The series continues

By Wendy A

There were only about 3 weeks to go before the end of term and the highlight for me would be the mixed hockey match against Thornbury, St Joseph’s and Hillsdown. We had drawn against Thornbury the previous term and I was determined that we would win the next match.

One morning both Hugh and I had a free period and decided to meet in his study for coffee. “How are things going in Devon House?” He enquired.

“Nothing much other than three stripey bottoms on view in the showers.”

“I know what you mean,” he replied. “We have a few of those in School House. I was wondering whether you had anything planned for the Easter holidays? I was thinking of going to the cottage with some friends and would love you to be there. My parents will be away in the South of France for part of the holidays.”

“Of course I would love to come and will check with my parents to ensure that they don’t have any plans that would involve me. Who were you thinking of inviting?”

He replied: “I have not given that matter much thought, perhaps Jenny and Tom and even Sandra and her new boyfriend Stuart, he is more her age than Graham. What about Millie, I hear through the grapevine that she fancies James Chapman.”

James was a senior prefect in Hereford House and I was not aware of any link with Millie. “Are you sure about that? I have never heard her mention him yet we spend a lot of time together and have no secrets between us?”

Hugh added: “I am not sure where the rumour started but it is possible that he has confided in one of his friends who has spread the rumour.”

“That sounds like a recipe for fun, all I would hope is that we could spend at least a few days alone, just the two of us.”

We agreed that we would check with our respective parents and set the dates prior to inviting any others.

The weather had turned milder and that resulted in a much better atmosphere around the school, that is, until all hell broke out one afternoon. Zoe had stumbled on two sixth form girls having a vicious fight in the changing room. With the help of several other girls she had prised them apart but not without receiving the odd punch and kicks. She arrived with her helpers at my study door and they were pushed inside, Zoe followed as the others dispersed. The two girls, Jane and Annie, stood facing me but regularly turned to glance at the other in such a way that was close to spitting and swearing.

They were both in a mess, hair all over the place, dirt on their shirts, dust on their skirts, ripped tights and the early signs of black eyes. There were also signs of bite marks on their arms.

I asked Zoe to take Jane to the changing room so that she could get herself cleaned up. As she left I turned to Annie and asked her what the fight was about. She just stood in silence looking at the carpet. “Well if you are not going to tell me I am sure someone will and the grapevine will no doubt reveal all and probably with some embellishment.”

We just stared at each other, my coaxing seemed to have no effect at all. After about 10 minutes there was a knock on the door, Zoe had returned with Jane. I asked her to do the same for Annie so that the two of them would be more presentable, this was clearly going to be a matter for the Housemaster.

Jane stood in stony silence and like Annie seemed to have no intention to enlighten me as to why they had been fighting. Zoe soon returned with Annie, at least they now looked more presentable apart from the bruises and teeth marks.

Zoe’s next mission was to find a couple of the senior prefects and see if she could locate George. Zoe returned after a while with George in tow followed by Sally and Mary. I asked Sally and Mary to take the two girls to a dormitory and ensure that they did not start fighting again or concoct some story between them. That left George and Zoe. I asked Zoe to try to find out from her fellow sixth form friends how the fight had started and what it was about, she quickly headed off.

I then discussed with George what we should do. We both agreed that as it involved two sixth form girls we should approach Bill Williams once Zoe had hopefully found out the reasons for the fight. We had a coffee and waited.

It must have been about 20 minutes when Zoe returned. She looked flustered and not sure where she should start, being a prefect was taking its toll, especially as it involved two of her classmates. In brief, the argument started over a boy, it seems that they both like the same boy and both intended to invite him to their respective houses during the holidays. From there it had descended rapidly into accusations of being a whore and a slut. It was not clear who threw the first blow but it was clear that both gave as good as they got.

Armed with that information George and I headed off to see Bill Williams, there was no reply to our knocking on his door so we decided to check if Miss Jones was available.

Miss Jones opened her door and invited us in. “Business?” She enquired, to which we responded: “Yes”. She mentioned that Bill Williams was absent for the rest of the evening. I briefly went through the events and turned to her for comment when I had finished. Like Dr Dover she smiled and said: “Well Wendy, what do you think would be an appropriate punishment?”

“My initial reaction was a bloody good caning for the both of them and, as they are sixth formers, would have suggested that you should wield the cane. I am now thinking that such a severe punishment should perhaps be reserved for a re-occurrence of such bad behaviour. I think that what we need is severe humiliation, a punishment at the hands of a prefect only a little older than them and with at least one witness in their year group, Zoe for example. 6 with the slipper on their bare bottoms would be ample humiliation.”

Miss Jones had a broad grin on her face when I had finished. “Oh Wendy, the usual cool head faced with a problem, a devious plot to inflict maximum humiliation, the threat of far worse to come if there were ever any repeat, and two sixth formers treated like a couple of little girls which should ensure that their rivalry be buried for a while as neither will be able to look the boy straight in the face without reflecting on their punishment. Game, set and match I think.”

I went to find Sally and Mary with the two girls, meanwhile George went to find Zoe. Soon we were all assembled in my study.

The two girls stood as George and Zoe sat on a sofa. I started with the usual lecture about behaviour, how we were expected to behave, especially sixth formers, how we should treat each other with respect, how we should resolve any problems by discussion and not resort to the rule of the jungle, etc. I then informed them that as neither had admitted to being the instigator of the fight then they would both be punished in the same manner, 6 each with the slipper on the bare. I asked them whether they had anything to say either in the presence of the other or individually, they both shook their lowered heads. They were told to report to the gym at 9pm appropriately attired. With that they left. I gave two paper thongs to Zoe to hand to the girls and she left.

I told George that I would keep the punishment between girls and would invite Zoe and Millie to be witnesses.

At 8.45 Millie and Zoe came to my study. Zoe looked a little nervous, probably as she had never been called upon to act as a witness, other than her own caning at the hands of Miss Jones, and from the punishment book she had not wielded the slipper herself. I briefly went through the procedure for her sake.

At 9pm we left my study and headed for the boys changing room. Annie and Jane were waiting for us in white gym shorts and t-shirts. We went in and closed the door. With Millie we moved the low bench into the corner next to the shower room and I asked Zoe to call the girls in.

I started with the standard lecture about behaviour and pronounced their sentence, 6 of the slipper on their bare bottoms. I asked if they had anything to say and they both shook their heads. At that I asked Jane to step outside.

Annie stood in front of us, I could see a tremble in her legs and her hands were in constant movement. She was short for her age and could have been taken for being a couple of years younger. I explained what I would want her to do, stand astride the bench, lower her shorts, bend over clutching the sides of the bench, and remain in position until told she could stand up, any movement of her hands or legs would result in more whacks.

“Right Annie, over to the bench and prepare yourself.” She moved slowly towards the bench, stood astride it, eased her white shorts down revealing her bare bottom and bent over. Her bottom was a small target but well rounded, the paper thong did its job by hiding her intimate area. Millie and Zoe stood to the right side and I took my place to the left of the inviting target.

I was determined that she would remember this whacking for a long time to come and, even if she would have no cane lines, she would be displaying bruising in the showers for a few days. I put full force into the first whack and aimed it at her right cheek, it brought a muffled scream. Next was the left cheek, a similar noise was emitted. The third whack landed squarely on her right cheek, a louder shriek, left again and two even harder whacks to finish. Her bottom was bright red and blotchy.

“You may get up now Annie.” She raised herself very slowly, her hands went immediately to her bottom which she started rubbing in an effort to dissipate the pain, it was as if we were not in the room. She was sobbing and tears ran down her cheeks. Suddenly she became aware of our presence and hurriedly pulled up her shorts but took her time as she eased them over her bottom. She turned to me. “I’m sorry, Miss, for being so stupid and deserved to be punished, sorry.” With that she shook my hand, turned to Millie and Zoe, shook their hands and moved towards the door.

“Wait outside Annie till we have finished with Jane.”

Jane came in timidly, she had clearly heard Annie’s punishment and must have realised that she was not in for a few gentle pats on her bottom. She was taller than Annie and more like a woman than her smaller classmate. I gave her the usual instructions. “Right Jane, over to the bench and prepare yourself.”

Now she appeared reconciled as her punishment approached and moved to the bench with a certain confidence. She slid her shorts down and bent over. A much more significant target presented itself, her bottom was not plump by any means but very womanly. Her t-shirt was covering the top part of her bottom so I moved forward and lifted it up over her back before taking up my position to her left.

I repeated the method, first the right cheek and then the left. Neither brought an audible reaction but she did wiggle her bottom a little. The third and fourth brought an audible intake of breath. I braced myself for the last two and put all my efforts into each whack. I did at last get satisfaction from a muffled growl. “You may get up now Jane.” She stood quickly and recovered her shorts from her knees and pulled them up only grimacing as they rubbed across her bottom.

She turned to me. “I’m sorry Wendy, I just lost my temper and lost control, it will never happen again.” She shook my hand then those of Millie and Zoe. As she reached the door I asked her to tell Annie to come in. They both stood in front of me heads bowed.

“Right girls, your behaviour was disgraceful, I want you to shake hands and promise that you will never again resort to violence between you or any others.” They seemed reluctant to shake hands but did finally with a little reminder from me and in chorus said: “I promise to behave in future.”

“Right girls off to your dorms.”

We left after a couple of minutes and headed for my study. Over coffee I asked Zoe how she had felt watching Annie and Jane being whacked. She had felt excited before the punishment, wondering what it would be like and enjoying the power of inviting the girls to lower their shorts and bend over. She had been surprised at how hard I had whacked them, she had expected the whacks to be gentler.

I explained my reasoning and asked: “Would you be able to whack your peers like that?”

Her reply was slow in coming. “I think so, I accepted being a prefect and knew that it would be part of my duties, I wonder about whacking so hard that it really hurts, at each stroke I could not avoid clenching my bottom, it was as if it were me being whacked, a little like when Miss Jones whacked me. I feel embarrassed talking about it but I had strange feelings, naughty feelings, it’s very strange and I don’t know what to make of it.”

I tried to comfort her by adding: “Don’t worry Zoe, most of us have similar feelings, just don’t forget that punishment is to remind the culprits to mend their ways and not a way to express your anger or for your pleasure.” She had gone bright red during this conversation and excused herself in a slightly squeaky voice. “Good night Zoe,” we echoed as she left my study.

During mid-morning break I was in my study doing some revision. There was a knock on the door. It was Hugh. “Any coffee on the brew?”

I made coffee for the two of us. “Have you spoken to your parents about going to the cottage?”

I replied that I had and that they had nothing specific arranged and I was free to go to the cottage at any time. He confirmed his intention to invite some friends, Jenny and Tom as well as Sandra and Stuart.

“What do you think about inviting Millie with a friend, I assume it may be James Chapman. Could you have a word with her to sound her out about joining us? You had better broach the subject of spanking because knowing Jenny and Tom we may well have some spanking fun.” I agreed to speak to Millie and he left.

It was not till that evening that I had a chance to speak to Millie, she had come to my study for a chat. I mentioned that Hugh was planning to invite some friends to his parent’s cottage in Wales during the holidays, would she be interested in coming with a ‘partner’.

She looked rather surprised and asked: “Do you know about me and James?”

I replied that there were rumours circulating.

“I thought that we had been very discrete and had chosen our moments very carefully.” She agreed to have a word with James and revert.

Feeling slightly embarrassed I broached the subject of spanking. “Do you remember what happened after I was caned last term?” She nodded with an enquiring look on her face. “Well there may be some spanking fun at Hugh’s cottage, some of the others that he intends to invite are into that sort of thing.”

She had a broad grin on her face and said: “Well if spanking is included in the entertainment I am sure that you can include both James and I.” She finished her coffee and left.

The next day at lunch Millie told me that the invitation was accepted. I informed Hugh and he said he would fix dates and travel arrangements.

During the last full week of term before the holidays I spent most of my free time with the hockey team, we were all determined to win against Thornbury. Several games had been arranged where we split into two teams, the coach then moved our positions so that he could not only pick the best players but also those that gelled best as a team. On the Thursday Millie sprained her ankle and was helped off the pitch and taken to matron. After the game I went to the sixth form study and found her lying on a sofa. “What’s the damage?” I enquired.

“Matron says that it is a severe strain and she has booked me in for an x-ray tomorrow morning, there is no way that I’ll be playing in the team on Saturday.” She sat up and clearly was in some discomfort, I had to help her stand up, Matron had given her a walking stick to help her walk.

By the next afternoon Millie had discarded the walking stick, she had spent part of the morning at the hospital, nothing was broken but she would definitely not be able to play hockey for a while.

The excitement had risen by Saturday morning, everyone was talking about the match. It was one of those glorious late spring days, the sun was shining and there was a warm southerly wind, it was more like a summer’s day. The opposing teams arrived and we chatted to the girls we recognised.

Anne, the Thornbury girl that had cane marks when we last played, came running towards me and kissed me on the cheek. “How’s your bottom?”

“Long repaired thanks, and you?”

“Same,” she replied and smiled.

After lunch we headed off with the girls to get changed. We could hear the noise before we reached the playing field, there seemed to be more spectators than previously and they were all chanting and waving their school scarves as we came into view.

The matches were hard, we beat all three teams, St Josephs 4:2, Hillsdown 3:1 and Thornbury 1:0. Surprisingly St Josephs had beaten Thornbury 2:0 and so we would be playing them in the final. I did not even bother with my tracksuit to watch the game between Thornbury and Hillsdown, it was so warm. We all had lots of water to drink, thirsty work running round a hockey pitch.

St Josephs had obviously put in some practise since the previous matches; they were far more accurate and played well as a team. They scored first and were one up at half time. Our coach reorganised our team so that our stronger players would be up against some of their weaker players. I was put on the right wing with an instruction to come in as close as I could to the goal and either shoot or pass the ball in front of their goalie.

We scored early in the second half, I had done as the coach had instructed and passed the ball to Harry who scored. We had several similar moves and were close to scoring. St Josephs also had their chances. Tiredness was obviously taking its effect. I collected a pass and again headed for the goal, their backs were slow to react and I slammed a shot which hit their goalie’s leg but was deflected into the goal, 2:1. Within a couple of minutes there was a similar chance and I dribbled the ball to within a few feet of their goalie, I passed it to Harry who deflected it past the goalie, 3:1. The final whistle sounded and our spectators went wild.

There was the presentation and I held the cup up high to the cheers of the crowd. There was a sudden thought; I would not be playing another mixed hockey match at school. Back in Devon House we got showered and changed, no bruised bottoms this time, and headed off to the dining room. We were enjoying the company of the other teams when I was surprised to see George entering. He came over to me and said that Dr Dover wanted to see me and Hugh as soon as the visiting teams had left. I asked him what was up.

He just replied: “The usual.”

I went over to Hugh and asked him if he knew why the Head wanted to see us, I still had that sinking feeling when I did not know why he had called us to his study. Hugh was none the wiser. Rather than going directly to the Head’s study we went via his own study. There were several prefects there; apparently he had asked them to find out what was going on. There were rumours that Miss Black had caught Millie and James in a compromising situation with sexual overtones.

Armed with this information we headed off for the meeting. On entering we found Dr Dover, Bill Williams and Miss Black present. Once seated, Miss Black started to inform us about what had happened. She had intended to watch the hockey and was waiting for the first match to start when she noticed Millie Clark and James Chapman heading for the cricket pavilion. Once they had gone inside she decided to follow.

At first she could not find them, she searched the changing rooms and the toilets and showers. She could hear nothing above the cheers from the hockey spectators. She had then gone upstairs where there were various rooms including the scorer’s office and also a balcony. There was still no sign of them. She was about to give up when she noticed that a window was ajar. She opened it and then saw Millie and James.

They had not heard Miss Black approach over the noise from the hockey field and were very shocked to see her looking out the window. They were lying sunbathing on the flat roof, Millie only in her panties and James in his jockstrap. She underlined that when she first spotted them they were not engaged in any sexual activity but that this could not be ruled out and was certainly a strong possibility given the state of undress.

Dr Dover turned to Hugh and I. “Are either of you aware of a relationship between Millie and James?”

Hugh nodded to me and I replied: “Yes we are aware that they are very good friends but are not aware of anything beyond that.”

Dr Dover picked up on my ‘very good friends’ and said: “By that I assume that there was more than just a platonic relationship between the two of them.”

I wondered whether to mention the planned trip to Wales during the holidays but decided it was best to avoid the subject.

Dr Dover mulled over the situation for a couple of minutes, thank god he didn’t ask me to comment. Finally he concluded that we should interview the two of them jointly and then decide what action was to be taken. Hugh and I were dispatched to find Millie and James.

It was only a matter of 10 minutes before we were back in Dr Dover’s study. Millie and James stood in front of his desk while Hugh and I stood at one side. Dr Dover was seated in his usual chair, Miss Black on one of the chairs at the side of his desk and Bill Williams on an armchair by the fireplace.

Dr Dover asked them to give their version of events. It was James that spoke. “It was my idea and suggested to Millie that rather than watch the round robin stage we could profit from the warm sunny weather and get in some sunbathing. Millie had been reluctant as she wanted to watch all the matches, she should have been playing but for her twisted ankle. I finally managed to persuade her and so we headed off for the pavilion where I knew about the south facing flat roof.”

James continued: “We found some towels in the changing rooms, went upstairs and climbed out onto the roof. We both stripped off to our underwear and lay in the sun. There was no physical contact between us and none was planned. I know that we were silly to even consider going to the pavilion alone and to strip down to our underwear. All I can say is that I am very sorry to have broken your trust and I take full blame, Millie was a very reluctant participant.”

Dr Dover turned to Millie and asked whether she agreed with this synopsis, she said that she did.

Dr Dover spoke next. “I find it hard to believe that your mutual intentions were totally harmless. Miss Clark was topless and you James were just in your jockstrap. On the other hand we have only your word that there was no physical contact. On that basis, the fact that Miss Clark’s bra had been removed indicates that she was not so reluctant once you were out on the roof.”

He continued: “Do either of you have anything to add before I consider what action to take?” They both shook their heads. “Well then you may both leave and I expect you to return here this evening at 9.00 this evening.”

Once Millie and James had left Dr Dover asked whether anyone wished to express an opinion on the events or the action that should be taken. Miss Black started. “I cannot believe that two 18 year olds can be totally innocent when only partially dressed and where they believe nobody can see them. Even if sexual contact had not occurred before I found them, it most certainly would have before they returned to the hockey field.”

I then spoke. “I have known Millie for over a year and only became aware recently of her feelings for James. You well know that there is a relationship between Hugh and I, we have made every effort to keep our relationship on a business level during term time, it is not easy but it is possible. I am sure that Millie has the same strength of character to resist sexual feelings during term time. The fact that she was topless is not an automatic prelude to more intimate actions, many girls our age do go topless on beaches and at private pools. I for one would give them the benefit of any doubt.”

Bill Williams who had been silent till then finally intervened. “I am also inclined to believe that there had been no sexual contact between them, perhaps later if they had not been discovered, who knows what could have happened? I have always believed in only punishing pupils when I have no doubt at all that they are guilty as charged, in this case the only thing we know for certain is that they were together in a state of undress and in a place where they thought nobody would see them. For that they should be punished and not for any assumed sexual contact.”

Dr Dover looked round the four of us. “Any more comments?”

We all shook our heads although I suspected that Miss Black would have liked to suggest flogging the two of them to within an inch of their lives.

He continued: “Since we went co-educational I have been fearing the time when such a situation would arise. On balance I agree with Mr Williams’ comments and will not take into account what may have happened before Miss Black found them or could have happened if she had not caught them. Had they been caught indulging in sexual activities I would now be considering expulsion or at the least suspension.”

I breathed a sigh of relief at these last comments. Dr Dover went on: “I think that we have to be seen to come down hard on the two of them, the message has to get through to the whole school that such behaviour will not be tolerated. As it was James Chapman’s idea I intend to give him eight strokes and that Millie Clark should receive 6 strokes.” He turned to Miss Black, “I trust that you will administer those 6 strokes.” She readily agreed, oh poor Millie, Miss Jones could wield a hard cane but I imagined that Miss Black’s caning would be much worse.

Hugh and I were asked to inform Millie and James that they should present themselves in sports gear at 9.00. The meeting was over and I went to Hugh’s study for a mug of coffee.

On returning to Devon House I found Millie in her dorm, she had been crying. I sat next to her on the bed and put my arm round her shoulders. She enquired: “So what’s the damage?”

“Damage is the right word, you will get 6 and James 8. James is to get more than you as the instigator and your initial reluctance. The bad news is that Miss Black will be doing the honours. If she had had her way you would be tied to a flogging bench and whipped.”

A few more tears fell. “How silly we were, it’s only a few days before the end of term and we could have done what we like, especially in Wales when we get together next weekend. I could have just lain there in my uniform, it was just so warm and I was thinking of having a bit of a tan before then. I think James would have left his shorts on if I hadn’t taken off my bra.”

“Do you fancy a cup of coffee?” She nodded her head and we went downstairs to my study. “It’s dinner time, do you want to go?”

She shook her head and said: “I doubt whether I could eat anything. So what’s the programme?”

I told her that she was expected to report to Dr Dover’s study at 9.00 in sportswear, as I was waiting I took a thong out of the cupboard. She smiled. “I could have done with one of those on the pavilion roof.”

Time went slowly and we had a second cup of coffee, I regretted not having something a little stronger. Several of the other prefects popped their heads round the door and wished Millie all the best and confirmed that they would be there to support her after, like set up a rota so she would not be on her own too much.

Finally it was about 8.40 and she disappeared to the changing room to get ready. She was back in less than five minutes in a white sports top, navy sports skirt and navy socks. “About time we made our move,” I said.

“Oh god, I now know how you felt last term.”

I replied: “Don’t forget that I’ll be there for you after and never forget a promise.”

When we reached the Head’s study I knocked and went in, Millie stayed outside waiting for James. I was surprised that there was only Dr Dover and Miss Black present, I was offered a seat at his desk. There was a knock on the door, it was Hugh. Dr Dover spoke. “Are they both there?”

“Yes Sir,” was the reply.

“Wendy, can you put that chair in position? OK Hugh, let them in.”

They glanced round the room and seemed as surprised as me that there were not others present. Dr Dover announced: “James, you will receive 8 strokes and Millie, you will receive 6 strokes. Do you wish to say anything?” Neither did and James was invited to leave the room.

Miss Black took over and explained to Millie what was expected of her, including extra strokes if she stood or moved her hands off the chair. “Right Millie, move to the chair and bend over. Wendy, please lift her skirt.” I raised the skirt up over her back and glimpsed the white thong. By the time I turned round Miss Black already had a cane in her hand. Dr Dover and Hugh were standing behind his desk, I stood to the right side and Miss Black took up her position to her left.

She tapped the target a couple of times and then lifted the cane to her shoulder. She waited just a fraction of a second before bringing it back, there was a loud craaaack and a white line appeared, Millie let out what could only be described as a stifled scream. Another two taps and again she briefly hesitated at the top of her swing, craaaaack and a similar sound from Millie.

The next two were similar except I could hear Millie sobbing. The fifth was very hard, Miss Black was winding herself up. The final stroke was given as hard as she could manage and Millie’s scream was much louder, Miss Black had finally broken her. “Up you get Millie,” Miss Black said as she put the cane down on the desk.

Millie didn’t move immediately so I went over to her and held her upper arm, she slowly came upright and her skirt fell back down covering her bottom. She was still sobbing and I gave her a couple of tissues. After a minute or two she extended her hand to Miss Black. “Thank you Miss.”

She then shook Dr Dover’s hand. “I’m so sorry to have let you and the school down.”

Dr Dover spoke. “Millie, please wait outside till we have finished with James.” I opened the door for her and she exited.

We changed places, Miss Black and I stood behind the desk, Dr Dover picked up the cane and asked Hugh to invite James to join us. James entered and went directly to the chair, slipped his shorts down and bent over. The caning started, James made no noise although his breathing quickened. I was sure that the strokes were not as hard as those delivered on Millie by Miss Black, that was at least till the last two when I could see him tensing in order to finish with a flourish. James still made no sound. When told to stand he did so immediately and recovered his shorts being careful not to let them rub across his bottom.

Millie was invited back in. Dr Dover told them: “Please never ever do anything as stupid again. If you ever appear before me for similar reasons you will be suspended and lose all your privileges as a prefect. Wendy, please take Millie back to Devon House.”

I opened the door and Millie went out. As we walked down the corridor I put my arm round her shoulder. When we reached Devon House I said that it was my turn to apply the cream, she smiled and said that she would change first. She went off to the changing room and I headed for my study and put the kettle on. She was back before the kettle had boiled, she had a dressing gown on with slippers. She stood as I made the coffee and took a couple of sips. “Cream?” She enquired.

We went through to my bedroom and she let her dressing gown fall to the floor, she was naked except for the thong. “Do you want me to remove the thong?”

“Yes please, I left it on in the hope that you would cut the sides, the thought of sliding it over my bottom gives me a chill.” I fetched a pair of scissors and cut the sides, I then slid it from between her legs and put it in the bin.

She lay face down on my bed as I took the cream. I put some cream on my hands and gently ran my fingers over the welts, they were still very pronounced and were now red. Miss Black had really caned her hard, I don’t think my bottom looked as damaged as hers even after 8 strokes from Miss Jones. I applied more cream and made sure every inch was covered. Millie had closed her eyes and her hand was between her legs. I continued for what must have been about 15 minutes, finally she came, her whole body tensed. “Thank you Wendy.” I leaned over and kissed her forehead.

PS. Easter holidays follows, hopefully soonest.