Another instalment of the series

By Wendy A

The next morning as I was having a cup of tea there was a knock on my door, it was Millie. She had on her dressing gown and she explained that she had just had a shower. I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “Go on into my bedroom.”

She did and I followed. She let her dressing gown fall to the floor and lay on my bed face down. Her bottom had turned from red to black and blue over night, it still looked rather painful. I took some cream and started massaging it into her bottom. She made moaning sounds, was it pain or ecstasy? A few minutes later I found out. I kissed her on the cheek and said that I was going for a shower; she could stay there as long as she liked.

By the time I returned from the showers she was gone. I got dressed and was about to head off to the dining room for breakfast when Millie returned. We headed off together with Heather and Mary in tow. Millie was grateful for our support and said she felt all eyes were on her and particularly her bottom; she said that her legs were still a little wobbly.

When the other two were a little behind us I asked whether she was still up for the weekend in Wales. She replied: “Of course, but I will have to check with James.”

After breakfast Millie popped her head round my study door. “Try to keep us away from Hugh’s cottage, of course we both want to come.”

I saw Hugh during the morning and told him of Millie and James’ decision. It was agreed that the four of us would meet in my study after dinner and sort out the organisation.

That evening Hugh, Millie and James were sat in my study drinking coffee. Hugh started: “Apart from the four of us there will be my sister Sandra and her boyfriend Stuart and my neighbour Jenny and her boyfriend Tom.”

It was suggested that we arrive at the cottage on the Friday afternoon. Hugh would drive me in Sandra’s car, Sandra would get a lift from Stuart. James confirmed that he could borrow his Mother’s car and would collect Millie. Finally Tom and Jenny would make their own way. Other arrangements were that he had tickets for a rugby match in Cardiff on the Saturday afternoon and that his Mother, Sylvia, would be staying for one night on Saturday. She was planning to visit an old school friend on the Friday and would spend the night at her house and travel to the cottage the following morning.

Hugh also mentioned that we should have some warm clothes in case the weather deteriorated. We should also have some party wear and sports kit; he explained that Jenny had some interesting plans for Friday night and for Sunday.

Term ended on the Wednesday morning and my folks were there to collect me. The excitement inside me was bubbling over and I found it difficult not to kiss Hugh before we headed off down the drive.

On the Thursday I took the train and Hugh collected me from the station. Dinner was the usual semi-formal affair. Jim, Hugh’s Father, explained that he would be attending a conference in Edinburgh for all of the following week and would be leaving on the Friday. Sylvia confirmed that she would be spending one night at the cottage and would be arriving on the Saturday morning.

We set off for the cottage early the next morning with several boxes and a couple of cool boxes, Sylvia had prepared food for dinner on the Friday night. It took a little over two hours to reach the cottage and we set about getting the fires and kitchen stove lit. With the much warmer weather the cottage did not feel as damp and cold as during our previous visit. After we made up beds and put towels out for everyone, we had a sandwich for lunch, courtesy of Sylvia, and decided to have a shower.

I showered first and then Hugh went into the bathroom, I slipped into bed and was delighted to find that he had put the electric blanket on. When he emerged there was a huge grin on his face. “How did I know that you would be lying in bed?” We kissed and hugged for an hour or so. “Better get sorted out before the others arrive,” Hugh said, much to my dismay. I could have stayed there all weekend cuddled next to him. As I got out of bed he slapped my bottom. “Having naughty thoughts were you?” I smiled and gave him a hug.

We dressed. I put on a short summer dress which seemed to excite him, he came over and his hands were all over me. “God I love you Wendy.”

The others arrived over the next couple of hours. After showering and changing we assembled in the lounge. Hugh had set up drinks and we all helped ourselves. Sandra’s new boyfriend was much her own age and was clearly infatuated with her.

Over dinner Jenny said that she had some ideas for later that evening. The first game after dinner would involve the guys wearing girls’ sportswear and the girls would be in shorts, t-shirt and jockstrap. Dinner was sumptuous, Sylvia had excelled herself, and there was plenty of wine and beer consumed. We cleared away the dishes and Jenny announced that we would start in 15 minutes, we should all get ready. Hugh and I went to our room. I took out a navy sports skirt with an adjustable waist and a pair of matching sports briefs. “I hope these fit you, the skirt may be a little short for you.” He handed me a jockstrap, I had my own white sports shorts.

He was visibly aroused when he put on my skirt and briefs. “Naughty thoughts?” I enquired.

“Guys dream of short skirts and sports briefs,” he replied.

I found it strange putting on his jockstrap, it felt baggy at the front and unlike a thong there was nothing between my bottom cheeks. Hugh giggled. “You need something to fill the pouch. Do you want to try a pair of socks?” We finished off our outfits with socks and sports shoes.

We found the others in the lounge. The guys looked strange in short skirts and did not keep their knees together, knickers flashing was the order of the evening. The jockstrap was uncomfortable; the join between the pouch and the thongs was in the wrong place.

We had a couple of drinks and then Jenny announced the first game. There were two bowls, one for guys and the other for girls. It was a game of truth or lie. A girl’s name would be drawn and she would have to answer a set question. If she told a lie and it was guessed by the guys she would be spanked with the paddle. If not guessed as a lie then she would draw a guy’s name and he would be spanked, two swats. Next one of the guys would be chosen and then alternate after that. The first question would be when were you last spanked?

Millie was drawn first, she had been spanked last week, and drew Hugh’s name. Hugh duly bent over a chair, Millie lifted his skirt and gave him two hard whacks. Next was Tom, he had been spanked the previous weekend and drew Sandra, she bent and received two whacks. The game continued and in summary:

Jenny had also been spanked the previous weekend and drew James,

Hugh had last been spanked at half term and drew Jenny,

I was next and also was spanked at half term, I drew Tom,

Stuart had been spanked about a week ago and drew Millie to spank,

James had been spanked the previous weekend and drew Jenny,

Finally Sandra had been spanked about a week ago and drew Stuart.

The next question was, what was the most painful spanking you have ever had? The replies were as follows:

Sandra: the caning I had given her at Xmas for leaving the house in a mess, 6 on the bare with the cane,

Stuart: he had been caned several times at school, one prefect had caned him particularly hard for being cheeky, 6 with gym shorts on,

Jenny: she had been belted by the nuns, one was particularly painful, 10 whacks with the belt in the showers, naked and a wet bottom,

Hugh: he had been caned several times, once 6 of the best on the bare from the Headmaster,

Me: it had to be the 8 strokes of the cane on the bare that Miss Jones had given me before Xmas.

James: the 8 strokes of the cane he had received a few days before from the Headmaster,

Millie: the 6 strokes she had received from Miss Black the previous weekend,

And finally Tom: he had been belted at school but there was no one single occasion that was particularly painful.

We had all been drawn again for two swats on the bare; Millie and James’ bottoms brought the greatest attention because the marks were still visible 6 days after their canings.

We had another round of drinks and each in turn had to say what they found the worst and best aspects of spanking. For the girls the worst was either the waiting or the pain, the best was the glow after a spanking. For the guys they were mixed between the anticipation and the pain, none really felt that there was a high point but all admitted that they enjoyed spanking a girl’s bottom and often dreamt of such spankings.

Jenny then announced that we should all strip. We stripped off and then she said that the names would be drawn and each of us would get 8 whacks of the paddle, the girls would spank the guys and vice versa. There was one exception, Millie and James would only get 4. When my turn came I bent over the chair and received 8 hard whacks, my bottom was on fire.

After that we dressed again, had another round of drinks and headed off to bed. I could have eaten Hugh, I had been so turned on by the spanking that it was like I was physically attacking him, he readily reciprocated and he gave my bottom several hard slaps which just increased my emotional state.

The next morning was bright and sunny. After breakfast Hugh, Tom and James set off for Cardiff and the rugby match. Poor Stuart would I am sure have loved to join them but Sandra insisted that they go to Cardiff for some shopping and then for lunch with mutual friends from college. That left Jenny, Millie and me. We cleared the breakfast things and tidied the lounge.

We were just wondering what to do when Hugh’s Mother, Sylvia, arrived. As it was such a nice day we decided that we would sit on the terrace and do some sunbathing, Sylvia readily agreed and set about preparing a pot of coffee for the four of us.

On heading for the terrace I passed Sylvia on her way to change. I had a dressing gown on with a bikini. I discarded the dressing gown and lay on a lounger. Millie and Jenny followed. I noticed that Millie’s bottoms did not totally cover the cane marks. Finally Sylvia joined us and poured the coffee.

After coffee we lay out on the loungers, Jenny removed her top, Millie and I followed suit whereas Sylvia retained her top. I lay there for a while admiring Sylvia’s body, for 40 plus her body was firm and shapely in the right places. The bikini seemed to emphasise her breasts and her bottom.

Millie turned over to sun her back, I again noticed the cane marks, so did Sylvia who asked: “Are those cane marks on your bottom?”

Millie replied that they were. Sylvia seemed interested and asked her all about what she had done to deserve the cane and how it was administered, she was particularly interested in the fact that she received it on her bare bottom with only a thong to protect her modesty, and also that Hugh, the Headmaster and I were present. She then turned to me and asked if I had ever been caned at school. She wanted to know all the details. She seemed to be slightly disappointed that Jenny had never been caned but still asked for details of her belting by one of the nuns.

When Jenny stopped talking she asked: “Do any of you get aroused by a caning?”

I replied that it was after the caning was over that I had felt aroused and that Millie had rubbed cream on my bottom which heightened the feeling of ecstasy. Millie confirmed my thoughts adding that it was almost worth being caned in order to achieve that high state of arousal. Jenny also added that she was aroused after her belting but that she had not had the pleasure of cream being applied to her bottom after.

Sylvia then asked whether we were aroused by caning other pupils, she knew that Hugh and the other prefects used the cane and the slipper. We both confirmed that we had feelings when disciplining others but that the level of arousal was modest compared to receiving, it was more to do with the power of inflicting pain and humiliation on the miscreant.

Sylvia reflected on this exchange for a couple of minutes and then said: “Like you, I am aroused after a beating. Let me tell you about my trip to see Lydia yesterday. When I was at school in the lower sixth, Lydia was Head of School. She was also captain of the hockey team and generally excelled at all sports that involved a ball. I was also in the hockey team and we became close friends despite the small difference in age and my not becoming a prefect till the following year when Lydia had already left school.

“It was one bright sunny afternoon when we were playing a hockey match against another school. When I was close to their goal one of their backs pushed me so that I lost control of the ball, rather stupidly I retaliated and hit her leg with my stick. The line judge blew her whistle and came running over. Their back was on the ground clutching her leg and crying. I was ordered off the pitch but not without first shouting abuse at the line judge.

“As I came off the pitch I was met by Mrs Smith, the Headmistress, who told me to go straight to her study and wait in the corridor. As the incident had occurred shortly after half time I had to wait a long time. Finally I heard voices approaching, it was Mrs Smith with the lady I knew to be Headmistress of the opposing school, and they were followed by the line judge and Lydia. They filed into the Heads study and closed the door.

“It seemed like ages before I was summoned into her office. Mrs Smith was seated behind her desk and the others on chairs set out to one side, they were all facing me as I stood before them. Mrs Smith started by saying that she had never witnessed such outrageous behaviour and that she was ashamed that it was one of her girls that had swung a stick in anger at another girl. Her immediate reaction was to expel me. She had however been persuaded to consider an alternative punishment. First I was to apologise to the girl I had hit, then also to the opposing team, the line judges, herself and the rest of the team. I would then receive nine strokes of the cane on my bare bottom.

“Finally she asked whether I had anything to say. All I could say was how sorry I was to have let the school down and how stupid I had been not to control my temper. She then told me to go to the gym and wait. I went straight to the gym. I was wondering whether both teams would be present when I was to be caned. I had that sinking feeling in my stomach and my hands were trembling.

“It must have been 15 minutes before the door opened and the two teams filed in and lined up against the wall on one side of the gym, they had all changed into their school uniforms. They were followed by the two line judges, Mrs Smith and the other Head and finally Lydia holding two canes and still in her hockey kit. Mrs Smith announced that Lydia would be applying the cane. This was most unusual as sixth formers were not usually punished by the prefects but by either teachers, the Headmistress or the Heads of Houses. She then instructed several of the team to move a vaulting horse away from the wall.

“I was instructed to move over to the horse, lower my sports briefs and bend over. The horse was set at a low setting, probably for a junior class, so I could stretch right over and hold the legs on the far side. I heard steps approaching, it was Lydia. She raised my skirt over my back. I could feel that all eyes were focused on my naked rear. Lydia moved to my left side and tapped the cane against my bottom. She told me that I would receive extra strokes if I moved from my position and that she would ask some of the girls to help hold me down if that were necessary.

“I had been caned several times before that but never so many strokes and never quite as hard as she laid them on. It was hell in a light whippy cane. I could vaguely hear intakes of breath from the spectators as each of the first few strokes landed, after the fourth or fifth one my whole being was concentrated on the pain from my bottom. When it was over Lydia had to help me stand. My skirt fell back down and Lydia retrieved my briefs from around my ankles and suggested taking them off, this she helped me to do. Two of the girls from my House were told to take me to my dorm. Walking was not easy and my skirt continually touched my sore bottom.

“The two girls took me to my dorm and helped me lay face down, they then left. I was feeling very lonely and sorry for myself. The pain from my bottom should have dominated my thoughts, it didn’t, it was the awful waiting from the time I left the field till just before the punishment, the sentence to 9 strokes, the humiliation of having my bottom exposed to the two teams and the teachers, the overriding emotion was the humiliation.

“I am not sure if I had fallen asleep but the first thing I remember was Lydia sitting on the side of my bed. I guessed that I must have been lying there for a couple of hours, it was dark outside. She spoke softly and told me that she was so sorry to have inflicted such pain on me; Mrs Smith had insisted on her wielding the cane, it was to increase the humiliation. She then produced a pot of cream, raised my skirt and gently applied it to my still very sore bottom. She was very gentle and massaged the whole inflicted area. I had closed my eyes and did not even notice that I had slid my hand under my body and was gently rubbing myself. It was an enormous shock when I came. Lydia stopped her massaging, kissed me on my cheek and again said how sorry she was to have been the one to cane me. She then helped me undress, found a nightdress in my cupboard and helped me into bed.

“Last night over dinner we relived those moments. I wanted to ask her to cane me again but did not have enough courage; I also feared that she may refuse.

“For a long time I have wanted to relive that flogging. I did come close after I married Jim. One day when reversing the car I hit a gatepost and did considerable damage to the car, he was furious and it ended up with me cutting a switch from a tree in the garden and him applying it to my bare bottom. The problem was that he could not appreciate the sensations that he had caused and was hopeless when applying some cream to my bottom. I even set up another occasion when he resorted to switching my bare bottom, similarly the aftermath was limp. I think the problem was the feeling of guilt at inflicting pain on me.

“There will just be the four of us here all afternoon; none of the others will be back till after 5pm. I want you to cane me like Lydia did all those years ago; please don’t say no, I don’t want to be disappointed again. I would also ask you to keep my story and this afternoon a secret between the four of us. Will you do as I ask?”

She got up and left the three of us to discuss her request. It was clear that none of us was keen to cane her bottom, she was Hugh’s Mother. How could we ever look her in the face again? Millie seemed less bothered than either Jenny or I, she kept saying that if that was what she really wanted then why not let her have her moment of pain and pleasure. We lay sunbathing for at least the next hour and going round in circles with the problem before us. It was Millie who finally decided it for us. She said: “Well if you are not willing to carry out her wishes then I will do it myself.” That decided it; we could not let Millie take the full responsibility and so agreed.

We went back into the house and found Sylvia in the kitchen; she had prepared a salad for lunch. I took a bottle of wine from the fridge and poured four glasses. I became the spokesperson. “We will agree to carry out your wishes but will ask you to write a short note stating that the caning is your wish and request. If I hear nothing for the next month I will destroy the note. I suggest that we set out a schedule. It is now nearly 1.30pm, at 2.30 you will go and change into anything that you think would be appropriate. At 2.45 you will appear in the lounge where we will carry out the caning, 9 strokes is too many, we will give you six strokes on your bare bottom. Just one possible problem, we don’t have a cane.”

She informed us that there were a couple of canes in their bedroom; Jim kept them there in case Hugh misbehaved. The scene was set.

(The caning of Sylvia follows soon)