The next instalment

by Wendy A

Hugh’s Mother met us at the station. It was the first time we had met. She was extremely attractive; despite her being over forty years old she could well have passed for someone much younger. She was wearing tight jeans and a short black leather jacket and boots of the same colour. She kissed me on both cheeks and said that I should call her Sylvia, I should also call her husband Jim. The ice was broken as she explained that neither liked more formal ways of address; it made them feel too old. After the short drive we went into the house and she told me to put my things in the guest bedroom I had used previously; there was no question of sharing Hugh’s bedroom.

She had set up a buffet style lunch and we tucked in. We chatted about what we could do during the next few days. Sandra would be back at about 5 pm and Jim at about 7 pm. The weather had turned mild but cloudy with occasional rain. She had provisionally booked horses for us for the afternoon and we both agreed that a ride sounded great. She mentioned that the Dennings were abroad and the house was locked up so swimming was off the agenda. She suggested that we might like to go to the cottage over the weekend. I had heard Hugh mention the cottage but had no idea of what it might be like; all I knew was that it was in mid-Wales and isolated.

She explained that the cottage had been shut up for the winter and that someone should go and open it up as well as check that all was OK. We could take Sylvia’s car and provisions for the two days. If there were any serious problems we could stay at the pub in the village, about 5 miles away. We both agreed and this would give us some time to ourselves.

After lunch we changed and cycled to the stables. We went for a long ride through the countryside and stopped at a pub for refreshments before heading back.

After we had showered and changed, separate showers, we went downstairs and found Sandra in the kitchen. She greeted us both, kissed Hugh on the cheeks and also kissed my cheeks ending up with one on my mouth followed by a huge smile and a pat on my bottom. We went into the lounge and chatted about School and college. Hugh’s Father duly arrived at 7 pm. A tall man over six feet and trim, he looked in good shape and it transpired that he was still very active despite his forty plus years, squash, tennis, golf and working out in the gym.

Dinner was formal and I felt slightly under-dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. We chatted about all sorts of things including what we would have to do when we reached the cottage. After dinner we retired to the lounge, the others had a cognac whilst I stuck to white wine. At about 11 pm Hugh suggested that we go to bed as we had a fairly early start the next morning, we should leave at about 8.30 to get to the cottage by 11 am.

We climbed the stairs and Hugh gave me a long lingering kiss. “We will have to wait till tomorrow night, sorry but I do not know how my parents would react to us sharing a bed.” We went our separate ways.

There was a knock on my door. I looked at the clock and found that it was nearly 7.30.

“Breakfast in 10 minutes.” It was Sylvia’s voice. A quick wash and I put on a dressing gown and slippers and headed for the kitchen, there was a glorious aroma of cooking bacon. Sylvia was busy at the stove and Hugh and Jim were already sitting at the table. Hugh beckoned me to join them but first I asked Sylvia if she needed any help. This was declined.

I was invited to help myself to coffee or tea and juice, freshly squeezed orange juice. Within a couple of minutes Sandra joined us; she was already dressed. We tucked into bacon, fried eggs, tomato, and black sausage.

After breakfast I showered and packed a few things for the weekend, Hugh had suggested that jeans would be best. On going downstairs I found a pile of boxes near the front door. Sylvia greeted me and said that she had set out some things for me; boots, a waterproof anorak, and warm woollen mitts and a scarf. She explained that the other boxes contained sheets, blankets and towels, some provisions and some other items that we would need.

Hugh arrived looking fresh faced after a shower, he went to the garage and brought Sylvia’s car round to the front door. We loaded the boxes, Sylvia kissed us both and we headed off for Wales.

We reached the cottage at about 11 am. When I say cottage it was more substantial than I had imagined. There was a cottage but it had been incorporated into the outbuildings to form a fairly substantial house. Hugh opened the door and we went in. Inside was modern but in keeping with the cottage theme.

Hugh spoke first. “Right, we need to get things going, get some heating on, get the water on, the kitchen stove, etc. Can you get the lounge fire lit? You should find all you need in the basket at the side of the fire.”

I found paper, firelighters, twigs, coal and logs. It was soon alight and smoking away. I went back to the hall and found Hugh heading out of the kitchen. “Water’s on, as is the kitchen stove. I’ve also put an electric heater on in our bedroom and in the bathroom. Let’s get our things inside.”

It took us about half an hour to get everything inside, unpacked, beds made, provisions put away, etc. By this time the house was warming up and the kitchen felt cosy with the stove. The lounge still felt a little damp and cold; my fire was far from effective and was still smoking.

“Don’t worry,” said Hugh. “It will get going soon.”

We had lunch of bread and cheese as well as some salad that Sylvia had prepared. After that we went for a walk. Hugh suggested that we go to the pub for dinner that evening.

After a shower, one at a time because it was tiny, we dressed and sat for a while in the lounge over a drink.

At dinner that evening I reflected on the previous time that the two of us had been out for dinner, then I was wearing the shortest of short kilt skirts. This time I was in jeans, boots and a chunky sweater.

After we returned to the cottage we found it much more hospitable, it was warm and cosy. We sat in the lounge where the fire was now burning away. I had a glass of wine and Hugh a beer. We sat and cuddled enjoying each other’s company and closeness.

Hugh went to lock up and we headed for bed. We stripped off, washed and Hugh held my hand as he directed me towards the bed. I slipped between the sheets and was delighted to find that he had put on an electric blanket, the bed was deliciously warm. I have no idea how long we were entwined in a web of love making, one hour, two hours, perhaps all night.

When I woke I found that Hugh was already up. A quick visit to the bathroom then I put on a dressing gown and headed towards the kitchen. I was aware that I was walking with slight difficulty; this was a new sensation for me, nice but strange. As I reached the kitchen there was a smell of toast. I went over to Hugh and kissed and hugged him.

“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked.

I thought for a moment and replied: “I am not sure, I feel exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. I feel slightly wobbly on my legs, a little bit like after being caned but the glow is not from my bottom. Do you have any idea what time it was when we went to sleep?”

He said: “About an hour after we went to bed.”

Slightly surprised, I replied: “I thought we had made love all night, it certainly feels like it.”

We ate breakfast, both lost in our own thoughts. Had he enjoyed making love? Had I done everything I could to increase his pleasure? He seemed to know what to do and how to heighten my pleasure. Had he been with other girls? Does he love me as much as I love him? Will he always love me?

After breakfast we headed to our bedroom, he let me shower first. I found that I was a little tender, I hoped that it was just a sign of over indulgence. I dried myself off and went back into the bedroom as he went into the shower. Instead of dressing I slipped back between the sheets.

When he came back into the bedroom he was surprised to find me in bed and came to join me.

“Do you want to start over again?” He asked.

“Not yet,” I replied. “I just want to hug you.” We cuddled and kissed for a few minutes but my mind was awash with my thoughts. It all came blurting out, I could not help myself. “Did you enjoy last night? Did I do everything that you like? Can I do anything else to increase your pleasure?”

He replied: “Yes, ecstatically, yes you did and as far as increasing our mutual pleasure is concerned I am sure we can learn together.”

Much as I had intended not to ask, my mouth moved faster than my brain. “Have you ever made love to other girls before me?”

He looked into my eyes and kissed me, I could see the cogs inside his brain whirring. “I could simply reply no, but I can’t. I can’t tell you a lie. If I did I could never forgive myself. Yes I have, two separate girls, once at a party of Jenny Denning and once on holiday in Cornwall. The first was quite a few years older than me, I think she wanted me to lose my virginity and coached me all the way through the process. The second was a girl about my own age, we were staying at the same hotel and we sneaked off after dinner and found a quiet spot. The first was at Xmas last year and the second last summer.”

His reply did not ease the turmoil in my brain. Had he enjoyed those sessions as much or more than with me? Would he do the same again even if we were still an entity? I turned to face him, kissed him full on the lips, touched his manhood and said: “Please be ever so gentle with me.”

Our time at the cottage was like a dream.

Monday came all too soon when we headed off to return to Hugh’s house. It was dark by the time we reached his house at about 6 pm. Sylvia was in the kitchen preparing dinner. After a coffee I went for a shower and had decided to wear a dress for dinner.

We had one day left before our return to school. Over dinner Sylvia informed us that she had booked horses for us the following morning. As she was due to play in a bridge tournament in the afternoon she suggested that she would leave sandwiches for us for our return. Jim and Sandra would not be back till 5 and 7 pm respectively. I felt more comfortable wearing a dress and even had a small glass of cognac before going to bed.

The ride the next morning was exhilarating, it was cold and the sun shone from a blue sky.

After eating the sandwiches that Sylvia had left for us, Hugh suggested a shower. This time we went to his room. We enjoyed our shower, the closeness of our naked bodies and the gentle massaging. We dried and went into the bedroom.

Hugh turned to me. “You know you mentioned whether we could do something a little different to heighten our pleasure?”

I nodded with my enquiring look.

“I would love to spank your bottom, spank it like a naughty girl over my knee.”

He sat on the bed and gently pulled me over his knee. He pushed me forward a little so that my hands were on the floor and bottom sticking up where his right hand would get full advantage. He then began, gently at first but he gradually increased the power till I grunted at each whack. I was in ecstasy. I stood up and placed his hand between my legs.

“Can you now feel what you have done to me?”

He looked curious. “Do all spankings excite you like that? What about when you were caned?”

I replied that I was aroused by being spanked. As far as the caning was concerned there was no immediate reaction, I was terrified and it hurt like hell. I then told him about Millie applying cream to my bottom and the effect that that had had.

“What about when you are spanking someone?” He asked.

“Yes but the level of emotion is much less intense.”

At that he went to a cupboard and took out a thick leather belt. He handed it to me and bent over the edge of the bed. I gave him a few gentle whacks and then said: “Now six hard ones.” I eventually got gasps for the last two. He stood up rubbing his bottom, kissed me and dragged me down on the bed. We remained in ecstasy for the remainder of the afternoon.

We heard a car door slam in the drive outside. We both got out of bed and I ran to my bedroom. After quickly dressing and sorting my hair I headed for the stairs, Hugh had just beaten me to it. There was noise in the kitchen. We went in, it was Sandra.

“Did I disturb you naughty love birds?”

I retorted: “Those that disturb love birds can expect a sore bottom.”

She smiled. “Oh yes please.”

We sat in the kitchen and had coffee, Sylvia returned not long after.

Dinner that night was similar to the previous evening except I felt more relaxed and enjoyed their company. Sylvia gave us a lift to the station after breakfast and we were headed back to St Georges. One final kiss in the taxi before we reached the school gates then the barbed wire was back in place.

School life was as usual and the weather had improved. The variety show had been a success and the five-a-side football was well advanced, it had reached the semi-final stage. It was decided that the final matches would be played outside so as more spectators could attend. Two pitches were set up in one corner of the playing field next to an embankment. The orienteering was also progressing and had been set for the third Saturday after half term.

There were the usual spankings but none quite as memorable as the mass discipline of the 5th formers before half term. Two girls had been caught smoking and been caned and four boys were caught coming back from a drinking session in the local village; they also were caned.

The five-a-side football proved a great success. Almost all the School had attended and there was as much excitement on the sidelines as on the pitch. Everyone had their favourite team and the encouragement was overwhelming. The winners of each group were presented with a cup.

I had a meeting with Bill Williams and Miss Jones. They informed me that they had decided to promote both Fiona and Mary to senior prefects. Three lower 6th girls would become junior prefects; Sue, Louise and Zoe.

The following weekend had been set for the orienteering. The whole School were to be involved. Some of the less sporty pupils were allocated to man the checkpoints with some of the teachers

The remainder would be split into eight teams of about fifty pupils. Each team would be headed by one girl prefect and at least two boy prefects. Each team would be a mixture of ages and boys and girls. The army would be providing what were referred to as rovers who would be in Land Rovers. They would ensure that no teams became hopelessly lost and provide assistance in case of need.

The prefects were assembled and given a format to follow. Each team would be split into small groups with specific tasks allocated to them. These included map readers, a couple of pupils with a compass each, first aiders with some basic provisions, seniors with sirens and two Verey pistols.

My team was composed of two prefects from School house, one senior and one junior, Brad and Jimmy. There were fifteen girls from all class years and about thirty-five boys. We would each have a knapsack, brightly coloured waistcoats, a different colour for each team, and plastic cloaks to protect against the rain. We would be wearing tracksuits and sports shoes.

Everyone assembled after breakfast. It was cloudy but mild, not like the weather we had experienced earlier in the term. The final items of equipment were distributed and those detailed to man check points headed off in mini-busses. The rest of us were loaded onto busses. It took about half an hour to reach our start area. I was surprised that we were the only group to start there, all the groups would be starting from different places and it was only later that we would follow a common trail. The soldier with us gave us the first co-ordinates to follow and then headed off in the jeep. I gathered my team and we headed off.

Several times we caught sight of other groups but our paths did not cross. We managed to find the checkpoints. After the third it was suggested that we take a break and have lunch. The cloud had broken and it was relatively warm in the weak winter sun. It was about 3.30 pm when we reached the finish and found that we were third. We were all tired and muddy and glad to get back into the busses and head for school and a warm shower.

I was still changing after my shower when a girl came with a message from Hugh. We were to meet with Dr Dover as soon as possible. I dressed quickly and made my way to School House, found Hugh and headed for Dr Dover’s study.

There was quite a crowd in his study; a couple of army officers, Miss Jones, Miss Black and several other teachers. Dr Dover turned to the senior army officer and asked him for his report. It appears that the officer with him who had been acting as the rover of one of the groups had lost contact with the group. At about 2 pm they should have reached a checkpoint but failed to show. With his team they had backtracked on the path that the group should have taken. At one point the path had crossed a minor road near a small village. They had checked the village including a pub. They had found most of the group in the garden of the pub eating their lunch. On entering they found about ten of the older ones drinking in the bar.

On learning that the group concerned were wearing green vests, Miss Black checked a control list and announced that the prefects in charge were Mike Shaw, a senior prefect in Hereford House, Henry Welling, a junior prefect in School House and our own Zoe Barker. Of the others in the group there were twelve 6th formers including two girls. The officer had taken a note of the names of the pupils in the bar but was not able to confirm with certainty those that had been drinking alcohol. They had also checked the names of those in the garden and found that the group was complete. They had then been escorted back to the right path and sent on their way. Needless to say they had been the last group to reach the finish.

Dr Dover thanked the officers for all their help during the orienteering and was informed that the army unit would be delighted to assist with any such events in the future; with that they left.

Dr Dover turned to the rest of us. “Given the involvement of three prefects I think this is a matter that should be handled by the staff. I would however appreciate your input into our discussions.”

The discussions revolved around whether the prefects should be treated differently from the others, whether all inside the pub should be treated the same or only those admitting to drinking alcohol. One point was not in question; the cane would be applied.

Poor Zoe, she had only been a junior prefect for a few days and would not have been in a position to stand up against Mike Shaw if it had been his idea to go to the pub. I wondered whether she had been drinking. I certainly had never seen or heard of her drinking; she was a sporty girl and academically bright by all accounts. She had only been at St Georges since the beginning of that School year and as far as I was aware had never ever been slippered and certainly never caned.

Suddenly I was awoken from my thoughts on hearing Dr Dover saying: “What do you think, Wendy?”

Hugh, realising my predicament, came to my rescue. “I am not in favour of handing out the same punishment to all concerned. For me, there should be three levels. Firstly Mike Shaw was the senior prefect in charge and Henry Welling, although in the lower 6th form, spends a lot of his time with the upper 6th. He plays most sports for the first team and as such could have influenced any decision taken by Mike Shaw. I doubt whether Zoe Barker could have exercised much pressure on the other two.

“As far as the others are concerned we should only punish those that admit to drinking alcohol, each and everyone of them could have had a soft drink and if they bowed to peer pressure then they should be punished. I agree that given the seniority of the pupils concerned that this matter should be handled by the staff. The first step should be to ascertain who was the prime influence towards stopping at the pub? Did any of the prefects try to stop the others? Then there is the question of who was drinking alcohol?”

Dr Dover then turned to me. “I agree with what Hugh has said; there are clearly degrees of misbehaviour depending on who did what. Might I suggest that you personally interview the three prefects whilst Hugh and I can handle the other twelve to ascertain who was drinking. Once the full facts are known the level of punishment could then be set.”

He then turned to the teachers present and asked for comments. Most agreed but Miss Black did suggest that they should all be caned as they had all been in the pub and had given a very bad message to the juniors present. It would also act as a warning to the whole School that such behaviour would be met with a severe punishment. Dr Dover stroked his chin for a few moments and then said that we should reconvene after dinner to discuss the outcome of the interviews with those concerned.

We filed out and Hugh and I headed off to his study. After a few minutes discussion we decided to handle the matter in a similar way to the mass punishment of the 5th formers. We sent messages out to all the twelve concerned and asked them to assemble in one of the classrooms immediately.

We waited fifteen minutes and headed off to the nominated classroom. There were only ten present when we arrived, the two girls were missing. I decided to go to Devon House to see if I could locate them. I found them in the changing room, both in tears.

“Being caught as you were must be quite a shock but as yet nobody had taken a decision whether or not you should be punished. Tidy yourselves up and come with me.”

I gave them a few minutes and we headed off to the main School block.

Hugh took charge and explained that they should prepare a list of anyone that they know was not drinking alcohol in the pub. We handed out sheets of blank paper and gave them five minutes to complete the lists. I collected them and we dismissed them.

On returning to Hugh’s study we found that only two boys and Zoe had not been drinking, almost all the sheets were identical.

After dinner we were back in Dr Dover’s study and reported on our findings. He then told us that Mike Shaw and Henry Welling had both owned up to being the prime mover in the discussion to stop at the pub. They both agreed that Zoe had been reluctant to join in but with some cajoling had agreed. They also both confirmed that she had ordered a soft drink.

Dr Dover then announced his decision as to the punishment he considered necessary. The two boy prefects would receive eight on the bare with the cane and he would administer this. Zoe would receive three strokes over gym shorts. The eight boys and two girls would each get four strokes over gym shorts. He asked one of the senior masters to cane the boys and then turned to Miss Jones who he asked to cane the girls.

Miss Jones then spoke. “Unless you have any objection Headmaster, I would like Wendy to witness the beatings.”

At this he suggested that Miss Black may wish to assist the senior master with beating the boys with Hugh as a witness.

Hugh took it upon himself to inform the eight boys whilst the Headmaster’s secretary would send messages to the two prefects to attend the Headmaster’s study that evening. As we were returning to Devon House Miss Jones asked me to inform the girls, the two juniors together and first, and then Zoe a little later.

There were rather a lot of glum faces at dinner that evening with the usual taunting from their peers.

Just before 9 pm I went to Miss Jones’ study. The two girls, Hillary and Jenny, were already there waiting in the corridor. I knocked and went in. Miss Jones had already set a chair in the middle of the room.

“Shall we get on with it?”

“Yes,” I replied and opened the door.

They both trooped in with their heads lowered and what looked like tears on their cheeks which was half hidden by their hair. Miss Jones gave them the usual speech about school rules and drinking alcohol as well as the fact that they could have had soft drinks. She ended by informing them that they would each receive four strokes of the cane but they would be allowed to keep their shorts on.

She told Jenny to wait outside. Hillary was then instructed to bend over the chair, feet slightly apart, and to hold onto the seat of the chair. She was warned that if she moved from that position before the punishment was complete she would receive extra strokes.

Miss Jones lined herself up with the cane resting on Hillary’s bottom. Hillary flinched as the cane touched her and I could see her legs trembling. Her shorts were pulled tight and it was clear that she was not wearing any panties underneath.

Miss Jones let fly with the first stroke and after less than a second Hillary screamed. I thought she was about to stand but she held onto the seat of the chair for all she was worth. The second and third strokes brought a similar if not louder scream. I could see that Miss Jones was intending to lay the last stroke on even harder, she brought the cane down across the middle of Hillary’s bottom, there was an ear piercing scream and Hillary’s legs crumbled and she ended up in a heap on the floor sobbing and taking great gulps of air.

Miss Jones signalled to me that I should assist her. I went over, took her arm and slowly raised her back onto her legs. She was wiping the tears away with one hand and rubbing her bottom with the other. I gave her some tissues. It was several minutes before she was able to control herself. She finally turned to Miss Jones and said: “Thank you Miss.”

She waddled to the door which I opened for her and told her to wait there. I then invited Jenny to enter. She was given the same instructions as Hillary. She duly bent over the chair. Her shorts must have shrunk in the wash or she had put on some weight during the term, I seriously wondered whether her shorts would split.

The first stroke brought only a grunt and bending of her knees. She reacted similarly to the second and third strokes. After the fourth and hardest she stood bolt upright and grasped her bottom, rubbing it in a frenzy to rid it of the pain. She was quick to thank Miss Jones and shook our hands. At that I called Hillary back in, a few more words of wisdom from Miss Jones and they were told to go to their dormitories.

Miss Jones gestured that I should sit on her sofa but at that there was a knock on the door. It was Zoe. She stood before us as Miss Jones gave her the usual lecture about the responsibilities of being a prefect and that she should have protested more vehemently when it was suggested that the group visit the pub. Her eyes were red and her fingers seemed to be in perpetual movement as if she wanted to protect her bottom. She had at least not consumed alcohol; had she done so she would have received eight strokes on her bare bottom.

She was instructed to bend over the chair. Her shorts rode up to reveal the very lower part of her bottom, Miss Jones took hold of the hem of her shorts and gave them a little tug. She then lined herself up for the first stroke. It landed across the middle of Zoe’s bottom and a pained gasp followed. She stayed put for the second and third strokes and did not move until told to do so. She thanked Miss Jones, shook our hands and said: “I promise that I will never ever let you down again, being a prefect is not easy and I should have been more forceful when the trip to the pub was suggested.” With that she left.

Miss Jones turned to me and added: “I think we made the right choice to make her a prefect; who knows she could even make Headgirl.”

Wendy A

“The winter term ends” follows soon.