenes; he had really enjoyed the show and commented on everyone’s hard work.

The groups went back to their allocated studies after the curtain fell for the last time. I felt somewhat alone and wandered over to chat to George as he dismantled the lighting desk. “Did you enjoy the show Wendy,” he asked: “How are things after the other night, I should have been more sympathetic but I am really not very good at knowing what to say in such circumstances and also feel somewhat responsible for your caning, I should have told you sooner that I never intended to report you.” In answer I leaned over and kissed his cheek, he blushed visibly and dropped his screwdriver.

Sally and Ben fortunately interrupted our conversation, unfortunately if was not good news. They had gone round the groups to congratulate them on their performances, on entering the room reserved for the West Side Story group they had found a brawl, not so much a fight but an orgy. Some of them were just in their underwear and hands were in places they definitely should not have been. They had also found three empty bottles of vodka with which they had laced soft drinks. They had told them to get dressed and wait in their room.

“Oh shit, would you go back and supervise them while I have a word with Hugh.” Hugh had already left the performers area so I headed off to his study. I knocked and heard him asking me to wait. After a couple of minutes he opened the door, he was wearing a dressing gown, had taken off his wig but was still fully made up.

I explained what Sally and Ben had found. “Oh god, I think this is a matter for Dr Dover. I’m sorry but I really can’t go and see him like this, do you think you could do that on your own?” I replied that I fully understood and would of course go and inform him. That had been easy to say but as I left Hugh and walked towards the Head’s study all the emotions of two nights ago came flooding back.

I knocked on his door and heard the usual “enter”. He was standing in front of the fire which was still burning. He had a glass in his hand. He waived me to a sofa and asked if I would like a glass of wine, I declined. I explained what had happened with the West Side Story group and why Hugh was not with me.

As on previous occasions he asked me for my opinion. The initial awkwardness had gone, this was business. I gathered my thoughts and started “there are two offences, the vodka and the bawdy behaviour. Both would merit a severe punishment on their own. A dose of the cane seems to me the least they should receive. On the other hand there are 16 of them, 8 boys and 8 girls. Do we want 16 pupils going home for the holidays with cane marked bottoms? There could be some negative reactions from the parents. My preference would be for the slipper and definitely on the bare bottom. This would serve as a lesson for everyone with the threat of more severe punishment if anyone else was caught in similar circumstances. I am not sure whether Hugh and I should handle the slipperings or whether you and Miss Jones would be more appropriate under the circumstances. On balance, I think we should handle the punishment and let it be known that you would punish anyone in future for similar outrageous behaviour.”

Dr Dover smiled, in fact more a broad grin: “You never cease to amaze me Wendy. I know it must have taken courage to come to my study alone only two days after your caning, and by the way I must say how much I admire the way you behaved, many boys would have been crying in a heap on the floor after what you endured. My initial reaction was also that a caning was a minimum however the logic applied to your thoughts leads me to agree. 6 each of the bare from you and Hugh is my decision.”

I thanked him and left to inform Hugh.

Hugh had showered and changed by the time I returned to his study. I advised him of my conversation with Dr Dover. We agreed to handle the beatings that night, we would give them 15 minutes to change into PE kit and go to the gym. Hugh would beat the boys and I the girls. I left to return to the study room to inform the condemned.

I returned to Hugh’s study with Sally and Ben, they would be witnesses. Hugh asked if we wanted a drink, we all agreed and he poured two glasses of wine for Sally and I and handed a can of beer to Ben. I suddenly remembered the thongs for the girls and asked Sally whether she would go to Devon House to get them from my study. She could then hand them out to the girls before they came to the gym.

We waited till Sally returned, finished our drinks and made our way to the gym. The 16 of them were lined up at the door, they had the usual hang dog expression glimpsing out of the corners of their eyes at the slipper. We went into the gym and called them in. There was the usual lecture and I added that they were lucky not to be facing Dr Dover with a cane in his hand. They were asked to let it be known that any further such incidents would not be tolerated and anyone stepping out of line would be facing the Headmaster.

They were told to go out into the hall, we set up a bench in a clear area and Sally called the first girl in. Hugh and Ben stood slightly to one side as the girl was told to go to the bench and drop her shorts and bend over. I gave her 6 very solid whacks across her bare bottom, alternating from one cheek to the other, she was screaming by the 4th and was in floods of tears. This was repeated 7 more times, one girl did stand up briefly to clutch her bottom but quickly bend over again, some made less noise and a couple took their punishment with no sound at all, all had tears in their eyes before they exited the gym. I handed the slipper to Hugh and the exercise was repeated another 8 times on the boys’ bare bottoms.

They were ushered back into the gym and told to be on their best behaviour. They were dismissed and told to return to their respective houses and go immediately to bed as it was already getting late. The four of us went back to Hugh’s study, had another drink and finally headed off for Devon House and bed.

That was the last significant incident before term ended, it seemed that the message had got through or that everyone was very careful not to get caught.

On the last day I hurriedly packed a bag and met Hugh, he had organised a taxi to take us to the station to catch a train for his home.

The End